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Monday, September 27, 2004

At the farmhouse, Tammy and JB begin a heavy make-out session. She assures him she is ready but asks if he has any protection. JB responds he isn't planning on having a family any time soon. Tammy is reluctant until he produces a pack of condoms. Before they can go any further, Reva and Sandy arrive to check on Tammy, concerned she is upset about Dinah's release. JB hides as Tammy answers the door. Reva comments that she looks flushed and asks what's up with the candles and soft music. Tammy says she was trying to relax. JB sneers outside and writes 'Hi Mom' in the dust on the window. Reva and Sandy invite Tammy to go back to Reva's with them. Tammy declines, saying she wants to be alone to think. Sandy and Reva leave. Tammy dials Joey's cell number only to discover it has been disconnected. JB knocks on the door, ready to pick up where they left off. Tammy tells him she was only kidding herself - she's NOT ready. He says he can wait for as long as she needs. Tammy, relieved, goes to put back on the music. When she walks away JB says, 'Yeah, little cousin, I can wait.'

On a tip from a patrolling officer, Edmund and Jeffrey race to where they think Dinah is holding Cassie captive. Meanwhile, Cassie is threatening Dinah at gunpoint. Dinah taunts her, saying she will never be able to pull the trigger, 'You don't have it in you.' Dinah manages to wrestle the gun from Cassie and points it at her screaming, "How does it feel?" Cassie manages to regain control of the gun telling Dinah she can't win because she doesn't have kids to fight for. Cassie fires the gun.

Edmund and Jeffrey arrive in the clearing just as Cassie is commenting what a great shot she is to an unhurt Dinah. Edmund begs Cassie to put the gun down, while Jeffrey tells her to shoot Dinah, 'Do it! Do it right now! Just shoot her. I'm the DA. You won't do any jail time - I promise. Shoot her now!' Dinah screams at Jeffrey to shut-up. Cassie appears confused, regains her senses and lowers the gun. Edmund comforts her and tells her she did the right thing. Dinah muses to Jeffrey she seems to bring out the worst in people, even him based on his little performance.

Outside at Company, Harley and Bill welcome Olivia home from Denmark where Phillip tried to have her detained on a false customs violation. Harley points out the door where Phillip has put chains and 'Condemned Property' sign. Buzz and Coop arrive with Zack. Coop, seeing the chains, announces he will create another entrance. He picks up a brick, breaks a window, and unlocks the door. Once inside, Buzz begins preparing lunch for everyone. Olivia asks how Harley managed to get her cleared at customs. Before she can tell her about Ruth Karloff, Bill interrupts, saying Harley has been brushing up on her detective skills. When Olivia leaves the table, Harley accuses Bill of not trusting Olivia - even though he is sleeping with her.

Coop, outside cleaning up the glass, is approached by Lizzie. She is looking for Tammy. He makes it clear she - or any other Spaulding - is not welcome on the property. He tells her to leave. She refuses, saying her father's business decisions have nothing to do with her.

Later, Bill and Olivia celebrate her work overseas by making love.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Dinah invites Jeffrey to Towers and when he arrives, she assures him that she is moving on with her life. When she digs into him about not doing the same thing and moving on from Cassie, Ross overhears and Jeffrey has to cover. He tells Ross he came to deliver a warning to Dinah to stay away from Cassie. When Jeffrey goes, Ross warns Dinah to stay away from Jeffrey and asks if there's anyone else she cares about. Dinah says there is and later on, she shows up at Edmund's door.

Blake is anxiously awaiting Roger's arrival, hopeful that he'll do something about Dinah. A mysterious stranger arrives and later, when Blake is alone, the stranger calls her Chrissy. She turns expecting to see Roger but it's not him. It's Sebastian, who tells her that her father is dead. Blake is devastated but keeps the news from Ross. He urges Blake to call Holly so they can carry out Roger's last wishes.

Phillip realizes that someone is leaking information to the press and accuses Gus. Gus denies but later, Beth finds out that he is the source of the leak. She decides to tell Phillip but when she sees him, it's clear to her that he is out of control and she decides to help Gus. Together they come up with a plan to save Company by claiming it's in the migration path of an endangered bird. Meanwhile, Marina brings Zach to see Phillip but Zach doesn't want to see his dad. Later, Phillip learns about the environmental problems and is furious because he believes the Coopers are poisoning Zach's mind against him. He calls Ross and says he needs to discuss his and Harley's divorce settlement.

Tammy and JB/Jonathan are still close the next morning, despite the fact that she has said she wants to wait before having sex. As they kiss, JB/Jonathan continues to menacingly look over Tammy's shoulder at the picture of Reva. Reva shows up at the farmhouse and meets JB/Jonathan, who acts rude, cocky and confrontational. Later, Reva tells Tammy her new friend is rotten to the core as JB/Jonathan listens in, hidden.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

When Blake cannot believe Roger is dead, Sebastian tries to identify with her grief. Holly returns, asking why they should believe this man who claims Roger is gone. She swears Roger is somewhere behind a curtain. Sebastian describes Roger's long illness. He tells Blake and Holly how much Roger wanted them there by his side when he died. He gives them proof showing Roger passed away of natural causes. Holly isn't buying any of it. Sebastian reads Roger's letter. It expresses sorrow for the things he did to Holly and Chrissie. His letter also declares his deep and undying love for Blake - and Holly! Sebastian says Roger wanted his ashes spread over the highest point of Springfield. Holly struggles whether to believe Roger's demise. Sebastian also declares his love for Roger - and then claims he is Roger's son! Holly embraces him, slyly removing a single hair from his jacket.

