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Monday, November 13, 2000

At the Docks:
Michelle is confronted by Carmen. Carmen tells her that Danny isn't there to protect her this time. Michelle is very upset and screams. She tries to get up and yells at Carmen that she isn't real. Carmen tells her that she shouldn't be afraid of her if she isn't real. Michelle tells her that she was drugged. Carmen tells her that the drug will be out of her system before anyone finds her. She tells her that everyone is going to think she was upset about Danny's affair and she came down to the docks and killed herself. Carmen pulls a gun on Michelle and tells her that she had her brought to the docks where Danny was supposed to kill her so long ago. She tells her that she is going to kill her and toss her body into the lake. Michelle doesn't understand how Carmen could still be alive and Carmen just smiles and tells her that she can almost forgive Danny for not killing Michelle since she would get to do it. She blamed Michelle for taking both her sons from her beginning with Mick and then Danny. Michelle doesn't understand how she can kill her and Carmen tells her that she is a mother fighting back for her children and besides, she has killed for a lot less before. Michelle begs Carmen for a chance for her child. She tells her they need her baby, he will be the next generation of Santos. Carmen tells her that she isn't sure that the baby is really her son's. Michelle insists it is and Carmen tells her that if it is, Danny will have other children and they will not have blood tainted by hers. Michelle asks her how she faked her death with Claire there to see that she died. Carmen tells her that Claire has a lot of tricks up her sleeve as well. Michelle doesn't understand why Claire would help her. Carmen tells her it is because Claire doesn't want her with Danny any more than she does. Carmen tells Michelle that she has to die and points the gun at her. Michelle yells, "Danny!" Carmen tells her that it's a nice try but doesn't believe her. Danny however walks up behind Carmen and says, "Mother?"

Danny begs Carmen not to shoot Michelle. He tells her that he will take care of Michelle. Carmen says that Michelle has to die. Danny tells Carmen that Michelle is carrying his child and he won't give her up. Carmen tells him that he is his father's son, weak and not knowing that he already has everything. Carmen tells him that all she wanted was to know who Miguel's mistress was and he died protecting her. Carmen says this time the right person will die. She turns and points the gun at Michelle again. Danny tells her that Claire knows she is alive and will tell the authorities. Carmen tells him that she wont shoot her but he will. She says he will do it and she will go back to where she was staying and he will be powerful beyond belief. Danny tells her to get out of the way and pulls his gun on Michelle. He points the gun at Michelle and turns it on Carmen. He tells her to drop her gun and she refuses. She tells him that there is only one way to stop her and that is to kill her. She knows he won't do it because he is her son. Danny pulls the slide back on his pistol.

At Company:
Phil is talking to Rick. He tells him not to be upset and Michelle will turn up. Rick wants to know how this all happened and how Michelle fell in love with a mobster. Phillip tells him that her mom, Maureen, was the same way. She always looked through the bad exterior and saw the good in everyone. Phillip tells him that you can't pick who you fall in love with. Rick wonders why Bill and Michelle couldn't be together. Phillip thought Rick had made peace with Danny and Michelle being together. He tells him that he tried to respect the union because of the baby and their love. He is upset that he couldn't save her from them. Phillip tells him that everything will be alright and they go in for a bite to eat. Later, Rick tells Phil that he needs a long hard run and leaves. Phil talks to Buzz about Michelle being missing. Maria walks in and Buzz excuses himself and Phil leaves. Maria tells Buzz that there is trouble. He told her he has heard.

At Infierno:
Dax takes Richard aside and tells him that Tony gave him these diamonds and he asks Richard if he recognizes them. Richard tells him they look like the canary diamonds from his mother's bracelet that he turned into Cassie's garter. Dax told him that Rourke used them to secure a loan and that he told Tony they were given to him for "services rendered." Richard told him he would take care of it and they went back into the club.

