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Monday, January 3, 2005

Jonathan propositions Cassie outside her bachelorette party. She's furious, but when he crashes the party and uses the occasion to get closer than ever to Reva, Cassie comes up with a plan to make her sister see for herself how truly evil Jonathan is. Over the course of the night, Cassie pretends to get really drunk, makes eyes at Jonathan from across the room, and makes arrangements to have Reva stop by her suite later. Cassie responds to Jonathan's earlier proposition with one of her own by sending him a note to meet her in her suite at midnight.

Jeffrey probes Edmund about the night of the fire. From Edmund's guilty reaction, Jeffrey determines he was hit over the head with the shovel. Later, Dinah comes upon Edmund and tells him how much she admires how he's turned his life around. He tells her his love for Cassie is what changed him for the better. Dinah finds Jeffrey wrestling with whether or not to tell Cassie the truth about the man she is going to marry. She questions his motives and tells him only he has the power to stop the wedding.

When Billy gets an emergency call for help from Bill, trapped inside Ravenwood with Olivia, he recruits Sandy to help. Billy dons the disguise of a magician and creates a disappearing act so Bill and Olivia can escape. Once free, she heads right over to reclaim Emma. But instead of confronting Alan, Olivia sweetly thanks him for taking care of Emma while she was away.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Reva arrives at Cassie's hotel and calls her room. Cassie says she has everything "under control" and that Reva should join her at 12:15 am. Reva, of course, has no idea Cassie is concocting a convoluted plan to show her sister just "what a monster" her son really is. In the hotel lobby, Dinah overhears Jonathan ask for a bottle of wine, saying, "It's for the boss." She is intrigued and follows him to Cassie's room. "Can I be this lucky?" Dinah wonders as she swipes a "Do Not Disturb" sign from a nearby room and places it on Cassie's doorknob. Inside, Cassie tries to stall Jonathan, and watches the clock closely for Reva's arrival. Jonathan, however, has found the camera which Cassie planted, and so drops a little "something" into her wine. Cassie begins to hallucinate and believes Jonathan is actually Edmund. Dinah, in the meantime, has returned to the hotel lobby and found Reva. She does everything possible to keep Reva from going to her sister's room so Jonathan can take advantage of a drugged Cassie. Dinah lies, saying she has proof Edmund is in the room with Cassie. When Reva sees the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, she assumes Cassie and Edmund are enjoying some pre-wedding alone time and chooses not to disturb them.

A very tense Beth finds Rick at Elizabeth & Co. He is very upset about Harley's arrest. When Beth presents him with a gift of a captain's hat for his worldwide sailing tour, Rick tells her he cannot go now that Harley has been arrested. Rick is curious about some things Beth says: she understands what Harley did and Phillip pushed her very hard. "Don't underestimate the desperation of a mother," she says. Rick is astonished she could think Harley guilty, but Beth accepts it and tells him they should "move on." He wonders what is wrong, but Beth won't talk, instead she runs from the restaurant.

Sebastian returns to his villa telling Michelle and Holly he found Danny's plane. He says Danny is dead. Michelle refuses to believe him, so Sebastian reluctantly agrees to let Holly leave the prison cell. He says he can show her the wreckage and she can see for herself. Actually, Sebastian has no idea where the plane went down. He pretends to be lost and tries to convince Holly she should go away with him so she could love him during his final days. He becomes very angry, agitated and will not listen to Holly when she begs him to continue to try to find Danny. Suddenly, it dawns on Holly that her relationship with Sebastian is a re-run of her marriage to his father, Roger. As she tries to get away, she hits him over the head but does not knock him out entirely. He screams, "I will never let you go - never!"

