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Monday, July 23, 2001

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth hears that Bradley has died and she remembers how he raped her as a child. Phil thinks that is great that he is dead. Beth wishes she could feel the same but she just can't. Phil notices that Beth was crying. He tells her that Bradley doesn't deserve her tears. Beth tells him that she knows that but she can't help it. Everything is there fresh in front of her and she just doesn't know why she feels the way she does. She tells him she will be fine, she just needs some time. Lillian comes in with the telegram and obituary that states Bradley was a loved man who will be missed. Beth is upset and throws things across the room. There was no mention of any of the bad things Bradley did to anyone. Lillian apologized again to Beth and Beth tells her that she was just as much a victim. She closed herself off from love. They go over how Bradley hurt both of them so much and how they had to help each other. Lillian tells Beth that she prayed for the day Bradley would die so they could both be free. She is glad that he is dead but Beth thinks death is too good for him. She needed him to see that she is a survivor and not his victim. Phil tells her that he is gone and she doesn't need him to validate her, she needs to see herself. He tells her that everyone sees her as a wonderful woman but she can't see that in herself. Phil tells Beth if she wants to prove herself, she should go to Mexico, divorce Edmund and prove that no man controls her. Beth thinks Phil is being self-serving but he tells her that he just wants to help her. Beth tells Phil and Lillian that they are both very supportive but she needs sometime alone. Phil leaves for the office and Lillian leaves as well. Beth takes the obituary and rereads it. She rips it up and sits it on fire. She leaves the room. Phil comes back in and sees the burnt article. He is happy for Beth but notices an old basketball photo of he and Rick from high school.

At the Courthouse:
Blake tries to talk to Ross but he is busy looking for Michelle. Ray comes in and Danny asks him if he has seen Michelle. Ray tells him he passed her on Fifth Street. Gus is watching as they frantically look for Michelle, who is to be called as their next witness. Blake looks over the files she had found while in Chicago and at the photo of young Gus. She tries again to talk to Ross but he is adamant that he is too busy to hear anything right then. Gus tells DA Wolfe that he has an idea and pulls her out into the hall. Danny is upset that Michelle is not there. Ross tells him that they need Michelle there now. An aide comes in and tells Ross court is about to resume but Ross tells her they still have 20 minutes, the aide tells Ross that the DA sent the judge a note telling him to cut the recess short. Blake tells Ross that she has news about Gus. He tells her they will talk later. The Judge calls court into session. Ross tells the Judge that the shortened recess is causing him some delay. The Judge tells Ross that he should call his next witness. Gus seemed pleased at Ross' nervousness. He tries to stall but the Judge wants him to get on with calling his witness. Ross tells the judge that his witness isn't there yet but should be there soon. The judge tells him to call another witness now.

Gus is out for a smoke when Harley shows up. Gus is making snide remarks to Harley and she tells him that while she has a chance she wants to tell him that Phil is not the father of her baby. Gus tells her that he knows Rick is the father, he is professional and he picked up on it.

Michelle finally comes back in with the file of Carmen's records. Ross calls her to the stand and has her sworn in.

At the Dentist Office:
A very flirtatious, disguised Michelle is flirting with the dentist. She talks about the trial and how she wishes she had the inside scoop. The dentist tells her that Carmen was his patient. Michelle keeps talking about Carmen and the dentist tells her that his records are what the police used to identify the body. The dentist tells Michelle that Carmen had implants and one had punctured her sinuses. She asks to see the x-ray and the doctor goes to get it. He shows her and then notices that the x-rays were not those of Carmen's, not even close to her mouth. Michelle knew it. The dentist tells her that this isn't Carmen's file although it has her name on it. Michelle tells him that he has proof that the body was not Carmen's. He tells her that he has duplicate files in a warehouse downtown. He writes a note giving his assistant access to obtain the duplicate files on Carmen. Michelle sends the doctor out of the room for something and she grabs the note and runs out.

At Company:
Harley is talking to Holly. Holly asks about her and Rick and how Phil is taking things. Harley tells her that she doesn't want anyone else knowing about it. Holly tells her that she understands but she knows Rick will be a great dad. Harley tells Holly that she has too many men in her life and they are all trying to take over and tells her how to do things. She is sick of it. Just then, Buzz comes over with baby catalogs and Harley tells him she has all that she needs. Harley gives Buzz the books back and tells him that he is driving her crazy. She tells him that she is the first person she turns to and he should get on with his own life. She tells them all goodbye and starts to leave for the courtroom. Rick walks in and sees Harley before she goes. Harley walks outside with Rick and he tells her that once the trial is over with he thinks they should take a vacation to the cabin so she can kick back and relax. He will do everything and she can just lie around. Harley tells him that she has a job to do and she has to get to the courthouse.

