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Monday, April 2, 2001

At the Bauers':
Michelle comes in and Danny asks where she had been. He is nervous. She tells him that she went to Infierno to see Tony. Danny demanded to know what Tony said. Rick walks in exhausted and Michelle sends him up to bed. They get rid of Rick and Danny goes on to ask about Tony. She told him that Tony didn't say much but that she did most of the talking. She tells Danny what she told Tony and that he was stressed out. She asks Danny what May and her boss said at the meeting. Danny tells her that there is a contract out on him and Carlos, Tony and Abuela are the ones behind it. Michelle can't believe it. Danny tells her about finding out from Ray as well. He doesn't understand why they would do this. He has always been taught blood is blood. Danny wants to call Abuela, he doesn't believe she can do go through with it if she has to look in his face.

Tony shows up at the Bauer's and peeks in the window. He sees the two men in the woods with guns and then looks over to Danny and Michelle right inside the windows. He says something about the family being sacred and runs inside. He tries to get Danny out of the view of the hit men and tells Danny that someone is there to kill him. Danny tells him he knows and he is looking at that person. He grabs Tony and pushes him against the wall. Tony tells him that there are men in the woods with guns there to take him out. He tells him that he is there to warn him. He says they wanted him in on it but he couldn't do it, he would never make Michelle a widow. Tony tells him that the men have high-powered rifles but he thinks they can get out. Danny lets Tony go and closes all the blinds and shuts off the lights. Tony tells him to leave with him now; he knows they can get away. Danny refuses to leave his wife and child. Tony tells him they won't be hurt, Carlos said so. Danny doesn't trust Carlos. Tony begs Danny to trust him then and get out. Just then Abuela comes in walking, without her wheelchair. Tony is confused and asks where her wheelchair is. Abuela tells him that the role of the old grandmother in the wheelchair served her well but she was in a hurry and had to do what she had to do. Danny tells her that he knows she wants him dead and wants her to say it to his face. She tells him the time for words is over and she pulls a gun on him.

At Infierno:
Tony and Abuela are waiting for Carlos. Tony is nervous. Abuela tells Tony that she hopes he is just worried and not anxious. She doesn't want him to doubt what they are doing. He tells her not to worry about him. He is in. Tony tells her how Michelle came by and talked to him about how much they trust him and he felt bad because he isn't made of stone. Abuela tells him it is good he has a heart but business is more important and he can't be weak. Carlos comes in and tells them that Danny will be eliminated by the end of the evening. Tony asks when it will happen. Carlos says very quickly, as soon as possible. Tony asks about Michelle and the baby. Carlos tells him that it will be only Danny. Tony is worried and he tells them that the baby is his godchild and that means something to him. Abuela smiles at Tony and tells Carlos she has one grandchild she can count on. Tony tells them he is going to go look over the books. He gets outside the office and leaves. Carlos makes his call.

At the Lewis House:
Reva is sitting in her chair when Noah arrives. He asks how she is doing. She tells him she had been thinking. He tells her to spit out what she wants to say. Reva tells him that she isn't the woman he fell in love with and she knows he didn't sign on for caregiver. Noah tells her that she looks and feels like the woman he fell for. He goes to kiss her and she tells him that she isn't the same. It was all excitement until the accident and now she has a hard time with even making a sandwich. He tells her it has nothing to do with the blindness; he thinks 'she' is scared that there will no longer be any excitement. He says that he will love her even if they were the most boring couple in the world. She tells him she loves him as well but she just has to learn to live with what is going on. He understands that she has to do some of these things on her own and he will give her the time to do that. He kisses her and leaves.

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Cassie are ticked off that Ed once again got out of the trouble he was in. Cassie is furious that Phil told Beth what was going on. Cassie thinks the people may still see through it. Richard tells her that Ed was very convincing in his speech. His grand ability to lie is mainly because he can convince himself. He asks her to go back to Springfield with Phil. She refuses to go without him. He begs her, saying they have already lost their child and he won't lose her as well. She tells him she will not leave him. Richard tells her that Ed is way more dangerous now then ever and they can't risk it. Dax comes in and he and Richard sit down and hatch a plan. He tells him that Ed will want to use him and he should be there for him. Dax leaves and promises to continue to serve him. Cassie is glad Dax is a true friend.

