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Monday, April 9, 2001

At the Lewis House:
Marah hears the window break and knows someone is in the house. She goes to peer downstairs and hears more movement. She goes back in and tries to wake Tony. Apparently, all the pain medication she gave him has totally knocked him out. She hears her mom calling out for her and going down the steps and starts to worry about her. She goes down quietly vowing to protect Tony. Meanwhile, Reva thinks Marah or Shayne made the noise and she is calling out for them. She goes by the door and feels the wind coming in the broken glass and realizes that someone had broken in the house. She walks around calling out to the stranger, asking what they want. The guy pounces on Reva and demands to know where "the kid" is. Reva thinks he wants Marah or Shayne and she refuses to tell him anything. She struggles with him and gets her hands on the gun but the guy soon after gets it back. She tries to hit him with Shayne's Lacrosse stick but that also doesn't work. As soon as the guy backs up into the foyer, Marah comes out with an iron skillet and slams it over his head, knocking him out cold. Reva hugs Marah and tells her how worried she was. Marah tells her that she called the police and they are on their way. Reva asks her to get some rope and help her tie the bad guy up until they arrive. Marah does and they wrap his wrists and ankles. The police show up and ask them what happened. David is in charge and he doesn't seem to like any of the answers that Marah was giving them. Harley and Frank come in. They tell Reva about the break in and shooting at the Bauer's and that there was a dead body there that they presume is the partner of the man lying in their foyer. Harley asks Marah what the guy was doing there and she told them finally that they were after Tony. She tells them about finding Tony and how he was shot. She brought him home and doctored him. Reva is furious. Shayne has by come down and overhears that Tony is upstairs. He asks if he is dead. Marah tells them that he is asleep because she gave him some of her mom's painkillers. Reva tells her that she is very angry with her. Marah yells that she had to do something to help him. David tells Marah that she is now implicated in a homicide.

In San Cristobel:
At the palace, Edmund and Beth are all lovey-dovey in the bedroom. Beth thinks she should go back into her suite to sleep for appearance sake. Edmund tells her that he thinks she should stay right where she is and go to sleep. He wants her there with him. She tells him that sounds good to her and she closes her eyes while he strokes her hair. After she had fallen asleep, Edmund gets dressed and goes over to the mirror, admiring himself. He says he has everything he has ever wanted and he isn't going to lose it. He thinks about Richard and grabs a couple cigars, deciding he will talk to him. He leaves.

Down in the jail cell, Richard is startled when Cassie appears. She is upset and wants him to listen to her because she has a plan. He tells her that she has to get out of there now. She goes over to the sleeping guard and takes his key to the cell and goes in with Richard. She hugs him and tells him about her plan. He is scared for her and wants her to get out ASAP. She tells Richard that Edmund is trying to make him out to be a raving lunatic and the people will think he is crazy. Richard tells her that the people won't believe him. Cassie isn't so sure. She goes on to tell Richard about how she plans on using Beth to help them get out. Just then they hear Edmund outside demanding the guard to open the doors for him to come in. Edmund sees the guard has been asleep and he is angry. While the guy gets up and Edmund yells at him, Cassie sneaks out. Edmund goes over to the cell and sees that the key is in the lock. He turns to the guard and yells at him about that too. He goes in to the cell and sees that they have Richard handcuffed and shackled. He demands they undo the restraints and treat his brother with respect. Richard laughs at Edmund acting like the caring brother. Edmund starts talking to his brother about all he has now and Richard reminds him that he only has it because he took it by force. He tells Edmund that the people will know that he is nothing more that a bully and a criminal. Richard tells Edmund that the people will learn that he locked him up and they will revolt. Edmund tells him that they will believe whatever he wants them to believe. Edmund tells Richard that he is going to have everything that Richard and his father tried to steal from him. He leaves.

Meanwhile, Cassie has shown up in Edmund's bedroom and wakes Beth. He begs her to listen without screaming. She begs Beth to listen to her as one mother to another. Cassie tells Beth that she wants to get Richard out but will need her help and if she helps her, they will leave and she and Edmund will never hear from them again. Beth doesn't believe her. Cassie tells her that they want to be a family back in Springfield with their two children and they can't do that if he is stuck in prison. Beth asks her what she wants. Cassie tells her that she is going to break Richard out and cause a commotion and all Beth has to do is make sure Edmund sends guards to the North Wall of the palace. Beth asks if she is planning on going south. Cassie tells her that it is the only way and begs Beth to help her. Beth reluctantly agrees. Cassie thanks her and tells her she won't regret it and she and Richard will be out of their lives for good. Cassie leaves. Beth says there is no way she will regret it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

