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Monday, March 12, 2001

At Cedar's:
Michelle wakes up to Maria holding baby Robert. She asks her to give her the baby and Maria tells her that he was restless while she was sleeping. She tells Michelle he is a strong boy with a mind of his own. Michelle thanks her and asks her what she wants. Abuela says she wanted to see the new family member and thought if she waited for an invitation she may never get one. Maria asks about the baby's wristband that says, "Baby Bauer" and not Baby Santos. Michelle tells her that she was admitted as "Michelle Bauer." Maria goes on to tell her that the baby looks just like Danny. She plays with the baby a little more and hands him back to Michelle. Maria tells Michelle that she will be a good mother because she loves her son more than anything. She tells her that it is a love that will change her and she would put her own life on the line for him, she remembers it well. Michelle tells her that they named the baby Robert Fredrico, and Maria seems pleased. She calls him "Rico." Michelle reminds Maria that this is the same baby Maria sentenced to death when she let Carmen take her to the docks. Maria wonders if that is what Michelle is going to tell 'Rico' when he gets older. Michelle says people don't change. Abuela asks if there is anything Michelle needs and she tells her that they need Danny. Just then, Claire comes in and is angry. She calls Maria a witch and tells her to get out. Michelle tells Claire it is okay. She doesn't want to frighten the baby. Maria confronts Claire about Carmen's resurrection. Claire tells her that Michelle knows what she did and why and she better not be trying to turn her daughter against her. She accuses Maria of hating Michelle and tells her to stay away. Abuela disparages Claire's sudden maternal instinct. She thanks Michelle for treating her with respect and allowing her to see the baby and she leaves. Claire asks Michelle why she didn't call security. Michelle thinks that seeing the baby will make him real to Maria. She thinks she already loves him and will protect him. Alan arrives to see the baby and brings gifts. He has flowers for Michelle and Claire, the new grandma, as well as a gift for the baby. Claire goes over the word, "Grandma." She thinks it is something to hear those words from someone else. He tells her she should be proud. Michelle tells Alan that thanks to Claire the baby was born healthy. Alan wants to take Claire home to get some rest. Claire doesn't want to leave. Michelle encourages her to go. Claire kisses them and leaves. By the time she gets out of the room she is in tears. Alan thinks she is awash in grandmotherly emotions. Claire tells him this is the best day of her life and he better not spoil it.

Later, Michelle is holding her baby telling him she has a lot to learn. They are alone and she tells him it is nice being with him without the crowd that has been in that room all day. She starts singing "lullaby" to baby Robert.