At the palace:
Ed is talking to the guards telling them to tighten security. Beth asks him if it is about manipulation and intimidation that he is gathering all these guards. He tells her that she is so on point and knows exactly what is going on. He kisses her and thanks her again. Beth tells Ed that Richard and Cassie have been wrong to try to keep what is rightfully his away from him. Ed tells her that it is all there's not just his. Phil comes in and tells Beth that he is surprised at her but glad to see she wasn't bought cheap. Beth asks Ed to leave them alone. He leaves. Phil tells her that he was sure that she wouldn't run to Ed with the info he gave her. He asks her where the woman he knew has gone. She scowls at him and tells him to stop acting like she is stupid and easily manipulated. She tells him that she is not a victim and she would do the whole thing over again in a heartbeat. She tells him that she isn't an innocent and her eyes are wide open. She starts screaming about how Richard did all of this and forced Edmund to do everything he has done. Beth tells him that he is just like Ed. Phil is very upset by the comparison and tells her the only thing similar is that both of them at the moment want her. He tells her that he wants her home with their family. She tells him she doesn't have a home and asks him where she belongs. She tells him that she isn't resented in San Cristobel and she isn't judged. She demands he let her have her life. He tells her that her life isn't grounded in reality. She tells him she resents him and everything he is saying. She tells him that Ed accepts her the way she is. He isn't trying to change her or save her from herself. He tells her that she can do whatever she wants but he will be taking care of the children. She asks what that means. He tells her that with the coups that Ed has pulled and all the armed guards and extra security, he will never let his kids come down there again. Beth tells him that he is lying and that threat is awful. Phil tells her that he isn't threatening her and that is why he sent the kids home, to get them out of the line of fire. She tells him that he has no right to keep the kids from her. He tells her she can see the kids as much as she wants, at home. She tells him that he can't force her to choose between being a woman and a mother. He tells her that she can't have everything. Ed comes in and tells Phil that Beth can have it all and she will. Ed tells Phil that if he insists on doing this the Spaulding's will pay and in the end he and Beth will win.

The royal council comes in with full military guards around them. One of the councilmen tells Ed that he is no good and his father has to be turning in his grave. Ed tells them that someone rigged the election and he couldn't tolerate it. He tells them that so far everything has been peaceful and bloodless and he hopes to continue that. He taps one of the guard's guns with his hand and looks at the council. Dax walks in and Ed continues. He tells them that he wants to be endorsed immediately. The council says nothing. Ed gets the guards to pull their guns and hold them on the council. Dax tells them they should endorse Ed. They all reluctantly do so.

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

At the Bauers':
Danny is still confronting Maria, who is holding him at gunpoint. He tells her she looks very much like his grandmother but she isn't related to him. He tells her that he used to trust her but now she and her buddy Carlos have been trying to turn Tony against him. Maria tells him that she tries to reason with the other families but Danny wouldn't listen and insisted that he was leaving so the hit was inevitable and out of her hands. She tells Danny he should trust her now. He tells her that at one time he would have done whatever she said but there is no way he is going to trust her now. Maria asks him if he wants things to end like this, wasting his life. She turns to Michelle and tells her that now that she is a mother and a wife she will appreciate the loss that much more. She tells Michelle that she has lost her sons and lost her grandson to her. Maria tells Michelle that she won and now she will feel true loss. Maria tells Danny to enjoy what little time he has left and she leaves. She looks over at the hitmen hiding in the bushes.

