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Monday, February 11, 2002

Camille is about to serve the royal family with a subpoena but Alonzo arrives just in time to stop her. He says he cannot deny his birthright - he wants the people of San Cristobel to vote if they want the monarchy restored. He has decided to take his rightful place on the throne, "if they'll have me." Camille smiles wide at his sudden change of heart. Cassie asks, "Since when have you wanted to be prince, Alonzo?" Richard adds that he thought they had settled things - Alonzo wanted nothing to do with royalty. Alonzo says that after talking to Camille, he decided otherwise. Cassie accuses Camille of forcing this on him, but Alonzo quickly claims it was his decision. Camille beams as Alonzo puts an arm around her. A bewildered Cassie retorts, "This isn't right; this isn't you." Camille suggests that maybe they didn't know Alonzo that well after all. Alonzo says he just wants to "make things right." He leaves, followed by Camille. Cassie screams for Alonzo to come back. She tells Richard that Camille is behind this. Richard suggests otherwise, "Maybe we didn't know Alonzo as well as we thought we did." Cassie paces the bedroom floor in disbelief. She says that Camille is a manipulator and if she got to Alonzo, she may go after Will next. Richard doesn't understand how a man can change his mind so suddenly and decide to be with a woman he doesn't love. "There has to be a reason." Cassie picks up the phone to call Alonzo for an explanation, but hangs up when Alonzo enters the room. He warns that Camille has custody papers and that he had to play along for Will's sake. He insists that they give her what she wants and let him lead San Cristobel or take the risk of losing Will for good. Camille is a very good actress, and may have a chance of winning over a jury. Cassie promises to counter-sue or charge Camille with blackmail. As prince, Alonzo promises, he can declare Will's adoption final and Camille will lose her leverage. With tears rolling down her face, Cassie refuses to let Alonzo force Richard from power. "Never."

Lillian cries in Phillip's arms as Lizzie enters and asks, "What's wrong?" Lillian gives her a hug as Lizzie asks if something happened to grandpa. Phillip tells her "It's about your mom." Lizzie listens intently as her father reminds her about the dangers of letting strangers take advantage of you. Lizzie seems confused. Phillip asks if she knows what an impostor is. She does, but doesn't know what he's getting at. He tells her that Beth didn't come back from Mexico, and that another women was pretending to be her mother. "My mom didn't die!" Lizzie screams, unable to accept the news twice in her young life. Phillip wishes he could change things, but reminds her that Beth is in heaven and would want them to be brave. Lizzie doesn't believe Lorelei was not her mom, until he says Lorelei told him herself. Lizzie covers her ears and cries, "I want my mom!" She runs out of the room, telling Phillip that he made her go away and it's his job to bring her back. Lillian follows her granddaughter out. Phillip wishes he could convince her of the truth but "how can I? I don't feel like I believe it." Rick reminds him that Lorelei fooled them all - she was very good. Phillip admits he liked the new Beth, but he was sure that these new qualities were there all along, just hard to see. Rick says that at the cabin, Phillip and "Beth" seemed to be hitting it off. He says that Lorelei wanted Phillip to fall in love with her... did he? Phillip assures Rick that his feelings were for Beth, not Lorelei. Rick warns his best friend to stay away from Lorelei to avoid confusing his emotions any further. Rick leaves to answer the hospital's page. Phillip eyes photos of his family on the table and sighs.

Behind bars, Lorelei insists (in Beth's voice) that there has been a mistake. "My name is Beth. Beth Raines." When Edmund is brought in, Lorelei asks what he is doing there. She begs the officers present to call Frank Cooper or Phillip Spaulding and tell them there's been a misunderstanding. Edmund is locked in the cell with her, telling her she is very convincing, but that no one believes her little act. Lorelei warns him to stay away from her, telling the officers that he is a dangerous man and that she cannot be locked up with him. She accuses Edmund of drugging her or hitting her over the head because she has no idea what she is doing there. Edmund reminds her that the charade is over; no one is buying it. Lorelei screams for a lawyer, but to no avail. When Alan arrives, Lorelei reaches through the bars for him, thankful to see a familiar face. She says there's been a mistake and needs to get back to Lizzie and James. Alan asks why he should help her get out of there when he's the one who put her in. Lorelei doesn't know what she did or why Alan would do such a thing to her. "This act doesn't play anymore," he says sternly. Edmund tells Lorelei to give it a rest. Lorelei turns around, startled, "Who's Lorelei?" Alan leaves to sign a complaint against her, but Lorelei screams after him. Edmund asks if she really thought she could pull the wool over Alan's eyes twice. She doesn't know what he's talking about. Edmund laughs and muses over Lorelei's stunning performance - it's like she really believes she is Beth, concluding that she must delusional. He suggests they use her talent to their advantage and try to get out of there. Lorelei holds her head as he calls her name. Her accent returns as she asks why he keeps saying her name. Edmund asks if she's feeling ok - she's been through a lot. Lorelei asks if Edmund ever loses track of time. He promises he'll find a way out for them. With her acting skills and his tongue, they'll be out in less than a day. Lorelei seems comforted by his willingness to protect her. She tells him she loves him and he returns the sentiment with a kiss. Suddenly, Edmund has a revelation - as soon as they make bail, he's going to take Lorelei away from Springfield. Lorelei looks forward to "skipping bail."