At the Lewis House:
Reva tells Josh what happened the night before as the police come down with Tony and ask him what happened. He and Marah go on to tell them how they accidentally met up at the lighthouse and she helped him. Josh asks Marah why she didn't just call 911 like any normal person. Marah tells him that she couldn't lead anyone to Tony. Harley asks Tony about Danny and what happened at the Bauer's. He tells her that he dropped Danny off at the bus depot and he left for Cincinnati. David yanks Tony around to talk to him and Marah tells David to back off. Harley tells Tony that there is a dead body at the Bauer's and she wonders if he knows anything about it. He tells her that one of the hit men must have turned on their partner. They ask why he didn't go to his grandmother or brother. Tony tells them he didn't want to lead the killers to his family. Josh is ticked that Tony didn't think of the Lewis family before he came into their home. Marah tells them that they happened upon each other and she made Tony come with her so she could help him. David is being a jerk again and grabs Tony telling him to fess up and tell them who the shooters were. Tony told him he had never seen them. David asked him who hired them but Tony wouldn't say. David tells him he was going down to the station to finish answering questions then. Tony tells them he wants to go make sure Michelle and his Godson are alright first and they agree to take him by. He tells Marah he will see her later but Josh yells out to him that he will not be seeing Marah.

That leaves just the family and Josh is fuming. Shane leaves to go upstairs and Marah calls him a coward. Josh says he wants to talk first. He lays into Marah about the situation and she tells him that she knows his point of view and she understands. He tells her that trouble follows Tony and he doesn't know how to make her understand. She tells him that she does understand and explains why she went to the lighthouse in the first place. She said she went to the lighthouse to say goodbye and Tony showed up. Then she brought Tony there and, just as her dad said, trouble followed him. She understands but she loves Tony and she refuses to stop seeing him. He tells her that she had been hurt because he broke it off with her but now she knows he was just doing it to keep her safe and she loves him. Josh starts to protest again but Marah asks him what he wanted her to do, leave him at the lighthouse to die. She tells him there is nothing more to say. She knows they might not be able to respect him for keeping her and his family safe but she can. She leaves. Josh yells after her asking her where she is going. She tells him he doesn't want to know and slams the door behind her. Reva calls after Josh. She tells him that Marah has a point. Reva tells Josh that they need to cut Marah some slack with Tony. She will be 18 soon and will be able to do whatever she wants. If they keep after her, she may leave them to live with Tony and they would never get to see her again. She doesn't want her daughter leaving the house. Reva goes on to tell Josh that Marah did what she thought was right and she understands it all. Josh is trying to combat the information and Reva interrupts him. She tells him that if Marah hadn't came downstairs and helped her, she would be dead and she thinks they should just let it go. Reva cries and Josh holds her. Noah walks in and says that he is so glad to see them together after hearing about his fiancée house being broken into that morning. He wonders why she didn't call him but she called Josh. Josh says his daughter was involved and that is why he was call and he will always be called where his daughter is concerned. Noah tells him he knows that but he wonders why he always makes things worse. He tells him how he punished Marah this time. Josh thinks Noah should keep his mouth shut. He reminds Reva and Josh that Marah got her stubbornness from both of them so they shouldn't be surprised at her obstinacy. He tells Josh that Marah loves Tony and Tony is a good kid, he just has a bad family life. Josh doesn't care. Noah goes on to ask Josh why he doesn't try to help things instead of making it worse. He thinks he should try to show Tony a different way and help him because it is clear his family will not. But instead, Josh comes over and makes a big mess of everything and then leaves to let Reva clean it up. Josh asks Noah why he came in there yelling at him when he should be asking Reva how she is. Noah tells him he can see Reva is fine and reminds Josh that if he hadn't pitched such a fit about their cohabitating he would have been there last night. Josh leaves telling Noah never to lecture him again. Noah turns to Reva expecting her to yell as well but she only apologizes and asks how she can make things up to him. He tells her she just did and they hold each other.

At the Bauer's:
Tony comes in with the cops and Michelle asks Tony where Danny is. He tells her that he put him on a bus to Cincinnati. She is glad he got away. May and Gus show up and the local cops are stunned. Gus starts talking to Michelle and Frank, Harley and David keep asking who they are and finally everyone shows their badges. Harley calls to check them out and tells everyone that they are real. Frank is ticked off and asks Michelle how long she has known. She tells him that she has known for a few weeks. Tony yells at Mary and tells her that she set Danny up. She tells him they were only trying to help Danny. Frank is ticked that they didn't let the locals in on it. Gus tells them that they told the commissioner and that was the only person they thought needed to know. Gus goes on to tell the locals that they are relieved of their duties of this case. All mob activity is now under Federal jurisdiction. The locals are mad. They tell him that this is their case. Gus tells them it is his case and they can report to him.

Michelle keeps eyeing the stairs and tells them she wants to go check on the baby. Gus tells her to stay there. He makes Tony get up and starts questioning him. Tony tells him he wants a lawyer. Gus tells him that he will need one because he is under arrest. He charges him with racketeering, firearm charges and conspiracy to commit murder. Michelle tells them that Tony protected Danny. Gus asks if that is Tony's story and Tony tells him it is the only story. Gus handcuffs Tony and Tony cries out from the pain. Frank comes over and tells them that Tony needs a doctor and he will go to the hospital before anything else. Gus says he will take him to the hospital. Frank and Harley said they would follow him to make sure he is okay. Michelle tells Tony that she will get Ross to meet him at Cedar's. Marah walks in and asks them what is going on. Tony tells her he has been arrested by the feds.