Danny sends Michelle, Tony and Robert to the basement telling them that he will stay in the kitchen with Tony's gun. Before they can leave the hitmen break in and a shot rings out. Danny yells out for Tony from behind the cabinets. One of the hitmen was hit. Danny runs out and grabs Tony and they try to get out. Then Danny is shot and Michelle runs to help him. She gets him on the couch just as Rick comes down. Rick tries to help him and asks Tony to call 911 but Danny tells him not to. Tony tells him the guys are still out there and they have to get Danny away. Rick puts Danny's jacket on and starts to head out to buy them a little time. Rick tells Tony to go with him and that they should run for the car. They run out and there are a lot of shots fired. Inside, Danny tells Michelle to get away from the window. Rick and Tony make it to the car but the hitmen are following them.

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Cassie are watching the people from the restaurant terrace. Cassie says they are stunned and now are in a police state. They believe Edmund's speech. Richard says he will do everything he can to let the people know the truth. Cassie says he promised her not to do anything crazy, but he reminds her she was the one that broke out of her hospital room, crawl through a tunnel and address the council. Cassie wants to help him but he asks her to wait for Phillip while he talks to some people. He kisses her goodbye and leaves. Cassie looks worried.

Cassie is still in the hotel restaurant waiting when Phillip enters. Someone brings them a note from Richard telling her that it is too dangerous for her and he wants her to get out and go home. He says he already feels responsible for the loss of their child and begs her to leave saying he will stay and take care of things there. He begs her to go to the kids. She refuses and says that she will not let Richard do this alone.

Dax congratulates Edmund on the ruling of the council. Phillip tells Beth that Edmund was acting like a bully. Edmund asks Phillip how he enjoyed the meeting. He says he enjoyed it, but not for the reason Edmund thinks. Edmund is a desperate man and sooner or later the people will be on to him and he will be out. Edmund says maybe Phillip wants to go home but Phillip says he wants to stick around and see what happens. Edmund asks Dax if he should be concerned about his loyalty since he was always Richard's man. Dax says he was loyal to the crown, not the man. Phillip compares Dax to a chameleon and says he needs some fresh air. He walks out. Edmund says he admires Dax but doesn't trust him. He could either have him executed, arrested or keep him close and exploit his talent. He picks the third option. Dax tells him he understands and offers to review the perimeter guard. Beth tells Edmund she was amazed and a little frightened by his meeting with the royal council. Beth tells Edmund that the more tightly he controls the country, the more he is playing into people's perception of him. He should take a lighter approach. She suggests a walk on the piazza to give the impression that things are fine. Beth says that he is charming when he wants to be and he can calm the people in ten minutes flat. She offers to go with him. Edmund thinks it sounds like something Richard would have done. He agrees and asks Beth to go with him, kissing her. Dax rushes in and tells Edmund to watch the news report. As they are watching, Richard breaks into the broadcast and tells the people that Edmund needs to be stopped. He is committing an illegal, immoral and criminal action. He goes on to speak about the government of SC and the rights of the people. When he was prince of SC he defended those liberties, but right now this country is at war. They are being attacked by a man who could care less about the laws. The people are living under martial law and have no rights. He tells them that Edmund will use the troops to enforce his way. Richard says even though Edmund is prince his rights aren't any more important than the personal rights of all the people. They cannot allow that to happen. Edmund thinks the country belongs to him but the people can take it back. Richard wants the people to make their voices heard. A man once wrote, "They have rights but dare defend them." It is time for them to defend themselves. Cassie is standing in the studio watching. Edmund says he hates television. He tells Dax to have Richard and Cassie arrested and his assets frozen. Dax agrees and tells Edmund he is loyal to him. Beth wonders if Richard was trying to be arrested. Edmund says he will play along because he is tired of Richard's game playing. Beth wonders why Edmund sent Dax to arrest Richard. She thinks he may still be loyal to him and Cassie. Edmund tells her that he is testing Dax and if Dax fails, he will never be seen again.

Richard thanks the newscaster. He turns and sees that Cassie didn't leave. She tells him she can't leave him. Richard is worried she will be arrested. Dax arrives and Richard wonders if Edmund saw him on TV. Dax says yes and has both of them arrested. They are handcuffed and Dax says take them away.

