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Monday, March 29, 2004

Alan informs Josh, Billy, Buzz and Ed that he has taken sole responsibility for what happened at Cutter's Bridge thirty years ago. The rest of them are off the hook. Alan explains he had information the District Attorney wanted and a deal was made. Ed gets a call about Mel having gone into labor and the men rush over to the hospital to wait with Ed for the birth of his new grandchild. Alan tells Josh he's sorry for what Marah is going through.

Meanwhile, Tony rescues Marah from the press and they hide out at the Lewis house. Marah can't help but feel responsible for Carrie's death and won't listen when Tony insists she had no choice but to shoot her. Tony is concerned as he sees her unraveling under the stress and goes to Josh, encouraging him to keep a close eye on her. Josh points out that Tony could help to support Marah, but Tony is convinced he only reminds her of violence.

Gus questions Rick about the effects of Delirium. Rick fills Gus in and he studies a patient who is coming down from the effects of the drug.

Cassie wants Jeffrey to open up about his feelings for Marah, but he maintains he had to deny his feelings and toughen her up so she can be ready for Doris Wolfe. Edmund sees them together but keeps a lid on his jealousy. He claims finding the picture of Jeffrey was accidental. Cassie declares she doesn't want Edmund challenging Jeffrey anymore; they need him to help Marah be acquitted.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Harley returns to the funhouse, consulting magician's books to find out if Carrie pulled off a vanishing act. At the same time, Reva is home asleep, dreaming of Maryanne. She senses the dead girl is trying to help Marah. Reva is startled out of her dream by a phone call from Harley, summoning her to the funhouse. She wants to demonstrate her discovery that Carrie could've escaped.

The Bauer and the Boudreau families gather at the hospital and anxiously await the arrival of Rick and Mel's baby. Danny juggles the demands of the campaign with his desire to be with Michelle and her family. Ed considers the baby's birth a sign the nightmare he's lived with for 30 years is over, finally. Rick invites his dad to join them in the birthing room. Rick emerges to announce he and Mel have a baby girl. A discussion of possible names ensues.

Olivia visits Phillip at Ravenwood and must acquiesce to Christopher's diagnosis: Phillip must get back on his meds, even if it means daily injections. Phillip resists but Olivia gives him up, allowing Christopher to do what's best. Phillip's cry for help does not move her. Sam arrives and off of a positive conversation with Lizzie, asks Olivia to give her another chance. But Olivia is still reluctant to trust her. Later, Lizzie takes Emma out of her crib.

Wednesday, March 30, 2004

Olivia returns home and is horrified to learn from a panicked Sam that Emma is gone. Across town at the Spaulding mansion, Beth and Lillian wonder to where Lizzie has disappeared. It doesn't take long for Olivia to put it together and she rushes to the Spauldings in search of Lizzie and her baby. Beth is stunned by the news that Olivia's baby is alive, but assures her Lizzie would never harm a child. Olivia reminds everyone just how much Lizzie hates her. She demands they take action immediately. She vows that when Lizzie is found, she'll pay dearly for what she's done.

Meanwhile, Lizzie attempts to take care of a cranky Emma.

Reva and Harley go into the tunnels in search of Carrie. They find her alive! She is in better shape than they had expected, though still suffering from the gunshot wound she received. Harley goes for help as Reva and Carrie have it out. Carrie expresses her regret that Marah suffered the consequences of what the men did. When Reva turns her head for a moment, Carrie knocks her unconscious.

Gus runs into Eden at the hospital, and spots her engagement ring. He assumes she's moving on, but she's still unsettled by the random appearances of Vinnie Salerno in her life. She reaches out to Gus and they repair their wounded relationship. Gus is more determined then ever to do something about the drug problem in Springfield and he goes undercover to make a drug buy.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

The search continues for Lizzie, who is hiding out in Phillip's loft with baby Emma. A frantic Olivia lashes out at everyone: Alan, Beth, Lillian, Cassie and even Tammy. Alan contacts Gus, who leaves his undercover drug buy to track down Lizzie. Meanwhile, Lizzie is beginning to have trouble taking care of her baby sister. When Emma won't stop crying, Lizzie has no choice but to seek help. She brings Emma to the Beacon to find Tammy, but changes her mind at the last moment and disappears into the night. Reva lies unconscious in the tunnel. When she starts to come to, she sees Maryanne reach out to her. Harley and Rick return to find Reva injured and Carrie gone. Reva is horrified that she'll have no way to prove that Carrie is alive, but Harley reveals that she left a recorder running and caught everything on tape. At court, Doris announces that the grand jury voted to indict Marah on murder charges. A furious Josh erupts at Doris. Josh and Jeffrey break the terrible news to Marah, who calmly accepts her situation. Ross and Marah leave the courthouse. Soon after, Reva arrives with the news that Carrie is alive. Jeffrey explains to Reva and Josh that the tape could be helpful but they need to bring Carrie in.

Friday, April 2, 2004

Danny, Michelle and Bill are at the Beacon. Since it's Election Day and Danny has slipped in the polls, Bill has lined up several interviews to bolster his chances of winning the mayoral race. Meanwhile, Jeffrey is on the phone with a mysterious person and tells them everything's in place; Danny's in a perfect position. After hanging up, he goes to wish Danny luck. He thanks the D.A. for his support. Although Danny isn't too confident that he'll win, Jeffrey tells him he's positive he will.

Reva and Josh tell Marah that Carrie is alive. The shooting only wounded her. At first, Marah doesn't believe them and accuses Reva of lying. Reva tells her both she and Harley saw Carrie and she got her entire confession on tape. After hearing she set up the entire shooting, Marah starts to freak out, worried Carrie's still a threat. Terrified she will come after them again, Marah rushes to the Beacon where Jeffrey comforts her. He convinces her that Carrie being alive is a good thing since now she can't be charged with murder. He assures her that Carrie won't be able to hurt her.

Lizzie visits a dazed Phillip at Ravenwood and tells him she's sorry; she did something terrible. She confesses to kidnapping Emma and asks her father to forgive her. She then hands a crying Emma over to her father. In Phillip's arms, Emma suddenly calms down. Lizzie tries to explain her actions by saying how much she hated Olivia and how much Olivia ruined everything. Phillip tells her he understands. Lizzie tries to put a good spin on things by saying this could work in her favor since she obviously took good care of the baby all night. She asks Phillip to help her and he assures her that everything will be all right. Just then, Olivia bursts in and takes Emma in her arms. She yells at Lizzie that she'll make sure she's locked up. Phillip tries to tell Olivia to calm down, but she won't. Despite Lizzie's pleas that she didn't hurt the baby, Olivia is determined to go to the police and see her locked away. Just then, having heard Lizzie and Emma were there, Alan, Gus and Beth all burst into the room. Olivia demands Gus arrest Lizzie, but Phillip keeps defending her. Finally, he tells everyone he told Lizzie to take Emma; it was all his idea. Though Olivia believes Phillip is simply covering for Lizzie, when she confirms the story, Gus calls it a domestic dispute between two parents. As she leaves the room, Lizzie apologizes to Olivia, but she is unforgiving.

Alone with Lizzie in the hall, Beth demands to know if Phillip did indeed cover for her. Lizzie admits he did and starts to say how sorry she is. But a furious Beth tells her sorry isn't good enough. She put an innocent baby at risk and she must learn to control her impulses.

Determined to find Carrie in order to help Marah, Reva contacts Christopher and asks him to hypnotize her so she can talk to Maryanne now.

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