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Monday, November 27, 2000

At Olivia's
Josh is shelling nuts while Olivia sets the table. Sam comes in and they say something about Holly and Billy coming for dinner. Olivia wishes Josh's kids would come. He tells her that it may happen next year. He tells her how much he loves her and she goes to baste the turkey. Josh answers the phone. It is Reva and she tells him that Cassie is having marital problems so the kids are coming over after all. The doorbell rings and it is Bill, Billy and Holly. Billy hands over a letter from the Department of the Interior He tells Josh the Lewis boys are in big trouble. Apparently they are in trouble for illegal construction. Josh doesn't know what he means and Billy tells him that there are beavers at Cross Creek building a dam without permits. Josh laughs. Billy tells him it isn't a joke and as funny as it is, the fines are multiplying as they speak. Billy tells him he is going up to talk to someone about it.

Marah, Shayne and Catalina come in. Marah throws a frozen turkey at Olivia and tells her that Reva said to thank her for letting them come over. Shayne tells Olivia that the turkey is in case she runs out of food. Olivia tells him that would be great but the turkey is frozen and it won't fit in her freezer. She greets Catalina and tells them all to come in and have a seat.

Catalina, Bill and Sam talk about Cuba. Marah talks to Holly and does her best to give Olivia the cold shoulder. Shayne teases Marah and she pushes him into a vase that breaks into a million pieces. Shayne offers to pay for it but Sam tells him that it was an Italian vase from Venice that Olivia carried all the way back on her lap from her first trip there. Shayne feels awful while Marah is smirking to herself. Billy thinks they should hire Shayne to take care of those pesky beavers.

In the kitchen, Olivia is concerned that she may not have enough food now that they have three more mouths to feed. Holly tells her that she has to go see Blake anyway so she can divvy up her portion. Josh brings out the turkey and sits it down on the table. Catalina is blown away at the amount of food they have for one meal. Josh asks her to say grace for them. She does. Billy and Josh tell her that she helped them to put thing in perspective and make them a little more thankful. They join hands and sing a little tune.

At the LeMays':
Jim and Beth are flirting and kissing while Susan is gagging on the stairs. She hands them a phone number for where she will be in Chicago but asks them not to call though. Jim gives her some money and she thanks him. She feels a little guilty but hides it. Beth asks Susan to be nice when Harley and Phillip come over. Beth tells her that it is a time for togetherness and putting aside our differences. Susan wonders why they don't call it "repression day." Beth and Jim go into the kitchen while Susan gets an evil grin and calls Edmund and asks him over for Turkey Day. He tells her that he would be glad to come over for her. She hangs up and says, "So, there." Later, Susan tells Jim and Beth about inviting Edmund. Lillian wonders why she would do that and Jim is not happy about it as well. She tells them she just wanted to invite a friend who she thought would be alone in his hotel room that day. Beth agrees with Susan and tells them they need to thank Edmund for giving Jim the new job. They fill Lillian in. While Jim goes to put more potatoes on, Lillian mentions, Bethsheba. Beth isn't sure what she means and Lillian tells her that in the Old Testament, the king sent Bethsheba's husband off to battle in order to make time with his wife. Beth tells Lillian that isn't what Edmund is doing.

Susan answers the door to Edmund who is clad with flowers saying, "Merry Thanksgiving." Edmund is invited in gets settled. He goes to answers the door when Phillip and Harley show up and says, "the gangs all here!" Phillip asks about Lizzie and Beth goes to get her and baby Jim. Lillian and Harley go into the kitchen to help with the food. Susan goes over to Edmund and laughs about how "nice" she was to Phillip. He tells her she is doing very well. Beth goes to Edmund and they talk awhile. He takes her hand and asks if she had awoken from her middleclass dream yet. Harley interrupts them and sees them holding hands. Edmund excuses himself and Harley calls Beth an unbelievable slut. Beth tells her that Edmund is a good friend. Harley goes to Phillip and tells him what she saw. He says he will ask what is going on. Harley tells him not to and says she will go get the coats and meet him outside. Phillip goes over and asks Edmund to step outside. Phillip threatens Edmund but Harley interrupts them.. She asks what was going on but Phillip says nothing and they leave. Edmund tells them to have a Happy Thanksgiving.