At Company:
Ross brings Blake into company and no one is there. He tells her that he played Buzz off to let them have a private breakfast there. He has candles, juice in goblets and all Blake's favorite foods there. She climbs on his lap and kisses him. He tells her that he doesn't always tell her but he notices all the little things she does. He sees her with their kids, and working on her book, he knows how beautiful she is and he wants to let her know that. She goes around to her seat and they toast. She tells him he is full of surprises and he tells her that it is only the beginning.

In San Cristobel:
At the Santos villa, Cassie is on the phone with Dax asking if he can get some things together and get them over to the restaurant for Phillip to pick up. He tells her that he will but she needs to be aware that Edmund has someone following Phillip. Cassie says Phillip has it under control.

Phillip comes back in with the box from Dax. He shows it to Cassie and gives her a new cell phone that he got for them. He tells her that no one knows about it so they should be safe. She tells him all about her trip to the palace. She tells him about seeing Richard and then Beth. Phillip thinks she has been very busy. They go over the plan again. Phillip hopes he can pull his part off. He wants to know if she is sure Beth bought it. If Beth thinks she is up to something, they could be in trouble. Cassie says if they figure it out they still won't have figured it out, this plan is foolproof. Phillip goes over and opens up the box Dax left them. It is a guard uniform. He puts it on. Cassie thinks it looks great and knows that no one will recognize him. She tells him just to act very military, like Dax on a bad day. Phillip tries it and she tells him no one will know him. Phillip hopes not. He tells her that would leave all three of them sharing a jail cell.

At the palace, Edmund hangs up the phone; disgusted that Phillip shook the tail that was on him. He is sure that he is helping Cassie. Beth tells Edmund that Cassie came to see her last night and she goes on to tell him about it. Edmund is happy and yells for Dax. He goes over what happened with Cassie and tells him that Phillip slipped the tail they had on him. Edmund tells Dax to double the security. He reminds Dax to remember where is loyalties lie. Dax leaves and Edmund and Beth discuss whether or not Cassie will stick to the plan or if she was deliberately feeding Beth false information. They try to decide what Cassie's real plan is. She is very determined and as long as she is on the run she is a threat to Edmund. Edmund thinks that he should let Cassie break Richard out and then as they are climbing over the palace walls he will have guards shoot them. Beth looks at him a little shocked. Edmund turns to her and asks her what she thinks. She tells him that she doesn't see killing Richard and Cassie as a viable alternative. She tells Edmund that it could cause more problems. The people think Richard is under arrest for his own protection and if something were to happen to him they may revolt. Edmund says that is why he needs her, to keep him grounded. He asks if she thinks he is a horrible person for even thinking it. She says no and he tells her to keep him on the straight and narrow. They kiss. He tells her that the upside to his plan is that Cassie will be out of their way for good. Beth smiles, she likes that. Beth thinks that they should go with Edmund's plan except when they shoot Richard and Cassie, it should be with a camera and then they could arrest them both and silence them that way. Edmund likes it, he thanks her again and he asks her what they should do while they are waiting. She smiles and they start kissing again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

In San Cristobel:
At the Santos villa, Phillip completes his disguise and Cassie approves. She tells Phillip not to look anyone in the eye. He wants to look Edmund in the eye and laugh when this is over and she and Richard are safe. She asks what he will do about Beth and he tells her he will deal with her later because he knows Edmund would like to silence them all.

At the palace, Edmund is in the palace sitting room checking his gun. Beth asks him why he has it. Edmund says he is prepared in case someone tries to kill him. Beth asks if he would only do it in self-defense. Edmund reminds Beth that she told him if anything happened to Richard the people would make him a martyr. He tells her that he realizes it is in his best interest to keep Richard alive. Edmund assures Beth that he will leave it to the guards to catch them and throw Richard and Cassie both in jail. Beth wonders if the people will get upset if Cassie is locked up but he tells her he will have an amateur photographer capturing it all on tape then he will edit it and give it to the news. The people of SC will be shocked and then he will finally be one of the good guys. He is sure they will win the hearts of the people yet.

At the jail, Phillip shows up in his uniform acting as a regime physician. He tells the guard Prince Edmund wanted to make sure Richard is safe and cannot accuse them of mistreatment. The guard looks skeptical and Phillip tells him he can look through his medical bag if he would like. The guard does and tells him it is just to be safe. After he is through, Phillip tells him to hurry up and open the cell, he has more appointments to get to. The guard opens it and Phillip makes sure Richard realizes he is a doctor that had come to check on them. Richard acts like he is upset that his dear old' brother is still trying to manipulate. The guard leaves and Richard asks Phillip what is going on. Phillip tells him that he and Cassie are busting him out. Richard tells him that he will not leave him there to take Edmund's wrath. Phillip tells Richard that he will be fine; Edmund will not touch him because he is the father of Beth's children and he won't want to risk losing her.

