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Monday, February 10, 2003

Alexandra wanted to throw a welcome home party for Zach. She was trying to figure out who would sit where, since Alan couldn't sit by Phillip, Phillip couldn't sit by Gus, and she wanted to accommodate everyone's grievances. Alan asked her if she had invited Olivia. When she flashed him a look, he said, "She is my wife." She argued that Olivia was history, and he confidently said she'd be back. He thought back to the time he had replaced her birth control pills with fake ones.

In the meantime, Olivia was at the hospital, trying to explain to Phillip that she had proof that Alan had taken the note, but Phillip didn't care. He told her that if Alan had done that then, yes, it was wrong, but Phillip was wrong for sleeping with Alan's wife. She argued that the information changed everything. He again protested that sleeping with her was wrong, and then he said that she got some kind of "charge" from Alan. He could see it. Phillip told her that she had slept with him that day without even checking Alan's story out to see if it was true and told her to go be with him.

Dr. Sedwick found Olivia and informed her that she couldn't refill her birth control prescription without an exam and said she had time right then, so Olivia had her yearly exam. Alan found out Olivia was at the hospital and rushed over. He asked her to go to Zach's welcome home party and reminded her that she was his wife. She said, "Reality check, Alan. Our marriage is over." Alan then reminded her of the night they had spent together, but she only replied with a request for a quick divorce. When they parted, Alan called his P.I. and told her to get to the hospital and make an appointment with Dr. Sedwick.

Gus went to the hospital to beat information out of Roy Baker, but when he got there, he found out Baker had been transferred. Mel and Harley were not telling him the whole truth. Mel asked Harley how long she could go on like that and reminded her that Gus was a good detective and could read her every move. Gus went to see Danny and asked if the family kept rent records on the property they owned. Danny verified that they did and said Gus could look through them only if he agreed to not charge anybody in his family with anything else he might see in those records that was against the law. Gus promised.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Olivia learned from her doctor that she was pregnant and realized that the father could be Alan or Phillip. A reeling Olivia showed up for divorce proceedings with Alan and questioned whether she should go through with the divorce at all.

Reva got another threat from her stalker in the form of a garment bag smeared in blood. Blake went over to comfort Reva, and they found out from the police that a woman matching Holly's description had been seen lurking around the Lewis' house. Holly explained that she had noticed Reva's dry cleaning at the cleaners when she was there and had thought she would do Reva a favor by delivering it to the house.

Frank observed that Holly had said she'd left a note, and there had been no note found with the clothes. Blake realized that Reva wasn't completely rejecting the idea of Holly as her stalker and went ballistic. Holly arrived with a perfectly logical explanation, but doubts lingered about who could have done it. Holly and Blake left, and Reva, feeling horrible, realized she had to take action against whoever was responsible.

Michelle found herself more curious than she cared to admit about Danny's relationship with Cassie. Cassie was also concerned because she did not want to be a roadblock to Danny and Michelle reconciling. Danny saw Michelle's interest and accused her of being jealous. She denied almost too hotly, and Danny was, for the first time in ages, encouraged.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Josh was stunned to learn that circumstantial evidence pointed to Holly being Reva's stalker, but he did not dismiss the idea. Josh and Reva met with Ross, Blake, and Holly. When Holly could not provide plausible alibis for the other times that Reva had received threats from the stalker, Reva and Josh began to question Holly further. Holly got very defensive at the questioning about her past kidnapping charges and whether she had been on medication during that time period.

Reva tried to convince Holly that no one was trying to hurt her, but rather get to the truth. Holly answered a cell phone call in which she found out that the competition was running the story about her possibly being Reva's stalker, and they wanted her comment. Holly expressed the frustration that she felt. When Josh wouldn't stop pushing for answers, Holly left the table. Josh asked that Blake and Ross stop looking at Holly as a victim and rather as someone who needed their help.