At the Lewis House:
Marah is on the couch crying. Reva walks in and asks her why she is upset. Marah is amazed at her mother's hearing. Reva guesses it is about Tony and asks her to talk to her. Marah says she has a sick feeling inside that something terrible might happen to Tony. Even if he doesn't want to see her again, she would die if anything bad happened to him. She tells her mom that she was upset that Josh tries to stop her from seeing Tony but at least she knew Tony wanted her then. Now that he broke up with her and she isn't sure why, she is scared for him. She doesn't think it makes any sense. She knows Tony is as miserable as she is. She feels like she has a hot poker stuck in her chest and can't see this getting better. Reva thinks it sounds painful and says she is sorry she has a broken heart. Reva doesn't know anyone who hasn't felt that way. She says it is one of the tougher parts of life. Marah wants to know how you can let go of someone you love. Reva says how to let go is a tough question and Marah won't like the answer. Acceptance. Reva says she has fought her whole life, because that is the way she is. If she had just accepted things like they were, her life would have been a lot easier. Once you realize something isn't working, there is a release and you are free to move on to whatever comes next. Tony is an appealing young man and she (Reva) understands that there is a sweet gentle heart underneath it all but he had to grow up too fast. She tells Marah she never objected to Tony just the world he lives in. She hopes he can get out before something bad happens to him.

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

At the Bauers':
Michelle tells Danny the bullet went straight through him and assures him that he will be okay. She tells him that Tony and Rick left to get the bad guys to follow them and that she and the baby are fine. She is applying pressure to the bleeding but wants to call an ambulance. He tells her they can't call anyone, the cops will screw it all up. She promises not to call them but apparently one of the neighbors did because they hear a cop car outside. Michelle tells him they have to get him upstairs right away so they won't see him. She helps him out of the chair and up the steps to her room.

Outside, Harley and Frank are looking around. Someone called with reports of gunfire. They find the one hit man in the bushes dead. Frank goes to the door of the house. Michelle is inside cleaning up and covering the blood on the chair with a quilt. Frank and Harley come in and ask what is going on. She tells them that the hit man came and Danny ran. She doesn't know where he is. They aren't convinced and ask her to trust them. They tell her they can help her. Michelle tells them that Danny left with Tony in Rick's car. She goes over what happened with Abuela and the hit men coming in. They tell her that the guy outside has a broken neck. Harley goes to put out an APB on Danny and Tony so they can find them and protect them. Harley and Frank talk about the situation. Michelle says she wants to check on the baby. Frank tells her to get some sleep if she can.

Michelle goes into her room and tries to get Danny to wake up. She is worried about his blood loss and tries to check his wound again. Michelle calls Claire and asks her to help her. She tells her that it is Danny and she wouldn't have called if it weren't an emergency. She asks Claire if she can trust her and begs her to help her. Claire tells her she doesn't have a great track record with trust but she will do anything for her. Michelle thanks her for being honest and tells her that Danny has been shot. She tells her not to let on to Alan what is going on and there are also cops downstairs she will have to dodge but she needs her to help them. Claire tells her she can handle it and will be over there as soon as she can.

Claire comes in with a gym bag. She tells the cops she was driving by and saw the cars. She wants to see Michelle and the baby. They tell her to leave but she doesn't. She barges in and Michelle asks what she is doing there. She yells at Michelle asking why the mob was in the same house as her grandson and then demands she see him right away. Michelle takes her up telling Harley and Frank that is the only way to get rid of her. Harley tells Frank she is going to go up and help Michelle with Claire.

Michelle thanks Claire for everything while Claire looks at Danny. She tells Michelle that he is lucky, nothing major was hit. She tells her that he has to have antibiotics and fluids as well as a transfusion. Michelle tells her to take her blood because she and Danny were a perfect match when the cross-typed them at the hospital. Claire says she could get in so much trouble for this and Michelle says she won't say anything. She tells her to roll up her sleeve and lay down beside him.