Meanwhile, Edmund is outside the palace with the guards waiting for word on the escape. He reminds the guards that they are to let Richard escape and not do anything until they have word from him. When the guards leave, Edmund pulls out his gun and says he will take care of Richard himself. Beth comes out and tells Edmund that she couldn't take the waiting, everything was too quiet. Edmund tells her he doesn't understand why something hasn't happened yet. Beth tells him they may have changed their agenda again. Edmund doesn't think so. He thinks for a moment and then gets very upset. He tells everyone to follow him.

Edmund, Beth, and the guards get to the jail and Edmund gets the guard to open the cell. They go in and are shocked when Phillip turns around and smiles wearing Richard's clothes.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle is on the phone with Ross asking for help for Tony. She tells him all she could without letting him know that Danny was still at the house. She tells him that Tony is at the hospital but under arrest with the FBI. Ross asks more about the feds and Michelle tells him about May. Ross is surprised that May is anything but the flaky cigarette girl she pretended to be. Michelle asks Ross if he thinks she will be able to bail Tony out of jail. He tells her when the feds are involved there is no telling but he will do his best. Michelle hangs up and goes back to her conversation with Marah. Marah wonders why everyone thinks the worst of Tony but Michelle says Ross will help. Marah thanks Michelle and leaves to go to the hospital to see Tony.

Danny comes downstairs to sit. Michelle doesn't think he should be out of bed but he is going stir crazy. She tells him what had happened about Tony and the Lewis House and the feds. He is upset but she tells him she already has Ross over there with Tony. Danny thanked her and kisses her. He asks her to sit with him and they talk about their future. He says that Michelle's family seems to be coming around to him, they all pitched in and helped him out and Tony and Ray are on their side as well. Michelle kisses him. Danny says it would be funny if he was run over by a bus or killed by mad cow disease now after all of this. Michelle says they had enough bad luck for both of their lifetimes and they should live happily ever after. She kisses him again.

The cop that is stationed outsider the Bauer house comes to the door and knocks. He tells Michelle that a woman is there who claims to be a relative. Michelle sees it is Maria. Maria tells Michelle that she really needs to talk to her on a matter of life and death. Michelle tells the police officer it is okay and lets Maria in the house. Maria tells Michelle that having the cop's there makes her safe for now. Maria tells Michelle that David Grant came to see her. Michelle tells her that she knew he would. She asks Michelle what she told the cops and Michelle tells her that they know everything, the truth. Maria wonders how Danny is and tries to act like she was trying to save his life. Michelle says Tony, Rick and Claire saved Danny from her. Maria says Danny should have listened to her and none of this would have happened. Michelle says Maria is an old evil woman who never loved Danny. Maria tells her that she will destroy Danny. Danny comes out and defends Michelle. He tells her that he is there in front of her; she should take her best shot. Maria sees Danny and he tells her he knows the whole story. Danny tells her the FBI knows everything and May has been taping him for months. Maria gets frightened and asks for Danny's loyalty but Danny reminds her how she was loyal to him. He tells her to call Carlos and ask him to come over there now but not to tell him why. Maria goes to make the call while Michelle asks Danny if he is sure. He tells her he is.

Carlos arrives and acts like he has no idea why the cops are outside. Maria tells him that Michelle knows everything and so does Danny. Carlos is confused until Danny walks out of the kitchen. He is surprised. Danny tells Carlos that the FBI is moving in and they will take him first but the one they really want is Carlos. Danny assures him that he will be a firewall for all the other families but only in return for his family's safety and his own safety whether he is in prison or out. He tells Carlos if anything happens to him or his family they are cooked. He goes on to tell them how he wrote duplicate letters with enough information in them to put every member of every family away for the rest of their lives. If something happens to any of his family they will be sent to the FBI. He tells them that on top of that the FBI has tape recordings of Maria and Carlos plotting the hit on him. He suggest they both leave town. Maria and Carlos agree. They start to leave. Maria stops and asks if she can have a photo of her great grandson to take with her. Michelle goes and grabs one. She hands it to Maria and tells her she is thankful her son will never know her. Maria leaves. Danny holds Michelle and tells her they won.

At Cedar's:
Tony is having his shoulder looked at. Gus is giving him a hard time throwing all kinds of questions and accusations at him and Frank is telling Tony not to talk without legal advice. Gus thinks Frank is on the criminal's side now. Gus throws Frank and all the locals out, then he and goes back to questioning Tony. The doctor tells him that he is upsetting the patient and he should leave. Gus starts calling Tony names and accusing him of tons of stuff just as Ross walks in. Gus tells him to get out. Ross tells Gus that he is the one that will be getting out. He tells Gus not to even ask his client the time of day without him present. Gus calls Ross a mouthpiece for the mob and tells him he will be watching him as well. Gus is ticked off and leaves.