Holly offers to buy Rick a cup of coffee. Buzz offers him some pie. Rick is concerned that Buzz is being so nice to him. Holly tells him that Buzz likes him and congratulates him on becoming a dad. Holly thinks there is a real connection between him and Harley. He tells her they are only friends. Holly wants to know how long Rick has been in love with Harley. Rick tells her that he is concerned, not love he feels for Harley. She is his friend and he doesn't want Holly to start because of the gossipers in town. He refuses to force something that isn't there. He is having a child with a dear friend, someone he respects. Holly tells him that she was just worried about him. He thanks her and leaves.

Rick goes outside and sees a little boy, playing ball. He tells the him to have fun before he grows up and everything gets too complicated.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Cassie are talking in the sitting room. They talk about having time together and maybe conceiving a new baby Winslow. The subject turns to politics and Cassie asks Richard when he will announce his candidacy. Dax comes in and tells Richard that the council is there to talk things over with him. Cassie starts to leave but Richard tells her that she is his soul mate and his running mate. The council comes in and begins to talk about the upcoming election in 4 weeks. They are worried about Vreeland being put into office and Richard tells them that he has decided to run as well. The council is pleased and feels that Vreeland may have no chance and the council may seem biased towards Richard. Richard tells the council that he looks forward to debates with Vreeland to prove who the better man is, not to run for a popularity contest. The council begins to leave and Cassie goes to Lord Darci and thanks him for the call tipping him off on the Lewis/Edmund payoff.

Dax tells Richard and Cassie that in just four more weeks things will return to normal in San Cristobel . Richard tells him that things won't be the same; it will be a democracy. Cassie tells Richard that the anonymous tip said to follow the money; she thinks that will go from Olivia to Edmund to Vreeland. Richard is worried that she will look like she is targeting his opponent in the election. Cassie kisses him again and Richard says they need another honeymoon. There is another tremble on the island.

At the hotel, Olivia and Josh come into the restaurant. She goes to make a call and Josh runs into Vreeland. Olivia comes back and asks Vreeland why he is there since he said he would be busy with his campaign. Josh invites him for lunch and a quick meeting about the project and Vreeland accepts. Josh tells Vreeland that he intends on being hands on for the duration of the project and Vreeland is glad. He tells Josh he will be pleased to recommend Lewis for any future projects. Josh tells him that he will oversee everything from this stage on; his family's integrity is at stake. Josh tells Vreeland Cassie had an anonymous tip about Lewis and the project and he is turning over the books to her. Vreeland says he has nothing to hide and tells them that he has to go back to his campaign and leaves. Olivia leaves to go the ladies room and catches up with Vreeland in the foyer. She asks him if he wants the money she brought him. He tells her that he will arrange a pick up. Olivia leaves and Vreeland calls Edmund. He accuses Edmund of calling Cassie with an anonymous tip about the project payoff. Edmund tells him that's what happens when you get greedy and steal from him. He tells Vreeland that he should have good luck with the presidency. Vreeland says Richard is running too. Edmund tells him that he would love to see Vreeland stomp Richard and offers his help to him but advises him that his help won't come cheap. Vreeland says first Edmund offers a tip to Cassie implicating him and then offers to help him with the election. Vreeland thinks Edmund has the instincts of a monster.

At Infierno:
Edmund comes in and tells Catalina that he is meeting Mr. Sandoval there. Sandoval comes in and sits with Edmund. Bernardo tells Edmund he has a way for him to work off the loan he was interested in. Edmund realizes he is talking about money laundering and asks for more information.

Maria goes back into Danny's office to see Tony. He asks her when she is going back to Cuba. She tells him the house is big enough for both of them. Tony tells Maria that even though he is back in the house, he takes orders from no one. Romeo comes in and Tony asks him to go see Catalina while he talks to his Abuela. Maria says Romeo is dangerous and an outsider. Tony tells her that he ran with him in Chicago and he can trust him. He tells Maria to go back to Cuba. She is happy he is taking charge and says her prayers had been answered. Bernardo comes in and says he senses a change in the air. Tony introduces him to Romeo and says the future will be good to all of them. Tony says he will give Romeo a tour of Infierno and tell him about his big plans for this place. Catalina overhears Maria tells Bernardo that Tony has the vision and the heart for the business. Bernardo agrees that Tony is smart.

