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Monday, July 9, 2001

At the Lewis House:
Richard and Cassie are over at Reva's waiting for Holly to come over an interview them. Richard is telling Tammy that San Cristobel is going to be a democracy now which will put an end to all the Prince's and Princesses. She is a little down so Richard promises they will go visit San Cristobel and bring home all the stable kittens. Cassie is excited that they will get to be more like a real family and spend much more time together now.

Noah tells Reva that he has set up another appointment for her about her eyes. He can't help but think the fireflies she is seeing are positive signs. Reva tells him she is scared about regaining her sight or maybe not regaining it. She goes outside to be alone and cries a bit. Holly comes over and asks her what is wrong. She tells her about her sight and how it seems to be returning and that instead of being happy she thinks it is terrible. Holly doesn't understand and Reva tells her that she has been holding back about a situation and has had the excuse of her eyesight but now she has to admit that both times she saw her mysterious fireflies she had been with Josh and she feels it is some sort of sign. She tells Holly that she loves Noah but she just needs some time to think. Holly offers Reva a ride to Tower's to get away from everything for a while and she accepts telling Holly she hates feeling scared.

Holly goes inside the house and sets up for the show. They start the interview and Richard and Cassie talk about having a normal life now and Richard having a regular job with regular hours now. Holly asks if there is anything they would like to say to the people of San Cristobel . Cassie thanks them for their kindness and support. They talk about the invasion of SC and how Edmund locked Richard up and tried to convince everyone he was insane. Cassie rescued Richard from lock up just to have Edmund kidnap her and hold her prisoner in a dungeon without food or water. Richard explains that that is why he, Noah and Phillip had to seize power to rescue Cassie and the Spaulding children. He tells them that their mission was successful and now SC will becomes a democracy. Holly asks if he had considered running for President of SC himself since he has the experience running the country and the people love him. Richard says he has always loved SC but SF is Cassie's home and she needs to be with her family. Holly asks Cassie if she misses San Cristobel . Cassie says she loved her time there but Richard has a lot of bad memories as of late. Richard speaks and says there are bad memories but many good ones as well and he loved working for the people. Cassie says it is time for Richard to move on and she will help him do that. Holly says they want to give up SC for each other but she thinks they have a lot to talk about when the interview is over.

After the interview, Cassie tells Richard she thought he wanted to leave SC and he tells her he thought she did. She tells him that she misses SC but is willing to give it up for him. He tells her he felt the same way. Tammy comes back out and asks how long they will get to stay when they go back to San Cristobel . She tells them she misses the beaches and servants. Richard says they will have to do without servants since he is not a prince anymore. Cassie says he could run for president. Richard says all he needs is his family. Cassie says he doesn't have to choose between SC and the family; they will go with him. Tammy tells them that she is going to go tell Shayne they are going home. Richard and Cassie hug to the mention of SC as home.

Noah comes to ask Holly where Reva went. He wants to talk to her about her eyesight; he thinks it is bringing up a lot of old memories. Holly tells him that she is at Towers and he starts to leave but she asks him to answer some technical issues for her about the SC invasion and let Richard and Cassie go see Reva.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Phillip comes in to see Beth and Lillian. Beth asks if he talked to Dax and he tells her that Dax said Edmund was still missing. He asks her again about the divorce but she tells him that it is her decision and he will not pressure her into it. Lillian is worried and asks Beth what she is thinking but Beth tells them both that it is none of their business, her thoughts belong to her. Phillip tries to show her what she looks like in a mirror so she will realize that they only want to help her and Edmund caused the bruises. Beth argues that she fell; Edmund didn't push her out of the tower. Phillip tells her that she was trying to escape a place that Edmund had locked her into. Phillip tells her that now she is hurt and Edmund is nowhere to be found. He is looking out for himself and not worrying about her or the children at all. Beth is angry and tells them all it is none of their business. Phillip gets a call from Edmund looking for Beth but he tells him he has the wrong number. Edmund tells Phillip that he knows she is there and he believes she wants to talk to him. Phillip tells him he is wrong. Edmund says that Beth is his wife and Phillip will not keep them apart. Phillip hangs up and Beth wants to know who was on the phone. Phillip changes the subject and notices Richard and Cassie on the television. Phillip wants to turn it up but Beth refuses to watch Richard and Cassie tell all the bad things about Edmund that they believe. Lillian thinks that Beth should try to keep an open mind and watch it. Beth tells them to watch it and she leaves. Phillip tells Lillian that Edmund called and probably wants to talk Beth into not testifying against him. Lillian thinks Beth would probably help him if he talked to her now.