Ross tries to advise Phillip against destroying Company. Alan arrives to say to Ross that if he can keep a murderer out of jail, surely he can help Phillip. Ross won't take orders from Alan. Demanding to reopen the custody case, Phillip accuses Harley of turning Zack against him. Although he does not want full custody, he has a reason for what he's doing. Alan and Phillip gang up on Ross for protecting Dinah, while he counters about how they didn't throw Lizzie to the wolves when she was in legal trouble. Blake phones Ross, and they all learn of Roger's death. Holly tells Ross Blake and she need to be alone. Alan suggests phoning his sister Amanda, who is Roger's widow. He pulls out celebratory cigars. Alan muses on Blake's misfortune in being Roger's daughter. Ross compares Phillip's behavior to Roger's past actions. As Roger's favorite poem is read by Sebastian, Blake and Holly scatter his ashes from the top of Towers. Some ashes fall into Alan's eye. The influence of Roger's ghost? Alan expresses glory at outliving his worst enemy. Phillip says he now understands Roger a little better. Alan and Phillip decide to pay their respects to Blake and Holly. Alan says we all have something to answer for when the final tally is done.

When Cassie goes out of town, Dinah arrives to see Edmund. She thanks him for sparing her life when Cassie had her at gunpoint. She would like to take something good from all of it - Edmund! He rejects her advances. Dinah sings his praises. Apparently she has fallen for him. Edmund threatens to blackmail her. Dinah swears on her honesty, and compares their dark sides. He slams the door in her face. She once again gets Edmund's attention. He agrees they will both do what they have to do to protect them. Dinah begins to throw the subject of the fire in Edmund's face.

Ross asks Alan and Phillip to behave for Blake's sake. Blake says Sebastian has Roger's intensity. He says he has to do what Roger did not finish. The elevator carrying Ross, Alan and Phillip suddenly stops! Roger's ghost? Ross reminds Alan and Phillip of their claustrophobia.

Edmund tells Dinah they will take the road not taken. He demands she stay away from Cassie and his family. Dinah is relentless on her fixation with Edmund, la Hart.

Sebastian phones Michelle. He asks her about the light house and wants to meet her. Stuck in the elevator, Ross, Alan and Phillip wonder what to do. Alan worries they will die. The doors suddenly open. Ross consoles Blake. Alan sits down to Roger's urn. Phillip receives an envelope. Holly tries to imagine a world without Roger. In 1994, Roger speaks about forgiveness as Holly looks on. Sebastian reminds her that Roger is not dead, just away.

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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Phillip thanks Gus for obtaining the injunction to save Company, and announces he will no longer pursue it. He declares it all had to end. Later, Phillip tells Zack how much he loves him. Phillip says he must go to Harley's. During dinner with Zack, Phillip says Harley will know he was there.

Sandy receives another email from JB. Someone unknown calls Reva and sets up a meeting for a story. Sandy advises her not to go. Reva refuses to let him accompany her to the interview. She tells Sandy about JB, and his dark vibes. Reva expresses her worry for Tammy. When Reva takes a call from Billy, Sandy calls Tammy. She's out with a friend, but won't say who. Sandy demands to know who she is with. He figures out where they are. Reva notices Sandy leaves in a rush. She follows him.

Buzz prepares to say goodbye to Company. Harley asks why he is ready to just pack it in. They toast a farewell to Company. Alone, Harley holds Ruth's wig. Outside, Gus arrives and tells Buzz that Phillip has backed down. Company has been saved by the Blue Nesting Warbler. Buzz wants to put bird feeders out for the birds. Harley finds out Gus saved Company. Gus leaves. Sandy comes by to ask if they have seen Tammy. Harley receives a strange phone call, and has to go home. She finds her house completely destroyed!

JB tells Tammy he will make sure Reva never comes between them again. She says she feels close to him. He kisses her. Tammy changes her mind and has a drink. JB introduces her to some of his rowdy friends. One of them grabs her, but JB intervenes. JB and Tammy dance. The guys join in. JB suddenly leaves with a bag. The guys sandwich Tammy between them and she tries to get away. Outside, Sandy finds out JB has been there. He goes in after Tammy. She gets away from the others and runs out. Reva enters. As Sandy goes back out to find Tammy, a motorcycle zooms in her direction.

