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Monday, May 31, 2004

Danny was stunned when Michelle stirred from her coma, looking at him blankly before seeming to recognize Tony. She quickly lapsed back into unconsciousness. Rick explained that was not uncommon, and they needed to remain patient. Vinnie showed up and pointed out that Michelle's presence at the warehouse made her a potential witness to murder. To protect her, Danny claimed Rick had diagnosed that Michelle would be in a coma the rest of her life.

When Salerno left, Tony called Danny on his lie. Danny surprised Tony by confessing he was working undercover for Jeffrey. He laid out the whole sordid tale, effectively putting his life in Tony's hands.

Bill got the shock of his life when he found Eden alive. His joy was short-lived because she told him she had entered the Witness Protection Program and was leaving Springfield at that very moment. Bill begged her to stay, but Eden was forced to tell him what a lie their relationship had been and how she had never really stopped being the small-time crook she had been before they met. She even admitted to her affair with Tony. A bitter Bill left Eden, who was crushed. After a quick goodbye to Gus, she left.

Gus surprised Harley by declaring that he really wanted to get back to work that night. Cassie was a little surprised when Edmund tried to talk her out of trying to do something about the drug problem in Springfield. She was even more surprised when he overreacted at the sight of her reaching into his diplomatic pouch. He covered. Later, Edmund realized what he had been expecting to be in the pouch hadn't arrived, and he had to explain that to Vinnie Salerno.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Cassie walked in on Edmund during the tail end of his intense conversation with Vinnie Salerno. He covered and left, just as Cassie found evidence indicating he had been speaking to Salerno. Shaken, she went to the hospital to check on Michelle. There, she tried to pump Tony for information about what Salerno was doing in Springfield, but Tony warned her to stay out of it. Later, she crossed paths with Jeffrey, who was already aware that Salerno and Edmund had some sort of business deal going on. He told Cassie she had a problem.

Harley was concerned about Gus going back to work so quickly after losing Eden, but Jeffrey thought throwing himself into his job could be the best thing for Gus. Gus approached his dealer, prepared to make a six-figure buy.

With Jeffrey listening in at the social club, the dealer went to Vinnie to ask for the drugs. Jeffrey hoped that the pressure would cause Vinnie to act hurriedly and reveal his source at Spaulding. Harley feared that Vinnie's source might in fact be a Spaulding and that Gus would end up getting hurt again. Danny realized that he had put his life in Tony's hands by telling him he had gone undercover, but Tony assured him that he had nothing to worry about.

Tony had decided that it was time for Salerno to be replaced. In an effort to get the heat off of Michelle, Danny went to Salerno and alerted him that Jeffrey O'Neill was on his trail. Marina and Shayne visited Michelle and decided to decorate her room in the hopes of helping her.

Lizzie opened up to Sandy about her illness and pointed out that he never wanted to talk about himself.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Jeffrey informed Cassie that Edmund was a possible target of his drug investigation. He stunned her with the news he had visited San Cristobel in the past and had an eye on Edmund and his illicit activities. Before Cassie could get the whole story, Edmund arrived. When Jeffrey pushed Edmund's buttons, Cassie stuck up for her man -- but secretly wondered if the accusations were true.

Gus visited Eden's apartment and discovered a very suspicious-looking Alan rifling through her things. Alan covered and made an impassioned plea for Gus to let the Spauldings be his family. After Alan left, Gus found receipts from Eden's escort business from Spaulding, plus a photo that seemed to incriminate Brad Green in the drug trade. Harley arrived and recognized Alan in the photo.

Drunk, Bill tracked down Danny and demanded an explanation about Danny's connection to Eden. Danny tried to hush Bill and warned him not to talk about it in public. Harley advised Bill to move on, but he was determined not to let things happen to him anymore. Later, Danny received a call from Vinnie with new instructions.

Determined to ruin Tammy and Joey's romantic summer plans, Lizzie took action. She approached her Aunt Alex and pitched the idea of an intern contest for Spaulding. Hungry for some good publicity, Alex thought it was a wonderful idea. Lizzie worked hard to convince Tammy, Joey, Sandy, Shayne, Marina, and their friend Kyra to sign up. Alex pitched the idea to Alan, who was willing to get on board as long as he could control the situation.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

Danny had worked hard to convince Vinnie that Michelle could never provide information about the night of the explosion, since she was in a permanent coma. Salerno seemed appeased until Frank burst in, raiding the club. Danny proved his loyalty to Salerno, and Frank's bust was a bust. Satisfied that Danny had proven himself, Salerno rewarded him with the coveted job of playing bagman to his San Cristobel drug supplier. Vinnie then said he wanted Danny to kill Jeffrey, a plan that Danny and Jeffrey had decided they would push for in the hopes of catching Vinnie in a mistake. Danny left to find Jeffrey and let him know their plans were falling into place.

Gus was still reeling from the connection that had been made between Brad Green, Alan, Salerno, and Eden. His doubts about Alan led him to question Edmund about Alan's involvement in San Cristobel's drug business. Later on, Gus sought out Alan, unable to shake his suspicions. Meanwhile, Cassie's suspicions of Edmund continued to grow after she saw Edmund's defensive reaction to Gus's questions about the drug business in San Cristobel. An argument ensued, but in the end, it seemed as if she and Edmund had reached common ground.