Phillip gets a call from Harley and Beth overhears him making plans to talk about the baby. She asks Phillip what they are talking about. "What baby?"

At Tower's:
Edmund is at Tower's getting a drink. He is talking to a Mr. Melville who is concerned about all the negative press Edmund has been getting. Edmund tells him it is all a big misunderstanding and he is currently seeking sanctuary with the US government. Mr. Melville asks Edmund for a deposit for the hotel cost. Edmund tells him he will go to the bank then and pay an entire month deposit. Edmund says he plans on regaining everything that was his.

Edmund's banker calls and tells him that he was unable to transfer the funds he wanted since his account had no money in it. Edmund tells him there was 7.5 million in the account. The banker tells him there was 7.5 million but now there is nothing. Edmund calls the head of the harbor project and asks about his money. He is yelling on the phone about wanting his money and notices that everyone in the bar is staring at him. He hangs up the phone and notices the interview of Richard and Cassie on over the bar. He listens as they call him a vile sociopath who will be prosecuted and maybe executed for his crimes. Cassie goes on to tell the world that SC is a democracy and the palace is once again open for visitors. There are no more curfews against their people and no more martial law. Richard tells Holly that Edmund has fled the country and his wife is in Springfield recuperating.

Reva comes in and Mr. Melville and the waiters are fussing over her. She is thinking about the song playing and how it reminds her of times with Josh. The waiter brings Reva a double espresso and the silver set glistens in the light and Reva sees the bright light. The waiter asks Reva if everything is okay and she tells him she is fine. She day dreams more about Josh and is surprised when Josh sits beside her and speaks to her.

Richard and Cassie come in and Richard goes to make some calls. Cassie starts to go see Reva but sees she is with Josh so to give them some time she decides to wait for Richard on the terrace. When she has been out there a moment or two, she is shocked when Edmund comes out and says, "Hello, Cassie." He tells her that it is a long way down and he looks over the terrace. Cassie looks scared.

At the Bauer House:
Harley and Rick are chatting about Phillip again. Rick tells her that he didn't get to tell Phillip anything because of the argument between Phillip and Buzz. They each make excuses for why they didn't tell Phillip. Rick tells her he just wants to get this over with. Harley of course isn't ready. Rick tells Harley that if they don't tell him someone else will. Harley says a better time will present itself. Rick says he will be with her every step of the way; he is her friend and they need to call Phillip. Rick tells her to invite Phillip over to the Bauer's and they will talk about the baby. She calls Phillip and he wonders why they are meeting at the Bauer's instead of at Harley's. She tells him she wants Rick there for support so Phillip won't bully her. Phillip tells her he will be there at 8.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

At the Courthouse:
Gus arrives at the courthouse and sees Danny and Michelle sitting on a bench outside. He calls them Bonnie and Clyde. Danny tells Gus he has faith in the system, so he is looking forward to the trial. Gus turns to Ray and tells him he better pray for his cousin. Ray, Danny and Michelle go inside.

Frank and Harley come in. She tells him that she and Rick are talking to Phillip tonight. They go into the courtroom and have a seat. DA Wolfe makes her opening statements and tells the jurors that she plans to show that Danny killed his mother when she refused to let him take the family business into another direction. She goes on to tell them that Danny has a violent history and would take his mother out just like any other person. She says that the defense will try to paint Danny as a family man but his mother's body was recovered with a bullet that came from his gun. She passes to Ross who tells the Judge that he will wait until later to do his opening statements. The judge thinks Ross needs some more time but Ross tells him that he will make his statement later. The DA thinks Ross knows his client is guilty. Michelle and Ray are startled as well. After the judge calls a recess, Ross tells Michelle and Ray to trust him, Danny tells them that he already does. When court reconvenes, Gus is called as the first witness.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Phillip tells Beth that Harley is pregnant. She asks who the father is and Phillip tells her that he, of course, is the father. Beth apologizes for assuming. Phillip tells Beth that he is supposed to meet up with Harley to discuss things tonight. He thinks she is trying to play the independent woman but he will be involved in his child's life. Beth congratulates Phillip and tells him that she didn't mean to get between him and Harley. She gets up and tells Phillip that she refuses to lie around anymore; she is going to get up and move around. Phillip thinks she should wait until the doctor shows up. Beth tells him that she doesn't need a caretaker. Meta and Rick comes in and tells Beth that they are glad she is back. They give her flowers and Rick does a quick exam on her. Beth tells them that she needs to apologize to Richard and Cassie. She didn't want them to suffer all they have and she needs to ask for forgiveness. Phillip tells her that he has something to take care of so she will have to meet with Richard and Cassie alone.

