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Monday, November 20, 2000

Due to live coverage of the Florida Supreme Court hearings, Guiding Light did not air.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Due to yesterday's national preemption, today's show is the episode that was originally scheduled to air on Monday. As a result, there will be no "lost" episodes.

At Tower's, the Royal Suite:
Cassie asks Richard if he heard her. She repeats that she is pregnant. He asks her who the father is and she is stunned. She doesn't understand what he is saying. He tells her that he knows for a fact that baby cannot be his. He tells her that he saw Dr. Weymouth and he was told he was sterile. Before she could say anything, he told her that he went to New York for a second opinion and he is indeed infertile. She doesn't understand since he has Jonathan. He tells her that whatever happened to him came on in the past eight years. It could have been some chemical he was exposed to or something else, he wasn't sure. She tells him that it is impossible because she is pregnant and he is the father. She asks him how else it could have happened. Richard hands her Rourke's note and tells her that it may shed some light on her memory. Cassie reads the letter and tells him that she doesn't know what is going on or why Rourke would be pulling these stunts on her. Richard tells her that it is hard when someone you trust deceives you. Cassie cant believe what he is insinuating. Richard is angry and goes over all the compromising situations Cassie and Rourke have been caught in added with the note and the diamonds. Not to mention the fact that he is sterile and can't be the father. Cassie gets angry too and thinks she is being set up. She tells Richard that he can take that and draw his own conclusions as to whom and why. Richard asks her if that is her only defense. Cassie is very upset now and tells him that she is pregnant and it is his child. She storms out of the room telling him that she will speak to him only after he figures the whole thing out. Ed walks in and wants to know if Richard and Cassie had been arguing. Richard says that Cassie is pregnant. Ed acts shocked and asks Richard if he had a hand in this. Ed gets offended and tells Richard that he did not make him sterile and reminds him that it was his idea not to hire Rourke. But Richard and Cassie wouldn't listen. Richard shouts at Ed and Ed says he thought they had gotten past all this. Richard wishes the feelings of mistrust between them were over for good, but they aren't. Ed says his past crimes are so bad that he will always be a suspect whenever there is trouble. Richard wants him to come clean if he is involved. Ed says that it is impossible that he was involved. Richard says that could have been a ploy. Ed says that Richard gives him too much credit and tells him if he wanted to compromise Cassie he wouldn't have delegated the job. Ed walks away. Dax comes in and Richard tells him the situation. He wants to investigate every angle of the situation. The doctors, Rourke, Jenny and how the diamonds were taken, everything. Dax promises to look into it all and tells Richard he is sorry it all happened.

Cassie is in the living room when Richard walks in. She tells him that she doesn't feel like talking to him about it and tells him to go away. Richard walks out of the room and out of the suite. They are very upset.

At the Lewises':
Reva is discussing Catalina's legal status. Catalina is very grateful and doesn't know how she will repay Reva. Reva doesn't want to be repaid and Catalina tells Reva she is very generous. Catalina realizes Marah is jealous and says maybe this is not a good idea. Catalina tells Reva that she is too busy with work and family to help her. Catalina suggests she go and work for the Marler's so as not to cause any trouble for Reva and her family. Marah apologizes to Catalina for being so selfish. Catalina understands and tells her that she has siblings too. Shayne apologizes to Catalina for Marah. Marah says she wants to help Catalina stay in America. Reva is proud of Marah and takes her outside to talk. Outside, Reva says that she thinks Blake will hire Catalina once the immigration thing is settled. Marah says she doesn't mind if Catalina lives with them short term. In the house, Shayne is showing family pictures to Catalina. He asks about her family and she says she has older brothers but she can pretend he is her younger brother. Shayne doesn't want to be a brother figure, but Catalina gently tells him she is too old for him. Shayne asks about her father. She tells him he is a journalist and is in prison for writing about Castro. Shayne is shocked that a journalist would be in jail for telling the truth. Catalina tells him he is lucky to be in this country. Outside, Noah arrives and kisses Reva. He wants to meet their guest and then hugs Catalina when he sees her. Noah tells all of them he may be able to speed up the asylum process. Marah is going to bed and Reva tells Shayne he has to go to bed too. They have to clean the house for Thanksgiving. Marah says that she and her friends will be leaving for Chicago after dinner on Thanksgiving. Shayne wants to go too and invites Catalina. Catalina is excited about the trip. The kids go up to bed, after Marah whispers to Shayne that he will pay for this. Noah tells Reva that he called his contact, Perdita, and she will help them with Catalina. Reva thinks she should thank her but Noah tells her that she can thank him. She kisses him and tells him that she appreciated all the things he has told her in the past few days and she had been thinking about them all. Noah tells Reva he doesn't want her to feel pressured by him. He changed the ground rules. They became very close when they were in danger and he felt she could read his mind. He says that he could have gotten carried away. She asked if he said something he didn't mean but he says no. He will back off and give her some room. She thinks it is wonderful to be adored and she kisses him.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle is crying and Meta is talking to her. Michelle says that Danny, her dad, Maureen, and Abby are gone. Meta says she still has Claire. Michelle tells Meta that Claire was good when she had the miscarriage, but not now. Meta wants to know the truth about her and Danny. Meta says she would ordinarily let it go, but this is causing her distress. It is bad for her and the baby. She should share the story so maybe Meta can help set it right. Michelle tells her everything, about Carmen and Claire's part in faking her death as well as how Danny saved her. Meta was shocked and when Rick came in she suggested it was time they tell Claire to get out of the garage apartment. Rick and Meta fight over who got to throw Claire out and Meta pulled seniority. She left to toss Claire out.