In the Car:
Rick and Tony have pulled over. They are outside the bus depot. Tony tells him to go get a bus ticket and maybe the bad guys will think he is Danny and leaving town. Rick agrees. He goes inside the bus depot and acts like a crazy guy. He is over exaggerating his mob lingo and accent being very loud. He buys a ticket to Chicago and is very rude to the guy. Then he goes to grab a paper and beats up the paper machine until he gets a paper out. Everyone is staring out him like he has some disease. Later, Rick goes back out to the car and tells Tony that he made sure the guy would remember him and he is going to make sure he also sees him get on the bus and then Danny should be okay. Tony asks him where he should ditch his car. Rick tells him not to worry about it just to help himself. He thanks Tony and tells him how great he was getting them out of the house. He is glad Tony was on the right side and tells him he trusts him. Rick gets out and Tony tries to fight off his lethargy. He rubs his shoulder and is shocked when he pulls his hands out to find it covered in blood. He presses a towel against the wound and when he looks again the towel was drenched in blood. Tony turns on the radio and hears that the police are looking for the car he is in as well as he and Danny. He decides he has to get out of the car and starts walking.

In San Cristobel:
Dax brings Cassie and Richard in. They are still talking about the plan. Dax tells them he isn't sure why Ed wanted both he and Cassie arrested. They go into the throne room. Ed tells his brother that he needs a long cooling off in prison. Richard asks what else he is going to do to the people. He thinks Ed will revoke everyone's passport and restrict all media so that the country is pretty much at his mercy. Ed tells him he can do whatever he wants.

Ed tells Cassie that she is going to be on the next plane out of SC back to the states. She refuses to leave her husband but Ed tells her she has no choice. An aide comes in telling Ed that the people are mobbing the palace. They are trying to bust through. Richard seems happy about the situation. Ed calls the guards and tells them to take Richard to the prison and control the mob. He tells them to declare martial law and apply a curfew and if anyone protests shoot them with rubber bullets or arrest them. Richard tells Ed the people aren't stupid, they see what he is doing. Then he tells him to remember that what one takes by force, can never really be his.

Cassie asks Beth how it feels to start a revolution. She tells her she finally sees that Beth is just as ruthless as Edmund and she tells her she hopes they both rot in hell. Beth yells back at Cassie telling her that Ed has the rights to the throne, not Richard. Ed tells Dax to put her on the next flight out. Dax takes her out.

Outside, Cassie begs Dax to help her. She doesn't want to leave Richard in the prison, she is sure Ed will kill him. Dax tries to get her to be quiet. He tells her that he can't let her escape because Richard's plan will unravel. Cassie is so upset because she knows Richard will not come out alive. Phil comes out and hugs Cassie. Phil tells her he has a car and tries to take her with him. Dax tells them to put him out of commission to make it look good. Phil hits him and knocks him in the floor while he and Cassie leave.

Ed asks Beth how he should abuse his power next. He tells her that martial law was the only way and he had to send Richard to prison because he was the leader of the revolution. She asks him if he intends on keeping Richard in prison. He tells her that he has to silence him for a while. He asks her if any of it makes sense to her and she tells him it does. She hugs him and asks him if it is worth it. He sits her down on the princess' throne and tells her that she is the only one deserving of it. He kisses her and calls her the "Maker of Kings." Ed tells Beth that he feels transformed with power. He asks her if she would like to wear the crown and feel the power as well. She kisses him and asks if they can really do it. He tells her that they can do whatever they want. Ed has Beth dressed in the coronation robe and crown. He tells her the whole world can be there's. Just then two guards come in with Dax. Ed asks where Cassie is and throws water on him to get him to come to. Ed tells the guard to find her. Dax smiles to himself.