At Company:
Harley and Phillip come up and see a sign that says "Holiday Luau." Buzz comes driving up on his new bike. Harley asks why he bought the bike. He tells her that he is just having fun and that the bike is his new significant other, "Bessie." Harley tells him that he is going to get killed and she doesn't want him to come crying to her when he does. J They go inside and he has the place draped with Hawaiian décor. The Bauers and Marlers come in and Buzz is acting nutty. He tells them about how he dug a pit for the pig. He gets up to give thanks. He mentions that Rick's wife left him, Michelle is once again a Bauer and Blake needs to stay out of people's lives. Then he toasts to Phillip one-year anniversary of his adultery. Everyone is shocked and upset. Phillip gets up and tells Buzz that he has taken all he is going to take from him and he and Harley leave. Buzz keeps on picking on them. Frank tells Buzz he is out of line. Meta tells Buzz he was rude. He tells her that he wasn't rude to her.

Rick goes out for some fresh air. May comes over. He tells her that Company is closed but sits down with her and talks awhile. He wishes her a happy turkey day. They chat awhile and she says she was hoping to talk to Buzz about renting a room. He offers to take her in to talk to see him but she doesn't want to bother them if Michelle is in there. He asks her about her and Danny and she tells him that she and Danny dated after Michelle left town. She tells him that all the good men in the world are either married or gay. He tells her that he is married but that his wife has left him. She thinks she may come back and walks off leaving him calling out that Abby has left him for good and she is not coming back.

Inside, Michelle tries to make Frank fill better. He is upset that Marina isn't around. She tells him that she understands and that she is pregnant and alone. He asks about Danny and she says nothing is going on with them any longer. Frank offers to help her anyway he can. He apologizes for his dad and tells her that's Buzz is in a lot of pain right now. Michelle tells him Harley is as well. Holly walks in and talks to Blake and Ross. Blake is shocked to hear that Olivia and Josh are engaged. She tells Ross that Olivia and Josh are getting married even though Josh and Reva will always love each other while she, Blake, is living in sin with him.

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

At the Carriage House:
Ross peeks his head into the bedroom and asks if it is safe in there. Blake is in bed and tells him it is as safe as it is going to be. He comes in and climbs into bed. She is still upset that he refuses to marry her. He tells her that he is very happy with how things are with them now. She doesn't agree. Ross tells her that marriage is not as important as what she really needs and he wants to do what is best for both of them because he loves her. He kisses her and she submits momentarily and they make love.

Later, Blake tells Ross that making love, as great as it was, will not take her mind off of marriage. She reminisces about the first time he proposed to her while stuck at Tower's during the snowstorm. Ross tells her that he isn't saying they don't have a future together because they do. He tells her she is all he wants forever and things are better than they have ever been. Their life isn't defined on a piece of paper. The way things are they have to decide every day to be together and it makes them stronger. He thinks they are happy. Blake still wants the piece of paper. Ross tells her that he loves her but he knows when they have the piece of paper it always seems to get in her way. He tells her if she can convince him that marriage will sustain what they have now, he will marry her. Blake says her life is hard now, and it would be nice to know that he appreciated her. Ross turns over to go to sleep, while Blake daydreams. She is in their bedroom in a suit, while Ross is in an apron, holding the baby and asking her what she wants for dinner. The kids are acting up and he is trying to control everything in the house. Ross is upset that she is going off to work while he is stuck at home cooking and cleaning and changing diapers. Blake offers to take him away for the weekend but tells him that they can't get married. Ross tells her he doesn't want to get married if this is the way things are going to be. Blake is upset that even in her fantasies Ross doesn't want to marry her. She looks over at the sleeping Ross and tells her that she will get to him. Blake turns on the TV and sees a female evangelist talking about the ministry. The woman is advertising the Universal Church of Karma and is asking for callers to call the show. Blake grabs the phone and calls. She tells the woman she wants to join the ministry. The woman tells her that she sells a mail order program for only $89.95 and afterwards Blake will be a minister. She tells her that she will also be able to perform weddings and clear auras. Blake tells her she will take it and mentions that she believes this is what she needs to turn her life around. Blake looks over to a snoring Ross and says, "you challenge me buddy and you're in for a fight." Ross wakes up, asks what she is doing. She says she is writing a check. He asks her if she is watching the home shopping channel and she tells him she can afford it and tells him to go back to sleep.

At Infierno:
Phillip and Harley are at a table. They are both angry from the day's events. No one is waiting on them and Phillip finally yells out that they want some drinks. A waitress comes over and he and Harley both order double martinis. Harley says she doesn't know who to be mad at him or stupid Beth for fooling around with Edmund. Phil says he could be mad at her or her stupid father. They agree to be mad at others. Harley says it is sad that she is waiting for a drink to make her feel better. Phillip says it is good to blow off steam before picking up Zach. Harley says that her father's dinner was pleasant compared to the scene at the Lemay house. Phil agrees he prefers Buzz to Edmund. Harley says that Beth was flirting with Edmund to get to Phil and he took the bait. Harley is angry with Beth. She and Phil agree to let Beth and Jim worry about their marriage. Phil tells Harley that despite the fact that they argue he still thinks they are good for each other. He wants to give Zach a stable home. Harley says she wasn't able to do it for Susan until she gave her up. Phil says he wonders if they will ever get to a better place in their marriage but when he looks at Zach he want to try harder. Harley agrees. Phil wants to know what they should do now. Harley just wants to finish her drink and live for the moment. She knows she does everything she can to get through each day.