In the den, Lizzie is hiding while Tammy is seeking. Lizzie slips behind a curtain just before Phillip, Rick and Meta walk in. They talk about Beth and then about Harley. Phillip wants to talk to Harley alone and promises not to get her upset. Phillip leaves. Rick tells Meta that it is going to be difficult for Phillip to learn the truth about the baby being his and not Phillip's. Lizzie overhears and feels terrible for her dad. After Meta and Rick leaves, Phillip comes back in and sees Lizzie on the couch. She asks him why grownups lie. He tells her that they sometimes lie because they are ashamed or scared to face the truth. He tells her that whenever they do lie, it never works. Phillip tells her he has to run out for a while and will be back soon.

Richard and Cassie come in and they tell Beth that they are glad she is okay. Beth tells Cassie that she didn't know she was in that tower and she wants to apologize to both of them. They both accept the apology and Beth thanks them. They ask if the apology means that she is going to testify against Edmund. She tells them she will not testify against Edmund. Cassie is angry and tells her that her apology means nothing then since it is obvious that she doesn't mean it. Beth admits that her apology did not come easily for her. Richard is also upset and he tells her that if she changes her mind they will be in San Cristobel . In the meantime, she should be careful since Edmund is in Springfield.

At Tower's:
Josh asks Reva why she is there. She tells her that she needed a breather from the house and all the people. She was sitting there thinking about dancing. She misses dancing. Josh pulls her to her feet and dances with her. They laugh and seem to have a pretty good time until Olivia shows up. Olivia tells Josh that they have to meet Richard and Cassie about the harbor project. Reva mentions that she thought the project was over now that Edmund was ousted. Olivia tells her that Edmund had nothing to do with it and the project will stand on its own merit. Olivia tells Reva that she has redecorated the Lewis office; she should swing by and see them. Josh reminds Olivia that Reva can't see and Olivia feigns apologies. She tells Reva that she walks with such confidence she forgets that she is blind. Reva starts to get a glimpse of something and can see Josh and Olivia just a little but she doesn't say anything. Josh helps Reva sit down and Olivia tells her that she didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Reva tells them she is alright. Olivia and Josh leave and Reva is ticked that Olivia would be the first thing she could make out.

Reva's brief blurred sight is gone. Noah comes in and talks to her about escaping the house. Noah goes to touch her face and she reacts. He asks her if she saw that. She tells him she saw a blurry shadow. He wants to take her to the doctor but she wants to take it slow. They kiss and he offers to take her out dancing to celebrate. She smiles and tells him that he is a good man.

On the terrace, Cassie is upset to see Edmund. He tells her she is a fine actress, weeping for her dead husband that wasn't dead. He really believed her. Cassie tells him that he fell for Richard's plan and released her just like Richard knew he would. Edmund tells her that it would be better if Richard were dead because he isn't finished with them by a long shot. He tells her that she cost him everything but not his wife. Cassie tells him that he robbed her of her child, her sister's sight and her freedom. As far as she is concerned, he is getting what he deserves and they will see him behind bars. Edmund walks towards Cassie just as Richard burst out onto the terrace. He tells Edmund to stay away from his wife. Edmund tells him that he is a paying customer at Tower's and has every right to be there. He has come to get his wife, something that Richard and Cassie can never take from him. Richard tells him that Beth sees him as the criminal that he is. Richard gets a call from Beth who asks for him and Cassie to come by. Edmund asks them to tell Beth that he is in town and wants to see her. Edmund refuses to relay the message. Edmund tells Richard that he will not keep him away from his wife and he leaves. Richard makes sure that Cassie is alright. She tells him that she thought they were finally through with Edmund. Olivia and Josh come out and asks Richard and Cassie if everything is alright. They tell them that they can't have their meeting right away; they have to go meet Beth LeMay. Olivia tells them that her name is Beth Winslow. Richard and Cassie leave and Olivia tells Josh to stop her from sticking her foot in her mouth again.