In San Cristobel:
Richard calls Edmund a murderer. Reva asks what happened and Richard tells her that they son was stillborn because of Edmund. Edmund, knowing Holly was still taping everything, offered his sympathy to Richard. Edmund tries to make excuses; while Reva and Noah defend Cassie's behavior by reminding him he was holding her under house arrest so she wouldn't talk to the press. Edmund tries to make Cassie sound like an emotionally unstable woman who was driving like a maniac. Richard shoves Edmund up against the wall and tells him he has no conscience and is not fit to rule. Richard tells Edmund he locked Cassie in the palace and then set up a roadblock with armed guards. Noah intercedes, asking him not to play Edmund's game. The brothers argue and Richard tells Edmund he has killed his unborn child and he will not let SC be ruled by a child murderer. Edmund tells Holly to turn off the camera and give him the tape. She refuses. Edmund says his brother is deranged. Reva asks what is going on and Holly tells her that Edmund is about to lose it and they are getting it all on tape. Edmund says Holly is exploiting a tragedy. Reva asks why he doesn't want to use the media now, is he scared that he was called a child murderer. Edmund asks for the tape again and Holly asks him, "or what?" She tells him that she is a US citizen and isn't ruled by him. He tells her that while she is in his country she has to obey the laws and he is the law so he will do whatever he wants to her, including throw her in a dungeon. Edmund gains his composure and then tries to say he only wants to protect his brother's privacy. Holly and Reva aren't buying the act. Edmund goes over to Reva and tells her that she is entitled to all her pain and anger and whatever she says to him in anger he won't hold it against her -- especially on the heels of this tragedy with his brother and Cassie. He apologizes for being a catalyst and tells her that he feels their pain. Edmund turns to Holly and tells her that he will trust in her journalistic integrity to show both sides of the story fairly. He ends with God bless SC and it's people and leaves. Richard asks Holly if he can speak. He says his half-brother can be very convincing and he has always believed in his remorse. He continues with that being one of his biggest mistakes, but if Richard had seen the light sooner he would have spared his wife, his friends and SC all of this pain. He asks for everyone's forgiveness. Richard hopes the royal council will not be swayed by false sentiment and tells the people the future is in their hands. He will pray for them and asks their prayers for him and his wife, Reva and his son, who will never know the beauty of their island. If his brief time on this earth will convince the people of SC of what they must do, then maybe his death will not be in vain. Holly finishes taping and puts her gear away. Reva tells Richard she knows how much the baby meant to them. Richard says he should have killed Edmund when he had the chance and now his son is gone. Reva says sometimes life is unfair and he should worry about Cassie. Reva tells him she already has plenty of people caring for her. Noah tells Richard he handled Edmund perfectly. Richard thinks he may have gone over the top. Holly says that the tape is great and will be Edmund's worst nightmare. Richard doesn't think they can get the tape out of the country, but Noah has an idea. Noah asks Richard what the island exports in bulk. Reva reminds Richard of Mrs. Rice who sends candy all over the world. Noah says he will send the tape to Blake in a gift basket. Noah kisses Reva's hand and promises to be back soon. Richard tells Reva she has a good man there and she agrees. Holly says she will head for the airport so she can have plenty of time to go through Edmund's customs gauntlet. Richard hands her a phone number of a good lawyer who will make a PR fuss and tells her to call it if anything happens. Holly says she will be fine and reminds Reva her job is still there when she gets back. Reva tells Holly to help bring Edmund down. Holly tells Richard he is a man of honor and sends her condolences to Cassie. Richard asks Reva if he can get her anything. She wants to see Cassie. She needs to be with her sister. Richard helps her into her robe and they walk over to Cassie's room. Cassie is asleep as Richard leads Reva in. Reva calls out to her. Cassie wakes up and Reva walks toward her. Cassie gets up and realizes Reva is blind. The sisters hug and cry together. Cassie asks why these things keep happening to them.

Meanwhile, at the palace... Edmund is on the phone trying to have Holly stopped at customs and her tape confiscated. Edmund tells them when they get the tape to throw her in jail. He hangs up the phone and yells it's not my fault. Beth walks in and Edmund tells her the baby was stillborn and Richard blames him. He asks her if she thinks he is right? Beth tells Edmund that Richard is full of anger and grief. He is just lashing out at him. Edmund says that Richard is blaming him for everything on videotape and it will be edited to show him at his worst. None of his heartfelt concern will be shown and he will look like a baby killer. He wants to protect Beth and tells her to go back to SF before the situation gets worse. Beth tells Edmund she is not leaving. Edmund tells her that so far she has been with only upstanding good men and he doesn't want his image to tarnish her reputation. Beth says she is capable of being as manipulative and selfish as he is and she won't pretend with him and she hopes he won't pretend with her. She has seen both sides of him and is aware of the dark side. She has hurt people too and she knows what she is doing. She won't leave him. She hugs Edmund. Beth tells Edmund everything will be okay. Edmund says Richard's baby is dead and everyone thinks he is a monster. He doesn't want Beth's pity. She tells him there is no pity in her for him. She tells him her heart is beating fast and so is his. She tells him he is good with words but sometimes they can say more without them. Beth kisses him and he takes her to bed.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Alan opens a bottle of champagne and toasts the sexiest grandmother he has ever met. Claire thinks her reputation as a vixen is over and he isn't helping the situation. She tells him that she has been there for many weeks and he hasn't made a move yet. She tells him it isn't flattering. Alan says he owes her an apology but actions speak louder than words and he kisses her. He throws her back on the couch and kisses her again. He picks her up and carries her off.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