Edmund tells Jim that he needs to quit gambling and get home. He tells him he is worried about his family and wonders if he will be gambling away the house next. Jim tells him to leave him alone. Ed tells him he wants to buy his marker so that he can get out of the mess he is in and get back to his family. Jim refuses. Jim plays again and loses again. Edmund asks him if he would rather be in debt to the mob than to him. He tells Jim that he can work on some projects in SC for him in return for the pay. Jim asks him if he planned this. Edmund tells him that he needs an underwater surveyor for a few projects. Jim asks what's in it for Edmund and he tells him that he doesn't want Beth to be hurt. He tells Jim he has a choice either his way or the mobs way.
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Richard goes to Rourke and asks him about the diamonds. Cassie is upset about something at the table as they walk past.

Edmund comes out of the office from dealing with Tony. He sees Jim drinking at the bar. He thinks he is a fool but says to himself that he owns him now.

At the Lewis's:
Reva and Catalina are talking about how Catalina found her. Shayne is enthralled by Catalina's presents. Marah tells him to stop drooling over her. He tells her he is only human. Catalina starts talking about their time together and Reva asks her not to talk about it in front of the kids. Marah blows up and tells Reva that she tells strangers more than her own family.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

At Olivia's:
Josh and Olivia are in bed talking about how her name will be Lewis once she is married. She isn't sure she wants to change her name but will think about it. Olivia Lewis, Olivia Spencer, Olivia Spencer-Lewis. Josh tells her that he wants to go ahead and make a phone call now so they wont get interrupted while they are celebrating. He calls over to the house and Marah answers. Josh asks if she had finished her homework and if all is well. She tells him they are all fine, including the immigrant intruder houseguest. Josh asks if she wants to come over and talk about it or is she in for the evening. Marah tells him not to worry, she wont interrupt him and Olivia.

Josh and Olivia are back to their favorite extracurricular activity and he is whispering to her, "Olivia Spencer-Lewis." She asks him to stop and tells him that in that instant she would change her name to Harvey, or something like that, if he asked her to. Olivia tells him that she wants to marry him more than anything but she isn't really sure it is going to happen. She thinks he needs to take his time. Josh tells her he is sure and not going to back out. He tells Olivia that she must not know him as well as he thought she did if she didn't think he was serious. She tells him that she knows he is a foundation man but she never knew what he was building. She tells him she just wonders if he is rushing a bit because he is scared to be where he is. She wonders if his love for her is the right kind. He apologizes to Olivia for whoever had hurt her in the past but promises her that he loves her beyond measures. He tells her he wants to marry her and wants her to realize that. He hopes that someday she will be as sure about his love for her and he is. He hugs her tightly and strokes her hair.

Later, Olivia tells Josh he has to be the world's greatest lover. She tells him that she knows he loves her and doesn't need any reassurance. Josh asks her if she has thought of a wedding date. She hasn't. He tells her he knows down to the minute when he wants to marry her. She asks him when and he tells her that he wants to marry her at the stroke of midnight New Years Eve, the beginning of the true millennium. Olivia is happy and they kiss.

At the Bauer's:
Rick is soaking in the hot tub when Harley arrives. He tells her he is trying to relax and stop being so worried about Michelle. Harley says that David found out from his Santos contact that Danny and Michelle probably left together. But Rick thinks the Santos family has her against her will. Harley wants to know why he thinks that. She thinks he may have a subconscious memory that she isn't aware of. Rick says it is something about the way Claire told Danny to go to his grandmother to find Michelle. He told Harley that Claire was acting like a maniac when she learned Michelle was gone. Rick says Claire's actions and the look she gave him made him think the Santos family is involved and that she knows more then she is telling. Rick gets out of the hot tub and says he wants to go see Claire. Harley tells Rick she will question Claire and that he should just sit back down and relax. He doesn't want to listen so Harley gets in the Jacuzzi, fully clothed. She tells Rick to turn around as she massages his shoulders. They joke about how they plan to torture Claire with tons of happy people. They think Claire will explode if she was stuck with niceness all day, since she hates happy people. They both laugh. Rick thanks her and tells her that is the first time he has laughed since this whole mess came up. Rick realizes that Claire probably doesn't know anything but Harley tells him she will ask her anyway. He goes to get some towels and thanks Harley for making him laugh again. He says she is an incredible crazy friend.