Catalina and Tony are talking when Marah arrives. Romeo asks Catalina to take him and show him the kitchen. Marah tells Tony he is the only one she wants to be with and she is sorry. She was just trying to make him jealous and she wants to go back and fix things because she loves him and always will. Tony tells her to go home and be Daddy's little girl. She doesn't listen. He gets louder and tells her to go back to Sam and her safe little world. She tries to talk again but he screams at her to get out now.

At the Courthouse:
Michelle wants to talk to Ross, but the judge tells them that there will be no more delays. Ross says that the Bauer's are a highly respected family, much different from the name Santos. Michelle tells him that the stigma of the Santos name follows them wherever they go. Michelle says it is her son's heritage and the name has no negative connotations for her. She tells the DA that not everyone with that name is bad. Ray is a priest; Danny is a good husband and father. Michelle says Danny is better than the people she has on her side that framed him for this crime with phony evidence. Doris objects. The judge tells the jury to disregard the last statement. Harley asks Gus why Michelle was glaring at him. Ross asks Michelle about her meeting with Carmen that night. Michelle says she was drugged and woke up on the docks. Carmen was cruel and heartless and had hated her from the beginning. Michelle saw Carmen with a gun and pleaded with Carmen to let her and her baby live. Carmen said Michelle's child was poisoned with the Bauer blood and deserved to die as well. She raised her gun at Michelle just as Danny appeared and made a split second decision. She tells the jury that she and Robbie are alive because of Danny's decision. Doris asks Michelle if Danny is cruel and heartless and capable of murder and she tells her that he is not, it wasn't like that. The DA asks if Michelle capable of murder and she admits that she is. DA Wolfe goes on to tell how Michelle killed Mick, Carmen's first-born son and Ross objects. Doris asks Michelle what she used to kill Mick. Michelle says a rock in self-defense and again Ross objects. Doris thinks a lot of people were killed to protect Michelle, first Mick and then Carmen and asks how many Santos members she and her husband have killed and tells her that at this rate only Michelle, Danny and the baby will be left. Danny jumps up and tells Doris to come after him instead of his wife. Gus tells Frank and Harley that Danny is making this too easy. Harley thinks Michelle knows something. Michelle mentions the body not being Carmen's and Doris asks Michelle if she is an expert witness to prove the body isn't Carmen's. DA Wolfe says all they have is her devotion to her husband and tells her to show her something else. Michelle holds up the dental file and says she does have proof and begs her to ask about these files. The DA tells the Judge that she isn't going to hear from Michelle that way. Ross asks to approach the judge. Michelle has evidence and Doris objects. The judge asks to see the file. Gus wonders what they are doing. The judge calls a brief recess to examine the evidence. Doris asks Gus if there is something she should know. Danny wonders what is going on and Ross says Michelle earned a big Mother's Day present next year. Court reconvenes and Michelle shows Doris a copy of Carmen's dental records, which could be verified by Dr. Fisher and how they are totally different from the ones the police used to identify Carmen's body. She tells the jury that there has been a switch and the DA will have to ask their investigators. Ross asks Michelle what it means if the dental records don't match. She says the body isn't Carmen's. There is a lot of talking in the courtroom and the judge adjourns for the day. Harley asks Gus what he did and he tells her that he is sure the body is Carmen's.

At Company:
Sam is talking to Marah about San Cristobel . Marah keeps talking about Tony moving out of the boarding house and she hopes she didn't drive him back to his old life; she just wanted to make him jealous. Sam says after they return from SC it won't matter. Marah wishes he would follow them to San Cristobel . She sees Ray and tells him Tony needs his help.

Buzz asks Sam if he can read lips. Sam says no, he reads minds and Marah's is flashing "Tony!" He hopes taking her to a romantic island will change her mind. Marah is telling Ray about her plan to make Tony jealous and about his fight with Buzz.