Phillip learned from Alan that the federal probe into Spaulding Enterprises was rapidly ending. Realizing he was running out of time to frame Olivia, Phillip moved into action with a plan to stick her with incriminating memos. Later, Phillip let Alan know that Olivia was going down.

At Lizzie's prodding, Tammy, Joey, Shayne, Marina, Sandy, Remy, and Kyra gathered for their first meeting about summer jobs at Spaulding. A reluctant Alan laid down the law, as well as his plans for their summer project. Lizzie had a project of her own and fixed the teams so that she wound up with Joey. So as not to be left out, Alexandra showed up to further her own project: using the summer employment program to spin some positive P.R. for the company.

Friday, June 4, 2004

Josh and Billy were at the Beacon, waiting for Bill, who had a meeting with an important client. They were shocked to see a very disheveled Bill walk in, and they tried to dissuade him from taking the meeting, stating that he was still grieving for Eden. Despite both men's concerns about Bill's emotional state, Bill convinced them to let him take the meeting. Although Josh was initially skeptical, he was impressed by how Bill closed the deal.

Later, Bill spotted Tony at the bar. They talked about Eden, and Bill revealed that he knew about Tony and Eden's affair. Tony denied it, but Bill refused to accept the lie. When Tony tried to convince Bill that Eden had loved him, Bill became angry and pushed Tony. When Bill belligerently asked if Tony was going to kill him, Tony suggested that Bill pull himself together, or his life could end like Eden's had. Bill told Tony that his could too.

Tony tried to warn Bill to be careful about who he was threatening, but Bill didn't care. He promised that he was going to make sure the Santos family went down. When Bill left, Tony called Salerno to ask for a job because he was in the mood to "beat the crap out of" someone.

The Spaulding intern competition was underway. Lizzie got her Aunt Alex to buy ten tickets to the San Cristobel festival. Tammy tried to con the Lewis family into buying a bunch, but Bill suggested it might be better to use her skills and actually sell them on her own. He did offer to buy three tickets and to match the number of tickets she sold.

At Spaulding, Olivia and Lizzie got into a turf war over Lizzie using Olivia's office. However, Phillip settled things by reminding Olivia that technically it was his office, and since they were all family, they should share. Olivia reluctantly agreed. Later, Lizzie and Joey headed to the Beacon, where Lizzie was disheartened to hear Joey encouraging Tammy to sell tickets at the Beacon and outsell Lizzie.

At Spaulding, Phillip told Olivia that he wanted to give her access to everything at the company that he had been working on before he got sick. He handed her a folder and said that it was an important memo about Antimonius, and he'd like her input. He warned her that it was a sensitive document and was for her eyes only.

Olivia was shocked that Phillip trusted her enough to do that, but he insisted that he'd be a fool not to take advantage of her resources. He told her that he wanted to make sure she got credit for everything she'd done. Ecstatic, Olivia kissed Phillip and left. With her gone, Phillip, disgusted with Olivia's predictability, called Alan and reported that she had taken the bait.

Edmund was outside the Beacon on his cell phone, demanding his package. When he hung up, Cassie mentioned his constant cell phone use. She tried to get a feel for what kind of business he was conducting, but he didn't answer and walked inside. Inside, Danny and Jeffrey were having a convert conversation about Salerno's hit on Jeffrey. Danny told Jeffrey how it was going to go down and that Danny was the hit man.

Outside the Beacon, Harley was on her phone, telling someone to hold off, since she wasn't entirely sure that the person in the photograph was Alan. As she hung up, Marie Green approached her, asking her to watch Brad, since he had claimed to be having a meeting that day at the Beacon. Marie was certain that Brad was having an affair.

An exasperated Harley tried to back out of it and encouraged Marie to just divorce Brad, since he was a womanizer. Marie maintained that she loved him and felt that if he were caught cheating, he'd stop. Harley agreed to spy on Brad at the Beacon.

Later, Harley and Cassie both spotted Brad delivering a package to Edmund in exchange for a backpack. Harley told Jeffrey about the mysterious exchange, but Jeffrey agreed that for the moment, it was just circumstantial. Meanwhile, Edmund took the package to his room and hid it under his bed as Cassie secretly watched him. When he became startled, she quietly sneaked out and then knocked on the door. Edmund was confused about Cassie's behavior and also questioned her sudden interest in his mail when she mentioned the package.

Edmund left the room. Suspicious, Cassie got the package from under the bed but decided not to open it. Later, Cassie was rattled to overhear Edmund having an angry conversation on his cell phone about the package. When Cassie tried to get Edmund to talk about all the business he'd been doing, he got rattled and clammed up. Soon after, she spotted Edmund giving the package to Salerno.

In the midst of all that was going on, Danny had convinced Vinnie to let him be the one to kill Jeffrey, since Vinnie had been on the verge of giving the hit to someone else. Danny convinced the mob boss that he really needed to hit Jeffrey and said that he planned on shooting Jeffrey when Jeffrey was eating in his car. Later, Danny was putting together the rifle, while Jeffrey apparently sat in his car. As Danny aimed to shoot, Cassie walked toward the car and thought she saw Jeffrey slouched in the seat. Just then, Danny fired, and Cassie was thrown to the ground.

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