At the Lewis House:
Marah is blindfolded walking around the room trying to see what it is like for her mom. Josh comes in and sees her. She tells him she was just trying to understand. Marah tells him she couldn't get across the room without hitting things and it scared her. Josh tells her that Reva will be fine; she has a lot of people to support her. Marah thinks she hasn't been around enough and hasn't been a good daughter. Josh tells her that she had to grow up fast when her mom left them and now she doesn't have to worry about carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Marah tells him that her mom won't let her do anything to help her. Josh tells her that Reva just wants to be normal and handle things for herself. He tells her to just treat Reva like she always has and everything will be fine.

Thursday, April 5, 2001

In San Cristobel:
Phillip and Cassie are still running through the tunnels. Cassie peers out and sees some guards. She tells Phillip that she will run and he can go back through the tunnels and get away. He tells her that he isn't going to leave her. They time the guard's route and as soon as he passes again they run.

Later, Phillip and Cassie arrive at the Santos villa. Phillip asks her where they are and she tells him it is the Santos villa, Richard had planned on buying it to give them a more private place to go to. Phillip tells her that they will bring Edmund down, no matter what. Cassie tells him that right now all she wants is her husband. She asks Phillip why he was doing this. He tells her that he knows the Beth he knows is inside her somewhere and he just can't bare her like she is now. He has to help her. He says he will do whatever he can to get Beth away from Edmund. Outside, sirens are driving by the villa. Cassie hits the lights so they are in the dark, hiding. The cops go on by and Phillip thinks they should time them again to see how long this rotation is. Cassie goes on to tell Phillip that Beth is a full partner with Edmund. She tells him that she was the one blocking her from the council and Edmund didn't even know she was there. Phillip just doesn't want to admit that she is totally gone.

Edmund is very upset and wants Cassie found ASAP. Beth thinks it isn't a big deal but Edmund tells her that Cassie is a major threat to them, the people love her almost as much as they do Richard. Beth wonders what will happen to Richard and Edmund tells her that for now he is where he will stay. Beth tells him not to worry then because as long as he has Richard, Cassie will be coming to them to rescue her husband.

Dax comes in the throne room. Edmund wants a report on the situation. Dax says he has everyone he has out looking for Cassie. Dax gets a call from Cassie. He pretends it is one of the people looking for her. He listens as she tells him that she and Phillip have a plan and Phillip would like to meet with him. Dax agrees and hangs up. Dax tells Edmund that they still haven't found Cassie yet. Cassie tells Phillip that Dax will go along with the plan and they will be able to get Richard out. Phillip thinks a moment and adds, "and Beth."

At the Bauer House:
Claire and Michelle have just finished with the transfusion and Michelle is weak. Claire still wants Danny to go to the hospital, she is scared he may die otherwise. Michelle is panicking, begging her not to make him go. She tells her that if he goes to the hospital he will die anyway. Michelle thinks Danny is weaker and Claire checks him BP. It is lower and she is worried, telling Michelle there must be a bleeder she didn't see. Michelle begs her to help him and Claire tells her she isn't sure she will be able to see the bleeder. Michelle goes and gets Meta's magnifying glass and a lamp. Claire doesn't want to operate; she thinks it may kill him. Michelle begs her telling her that she trusts her and would like her to do the same, she knows Danny will die if he goes to the hospital. Claire reluctantly agrees and tells Michelle to get her gloves on and help her.