Outside Company:
Harley and Phil arrive outside Company and notice Buzz's bike. They keep staring at it and talking about how it really is a nice bike. Harley tells Phil they just don't have fun anymore. They both look at the bike some more and Phillip says, "What the hell." Harley gets on the bike and Phil gets on behind her. He tells her not to kill them and she says that is the easy way out.

At the LeMays':
Sam comes in to pick up Susan. He tells her the limo is parked around the corner. Susan introduces Beth to Catalina and Sam. Susan leaves the phone numbers and says goodbye. Ed comes in and says he came back because he forgot something essential. He tells Beth he lost his wallet. Susan introduces Ed to Catalina and Sam, they both recognize him. Sam and he engage in verbal sparring over the monarchy. The kids leave. Edmund asks where Jim is and she tells him he is asleep upstairs. Beth asks Ed if he wants to look under the sofa for his wallet. He admits that he didn't lose the wallet; it was a ruse. He wanted to make sure she was all right. He asks if Jim gave her any trouble for the unfortunate scene at dinner. Beth tells him that he didn't notice it. Ed says that Harley is not a big fan of Beth's, but she wasn't imagining things. Their are standing very close and Beth says they can't go on like this. She admits she has an obvious response to Ed. She tells him he understands her much better than Jim or Phil. She thinks they need distance between them. She tries to apologize, but Ed says her smile is one of relief. Ed says if she wants to stay married to Jim, she needs to focus on him and stay away from Ed and other diversions. Ed says there is a fatal flaw in her reasoning that someday she will find her life with Jim fulfilling; the flaw is that she wont. He says she is trying too hard and is pushing him away. Beth tells Ed she decides what makes her happy. Ed says if she wants distance between them, he will abide by that. Ed wants to know if he can talk to Susan. Beth says he can stay in touch with her. Ed says he understands the rules and can easily follow them. Beth says "Easily?" Ed tells her to call if she needs him. He tells her that he would take her and her kids away with him and make sure her every need was fulfilled. His only thoughts and desires would be to make her happy. Beth says it's not necessary. Ed says he will leave to give her distance, no less devoted to her. He tells her "just in case this is farewell..." he grabs her with a passionate kiss. Beth is not resisting. Edmund whispers goodbye and leaves. Beth is out of breath and overcome with emotions as he walks out.

In the Limo:
Susan and the others are in a limo, talking about the concert. Shayne is eating pizza, and Catalina is telling them about the block police in Cuba. Sam asks Catalina if life here is what she imagined. She says never would she think children would have so much money to do such things. The subject of Tony comes up, and Catalina asks who he is. Marah says he is a friend, they are not a couple. Sam starts talking about Tony and the CDs. He sold so many CDs that they were able to ride in the limo. Marah feels guilty about not inviting Tony but he makes trouble for her. Shayne and the others tease Marah that Tony likes her. Tony pops his head into the back of the limo; he was sitting with the driver. Catalina asks if this is Tony, and they exchange a few words in Spanish. Tony's friend is the driver. He was eavesdropping and tells them to go on about how grateful they are to him for helping them. Marah is embarrassed but Tony tells her not to worry about it. He tells them he wants to show them Chicago his way. They wonder if they are going to get in trouble.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

At Tower's, The Royal Suite:
Dr Holt has arrived at the hotel to meet with Richard. Richard notices right away that this isn't the same man who seemed to examine him weeks ago in New York. The Doctor was flattered that he was sent for and brought in via private jet. Richard asked him who he is. The doctor says he is Dr. Stephen Holt and Richard says he has never seen him in his life. Dr. Holt says they haven't met because Richard cancelled his appointment. Richard explains that the doctor's assistant rescheduled the appointment and gave him a private address for privacy to go to. He tells the doctor the address and the doctor tells him that he does have a private office for the anonymity of his high profile patients but that it is not at that address. Dax wants to see some identification. Dr. Holt shows his Driver's license, AMA card among other identification. Dax says all these things can be forged. Dr Holt goes into his jacket pocket and Richard notices his SOH monogram inside. He apologizes to Dr. Holt and tells him that he just realized the problem is more complicated than he thought. Dr. Holt is concerned that someone impersonated him. Richard says he has been told he is sterile. Dr. Holt offers to do some tests right there.

