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Monday, November 4, 2002

Harley accuses Blake of planting the love note in the bottle fromGus, but she denies it. Blake is convinced that they are fated to be together. Lizzie agrees to keep quiet about the fact that Alan faked his heart attack and even covers for him when Olivia and Phillip walk in on them talking. In appreciation, Alan offers to buy Lizzie a new car. Olivia tells Phillip that the doctor said that Alan's heart hasn't fully recovered. Harley arrives to see Zach and Phillip agrees to let her say goodnight to her son. Phillip looks on as Harley falls asleep with Zach and decides not to disturb her. At Company, Danny and Gus meet to work out the details of their plan to catch Carmen in the act of killing Danny. Meanwhile, Carmen asks Eden to keep an eye on Danny because she suspects that he stole her money to cover Cassie's debt. Eden finds Gus and Danny talking together and she starts to suspect that Gus really is seeking revenge against the Santos family. Blake arranges for Buzz to play the tape of her interview with Harley for Gus. Later, Carmen goes to visit Cassie and informs her that her debt has been paid in full. Danny interrupts them and warns Cassie that she must leave town immediately for her own safety. Cassie realizes that Danny paid her debt for her and is eternally grateful.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Eden asks Tony if he is going to the cemetery. They start talking about what they take to their father's graves. Gus walks in and she blows him off. He grabs his sister and after Tony walks outside, asks her what she is doing; doesn't she know what day it is?

Outside Marah walks up to Tony and says she owes him.

Harley is in Zach's room reading him a story. Without her knowledge, Phillip is watching them. Finally, he asks what she is reading and she responds "It's about bullies and how we handle them."

On Mystic Island, Alexandra is about to wake a sleeping (outside) Edmund when the video phone rings. After contemplating it for a moment, she eventually does answer it. Alan asks why she blackmailed his doctor and had the doctor tell Olivia that they can't make love! Alex goes on and on about how a beautiful, young, exciting woman like Olivia might find it difficult to stay faithful to a man that can't satisfy her. Alan angrily disconnects the call. Olivia walks in says "Good morning." Alan discutedly responds "For Whom?"

Alexandra goes and wakes up Edmund. He is whining about sleeping outside and mentions bears. She discounts his concerns by saying that there are no bears on the island, only rattlesnakes. Even more concerned, Edmund tells her that he came to help her, not to take advantage of her. She agrees to leave the island with him, goes inside and grabs the tape. She takes a moment, recollecting the "show" on the tape. She ponders how could she leave her "holiday, without taking her little souvenir?"

Alan is pouting because Olivia won't make love to him, due to doctor's orders. He starts wallowing, he is now a "different man." She consoles him, saying everything is her fault and that she loves him. They kiss.

Harley is playing airplanes with Zach. Phillip comments on how good she is with their son. She asks if that is why they have the arrangement. She tells him that she did what he asked, there is no more Gus and Zach is still with him! He agrees to call his lawyers and set up joint custody. An overjoyed Harley pick up Zach, swings him around, and tells him he is coming home, "All because I did exactly what Daddy asked me to do." As she ends that sentence, she has a disgusted look on her face and walks out with Zach.

Gus is asking Eden if Tony mentioned the anniversary of his father's death. She says yes, they can talk to each other about it, because they both lost their fathers. Gus starts questioning her if she is going to go to the gravesite with Tony. He then reminds his sister that if she isn't careful, Tony is going to put her in a grave of her own.

Marah is thanking Tony for setting Reva up in jail, she knows that her mother is receiving preferential treatment because of him, the guard told her. They talk about how this is Reva's shining moment, she gets to be brave and strong for her family. Tony defends Reva's courtroom confession. Marah retorts that "she is doing just what you did when you thought I killed Catalina. Yeah, that turned out well." She immediately says she is sorry and tells him about blowing up at Reva. He tells her to apologize. Marah asks if he is alone and he tells her that he is with Eden.

