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Monday, January 20, 2003

Ross and Phillip were discussing the custody battle over Zach and Phillip told Ross about him and Olivia. Ross warned him that if that news gets out that it's over for him. Then Ross also learned that Olivia left to get away from Phillip and Alan and that Lizzie wants to go to boarding school. This, along with being investigated for insider trading, Ross recommended that Phillip give up and offer Harley joint custody. Phillip refused and said there was no way the situation with Olivia and him would get out.
In the meantime, Gus had a meeting at Company with an informant he had watching Phillip and learned about the night Phillip spent with Olivia at the Beacon. When Phillip showed up at Company later, Gus went after him and told him he knows all about the affair and to give Zach back or else...

Eden went to see Gus to make amends for their argument over her going to court to clear his name. Gus ignored her like she wasn't even there. Frustrated, Eden went to Harley's. When she arrived, a currier was there and Eden pretended to be Harley and signed for the envelope that contained information about Alexandra.

Blake and Cassie had a minor argument about Cassie's feelings for Danny. Cassie got very upset saying she didn't have any feelings for him except friendship. After Blake left, Danny went to Cassie and asked her for the help she had offered in getting Michelle back. Danny wanted Cassie to put in a good word for him and maybe explain to Michelle how everything he did was out of love for her. He asked Cassie what Blake and her were talking about since it seemed intense and Cassie said that Blake felt she needed to start dating. They realize they are both living in the past and Danny signed the divorce papers. They had a drink together and toasted to moving on.

Bill comforted Beth and told her he could stay with her as long as she needed him although Michelle was waiting for him to pick her up for their date. He told Beth she had a lot to offer and just wanted her to be happy but she told him to stop and insisted he leave to be with Michelle. When Bill left she daydreamed about their lovemaking and called her therapist to make an appointment saying she needed to talk about Bill. When Bill got to Michelle's, she decided she didn't like the nice, romantic, date thing and they ditched their reservations at towers and ordered pizza.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Reva returns to Annie's psych ward to see if she can find out anymore information about the mysterious caller. Reva realizes that Annie is not as crazy as she lets on. Later Annie warns Reva that the caller knows her and hates her and that the whole situation is only going to get worse. Meanwhile, Marah and Tony explain to Josh that the caller planted a device to reroute the calls made to the Lewis house. Marah gets an e-greeting card expressing condolences for her mother's death. Josh meets with Cassie to find out if she has any idea who could be behind the calls. Cassie directs focus back on Edmund who continues to deny that he has anything to do with the calls. Later, Edmund makes a call to someone he thinks might be behind Reva's mysterious calls. Meanwhile, Alexandra is not happy to learn from Eden that Harley is investigating her recent past. Alexandra pays Eden for the package she intercepted and sends her on her way. Later, Alexandra confronts Harley and warns her that things could get dangerous for her if she starts poking her nose where it does not belong. Gus gives Phillip an ultimatum of either letting Harley have custody of Zach or he will go public with Phillip and Olivia's affair. Phillip contemplates running away with Zach and finding Olivia. Alexandra points out to Phillip that running away with Zach would not be a good idea.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

At Harley's house
Harley tried to find out where her package was. Gus enters. She told him that she had a PI friend, David Grant, who dug up some of Alex's bank statements. He had told her he was going to mail the package to her overnight. When Harley called, she found out that the package was delivered. Then she remembered she was talking to Eden and she probably took it. Harley said Alex visited her soon after and was angry. So Eden probably gave her the package. Harley asked Gus where the rest of the stuff was that belonged to his dad. He got a garbage bag and they began to look through it. Gus found some love letters. Gus said he started to read the letters at one time, but he felt he was invading his parent's privacy. Harley found a birth certificate for Gus. But Gus said it was a lie. Gus said that it looked as if he was born in six months. Gus said the parents he had been calling mom and dad were not his parents. Harley said that maybe the birth announcement was incorrect. He said his mom was shacking up with some guy while his father was fighting in Vietnam. Gus felt there was a connection between Alex and his father. Then he began to question who he was. Harley hugged Gus.