Ray tells Marah that Tony tried to be the perfect boyfriend for her and she wound up with Sam. She should stop playing games and tell Tony the truth and that she loves him. She says that is a good idea and leaves to fix everything.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

In San Cristobel:
Josh, Olivia, Richard and Cassie are talking about the Harbor Project and toasting to Lewis cooperating with Cassie on her commission. Richard says they are friends and will be working together. Josh says that they should find Lewis finances in order. Reva and Noah come in and greet everyone saying they just had to get away to see them. Olivia tries to be pleasant with Reva but you can tell she isn't happy to see her. Josh mentions the tremors and Richard tells Noah and Reva that there have been several more than usual. They ask Reva about the kids and she tells them that Marah is happy, she has a car and a credit card and Shayne is at soccer camp. Olivia makes a comment on controlling Marah's spending and irks Reva. She tells her that Marah has a lot more sense when it comes to money then some adults she has seen. Josh tries to change the subject to talk about politics in San Cristobel . Richard asks if Springfield is still standing now that Edmund is there. Noah tells him that Edmund seems subdued without Beth. Richard wants to destroy any trace of Edmund's rule in San Cristobel . Reva notices that a basket on the table has caught on fire and says something about it. They put the fire out and Olivia wants to know how she noticed if she is blind. Reva says she smelled the smoke and remembered that a basket was over there on the table. Olivia asks if anyone else noticed. Josh asks Richard about the project and they decide to leave for the drawing room. Reva and Cassie stay behind to catch up. Everyone leaves and Reva tells Cassie to close the door and see if Olivia is still in the hall. Reva tells Cassie she can see and Cassie is ecstatic. Cassie wants to tell Richard but Reva tells her to hold off, only she and Noah know about it and she is using this to her advantage around Olivia. Reva says she saw Olivia stuffing cash into a bag and then saw the books on her computer that just didn't add up. Reva thinks Olivia will be careless in front of her if she thinks Reva is blind. Cassie tells Reva about the anonymous phone calls telling her to follow the money. Reva thinks Olivia is dirty but now Josh. She is in charge of the dirty business deal. Cassie tells Reva they can join forces and catch Olivia.

Richard and Cassie are in the garden. He kisses her and she reminds him that they have guests but they will have alone time after the party. He tells her that he wants to kiss her now and does it again. She asks what has gotten into him and he tells her that he noticed her a while ago smiling in a way that he hasn't seen in many months and it lit a fire in him. He just wanted to be alone with her. Cassie kisses him again and tells him she loves him and for the first time in months she truly believes there is hope and everything that was wrong can be made right. Cassie helps Richard take off his jacket and they run off into the woods together.

Noah comes up to Reva in the hall and kisses her. She tells him she knows all his kisses and loves them all. They talk about getting Olivia and finally being able to get on with their lives.

Back in the sitting room, Olivia is in the dark calling Alan. She leaves him a message about Cassie going over the books. She tells him that she is going to try to dummy up the books but if she cannot they are both in trouble and she needs his help. Josh comes in and asks Olivia is she is okay. She tells him that she has a headache and wants to go back to the hotel. Richard, Cassie, Noah and Reva come in and all are concerned about Olivia's headache. Olivia says she will be fine and wants to get some rest. Josh wants to go back to the hotel with her but Olivia wants to go alone. Josh forces the issue telling her that he wants to be with her and he goes with her anyway. Cassie tells Olivia to rest up because they have a big day tomorrow going over the books.

At the Courthouse:
Danny is holding Michelle and says that he was impressed with her. Dr. Fisher apparently testified off camera. Ross tells Michelle that he didn't approve of the way the evidence was found but glad it came out. Harley arrives and tells Michelle she wishes she had come to her first. Michelle says she tried but Harley wouldn't listen. Michelle says Gus faked the evidence. Gus arrives and says his ears are burning. Ross says Gus was totally in charge so he is responsible for all the evidence. If he didn't switch the dental records, who did? Gus says it could have been anyone but the bullet is still from Danny's gun. He killed someone. Gus takes out a Cubs hat and puts it on. He tells them all while watching Danny that he is going to the Cubs game, box seat third base line. Unlike most people, he earned his tickets. Outside the courtroom, Harley confronts Gus about the dental evidence. Gus says they have a confession from Danny so they are still sitting pretty. Harley says he didn't kill his mother in cold blood and they don't have her body. Harley leaves, telling Gus to enjoy the game. Gus calls Peterson and tells him he got his transfer to the NY office. Peterson knows why Gus is calling him; he wants Peterson to keep his mouth shut about editing out the surveillance tape of his setting Danny up. Gus asks Peterson if he wants the transfer or not and Peterson says yes.

