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Monday, February 9, 2004

Manning the phones alone at the hot line, Cassie encounters a violent teen. Threatened with a broken beer bottle, Cassie is forced to unlock the First Aid kit. Unsatisfied with its contents, the intruder demands to know where the "stash" is. Cassie realizes he's looking for drugs and tells him he's got the wrong place - the clinic is down the street. Cassie averts his attack with a few karate moves and tells him she's going to call his parents. When she turns her back, the boy grabs her from behind, arm squeezing her throat. Edmund arrives and throws a few punches, freeing Cassie. Edmund duct tapes the kid to a chair as he admits he's on "D" (Delirium). A paramedic checks him out and tells Cassie that more and more kids are using D and even after detox are going back to it. Cassie is worried about Tammy and others her age. She vows to let the public know about this drug.

At Carrie's, Michelle gets no answer on Marina's cell and starts to worry. Marah tells Carrie that Shayne was behind the disappearing/reappearing doll tricks, although both he denied putting Polly Dolly in her sewing box with the razorblades.

Marina wakes under the rubble from the tunnel's collapse. Unable to move, she calls for help. Josh, Buzz and Billy afraid of further collapse and unable to hear her cries, hurry back the way they came. Marina discovers the entrance to that part of the tunnel is blocked - she's trapped. Her legs are pinned beneath beams and rubble. She realizes no one but Carrie knows she is in the tunnels. Michelle and Marah locate her help her to Carrie's. Marina is angry and vows to get Carrie for hurting them for the last time. Michelle and Marah reassure her it was only an accident, but she won't hear it. Marina accuses Carrie of setting the whole thing up. Marina remembers hearing voices - Buzz, Josh and Billy - and suggests Carrie wanted them dead too. She denies it. Angry, Marina tells Carrie it's over - "Stay away from our fathers and stay the Hell away from us."

Based on Olivia's appearance at the latest Spaulding board meeting, Alan suggests Gus take a step back. Gus assumes his father is trying to get rid of him and becomes defensive. Alan wants to protect him from the evil Olivia is capable of and he feels guilty for taking him away from his police work. Gus wonders if this sudden change of heart is because he may be getting too close to discovering possible flaws in the company - he mentioned Antimonious at the meeting and Brad's Russian fax. Gus reminds Alan that he can be trusted and that if his father is in trouble, he can help. Alan sternly insists Gus "drop it" before abruptly getting up from their table. He apologizes for snapping; he's been under a lot of stress. Gus knows he hit a nerve and wants Alan to talk about what's bothering him. He refuses just as Buzz, Billy and Josh enter from the kitchen. Gus eyes them curiously. After Gus leaves, the guys tell Alan they found nothing. Josh says it's time to play offense. They have to get the girls away from this witness and then somehow draw him/her out. Josh reinforces the fact that they must all watch each other's' backs - even Ed's.

In the alley outside Harley's Angels, Harley has a surprise meeting with Brad Green's wife. Marie intercepted Harley's phone message inviting Brad to meet her at a hotel. Harley insists her interest in Brad is anything but romantic. The two continue their meeting at Olivia's Bar where Harley reminds Marie that she was the one who dropped the criminal charges against her. Marie still doesn't like Harley's interest in her husband. Harley tells her that she thought that by talking to Brad, he'd go easier on her fiancé in the office. Harley assures her that every woman who calls Brad is not interested in having an affair. Marie mentions what happened in Europe but won't go into detail. Gus arrives and Marie is hopeful he can back up Harley's story. He does, but after Marie leaves, semi-satisfied, Harley says she can explain everything. Gus doesn't like her going behind his back and fighting his battles. After they end their public argument, Gus insists they're nothing like the Greens. He takes off her shoes and they start to dance. The Greens wouldn't do that. On their way out, both cells ring. Neither can say no - business.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Marie Green calls Alexandra and demands to know why is Harley sniffing around her husband. Whatever Harley is up to, Alexandra warns, she might want to back off, because she doesn't know what she is dealing with. If Harley goes stirring up a turf war between Gus and Brad, there'll be nothing but trouble.