In San Cristobel , Ross is startled when Tory enters the shower with him. He asks her what she is doing there and covers her with a towel. Blake approaches and asks if he wants company. He tells her the water is cold and asks her to find his shampoo in their room. When she is out of hearing range, Ross tells Tory to leave - he is sick of her games. She ignores him and moves closer, removing the towel. He covers her again and tells her sternly to "Get out!" She refuses to leave until he tells Blake the truth about their affair. Ross retorts, "I love Blake, I do not love you!" Tory disagrees and warns that if he doesn't tell Blake, she will do it herself. Blake returns with the shampoo as Ross exits in a towel and heads toward the room to call someone about the cold water. Blake stops him with a romantic kiss. Tory opens the shower door a crack to watch them. Ross insists on going to the room to get warm. Blake says she'll keep him warm. Retrieving the bottle she dropped, Blake peers under the shower door. Ross sits down and holds his head, fearing for the worse. Blake can't believe the mold on the shower floor (Tory had climbed onto a barrel to avoid being seen). Blake asks Ross what's wrong. He admits he needs to tell her something. He is not alright and won't be until she sets a wedding date. He hugs her, eying the shower, promising that "no one will get in the way." Tory's face shows disbelief as Blake leads Ross into their room. Now dressed, Ross returns to the shower to hang the towels. Blake sneaks
up on him from behind. He jumps and screams - not the reaction she was looking for. On the patio, Blake massages his shoulders and tells him to relax. They plan a romantic evening of dinner, dancing and, Ross adds, "a wedding?" Ross again tells her to pick a date and set it in stone. When the phone rings, Ross goes to the room to answer it. Blake pours a glass of champagne as Tory quietly walks up behind her. Blake turns around, expecting Ross. Upon seeing Tory instead, she jumps back, dropping her champagne. "My God! What are you doing here?," she asks. With a sly smile Tory replies, "I'm so glad you asked me that."

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Mel's date with Ashton is cut short by a visit to the emergency room. It seems the strapping football hero is allergic to shellfish. Rick can't help but chuckle at his new rival's misfortune, which irritates Mel. While Rick tries to tell Mel that he and Harley are history, she continues her discourse on why she won't date him. While the two are arguing, a nurse comes up and offers Rick a shoulder on which to cry over his break with Harley. Pleased with the shocked look on Mel's face, Rick tells her he's heading over to Company for a bite to eat, and heads out the door leaving a surprised Mel standing with her mouth agape. When Ashton comes out of the treatment room with calamine lotion spots on his face, the date is clearly over. Mel tells Aston that there will not be another date because she is preoccupied with someone else. With that, she heads to Company to find Rick. Rick warns Mel that he might not be such a good catch, and thinks that she wants Ashton. But Mel tells Rick "I'm looking at the guy I want." They agree that they are going to date one another, and seal it with a kiss.

Claire is surprised when Carmen arrives at the hospital with an "expert healer" in tow, but she's even more surprised to learn that Michelle approved the unusual treatments. While Michelle's mother and mother-in-law debate the value of this healer, Michelle's mind is made up. Michelle allows Dr. Hong in to see Danny. The healer announces that he will re-channel Danny's energy so that the comatose young man will "harmonize his life force with the universe, and he will heal himself."

Alonzo reveals part 2 of his plan to Richard and Cassie. Once he takes the throne, Alonzo will issue a decree making Will's adoption final and binding. He will then rule San Cristobel with Richard by his side. Although Cassie worries that Richard will be hidden in the background, Alonzo assures her that the president will be an active, visible participant. Alonzo warns them that they must make a decision quickly though to keep Camille from starting a court fight for custody of their son. Richard and Cassie separately call in their advisors to help decide their fate. Each of them is worried about what all of this could mean to their spouse. Finally, they decide to announce plans for a referendum to allow the people to vote on the fate of San Cristobel. Richard calls a press conference and makes the announcement while a tearful Cassie watches on closed circuit TV.