Back inside, Michelle, Danny and Ross are talking about the gun evidence. Ross says if they found Danny's gun it would help. Michelle says she thinks the gun isn't the only secret the lake has to offer. Meanwhile, at the lake someone is walking in wader boots holding a lantern and looking into the water off the docks.

Ross asks Harley what it would take to get the PD to investigate the evidence. Harley says this is the FBI's case. She still worries about the evidence and thinks it is time to put up or shut up. She calls the chief and he comes over to the courthouse. He meets her outside and she tells him about the evidence and that she wants to check the lake for Danny's other gun. The chief tells her it is the feds case. She wants the PD to reopen their case so if Danny did do it they can put him away or exonerate him if he was only protecting his wife. He tells her that he will call Gus if she wants him to but she stops him. She explains that someone is faking evidence and he finally tells her that he will get their divers out there.

Later at the lake, Frank and David are watching the divers. Gus arrives and yells at them to get off his territory. Frank tells him that they police department has taken over. Gus is angry and tells them that he is calling their chief. Harley comes over and tells him that the chief ordered them there. Gus leaves and Harley tells everyone to get busy, there is work to be done.

At Company:
Marah and Sam come in for a bite to eat. She tells him that things didn't go well with Tony. Sam tries to order some food but Buzz tells him it is fend for yourself night. He is looking at the news and tells them about the trial and the dental records. Someone very smart and desperate faked the evidence about the body of Carmen Santos. Marah tells Sam that Tony didn't even give her a chance and she is totally through. He can just become the biggest jr. mobster in the world for all she cares. Sam tells her that they will be still have a great summer and will bathe themselves on the whitest private beaches of his homeland.

Michelle and Danny come in and he tells her how proud he is of her. He is worried about her being harassed by Gus and she has to promise to be careful. He appreciates everything she has done but she can't do anything else dangerous on her own. Michelle says Gus is trying to frame him and wonders why he is doing this. Danny says the question is who was Gus before he was a fed? Michelle asks Danny if he knew Gus from Chicago, maybe even as a child. Danny tells her that when Gus was talking about the baseball game tonight, he thought he might. He tells her that his father took him to a lot of Cubs games as a kid. One time when he was 9 his father brought another kid with them to a Cubs game and they always sat on the 3rd base line. His father was nice to the kid and even gave the kid a foul ball that he had caught but the kid threw it back onto the field, not wanting it. His father told the boy "That's the last time I give you anything, Junior". Buzz overhears and says that makes sense. Danny asks Buzz what he is talking about. Buzz says when Danny mentioned Junior, he flashed on Aitoro questioning him about Blake's book. It seemed like he already knew Selena personally. It makes sense; it clicks. Gus is Miguel Santos, Jr. Selena's son and Danny's half-brother.

At Infierno:
Ross comes in and Catalina seats him. He tells her that he wants to have dinner with Blake to make up to her for ignoring her earlier today. Catalina hands him a note from Blake that said she was going to the spa to relax. She tells him that she uncovered the mystery behind Gus but he wouldn't listen to her earlier so he should look in his briefcase and be happy.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

At the Courthouse:
Rick comes in before court and asks for Ross' legal advice on his rights to Harley's baby. Ross doesn't understand and Rick tells him that Phillip is not the baby's father, he is. Ross is a little put off when Rick explains that he intends on giving this baby all that he couldn't give the other one, referring to the child that he thought was his that was really Ross'. He tells Ross that he wants to be a big part of his child's life. Ross asks how Phillip is taking things and Rick tells him that he wasn't happy about it. Ross tells him that he will set up a meeting soon and call him. Rick starts to apologize for the Kevin/Jason thing and Ross tells him that he is uncomfortable enough as it is; he should just go. Rick leaves.

Blake comes in and Gus asks if she is avoiding him. She tells him that she made a mistake with him and has decided to stay on Ross' side, the winning side. She goes into the courtroom and asks Ross if he read her little surprise. He thinks she is remarkable and he is grateful to her for what she found. He tells her that the file she found is probably what is going to get Danny acquitted. He hugs her just as Michelle and Danny come in and tell Ross that they believe Gus is really Miguel Santos Jr. Danny says Gus is the right age and he has a vendetta out for Danny. He probably has been looking for revenge his whole life. Michelle wants to nail Aitoro but Danny tells her they need proof. He tells Ross that he made a leap to this assumption because of a comment Gus made about a Cub's game that sparked a childhood memory. Ross tells them to slow down and he will take care of Gus. Just then Gus walks in and is standing in the doorway.