Ben was excited that Alan was having him run important errands but became disheartened when Alan seemed to not have any more use for him. Olivia tried to find out more information about her pregnancy, but it was too early. Olivia bumped into Alexandra in the hospital. Alexandra guessed that Olivia was pregnant. Alexandra accused Olivia of getting pregnant on purpose.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Michelle inquired if Cassie would be spending Valentine's Day with Danny. Danny happened upon Michelle and Cassie and tried to make his relationship with Cassie seem like more than it really was. Cassie got upset at Danny for playing with her emotions and told him that she wanted out of their partnership. Danny realized that in trying to win back Michelle, he had been playing with Cassie's emotions.

Olivia passed out, and Phillip and Alan rushed to her rescue. As Mel took Olivia off to get some juice, Alan admitted to Alexandra that he knew Olivia was pregnant because he had arranged it. Alexandra warned Alan that Olivia was not going to return to him just because she was pregnant, but he believed otherwise. When Alan confronted Olivia about being pregnant, she denied it.

Gus wanted to make sure that Harley could take Zach home, so he tried to make peace with Phillip by returning the incriminating photos of Olivia and Phillip. It was a grudging truce, but when Harley arrived, Phillip was true to his word and let Harley and Gus take Zach home.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Frank was eating dinner alone and looked down at the wedding band on his finger. He took it off and spun it on his dinner plate.

Danny took Cassie flowers and said he was sorry for what he had done the night before. Cassie assured him it was fine and that it was really her fault. She explained that with Richard gone, she got lonely. The flowers were beautiful, and she was touched. Danny promised to keep it strictly business from that point on.

Michelle sent Bill balloons for Valentine's Day, and she laughed when Bill told her how much he had been teased at work about it. Bill took Michelle out to dinner at Towers, and while they were kissing on the dance floor, Danny and Cassie walked in. Danny went over to their table, and Michelle said, "Oh, Danny, please don't start this here." Danny replied "Relax, Michelle. I'm here to talk a little business with Bill." Michelle didn't like that.

While Bill and Danny were talking shop, Cassie got a call from Reva's stalker. The person said they couldn't believe she had forgiven her sister; they thought she was their friend and said that she and her family would pay too. Frightened, Cassie called Tammy and made sure Tammy and the kids were okay. She ran over to Danny and told him what was going on, and he rushed out with her to call on Frank and Reva. Danny vowed that nobody would lay a finger on Cassie as long as he was around.

Michelle seemed flustered by the whole scene, and Bill told her that he wanted to make it all go away for her. He also told her that he respected her feelings to move slowly but that he wanted her so badly that all she had to do was say the word.

Holly met with Ed, and they were supposed to have dinner, but Holly was nervous and frantic. She told Ed they shouldn't see each other anymore, and Ed was shocked. He pushed until he got the news from her that she was suspected in the stalking. She asked Ed, "What if it is me doing all those awful things?" Ed supported her, saying her blackouts in the past had only happened when she was drinking, and she confirmed that she was not drinking.

Ed told Holly that everybody had a past they were not proud of and reminded her of how one of his mistakes had taken the life of his wife, Maureen. That day would have been Ed and Maureen's wedding anniversary. While they were talking, Holly got a call from WSPR's Board of Directors, and they told her she had to step down, effective immediately, pending further investigation. Ed encouraged her to call Ross and get legal advice because she was innocent.

Reva got a box with chocolates in it, but Josh grabbed it before she ate a piece, saying that it might not be safe. There wasn't a card in the box. They called Frank, and while Frank was there bagging up the candy to take it in for testing of evidence, Shane walked in and asked why they were taking the candy he had bought his mom. Even though Shane said he had sent the candy, Frank still wanted to take it as evidence because Shane said he had sent a card with it, which seemed to be missing. Reva refused to let them take it, and she and Shane ate a piece of the candy. Reva offered Frank a piece, but he said, "No, thanks."

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