At the Bauer House:
Rick is reading when Harley shows up. She tells him how the DA is pounding Danny at the trial. They talk about telling Phillip and her anxiety. Rick asks Harley if she would have ever told him he was the father if he didn't see the sonogram. She tells him she probably would because she cares for him and couldn't take losing both him and Phillip. Rick tells Harley that Phillip should be there any minute. She goes to sit down and feels a pain. Rick helps her up; they leave to take Harley to the hospital.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

At Cedar's:
Rick comes in with Harley and asks Claire to page Dr. Sedgwick. He gets Harley situated in an exam room and Harley tells him she feels better and wants to go home. He tells her to sit down and just wait for the doctor. Claire comes in and tells them that Dr. Sedgwick is delivering a baby and she is the ob/gyn on call. Claire checks her vitals and tells her she seems normal, she will also check on the blood work and get back to her with that. Harley argues about Claire and not wanting her as even a temp doctor. Rick tells her to get over it; Claire is a good doctor. Harley makes him promise not to leave her. Claire is ready to do the exam and Harley tells her that she wants Rick to stay for the sonogram. Claire thinks it is strange but goes along with it. Claire gets the picture on the screen and Rick and Harley hold hands. Claire tells them that everything looks normal the spotting is probably due to stress but she should make an appointment to see Dr. Sedgwick early in the week. Harley thanks her and Claire tells her that the phone is over in the corner if she wants to call the father. Harley remembers that Phillip was supposed to meet them at the Bauer house and she jumps up and tells Rick. He asks her if she is up to meeting Phillip or does she want to reschedule. She asks him to call and tell Phillip they will talk later. He calls and tells Phillip that Harley got called to the courthouse and he is at the hospital so they will have to meet later. Phillip is anxious to talk to Harley and Rick tells him just to give her a call and reschedule. Afterwards, Rick comes back in and tells Harley about the call. He said something about her not be excited about the baby and she tells him that she really is and seeing this picture of the baby puts things in perspective. She hands it to Rick and tells him that it is his first snapshot of their son.

At the Courthouse:
Doris questions Gus and he tells her that he had been investigating the Santos family for over 4 years and through bugs placed at the home of Danny Santos he learned about the inconsistencies of his mother's death. After an anonymous tip he went to the docks and recovered the body of Carmen Santos along with a bullet that was imbedded in the remains. The bullet that was recovered from the body was fired from Danny's gun. Gus calls Danny a derogatory name and the Judge is surprised Ross didn't object. Ross tells him that Gus's prejudicial remarks can be seen by him and the jury so there is no need to object. DA Wolfe insists that Gus is in no way biased in this case. During cross-examination, Ross asks Gus if he is in charge of all aspects of the Santos case. Gus tells him that he is. Ross asks if certain details aren't usually left to the local cops. Gus says usually but in this case, he handled all the evidence and double-checked it himself. Ross wants Gus subject to recall and then dismisses him. Gus steps down and whispers to Ross that he is defending a lost cause. He goes to sit directly behind Blake and whispers to him that he is having a great day so far.

Doris calls the medical examiner and asks about the body. He tells her that it was mostly skeletal remains but with the jewelry and dental records she was positively identified as Carmen Santos. Ross tells them he has no question.

DA Wolfe has a forensic expert on the stand talking about the ballistic report on the bullet retrieved. He tells her that it was a perfect match to Danny's gun. Again Ross has no questions and everyone in the gallery is surprised. Michelle questions Ross and Ross asks Danny to take a look at the jury and tell him his impressions. Danny said they look like they want to throw him in jail. Ross asks if they look curious and Danny tells him they do. Ross tells him that is what they want.