Sebastian tells Michelle and Danny he knew Maureen. Michelle does not remember her. Sebastian would like to restore the light house. As Danny leaves and Michelle is on the phone negotiating a high price expense for the light house construction, Sebastian takes a look around the place. He offers Michelle cash for the sale of the light house. Sebastian promises to do the light house to Michelle's plan, and to name it Michelle's. She refuses, stating this is her dream. Sebastian says he is available if she ever wants to talk about Maureen. Danny tries to warn Michelle to be careful about Sebastian. Danny gets a call for a job interview in New York. Sebastian tells someone Danny is on his way to NY, and Michelle is all alone!

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Friday, October 1, 2004

Harley is standing in the rubble of her home, in shock. She becomes frantic about the boys but Buzz reassures her that neither of them were at the house. He tries to calm her by saying that everyone's fine; it's just a house. Harley realizes that Phillip did this. Just then Phillip calls Harley's cell phone. She tells him that she despises him and that he'll pay big. Phillip informs her that what he did was legal. She could ask Gus, since he's the head of Spaulding's legal department, he'd know. After the call, Gus walks in, and Harley punches him hard in the stomach. She rails at him about what he let Phillip do. Gus tries to convince her that he knew nothing, would she actually believe Phillip's word? Harley doesn't believe him. Gus can't believe that she'd actually think that he would go and destroy her house. He gets upset because he's been trying to help her for months and she turns her back on him. He finally tells her he's sick of it; she's on her own.

Harley and Buzz then leave for Company. Harley's ranting that she wants to kill Phillip. She wants him dead. Her words concern Buzz and he asks if she's unarmed. When she assures him that she is, Buzz tells her that she can't go and do something that will give Phillip leverage in a custody suite for Zach. He tells her she has to play it smart and Phillip won't know what hit him. He then goes to make her dinner. When he returns, she's gone, but a glass case is left behind.

Outside of a bar, Tammy sees a car going right for her. Suddenly Sandy pushes her out of the way. Although he initially seems alright, it soon becomes apparent that he's been hit. Just then Reva happens by and she calls 911 to get Sandy to a hospital. On the way, Tammy calls Edmund.

Edmund is outside of Company with RJ when Dinah walks by. Dinah gives RJ a toy Edmund clearly isn't happy seeing Dinah and tells RJ that it's a goodbye gift, since he'll never see her again. When RJ asks if she's going away, Edmund says she's not, but she'll be busy. Dinah tells RJ that although she won't see him anymore, she'll miss him and will be thinking of him. Just then, Edmund gets his call from Tammy. Dinah overhears and offers to go to the hospital too. Edmund refuses her offer and leaves. Dinah decides Tammy could use a shoulder to cry on and goes anyway.

Beth overhears Phillip talking to Harley and is shocked that he had her house demolished. She rails at him and wants to know why he's doing what he's doing. Phillip tells her that he's tired of being weak; he was before and it got him locked up and blackmailed into marriage. Beth asks Phillip if he realizes what effect he's having on his children? Does he think he's setting a good example for Lizzie? While Beth is arguing with Phillip, Lizzie walks in clearly agitated. Wanting to win his argument, Phillip suddenly asks Lizzie if she thinks he's an ogre? After Lizzie defends her father, she tries to get her parents to listen to her since she has no idea what they're arguing about. Beth tells her they're talking about Phillip's vendetta against the Coopers. Lizzie can't understand why they'd want to bother with the Coopers; they're all a bunch of jerks. Though Phillip is pleased that Lizzie understands him, Beth is incredulous and tries to tell Lizzie that it's wrong to judge people that way. But Lizzie doesn't really care, she says the Coopers hate them so why shouldn't they hate the Coopers back? In the course of the argument, Lizzie learns that Phillip had Harley's house torn down. Although she's shocked, she refuses to go to the house with Beth; she wants to stay with Phillip. Alone with her father, Lizzie asks him why he tore down the house. Phillip tells her that he had a good reason, and that answer is fine with Lizzie. Phillip then asks what she wanted to talk to him about earlier. Lizzie starts to get upset, claiming that she always acts out and when the damage is done, it's too late. Upset and resistant, Lizzie admits that she did something bad and stupid. It involved Tammy and it was awful. She ten proceeds to tell Phillip about seeing Tammy outside the bar, thinking she was with Joey, and stepping on the accelerator.

Sandy is being rushed into Cedars. He's seriously hurt and can hardly breathe. He keeps trying to tell Reva something. He tells her there's something important she needs to know in case he doesn't make it. However, his injuries are too severe and he can't get it out. As he's being wheeled into the OR, he tries to whisper something to Reva but she doesn't make it out. Being led away, he asks for forgiveness. At the hospital, Tammy is leaving a message for JB, to tell him about Sandy. Unbeknownst to her, is watching her from behind a wall. Edmund then sees her and she admits to him about being at the bar and the guilt she feels because that car was headed for her. Later, Dinah comes and is there when Rick tells Reva that a portion of Sandy's liver was damaged, he'll need a partial transplant. When he suggests that they need a compatible donor, Dinah volunteers. A skeptical Reva says she'll take anyone's help she can get but she's sure a relative would be a better match, such as herself.

Sandy is asleep in his hospital room. JB/Jonathan is suddenly right there at his side.

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