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Monday, April 14, 2003

Michelle chased Danny down to give him some mail he received. She said she wanted to give him their first piece of mail delivered to their new house. Danny saw right through her, she was checking up on him. He was meeting with Ed and having a meeting with the Mayor and she wanted to make sure it all went well. Danny told her to go to work, he would be fine. At first, the visit with the Mayor didn't look good because when Danny reached out to shake his hand, the Mayor didn't offer his hand. As they talked though, it was made known that the Mayor was supporting what Danny is doing with 5th street. When Danny talked to Ed, Ed make it clear that he didn't like him and Michelle back together but agreed to work with him on setting up a mobile clinic so that 5th street residents can get medical treatment.

When Gus got to the hospital to see Harley, the investigator was talking to her. She told him she couldn't remember much of what happened that night she was shot and when the investigator pressed her, Gus told him to "GET OUT!" They got into a big argument and the investigator accused Gus of having something to hide. Buzz came in and broke it up. Buzz took Gus outside to play some basketball and Buzz talked to him about how he could tell Gus was worried about being a Spaulding and it coming between him and Harley.

The D.A. was at the mansion wanting to ask Alan questions but Alexandra stalled her then convinced her another time would be more appropriate. Alan appeared after D.A. left and said he was feeling marvelous. He said, "I'm back!" Alan felt his mind was clear and wanted information from Alex on how things at Spaulding was going. Alex tried to distract him by saying he needed to eat and he refused. She did get him distracted enough to get some of the drug into his brandy. Later, she took him to Cedars to have some tests run and Alan was acting odd again. Alex demanded no blood work to be done because her poor brother had already gone through that. While Alex and Nolan were distracted, Alan wanders off and ended up at the basketball court face to face with Gus.

Edmund was getting ready for his speech and the program for Richards memorial. While he was reading his speech, which was really Richard's inaugural speech, Cassie heard him and was so mad, she smacked him across the face! Edmund grabbed her, pulled her close and told her, "ENOUGH!" As she told him to let go, he said "That's what you need to do, LET GO!" He told her that she NEEDED to hate him and didn't want him to better himself. He's reading Richards inaugural speech only to honor Richard then in turn, live by those words. He felt Richard was teaching him how to love people. Cassie said in order for Edmund to love like Richard, he needed to do things to make OTHERS happy, not himself. Cassie left and Edmund finished reading the speech that said, "I am able to do this because I have the love of the finest woman I've ever known." And Edmund looked at Cassie from afar repeating, "The love of the finest woman I've ever known."

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

As Alexandra scours the hospital for him, a confused Alan runs into Gus on the basketball court. This new, almost child-like Alan amazes Gus. When Alan asks about Gus' father, we get the sense that Gus is close to spilling the beans. Alex shows up just in time to pull Alan away - and to raise Gus' suspicions. Alex takes Alan back in for tests, but is horrified to learn he'll be undergoing a PET scan, which can detect brain alteration due to drug intake. She thinks fast, stokes Alan's claustrophobia, and induces a panic attack. Later, Gus and Harley witness Alan in distress. When Cassie and Blake visit her, Harley's contemplates the balance of being both a cop and a mother. Reva, Josh and Shayne walk in on Marina looking for a biker's hidden "stuff." When Reva senses Marina's fear and questions her, Marina admits nothing because of the biker's warning. Reva downplays her psychic abilities with her family. But when visiting Harley, Reva tells he that while in Europe, she had visions of Nadine holding Harley in her arms. Later, Reva confesses to Cassie that her psychic impressions have been getting more frequent and she had a bad feeling when she got off the plane in Springfield. Ben is waiting for a "date" with Mrs. Hendon when Marina shows up. He tries to send her away, but Mrs. Hendon sits down right across from Marina. Mrs. Hendon plays it cool and Ben thinks he is off the hook. But later, Marina is shocked when she spots her own handkerchief in Mrs. Hendon's pocket. Rick is appointed new County Examiner. It is revealed that the previous medical examiner disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Harley continues her recovery, intent on putting her children and Gus first. Meanwhile, Gus is feeling conflicted about his identity. Now that he is a Spaulding, he can't shake the pull that the knowledge has on him, no matter how much he'd like to. Later, Frank comes to tell Gus and Harley that the bullet that struck Harley didn't come from Gus' gun, but Gus is still being investigated for reckless conduct. While Gus goes to the courthouse to find a lawyer, Harley questions whether or not she wants to remain a cop. Eden seeks out Harley in the hospital, and tells her about injuries sustained by one of her girls at the hands of a client. Harley finds herself struggling with whether or not to take action. At the courthouse, Alan's competency hearing takes place. As his family and Reva watch, Alan tries to defend himself, but spirals into confusion and dementia. Reva wonders if Alan might really be a victim. Gus arrives to find a lawyer, but instead watches his father unravel and feels sympathetic. When the Judge rules that Alan should be institutionalized, Alexandra argues against it. Alan is momentarily lost in the shuffle, and Gus is the only one who notices Alan has slipped away. Gus goes off to search for Alan, not knowing that Alan has wandered to a bridge above the river.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

In Harley's hospital room, Eden told her that one of Eden's "girls" (Ginger) was beaten-up by a client and that she needs Gus' help. Knowing Gus is already dealing with enough, Harley told Eden not involve him in this. Eden explained that Ginger is a married woman, which is why Ginger doesn't want to lodge an official police complaint. After lecturing Eden about her line of business, Harley eventually agreed to look into the matter in an unofficial capacity once she's released from hospital. Later, Rick told Harley that she can be released from hospital. He also told her that he was the doctor who treated the "acquaintance" of Eden's (Ginger) who'd been roughed-up pretty bad. Harley told Rick she has something to "take care of", but he advised her ONLY to take care of herself.