Meta arrives at Claire's apartment and Claire gives Meta a bad attitude. Meta gives it right back and then tells Claire to leave. Claire says that Michelle won't agree with Meta and Meta says she already has. Meta tells her that she knows about the conspiracy with Carmen. Claire says she was right about Danny. She pointed out that he shot his own mother. Meta defends Danny and again tells Claire to get out. Claire says Michelle will come around and realize that she saw the truth before anyone else. She tells Meta to leave and she does after telling Claire to be out the next day. Claire turns to look around the apartment. She says onward and upward and goes to the phone. She calls Alan and asks him over. When Alan gets there she hints around and tells him they are kicking her out. He invites her to live at the mansion with him and she accepts. He tells her that he knows that is why she asked him over in the first place but that was alright. He wonders if she wants him to take her with him then but she tells him that she is going to take her time so the Bauer's wont believe they got to her. He offers to send a limo for her the next day and she accepts.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

At the Garage Apartment; Bauer House:
Claire has a mink coat on that Alan sent her when Rick walks in. He makes a comment about her wearing dead animals and tells her that his curiosity got the best of him and he just had to come ask. He asks Claire how she managed to screw everything up so bad that Michelle wanted her out. She is smug and tells him that she won't tell him if Michelle didn't. She tells him that all she really wants to say is that she did what she thought was best for her daughter in order to protect her. She tells Rick that she had difficult choices to make and if given the same choices again she would do it the same way in a heartbeat. Michelle has come in the door by that time and tells Claire that she is not at all surprised. She tells Claire that when she thought she was losing the baby she felt so close to her. Claire tells her that she went out of her way to protect her. Michelle tells her that she should kick herself for letting her guard down around her in the hospital. Claire picks up her bags and asks the Bauer siblings if they have any last shots at her. Rick asks them to tell him what happened. No one responds. Michelle asks Claire where she is going. Claire tells her that she should do her a favor and not pretend that she cares.

At Tower's; Royal Suite:
A Waiter is bringing Cassie some food and she tells him she isn't hungry. He goes to leave and Richard is at the door as he opens it. Cassie asks him to tell her that he has come to tell her that he is sorry and that he knows he made a terrible mistake. Cassie can tell that is not why Richard is there. She tries to shut the door on him but he stops her and asks her how she slept. He tells her that he didn't sleep at all and was just trying to make some sense out of all that has happened. He tells her the whole situation just doesn't make any sense and she is not telling him anything to help him make sense out of it. Cassie tells him that she also has questions and wants to know what she did to make him doubt her fidelity. She wonders what she did to make him think anything besides that she is completely in love with him and happy with her life. She tells him if he loved her he would never had thought that. Richard tells her that because of his love for her that he doesn't understand. Cassie yells that she feels like she is guilty until she can prove herself innocent. She tells him the only problem they have is trust. She tells him that he doesn't trust her because of her past and that he thinks, "once a slut always a slut." He says he would never call her that and Cassie tells him that he should stop treating her life that then and start treating her like his wife. Col Dax comes in and tells Richard that Jenny is there. Cassie questions what she is there for. They tell her they want to question her about the diamonds. Cassie is angry and tells them they can't interrogate her friend. They tell her it isn't an interrogation and if Jenny was the last one to see the diamond, they just wanted to know how Rourke ended up with them. Dax tries to explain that it will look better if Jenny was careless or can shed some light on how Roarke got his hands on the diamonds. Cassie says I am not hanging a
friend out to dry to try to get back into good graces with someone who doesn't trust me. Cassie tells Jenny not to let them intimidate her. They asks Cassie to leave so they can talk to Jenny alone so that she will feel more free to express herself. Cassie tells them that they just don't want she and Jenny influencing each other's story. Cassie says she knows a losing battle when she sees one. She tells Jenny to just tell them the truth and she leaves. Richard starts to follow her but doesn't.
Cassie goes to Reva's and cries on her sister's shoulder. Back at the hotel room, Dax and Richard question Jenny. She tells them that Cassie gave her the garter and she put it in the safe and that was the last she saw of it. She tells them that Edmond was trying to see the combination, but she made sure he didn't. Richard says so Edmond was in the room. Dax takes Richard aside and asks him what he is thinking and he says he has an idea to find out what the hell is really going on. Richard starts telling Dax what he wants him to do.