At the Lewis's:
Marah comes downstairs and tells Shayne that she is sick of Catalina. She says she has used all her face cream and wonders if she thinks she is supposed to use it all over her body. Shayne thinks she is jealous, but Marah denies it. Shayne tells her she is in denial and tells her once again that he thinks Catalina is hot. Shayne analyses Marah and tells her she is just angry with her mom for spending time with Catalina and not with them. He tells her that their mom is just trying to help this poor defenseless babe. Marah says maybe Shayne is right. She says she will lighten up on Catalina. She asks Shayne to keep the rest of his opinions to himself.

At Infierno:
Cassie is worried about Richard and Rourke. Dax tells her not too. Inside the office, Richard tells Rourke he is still waiting for an answer. Rourke tells him he did not steal the diamonds. He doesn't want to say how he got them because he is a gentleman and is loyal to the princess. Richard is getting angry and threatens to charge him with theft. Richard keeps questioning him and Rourke keeps refusing to answer. Richard tells Dax to watch Rourke and he will be back.

Richard goes to Cassie and tells her what Rourke said. She isn't sure what he meant by saying he was obligated to her not to tell Richard about the diamonds. She tells Richard she is confused and he asks her if she is sure. He reminds her that she had given Rob a diamond necklace before to keep him quiet. She tells him that she didn't give Rourke anything and tells him that she will get the truth out of Rourke. She heads into the office. Cassie says she is confused and asks Rourke where he got the diamonds. He says he is sorry she is confused. She asks him why he is misleading Richard. He says he will do whatever she wants him to just like he always has. Cassie smacks Rourke. Richard stops them and says it appears they are at an impasse. Cassie just looks at him. Cassie tells Rourke to get out and wait for them. She tells Richard that she can't believe she trusted Rourke. Richard says trust is not easy. Cassie says that she knows Richard doubted her because she saw it in his eyes. She swears she doesn't know why Rourke is doing this. She wants to strangle him. Richard says that would be bad form. He tells her not to worry but he will get some answers. Richard and Cassie come out of the office and go to Dax to ask for Rourke. He tells him he has no idea where Rourke is. Apparently he has left. Cassie is upset and wanted to pin him down and beat the truth out of him. Edmund approaches them and they ask if he has seen Rourke. He tells them he hasn't and notices that they look distraught and he offers his help.

Edmund comes out and tells Jim about buying his marker. Jim is angry. Edmund tells him he didn't expect him to thank him but did expect more than petulance. Jim tells Edmund that he had a deal with Tony and he would have honored it. Edmund tells Jim that he is $35,000 in the hole and still losing. Edmund tells Jim that he protecting him and his family from Tony and the mob. Edmund lets Jim know that he owns him now and he wants his money paid his way, by his working for him. Jim tells Edmund that he thinks he is smart but he is on to him. He knows Edmund only cares about himself. Edmund wants to get down to his terms. He wants an underwater survey in the SC harbor. Jim threatens to tell Richard how he got him to accept this job. Edmund tells him if he does this job the debt will be erased. Jim reluctantly agrees.

At the Ferry Dock's:
Carmen is shot and lying on the dock, bleeding. She apologizes to Danny. He tells her they will send for help and she should hang on. Danny asks Michelle why she didn't go for help and she told him if she had called 911 the police would have come and he and Carmen both would have been in trouble. She also knew that there was nothing they could do for Carmen, she has seen injuries like hers before and there was no saving her. They walk to the other side of the docks and Michelle tries to tell Danny that Carmen made it impossible for him to do anything else and in reality she had killed herself. Danny says he killed his mother and takes his gun out. Michelle is worried and Danny tosses the gun out into the lake. He tells Michelle that she should leave so she wouldn't be a part of what happens next. Danny tells Michelle to stay hidden on the docks. She wants to stay with him. She asks him to promise not to hurt himself. He promises her and says he will be right back. Michelle asks God to forgive him and to help Danny to forgive himself.