Eden tries to leave but Gus grabs her and her things and takes them to a booth. He asks her "What is the matter with you? Tony Santos isn't just ANY Santos!" Eden strikes back "What do you think I am falling in love with him or something?" Gus starts painting worst case scenario pictures about her having a glass wine or talking in her sleep, spilling the secret they have kept for all these years. He says "Eden, you did not just cross Tony's father, you murdered him." He reminds her that Frederico Santos wasn't the one who put out the contract, he was the trigger man. Miguel Santos was the one. They talk about the night, how they lured Frederico Santos onto the roof to get a taped confession. Eden went to far and pushed him off the roof. Gus refreshes her memory that the only reason they are alive is because of the police cover up. He asks if she is going to tell Tony? She says that Tony will find out when she wants him to and he will know why his father deserved to die! She gets up and storms out.

Tony explains to Marah that he isn't dating Eden, they are just friends. He tells her that Eden is living with them because of her injury, and they came to grab a cup of coffee and they are going to stop off at the cemetery to visit his dad, Eden understands him, her father died a brutal death too. Marah then feels guilty for going on and on about her mom when he doesn't even have that. She holds his hand as Eden walks out and sees them.

Harley walks in looking for her bag, still carrying Zach. She tells Olivia and Alan congratulations. Alan asks where she thinks she is going with Zach? Phillip comes in and tells Alan that everything is okay. Harley sarcastically says "Yes, I did every single thing that Phillip asked. Gus is gone and I am all by myself! Is everybody happy?" Phillip, wanting her to stop, answers this rhetorical question with "yes, everybody is happy." Alan asks to speak with Harley in the hall, she agrees. Phillip goes to follow them out of the room, but Olivia stops him, saying that Harley can handle herself. Phillip remarks that it's Alan he is worried about not Harley. Out in the hall, Alan starts giving Harley the same old 'your lucky I am not Phillip, because I would never...' threats. Harley comes back with how he wants his grand children to be his little clones, and that would only happen over her dead body. He tells her that Phillip always gave her more than she deserved. She starts to comment, but he stops her with "I don't want to hear anything else that comes out of your mouth, my heart won't take it." and walks away. Harley screams after him "What heart?" She thinks about the letter she found and calls Gus and tells him that she wants to see him.

Eden comes out and makes forced casual conversation with Marah. Marah excuses herself to get something to eat. Eden asks if Tony is ready to go home. They discuss going to the cemetery. Gus comes out and tells her they aren't finished talking yet. She responds later and walk away with Tony.

Harley runs up and starts kissing Gus. He asks if she is okay, if Phillip reneged on the deal. She says no, he actually offered her joint custody and he is going to drop the criminal charges. Gus then asks if Phillip is okay with them being together, and Harley replies "No, that is why I am turning down his offer."

Phillip asks Alan what he said to Harley. Alan jokes, saying before or after his heart palpitations. Both Phillip and Olivia jump at this. He tells them he is just kidding. Phillip asks his father not to screw this up. He understands his general dislike for "all Cooper's" but Harley is a good mother. The conversation, somehow turns to Alexandra, and Phillip comments that he hasn't seen his Aunt since the wedding. Alan's phone rings and he takes the call in the hallway. It is Edmund, letting him know that Alexandra is on her way to the house. They set up a meeting at the Beacon. After Alan leaves, Olivia tells Phillip that she thinks he did right by Harley. She asks if their situation is going to work. Phillip says that he has had his doubts, then walks out, looking for Lizzie.

Alexandra walks in and asks how her new sister in law is. They have their normal catty banter and Alexandra pull out the tape. When Olivia asks what it is, Alexandra tells her "It's your wedding present."

Harley and Gus are still kissing when he pulls away and tells her that she will loose Zach. She explains that she is like Wee Lee (the ant in the story she was reading to Zach) and that she isn't going to let Phillip and Alan push her around. If she lets them get away with it now, they will keep trying to push her around. She tells Gus that she is going to clear his name, no matter what it takes; from eyewitnesses to DNA to exhuming the body. He stops her and tells her that she's not going any where near that body.

Phillip finds Lizzie and takes her into Zach's room to talk. They discuss that every family has problems, not just theirs. He asks her what she thinks about the three of them (Phillip, Lizzie and James) moving out of the mansion. He tells her that it may be a "big house, but it's starting to feel a little small." Lizzie says "You mean with Olivia here."