Doris questions Geraldo about Maria telling Danny where Michelle was at the dock and he had better get to her if he wants to save her. Again, Ross has no questions. Doris tells the judge that she has ran out of witnesses and will have to ask for an adjournment until the morning. The judge grants it. Gus tells Doris that Ross realizes he has a lost cause. Doris tells him that Ross doesn't play that way and he had better be sure that they have the right man on trial. Blake tells Ross that whatever he has on his mind is making everyone keep guessing. He tells her that is what he wants. Blake wonders why Gus has such a vendetta against Danny. Ross tells her to stay away from Gus.

At Tower's:
Olivia is on the terrace when Edmund comes out and greets her. She tells him that he lied to her and made her look like she knew something she didn't while he has Cassie imprisoned. Edmund tries to deny it and asks if Olivia is against him now as well. He goes on to tell her that the money she put in that overseas account is gone and he wants it back. He pushes her up against the wall and tells her that she knows where it is and she is going to get it back for her. Olivia tells him that he should talk to Alan since he is the one who put the money in the account for her. Edmund tells Olivia that the project and her marriage is at risk and he will blow it all for her if he doesn't get his cash. Olivia thinks he is bluffing since he had to flee San Cristobel . Edmund tells her that he was able to stop off and grab their documents and he will use them. She tells him again to call Alan. Edmund leaves and Olivia is relived but worried. She hopes Alan backs her up.

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Cassie come into the sitting room and it is trashed. Dax tells them this is the way they found things. Edmund tried to have everything shredded before he left. Cassie picks up pieces of documents and asks Richard if Edmund really seized people's property during martial law. Richard tells her that he did worse then that but he doesn't think there will be enough evidence left to prosecute him. He tells Cassie that Edmund had been planning to take over his whole life and knew exactly what to do once he seized power. Richard tells Dax to check Edmund's safe behind his armoire. Cassie finds arrest records of people arrested during Edmund's rule. Richard wants to start a commission to investigate Edmund and every step he took while in power. Cassie wants to head the commission. Richard tells her it is too dangerous and there are still a few Edmund supporters so it is out of the question. Cassie tells him that she was the one chained to a wall for all those weeks and she cannot think of a better way to deal with her anger and rage then to head the commission. She tells Richard that she will not take 'no' for an answer.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Edmund comes in and tells Alan he wants his money. Alan tells Edmund that he didn't know his money was being used as a payoff and that no matter what Edmund will never make it stick. Edmund says he can connect Olivia. Alan tells him he better not since his credibility is not that great. Edmund figures out that Alan never really sent the money juts dummied up the records so that he would think he did. Alan says he will take care of Olivia and if Edmund needs money, the Towers is looking for a doorman. Edmund is fuming and leaves. Alan calls Olivia after Edmund leaves.

Olivia comes in and Alan is upset that she exposed him to Edmund. He asks her where the money is and she tells him that Mr. Vreeland has it. He apparently kept it when he was hired to laundry it by Edmund. Alan thinks they should call Richard and tell him but Olivia tells him that he would stop the project if he found out. She tells them they have a deal and she wont let him down. She tells him if Vreeland gets the other 3.33 million they had promised to Edmund the project will go through. Alan tells Olivia he wants to get a return on his investment. Alan says Josh's company and her marriage are on the line. He loves a woman who is willing to risk everything, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. He asks her if she is sure Josh is worth it? Olivia tells him absolutely. Alan thinks she is more loyal to Josh than he is to her. Alan agrees to pay the next installment as long as he gets a return on his investment. He is very close to Olivia as Claire stands in the doorway watching them.

At the Bauer House:
Phillip finds the spare key and lets himself into the house. He sees the pregnancy book on the table and flips through it. He gets a call from Rick to reschedule and looks through the book again. Michelle comes in and Phillip tells her he was supposed to meet Harley and Rick but they were called away. Michelle sees the book and takes it from Phillip saying Danny was reading it to keep his mind off of the trial. Phillip tells Michelle that Ross will help them; he is the best.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