Richard is standing in the suite and Dax tells him Dr. Holt will return any moment. Richard wonders who could have done this. He thinks Edmund would be the logical choice and Dax agrees. Richard says Jenny admitted that Edmund was in the room when she put the garter in the safe. Richard goes through the list of things they would have to presume. He wonders how Edmund could have orchestrated such a scheme. Dr. Holt comes back in and gives Richard the good news that his virility is off the charts. Richard finally realizes Cassie is carrying his child. Dr. Holt apologizes for the pain he must have suffered. Richard is concerned about the pain he has caused Cassie. Richard invites Dr. Holt to SC for vacation and then leaves to clean up "another mess."

At the Lewises':
Cassie and Reva are sitting on the floor eating junk food. They are still in their PJ's and think that life is good that way. Cassie says she is enjoying spending time with Reva. Reva asks Cassie if she feels better after a good night's sleep. Cassie says she thinks she knows what is coming next with Richard. Cassie tells Reva that before she met Richard she may have felt guilty and partly to blame but she knows she isn't at all to blame. She said a few months ago she didn't think she had it in her to be royal but now she knows she is good at it. She says, she signed up to be the Princess of SC and she is not done yet. She may not be able to live as Richard's wife, but he will have a hard time getting rid of her. Cassie thanks Reva for being a good sister and making her feel better. Blake arrives with Catalina's new shoes. She asks Cassie how the mommy to be is and where the daddy is. Cassie tells her some things have gone wrong. Blake gets an earful of everything that has happened and says Richard turned into a royal pain just like all other men. She starts eating pie as well. She tells Cassie to make Richard sweat and mess up his perfect hair to get back at him. Reva starts venting about how Josh dropped his engagement bombshell on the kids at Turkey Day. Blake says she should have worn her PJ's over as well. She starts talking about the non-marriage thing and Ross. She tells Reva and Cassie that she turned on the TV and found her solution. She tells them about the lady evangelist and Cassie and Reva think Blake has hit on her solution. They both want to be there when she sticks it to Ross. Reva tells Blake she is a genius. Cassie thinks the whole scheme will work. The three of them are laughing when the doorbell rings. Richard tells Reva he is there to see Cassie if she is there. Reva asks Cassie if she wants to see Richard and she shows him in. He greets Blake and Cassie. He asks if they could speak alone. Reva and Blake go into the kitchen. Richard tells Cassie he missed her and has been miserable the last two nights. He tells her she is beautiful and that he knows she is angry. He tells Cassie he just learned he is, in fact, not sterile and tells her that someone has gone to great lengths to dupe him and hurt her. He explains that someone is playing a sick charade. The real Dr. Holt examined him and that the baby is his. She tells him she already knew that. He says he made the worst mistake of his life doubting her. Cassie agrees. She tells him if the situation were reversed she would have believed him. He tells her that he realizes that. Cassie says that she can't understand why he jumped to the conclusions. She thought they lived in a world of total trust. Richard knows that and asks her to help him make this right. Cassie says she doesn't know if they can make things right. Richard asks if she has stopped loving him. Cassie says she can never stop loving him, but she doesn't think she can forget that she doubted her and broke her heart. Richard wants a chance to earn Cassie's trust. The door

At Infierno:
Danny is in his office, sitting at the desk pouting. He sees May walk by the door and calls out to her. He tells her he has been watching her travel back and forth outside his door and that he owes her an apology for the way he has treated her. He says he has been lousy and wishes things could have been different. May tells him he should learn from experience and that she holds no ill will towards him. She turns away and tells him she has to leave Infierno. Danny asks her why. She says that when he looks at her she can tell he likes her as a friend and she starts to remember what it is like to love him and it hurts her. She tells him that she has enjoyed the past few months but knows there is no future for them. Danny says he is sorry. May said it hurt because it had to, not because it was anyone's fault. She says she feels better now that they talked but she says she still has to leave. Danny tells May she can't quit. She says it isn't about the club. She kidded herself about her feelings for him but she knows she loves him and that it can't be. She likes movies but she realizes most of them are make believe. Danny tells her he has to be honest with her and tells her that she is not the love of his life and they cant be together but he does cares about her and wants to protect her. He asks if she can let him do that. May says that there is a lot to untangle. Danny says that the past few weeks have been hell and he has lost a lot. He doesn't want to lose her too. May says she would write to him from wherever she went. Danny says she would go broke on postage if she wrote to everyone that would miss her. He wants her to stay for the sake of the customers if not for him. They all love her, come in just to see her and he can't replace her, he needs her. Danny tells her that he doesn't want his friend to leave. She is an asset to the club. He tells her that everyone who meets her wants to be nicer, friendlier. She tells him he is sweet and that she will stay. She hopes he and Michelle will reunite. He tells her that wont happen. She doesn't think he should say never, but he tells her it wont happen because he would only hurt her. He turns back to his computer and May leaves the office.