Tory is a woman possessed. After following Ross and Blake to San Cristobel , she makes her presence know to Ross, then sneaks up on Blake. Tory confronts Blake and tells her that she and Ross are in love with one another. When Blake accuses her of stalking her husband, Tory tells her "he made love to me Blake. He just didn't have the heart to tell you." Certain that she is lying, Blake informs Tory that her husband would not cheat on her. But Tory fires back that Ross is capable of cheating - after all, "didn't he cheat on your own mother to be with you?"

When Ross comes out to the patio and finds Tory there, the young woman informs Blake that he knew she was in San Cristobel. After the couple sends Tory packing, Ross asks Blake just what the young woman told her. As Blake is recounting their conversation, Ross tries to fess up to his infidelity. It quickly becomes clear though, that Blake does not believe a word Tory said, and furthermore trusts Ross implicitly. Blake tells her husband "you would never betray me." Ross lets it stand leaving Blake to believe that Tory is lying. When Ross and Blake go back inside, a tearful Tory shows herself - she has been listening in on the couple.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Olivia enters Towers and tells Alan he cannot be talking about Beth. Alan tells her it is true, but she said she just saw Beth. But Alan told Olivia that this person (Lorelei) tried to take them for everything they have. Alan said he was with Olivia when he heard about Beth's death. He feels that she was very comforting to him that night and practically saved his life that night. He reminded her that was the night they made love for the first time. Olivia said that was not what she would call making love. She said that he got what he wanted that night and he could mark her off of his list. Olivia admitted there was something she wanted that day and now she knows what it is. She tells Alan it is something that she could get from him, but could not get from Josh. And that is he put on her on a pedestal. Alan wants to give her that again because she knows how to use power. But Alan said she fought her own destiny with Josh. She admits that she doesn't like to lose. Alan wants to know if she is upset about losing the project or losing to Reva. Alan suggested that she let him help her and she will never have to lose again. Olivia said he will take advantage if any situation to get her in bed. Alan says there is a force that binds them together. She gives him the keys to her front door. Olivia exits Towers.

Reva and Josh are at Company. Josh is reading in the newspaper about the issue in St. Cristobel regarding voting for the monarchy. Josh said they could go back to St. Cristobel if they wanted to, but Reva says no. Marah enters Company and goes over to Josh and Reva. Marah tells them that she has exams on her mind. Then she confesses and tells them that Tony is on her mind. She informs them that there will be no Tony ever again. Marah said it was her fault because she thought there was something with Tony when there wasn't. Reva reminds her that there are other guys out there. Reva wants her to have fun and an uncomplicated life. Ben entered Company and Marah smiled. Ben comes to the table and Reva cannot believe how he has grown up. Marah exits to take a phone call. Ben said that getting to now Marah has made coming back to Springfield a pleasure. Reva said she has two tickets to the Valentine's dance at Towers and offers them to Ben. Ben exits. Josh feels it would be good for Marah to go out with Ben. Josh tells Reva he is expecting a call from Singapore. His phone rings. After the deal is sealed when Josh completed his call, Reva congratulated Josh and he thanked her for caring.

Catalina enters dorm room and Marah asked her where she got that necklace. Catalina said that Tony gave it to her. Catalina talks about the pregnancy and she wants to talk to Marah about it. But Marah doesn't want to talk about it. Marah says she wants to know about her and Tony when Catalina was at the clinic. Marah says that he came to the dorm room to see her and they just talked.

Tony and Romeo are standing outside of dorm room. Marah enters. Tony tells her he came by to see Catalina. Romeo said he drove him there because Tony's car was in the shop. Marah exits. He tells Romeo to go make the deliveries. Catalina says she needs to go take a shower and she will be right back. She tells him to wait for her. Sadly, he opens the ring box and shakes his head. Catalina thinks there is something else on his mind. Catalina shows Tony two tickets to the Valentine's dance at the country club and wants to know if he wants to go. He says it would be s good night just for the two of them. Catalina questions Tony as to what is on his mind. He said it would have to wait.