At Infierno:
Marah and Sam are getting ready for their trip to SC and talking loudly so Tony can hear their plans. Tony goes into the office and Marah is offended, thinking he didn't even notice them. Marah and Sam talk about their trip and surprising their parents. Tony comes out of the office and Marah stares at him. Sam asks Marah if she has her bathing suit and she takes a small bikini out of her bag. Catalina comes over and tells them that she would love to come with them, it is very hot in SC this time of year and she asks if Marah burns. Marah says she has Sam to cover her in sunscreen and they are leaving in just three hours. She loudly tells everyone that she is ready for the best vacation ever.

Catalina offers Sam and Marah free tropical fruit drinks courtesy of Tony. Sam thanks him and asks him to join them but Tony tells him he is too busy. Marah daydreams about Tony jumping over the counter attacking Sam and whisking her away with kisses telling her that he loves her. Sam wakes her and she asks where Tony is. Sam tells her that he left.

Tony returns and Catalina asks if he is alright. Tony says he had to work, unlike some people. Catalina says he means Marah and she understands why he would be upset. Tony says he tried to fit in Marah's prom princess world but now the old Tony is back. Marah is better off with Sam. She has all the questions and Sam has all the answers. Tony has a daydream about Marah in a bikini massaging Sam's back and kissing him asking him intellectual questions. Catalina tells Tony that someone is there to see him. Tony looks up and sees Bernardo and Johnny Machado. They come in and tell Tony that they have a new associate. Just then Edmund walks in. Edmund thought he would be dealing with the senior members of the family. Tony says he is in charge now and if he wants the Santos he is it. Romeo asks Catalina for a tour and she refuses but he makes her leave. Edmund asks if Tony has been promoted. They ask if he has dealt with Tony before and Edmund says not on this scale. Edmund goes on to tell Tony that this deals with the SC harbor project and a great deal of cash. Machado says they will take money from the Spaulding Spire project and shift it to San Cristobel . They know Tony worked at Lewis and knows how it operates so he should be a good inside man. They ask him if he can do it in spite of his feelings for Marah? Tony tells them Marah was just a good-looking girl, a diversion; the Santos family is in.

In San Cristobel:
Olivia is upset and Josh is trying to reassure her. She is in tears and tells him that Cassie and the commission may find something that isn't exactly legal that she doesn't know about but they would blame her. Josh tells her that there is nothing to find so everything will be ok. Reva and Noah come in and have a seat. Cassie and Richard come in and they tell everyone that the Harbor Project passed inspection, no payoffs or dirty dealings, which is strange since that is the only project of Edmunds that wasn't dirty. Olivia is glad that it is over and smugly tells Cassie that some things were untarnished by Edmund. Josh says he is happy everything is okay and tells them all that Olivia has put a lot of hard work into this. Richard shakes Josh's hand and congratulates him. Reva looks skeptical. After everyone is gone, Cassie and Reva sit on the couch and are both stunned. They know Olivia is up to her eyeballs in trouble. They both want to nail Olivia and Vreeland along with Edmund. Reva tells her that they will and her having a blind sister is going to help out.

Olivia is on the phone with Vreeland asking how he cleaned up the books. He tells her he had nothing to do with it. She asks when he will pick up the cash and he tells her that he will send a messenger in 30 minutes and he will identify himself by asking her for a cigarette. Olivia tells Vreeland she will be waiting in the sitting room. She ends the call just as a maid comes in with a telegram from Alan telling Olivia that she owes him another one. He was the one that fixed the books. Olivia goes into the sitting room and Reva is sitting there. She tells Reva she wants to get in some work before lunch and offers to take Reva someplace else. Reva says that she is fine there. The messenger arrives and Olivia looks at the papers he brought, he tells her he needs a cigarette and she hands him the cash and he looks it over. She asks if there are any other instructions and he tells her that is it. Reva is paying close attention and notices the man threw some matches down when he left. Olivia offers to take Reva to her room to change for lunch but Reva says she will wait for Noah. Olivia leaves and Reva goes to pick up the matchbook. It was from a bar called "The Rusty Anchor".