Ray stops in at Danny's office and wants to know if there is anything he can do for him. Danny tells him to stop trying to help him and to forget his confession. Danny says he wants to remember that he killed his mother so he can always remember what kind of person he is. Ray says he will never forget what Danny said to him, but that Danny needs to let go. He tells him that all Danny is accomplishing is to bring Carmen back to life through himself, taking over her work. He tells Danny that he has to let her go. Danny tries changing the subject by asking Ray if he has seen Tony. Ray tells him he hasn't seen him in a few days. They call out to May who tells them that Tony is in Chicago visit colleges with Marah and her brother. Danny and Ray don't like the sound of this.

Later, Two FBI men walk into Danny's office looking for Tony. Danny tells them that he is out of town and Ray asks if he can help them. They tell him they are looking into possible copyright infringement charges.

In Chicago:
Marah, Shayne, Tony, Sam, Catalina and Susan are at the concert. They had dinner earlier and seem to be having a good time. The announcer introduces the band and all the kids are screaming and dancing around. Susan tells Max that it is the greatest night of her life.

At the LeMays':
Jim answers the door to more FBI agents. They have a warrant to search for computers and CD equipment. They ask for Susan's room and go upstairs

Thursday, November 30, 2000

At Olivia's:
Josh is looking at the engagement ring he got Olivia when she comes into the room. He stashes the ring into his pocket and kisses her. She asks him if she can fix him some leftovers. He tells her all he wants is to be alone in the quiet apartment with her. They sit on the sofa and Josh says he wants to ask her something. Before he could get the ring out the phone rings. He tells Olivia to ignore it and they do until the answering machine picks up. It's Reva. She says it is important and Josh should pick up. Josh is furious and grabs the phone up. He tells Reva that it better be important or else he will be very angry. Reva tells him that a team of G-Men are in their house taking things out as evidence and saying they are looking for Marah. She tells him that they are talking about copyright infringement. Josh tells Reva he will be right over and then tells Olivia what is going on. Josh tells Olivia to get in the tub and he will be back. He wants to show her something and promises to be back soon and he won't let the FBI stop him. Josh leaves. A few minutes later the FBI is knocking on Olivia's door. They tell her they are looking for Sam. They come in and show her their warrants.

At the Lewises':
The Feds are all over the Lewis house. Reva tells Cassie and Richard to leave while they can get out without publicity. They leave together. The agents are seizing the computers and walking right by Reva who is still trying to stop them. Blake and Reva are confused. Josh arrives and asks Reva who is in charge. Reva tells him to talk to the agents. He wants to know what is going on. Reva and Blake try to explain it to him. They are interrupted when the phone rings. Josh answers. The limo service is calling to check the billing address for Marah Lewis. He gets the information and tells Reva that Marah ordered a round trip limo to Chicago. Reva is surprised and Josh says he should be but he isn't, then he reminds her that he isn't the parent responsible for them day in and day out since the kids don't live with him. Reva gets the phone and asks the limo company for more information. She tells them they will pay the bill and hangs up. She tells Josh and Blake that the Limo dropped the kids off at a nice restaurant and is still waiting on a call from them to pick them up. Josh and Reva argue. He says she isn't supervising the children properly. Reva is in denial and tells Josh that Marah is not involved and not capable of hatching this scheme. Olivia comes in and tells them that Sam is also involved and probably could have come up with the idea.

At Phillip and Harley's:
The Feds arrive and Harley look at their warrant. She tells then that the warrant is for Spaulding Enterprises not their home. They ignore her and go in anyway. They tell her that it is a case of copyright infringement. The security guy from Spaulding comes in and Phillip yells at him a while. The guy tells him that the FBI was at the offices and they found evidence of someone using Phillip's password to burn CD's on the Spaulding Computers. Harley says "Susan". Phillip sees the cops and asks Harley who Susan is, "Susan who?" Harley tries to cover and mentions the temp Phillip had at the office. The Feds tell Phillip they already know about his daughter, Susan. Phillip goes over to make a phone call and tells Harley that he is calling someone to get Susan out of even more trouble, Again.