Danny told Michelle he's leaving town to attend a business meeting. After she asked to join him, he turned her down. She expressed fear of staying alone in their new house---secret tunnel and all---so Danny suggested she rent a room at the Beacon and invite Marah to join her, which she agreed to do. Later, Marah joined Michelle at the Beacon to have a "girl's night." They both happened to catch sight of Bill and Eden smooching in the lobby. Also at the Beacon, Cassie gave Edmund a check from Danny towards the memorial exhibit for Richard, then the two sat and talked about their feelings towards one another: Cassie told Edmund that whenever she sees him, she's painfully reminded of her grief over Richard's death. Edmund offered to hold the memorial's fundraiser in Washington instead of in Springfield, but Cassie told him it wasn't necessary. Edmund got Cassie to admit that she wished it had been HE who died instead of Richard, but he also suggested that Cassie feels guilty that she's flourishing without Richard.

At the courthouse, people were both alarmed and worried over Alan's no-show at his competency hearing. While Frank put out an A.P.B. on Alan, Beth, Olivia and Phillip each tried to figure out where Alan might be. The press arrived, and after they all clamored for a statement on the rumors of Alan's diminished mental capacity, Phillip faced the reporters and told them that Alan is simply just fatigued and taking a temporary absence from the company. Phillip then stunned Alexandra when he announced to the press that he's stepping in as temporary CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. Later, he made it clear to Alex that it's only a temporary situation and that he's NOT going to be sucked back into the Spaulding quagmire. Meanwhile, Gus arrived at the docks just as a delusional Alan was about to jump into the icy depths. Alan had no idea who Gus was. At one point, Alan jumped off the dock, but Gus grabbed hold of him in the nick of time. An anguished, depressed Alan wailed that he's lost everyone he's ever cared about. Gus promised to take Alan someplace where it's safe. Later, a dressed and ready-to-leave Harley phoned Gus from Cedars. She declined his offer to pick her up from hospital, lying, saying that the paperwork regarding her release could take hours (instead, intending to check into the situation with Ginger). Gus, who was talking to Harley from their house, told her he had something to tell her once she got home. After hanging up the phone, Gus turned around and faced their new houseguest: ALAN!

After flying to New York City, Danny traveled to Queens and met with an organized crime figure, Rico. Danny told Rico he wants him to take over control of the gambling, drugs and money-laundering operations which the Santos family controlled, but Danny added that he's going to keep the sanitation and construction operations and that they'll be run as legitimate businesses. Danny also told Rico to stay away from any of his (Danny's) partners.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Harley, out of the hospital, borrowed one of Eden's dresses and went with Eden to meet Howard (the guy who beat up Ginger, who works for Eden) at the Beacon. At first, Harley pretended to be one of Eden's girls with the name Carla. Eden told him it was Carla's first time and he turned to "Carla" and said how she would have such a good time. He wanted her to go up to his room for dinner but "Carla" said she would rather eat downstairs and he said "no." When she told him it would only be dinner and company and that she would NEVER go further, he said, "Never say Never." They held this conversation for a time in which Howard got frustrated and grabbed Harley's arm. She then showed her badge. He said he had done nothing wrong and that he never knew the girl Ginger. Harley had done her work because she told him that if he ever laid another hand on a girl or used Eden's service again, she would tell his WIFE Meredith, and his boss at Midland Technologies and the other deacon's at his church that he frequents an escort service then beats up women when they refuse to have sex with him. The guy was shocked at all she knew and left. Harley was in a lot of pain at this point and Eden helped her to the car and took her home.

Gus was at his and Harley's place with Alan. When Alan would get upset, Gus would promise to not let anyone near him. When Gus offered Alan a cup of tea, Alan freaked out and slapped the tea out of Gus's hand. Alan told him that the queen of the lizards serves him tea all the time and that it was because they wanted to turn him into one. Gus calmed him down by giving him what he asked for...a bowl of ice cream with sprinkles on it. When Zach came running in and sat on Alan's lap, he sang him a lullaby but didn't recognize that Zach was his grandson and didn't believe Gus when he told him saying he didn't have any family. When Harley walked in and saw Alan and Gus on the couch, her mouth flew open.

Michelle saw her dad (Ed) at the hospital and when she told him Danny was gone on business, Ed was suspicious. He asked her why she thought this time would be any different. Michelle told her dad she was going to take everything Danny said at face value and support and trust him.

Danny, in his meeting with Rico, was accused of not respecting their family. He told Danny that what he was giving them was NOTHING and that it wasn't anything they couldn't have just TAKEN it from him. Danny told them to remember how he didn't hand them over to the feds and that it works both ways. It looked like they left on good terms but when Danny walked out, Rico said, "lets see how Danny handles surprises."

Cassie went to Richard's grave upset over the conversation her and Edmund had. Edmund met her there. Cassie said she hated herself for making a living, for the way she acted toward Reva when Richard died and for the anger she holds toward Richard for taking that job and keeping it from her and dieing...she felt the reason he turned to Reva instead of her was because Richard felt she was too selfish and would only put her feelings before his. Edmund touched Cassie's cheeks firmly with his hands and told her she had to stop doing that to herself. Their eyes met before Edmund pulled himself away. Cassie left him and walked back to the Beacon. Edmund didn't want her to walk alone but she insisted. Later, Edmund went to the Beacon to see if she made it back ok. Cassie was sleeping and heard a noise at the door. It opened and Cassie, still confused, said "Edmund?" but who emerged from the door was not Edmund, it was RICHARD!

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