Danny is looking at Carmen's body and he tells her he hates her. He hugs her and cries while continuing to say he hates her. Finally with tears in his eyes, he drops his mother's body into the water.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

At the Ferry Docks:
Michelle comes up behind Danny who is still leaning over the side of the docks where he had dropped Carmen's body still staring at the water. Michelle says she has been waiting for 45 minutes and thinks they need to go. He is crying. Danny says he doesn't have a home anymore and he can't go to Carmen's house. Michelle tells him that it is over and he says it will never be over. Michelle wants them to go away like they planned and start over. Danny wants to know what she means. Michelle says they have always had someone coming between them and now they have the chance to raise their child. Danny pulls away from her and says he is not going home with her. Danny says tonight he learned he is really a Santos. He killed his mother and put her body at the bottom of a lake. He says he can't ask her to spend her life with him now. Michelle says he protected her and their baby. He made a choice to protect her and chose her over his family. He says he killed his mother. Michelle feels free, but Danny tells her to run because he will never be free from his family and she has to get away from him. She should take the baby and start over with another man. He will even let whoever it is adopt his child. Michelle tells him to stop punishing himself. Danny isn't listening as Michelle tries to reason with him. She tells him she loves him but he continues to try to walk away from her. She says he made a split second decision to save his wife and child and he isn't like the other mobsters. Danny says if he is capable of killing his mother, he is capable of anything and she needs to get away from him. He leads her away.

At the Lewis's:
Catalina returns with Reva to the house. Catalina wonders why it is so warm in the house and wonders what time they turn off the electricity. Reva tries to explain and Catalina tells her that in Havana they take turns using the electricity. She tells them they are very fortunate. Blake and Ross arrive and are introduced to Catalina. Reva wants to file an application for political asylum. Blake wants to hear the details, but Reva and Ross both try to stop her.

Later, Reva is straightening up after they all had a snack. Catalina is excited because she hasn't slept in a bed in a long while. Shayne offers to show her to her room. Reva notices Marah's rudeness and asks her what is wrong. Marah tells her that they never see her by herself anymore. Reva says that they have so much and can share their blessings with the less fortunate. Marah tells her mom that they may have food and water but when it comes to their mother's attention, she and Shayne are starving.

Outside the Bauer's:
Danny has brought Michelle home and tells her to go inside. She doesn't want to leave him but he begs her to let him go. Rick comes outside and takes her into the house, despite her protests. Inside, Meta is trying to warm Michelle up and Rick is questioning her. He wants to know where she was. He thought she was kidnapped. She says she should have left a note but she was upset. Meta wants to know why she would be upset since she was looking forward to leaving with Danny. Michelle lies and pretends she had cold feet and wanted to be alone to make some decisions. She says she decided to go with Danny but now Danny is so hurt and angry that she ran he doesn't want to go away with her. Rick asks if the baby is okay and she says she can't feel anything because her heart is in pain.

At the Santos Compound:
Danny comes in and confronts Abuela. He tells her she lied to him about his mother being dead and he wants some answers. Abuela says she had to help Carmen get out of the witness protection program. Danny says he grieved for her and had an innocent man murdered because of it. Abuela says that she paid the guy off and he is still alive. Danny is crying profusely while he asks her if she was going to let him carry that guilt for the rest of his life. He wants to know how she knew Carmen was at the docks. She told him that Carmen told her she would be there. Abuela wants to know what happened and Danny says he killed Carmen. He tells her that she knew there was no other way for it to end and wonders how she could have done that to him. She tells him that she knew he would be able to handle things either way. He doesn't understand. She tells him that if he killed Carmen, she would get her revenge on Carmen and he would stay with the family forever. If he didn't kill Carmen, Carmen would kill Michelle and Danny would stay with the family forever, either way, Abuela wins. Danny doesn't understand why she would want him to kill his own mother. She tells him that Carmen was responsible for Miguel's death and tells him about Selena and how Carmen knew Miguel truly loved another woman and had him beaten until he gave up her name, which he never did. Danny is surprised. Abuela tells him that Carmen killed Miguel to punish him. Danny is still crying and says that makes sense for this family. They use people to get what they want. He tells her that she sits in her chair like a spider in its web getting others to do her dirty work. He tells her it isn't happening anymore. He tells her she will never use him again. He makes it clear he will never trust her again. He says he runs the family now and she has just become so ill she is confined to the house indefinitely. He tells her that she will never receive phone calls or leave the house. She will never lie to him again and she isn't even to talk to her own goons without him present. She kisses his ring and he tells her he will give Geraldo his instructions. He leaves the room and she whispers, "Bravo, Danny."