At Jeffrey's urging, Gus calls Alexandra and wants to bury the hatchet. They agree to meet. Harley sees Gus leaving Jeffrey's room and confronts Jeffrey, who downplays it. Harley wants to stop lying to Gus. Jeffrey insists she needs to see it through in order to see justice done. Harley wonders if Jeffrey is paying a price for his work.

Gus would like Alexandra to "show him the ropes" at Spaulding. She promises to send him documentation from the pharmaceuticals division. Later, she tells Brad she plans to send Gus useless paperwork and dummy books. Gus and Harley share a rare romantic moment.

Marah calls Jeffrey and hangs up. Jeffrey realizes it's her.

From now on, Marina tells Carrie, she and the other girls are going to call the shots. Carrie asks them to leave, but Marah insists they aren't going anywhere. The women vow to stop Carrie if she doesn't stop herself. Carrie will give up her vendetta against the men.

Billy notices Ed is in a stupor from his overuse of migraine medication. Billy maintains that Ed's self-medication won't make his pain disappear. Buzz challenges Ed to fight back. Michelle arrives at Ed's and announces that Marah, Marina and she have taken care of everything. Buzz says the witness will either stop or stop at nothing and they need to be prepared for anything.

With eerie new resolve, Carrie is far from being done with anything.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Danny is still worried about what happened with the gas, and orders Tony to set up a meeting with mobster Bruzi. Tony is convinced that the families are sending Danny a message; he can't outrun his past. Danny tells Tony to just get Bruzi to him and he'll take care of the rest. Michelle thinks Danny is worrying about her needlessly, and asks Tony to try to calm him down. Danny pulls Michelle into a dance. Lizzie tries to convince Christopher that she is ready to just be a normal kid. Blade watches Lizzie through the front window. Beth thinks Lizzie should volunteer her time at the hotline. Jeffrey insists that Christopher deliver Reva pronto. Beth invites Jeffrey to the Valentine's dance. Blade tells Lizzie about a rave on 5th Street and she pockets the flyer. Lizzie flirts with him, and agrees to go to the rave. Nico witnesses and worries for Lizzie. Shayne admits to Nico he'd rather stay home with Marina than go to then dance at the Country Club. Marina doesn't want to go either. Marah enlists Sandy's help to prepare a special evening at home for Shayne and Marina. Marah speaks wistfully about Jeffrey. As they ice a cake, Sandy looks longingly at Marah. She is unaffected by the closeness and laughs it off. Marina and Shayne decide to skip the dance and spend the evening alone. Although Sandy still has feelings for Marah, he wants her to be happy. And if that means she's with Jeffrey O'Neill, then so be it. Marina offers to help Nico find a date to the dance. Marah fantasizes that Jeffrey is in love with her. Shayne kisses Marina's hand. Carries studies three photos: one of Marah, one of Marina and one of Michelle. She taps each photo with her finger, saying: eenie, meenie, miney, moe....

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Michelle tells Marah that Carrie has no power over them unless they give it to her. Jeffrey informs Sandy that he has no intention of spending Valentine's Day with Marah. Sandy insists that if Jeffrey can make Marah happy he should do it. Tony asks Marah if he fits into her life as a friend. They agree to have dinner some time. Michelle and Harley worry about Danny and Gus, respectively. Obscured by a pile of paperwork, Gus sets in to read all about Spaulding Pharmaceuticals. Jeffrey orders Gus to figure out why the shipments from San Cristobel keep coming up short in Russia. Gus enlists Dimitri to call the Russian drug company. Dimitri learns that some of the drugs disappear off the trucks en route. Gus calls Jeffrey to report the news; Harley overhears Gus say her name. Danny wants to reconcile Ed with Michelle for Valentine's Day. He tries to convince a cynical Ed to go to the Valentine's Day dance for Michelle, but he refuses. Sandy returns to make sure Marah found her flowers, two dozen red roses, with a Valentine attached. Marah thinks Tony sent the flowers and she decides she may as well go to the dance. Jeffrey receives an invitation as well; somebody wants him to meet her there and he thinks it may be Beth. Tiny arranges for the meeting between Bruzi and Danny. Gus suggests that he and Harley take a vacation to San Cristobel. When Gus leaves the room, Harley redials his cell and gets Jeffrey O'Neill. Danny gives Michelle an exquisite diamond necklace. Marah and Jeffrey are stunned to find each other at the dance. Sandy watches them wistfully.