Alexandra lets Olivia know that she isn't going to destroy her family, she is there to fix what is wrong with it and that is Olivia. She tells her that she has known she was trouble from the moment she met her, only she gave her the benefit of the doubt because Alan was so smitten with her. She plays the tape and says "Next time you decide to get cozy with the best man on your wedding day, make sure there aren't any security cameras there." Olivia asks "What do you want?"

Gus tells Harley that there is one big piece of the story he didn't tell her. He starts telling the story "We lured him to the roof top and we were trying to get a taped confession out of him and get him arrested. But, that wasn't enough for Eden, she got angry, and she got impulsive, and she...(gestures a push) over the edge." When Harley asks why he was involved in luring this guy up to the roof he answers, "Because he was the man who actually shot my father." He tells her it was Frederico Santos. A surprised Harley asks "Eden killed Tony Santos' father?" Gus tells her that no one knows because the police sealed the records. He apologizes telling her, it doesn't matter, at the end of the day, Eden is still his sister and "If we dig any deeper, she is going to be a corpse."

Marah sitting alone at Company, types "TONY" into her cell phone. She puts the phone down and asks herself "What am I doing?"

Lizzie tells her father that she saw them (he and Olivia) avoiding each other at the wedding. He denies it, saying that he and Olivia get along fine. Lizzie asks if Alan knows what he is planning on doing. Phillip answers no, but defends himself by saying that Alan and Olivia are newlyweds and need some privacy. Lizzie smart mouths back "You know what? You can move out of the house, fine, but you can do it without me. I am staying." She storms out of the room. Phillip says her name three times, getting louder with each "Lizzie", and after he says her name for the third time he gets that 'I-can't-believe-my-daughter-talked-to-me-like-that-then-walked-out-on-me' look on his face.

Alan is sitting in "Olivia's" (the bar at the Beacon). Edmund walks up and tells Alan that Alexandra made him sleep on the porch and that she doesn't trust him, yet. When asking what she is after, Alan interrupts him saying, "I was hoping you could tell me that." Edmund agreed to help him for the right price. He hints around wanting in on the Spaulding family business. Alan agrees to think it over and leaves.

Alexandra tells Olivia that she knows about the pre-nup. She also know that there is a clause that states that if Olivia is caught cheating, she forfeits her share of the Beacon. Olivia protests that the kiss happened before they were married. Alexandra just laughs and tells her she should have read the fine print. The clause came into effect the moment she signed. Alexandra explains that she doesn't want Olivia to give up her hotel, she actually has a way of getting around that. She matter-of-factly points out, that because of Alan's heart condition, she knows that he couldn't consummate the marriage. Which means the marriage can be annulled and the pre-nup invalid. Olivia asks "You want me to walk away from my marriage?" Alexandra responds, yes, just leave with what you came with as long as it's not Alan or Phillip. When Olivia asks "What if I refuse?" Alexandra informs her that she will show Alan the tape and then Olivia will loose everything: Alan and her hotel! She ends the conversation with "It's your move Olivia."

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

At the jail
Josh enters. Josh told Reva that he had to go to Chicago for a one-day trip. He said that Marah and Shayne would be there to visit her. Reva mentioned that Marah told her she had abandoned the family and Reva had to agree. Josh wished he had helped Marah. Josh said that Marah would calm down eventually. Reva admitted what she had done to the family. Crying, Reva said she wished she could take back what she did in the courtroom. Josh tried to console her by saying that Reva lives her life and it got her the family. Josh didn't want Reva to blame herself for Marah's actions. Reva suggested that maybe she should start living day by day. Josh exits.

Cassie enters. Reva told her that Josh had to go out of town for a couple of days and wanted her to look in on the kids. Cassie gave her the hope that Reva may be checking out of prison. Cassie said she knows what Reva did was for Richard.

At the Beacon Hotel
Danny enters. He wanted to know why Cassie hadn't left town. Cassie said she couldn't leave town until she found out about the Living Will. Danny said his people didn't find anything. He warned her that she needed to get out of town before Carmen found out. Cassie said they needed to get the truth out of Edmund. Danny wanted to know if she was serious. Cassie said she didn't know what was going to happen to Reva, but she wanted her out of prison. Cassie wanted someone who would make a forgery of the Living Will. Danny was worried about Edmund. She gave Danny Richard's book of poetry so that Danny could see his handwriting. Danny made her promise that when Reva was free, she would leave town. Danny exits.