Tony tells Ross the entire story from the shooting to the Lewis house to the feds arresting him. Ross takes notes and asks some questions and he thinks Tony will be okay. He tells Tony that their story is that Tony knew about the hit but was trying to gather more information about the hit in order to protect Danny. Ross tells Tony that even after the indictment he suggests that he try to stay in the hospital because it is heavily guarded. Besides which, Ross is sure that the feds aren't after him but a much bigger fish. Tony asks Ross if he is taking the case because of Michelle. Ross tells him that he only takes cases if he wants to. Tony tells him he saw an interview with his wife about the book she was writing about the Santos clan. Ross tells him that it doesn't name names. Tony still would like to read it. Ross tells him that he is fine with Tony if Tony is okay with him. Tony tells Ross he is cool to him. He is happy with anyone that can get the FBI out of his room.

Harley is talking to Gus about her hunches. She believes that Tony is a good kid. He disagrees and tells her that they have evidence to say otherwise. He is very cocky and Harley tells him egos don't collar criminals. Gus goes on to ask about her hunch. She says he arrested the wrong guy. He repeats that they have evidence but he refuses to reveal it. Harley tells him that David has been investigating the mob for 2 years and Tony is not into the mob stuff. Harley apologizes and tells him they got off on the wrong foot. She tells him that she is available if he needs her help and she won't hold a grudge against him. Gus says the FBI works alone and thinks she should just move on. Marah arrives ands tells Harley she wants to see Tony. Harley tells her where he is and Marah heads over to the room. Gus jumps in front of her and asks if she is the girlfriend. She says she is and he tells her she is an accessory to Tony's crimes. Marah tells Gus that Tony hasn't committed crimes so she can't be an accessory. She only helped him when he was hurt. He says Tony knew about the plot to kill Danny but Marah combats that with the fact that Tony got shot protecting Danny. She tells Gus he is a big mean bully. She tries to go by him but he tells her she can't go in Tony's room because he is with his lawyer. Just then Ross comes out and invites Marah in. Gus is ticked again. Marah grins at him and Ross tells him that she is a witness for the defense.

Frank is outside, talking to May. He wants to know if she outranks him and what kind of weapon she has. She assures him she didn't go out with him to get information. Frank compares her to a Trojan horse with her turning from a seemingly innocent to a deadly force.

Back in Tony's room, Ross tells Marah that Gus was just trying to upset her to get more information. He is on a fishing expedition and can't touch her because of the Good Samaritan laws. He tells her not to worry about it. He goes to make some calls and leaves Marah and Tony alone. Marah asks Tony how he feels. He tells her he is upset that Gus was leaning on her. She says she stood up to him and called him a bully. Tony laughs. She tells him that he was calling her 'the girlfriend'. Tony asks what she would call him but she just grins and doesn't say anything. He tells her she knows she is crazy for him, head over heels. She smiles and doesn't deny it. He tells her to come closer. She does and he leans up and kisses her.

Thursday, April 12, 2001

At the Bauer House:
Michelle is changing Danny's bandage and he is acting like a big baby because the tape hurts him. Michelle asks him how he can stand up to all these mobsters who tried to kill him and yet gets upset over a little pull from a bandage. He laughs. He tells her that he has been worried about one thing. Their insurance policy, (the letters), are still upstairs, they have to get them out of there and to a third party right away. Michelle asks him if he thinks Maria will really leave town. Danny thinks she believed him about the tape and he has no doubt she will be on the first place to Havana, ASAP. Michelle thinks they are safe now from the mob families but she is still worried about the feds. He tells her he doesn't know yet. She tells him they need to call Mary and Gus and have a meeting so they can decide what to do next. Danny isn't sure. He tells Michelle that he made a deal with the families not to say anything and he can't testify against them. Michelle tells him that he did that in order to save their family. Danny tells her if they were to go along with the feds, the other families would find them and take them out before they could do anything. Michelle tells him that she can't lose him to the mob or to prison. Michelle tells him they should call and set up a meeting just to hear what the feds have to say. They call Gus.

Gus and Mary show up. Danny asks about Tony and they tell him he will be fine but he is in a heap of trouble. Gus tries to get Danny to say more but Danny tells him they will have to talk to Tony about that. They tell Danny that they need information from him about the other families. Danny tells him that the reason he called them was to tell them to their faces that he is not giving them anything. Gus is not happy with this revelation and tells Danny he is stupid. He tells him that they were willing to protect him but now all he is going to get is jail time. Danny tells him that he has to protect his wife and child and if he testifies they will all surely be dead. Gus again offers his protection. Danny tells him that he doesn't trust his protection, he only trusts himself. May tries to talk some sense to Michelle but Michelle stands by Danny. Gus starts to walk away and sees the pictures of the baby. He tells Danny he wants to tell him what is going to happen to him next. He tells Danny he has to spend as much time as he can with his baby in the next few days because he won't be able too much longer. He tells Michelle she needs to talk to her husband before he is put in prison. Danny tells them to get out. Gus and Mary leave. Danny tells Michelle he knew that would happen and now the feds won't leave them alone. He just hopes they can stall them a little bit. Michelle is upset. She tells him she has come to far to have him leave her this way. She knows there has to be another way.