Phillip calls the carriage house and wakes Ross up. Phillip tells him Susan is in trouble and needs help. He tells Ross that the FBI is in his living room accusing him of bootlegging CDs. Ross tells Phillip to calm down. Phillip tells him he is worried because they are retrieving and copying secured Spaulding documents. Ross puts Phillip on hold to answer another call. It is Blake. She tells him what is going on at the Lewis's. Next Ross' cell phone rings. It is Beth. She is worried about Susan. Ross juggles the phones and tells them all to meet him at the Lewis's house.

Back at the Lewises':
Reva and Josh start arguing over Sam. Reva thinks he is the bad guy. Her sweet little Marah wouldn't have done this if not for Sam. Ross shows up with Phillip and Harley, Beth and Jim. Everyone is upset that his or her houses are being searched. Phillip is upset because the Spaulding files were accessed by the Feds. Ross tries to calm everyone down. Reva is yelling at Olivia and Josh argues with Reva. The doorbell rings and it is Danny and Ray. Danny talks to Josh. He asks them if they know where Tony is. Josh is upset to learn that Marah is with Tony in Chicago.
Josh tells Danny that everything is making sense now. He mentions piracy and fraud are right out of the Santos textbook. Meanwhile, Jim and Phillip are arguing over Susan. Beth and Harley are arguing over Susan too. Olivia and Reva are arguing over Sam and Marah. Ross comes into the middle of the room and yells for everyone to be quiet. After everyone stops yelling, he asks if anyone in the room has any answers. They don't. Then Ross asks if anyone knows anyone who may have the answers. Jim suggests talking to Max. They call over to the firehouse to get Max over there. Meanwhile, Ray tells Danny he needs to get out of there and stay away from the FBI. He tells him he will handle things there and call him later. Danny leaves. Buzz and Max comes in and Jim jumps on him right away. Buzz tells him to back off and Ross asks Max where Susan and the others are. He tells them that are in Chicago. Jim wants to know why Max isn't with them. He tells him he didn't want to go. Harley chimes in and says he didn't go because he knew they were up to no good. Jim wants Max to tell them everything. Finally, Max spills the beans and tells them about NuGround. He tells them it was Sam's idea but that Tony came up with the idea to sell all the excess CDs to pay for the concert, limo, fancy hotel, etc. Jim is angry and then yells at Max for letting Susan go alone with the older kids. That was it. Max tells him that he tries to blame him for everything. He tells Jim that it would have all been his fault if he had gone with Susan to Chicago but since he didn't, it must still be his fault some how. He tells Jim he is tired of him always putting things on him. Buzz tells them that all the arguing doesn't help. Ross goes out to talk to the Feds.

Ross comes back in a while later and tells everyone he has bad news. He tells all the parents that the Feds are going to make an example of the kids and prosecute them as well the parents who they think should have been watching the kids.

At Tower's; Royal Suites:
Cassie is worried about Marah and Shayne. She keeps talking about them. Richard tells her that he will see what he can do but he must admit he has other concerns on his mind. She tells him that she may just be trying to avoid their problems by focusing on the kids. Richard says someone tried to separate them with deception. Cassie tells him he still had a choice who to believe. Richard says he didn't know what else to believe. Cassie asked him why she would sleep with her bodyguard. He says he was bombarded with evidence. Cassie is hurt. Richard asks her how he can ever make things up to her. Cassie says she doesn't know as she walks away. Cassie tells Richard that as a kid, she was shuffled around and was always the new kid. She got good at handling herself, but hated the game "Trust". One person stands in front of the other and falls backward and they would trust that the other one would catch her. She tells him that she always got out of playing it. But she finally gave in when she met him and played the game just to have him, her husband, drop her. Richard says he wanted to be the person to catch her and tells her that she and her love opened up new worlds for him. He said before he met her, his life was duty and honor, he was completely closed off from the world. She changed him and terrified him. The more he loved her, the more he feared losing her. Cassie asked if he is trying to say this is all her fault? Richard says no. He tells her that he let his fear control him and he was wrong. Cassie agrees. He says he never stopped loving her. Cassie asks if that is supposed to make her feel better. Richard says that if he loved her less, he may have been more rational. Cassie says that she is carrying his child and should be happy, but she is miserable. Richard asks if it is over for them. Cassie tells him that she has a job to do, and needs to figure out how she is going to do it. Richard says they are tired and maybe they should sleep on it. Cassie is shocked and tells him that she is not ready to sleep in the same bed as him and doesn't know when she will be. She tells him that no one has ever let her down the way he has. She leaves the room, looking sad. She goes back in and tells him, "I love you and I could never stop loving you. Aren't we the lucky ones to be so in love." Cassie closes the door and Richard rests his head on it.