At the Garage Apartment:
Claire is in her robe when Alan comes to the door. He tells her he stopped by because he hadn't heard from her after leaving several messages. Claire tells him that she is worried about Michelle and thinks she may have been kidnapped by members of the Santos family. Alan tries to distract her with champagne and caviar that he had brought with him but she is upset. Alan offers to help look for Michelle but informs Claire that it will take several days. He offers his services and the services of his limo at her disposal. Alan flirts with Claire a little and offers to comfort her in her hour of need. Claire tells him that he is very confident and turns his offer down. He offers her some champagne again and tells her that he enjoys spending time with her. She tells him he is a very charming loser and accepts the champagne. Alan gives Claire a diamond tennis bracelet and helps her put it on. He comments that her skin is very cold. He kisses her to warm her up and continues kissing her. Claire tells Alan they shouldn't be messing around. They continue kissing and she tells him that she has to worry about her daughter. She is beginning to give in when there is a knock at the door. She gets excited hoping it is Michelle and it is. Claire asks if she is okay and Michelle asks if she really cares. She tells Claire that she is very angry with her for lying to her all these months and tells her that her lies almost got her killed. Alan asks Michelle what happened to her and tells her that Claire has been worried sick. Michelle dares Claire to tell him what happened but Claire asks Alan to leave them alone instead. Alan leaves. Michelle yells at Claire that she knew Carmen was out there the whole time and never told her. She tells her that she knows Claire dummied up Carmen's whole death and forged the death certificate. Claire tells her that she has no idea what she is talking about. Michelle called her a liar and tells her that she knows what she did. Claire finally admitted it but told her it was her only way of saving her. Claire asks what happened to her tonight. Michelle tells her she was drugged by Carmen's thug and taken to the docks. Carmen was there with a gun and if Danny hadn't shown up, she wouldn't be alive now. Michelle said she could have died and asks why Claire didn't tell her about Carmen. Claire says she tried to prevent her from reconciling with Danny and wanted to prevent Carmen from going after her. Claire even admitted to using May as a mode of separating Michelle and Danny. Michelle said she needed to know that Carmen was out there so she would be prepared but instead Carmen had months to bide her time and stalk her without her knowledge. Michelle storms out yelling that she never wants to see Claire again.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

At the LeMay's:
Beth wakes Jim up off the couch and she tells him that he is working too hard. He tells her that it isn't really overtime and she can tell that he is really tense. Beth tells him that money doesn't matter to her and he tells her that he never wants to let her down. He admits to her that he hasn't been working overtime for Josh and he says that he has been spending his time trying to think of a way to make more money. Jim mentions that Edmund offered him money and Susan comes in. Susan asks her dad if she could go to Chicago with Marah and Sam to look at colleges and Beth thinks it is a great idea. Jim agrees to let her go and she leaves. Beth asks him about Edmund and he tells her about the job offer in San Cristobel. Beth thinks it is a great idea but Jim doesn't want to work for Edmund. Jim goes upstairs to get ready for work and Edmund arrives. Beth asks Edmund why he offered the job to Jim but Jim comes downstairs and interrupts them. Edmund tells him that he is there to see him and Jim tells him that he doesn't want the job. Jim and Edmund go outside and Edmund pressures Jim to take the job. He reminds Jim that he owes him and that he intends to collect. Edmund tells Jim that he did this to himself and promises that his debt will be repaid if he will take the job. Edmund is sure that Jim is an honorable man and won't rest until the debt is repaid. Jim reluctantly accepts the job so that Beth won't find out about his gambling.