At Lewis Offices:
Sam is talking to Olivia, congratulating her on the new décor in the offices. She asks about Marah and he tells her that things are moving right along and she will gradually see that he is the better man. Sam tells Olivia he is glad to see her out of business with Edmund now that he has been banished from San Cristobel . He tells her that all the media coverage has him a little home sick for San Cristobel . Olivia tells him he can go back for a visit sometime. Sam leaves to meet Marah and Olivia opens her briefcase, which is full of cash. She quickly closes it when a knock on the door brings Reva in for the tour Olivia promised her. Olivia isn't that happy but she takes Reva around and tells her about the color schemes. When they get back to Olivia's office, Olivia puts the briefcase in the safe and locks it. Josh comes in and greets Reva and starts to put some petty cash in the safe. Olivia stops him and tells him that she needs to do something with the petty cash vouchers. He hands them to her and she leaves the room. Josh asks Reva if she is there to try to one up Olivia. Reva tells him that she may be. He tells her that all the improvements of the business, both in the interior and the financial successes, Olivia is responsible for. He tells Reva that Olivia is a great businesswoman. Josh leaves when Reva tells him that she will see her own way out. After he leaves, Reva walks around with her cane and trips. When she looks up she can see something although it is dark and cloudy. She gets back up and Josh comes in and asks if she is alright.

At Tower's:
Edmund has a note from management asking him to pay in advance. He sits down and calls the Spaulding mansion and is told that Beth cannot come to the phone. He is angry and tells the servant that he will call again.

Sam brings Marah a gift, telling her it goes with a proposal he has been thinking of. She opens it and it is a red bikini. She asks about it and he tells her that he wants them to go for a little trip to San Cristobel. Marah didn't think Sam wanted to go back to SC but he tells her that now that the dark prince is no longer in power, SC is again the tropical paradise that it was when he was growing up. He tells her that she needs a vacation anyway. Marah asks about where they will stay and he tells her that Olivia will have a place down there so she can oversee the Harbor project and they can stay with her in separate rooms, of course. Marah asks if that is a way to get her and Tony away from each other. Sam tells her that once Tony learns they are in paradise together he will probably be on the first plane out to follow them. He tells her that even if Tony doesn't come after her, they will have a great time.

Lillian and Lizzie come in and run into Edmund. Lizzie wants him to come home with them and tells him she is glad he is alright. He tells her that he has been having trouble getting through when he called the house. Lillian is paged from the hospital and goes to call them back, reluctantly leaving Lizzie with Edmund. Lizzie and Edmund sit down and he asks about her mom. He tells her he would like to write a note to her and wants Lizzie to deliver it. Lizzie is upset and mentions that she doesn't understand why adults lie. He asks if Phillip said something disturbing to her about him. She tells him that he hasn't, she was talking about Harley and Rick having a baby together and not telling her dad. She is worried that when Phillip finds out he will be real unhappy. Edmund perks up and asks her if she is sure.

Edmund writes the note to Beth and gives it to Lizzie. Lillian comes back and tells Lizzie they have to go. She thanks Edmund for sitting with Lizzie and he tells her that he knows she has been intercepting his calls to Beth. She tells him that he is right and she will continue to do so and if she cannot Phillip will.

At the Courthouse:
Doris tells the Judge that she has a surprise witness. She calls Maria Santos to the stand. Everyone is shocked and Ross objects. The judge allows the witness and Doris goes in to her questioning. Doris asks Maria if she talked to Danny the night Carmen died. She tells her that he was angry with Carmen for getting in between him and his wife and when he asked her where Carmen was she told him she was at the docks. The DA is pleased. Danny tells Ross that Maria is lying. Ross asks for a short break before he questions Maria.

Blake is outside questioning Gus. She thinks he brought Maria back from Cuba. He ignores her and lights his cigarette, handing her his matchbook from the Springfield Arms.

Ross comes in and asks Maria if she knows what this book is about and holds up a copy of Blake's novel. She acts dumb and he tells her that it is a story of a mob wife having her husband killed because he refused to tell her the name of his mistress. He goes on to tell her that most people believe it is the story of Carmen Santos and how she had Miguel Santos killed. He asks Maria if she read it and realized that Carmen was responsible for her son's death. He pressures her and he finally admits that she did and she hated Carmen. She tells Ross that she wanted Carmen dead and she sent Danny to the docks because he was furious and she wanted him to take his mother out. She admits that she never told Danny that his mother was still alive, only that he could find his wife down by the docks and he must get there immediately if he wants to spare her life. She goes on to say that Carmen was not fit to live; she was a cancer on her family. She had to be thrown away with the garbage. Maria tells the jury that she couldn't be the one to pull the trigger. That is a job for underlings although she would have loved to done it. Everyone is shocked at Maria's testimony and DA Wolfe and Gus look very upset. Ross reminds Maria that she only mentioned Michelle being at the docks, not Carmen and that is who Danny rushed off to find. He finishes with her and the judge calls a recess. Ross tells Danny and Michelle that he wanted Maria to look like the one pulling the strings so they would be more empathetic to Danny. Maria comes over and tells them that Ross is right and he made her job a lot easier. Danny is upset and calls her crazy. He asks if she planned this whole scene from the beginning and asks her why. She tells him she did it to help him.