Inside her villa prison cell, Michelle is very upset about Danny's death. As she begins to mourn she remembers him and their marriage! She is shocked by her returning memory after all these months but she is even more astonished when Danny, bloodied but very much alive, stumbles into the villa. He collapses before he can release her from her cell.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Danny regains consciousness outside Michelle's cell. As he confides in her that he came because he remembers the years they had together, Sebastian and Holly return. As Sebastian points a gun at Danny and Michelle, the telephone rings. Holly grabs for the phone, turning on the speaker. Tony is on the line, saying he has made it to Ed Bauer's. He has found the research they need. Tony reads the research notes over the phone, with the hope that Michelle can recreate the medication Sebastian needs. Sebastian tells Michelle that if she is unsuccessful, they will all die with him.

Josh and Reva are at the barn preparing for the wedding. She assures him Jonathan will not show, only to discover Josh has hired a police officer to patrol the grounds. Jeffrey is standing outside the barn remembering the night of the fire, when Reva and Josh interrupt. Josh leaves to call Edmund. Jeffrey tells Reva he is concerned Edmund is not the right man for Cassie.

Edmund runs into the Beacon, only to meet Dinah in the lobby. Dinah confesses she left the message asking to meet him, not Cassie. She tells Edmund she only wanted to wish him the best, and she just wants him to be happy. Dinah convinces him to go upstairs and be with Cassie before the wedding, regardless of superstition.

Cassie wakes up in bed with Jonathan and cannot remember what happened. As she accuses Jonathan of drugging her, he shows her the invitation sent the night before. Cassie runs into the bathroom, so Jonathan takes the tape out of the video camera and begins to dress. When Cassie returns from the bathroom, surprised to see Jonathan still there, he thanks her for the good time. Cassie runs forward in an effort to hit him, just as Edmund knocks on the door. Jonathan leaves through the balcony, as Cassie opens the door to Edmund. She expresses her love for him, and tries to tell him that she has made a terrible mistake. Edmund interrupts and tells her all he needs to know is that she wants to marry him. Edmund leaves and Cassie goes back into the room, only to discover Jonathan took the video tape.

Jonathan and Dinah meet in the lobby of the Beacon, where they share a toast. Jonathan assures Dinah that Cassie won't make it down the aisle.

Tammy and Sandy break into the farm house. Sandy says he is finally getting through to her. Tammy agrees and the two almost share a kiss. Tammy describes Cassie's wedding to Richard as a fairytale, and confides in Sandy that she wants something more real. The two nearly kiss again, as Tammy goes to another room to get dressed for the wedding. They join Reva and Josh at the barn, where they reassure Edmund that everything will be fine. Edmund walks over to Jeffrey, and thanks him for coming to the wedding.

At the farm house, Cassie is attempting to locate her earrings when she crumples to the floor, crying. Reva enters and runs over, demanding to know what is wrong. Cassie attempts to explain she is afraid she cannot live up to Edmund's expectations. Cassie demands to know why Reva did not show the night before as promised. Reva explains that she was there, only did not want to interrupt when she saw the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. Reva reassures Cassie that everything will be fine, and neither Jonathan nor Dinah will attend the wedding. As Reva leaves the room to get Cassie a glass of wine, Jeffrey is standing at the back door watching. Reva returns to find the veil lying on the floor, and Cassie gone.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Harley encourages Gus to get on with his life without her. Gus pleads Harley's case at her bail hearing. Alan bursts in and tells Gus that he can't defend his family while defending Harley. Alan and the prosecutor both claim Harley is a flight risk, in part because she recently left town with Zack. After the judge leaves to make his decision, Alan urges Harley to confess. He tells Gus they will soon be enemies if he does not come to his senses. Alan leaves to make a mysterious phone call. He tells the caller he "wants it ready tomorrow." The judge returns with his decision to grant bail at $1 million. Alan tells a joyful Harley that her freedom won't last forever.

Cassie, who left the farm before the wedding, remembers Jonathan's words about their night together. Jeffrey remembers questioning Edmund about the night of the fire. When they find themselves in the same place, a grieving Cassie tells Jeffrey she can't marry Edmund because she did something unforgivable. Jeffrey tries to get the truth out of her. On the brink of telling her about the night of the fire, Jeffrey says Edmund doesn't deserve her. But when she tells him what Edmund has done to turn her life around, Jeffrey realizes how much she loves Edmund and encourages her to go to him and tell him the truth.