At the Lewis's:
Cassie comes to visit Reva and Reva tells her about her nice quiet evening last night. Reva also tells her about their unexpected visitor and Catalina comes in. Catalina bows to Cassie and Cassie recognizes her from San Cristobel. Reva asks Cassie where Rourke is and Cassie says that something strange is going on with him. Cassie doesn't want to dump her problems on Reva and Blake arrives with arms full of shopping bags. Blake sends Catalina upstairs and tells her to give them a fashion show. Cassie tells them about Rourke using the diamonds at the club and that he made it look like she and him had something romantic going on. Cassie gets dizzy and Blake goes to get some water for her. Blake thinks that she is pregnant and she and Reva insist that she see Dr. Sedgwick. Catalina comes back downstairs and has a problem with the shoes. Blake says that she will take Catalina by the mall to exchange the shoes on her way to take Cassie to the doctor and they all leave. Josh arrives to see Reva and he asks her about the divorce papers. They agree that neither one of them expected it to be so soon. Josh says that he has something to tell her and he wants her to hear it from him. He tells her that he and Olivia are engaged and that they have set a date. Reva thinks it is too soon and that Olivia didn't waste any time. Josh admits that this was all his idea and that Olivia thinks it is too soon too. Josh says that he hopes that they can be good friends at this new time in their lives and be good parents to Marah and Shayne. Reva apologizes for her part of the pain that they have caused each other and Josh tells her that he wouldn't have traded their lives together for anything. He tells her that he hopes she understands how much she means to him and he slowly leaves. After he is gone, Reva breaks down.

At Company:
Sam is eating breakfast. Buzz is glad to see someone with an appetite. Sam asks about Selena but Buzz tells him that she isn't coming back. Buzz changes the subject and tells him that he wants to buy his bike. Sam asks him when the last time was he rode a bike and Buzz assures him that the bike will have a good home. Olivia arrives and Buzz tells her that Sam just sold him his bike. She thinks he is crazy to want it and Sam can tell that she has something to tell him. She tells Sam about her engagement and he tells her that Josh is the luckiest guy in the whole world. He thinks that New Year's is a little soon but he tells her that she has earned some happiness. He tells her that Marah invited him to Chicago to look at colleges and Holly arrives. She introduces Holly and Sam and he leaves. Olivia tells Holly that she and Josh are getting married and Olivia gets a pained expression on her face. Olivia says that she knows that Josh doesn't love her as much as she loves him and Holly reminds her that Reva won't disappear. Holly assures her that he wouldn't have asked her if he didn't mean it and Olivia mentions that Buzz bought Sam's bike. Olivia leaves and Holly tells Buzz that she thinks he could find a better way to have a mid-life crisis. Holly thinks that Buzz is buying the motorcycle because of Selena and she tells him that he should face his problems. He tells her that she hides behind her newspaper and he tells her that at least he isn't afraid of taking chances in life. Billy walks in and laughs.

Friday, November 17, 2000

At Company:
Holly and Buzz are still arguing. She thinks a man of his age shouldn't be buying motorcycles and acting like an idiot. He thinks a woman of her age should be taking more chances and living a little instead of hiding from life. Billy thinks it is great that Buzz is finally telling Holly what he has been trying to tell her for months. Holly is angered when Billy takes Buzz's side. She tells Billy that just because she wouldn't jump into bed with him doesn't mean that she is afraid of life. She tells them both that she is involved with life. Buzz tells her that she stays on the sidelines and observes the rest of them and then writes about it in her newspaper. She tells Buzz that she won't take what he said personally. Buzz walks off to do some more work. Holly asks Billy if Buzz has always been so obnoxious and he tells her that Buzz was only nice when he was with Selena. He also tells her that Buzz was right about her. She tells Billy that she had let her guard down once and it ended disastrously. She tells Billy that she refuses to be advised by Buzz Cooper. Buzz comes back over and tells Holly that she is predictable. He asks her how she will know if she likes new things if she never gives them a chance. Holly tells Billy she will call him next time she wants to have complaints lodged against her. She leaves. Billy tells Buzz that he really struck a cord with Holly. He thinks it is great since he has been trying to get to her for months and in one afternoon, Buzz has taken her apart brick by brick. Josh walks in and over to what he calls the meeting of the "Reva's ex-husband's club". Billy makes a comment that it is a typical day in Springfield, Josh and Reva untied the knot and he and Buzz had a fight with Holly. Josh tells them that he is going to marry Olivia. Billy acts unsurprised and very supportive. Josh thanks him for not making any comments about it being too soon after Reva. Billy tells him he thinks that goes without saying but he knows that Olivia loves his brother and he will be there for him. Billy hugs Josh.