Maurice tells Carmen in hospital that if Danny wakes up now they could be in trouble. Carmen said she is going to do everything possible. She tells him the risk is al his because of his incompetence. She reminds Maurice that he will take the heat. Carmen enters hospital room. Carmen and Claire argue. Danny's finger moves, and Michelle notices. She tells Claire that his hand moved. Danny squeezed Michelle's hand. Michelle rubs Danny's shoulders and talks to him trying to get him to respond. His eyes open slightly. Michelle speaks to Carmen outside of Danny's room. She tells Carmen the good news. Michelle tells Claire not to restrict Carmen from seeing Danny. Michele tells Claire that she tries too hard to be her mother. They discuss their relationship and that Claire is not being honest with herself. Michelle thinks she is trying to make up for when she gave up Michelle as a baby. Carmen enters and tells Michelle that Danny wants to see her. Carmen and Michelle are beside of Danny's bed and know they did this together. Michelle said she will be grateful to her and they will now be able to find out about the fire.

At the police department, Rick is telling Harley about the Beth situation. Rick explains to her that Phillip has feelings for Lorelei. She tells Rick she is working there now. He was concerned because they never talked about it. Rick exits. She asked Steve if he has seen her blue mug. He said that he hasn't seen it. The Chief tells her it is good to have her back. He tells her to ease into it with Gus. Gus asked Harley if she believes they are working together. The Chief explains that Gus came to him and explained that his orthodox work habits would be good to work with Harley. The chief tells Gus that he reports to Harley Cooper. Chief wants to know if this is going to work for her. He is concerned about rumors about them being more than co-workers. He says it is up to her if Gus joins the force. Gus wants to know why the Chief had to talk to her. She tells him of the rumors concerning them being more than co-workers.

Outside of Company, Ben tells his friend that it is going to be a night to remember. Ben tells his friend he will close the deal on the bet tomorrow night. He tells him to take it to the bank because Marah will lose her virginity on Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Catalina is thrilled to be at the Valentine's day dance with Tony. When Catalina steps away from the table, Tony removes the engagement ring he plans to give her from his pocket. With his usual flair for being in the right place at the right time, Ben spies the ring and, of course, comments on it. An irritated Tony warns Ben to keep quite about what he just saw --and Ben promises he "won't say a word to the bride to be." Later, when he offers a chilly Marah his coat, Ben "accidentally" picks up the wrong one. Marah finds the ring and realizes it's Tony's coat.

Josh and Reva are not in complete agreement about their future - Reva wants to take it slow, while Josh would like to move their relationship forward. Realizing that she means it when she says that this time, she wants to look before she leaps, Josh backs off, telling Reva "I'm willing to wait for as long as you need me to wait until you're ready to let me back in." Josh sees Reva home and as the two say goodnight on the porch, they spot a shooting star and make a wish. After Reva goes in the house, Josh hesitates on the porch - good thing, because Reva was doing some hesitating of her own in the entry. When she rushes back to the door and opens it, she finds Josh still there and invites him in. The couple settles in on a blanket in front of the fire and it appears that they are about to consummate their love.

When Tory approaches Holly at the Valentine's day dance, the sparks fly. Holly tells the young woman to stay away from Ross. Not one to be scared off so easily, Tory continues to goad Holly, reminding her that this is not the first time Ross has fallen for a younger woman. After all, "he was all set to marry you when he first got together with Blake." Making the rounds, Tory then goes over to Ross and Blake, who are on the dance floor. When Tory asks if she can cut in, Blake responds "I think not." Tory shoots back with "well you let me sleep with him...what's one little dance?" Ross and Blake are not amused, but Tory is on a roll, demanding to Ross "how can you deny what's between us?" After a rather angry exchange, Ross and Blake leave the dance and head for their room at the Towers to be alone.

Having sworn off men, Harley takes over at Company and orders her father to go to the Valentine's Day dance to be with Holly. Just after closing, Gus shows up, and Harley begrudgingly lets her new partner in for pie and coffee. Gus writes a silly Valentine poem for Harley. He then goes on to tell her that he's just trying to say that "when I'm not mad at you, I'm mad about make me happy." It seems he finally said something right...Harley wonders why he didn't just say so in the first place! Gus is elated that they are "finally alone." The two begin kissing and decide to go someplace else. Harley tells Gus to meet her on the porch and disappears into the kitchen to close things up. You're never gonna guess who Gus meets as he's heading out to the porch - it's Buzz, come to fetch Harley and bring her back to the dance. When Harley comes out of the kitchen to find her father foaming at the mouth over Gus' presence, she lies and says that Gus "wouldn't take no for an answer", then follows her father out the door like a teen-ager who's just been caught necking.