In the Spaulding den:
Beth is packed for her trip to Mexico City. She tells Phillip that she never thought she would be one of those women with a hundred last names like Elizabeth Taylor but she may just go back to Raines and start anew now that Bradley is dead. Phillip remembers Beth Raines and tells Beth she was a sweet kid. Alan enters the room and tells Beth he was named executor of Bradley's will and the only thing he left was a letter to Beth. He holds it out to her and she insists that she wants no part of it. Alan tells Beth she should open the letter. She does and it was basically a confession of causing her and her mother so much pain and a deed to his only asset, some property in Colorado and a silver mine. Beth is furious and tells Alan that his stupid little land and mind would never make up what he did to her. She doesn't want anything of his; it would be accepting his apology. Alan says she should take it for the kids. She tells Alan to take care of it, she is going to play with the kids and then go on her trip. Phillip tells Alan that his kids don't need from that man. Alan thinks Phillip doesn't want Beth to be financially independent from him. Phillip says Beth doesn't need to be reminded of bad memories. Alan is glad Phillip is finally facing his feelings about Beth. Alan leaves and Phillip says sometimes even a house this big is not big enough. He looks again at the picture of he and Rick on the high school basketball team.

Rick is playing basketball and thinking of his son. Phillip comes out and asks to play with him. During their play, Rick and he argue a bit and Phillip accuses Rick of sleeping with his wife and then lying about it. Rick admits it and tells him that it was all a mistake. Rick tells Phillip that his problem is he is mad at the world and ticked off because he can't have everything. Phillip couldn't decide between Harley and Beth. Phillip asks if Rick was waiting in the wings for Phillip to make that decision. Rick says it wasn't planned but now he is going to be a dad and that is all he has left.

Friday, July 27, 2001

In the Courtroom:
Harley and Ross are talking about the divers finding Danny's gun in the lake. She is sure that proves Gus had something to do with a set up and Agent Peterson may be the key to bringing him down but he has been reassigned and is on his way to the airport as they speak. Ross tells her to go try to get him to come in and testify because they don't have time to get a warrant. Harley rushes to the airport. Ross tells Danny that they don't have any stalling tactics left so he will have to put Danny on the stand and start firing the big guns at Gus until Harley gets back.

When the judge reconvenes court Ross calls Danny to the stand and asks him about the exact positions of he, Michelle and Carmen on the docks. He handed Danny the gun in evidence and asked him to show the jury how he held the gun that night. Danny tells him that he cannot since that wasn't the gun he had. His gun was tossed into the lake after the shooting. DA Wolfe tries to argue but the judge overrules her objection. The judge reminds Ross that he is throwing some heavy accusations towards the prosecution and he had better be able to back them up. Ross assures him that he will be able to.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Harley tells Peterson they know Danny was set up. They found the gun and she found the splice in the tape that he doctored to hide where Gus had fired off the weapon himself. Peterson tells her that he isn't going to testify, he is on his way to NY and unless she has a subpoena she should leave him alone. She tries to reason with him but he isn't interested. Harley leaves, empty handed.

Back in court, Ross talks to Danny about the imminent danger to Michelle and his unborn child and asked if that is when he fired the gun. He also wanted to know why Danny threw the gun in the lake. Danny tells him that he thought he would be brought up on Murder One charges if the cops got hold of it. Ross shows Danny the registrations for two different guns. Danny says he shot his mother with his office gun; the other one was his gun for home. Ross addresses the jury and tells them that there are two different theories in the case, a tale of cold-blooded murder and one of self-defense. If they believe the latter they will have to rule Danny Santos not guilty and this verdict they will derive from the integrity of the evidence. Doris objects again and the Judge states again that Ross will have to prove the evidence has been tampered with. Other wise he will dismiss the jury and he will rule on his own. He asks Ross if he has a corroborating witness. Ross tells him he has and calls Harley to the stand. Harley isn't there yet and the judge has had it. He tells Ross to put another witness on the stand, rest his case or he will rule himself. Ross tries to buy for time but as the Judge is ready to end his case, Harley walks in and Gus looks nervous. Ross swears Harley in and asks her about where she was the night before. She tells him that she and a dive team were at the lake. They dived for the alleged gun and found it. They matched the serial numbers and the gun does belong to Danny Santos. Doris objects again. Just then Agent Peterson walks in and Harley tells Ross. Gus looks back at him and is very concerned. Ross tells the judge and jury that he has another witness that will present evidence that the FBI framed Danny Santos.