Olivia assures Bill that she has no regrets about their jailhouse wedding. Bill kisses her and they make their way to the wedding. Inside the barn, Bill, Sandy, Tammy and Joshua tell a defensive Reva that Jonathan is likely behind Cassie's disappearance. Leaving Edmund alone, the rest of the group goes to look for Cassie.

Reva finds Jonathan at Company and wonders why he is not surprised there was no wedding. Reva's suspicions irritate Jonathan. He claims Edmund is probably responsible for Cassie's disappearance. When Tammy and Sandy arrive, Jonathan tells her he's sorry about her Mom. Sandy warns Jonathan not to speak Tammy's name. Jonathan storms out with Reva in tow.

A stranger in the Beacon tells Olivia how sorry she is about what happened to the father of Olivia's little girl. Joshua interrupts. Olivia tells him to cut Jonathan some slack.

Reva protests that she believes Jonathan when he says he didn't have anything to do with Cassie's disappearance. Reva apologizes again for the childhood abuse Jonathan suffered at the hands of his adoptive father. He tearfully tells Reva he'll be there for her. Joshua breaks up their close moment and grabs Jonathan.

Bill finds Dinah outside the barn. Dinah tells him she has every right to be there because she is in love with Edmund. Bill responds that Edmund will never love her. He says she's living in a fantasy like she was with Hart. She pretends to take his advice and leaves.

Back at the Beacon, the mysterious stranger questions Bill about Olivia.

Edmund daydreams about kissing Cassie. He turns to see Dinah. He accuses her of engineering Cassie's disappearance and asks her to leave. Cassie returns to the barn, apologizes, and asks Edmund if he wants to marry her. As Jeffrey looks on, they embrace.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Michelle is mixing the formula together for an impatient Sebastian. When she gives it to him, she warns him that it could either kill him or cure him, he has to take his chances. He tells her he doesn't think so--he wants Danny to try it first. As Sebastian is holding a gun on Danny, demanding that he test the medicine, Holly tires to reason with Sebastian but to no avail Finally, Danny agrees to do it on one condition--Sebastian lets the women go. Although Sebastian agrees, Michelle refuses and downs the potion herself. She then promptly passes out. Holly then gets angry and slaps Sebastian for what's happened, but he gets defensive by saying that it's not his fault that Michelle drank it. Holly says it is his fault since they're all in this because of him. She then starts to berate him for unsettling her life. Holly tells him that she had a good life in Springfield; she'd finally put all the pain and drama behind her. She calls him a hypocrite since he keeps torturing her and then telling her how much he cares. Sebastian thinks Holly's the hypocrite thought since he doesn't think she can fathom returning to her life in Springfield.

Meanwhile, after a few minutes, Danny is able to revive Michelle. She's groggy but alright. When Sebastian keeps asking for the medicine, a frustrated Danny gives it to him and then concentrates on his wife. Michelle tells Danny that while she was out, she had images of him. She tells him about a dream of them in a balloon, drinking champagne. Danny informs her that wasn't a dream--it was a memory. He asks if that's the first she's had of him and she shakes her head no. Just then, Tony bursts in to save Michelle.

At the Jessup farm, Josh is manhandling Jonathan, demanding to know what he did. Jonathan plays innocent stating that he's just having an innocent conversation with his mother, but Josh gets even angrier. Reva, watching the entire thing, breaks them up and walks away angry at Josh. Jonathan then goes inside the house where he instigates Sandy by making disparaging remarks about Cassie in front of Tammy. Jonathan just keeps egging Sandy on until Sandy's ready to punch him. Sandy then offers to take Tammy home, but Tammy asks for a word alone with Jonathan. Tammy tells Jonathan how pathetic he is, gloating about her mother. Jonathan thinks everyone should be happy that Cassie didn't marry "Uncle Eddie" and wonders what his father would think. Tammy tells him that he never knew his father and he asks whose fault is that. Tammy tries to explain that Edmund but changed, but Jonathan doesn't think just falling in love could do that to a person. After telling him that some things can't be changed, Tammy walks off.