Lizzie is having a hard time understanding about Lorelei. She is terribly upset that Phillip has allowed Alan to put her in jail. Lizzie tells Phillip and Lillian that she knows in her heart that Beth is alive.

Lorelei tells Edmund that she dreamed about Valentine's Day - that she dreamed about Phillip and Beth's wedding. "It was weird, it was real. It was like I was there." With the help of a sentimental cop, Edmund gives Lorelei a Valentine's Day present - a cupcake and a deck of cards.

While Lorelei is alone in the cell, Lizzie arrives and talks her way in, rushing to Lorelei to hug her. As the two embrace, Beth emerges and tells Lizzie how much she's missed her. It's a Valentine's Day miracle, Charlie Brown! The young girl has a plan to make her father realize that Lorelei is Beth - she has bought a Valentine for her mother to write to Phillip. But Beth is confused; in her mind Valentine's Day is a long way off. But, if she writes things only Beth would know, Lizzie is certain that Phillip will have to believe. Beth writes a heartfelt letter about how special Valentine's Day is in her life - what with it being her birthday and their anniversary, and all. Declaring the letter perfect, Lizzie takes it to Phillip, and tells him "she my mom. She told me so herself", and asks him to read it.

Friday, February 15, 2002

At the palace, Richard shuffles paperwork as Cassie sneaks up on him. She guesses he's thinking about San Cristobel's future and Alonzo as prince. Richard is more worried about where the Winslows will live if the monarchy is restored. Alonzo and Camille enter dressed to the nines. Alonzo says maybe they won't have to go anywhere if everything works out the way it should. Cassie gets up and slaps him across the face, saying it's his fault that this is happening - the referendum was his idea. A palace aide enters to report that the early tally is in and it looks like the people want a monarchy. Camille asks to see the tally sheet. The aide leads her out. Alonzo hurries to the doors and shuts them, smiling. Cassie and Richard laugh and Cassie apologizes for slapping him so hard. They all agree their plan to hate each other is working. Alonzo wishes the vote would favor a democracy. Richard assures him that the people will get what they deserve either way. Alonzo leaves to find Camille. Cassie commends Richard on his bravery and willingness to sacrifice so much for her and the kids. Richard says it is no sacrifice - "it's a bargain."
An ecstatic Camille enters, raving that the final votes are in - Alonzo is officially the Prince of San Cristobel. She hugs him as Richard and Cassie enter, hesitantly. Cassie refuses to shake hands with Alonzo. Richard does, reluctantly, asking if he wants to be called "Prince William" now. Camille reminds him that he IS Prince William after all. An excited Camille leads the new prince outside to give a speech to the people. Richard says Camille seems to have forgotten about Will. Cassie is not surprised.

Phillip reads a Valentine at his desk. Lillian asks if it's from the kids. She reads it and looks surprised - it's from Beth. Phillip can't believe Lorelei is still pretending to be Beth after all that's happened. Phillip says Lizzie went to see Lorelei in jail and asked her to write in the card for Phillip. Lillian comments that the handwriting is exactly like Beth's. Phillip agrees - "Edmund taught her well." He is upset and leaves to end this charade once and for all. Lillian again reads the card, in disbelief.

In her jail cell, Lorelei cries (in Beth's voice). Edmund cannot understand why she insists on pretending to be Beth with Lizzie and James - HE is even convinced at times that she is their mother. "I AM their mother!!," she screams, and cries on Edmund's shoulder. "This can't be happening," she cries, hating for Lizzie to see her like this. Edmund admits it's touching that she has come to love the kids as her own - he cares for them too. But he is even more touched by how convincing Lorelei is as Beth. Lorelei lifts her head, and returns to her southern drawl when she reminds him that she had a great teacher. Edmund refuses to believe that he taught her as much as she's picked up - she has good instincts. Lorelei says it must be hard for Edmund because he loved Beth so much. Edmund says he's had to move on and that if he had to choose between Beth and Lorelei, he'd choose her. Lorelei is touched and tells Edmund that thought she was attracted to Phillip, he doesn't have her heart. She was ready to give it all up for Edmund when Phillip found out the truth. She tells Edmund she loves him. He returns the sentiment with a kiss. Phillip arrives to catch a glimpse of the spectacle - "Well, isn't this cozy?" Edmund and Lorelei look guilty. An officer leads Edmund out of the cell, and Phillip enters, staring at Lorelei. He asks her why she lied to Lizzie. Lorelei says she never lied. Phillip can't even look at her - he can see why it's so hard for Lizzie to admit Lorelei is not Beth - she's very convincing. He says that Lorelei WAS Beth... "but without the scars." She managed to reunite him with Rick, and make peace with Harley, etc. "How did you do that?" Was it all a lie? She says she wasn't faking - she just wanted them all to be happy. Phillip says it would be easier for everyone now if it had only just been about the money. He asks why it is so hard - "You're not Beth... you're someone I don't even know." Lorelei holds her head and suddenly turns toward him with tears in her eyes, resuming Beth's voice, "You DO know me, Phillip, you do!" He stares at her, surprised.