In San Cristobel:
Richard is having a meeting with some people to talk about the new government. He ends the meeting when Cassie comes in. Cassie tells him that she is investigating Edmund's steps while in power. Richard is upset that she won't give the job up but she tells him that she needs his help and he relents. She tells him that the main thing Edmund was involved with was the harbor project but she is afraid that she may look like she is trying to bury Beth or Olivia if she goes into it. He tells her that it is good that she is looking so far ahead but he really doesn't want her to be involved. He tells her that he just got her back and now they are being drawn apart again. He is upset and tells her that all he wanted was a life with a purpose with her and their children. He mentions that he visited their baby's grave late last night. Cassie said she went there this morning. He is visibly upset and Cassie holds him, telling him that they can pick up where the left off and can try to have another child. Richard is happy and asks when they can try again. She tells him anytime he wants. Giggling they start out of the room. Dax meets them at the door wanting to talk about the presidency but Richard tells him they will talk later.

At the Springfield Arm's:
Blake gets a maid to open the door to Gus's room. It is a mess; the maid tells her he doesn't allow anyone to clean it. Blake knows there is something in there that Gus is hiding. She looks through some things and finds a picture of a little boy and his dad. She is surprised Gus ever had a childhood. She is looking at the photo when Gus walks in.

Friday, July 13, 2001

At the Springfield Arm's:
Gus catches Blake in his room and asks her what she is doing. She thinks a moment and tells him that he knows what she is doing. He is always showing up at her house and she is tired of him teasing and not making a move so she is there to make the first move. She goes on to tell him that the stories he told her about Miguel Jr. were told with such passion, she found it very sexy. Gus asks about Ross and she tells him that they are both full of surprises. He takes hold of her and presses her against the wall kissing her neck. He tells her that he can show her a lot more. He tells her he has all the time in the world, since court is adjourned. Blake acts shocked and tells Gus she has to go, Ross will be expecting her. She tries to go and he pulls her back in the room and whispers to her, "not so fast." He holds her against the wall and nuzzles her neck. She tells him again she needs to leave. He tells her that Ross will be in court all week and Gus wants to reschedule their little get together before he lets her go. She tells him she will try to get there but it will depend on the baby sitter. Gus kisses her deeply until Blake pushes him off her. She leaves and can hardly walk. She checks her purse and finds the picture of little Gus and his dad that she had pilfered from his room. Gus goes back to looking in his room. He thinks Blake is a good actress and a great kisser but he wants to know what she was really looking for.

At the Lewis Offices:
Reva is seeing something and Josh asks if she is alright. She starts to tell him but Olivia walks in and interrupts. Josh offers to get Reva a cab. He goes out to see his secretary and call a cab, leaving Olivia with Reva. Olivia gets a call from Vreeland and she tells him that she will be there with their 'documents' later that evening. Olivia goes to the safe and gets the briefcase and opens it. Reva sees the cash and is astonished. Olivia throws the money into her bag and Reva watches. She makes small talk with Olivia about where she will be staying and who Vreeland is. Josh comes back in and tells Reva that the cab will be there soon. Josh tells Olivia that he will go with her SC to meet with Vreeland. Olivia is nervous and tells him not to go with her but to come down in a few days. Josh agrees since he has business to attend to. Reva asks Olivia to take a bracelet back to Tammy while she is down there. She turns and hands it to Josh and asks him to put it in Olivia's bag. Olivia steps in and tells Reva that she will carry the bracelet in her purse so it doesn't get crushed. Josh and Olivia go to leave and Reva asks him to stay a moment.