At Spaulding Enterprises
Alex called the bank to find out why they released her records. Ben was waiting on Alex. Alex enters. When Alex asked if he needed something, he realized how obvious he was. He told her about his trust fund and that he was tapped out. Alex said she would employ him. Ben thanked her. Ben exits. Alan enters. She told him that she gave Ben a job at Spaulding. She wanted to know why he was stabbing Phillip in the back since he believed that family was important.

Alan wanted to know where she got the copies of the bank statement. She said since he had been sick she was trying to get the documents in order. She reminded him that his first-born was a part of Spaulding enterprises. Alan told her that if Phillip claimed what was his he would put both of them out to pasture. Alex said that the truth would come out eventually. Alan exits.

At Company
Ben continued to apologize to Marina that he didn't mean to hurt her feelings. He admitted that she was right and he was going to make good on the check he made to Bill. He said he was going to ask Alex for a loan. Marina suggested he get a normal job. Ben exits. Frank told her she did the right thing.

Reva and Josh enter. They told Marah about the call. She showed Reva the email she received giving sympathy on the death of Reva. Josh explained to Frank about the current phone call and the email. Frank said it wasn't a death threat and qualifies as harassment. Josh was furious that the police couldn't do anything. (Inside the Lewis house, the burglar picked up the Lewis family photo). Tony exits. Frank said she had to get a physical threat before he could help. Reva and Josh exit.

Ben told Marina that Alex came through for her and she also gave him a job. He said what he wanted was for her to be proud of him again. Ben told Frank and Buzz that he got a job at Spaulding. Frank exits.

At Lewis house
Marah wanted to tell Frank about the threat that was made. But Tony said the threat was not a crime because the cops wouldn't do anything. Tony said he would take care of it.

Inside Josh hugged Reva. Josh hoped they could locate this prank caller. Reva said she shouldn't have gone to the institution to see Annie. Shayne enters. Reva told him that she didn't want him to worry. She said she was stinking mad and ready for a fight. But outside someone was watching. Josh said it would be nice if they could go outside and give the person a piece of their mind. The phone began to ring. Reva answered to hear the voice say, "You thought you were safe." Reva told Josh that the person mentioned Marah and threatened her. Josh, Reva, and Shayne left to track her down. In the meantime, the intruder put a key in the back door and entered the house.

Josh, Reva, and Shayne enter. Shayne explained about the device to get into a house. Reva noticed that the picture was gone. They realized that someone had been in the house.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

At Harley's house
Gus said he felt as if his mom had shacked up with another guy. But Harley figured that two people who cared wrote the letters about each other. He knew that his mother couldn't have children. Harley said she would stop investigating if he asked. Gus was concerned that Eden intercepted the package. But Harley said she was the person that had pushed this investigation. Gus told her he loved her and that he loved Zach. He decided to not let Phillip or Alex get in the way of getting custody of Zach. Gus suggested they gather their information and see where it took them. He said he knew where to start. Gus and Harley exit.

When Gus and Harley returned they found a fax. Gus called Sonny for him to send the second page showing the autopsy. Sonny said there wasn't an autopsy. He told Gus that Detective Joe August sent the report.

At the Spaulding Mansion
Alan asked Nolan if he got the mail, but there wasn't anything from Olivia. Nolan told him there was one envelope addressed to Phillip. Lizzie and Beth entered. Alan wanted her to be sure that she wanted to go to boarding school. Alan suggested that Phillip and Beth go along with her. Lizzie exits. Beth said she got it because Alan wanted her and Phillip to get back together. But Alan said she was wrong in this case. Alan was excited that Lizzie was making her own decision since she had a tough year. Alan agreed that he wanted Phillip out of town. He said that he was trying to save his marriage by getting Phillip out of town. Beth said it was doomed to fail. He reminded her that Phillip and Olivia could end up together.

Phillip enters. Beth asked him if she would like to accompany her and Lizzie to the boarding school. Phillip explained to her about the conversation with Rick. Beth agreed with Rick. Phillip agreed to be a part of his daughter's life and decided to go with them.

Alan told Nolan to be sure that Phillip not get the letter. Nolan agreed. Alan opened the letter to find it from Olivia. In her letter she said she knew she needed a man that will push her and that man was Phillip. She wanted to meet Phillip the next day at the Beacon. Lizzie entered and wanted to know why he was sitting in the hallway outside of the study. They went into the study. Phillip told her that he and Beth were going with her today. Alan told Phillip to not worry about a thing. When Phillip asked Nolan if there was any mail, Nolan answered no. Beth, Lizzie, and Phillip exit. Once again, Alan read the letter.