In San Cristobel:
Reva wakes up in the hospital and still cannot see. She knocks over her tray and Noah runs to her. She tells him that she could see in her dream, everything was so clear. She wants the darkness to be the dream and her dream of clarity to be reality. They talk about Edmund a bit and Reva wonders if tape arrived in Springfield all right. Noah hopes it did but they haven't heard anything. Richard brings Cassie in and he and Noah leave her and Reva alone for a while. Reva tells Cassie about her dream and asks her if she would brush her hair for her. She hasn't brushed it since the accident. Cassie brushes her sister's hair while thinking about her children and her lost baby. She cries. She asks Reva how she can possibly let go of her baby. Cassie tells her she thought she was going to die when she learned the baby didn't make it. Reva tells her it will take time. They talk about Jonathan and how Reva got past not having him in her life. Reva promises that some day Cassie will want another child but she won't ever forget the one she lost. They cry together.

Holly calls. Edmund got to the tape before it got there and she is mad. She tells them about the candy getting there with no tape in it and a note telling her not to choke on the candy. Reva thinks there has to be another way they can bring Edmund down. Reva tells her to go ahead and air the tape of Richard. Holly thinks that won't work if they don't give Edmund equal time. Richard thinks Edmund will use that to his advantage as well. Holly says she has another idea. She will write an editorial and send it to the Miami newspaper, which San Cristobel carries. She will tell everything. Cassie thinks the newspaper will not be effective at this late date.

Edmund and Beth are in bed sleeping. Edmund wakes with a start and then realizes he was just dreaming. He bids Beth good morning and tells her how much he cares for her and how he is glad she is still there with him. He tells her that he never thought he could trust another person and never needed anyone until she came around. He tells her that he needs her and he trusts her and hopes that she will stay around. Beth tells him that she is sure the royal council will find him permanent ruler of San Cristobel very soon.

Beth calls home and talks to Lizzie. Lizzie asks her if she is coming home and she tells her she is but not just yet. Lizzie tells her that they miss her. She hands the phone to Lillian and Beth tells her mom she has to stay to help Edmund who needs her right now. Lillian tells Beth that Lizzie asked her if she would remember what James looked like. Beth was shaken and told her mom she had to go. Edmund walked in and asked Beth if everything is ok. She tells him that she just told Lizzie why she couldn't come home right now. He thanked her and hugged her close.

An aide comes in and hands Edmund the tape. He tells him that it was in a package of candy going to Springfield addressed to Blake Marler. Edmund takes it and smiles. He thinks Holly can kiss her ratings goodbye. Edmund watches a bit of the tape to make sure it is the right one. Beth walks in and Edmund tells her the good news. He wonders if she thinks he was wrong. She tells him she isn't judging him. They kiss and Beth looks at the tape.

At the Santos Compound:
Maria is on the phone talking to someone about making the offer to Tony. Tony walks in and she hangs up the phone. He tells her he had been up all night thinking about the offer. Maria tells him that she went to the hospital to see the baby. Tony is surprised; he didn't know she and Michelle got along. Maria tells him that the baby is her great grandchild and her family. Then she admitted that it broke her heart, the wasted potential she saw. She tells him there is nothing more tragic than wasted potential. She asks him if he has made a decision. He tells her he needs a bit more time but he is interested. He tells her it is just complicated. She tells him he is the right man for the job and she will make him a first rate leader, possibly the best Santos ever. Maria leaves. Danny comes in and tells Tony he is heading back to the hospital. He sees Tony's face and asks him what is wrong. He tells him he looks wiped out. Tony tells him he didn't get much sleep. Danny thanked Tony for being the Godfather of his little boy. Danny tells Tony that he has heard things and he wants to know if Tony heard anything about any threats against him or Michelle or Robert. Tony tells him he hasn't heard anything and asks Danny if he thinks it is really that serious. Danny doesn't know. He hopes not. He tells Tony he has to go to the hospital and see his kid.