Friday, FEBRUARY 13, 2004

The Museum:
Marina and Shayne come home to find the lights dimmed and no one home. They also find instructions from "Cupid"--whose handwriting looks suspiciously like Marah's.

The Country Club:
Marah and Jeffrey meet at table five and tell each other there is no one they'd rather be with that night. After they figure out Sandy set them up together, Jeffrey tells Marah perhaps Sandy did them both a favor.

Josh and Reva arrive together at the Country club. Reva tells Josh it feels like Valentine's Day and New Year's all in one. She calls it a new beginning for both of them. As he hugs Reva, Josh sees Alan, Buzz and Billy huddled together deep in conversation.

Danny congratulates Michelle on planning the Charity dance so well. They both feel bad that Ed isn't there.

Carrie's Room:
We see Carrie in her study penning a letter to each of the girls.

Country Club
Josh excuses himself from Reva and goes to talk to Buzz, Alan and Billy. Josh asks if Marina said anything and Buzz says the last he'd heard the issue was resolved. Billy is doubtful of that, but Alan tells them not to worry and "Eat, drink, and be merry." To which Josh replies, "For tomorrow we die."

At a table with Alan and Lizzie, Beth notices Lizzie is anxious to leave and gives her permission to go to the teen dance in the next room. When Alan asks Beth if it was wise to let Lizzie leave un-chaperoned, Beth remains unconcerned. Meanwhile, as Lizzie is sneaking out of the Country Club, she leaves with a few stolen bottles of alcohol.

After making small talk, Jeffrey asks Marah if something is wrong. She replies it's hard for her to make small talk and act like nothing happened between them. She tells him she can't stop thinking about him or the night they spent together. Jeffrey maintains that it was because it was only one night; cold reality hadn't set in yet. But Marah doesn't believe it. She thinks if they went to his room again, it'd be just as incredible as the first time. She tells him she thinks he believes that, too.

At a table with Reva and Edmund, Cassie shows off the earrings Edmund got for her. Just then, Edmund's cell phone rings and he leaves to take the call. After he leaves, Cassie spots Jeffrey and Marah together and tells Reva it's disgusting since he's old enough to be her father.

Josh is outside calming himself when Billy sees him. Josh tells Billy coming there was a mistake. They wonder whether Ed will come for Michelle; Josh says not a chance. When they start to head back inside, Frank spots them. He asks Josh about the meeting he set up and then cancelled.

Tony flags Danny down to tell him that Bruzi is outside waiting for him. Danny tells him he'll be right there and then goes to get Michelle. The pair addresses the crowd, thanking them for coming and supporting the Crisis Hotline.

The Rave:
Lizzie's at the rave with Blade. After she gives him the liquor, he tells her that they're going to have a great time.

Country Club:
Cassie spots Marah and Jeffrey dancing and tells Reva to do something but Reva states Marah is entitled to some fun. Cassie tries to convince Reva that Jeffrey is a bed-hopping cad who'll only break Marah's heart when he moves on the next woman. Reva responds maybe he won't. She suggests perhaps Cassie's problem with Jeffrey is he looks like Richard and tells her to get over it. Cassie maintains her attitude toward Jeffrey has nothing to do with Richard, but Reva is skeptical. Meanwhile, Jeffrey, self conscious with Marah's family watching him, breaks off from Marah and asks Reva to dance. Reva, though, begs him off on Cassie.