At Company
Gus and Danny are hoping that Eden will tell Carmen everything. Eden called Gus and told him he should be worried about Danny.

Outside of Company
Gus and Harley discussed Eden and how she killed Tony's father. Harley wished he had told her sooner because now she understood why he had to hide the truth. Harley thought that maybe it would be self defense, but Gus said no because Eden knew what she was doing. Gus said if the Santos family knew that Eden killed one of their own, she would lose her life. Gus said that if Carmen were removed the Santos family would lose their power. But the look on Harley's face made her think that Gus was going to get even with the Santos. Gus wanted her to calm down. He admitted that everyone who had the name Santos was not evil. She wanted to know how he Ws going to do this. Gus told her that Danny wanted to get out and he was going to trade him Carmen. Harley kissed him. Harley exits.

At the Spaulding mansion (in the study)
Olivia said that Alex wouldn't accomplish anything with the tape. Alex told her all she had to do was to get away from the Spaulding's. But Olivia said that Alan would follow her to the ends of the earth. Olivia commented that the marriage isn't a game to her. But Alex said she wouldn't see her family destroyed and the game ends. Phillip enters. He was shocked to see the television screen showing the scene in the elevator. Olivia explained that the videotape was a wedding gift from Alex. Phillip said nothing was love like blackmail. Alex told Phillip she wanted him to stay away from Olivia. Yelling, Phillip wanted to know when it was going to be enough. Phillip warned her that it would break Alan's heart and turn him against his son.

Olivia agreed that she should have pushed Phillip away. She asked Alex when was the last time she was kissed. Once again, Alex threatened Olivia with the tape. Alex exits. Olivia told Phillip that he didn't have to defend her. He told her that he was moving out. But Olivia wanted him to stay so they can both fight Alex.

At the Spaulding mansion (nursery)
Alan enters. She told Alan that Edmund rescued her. Alan said he wanted her gone long enough for him to enjoy his wedding. He reminded her that he knew that she had something to do with his love life. He was upset about what she told the doctor about physical stress. But Alex said he went to the trouble of having her kidnapped and she had learned more than he bargained for. She felt that Olivia wasn't what he needed. He informed her that how would ruining his wedding help anyone. Alex exits. Harley enters. She told Phillip that she wasn't going to go along with giving up Gus. She said she would hire a lawyer.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

At the Beacon Hotel
Danny gave Cassie the living will for Richard. He reminded her that she was committing a felony, but she decided to not turn back now. She still felt that Edmund took the only copy and destroyed it. Danny continued to reiterate the consequences if she was caught. Cassie called the Judge to let him know that she found the living will. Danny said he had to go out of town and told her to take care of herself. Danny exits.

Edmund enters. Cassie summoned him to let him know she apologized for accusing him of taking the living will. She told him she found the living will in one of Will's books. The look on Edmunds face was complete and utter surprise. Edmund began to read the will and told her that the document was a forgery. But Cassie wanted to know why he thought that. Edmund said that to his knowledge Richard didn't leave a living will. Cassie said the secretary would testify that there was a document. Edmund was sure the handwriting on the document wasn't Richard's. Cassie said she would swear to it under oath. When he asked what happened next, she said that when Ross showed it to the Judge, there would be a new trial. She suggested he drop the charges for wrongful death. Cassie told him that if Josh and Reva found out he handled things wrong by withholding evidence, there will be a counter suit. Cassie said she had a date with the Judge. Edmund exits.

At the Bauer house
Michelle answered the door to find Beth. She was looking for Rick. Michelle offered to fix her a cup of coffee. Beth said it would give them a chance to talk. Beth asked if her and Danny were legally separated. Michelle said it would take a year for the divorce to become final. She told Beth that Ed suggested she enter the dating game again, but she felt it was too soon. Beth suggested she take some time to be alone. She hoped that she had found someone in Bill. Rick enters and heard Beth mentioned about how good her sex life was. Jokingly, Rick sat down at the table. Beth suggested they all have dinner sometime. Michelle exits. She told Rick that Bill got stuck giving out candy on Halloween night and that was why he was late meeting her. She asked if Michelle was ok, and Rick said he thought she was doing pretty good.

