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Monday, July 9, 2001

At the Lewis House:
Richard and Cassie are over at Reva's waiting for Holly to come over an interview them. Richard is telling Tammy that San Cristobel is going to be a democracy now which will put an end to all the Prince's and Princesses. She is a little down so Richard promises they will go visit San Cristobel and bring home all the stable kittens. Cassie is excited that they will get to be more like a real family and spend much more time together now.

Noah tells Reva that he has set up another appointment for her about her eyes. He can't help but think the fireflies she is seeing are positive signs. Reva tells him she is scared about regaining her sight or maybe not regaining it. She goes outside to be alone and cries a bit. Holly comes over and asks her what is wrong. She tells her about her sight and how it seems to be returning and that instead of being happy she thinks it is terrible. Holly doesn't understand and Reva tells her that she has been holding back about a situation and has had the excuse of her eyesight but now she has to admit that both times she saw her mysterious fireflies she had been with Josh and she feels it is some sort of sign. She tells Holly that she loves Noah but she just needs some time to think. Holly offers Reva a ride to Tower's to get away from everything for a while and she accepts telling Holly she hates feeling scared.

Holly goes inside the house and sets up for the show. They start the interview and Richard and Cassie talk about having a normal life now and Richard having a regular job with regular hours now. Holly asks if there is anything they would like to say to the people of San Cristobel . Cassie thanks them for their kindness and support. They talk about the invasion of SC and how Edmund locked Richard up and tried to convince everyone he was insane. Cassie rescued Richard from lock up just to have Edmund kidnap her and hold her prisoner in a dungeon without food or water. Richard explains that that is why he, Noah and Phillip had to seize power to rescue Cassie and the Spaulding children. He tells them that their mission was successful and now SC will becomes a democracy. Holly asks if he had considered running for President of SC himself since he has the experience running the country and the people love him. Richard says he has always loved SC but SF is Cassie's home and she needs to be with her family. Holly asks Cassie if she misses San Cristobel . Cassie says she loved her time there but Richard has a lot of bad memories as of late. Richard speaks and says there are bad memories but many good ones as well and he loved working for the people. Cassie says it is time for Richard to move on and she will help him do that. Holly says they want to give up SC for each other but she thinks they have a lot to talk about when the interview is over.

After the interview, Cassie tells Richard she thought he wanted to leave SC and he tells her he thought she did. She tells him that she misses SC but is willing to give it up for him. He tells her he felt the same way. Tammy comes back out and asks how long they will get to stay when they go back to San Cristobel . She tells them she misses the beaches and servants. Richard says they will have to do without servants since he is not a prince anymore. Cassie says he could run for president. Richard says all he needs is his family. Cassie says he doesn't have to choose between SC and the family; they will go with him. Tammy tells them that she is going to go tell Shayne they are going home. Richard and Cassie hug to the mention of SC as home.

Noah comes to ask Holly where Reva went. He wants to talk to her about her eyesight; he thinks it is bringing up a lot of old memories. Holly tells him that she is at Towers and he starts to leave but she asks him to answer some technical issues for her about the SC invasion and let Richard and Cassie go see Reva.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Phillip comes in to see Beth and Lillian. Beth asks if he talked to Dax and he tells her that Dax said Edmund was still missing. He asks her again about the divorce but she tells him that it is her decision and he will not pressure her into it. Lillian is worried and asks Beth what she is thinking but Beth tells them both that it is none of their business, her thoughts belong to her. Phillip tries to show her what she looks like in a mirror so she will realize that they only want to help her and Edmund caused the bruises. Beth argues that she fell; Edmund didn't push her out of the tower. Phillip tells her that she was trying to escape a place that Edmund had locked her into. Phillip tells her that now she is hurt and Edmund is nowhere to be found. He is looking out for himself and not worrying about her or the children at all. Beth is angry and tells them all it is none of their business. Phillip gets a call from Edmund looking for Beth but he tells him he has the wrong number. Edmund tells Phillip that he knows she is there and he believes she wants to talk to him. Phillip tells him he is wrong. Edmund says that Beth is his wife and Phillip will not keep them apart. Phillip hangs up and Beth wants to know who was on the phone. Phillip changes the subject and notices Richard and Cassie on the television. Phillip wants to turn it up but Beth refuses to watch Richard and Cassie tell all the bad things about Edmund that they believe. Lillian thinks that Beth should try to keep an open mind and watch it. Beth tells them to watch it and she leaves. Phillip tells Lillian that Edmund called and probably wants to talk Beth into not testifying against him. Lillian thinks Beth would probably help him if he talked to her now.

Phillip gets a call from Harley and Beth overhears him making plans to talk about the baby. She asks Phillip what they are talking about. "What baby?"

At Tower's:
Edmund is at Tower's getting a drink. He is talking to a Mr. Melville who is concerned about all the negative press Edmund has been getting. Edmund tells him it is all a big misunderstanding and he is currently seeking sanctuary with the US government. Mr. Melville asks Edmund for a deposit for the hotel cost. Edmund tells him he will go to the bank then and pay an entire month deposit. Edmund says he plans on regaining everything that was his.

Edmund's banker calls and tells him that he was unable to transfer the funds he wanted since his account had no money in it. Edmund tells him there was 7.5 million in the account. The banker tells him there was 7.5 million but now there is nothing. Edmund calls the head of the harbor project and asks about his money. He is yelling on the phone about wanting his money and notices that everyone in the bar is staring at him. He hangs up the phone and notices the interview of Richard and Cassie on over the bar. He listens as they call him a vile sociopath who will be prosecuted and maybe executed for his crimes. Cassie goes on to tell the world that SC is a democracy and the palace is once again open for visitors. There are no more curfews against their people and no more martial law. Richard tells Holly that Edmund has fled the country and his wife is in Springfield recuperating.

Reva comes in and Mr. Melville and the waiters are fussing over her. She is thinking about the song playing and how it reminds her of times with Josh. The waiter brings Reva a double espresso and the silver set glistens in the light and Reva sees the bright light. The waiter asks Reva if everything is okay and she tells him she is fine. She day dreams more about Josh and is surprised when Josh sits beside her and speaks to her.

Richard and Cassie come in and Richard goes to make some calls. Cassie starts to go see Reva but sees she is with Josh so to give them some time she decides to wait for Richard on the terrace. When she has been out there a moment or two, she is shocked when Edmund comes out and says, "Hello, Cassie." He tells her that it is a long way down and he looks over the terrace. Cassie looks scared.

At the Bauer House:
Harley and Rick are chatting about Phillip again. Rick tells her that he didn't get to tell Phillip anything because of the argument between Phillip and Buzz. They each make excuses for why they didn't tell Phillip. Rick tells her he just wants to get this over with. Harley of course isn't ready. Rick tells Harley that if they don't tell him someone else will. Harley says a better time will present itself. Rick says he will be with her every step of the way; he is her friend and they need to call Phillip. Rick tells her to invite Phillip over to the Bauer's and they will talk about the baby. She calls Phillip and he wonders why they are meeting at the Bauer's instead of at Harley's. She tells him she wants Rick there for support so Phillip won't bully her. Phillip tells her he will be there at 8.