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Monday, March 22, 2004

Olivia reminds Phillip about their pact to keep Emma a secret. He pretends not to remember telling Beth and Lizzie. Olivia doesn't understand why his medication isn't working. Her broker calls with news that Spaulding stock is falling. When Lizzie returns, Phillip tells her he was wrong; there is no baby. After she leaves, Phillip takes the hidden pills from his tissue box and dumps them in an envelope in his briefcase. Then he consults a To Do list, promising not to mention the baby to his family. He vows to do something "very special" for Olivia, too. When she returns, Olivia rips the page that says "No Baby!" from Phillip's notepad. He says the only way he'll remember is to have it written down, but Olivia is afraid someone may see it and become suspicious.

Alan can't believe his son accused him of working with the mob. Alex shows him the stock report - down 20 points - but Alan refuses to sell. He tells his sister to stay away from Brad Green. Gus cleans out his office at Spaulding Enterprises as Alex scolds him for hurting Alan. Gus accuses her of being behind the Antimonious scandal but Alex thinks he's just trying to settle an old score - her keeping the truth about his father a secret for 30 years. Olivia arrives to find Gus has quit and tries out Phillip's desk chair, much to Alex's dismay. When alone, Olivia asks Gus the real reason for leaving, but he changes the subject to Phillip, who probably has no idea what his new wife is up to. As a Spaulding board member, Olivia inquires about the latest scandal, knowing Gus is keeping something from her. He wants to protect Phillip so he tells her to figure it out for herself. Brad pretends to be disappointed Gus is leaving and asks Alex if the other rumor is true - is Spaulding being investigated? Alex denies the rumor, in the same breath offering a trade - she will give him full reign of Antimonious if he gives her control of Bad Girl. Brad realizes what she's doing - trying to distance herself from him before the feds come. He promises sarcastically to protect her just as well as she protected him. Alex calls her broker and tells him to sell. Brad does the same. Alan tells his broker to sell, but only a few shares... Olivia realizes they're dumping stock and tells her broker to buy it all.

Marah is relieved to see Jeffrey at the pool house, even though he tells her she's in danger. He's recused himself from her case; Doris Wolf is in charge now. Marah knows Doris holds a grudge against Reva and Jeffrey. She will use their relationship against Marah in court. Jeffrey says they can't see each other anymore; it will only hurt her case. He warns her not to talk to the press and to listen to her lawyer. Marah refuses to forget about him just because of a stupid tabloid. When Jeffrey takes her in his arms, someone sneaks a picture from the window. Jeffrey goes to the door but can't leave. In bed, Jeffrey promises everything will be ok.

Josh opens the pink envelope. The sender claims to have been the one who went to the newspapers about Marah and Jeffrey's relationship. It's Carrie's handwriting and stationary, so Josh assumes she planned this before her death. The letter says "Maryanne will have her day in court." Reva calls Harley who takes the letter as evidence. Josh is convinced now people will see this as proof of Carrie's premeditated plan. Harley isn't so sure, but she thinks she knows whom Carrie hired to deliver the letter. She tells them about the MC Corporation so Josh and Reva pay it a visit. As they're about to break in, Reva suspects it's another of Carrie's traps. Searching the virtually empty office, Reva finds today's newspaper and Carrie's pink stationary in the wastebasket, along with a crossed-off checklist with the five men's addresses on it. When they find a cassette with the tape pulled out, Josh says he can fix it, suspecting it's an instruction tape for Carrie's messenger. At home, they listen to the tape - Carrie's voice instructing someone to send the letters and then to destroy the tape and never come back. Josh thinks this proves Carrie's intentions and hopes it will save Marah. They leave for the police station.

At the station, Harley commends Gus' decision to leave Spaulding but advises him to wait a while before going back on the streets as a cop. With this new drug out there, the streets are dangerous. But Gus feels he has been swimming with sharks at Spaulding and has the scars to prove it; he's ready.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Reva shares with Jeffrey what she and Josh learned when they went to MC Corp. Jeffrey urges her to be careful and not to let her emotions rule her judgment. Despite Jeffrey's warning, she confronts Doris Wolfe. Reva's interference threatens to make things worse for Marah, but Jeffrey helps Reva demonstrate to Doris and Frank how Carrie victimized her daughter. Things look good until Doris produces a bullet in Carrie's cloak that points an incriminating finger at Marah – not as a victim but as a murderer.

Lizzie is running lines with Tammy and Joey when she encounters Sam Spencer. He is cold to her, but Lizzie works her charm in an effort to win him over. She begins to suspect that Sam is hiding something.

Later, Lizzie concocts a lie about wanting to get closer to Olivia to persuade Tammy to help her track down Sam's address.

Meanwhile, Olivia has her hands full with Phillip, whose behavior is as erratic as it was before he was admitted to Ravenwood. Christopher tells her there's a reason: blood tests reveal that Phillip is off his meds. Somehow he's avoided taking them. When Christopher takes Phillip to his office for a therapy session, Olivia finds Phillip's stash of pills under the mattress. Now she has a dilemma: to reveal the stash and make sure Phillip gets back on his meds or to let him go on neglecting his medication so that his behavior will keep him at Ravenwood and under her control.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Reva and Harley focus on their effort to clear Marah's name. It occurs to them that perhaps Marah wasn't the only one drugged by Carrie. Michelle and Marina confirm that they also felt disoriented that night. Maryanne appears to Reva again and signals her about the rings. All four women return to Michelle's house to retrieve them but are stunned to find that the rings have disappeared.