Carlos comes in to see Maria. He asks Tony why he hasn't accepted Maria's proposal yet. Carlos wonders if his loyalty to Danny has something to do with it. Carlos says Danny couldn't handle it so he left. Tony tells him that Danny could have been the best but he just made different choices. Tony tells him if he is in, it won't be temporary, it will be for keeps. He wants the respect and support from all the families. He tells Carlos to tell him if that isn't going to happen. He talks about his uncle and how he looked up to him and he wants to be like him. Carlos tells him that he (Tony) sees things very clearly and has great patience. Carlos thinks Tony is what they have been looking for. Tony goes to get Abuela for Carlos.

Abuela comes in and she asks Tony to stay. He tells them he has to know if Danny is in danger. Abuela tells him she told him the other families weren't happy but she asked them to leave Danny alone. Carlos tells Maria that her request to protect Danny was denied. Maria asks what he means. He tells her that they don't want to risk it. Maria is upset. Carlos tells her that if her weren't her grandson, she would be the first to say he had to be silenced. Carlos turns to Tony and tells him that after Danny is taken care of, Maria will take over until he is ready to. Tony asks if he is still the man they want. Carlos tells him that he had his doubts but he can see now that Tony is the man for the job. Tony is upset about Danny. He tells him that he is his cousin and he has been good to him and he loves him. Abuela asks about Michelle and Robert. Carlos said nothing would happen to them. Carlos asks Tony if he is with them. Tony finally agrees that Danny is a problem and he will have to go for the good of the family. Abuela tells Carlos to tell the families they are free to end their problem.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Lizzie tells Phillip that Beth just called. Phillip was not to happy and asked Lizzie if her mom told her when she would be coming home. Lillian and Phillip talk sarcastically about how great a catch Edmund is for Beth. She suggests he not do anything. Phillip tells her that he has done nothing the past few month and he feels helpless. Lillian tells him that if he goes after Beth he will push her that much closer to Edmund. He assures her that Edmund will not play daddy to his kids. He will not have Beth.

At Cedar's:
Danny holds baby Robert and talks to Michelle about his childhood. He told her he would cry every time his dad left because he feared that would be the day someone would take him out. He tells her that it was a rotten way to grow up. She assures him he will not have to live like that anymore. He tells her he is sorry that he lived like a Santos the past few months. He wants their son to have what he didn't have, stability and love. She tells him they already have everything they need, they have him. She tells him that now he is a Santos in name only.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

At Cedar's:
Danny is getting Michelle and Robert ready to take home. He kisses Michelle and tells her that Tony is coming to pick them up but he is a bit late. He holds his son and tells him they are going to take him home. The baby is looking at Danny's ring, the one that belonged to his father. Danny turns the ring around and tells Robert he doesn't want him anywhere near the ring or what it symbolizes. Rick comes in and teases Michelle about the hospital bill. Frank comes in and tells them he was wondering if everything was okay. Tony comes in ready to go and the nurse wheels Michelle out of the room. Danny asks Frank why he is really there. Frank tells him he is there to protect them from the threats he had told him about earlier.

At the Santos Compound:
Tony calls Carlos and asks him to come over so he can talk about the Danny situation. Abuela asks him what he wants with Carlos and Tony tells her he needs to know when the hit will go down so he wont be caught in the cross fire. Abuela tells him that Danny's fate is out of his hands and tells him he has an opportunity now. Tony is not happy. Carlos comes in and tells Tony he is better off not knowing any of the details of the hit. He assures him it is common practice to protect the boss from the backlash. Carlos says they will be using out of town talent and there is no set time frame so it could happen anytime. Tony tells them he has to go pick Danny and Michelle up from the hospital to keep up appearances. He leaves the room and sighs very deeply.

