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Monday, November 5, 2001

Josh confronts Tony with Romeo and accuses Tony of clearing him of the charges against him to impress Marah. Tony laughs at the idea but Josh claims to have talked to the imprisoned fall guy. When Romeo moans that the guy should have kept his mouth shut, Josh smiles and admits that he actually never talked to Chavez but now knows the truth. When Tony hints that Olivia was involved, Josh decides it's time to call Reva. Blake's furious when she comes home to find Tory asleep in Ross' arms. The two awake, embarrassed to be caught in the compromising position. Blake doesn't know what to think when Ross claims he was comforting Tory because her husband died a year ago today. After Tory leaves, Blake lays into Ross. Later, while making up with Blake, Ross finds he's thinking about Tory. In San Cristobel , Alonzo presents Richard with a petition demanding the cessation of any waterfront project that would put their livelihood in jeopardy. Cassie's proud when Richard assures him he will not endorse any project that would harm the citizens he represents. Later, Richard blasts Alonzo for putting Cassie in harm's way. In Civil War era New Orleans, Hannah helps Reva and Jack escape from jail before General Hudson can have them executed.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Carlos confronts Tony about Sam's new job at the newspaper and blasts him for failing to run him out of town. Catalina arrives and overhears Carlos order Tony to silence Sam permanently. She runs to the Journal's office and learns that Tony urged Sam to get out of town. Catalina finally admits that she fears his life is in danger. Sam decides to confront the mobsters. Determined to get their hands on some of the Spaulding money, Lorelei, still posing as Beth, stages a fight with Edmund in front of Phillip and then asks Phillip top go away with her and the kids as a family, with no strings attached, for the sake of the children. After a fight with Sam at his new job, Marah accidentally leaves behind at Company her essay on being a virgin. Sam admits to Holly that he accepted her job offer so that he could remain in Springfield in hopes that he might have another chance with Marah. Talking with Buzz about the problems of young love faced by Sam and Marah, Buzz convinces Holly to spend two or three nights with him at a friend's cabin at Moon Lake in spite of their fear of commitment. Cassie's caught off guard when she learns that Richard secretly asked Alonzo to sign the adoption papers. She confronts her husband and he admits that he doesn't trust the sailor. Alonzo overhears his confession, offers to quit only to stay on when both convince him he's needed.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Ignoring Tony's demand for the name of the person who clued him in, Sam assures him, Carlos and Romeo that he has no reason to tell anyone about the truth behind the photo. He assures Catalina that he had it out with the mobsters and then runs back to the newspaper and announces to Holly that he's going to write an expose on the mob in Springfield. Holly warns him about the danger he'll face if he does so. Frank doesn't like it when Michelle and Danny reveal the pressure they face in trying to take the money from Spaulding. He urges them to reconsider but Danny claims his family's lives are in danger. Michelle decides to seek help from Tony. A determined Gus decides to head to Spaulding to nab Danny and Michelle only to be shot with a stun gun by Romeo. However, Romeo also manages to hit Harley as well. Realizing that Olivia has been lying to him, Josh asks Billy for help proving her deceit. Back at the mansion, an injured Jack asks Reva to run away with him and confesses his love for her. As Jack prepares for the trip, Regina confronts Reva and vows to turn them both in. Reva decides to use the painting to make her escape with Jack. Catalina blasts Marah for flaunting her virginity essay in her face all the time. Catalina decides to email it to Tony but accidentally sends it to a mass mailing list.

Thursday, November 8, 2001

After knocking them out with a stun gun, Romeo ties up Harley and Gus and leaves them at a warehouse. When Harley and Gus come to, she lays into him for their troubles but Gus is amused by the situation. Gus finally manages to free himself. Michelle and Danny slowly make their way through the vent system of Spaulding Enterprises' main building and gain access to the computer room. Gus arrives, hoping to nab the two just as Michelle starts working on the computer. Stunned by her tale about the special painting, Jack pushes Reva into the painting to save her but fails to jump in himself. Worried about a missing Reva, Josh is shocked to find the portrait of Olivia in Reva's living room. He's startled to find Reva has suddenly returned, unaware of her strange mode of transportation. He worries when she babbles on about going through the painting to save Jack. Reva then trips and falls, knocking herself out. With Rick asking her to stop playing games about their attraction to each other, Mel and Rick talk about his new living arrangements with Harley. The two are drawn to each other again and share a kiss just as Harley returns home.

Friday, November 9, 2001

Concerned about her deranged claims, Josh is relieved when Reva comes to but when she faints again, he decides to take her to the hospital. At the hospital Claire questions Josh and then Olivia about Olivia's involvement with Alan. Concerned about what Reva may or may not know, Olivia slips out and rushes to Reva's place. There, she starts snooping and is astounded when she unveils the painting in Reva's living room. Meanwhile, Reva mumbles incoherently but manages to give Josh a clue about her search in the past. Rick and Mel are unable to stop when they find themselves kissing again. Harley almost catches them together.

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