At Cedar's:
Ross comes in to see Tony, who is still with Marah. He tells him that they are about to have an interview with Gus and Tony shouldn't talk much. He instructs Tony not to be rude, not to cop an attitude and not to volunteer any information. Tony agrees. Ross goes out to get the feds and Marah wishes Tony luck. Mary and Gus come in and Mary asks Marah to take a walk with her. Marah tells her she doesn't want to. Tony tells her to go ahead and Marah leaves with Mary. Gus is still acting cocky. Tony tells Gus that he has a confession to make. Ross tells Tony not to be stupid. Tony tells Gus that he was rude to him earlier and he apologizes to him. He promises Gus that from now on he will be cool. Gus goes on to tell Tony that he has proof that he knew from the beginning about the hit on Danny and tells him that he could be looking at 30 years in prison. Gus gets a call and has to leave. He tells Ross on the way out that there is no way he will get bail unless they have some magic. He leaves and Ross tells Tony that if Gus has the tapes he claims to have they will definitely need some magic. Tony asks Ross about the bail. Ross thinks he has a few cards to play as well before they get too concerned. Tony tells him that he doesn't have any money and he is sure his Abuela wouldn't be the best person for him to call. Ross tells him that he will ask Michelle, he is sure she will help. Ross leaves and Marah comes back in to be with Tony. He tells her that he had always thought he would go to prison because everyone in his family had but now he is really scared because for the first time he has something to lose, her. Marah tells him that will never happen and they kiss again.

In San Cristobel:
Edmund has just discovered that Phillip and not Richard is in the cell. He is furious. Edmund demands to know where Richard is and Phillip plays dumb. Edmund starts yelling at the guards to find Richard and Cassie immediately. Phillip is very pleased with himself and he smiles. The guard tries to say something and Edmund loses it and hits him, knocking him to the floor. Phillip tells Edmund not to be angry with the guard since it was all his own doing. He tells Edmund he tricked the guard and then switched clothes with Richard. Phillip is really enjoying the rapport with Edmund but Beth comes over fuming, telling Phillip to stop it. The sirens sound and Beth tells him that he has helped Richard and Cassie get killed. She tells him that the sirens are letting the guards know to find them and they are all heavily armed. She tells Phillip to give up their hiding place for their own protection. Phillip tells her that he hopes they are well on their way to Springfield because once they get there, he is sure they will contact the state department and then Edmund will be in a world of trouble. Edmund tells Phillip the escape is all on his hands and he will pay the consequences. Phillip tells Edmund and Beth that they have to let him out or explain to Lizzie and James why they locked him in a dungeon. Beth is angry at Phillip. Phillip is calm and tells her she is brainwashed and she can't even see what she has let her self become. Beth tells him that she has become a woman with more self-confidence then she ever had with him. Phillip thanks Beth and tells her they would have never been able to pull off the escape without her. He tells her that Cassie knew that she would go straight to Edmund with the information and she played right into their hands. Beth is very angry and storms out. Edmund tells Phillip not to hurt Beth again. He orders the guard to put Phillip in leg irons and cuffs. Edmund tells Phillip he won't let anyone on the outside know that Phillip is there so no one will be looking for him. Edmund further tells Phillip that soon Richard and Cassie will join him. He tells Phillip to sit back and enjoy his stay. Edmund returns to the palace and goes to Beth. Beth asks him if he locked Phillip up. He tells her he did but he won't keep him there forever. Beth is worried about what will happen if Richard and Cassie make it to the states. He tells her everything will be a lot worse. Beth thinks they should have a press conference to get their side out first. Edmund thinks about it and realizes that is a good idea. He will say Richard is in an agitated mental state and needs to be taken back to the palace for his own protection. He thinks that will make the entire country set out looking for him.

Edmund gets off the phone and tells Beth that the airport security has grounded the Spaulding jet and all other outgoing planes have been searched. So he is sure Richard and Cassie are still on the island. He isn't as worried now, they will stay underground and he can concentrate on his coronation. He thinks the coronation will have a great impact on the people and make them see him as continuity instead of tyranny. Beth is worried about Phillip. She says that her children don't have either parent with them and she is very concerned. Edmund thinks Phillip will use the children as leverage so he decides to use some leverage of his own. He calls the guards and orders them to bring Phillip up to the sitting room ASAP.

When Phillip comes in, Edmund tells Phillip he is being deported and will no longer be welcome in San Cristobel. He tells him as far as Spaulding Business, he should have Alan send another construction supervisor. Phillip asks Beth if she will be staying in SC and she tells him she would be. He asks her if there is any way he can change her mind but she tells him there isn't. Phillip tells her that as far as he is concerned she is abandoning their children and he will file for sole custody as soon as he gets back into Springfield.