Danny arrives back with Tony to see Abuela. She congratulates him on his son. Danny says he wants his son and his wife to be safe and he knows she is the only way for that to happen. Danny asks Maria if she has heard any threats against him but she denies it. He says the cops have heard things and let him in on it. Danny tells her that he is aware she is still in contact with the other families and they respect her and her word. He just wants her to tell them that he will not be a threat and to let him go. Danny thinks if Abuela tells them they will respect her word. She tells him this is foolishness. He tells her he wouldn't ask her if it wasn't for his wife and baby. He is asking her for her protection in the memory of her son, and for the sake of her great-grandchild. He will give the families whatever guarantees they want but he needs her help to keep them safe. Danny shows Abuela the ring and promises to take care of her and the family because he loves them. He would never betray her or the other families. He wants her to tell them that. He returns the ring to her and leaves. Abuela is upset and wonders how Danny can be so blind and foolish. Tony is trying to follow Danny but Abuela asks why he keeps staying with him. He says he is trying not to make anyone suspicious. She tells him it will look more suspicious if he sticks to him like glue. Tony asks her why she can't protect Danny. Abuela says she tried but the family has to do something to regain their strength. She asks Tony if she can count on him and he says he is with her.

Olivia is reading Holly's article about Edmund and is impressed. Holly says the article is nothing compared to the videotape. She shows Olivia the box with the candy, and they share some. Holly says she feels sorry for Reva and even Olivia empathizes with her. Her only fear is that Reva will turn to Josh in the end. Holly reminds her of Noah but Olivia says she knows it is petty, but she knows Reva will always end up turning to Josh. Holly reassures her. Phillip bursts in with roses, kissing Holly to thank her for the article sticking it to Edmund. She tells him that it may not have much punch but the main thing is she is worried about Richard.

In San Cristobel:
Reva is listening to the broadcast about the upcoming council's decision. It is leaning towards keeping the monarchy. She thinks she has to help Richard somehow. Reva is alone in her room and calls out for Noah. She gets out of bed and ends up knocking over a vase of flowers. She is upset but feels she can do it. She tries to wipe the glass away but doesn't get it all and ends up stepping in it and cutting her foot. She cries out and Noah comes to help. She is very upset that she is so helpless she can't even get across the room. Noah carries Reva back to bed and looks at her foot. He doctors it a bit and tries to make light of the situation but Reva is so upset. She doesn't want him taking care of her. Noah tells her he is glad to do it. Reva is angry and tells him she doesn't want him to fix everything for her. She knows what is going on and she doesn't want to put him in the middle of one of her crisis's. She cries and tells him she ran Josh off with all the drama in her life and she doesn't want to do that to Noah as well.

Reva is looking for the phone and won't let Noah help. She wants to call Richard. Richard and Cassie step in the doorway. He tells her he has more bad news. He tells her about the royal council and what he heard there decision would be. Reva tells him he did everything he could but he can't stop fighting. Richard tells her it didn't matter since Edmund got to the tape. Reva tells Richard he can't give up. He assures her he wont but he doesn't want her to worry. Cassie tells Richard she won't let him fight alone and she has an idea but she will needs Reva's help.

Back at the palace, Edmund opens the champagne and tells Beth he has some very good news. He tells her the royal council will announce their decision by the end of the day and he knows exactly what they are going to say. He tells her that his contacts say they want to keep the principality. They will rule tonight and he will be the reigning Prince. Beth hugs him and toasts to the new ruler. He asks her if she has read the hatchet job Holly wrote in the Miami papers. He tells her it didn't work and he is glad they didn't get hold of the video. An aide comes in and Edmund is called away. Beth stares at the tape, picks it up and puts it in the VCR. She watches as Richard confronts Edmund. Edmund walks in and asks her if it is interesting. Beth tells him she has seen enough. Edmund admits that it wasn't one of his finest moments but tells her how upset he was. Beth wonders why he confiscated the tape if that was as bad as it got. Edmund says that Holly wouldn't have shown the whole thing. He asks why she watched the tape. She wanted to understand why everyone hates him and doesn't see him as she does. He says maybe because she wonders why she doesn't see what everyone else does. He asks if she is having second thoughts but she tells him she is very sure and kisses him again.