At the Spaulding House:
Beth comes in and asks the servant if she has had any calls. He tells her that she hasn't. Phillip asks if she is expecting one and she tells him that she would have thought Edmund would have called. Lizzie starts to leave and drops the note from Edmund. Beth finds it and she tells her that it was supposed to be a secret. Her mom told her to run along and she opened the note and read it. It tells her that he tried to call and no one will put his calls through. She asks Phillip and Lillian about it and then goes to call Edmund on his cell phone. He is glad to hear from her and wants to see her. She tells him that they need to talk and she invites him to the mansion. Phillip is angry and tells Beth that Edmund is not welcome there. Beth tells him that she will go to where Edmund is then because they have to talk. She hangs up and tells Phillip and Lillian they have no right to screen her calls. She tells them that she will make her own decisions.

Norman, the servant, announces Edmund. Edmund tells Beth how sorry he is and he never meant to hurt her. He was trying to spare her pain in a misguided way and knows why she is angry. Beth is disappointed because she thought they were full partners and equals. Edmund says she is better than him and they are good for each other. He made a huge mistake and should have trusted her with the truth about Cassie. They can't just throw everything away. Beth tells him this isn't a minor disagreement. Edmund tells her that he loves her and wants her to give him a chance to make things right between them. Beth tells Edmund he made her feel good, competent and strong and she needed to hear that so badly that she closed herself off to certain things. She was so afraid of being a victim that she went to the other extreme. She put blinders on but deep down a part of her knew he was holding Cassie. She goes on to say if Cassie had died she would have been partly responsible. Beth tells him that she lost all perspective and he was like a fix to her. Beth says she is an addict and needs to commit to change. She tells him she wants a divorce and Edmund tells her she can't mean that. He is sure they can get past this. Beth says they don't have the right to hurt people. Edmund says they aren't dysfunctional; they are connected. Beth says she has seen the truth about them and she cannot be a victim any longer. She has to take care of herself and there is no room in her life for Edmund. Edmund tells her he is crushed and hopes she will change her mind. He loves her and that will never change. Beth tells him goodbye. Edmund says he hopes that she will give him the time to try to win her back and he can't do that from a jail cell. Beth says she won't testify against him; there has been enough hurt to go around. She leaves the room and Phillip comes in and offers to show him out. Phillip is smiling since Edmund got dumped. Edmund tells him not to think he will get Beth back, she is beyond him now. Phillip is undeterred and Edmund tells him that Harley has moved on too and is now with his best friend. Phillip laughs at him and Edmund tells him that Rick Bauer is the one who fathered Harley's baby. Phillip thinks Edmund is twisted. Edmund leaves and Phillip has a flashback to when he talked to Rick. He remembers when Rick asked him if Harley told him the baby was his.

Edmund says to himself, he hopes Phillip is as miserable as he is.

At the Bauers':
Michelle is talking to Danny about his grandmother's testimony. Danny tells her that Maria will never change. Michelle tells him that at least the jury can see that someone other then Danny had a motive to kill Carmen. Danny tells her that it doesn't matter since he knows he is guilty. Michelle goes upstairs and brings the baby down. Danny is depressed and sees his son and tells Michelle that he thinks of him every moment of the day, he knows what is at stake. She tells him he can't give up hope just because of one crooked cop. Danny tells her that he felt this way before Gus came into the picture. What he did was a sin. His mother gave him life and he took hers away. He knows he did what he had to do to save his wife and child but no one should kill their mothers without consequences. He tells her that if the jury finds him guilty, it may be what he deserves. Michelle tells Danny that it was justifiable homicide. They have to be vigilant and maybe all the evidence is suspect. Danny asks her if she is saying the body may not even be Carmen's. Michelle tells him that is possible since Gus has already dummied up evidence. Danny tells her that isn't probably. Michelle says she should have thought of this before. If they can prove the body isn't Carmen's, Danny could go free.

At Harley's:
Rick and Harley come in and are talking about Lamaze class. He looks at the sonogram picture and is smiling. Harley tells him that she is also excited and their baby will have two parents that love him very much. Rick brings her tea and they practice a little more of their Lamaze. Sitting on the floor, someone knocks on the door and Rick and Harley yell out for them to come in. Phillip comes in and stares at them.

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