Michelle is finishing up with the operation, having clamped off the bleeder, when Harley knocks on the bedroom door. Claire tells Michelle she has it under control and Michelle goes out to see Harley. They head downstairs. Frank tells Harley that there is blood on the kitchen floor and asks her if she knows where it came from. Michelle cries and tells him that Danny or Tony must have been shot. She is worried that one of them may be bleeding to death. Harley and Frank tell her they will find them. Harley sees blood on Michelle as well but she stays with her story that she doesn't know where it came from. Harley believes Michelle knows more than she is saying. Just then there is a noise upstairs. Frank wants to go investigate but Michelle stops him. She tells him it is probably Claire. David comes in and starts questioning Michelle as well upsetting her more. Meta walks in and asks what is going on. The cops tell her what they know and by the time they get it out Claire comes down. Michelle asks Claire how he is and she tells her that her "little guy" is just fine. Meta goes over to Michelle to see what really happened but is interrupted by David who is still pressing Michelle. Michelle starts yelling, telling the cops to get out and find her husband. She tells them she is upset and worried and they should be out looking instead of there doing nothing. David starts in again and she tells him that he is there because he doesn't care if Danny dies, since he is a Santos. He tells her that isn't true and tells her that he is worried about her and her baby. She tells him she would never put her baby in danger and tells him to get out. Frank and Harley are shocked by her anger and how upset she is. Harley tells David to go on back to the station. She is sure he won't get any more info out of Michelle, even if she knows something. Frank and Harley ask how she is and they head out as well. After they are gone, Meta asks Michelle where Danny is. She figures it out that he is in the house. Michelle tells her that he was shot and Claire saved him. Meta is shocked. She tells Michelle to go hold her husband's hand and rest. Michelle leaves. Meta offers Claire some coffee but she declines and tells her that she needs to check on Danny again. Meta thanks her for helping them. Claire leaves.

Michelle is with Danny holding onto him when he wakes up. He tells her how bad he feels, like he was run over with a lawn mower. Michelle tells him what she and Claire had to do and that Claire saved him. He can't believe it either. Claire comes in to check on him again. She checks his vitals and thinks things are going well. Danny tells her it must have been tempting for her to see him like that. He wonders if she wouldn't have rather just let him die. Claire tells him that her daughter loves you and that's all that matters to her. She tells him that she is glad he is okay and she leaves. Michelle makes Danny promise he will never to leave her.

At the Lewis House:
Marah is thinking of Tony and marking out where she wrote his name on her notebooks. She tells herself that she has to get over him. Sam comes over and tells her he was out on the beach with his telescope and saw her light on so he stopped by. She tells him she was working on some homework. He gets her to admit she was thinking about Tony and that she wants to move on. She thanks him for being her friend and not taking advantage of her vulnerability. He tells her that he would never do that to her. He tells her that maybe she should take all her mementos and build a pyre. He tells her she would have to do it in a special place though. Marah thanks him and he heads out.

At the Lighthouse:
Marah has a lot of the things that remind her of Tony as well as her St. Anthony's medal. She places them on the floor at the lighthouse. She thanks Tony for everything, all the good and all the bad. She tells him she loves him but she has to leave him there. She says goodbye and starts to stand just as Tony stumbles in. He collapses on the floor.

Friday, April 6, 2001

At the Lighthouse:
Marah goes over to where Tony collapsed and tries to get him to stir. She pulls her hand back and notices the blood and freaks out. She starts going over the first aide she had learned and remembers to apply pressure to the wound. Tony starts coming to and asks her what she was doing there. He thought she was an angel. She smiles at him and asks him who did this to him. Tony tells Marah everything about the hit and what his grandmother had promised him but that he couldn't do it to Danny in the end. Marah swears not to tell anyone and tells Tony that the respect he was seeking he should have because what he did was to protect the ones he loves. He doesn't get it. She tells him that he loves Danny and he saved him and now she realizes that he broke things off with her because he loved her and wanted to keep her safe. Tony tells her that they have to leave the lighthouse soon, he is sure the hitmen will think of it eventually. He tells her to leave now so she won't be caught with him. She tells him that he isn't a mobster and she is going to take him home with her and help him. He tells her that he can't let her do that; it will put him between her and her family. Marah tells him she is taking him home and helps him get up.