In the palace yards, Richard, clad in the uniform Phillip had on earlier, is walking down the steps as the guards start heading for the main gate. The siren sounds letting the guards know about the jailbreak. Richard turns to run when a hand pulls on his shoulder. It's Cassie and she tells him she would know that mustache anywhere. She hugs him and they run away from the palace. Richard and Cassie arrive at the airport, but realize that there are armed guards surrounding the Spaulding Jet. Cassie tells him they will have to go with plan B then and they rush off again in the opposite direction. They get to the Santos villa and are both out of breath. They are both worried about Phillip and what Edmund will do now. Richard tells her when they get to the states they will be able to do more. She is upset that they have to hide out in what should have been their love nest. Richard apologizes for getting her into so much mess with the guards after them and the loss of their son. She is crying and Richard goes to hold her. He tells her she has given him so much strength and she didn't leave him when she could have. She says she gets her strength from him and she couldn't leave him in that cell. He says he will never leave her. He kisses her.

Friday, April 13, 2001

At the Lewis House:
Marah calls home and Noah answers the phone. He asks if she is okay and she tells him she is but wants to leave a message for Reva. Reva takes the phone and asks where she is. Marah tells her and Reva says she is not safe with Tony. Marah says there was a mix up with the FBI but Ross will fix everything. Reva tells Marah to come home but Marah refuses. She tells her mom she will be staying until visiting hours end and then she hangs up. Reva is upset and wants to call Josh. Noah says not to drag Josh into this, they don't need a big drama. Reva tells him he just said the wrong thing. She grabs the phone and calls Josh. Afterwards, Noah is angry that Reva's first impulse was to call Josh. He says that they should let him know where Marah is, but he doesn't think she should have called when Marah is fine and said she will be home later. Reva says Noah doesn't understand. He tells her that her kids love him and if she would have given him a chance to go pick Marah up he would have for her but instead she called Josh. Noah wants her to turn to him and he is sick of being an afterthought. He says he will come by tomorrow if she wants to talk. He has had enough for one night. Noah leaves.

At Company:
Olivia and Sam are talking about the San Cristobel project that Olivia is working on. She thinks she can preserve the 19th century architecture on the exterior and still have a modernized mall inside. She is very excited and knows that Edmund will agree to it. Sam thinks a project like this will being her and Josh together for many long hours. Olivia agrees and smiles. Sam changes the subject on Olivia suddenly when Josh walks in. Josh comes over and flops in the booth with them. He tells them they will not believe what has happened now. Olivia braces herself for more bad news concerning Josh's ex. Josh tells them about Marah and Tony and what had happened in the past few days. Olivia thinks this is really over the top and she is angry and uncompassionate to Josh about it. Josh finishes up by saying that Marah is going to continue seeing the young mobster anyway and to top it all off Noah lectured Josh about helping Tony. Olivia thinks that may be a good idea. Sam tells Josh that he should ride it out and get used to Tony being around. Josh asks if he has been talking to Noah. Olivia defends Sam and says that Josh might have to lock Marah in her room for the next five years. He tells her he will if he has to. Olivia is very upset and tells him to send her a postcard from Reva's house. Josh is annoyed. Olivia tells him she would love to have one day that didn't involve Marah, Reva or Tony. Just in time, Reva phones Josh and tells him that Marah called her and said she was with Tony at the hospital and she wants her home. Josh said he would go get her and he leaves. Olivia is irate and asks Sam if she blew it. He tells her she could have handled it a lot better. Olivia looks over and sees that Sam is very upset. Sam tells her that Josh said Marah took Tony into her bed last night. Olivia apologizes to her brother and tells him that he doesn't deserve to have Marah treat him like dirt. Sam tells her she doesn't deserve it either. Olivia agrees but tells him that she signed up for it and has to deal with it. Sam tells her that no one would blame her if she just walked away. Olivia thinks that when they get the San Cristobel project everything will be okay and the focus will be off Reva and Marah.

At Cedar's:
Marah is still with Tony. He suggests she go home before her parents get upset. She says she is almost 18 and they will have to accept her choices. She thinks they will come around and see him as she does. Tony doesn't know, he thinks they may only see a punk kid who is on his way to jail. Ray comes in and is happy to see his brother. He tells Tony he is proud of him. Tony tells Ray that Ross advised him not to tell the feds what he knows about the hit and if he talks against the families he is dead. Ray suggests talking privately but Marah tells him she knows everything. Ray asks if her parents know where she is and suggests she call them. She does.