Outside, Cassie asks Edmund if he still wants to marry her. He tells her yes. Cassie tells him that there is something he needs to know, but he stops her and tells her she doesn't need to tell him anything. Cassie tells Edmund that she desperately wants to marry him today. Jeffrey, overhearing everything, offers to perform the ceremony. Cassie is shocked that he'd want to, considering their histories, but he tells her that's in the past. When he goes off to find a bible, Cassie apologizes for almost ruining the wedding. She starts to explain again what happened, but again Edmund won't let her tell him. He tells Cassie what's important is that she's here at all. Jeffrey then comes out with the bible (RJ's pop-up bible) to start the ceremony. He asks for rings and Edmund improvises by using garden hose stoppers. Jeffrey starts out by stating how everyone talks about love, honor, and cherishing in a marriage; though he feels forgiveness is important also. Just then Reva (who overheard Edmund and Cassie talking earlier) leads the rest of the guests to the couple. The couple then exchange impromptu vows. Edmund starts and thanks Cassie for saving him, for giving him his humanity and his life. He tells her that when she ran off, he wasn't really surprised; a small part of him was always waiting for her to leave him. He thanks her for coming back. Cassie apologizes for leaving because she wanted to be the one person who never let him down. She tells him that she never felt safe growing up, but he wraps his love around her, she feels safe. She wants to spend the rest of her life making him happy. After they exchange "rings", Jeffrey pronounces them husband and wife and the guests cheer.

A little later, Reva and Josh discuss what Jeffrey was talking about earlier-- forgiveness. Reva tells Josh that she forgives him and wonders if he could extend that courtesy to Jonathan. Josh doesn't seem to willing to do that. He and RJ then give the bride and groom their actual wedding rings and Reva invites everyone to Towers for the reception. Before they leave, Cassie thanks Jeffrey and gives him a nice hug. He tells her that he meant what he said about forgiveness.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Gus and Harley (just out on bail) were at the wedding but snuck out. Gus tells Harley he feels badly about that, but Harley states that it was the right think. If everyone knew she was out of jail, it would draw attention to her and take away from the bride. She starts talking about how a bride's day should never be ruined and Gus wonders if she isn't thinking of their own aborted wedding. Harley admits that she is a little. She acknowledges that he did hurt her, but admits that she's not any better since she may have killed her son's father. Gus tries to reassure Harley that she could very well be innocent. He then looks her in the eye and assures her that he's always been there for her and he will always be there for her. Touched, Harley kisses Gus. Gus then announces that he's going to be her lawyer, since he won't put her life into anyone else's hands. He then states that in order to prevent the prosecution from getting any ammunition against her, they need to keep their relationship strictly professional--- lawyer to client. Meanwhile, someone is watching them from the outside window.

At Towers, Reva makes a toast to the happy couple and happiness, a thing she says is so simple, yet difficult to find. She then admits, to a shocked Edmund, that he and Cassie are good together. When she's done, Sandy compliments her on her speech. He then thanks her for not pushing him away. He doesn't know what he did to deserve it, but she gave him a second chance and he's grateful. After she hugs him, Reva tells Sandy that she wants Tammy to go on with her life and tells him to take care of her. Looking at Tammy from across the room, Sandy says absolutely.

After Cassie and Edmund secretly sneak out of Towers to share a private dance, Josh spots Jonathan entering Towers and demands to know what he's doing there. Josh then grabs Jonathan and starts shoving him up to the roof saying that he won't allow him to ruin anyone's good time. As Josh keeps shoving Jonathan up the steps, the pair argues, with Josh telling Jonathan that he wants him gone. During the argument, Jonathan, alone, sees Tammy entering the stairwell and starts arguing more with Josh then trying to walk past him down the steps. Josh then grabs him and turns him around. Jonathan, who's been holding on to Josh, suddenly lets go. Jonathan then falls down the steps and lands at a horrified Tammy's feet.

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