Edmund comes in and tells Richard that he has an idea. He thinks Richard should ask for a paternity test via amnio. Richard tells Edmund that it isn't necessary and tells him that the baby is his. He tells Edmund that the Dr. Holt he saw was an imposter. Edmund acts confused and asks Richard how it could be possible. Richard says all of this was a set up. Someone went to great lengths to make Richard believe he wasn't the father of Cassie's child. Edmund wonders who would do that and Richard says when he finds out, he will make that person's life a living hell. Richard is tired and leaves. Edmund says, "Dr. Holt an imposter, I'm sorry". After Richard leaves, Edmund says, I'm really sorry.

Friday, December 1, 2000

At Olivia's:
Josh had prepared breakfast for Olivia and is setting the table. He sits the ring box down next to the juice and coffee. Olivia comes in and sits down. She is still worked up about the FBI. She jabbers continuously about all that happened and Josh is trying to calm her down. He tells her that she shouldn't think about it and just concentrate on the two of them. She tells him it is hard to forget about it. Josh tells her that it will work out but now he wants to think about them. He tells her that this moment is special for them. Olivia tells him that she is sorry and that she knows she is acting like Reva. Josh tells her to forget everything and stop talking for just a moment and look down on the table. She does and sees the ring box. She holds it a moment and he asks her if she is ever going to open it. She tells him that she wants to savor the moment as long as possible. Finally, she opens it slowly. She says the ring is perfect. Josh says she is perfect. He takes her hand and asks her to marry him and puts the ring on her finger while she says yes over and over again. She crawls into his lap and kisses him. After a smooching marathon, Josh asks Olivia, which is better, kissing, or jewelry. She tells him that she will have to experiment. She kisses him and then looks at her ring. She kisses him again and looks at the ring. She tells him that she likes both. She holds the ring up and he kisses it and then kisses her again. He picks her up and carries her off to the bedroom.

Sam peers into the apartment and calls back to the others that no one is home. All the kids (Marah, Shayne, Catalina, Susan, Sam and Tony) come in and go into the living area. They are all surprised when Josh walks out and welcomes them home. He tells them that he can't wait to hear about their trip. Josh tells them all to get comfortable and have a seat. Tony starts talking and tells them it was cool. He assures Josh that Marah had no idea he was joining them on the trip. They pretend they visited all these different colleges while they were there. Olivia asks if there is anything else they would like to tell them. They are all talking and Sam realizes Olivia is on to them and tries to tell them to cool it but the only one who understands what is going on is Tony. Susan keeps on and talks about the Spanish restaurant. Josh asks if they had enough money and she and Marah said they had plenty. He asked about their ride to Chicago and then told them that it is too bad there weren't more students on campus to see them pull up in a limo. Sam says they are toast.

At the Lewises':
Reva is showing Noah the inventory list of everything the FBI confiscated. Noah is surprised at the copyright infringement charges and asks why she didn't call him sooner. He gets the name of the agent in charge and says he will look into it. Noah wants to know if this sort of thing happens in her life all the time. He would like to take her for R&R, but knows it is not a good time since it would be considered fleeing from a federal investigation. Reva asks Noah if he is feeling neglected. He says no but wonders what will happen next. Reva says her life is one big whirlwind right now but Noah doesn't think that is a novelty for Reva. He tells her she is copping out. Reva says that when she is with him it is fun, satisfying and intense. She wonders what is on Noah's mind. He tells her he is thinking about Reva and Josh. He wonders if they are getting ready for another reunion. Reva says that she and Josh are in the past. She tells him when they went their separate ways; they got involved with other people and hurt them. Noah says that maybe she was still in love with Josh. Reva says she just wasn't ready to move on. She just wants to move slow and not hurt Noah. Noah laughs and tells Reva she is full of herself. Reva wants to know what Noah means. Noah says that he knows she is dangerous and has seen her with some of her exes, but he can handle her. He can take care of himself and her too if she would let him. He says he is a grown man. Noah says there is a chance she might be evolving into a gorgeous, funny, brilliant lady who might be able to share her life with someone besides Josh Lewis. She asks if he will be waiting for the new and improved Reva. They are kissing as the doorbell rings. It is Richard. Reva tells him he has perfect timing. Richard asks if there are any FBI agents lurking. Reva says no. Reva starts nagging Richard for how he treated Cassie. Richard tells her that he doesn't have time to argue, he only came to see Noah not her. Richard tells Noah he is going back to SC in a few hours, and wants Noah to help him look for Lt. Rourke. Noah asks him for more information on Rourke and Richard tells him what they know about his background check and references. He says there was a rumor about him being a womanizer, but nothing ever was proven. Reva tells Richard that he believed it. Noah says he will do his best. Richard says failure is not an option and asks Noah to get the agency involved. Noah is reserved but tells Richard that he is sure they will help him. Richard smiles and says it is nice to have friends in high places. Reva's phone rings, it is Josh. The kids are there and Josh wants all the parents to meet at Olivia's. Reva asks Richard if he is taking Cassie back to San Cristobel . He says yes and she wishes him luck as she and Noah leave.