Ray tells Tony it kills him seeing him like this. Tony says it could have been a lot worse. Ray is proud of Tony and says he did the right thing. Tony agrees but says he may feel differently after doing time in jail. Marah thinks that Ross will help and Ray agrees he is a good lawyer. Josh comes in but the guards won't let him go into the room. Ray tells him it is all right and Josh enters. He asks Ray and Marah to leave him alone with Tony. They reluctantly leave. Josh tells Tony he thought this is where he would wind up. Tony tells him he didn't expect this; he was only trying to save Danny's life. Josh asks him why he isn't concerned about his daughter's life. Tony tells him he tried to keep away from her but she just happened to be at the lighthouse. He tells Josh he would never put Marah in danger. Josh says he believes him, which makes this so difficult. He knows that danger seems to follow Tony around. Josh says Tony has done a good job of hiding his dark side from Marah but he wonders how long he can keep up that façade. He wonders what will happen once he is back on the streets and ordered to harm someone. Will his violence come out? Tony tells him his family is out of the business and he is not that kid anymore. Josh is unconvinced. Tony tells him he has changed and he believes a good bit of that is because of Marah. Josh tells him you can't change because of another person. He tells Tony he doesn't believe he has changed at all and that is why he wanted to speak to him alone. Josh tells Tony that he knows he will break his daughters heart one day and that is why Josh wouldn't care if they put him in jail and threw away the key. Tony tells Josh he may just get his wish. Josh says that his wish was for Marah to have a happy life and look forward to proms and dates and not have a broken heart because her boyfriend is in the federal penitentiary. Josh tells him the best he can hope for now is damage control. He asks Tony to stop seeing Marah. He tells him if he doesn't the feds and the mob will pale in comparison to his wrath.

At the Bauer's:
Ross arrives and is surprised to see Danny. Ross wants to know if the police know Danny is here. Danny says he just finished talking to the FBI and asks about Tony. Ross says he is fine and he is trying to help him although he is a handful but he confesses that he likes Tony. Michelle asks if Ross would like another client. Ross looks concerned. Danny tells him he is looking at a RICO prosecution and Michelle asks for Ross's help. Michelle leaves them alone to talk and Danny fills Ross in about all the possible evidence against him. Ross asks if the weekly meetings were about him getting out. Danny said they were for the most part. Ross thinks the FBI must have more evidence than they are telling. He wonders why they are targeting him but Danny says maybe because they know he wants to get out. Michelle comes back in and asks Ross what he thinks. Ross is upset that the FBI is pressuring Danny. He thinks they are either pressuring him for information or they have something they aren't telling. Someone must be targeting Danny specifically. Michelle asks if they can fight this in court. Ross says that Danny and Tony may be in serious trouble but he will do his best. Ross starts to leave and Danny gives Ross the letters he wrote. He tells Ross that if anything happens to him or his family he should send one copy to the feds and the other copy to the Springfield PD. He tells him that they will also have copies put in their safe deposit boxes. Ross agrees and tells them he will put them in his office safe. Michelle thanks Ross for his help. Ross tells her that he isn't a miracle worker and they should be prepared if the worst happens. Ross leaves.

Michelle grabs her purse and keys and tells Danny where the baby formula is. She tells him that Ross said they needed a miracle so she is going to go find them one.

In San Cristobel:
At the villa, Cassie answers the phone, its Phillip. He tells her that he is out and being deported. Cassie gives Richard the phone. Phillip tells him he is leaving but he will be in touch. Richard thanks Phillip and tells Cassie that he is relieved Phillip got out safely. Phillip is worried about Dax, Phillip told him he was being watched. Richard says the message is clear, if Edmund gets to them they won't get away again. Cassie says they will have to lay low, but Richard says they need people who can move around out there. Cassie says there are patrols everywhere. Richard wants to go out for help but Cassie is scared. She begs Richard not to leave her. He takes her in his arms and promises not to do anything dangerous. He tells her they will take their time and will get back to the states safely. Cassie says it is safe here now and she needs him. She thinks they should put that time to good use. He looks at her and she tells him she misses his touch. It has been months since they were together and she wants him. He admits to feeling the same way but he thought she needed time to heal. Cassie tells him they can't heal if they aren't together. She asks him to make love to her. He asks if she is sure and she says yes. He kisses her and she says she has thought about this for so long. He kisses her again and asks if it is too soon after the baby. She tells him it isn't. Richard takes off her shirt as they continue to kiss.

Later, Richard and Cassie are wrapped in blankets lying on the couch. She tells him how much she missed being with him. He tells her that she has always been there for him and he wants her to know he gets his strength from her love. Cassie feels the same. She tells him that there at that moment it is like no one else exists. He promises her they will find their way back home.

At the palace, Beth is pacing around the palace sitting room. She is concerned. Phillip has never threatened sole custody before. She thinks he is serious. Edmund thinks Phillip doesn't have a case but Beth assures him he does and a judge would see it Phillip's way. Beth says Phillip has her cornered and there is only one thing she can do. She has to return to SF ASAP. Edmund looks hurt but Beth tells him she will come back as soon as she can. She hates what he is thinking right now. She says she is not leaving him; she just can't risk losing her children. She tells Edmund she will reach an agreement with Phillip and then return. Edmund says Phillip is not reasonable and will do everything to keep them apart. Beth says it won't come to that because now she knows how to win. Edmund believes her and asks her to make it back for the coronation. She promises to return for that. Edmund calls for the royal jet to fly Beth to SF. She thanks him and he says he can deny her nothing including letting her leave him.

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