At the Lewises':
Josh has gone to see Reva and to inform the kids about his wedding plans. Reva says he should wait until after Thanksgiving to tell them so it won't ruin their holiday. Josh wants to go ahead. He tells her that she can abandon the children and that's okay but he can't share some good news like he's going to marry the woman he loves with them. Shane overhears and is upset. Josh tells him he didn't want him to hear that way. Josh tell Shane that he planned to come and have a quiet talk with him and Marah about it but the fact is that he and Olivia are planning to get married on New Year's Eve. He asks Shane to stand up with him. Shane says fine whatever. Josh wants to know how Shane really feels about it; Shane says he really doesn't care if he marries Olivia. Marah walks in. Marah tells Josh he doesn't know Olivia well enough to marry. She tells him she thinks Olivia is using him and doesn't know why he can't date around and see what else is out there. Shane yells for her to shut up and that she can't change a thing. Josh tries to talk to them but they don't want to hear it. Josh says he doesn't want to leave until everyone feels alright with this. The kids ignore him and tell him they are on their way to Chicago. They leave and Reva smirks and tells Josh that went well. Josh says we have to do better than this. We are supposed to be the adults in this situation; they are learning from us how we manage our emotions. He tells her that he and Olivia will be married on New Years and if she doesn't like it, fine, but she shouldn't allow her reaction to become the children's reaction. Reva takes offense and says, "So now it's my fault that the children are having a problem with your choice in marriage partners." Josh tells her to grow up and Reva slams the door in his face.

At Company:
Susan wants to cancel Turkey Day all together. She, Marah, Shayne and Sam are talking about their CD money and how they made reservations for a limo and tickets to the concert. They discuss how hard it was to copy the CD's. Marah says they have another tag along and tell them that Shayne invited Catalina. Catalina walks in and they introduce her to the others. She overhears about the concert and tells them she can't go. Shayne walks after her and she tells him that she cannot lie to Reva. Shayne convinces her that she will be helping Reva by being a sort of chaperone for the kids and protecting them. She says she will go, but only if they keep their word and visit the colleges. He promises. Susan has her arm around Sam joking with him when Max walks in. He sees her and keeps right on walking. Susan goes after him. She catches him outside and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he feels like a third wheel. She asks him if he is jealous. He tells her that he knows what he wants and wishes she could say the same. He leaves. Tony walks in and is being watched by a man sitting in the back of Company. Tony sits with Marah and hands her the $2500. The guy in the suit looks up. Tony says he sold every CD he had in his possession. She is happy. He mentions going with them and is upset when she tells him he cant. Marah tells Tony that they will get in more trouble if he goes. He tells her that he did all this to help her out but now he isn't good enough to go with her. He leaves. The guy follows.

At the Spaulding mansion:
Claire shows up at Alan's. Alan asks if she left in grand style. She drops her coat and has nothing on by her undies. Lizzie comes in with Phillip behind her. Claire wraps back up before they get in the room. Phillip asks can he take her coat. Alan and Claire both yell, "No!" Alan introduces Claire to Lizzie and asks Lizzie what she has with her. She gives him an invitation to her school recital. He tells her he will cancel all his plans and be there for her. Lizzie invites Claire to come as well. She thanks Lizzie for the invitation. Phillip steps in and tells Lizzie that Claire is a busy doctor and probably want be able to make it. Alan announces that Claire will be less busy now that she is living there. Phillip is shocked and when Claire leaves he tells his dad that Claire is bad news, a manipulator with a terrible mean streak. Alan defends her and Phillip tells him to count the silver, move the safe deposit key and not to change his will. Phillip tells Alan that he knows he will do as he likes and tells him he will get what he deserves if he does. Alan invites Phillip to stay for brunch and Phillip says he has lost his appetite. Phillip leaves and Alan goes back to Claire and asks her if he can take her coat.

Thursday, November 23, 2000

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light will not be shown today. Programming will resume as normal on Monday, November 27th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 24, 2000

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light will not be shown today. Programming will resume as normal on Monday, November 27th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

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