At Company
Phillip entered. He wanted to talk to Rick. He talked about the hearing date for the custody of Zach. He wanted to be sure he could count on Rick as a character witness on his behalf. Rick said he couldn't because he agreed to do that for Harley. Outside of company Phillip was upset that Rick was taking Harley's side. Rick suggested he work out something with Harley. But Phillip said that the sleazy Gus wasn't going to come out on top. Rick said he was comfortable with Gus being a part of Jude's life. Phillip said that Gus was blackmailing him. Rick said it was ironic that he was worried about Gus' morality when he slept with his father's wife. Rick told him that he was wrong about this. Phillip said when this was said and done he will have his son and Olivia too.

At the Beacon
Roy Baker entered and wanted to talk to Alex about money. But Alex said he wasn't going to get any more money. Alex agreed to meet him in about 45 minutes, so they decided to meet in the lobby. Phillip enters. Alex wanted to apologize for what she said. Phillip asked her why she helped Harley and Gus, but not her own family. He said she was helping the low life Gus. Phillip exits. Edmund enters. When Edmund asked Alex if there was something wrong, she said there was nobody she could trust. He reassured he that she could trust her. She wanted to ask him to do a favor.

She told him that her family was heading for a disaster. She wanted to call on his skills as a leader of men. She wanted him to lead someone in isolation for a while. In other words, kidnapping. Edmund agreed. Alex told him it was Roy Baker. She mentioned that she was meeting him in the lobby in 15 minutes. She told him to not betray her because she could be a dangerous enemy.

Edmund told Baker he loved the hat. He told Edmund to tell Alex he was running out of patience. Edmund told him that Miss Spaulding was uneasy to speak to him in the public eye and asked if they could meet somewhere out of town. Baker said he had an apartment in Clayton. But he refused to go with Edmund. He suggested they meet at his apartment, but Edmund suggested he go with Edmund. Edmund told him to not make it a problem.

Roy Baker's apartment
Gus wanted to break into the safe. Harley picked the lock on the door to the apartment and they entered. But the safe was empty. Harley felt as if someone beat them to it. She found a newspaper clipping from thirty years ago. The clipping told of an unidentified female found in a hotel room five days before Gus was born. Harley noticed a stamp on the back from the Chicago police. They decided it was a stolen article. Gus called Sonny, his friend in Chicago. They thought it strange that a woman that couldn't have children had a child, but yet a female was found five days before Gus was supposed to have been born.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Edmund convinced Roy Baker to go back to Baker's old apartment. Mr. Baker told him he wanted more money to keep quiet. Edmund told him he had to have proof that he had information that could hurt the Spaulding's in which Baker pulled out a key that was hanging from a chain inside his shirt. He told Edmund that it was the key to the Spaulding Empire. When Edmund pushed for more detailed information as to what was in the safe deposit box, Baker said he was not talking until he saw money.
Gus arranged to have the body of the Jane Doe exhumed and an autopsy done. Gus and Harley learned that Roy Baker was back in town and they suspected he may go to his old apartment. They went there and inside, found Baker laying face down on the floor.

The stalker was looming at the Lewis. They found an envelope sitting outside their back door and inside was the family picture that had been taken from inside their home and Reva's face had been blacked out. Josh asked Tony to use his connections and get some protection for his family. Marah told her mom she wanted to use the computer and lure the stalker so they could find out who he is. Tony overheard this and insisted she not do it but Marah was determined. When Tony and Marah took a walk outside so Tony could check the property and make sure nobody was lurking, Tony was looking very suspicious. Then, while Marah was standing on the front porch alone, somebody came up from behind and with a black, gloved hand, reached out to touch her...

Bill and Michelle went to Company and to embarrass Michelle he planted a kiss on her. After, they look behind them and there sat Rick, Mel, Buzz, Holly, Ed, and Billy. They were all staring at them. Later, they shared a more intimate, serious kiss. Ed and Holly also shared a kiss outside Company and Billy and Buzz where peeping out the window. Mel told Michelle that she was offered the joint chief of staff job at the hospital...Rick's old job.

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