At the Lewis House:
Marah comes in and sneaks Tony into the house. She hears Shayne in the kitchen and gets Tony to a corner to sit him down until she can misdirect Shayne's attention. She goes to her brother, who has his arms full of junk food. She tells him that she hid a piece of carrot cake in the fridge that he can have if he wants it. He is suspicious of her but doesn't want to risk losing the cake so he goes to get it. As soon as Shayne was out of the room, Marah runs to Tony and helps him up to her bedroom. She gets him comfortable on the bed and starts tending to his wound. Tony doesn't want to stay. He is scared he will get her in more trouble. He thinks he should go find out how Danny is. Marah tells him they will find out in the morning because he isn't leaving, he is going to get some rest. She patches him up and wipes him with a damp towel and cuddles up beside him. He tells her that wasn't exactly how he wanted their first night together to be but he does like it there. She tells him she likes him being there to. He isn't sure he can get to sleep so Marah starts singing him a lullaby. Tony is just starting to snooze when Marah hears something break downstairs. Someone had broken the glass out of the door trying to get it.

At the Bauer House:
Danny and Michelle both are waking up. He asks her why it is so quiet. She tells him that Meta has the baby and they are both asleep and Rick is still not back yet. He says he is hungry and she starts to go fix them something but he is scared it still may not be safe. She tells him the cops still have a car outside and she is sure it will be okay. Danny asks her if Tony had called. She tells him she hadn't heard from him or Rick. Danny seems worried about them. The phone rings and Michelle goes to answer. She is happy to hear from Rick. He tells her that everything worked like they had planned. He tells her that he left Tony at the bus depot but he is sure he got away. Michelle tells everything to Danny and she thinks they are in the clear. He tells her that it is far from over. He tells her that he has an idea but he has to think it out a little more. He tries to get out of bed but she stops him. He tells her that he needs a pen and paper to work things out. She asks him about the plan but he doesn't want to tell her just yet. He is worried about her safety and that of their baby. He is sure that Carlos and Maria won't just give up.

At Olivia's:
Sam tells Olivia that he had seen Marah and she is determined to get Tony out of her mind. He wants her to be happy no matter if she is with him or not. Olivia thinks it sounds like a big step for Marah. Olivia goes into telling Sam about the Harbor project for San Cristobel that she had been mulling over. He can't believe she is thinking of working with Edmund. She tells him that everything that has happened wasn't Edmund's fault. Sam tells her either way, Edmund is trouble and Josh will never go for the idea. She thinks if the project can make money and be good for Lewis construction and San Cristobel , he may do it. Besides, she thinks Josh needs to get his mind on something besides Reva anyway.

Josh comes out of the bedroom looking for his wife. She tells him she got up because she had an idea about a million dollar plus project for them but she wants to find more out before she tells him about it. She tells him she will gather her information and give him a formal presentation later. He tells her that is fine. She goes on to say that he may have to leave town for a few days to get some details down. Josh tells her that he just wants her to play things straight and not go behind his back. She promises.

In San Cristobel:
Phillip walks in the room Beth is in and she is hostile again. She tells him he should knock before barging in a room. He tells her the door was open but she isn't satisfied. Phillip starts in on Edmund and tells Beth that he just can't see what she sees in Edmund. Beth thinks Phillip is just upset because he doesn't have control of the situation. She tells him that she can make her own decisions and not only when she is doing what he wants her to. Phillip tells her that he will be leaving soon but Edmund walks in and tells him he thinks he will be staying awhile longer. Phillip realizes that Edmund wants to keep an eye on him and that is why he is keeping him there. Edmund didn't disagree. Edmund asks him if he knew where Cassie was. Phillip thought she would be halfway to Springfield by now. He thought Edmund had her put on a plane. Edmund tells him that she escaped. Phillip smiled and said, "Good for her!" Phillip goes back to his room. When he leaves Edmund calls a guard and tells him to put a 24-hour tail on Phillip and report to him where he goes and what he says. Beth hears the conversation and seems undaunted. Edmund turns back to her and asks her if she is worried. She tells him she is worried about him, she thinks he is exhausted. She suggests they go to bed, he thinks that is a great idea.

Phillip is talking to Dax in the hallway. He wants to know where Cassie can confront Beth so that Beth will not have time to sound any alarms. Dax tells him he will need to think a moment. Dax thinks the plan to feed Beth phony information is a great idea.

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