At the Bauer's:
Meta is happy to see the baby when the new little family gets there. She takes the baby and starts giving him a tour of the house. Danny takes Tony aside and tells him this is what life is all about. He tells him nothing matters more than the way your kid looks at you and being with the woman you love, not power of any amount of money. Danny, Michelle and the baby are in the den with Tony. Danny wants Michelle to sit and relax. Michelle asks Danny why cops have surrounded them the past few days. Danny tries to say they are friends, but Michelle insists on the truth. Danny says a few months ago he decided to take all the families off the street and into a new direction that would be safe for everyone. Some of the old guys didn't like it, and they kidnapped Marah and followed Michelle around. He thought at first he could turn the business legal, but after Marah was kidnapped he knew he had to get out. He had to arrange it so the other families wouldn't think he was a threat, but he continued with the illegal stock trading. He had to hide in plain sight so the other families would think he was still illegal. He was going to gradually turn everything legal once the heat was off. Michelle wonders why he didn't tell her all of this. Danny tells her he didn't want her involved. He thinks he should leave so she and the baby will be safe. Michelle tells him that isn't going to happen. She wants him to stay with them. She asks if Frank knew and he says not even Tony knew. He didn't want to put anyone at risk. Danny apologizes to Tony for leaving him out. He tells her Frank overheard the threat of a hit on him but it was old news. He isn't worried, but he needs to do one more thing. He says he will take care of it right now and will be back soon. He kisses her and tells Tony to go with him to deliver a message. Outside, Danny reminds Tony that he (Tony) always said he had his (Danny) back and now was his time to prove it. They leave.

Frank comes in and Michelle tells him that Danny told her what was going on. She tells him that Danny is getting out and he will be safe.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Rick comes in to see Phillip. Phillip comes in and tells him he is going to offer a job to Richard. Rick thinks it is great but Alan doesn't like it. Alan wonders what Richard can do besides cut ribbons at openings. Phillip reminds Alan that Richard has an economics degree from the London School of Economics. Alan isn't happy, but Phillip says you can do something good for the company and to help a friend too. Phillip tries to call but Richard is in with Cassie. Alan asks if Phillip is going to give Richard an extended paternity leave as well. Phillip tells him that wont be necessary since Cassie lost the baby. Alan tells him he didn't know. Alan and Claire leave, and Phillip and Rick talk about how scary it would be if those two procreated. Rick tells Phillip it is good of him to help Richard. He says some people think he is a control freak, but he knows Phillip just likes to help. Rick is so happy, he says his baby sister had a beautiful baby boy and he is full of joy. He tells Phillip that he went by the hospital room this morning and saw Michelle and Danny in bed with the baby between them, a perfect circle. It made him cry; he has always wanted that picture. He should have had the guts to fight for his marriage the way Phillip fought for Harley. Rick tells Phillip he was always on his side, even though he didn't show it. He wants to apologize but Phillip says they have been friends for so long there is plenty of time left for them both to have perfect circles.

(Remember there is no show Thursday or Friday due to Basketball.)

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Due to CBS Sports coverage of College Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, Guiding Light will not air on Thursday, March 15th or Friday, March 16th.

These two days of pre-emptions have been planned and no episodes of the show will be missed. Broadcasting will resume as normal on Monday, March 19th where Wednesday, March 14th's episode left off.

Friday, March 16, 2001

Due to CBS Sports coverage of College Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, Guiding Light will not air on Thursday, March 15th or Friday, March 16th.

These two days of pre-emptions have been planned and no episodes of the show will be missed. Broadcasting will resume as normal on Monday, March 19th where Wednesday, March 14th's episode left off.

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