Jeffrey visits Marah and breaks the bad news about the bullet found in the back of Carrie's cloak. Marah clings to hope and her faith in Jeffrey. Ross arrives to counsel Marah, and Jeffrey leaves, distraught that he can't help her. When Ross explains to Marah the rules of the grand jury, she insists on testifying. Ross attempts to change her mind by demonstrating how she will be grilled on the stand, but Marah refuses to back down. Michelle wonders how she can work on the hotline when she can't even help the people she loves. An impassioned Danny reminds her of all the good she's done in his life.

Cassie catches Tammy looking through Beacon personnel files looking for Sam's number for Lizzie. Tammy covers well but later is apprehensive as she delivers the number to Lizzie. Lizzie uses the number and her Spaulding security staff to find an address. Edmund apologizes for not having enough faith in Cassie and their relationship. Cassie insists on confronting Jeffrey about the photo of him and Christopher, and Edmund's insecurities surface again. Cassie tracks down Jeffrey at the gym and shows him the photo. Jeffrey plays it off, but he later phones Christopher, obviously rattled by Cassie's discovery.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

With the rings gone, Marina, Michelle, Reva and Harley begin to wonder if Carrie might still be alive. They go to Carrie's room where Marah meets them. There is no sign of Carrie, but there is a surprise - a gift left for "her murderer." The women are very unsettled and Harley vows to get to the bottom of the mystery. Jeffrey summons Christopher to commence damage control. Cassie knows they are feds, and Reva will soon know, too. When Reva returns home, she finds Christopher waiting for her with a confession. Jeffrey meets with Ross, who fills him in on the incriminating photos of him and Marah. Ross believes that Jeffrey is Marah's weak spot and could cost her if they get to trial. Jeffrey knows what he has to do. He calls Marah and prepares to make the hard choice. Election Day is growing closer and Danny is gaining on Ross. Ross suffers a minor setback when Ed informs him that he's joining Danny's camp. He has a lot to make up to Michelle. Meanwhile, Danny is less than pleased when Salerno shows up at his fundraiser. A nervous Bill asks Eden to marry him. An emotional Eden accepts, but Salerno's presence makes her fear for Bill's safety. She wants to keep their engagement a secret for a while.

Friday, March 26, 2004

The Spaulding family is gathered at the mansion to conduct an interview as a way to do spin control in response to the federal investigation crisis. Just as the interview is about to start, Olivia waltzes in, introduces herself as Phillip's wife, and begins singing the praises of the Spaulding family to the reporter. She tells the reporter she'll be supporting the family by acting as the Spaulding liaison to the federal investigators. When the reporter leaves, Alan asks to speak to Olivia alone. Before he can berate her though, she tells him she saved them and that they need her. She says they need someone untouched by the investigation to assuage the stockholders' fears. Alan agrees she could be useful and hires her. After she leaves, he tells a worried Alex that Olivia is no danger to them; once Phillip recovers, he'll get rid of her.

Christopher tells Reva he's a profiler for the federal government. His job is to assess the psychic talent of other people the government may find useful. Angry at being a guinea pig, Reva refuses Christopher's offer of help saying she can't trust him. Christopher tries to convince her that his offer is sincere; he can help her speak with Maryanne. As he asks her if she's going to let her wounded pride keep her from doing what's best for Marah, Cassie enters with news. When Reva learns Cassie knows the truth about Christopher, she's even more furious since she knows he only told her the truth because he knew Cassie would. When he says he couldn't blow his cover without getting the okay from his superior, Cassie proclaims she knows who that would be: Jeffrey O'Neill. After Christopher leaves, Cassie urges a torn Reva to use her talents and her instincts to help Marah. With that in mind, Reva goes to Carrie's underground room and tells Maryanne to tell her what she knows now.

Bill and Eden are at the Beacon toasting their engagement. Eden admits she was freaked out at first, but has finally come to accept the engagement. She tells Bill that she's never been as happy as she is now and promises to make him happy.

At the park, Marah refuses to end her relationship with Jeffrey. He tries to tell her the ADA will use their relationship against her and Marah won't be able to handle the cross-examination. Jeffrey tells Marah she needs to convince the court that she loathes him, that he's a sexual predator. Marah says she refuses to lie; she chased him. But Jeffrey says it was all a ruse. He tells her he used her vulnerability, and played hard to get to make it appear it was all her idea. He set her up and she fell for it. He says he helped her at the police station to save his own career in case anyone found out about the affair. But Marah refuses to believe any of it and says it was all her choice. As if in a courtroom, Jeffrey badgers Marah and asks if shooting Carrie was her choice. He wonders if she killed Carrie in cold blood. Upset, Marah breaks down in Jeffrey's arms. His point made, Jeffrey warns her that's what the prosecution is going to do to her and if she reacts like that, it's over. When Marah accuses him of bailing on her, he says it's not about their feelings but her future. And in order for her to have one, they can't. He tells her they need to cut their losses and walk away. When he goes back home, he receives a call on his cell phone. He tells the person on the other end they're ready for Phase II. If they don't act now, they'll lose the big fish at the company and the mob. Back in the park, Marah is ambushed by reporters and rescued by an unlikely person - Tony.

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