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Monday, September 8, 2003

At the Beacon, Cassie is caught trying to plan a secret party in Olivia's bar. Cassie's plan was to throw a surprise baby shower for Olivia, but she was forced to tell Olivia when she accidentally overheard her planning to book the bar for the night. Olivia demands to know what the party is for that she isn't supposed to know about. Olivia suggests that Cassie doesn't have to throw her a party, but Cassie tells her that she already sent out the invitations. Olivia heads upstairs to take a nap. Harley shows up, and Cassie asks her if she would come to Olivia's baby shower. Harley tells her no. Cassie reminds her that she should know how it feels to be pregnant and alone. Harley wonders who else would want to come. Cassie tells her that Reva would come because she plans to pull her sister card, Holly, Beth, Mel, and maybe employees at the Beacon. Harley tells her that Beth would RSVP her invitation to hell, Mel shouldn't be bothered, and Olivia dumped Holly once she realized that she couldn't manipulate the press. Cassie tells her that she is being harsh. Harley reminds her that sometimes Olivia is harsh as well. Cassie stops an employee and questions whether she and others working there plan to attend the baby shower. The employee tells her that Olivia keeps 10 percent of their tips, so they all seem to have ill feelings toward Olivia. Cassie tells her that she'll talk to Olivia to see what they can do regarding a return policy and an apology from Olivia, and asks whether she can talk to the others about coming to the party. Harley tells Cassie that helping people like Olivia can only hurt you. She then compares Olivia to Eden. Cassie tells her that Olivia is not Eden. Harley reminds her that Eden doesn't steal tips from waitresses. Cassie feels that she has seen a change in Olivia. Harley doesn't seem to buy it coming from the person who is dating Edmund. Harley tells her to be careful with this second chance thing, and tells her that she has three words for her: "Cancel the Shower!" After Harley leaves, Olivia comes back downstairs. Cassie wonders why she has been taking 10 percent of the waitresses tips. She explains that she has set up a personal account for each of them, and she puts their money into an account for them. Cassie tells her that she shouldn't make decisions like that for them because most waitresses need their tips. Olivia agrees to return the money to them if they desire. Later, Cassie explains to Olivia that Edmund seems to be a little out of touch lately because he is having a tough time dealing with things from the past. Olivia tells her give him time to deal with it, and to assure him that she'll be waiting for him on the other side.

Mel meets up with her mother, Dr. Boudreau. Mel has an envelope she is holding. Dr. Boudreau questions what it is that she seems to be stressing over. She tells her that the letter she is holding is an evaluation from their fertility expert. She tells her mother that the drugs that Rick has to take for his heart are affecting their ability to have children. Mel explains that she wants to look into her baby's face and see a little bit of Rick and a little bit of her in the child. In addition to their fertility problems, Mel is anxious to know her test results to the bar exam.

Ed and Rick are over at Danny and Michelle's house. Michelle had called Rick to babysit because the nanny's mother had broken her hip so she had to take a leave of absence. Ed notices a letter addressed to Mel that Rick was holding. When he asked him what it was, Rick tells him that it is Mel's bar exam results. Rick is anxious to open it but understands that Mel needs to be the one to open it herself. Rick discusses with Ed the fertility problems too and the stresses involving all of it. Rick is eager to see whether Mel has passed the bar exam. He calls his wife and tells her that he has the letter from the bar. He nearly hangs up on Mel when he realizes that Robbie was tearing up and eating the letter from the bar. Rick tries to find all the pieces and gradually puts the letter back together. Mel finally arrives, and senses the smell of her dad's cooking. Rick kisses her and tells her that he wanted to know what it would feel like to kiss a lawyer. Just then, her parents came out to congratulate her. Mel requests to see the letter because she wants to frame it.

Marah shows up at Eden's. Eden tries to comfort Marah in regards to her and Tony's breakup. Marah tells Eden that Tony wouldn't fight for her. No matter what she said, Tony wouldn't change his mind. Marah doesn't understand why he put up a wall. She suggests that she just give up on Tony. Eden tells her that Tony is crazy about her and questions whether Marah is a quitter. Eden apologizes for being so strong with Marah. She tells Marah that her temper is related to her issues with her brother. Eden still continues to apologize for letting Marah see the pictures. Marah seems to understand. Marah just doesn't understand Tony's change in attitude toward their relationship, and questions whether Eden knows what it might be. Eden tells Marah that she pushed Tony away, and saying sorry just isn't going to work. She tells her to do something that he won't expect that would prove her love for him because she hurt him big time, so she needs to apologize to him big time. Their conversations is interrupted by a visit from Harley. Marah leaves to give Harley and Eden some time to discuss their issues. Harley wonders why she is making Gus's life a living hell. Eden feels that Gus stopped being her brother when he met Harley. Harley reminds Eden of all the things that Gus has done for her over the years including when he spent time in juvenile hall for years for a crime that he didn't commit. Eden tells Harley that Gus doesn't want to be in her life, he just doesn't want to be the bad guy. Harley tells her that he isn' t the bad guy now he is a wonderful man. Eden tells Harley that Gus isn't the man that she thinks he is. When Harley tells Eden that there isn't anything that she could say about Gus that would make her change the way she feels towards him, Eden tells her not to bet on it. Eden tells Harley that when Gus had her on the roof the night he questioned her, Gus seemed to have flipped a switch and didn't seem to bother him whether she were dead or alive. Harley doesn't believe that Gus reacted in that manner. Eden tells her that she doesn't know Gus the way she does, and informs her that when Gus doesn't need her anymore it's over! Eden feels that someday Harley will do or say something that Gus doesn't like, and he is going to be gone so fast, and Harley won't even exist. Harley starts to head out, and Eden tells her not to ever say that she didn't warn her.

Marah meets Sandy at Company. The Mole was supposed to show up as well, but he didn't. Sandy explains that the Mole doesn't show up for anything and mentions that the Mole doesn't plan to host the fashion show per their agreement for Marah's collection. Sandy tells Marah that he will take care of everything for her show. He wonders whether she patched things up with Tony. Marah tells him that she didn't, so he isn't the only one without a partner today. Inside, Sandy tells Marah that he just lost one of his jobs. She offers to pay him for his services, but he tells her not to worry about it because someone out there is bound to hire him with a business major with a lot of outside commitments and some local fame. Marah tells him to consider himself unstuck because she has an idea.