In San Cristobel:
Reva tells Cassie about Olivia handing over all that cash to "scarface", right under her nose. Richard and Noah come in and they tell them about the matchbook from the rusty anchor. Cassie wants to go investigate but Richard tells her no. Noah tells Richard he will check out the Rusty Anchor. The phone rings and Richard has to tend to an emergency. After he leaves, Reva and Cassie decide to go to the bar themselves. Noah tries to discourage them but they insist.

Olivia and Josh are out by the beach sunbathing. Josh has his laptop typing an email to Vreeland. He wants to make sure everything goes smoothly and stays on the up and up. Olivia wants to get his mind off work so she takes her bikini top off. Just as she gets his attention, they hear Sam and Marah approaching. Olivia asks Sam what he is doing here. He says he just wants to show Marah a good time. She thinks he is wasting his time with her. Sam is glad to be back in SC now that Edmund is gone. Marah tells her dad that Reva could show them around since she used to live here but Josh says Olivia could show them around. Olivia tells Josh to go ahead with Marah and she will tend to the details of the project.

Richard is talking to a geologist about the fault line under San Cristobel . She says there is a change in the tectonic plates and she believes there will be an earthquake. She tells Richard to declare a state of emergency and start evacuating SC immediately.

Marah and Sam arrive and Cassie tells them to stay there at the palace with them. Reva asks Marah about Tony and Sam. Marah says she knows what to expect from Sam. Marah wants to spend time with Reva but she says Cassie and she have plans. Noah offers to take the kids parasailing. They leave with Noah. Reva wants to know how they can get to the docks without being recognized. Cassie tells her that she has a way to blend in with that seedy crowd.

Richard asks the geologist if she double-checked the data. She has a seismic monitor on the palace grounds and shows him what it does. Josh and Olivia arrive, wondering what is going on. Richard tells them that the geologist has warned him about an imminent earthquake. Josh thinks they should put the project on hold. Olivia thinks the imminence is relative and it could be anywhere from ten to a hundred years from now. The geologist tells her that it is true but it can also be as soon as tomorrow. She leaves and Olivia tells Richard that she attended one of the geologist's classes at the University and she is a quack. Richard wants to investigate further and Olivia tells him that he says can't put people over the edge for no good reason. They have better things to do with their time and money then upset everyone in San Cristobel .

Cassie brings out a trunk with all her stripper clothes in it. They try on the cheap floozy clothes and think that they will fit in fine.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth is giving Phillip instructions about the kids; she is worried about them. Phillip tells her she can take the kids with her if she would like. She thanks him but tells him it isn't a family vacation just a quickie divorce. Lizzie walks in and overhears and asks why and what about poor Edmund. She tells her mom that he loves her. Beth tells her daughter not to worry and she will be back in a few days and then they will talk and go on a vacation alone. Phillip kisses Lizzie and says he will be back soon. After her parents leave, Lizzie answers the phone and it is Edmund. She tells him that Beth is going to get a divorce. Edmund tells her that he wont let that happen, they are his family and that is the way it is going to be. Lizzie says she shouldn't say anything. Edmund asks if Beth told her not to tell him. She says she doesn't want to get in trouble again. Edmund says Lizzie was just telling the truth, which is a good thing. He asks her if she knew where Beth went. Lizzie says she is going to Mexico. Edmund tells her that he will try to get mommy to change her mind. He thanks her and ends their call. He then says to himself that Beth will get a quickie divorce over Phillip's dead body.

Phillip brings Beth to the airport and tells her everything will be fine. He sees Harley and tells her that he wants to work things out for the son's sake. He apologizes for the way he acted and tells her to call if she needs anything. She promises and leaves.

Edmund arrives at the airport and yells out for Beth not to go. Phillip rushes Beth onto the plane and when Edmund runs after a guard stops him. Phillip comes back and argues with Edmund. Phillip tells Edmund that Beth is independently wealthy and can take care of herself. Edmund says that money is not what ties them together and he wants to go to Mexico. He tries to buy a ticket but the agent wants a passport. He tells her that heads of state aren't required to have one. Phillip laughs and tells the woman that Edmund was a deposed dictator. Phillip tells Edmund that he will be watching and won't turn his back on him. Edmund storms out and Phillip tells the ticket agent to call a number he gives her if Edmund tries to get on a plane to Mexico.

Edmund watches the plane take off saying that he won't let Phillip keep Beth away from her; she is his wife and they have to be together.

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