Outside, Frank asks Josh about the cancelled meeting. Josh tells him he was being threatened. He says it was work related; a disgruntled customer was sending him threatening notes and emails. He tells Frank the problem was worked out between them. Frank says that's odd, since most people who make threats don't back off so easily. But Josh tells him it's over.

Later, Reva finds Josh alone outside and asks if he's avoiding her. He says he's just thinking. He tells her he wants his life back; he wants her back.

The Museum:
Shayne and Marina are enjoying their candlelight dinner and reading off of "Cupid's" index card. The card says for them to tell each other what most surprised them about the other-being specific and romantic. Shayne talks about Marina's attitude since his accident. He tells Marina he expected her to leave him, but she kept coming back. Marina tells him she's surprised by his spirit, generosity, kindness and willingness to forgive. She tells Shayne he makes her feel as if anything is possible. He tells her anything is possible as long as they're together.

Country Club:
Annoyed that Reva left her alone with Jeffrey, Cassie makes her displeasure of his and Marah's relationship known. She then tells him instead of playing footsie with her niece, he should be looking into a very dangerous drug that has hit the streets. At first, Jeffrey refuses to talk about work, but seeing her angry response, he changes his mind. He insists he wants to talk on the dance floor since he'd like to have some fun. However, this time Cassie refuses to talk and so a fed up Jeffrey pulls a shocked Cassie on to the dance floor.

Tony spots Blake and Ross at the club and sarcastically tells them his hands are clean. Blake tries to tell him they didn't leak the story of him getting beat up to the press, but it's obvious Tony doesn't believe her. Alone with Ross, Blake laments that they did talk about the incident rather loudly in public and a reporter overheard. Though Blake feels awful about it, Ross tells her Tony shouldn't have gotten in the fight to begin with; it's his own fault. He tells her this is a political fight and anything and everything is fair game.

Danny is talking to Bruzi in his car and tells him that if he has a problem to go to him, not Tony or his family. Danny brings up the gas leak incident with Michelle, but Bruzi denies having anything to do with it. Danny doesn't believe him though and tells him to keep his feud with Salerno out of Springfield and away from his family. He warns if he doesn't, Danny will come after him with everything he's got.

Michelle notices Marah's in a very good mood. Marah says she feels like things are finally looking up for her. She says even though they can't be sure if Carrie is out of their lives, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from her shoulders. Michelle agrees and says whatever happens next, it will be between them and their fathers with no outside interference.

Josh tells Reva he's never stopped loving her and apologizes for distancing himself. He says there is one more thing he has to do and then it will be over.

Michelle is surprised when Ed walks in the Country Club. She tells him she didn't think he was coming and he responds he wouldn't miss her big night. Touched, Michelle hugs him.

While dancing, Cassie tells Jeffrey about the kid who attacked her at the Crisis Hotline center. She tells him he was wired on some drug called Delirium. Jeffrey tells her he's heard of it. Surprised, Cassie tries to convince him something needs to be done; parents need to be warned about the dangers and there needs to be a resource for kids. She is surprised again when Jeffrey says he's sure his office and the police department will be happy to assist her in any way they can. Just as Jeffrey is dipping Cassie, Edmund returns.

At the Rave:
Blade has offered to get Lizzie a drink. He then secretly puts a drug, Delirium probably, into the drink. He gives it to her and tells her to drink up.

The Museum:
With soft music playing, Shayne asks Marina to dance with him. They dance and later make love.

Country Club:
Edmund compliments Cassie on her and Jeffrey's dancing. She tells Edmund about her conversation with Jeffrey about the kid at the crisis center and how Jeffrey would only talk if they danced. As she tells Edmund that she just doesn't understand Jeffrey, Edmund gets a worried look on his face.

As they dance, Marah compliments Jeffrey on his dancing with Cassie as well. He tells Marah that he was just smoothing the waters with Cassie. Marah tells him he's a lot more thoughtful than people realize. The pair then shares a passionate kiss.

Ed tells Michelle he can't stand the distance between them. He says he wants his daughter back and asks her to dance.

As the camera pans over everyone dancing, Carrie walks in to the Country Club.

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