Ross covers his eyes as Blake leads him into a romantic hotel suite. He opens them and sees candles and champagne - the works. He says he doesn't deserve this. Blake says it's such a relief to get away from the outside world, especially Tory and her lies about sleeping with Ross - "That's MY department." She takes her suitcase into the bathroom. Ross takes a drink out to the balcony. Blake appears in the doorway dressed in lingerie. She kisses him, but Ross stops her, covering his mouth. He says he can't lie to her anymore... "I slept with Tory." Blake is in shock, asks him if he's joking. He says he lied to her about having feelings for his assistant and he was the one who asked her not to leave Springfield. Blake can't believe what she's hearing. She asks where and when. Ross admits it happened in his classroom, and that he was confused and didn't know what he was doing. He made a mistake because now Tory thinks they are in love. Blake accuses him of lying to her and betraying her, and says he proposed out of guilt. He denies it as Blake goes to the balcony and gets up on the ledge. She says everything he's ever told her has been a lie as she flings herself over the edge! Ross screams, "NOOOO!!!"
Ross stands on the balcony as Blake appears behind him in her negligee, "Hello, Ross." Ross sighs in relief, having imagined the worst. He can't believe Blake did all this for him, and he tells her she didn't have to go to the trouble - she'd be "beautiful in a broom closet" or in a "potato sack." They kiss passionately...
The couple lay in bed, Blake strokes Ross's hair as he sleeps. He sighs and utters Tory's name. Blake eyes him suspiciously.

At the Valentines dance, a sobbing Marah tells Ben she wants to leave. Ben apologizes for grabbing Tony's jacket instead of his own - he never meant to ruin Valentine's Day for her. She cries, saying now that she's seen the ring Tony intends to give Catalina, there is no hope that she'll ever be with him again. Ben tries to convince her to stay, to prove to Tony that she can have a good time and move on as he has. She just wants to go back to the dorm. He agrees to take her home after he gives Tony his jacket. Ben finds Catalina and tells her not to come back to the dorm as he and Marah will be there. She asks him if he even cares about Marah, or if it's all about the "stupid bet." He looks at Marah across the room, talking to Tony...
Marah says that she is leaving and just wants to "curl up with a good book." Tony asks, "a book?" (Doesn't she really mean Ben?). She reminds him that Ben is a good guy. Tony asks that if he wasn't with Catalina, would Marah still be with Ben? She refuses to answer, saying things are different now. She tells him she will move on as he has (knowing he is going to propose to Catalina). She and Ben leave Tony, helpless.
Tony who Catalina if they can leave. He will take her back to the dorm. She says she doesn't want to go back there as there has been a lot of tension between her and Marah lately. She will stay at Company. Tony says the mother of his child is not going to stay at a boarding house - what if she needs a doctor again? He insists, reluctantly, that she stay with him tonight. Catalina doesn't want to put him out, even though she knew he would offer.
At the dorm, Marah and Ben discuss virginity. Marah feels embarrassed about her essay - says maybe she was just hiding behind it to avoid getting close to people. Ben says she should be proud for knowing who she is and what she wants. Marah mentions that her mother is a strong woman who didn't need to hold on to her virginity to find out what she wanted and to be successful. She adds that Catalina knew what she wanted so she slept with Tony... now she's pregnant and he's going to marry her. It worked. Marah admits she regrets playing it safe - was it really empowerment, or just fear? She realizes it was only an excuse to push people away. Ben asks her not to push him away. Marah is not scared of him; he's a friend. She admits she is afraid of being rejected and of being left "afterward." Ben moves closer to her as Marah says it's time she came out from behind her essay and started living. They kiss...
Catalina enters Tony's bedroom. Tony looks at the ring and hides it when she asks him what's wrong. He says he needs to tell her how he's feeling... about Marah. He says that things are definitely over between them because things are different now. Catalina is his future. He shows her the ring. Cat is in shock as she asks him to put it on her finger. She says yes and hugs him, saying she loves him more than she can ever say.

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