At Tower's, the Royal Suite:
Cassie is on the couch and Richard offers her some breakfast but she says she isn't hungry. Richard tells her that he has people looking for Rourke and wants to know if she will be flying home with him. Cassie says the damage is done and doesn't realize why he is even worried with it. Richard says someone tried to destroy them and he wants to question Rourke. He tells her how awful he feels and says that he wonders if she will ever lie in bed next to him again. Edmund enters the suite and greets them. Richard tells Cassie he has business and asks if she will be alright. He leaves. Cassie asks Ed if he has ever seen Richard this unhappy. She says that since they got married, all they have wanted to do is have children. Someone made them think they couldn't, and then when she was obviously pregnant, someone made Richard think she betrayed him. She says, it takes a special person to do this kind of deception and asks if he did it. Edmund denies it and tells Cassie that he had been thinking and thinks someone is trying to get back at him by making him look guilty to Richard. Cassie is blown away. She asks Ed to repeat what he said. Ed says a palace insider could do this to make Richard suspect Edmund. Cassie says she is pregnant with a baby Richard didn't think was his but some palace insider is trying to make Ed look bad. She asks him if he really believes he is that important or does he just hope he is. Cassie says only as big a narcissist as he is would think this is about him. Ed says she has a lot to learn about the throne. Cassie says she is learning. Ed says she is naive. Cassie says she was innocent about people until she met him. Ed's phone rings and Jim tells Ed he can't leave town. He explains about the problem with Susan. Ed tells Jim that he won't be visiting Jim's house and intrude anymore. He apologizes and tells him they will reschedule the trip. He asks Jim to call him if Susan needs anything. He hangs up and says "now if I could only put aside my other problems that easily."

At the LeMays':
Beth is admiring Lizzie in her angel costume for the Christmas play. There are lights on her wings. Jim tells her that he will sneak in early and save some front row seats for him and Beth. Lizzie tells him Phillip, Harley and Alan will be coming too. Beth asks Lizzie to check on the baby. Beth tells Jim she feels blessed that she can make a costume for Lizzie, because they didn't even know if she would live. She empathizes with Jim about Susan and says that everything will work out. Jim loves when she talks like that and he feels lucky being a husband and a father. He likes the idea of having another baby. Jim tells Beth he had good news from Edmund. He tells her that Ed said he was going to back off from visiting them so much. Jim thinks it is an early Christmas present.

At Phil and Harley's:
Phil is on the phone with Josh. He tells Harley about the kids being at Olivia's. Harley wants Phil to let Jim and Harley handle Susan. Phil is angry and wants to deal with her himself. Harley agrees that Susan is out of control and that she will pay the price. She tries to calm him down. Finally he gets a little calmer and realizes it won't do any good to tear Susan's head off. He promises Harley to do his best but tells her that he knows she only wants him to back off so she can have all the fun of tearing Susan down for herself. She kisses him and tells him he knows her too well.

Back at Olivia's:
Ross and Jim come in. Then Harley and Phil. Susan says she wants to crawl under the sofa. Ross tells Josh he is happy he missed Dinah's teen years. Reva arrives with Noah and asks Olivia if she missed anything. She tells them to come in and offers everyone coffee. Reva sees her ring and says, "Nice rock". Olivia smiles and Marah makes a snide remark about how she moved very fast. Shayne says he is not calling her mom. Josh goes to his children and tells him that they are going to need him on their side so they should shut up. Reva tells her children that she wants to thank them for introducing Catalina to the American teenage lifestyle. Reva, Olivia and Ross all tell them what happened with the FBI. Susan starts to talk but then Sam tells them he had the idea for this scheme. He goes on about the unfairness of the record companies and tells them the whole thing is bogus and is against their constitutional right for free speech not to mention being pure censorship. He tells them what they did is nothing compared to the record companies. Ross asks then how much money they made. Shayne says $3500 but Tony says they didn't. He tells them he did not sell the 500 CDs he had. They asked him about the cash he gave them and he tells them he gave them his own money to impress Marah. Marah smiled. Ross tells them that he has talked to the attorneys for NuGround and they are going to press charges. He tells them that they have had CDs pirated before and want to make an example of the kids so they are going to prosecute. He tells them that the kids that are of age will be prosecuted as adults; the rest will be dealt with as juveniles with their parents also being charged. Ross tells them they really need God more than an attorney.

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