Beth told Rick that she saw Michelle kissing Bill at the party. Beth asked Rick what should she do. Rick wanted to know if her and Phillip could work things out. Rick wanted to know if the kiss was just an innocent kiss. But Beth knew what she saw. Smiling, Rick said that her thoughts were crazy. Beth explained that Bill didn't see her watching when he kissed Michelle. When her phone rang, Bill asked how she was. He wanted to meet her to give her a hug. She agreed to meet him at the suite in twenty minutes. When she hung up, Rick said that Bill was a little frisky after his paper route. Laughing, Beth said they were fine.

At the jail
Bill and Marah were talking outside of the jail meeting room. Marah said the last time she was there she was hard on Reva. But Josh suggested that she make things right. Marah enters to talk to Reva. Marah apologized for how she acted, but Reva understood. Reva realized that Marah said what she was feeling. Reva remembered when Marah called her selfish with what she did. Reva agreed that she didn't thing, but acted instead. They both agreed that they wish they could take a pill to make everything better. The guard said the time is up, but Reva kept talking. They finally parted. Marah exits.

Reva met Cassie face to face. Cassie told her that Ross filed a motion for a new trial and the Judge agreed. Cassie told her she would probably be home that evening. Cassie said she found the living will. Reva tightly hugged Cassie. They exit to meet Ross and make bail.

At the Santos house
Maria Santos enters. Carmen told her that Danny had a meeting with the FBI. Carmen knew what she had to do. Crying, Carmen couldn't believe how Danny took care of the family. Maria said she wanted no part of it. But Carmen said, "You are a part of this old woman." Maria suggested that she talk to Danny. Carmen reminded her that she put a hit on Danny a couple of years ago. Maria said there was no other way but to kill him. Danny enters. He asked if everything was ok. Maria said one of his grandmother's teapots got scratched. Carmen said they needed to lose Eden. Carmen told Danny that they haven't had a conversation for so long. Carmen begged Danny to talk, but Danny was looking for his mail. Carmen wanted to know if there was something he needed to say to her. Danny exits. Maria wanted to know if she was sure she wanted to go through this. Carmen said, "Better her than somebody else." Carmen was on the phone trying to get someone to help her get rid of Danny.

At the Lewis house
Bill told Marah that relationships were not easy. Marah knew he was referring to Beth. He said that things got going too fast for he and Beth, and he got more than he bargained for. Marah was shocked that he was having second thoughts. But Bill said he wasn't afraid of commitment because he did marry Beth/Lorelei. He commented that Beth was so intense compared to Lorelei. Marah suggested that when he talked to Beth it might be a good idea to just listen. Marah wanted Bill to call Beth. Bill said he would never doubt Marah again.

Outside of Company
Michelle ran into Danny. When Danny tried to walk away, Robbie started crying. He came back to hold Robbie. Michelle said that Robbie doesn't understand why Danny had to go away. Danny reassured her that he was leaving town. He told her that after he was gone she should contact Rick or Ed if she sensed trouble. Danny kissed Robbie and exits. Michelle called Bill to meet her, but he said he had a date with Beth.

Friday, November 8, 2002

Josh is stunned when he comes home and finds Reva waiting for him. Ross, Cassie, Marah and Shayne fill Josh in on what happened. Overwhelmed by the celebration, Cassie leaves to say her own private goodbye to Richard. Harley tells Rick her plan to raise both Jude and Zach and to have Gus by her side. Rick doesn't want to take sides between her and Phillip, but agrees to swear in court that he doesn't have a problem with Harley and Gus. Carmen calls Danny on the beach to set up a meeting for the following night. Danny alerts Gus that it is going to go down tomorrow, unaware that Carmen plans to kill him that very night. Carmen orders Eden to get Tony home and to keep him occupied for some time. Eden calls Tony, pulling him away from Danny, and pretends to not be feeling well so that he will come home to her. Tony is furious that Eden lied to him, but allows her to seduce him. Later, Gus plants an undercover cop to follow Danny and runs to Harley and asks for her help in getting Eden out of the Santos house. They charge out and interrupt Tony and Eden. Eden confides in Gus that she has to occupy Tony for Carmen and Gus fears that she may be going after Danny right now. He calls his back up, but Carmen has knocked the police officer out. On the beach, Danny comes face to face with a gun wielding Carmen.

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