Sam and Susan are discussing their Chicago trip. Susan feels guilty about lying to her dad but Sam tells her that she is actually doing her dad a favor by sparing him the worry over the truth. He tells her that Jim will be fine.

At the Royal Suite, Towers:
Edmund is sitting on the couch talking to Rourke on the phone. Rourke is at the airport and Edmund is telling him where he can pick up his cash due him for services rendered. Rourke is glad that he will not have to work anymore since Richard could make it impossible for him to do so. Edmund asks Rourke if he wrote the note and Rourke told him he did and left it on the mantel where it is easily found. Edmund looks up and sees it. Rourke tells him it is incriminating yet wistful. Edmund thanks him and hangs up. Richard comes in and is upset. Edmund tries to talk to him about state affairs but Richard is despondent. He walks around the room and sees the note to Cassie on the mantel. He asks Edmund what it is and he plays dumb and tells him he doesn't know. He opens the letter and sees that it is from Rourke. Edmund starts to leaves but Richard tells him to stay and says that he wants him to hear this as well. Richard reads the letter aloud. It alludes to a closeness between Rourke and the Princess. He thanks her for everything, including his memories and gifts. Richard is upset and says that the letter could mean several things. One being more obvious than the rest, however his heart is telling him that couldn't be true. Edmund says that he thinks Rourke is a troublemaker and that Cassie loves Richard. He says she is a warm person and not born a princess. Some of her actions were open to interpretation but Edmund couldn't think that Cassie didn't love Richard. Richard thanks Edmund for his support and tells him he is going to meet with the investigators about Rourke's disappearance. He leaves.

Cassie arrives back at the hotel all smiles. She asks Edmund where Richard is and he tells her about his meeting. She asks when he will be back and Edmund calls him on his cell phone. He tells him he will be there in 5 minutes. Cassie tells Edmund she has a surprise for Richard. Cassie won't tell Edmund her news until after she tells Richard. Cassie says she can't figure out Rourke and wonders who would want to hurt her like that. She wonders what will happen next. Edmund just looks at her.
Richard returns to the hotel room and asks Cassie if she has news. She says she had another spell of dizziness and nausea. He asks if she is alright and she hugs him and says she is pregnant. Richard is stunned and says, "the tests..." Cassie is excited and says, "The tests were wrong." Cassie is happy and smiling until Richard, who is stone-faced asks her "Who's the father?" Cassie is stunned.

At the church:
Danny is in the confessional talking to Ray. He tells Ray that he killed Carmen. He can't believe it. He tells Danny he must be mistaken. Carmen has been dead for many months. Danny tells Ray what happened and Ray asks about Michelle. Danny tells him that he took her home to be with her family. He tells Ray about Abuela and Claire's parts in the deception. Ray is astounded. Danny tells Ray he told Michelle he can no longer be with her. Ray tries to reason with him that it was Carmen, not him that was wrong. Danny says Michelle needs to stay away from him. Ray says he has been absolved of his sins and he deserves to be with Michelle. Danny won't listen and tells Ray to let it go. He leaves the church.

At the Bauer's:
Bill and Michelle are talking about her and Danny. He tells her that she can't give up on their relationship and that he has become accustomed to them. He also reminds her that she doesn't give up on things she really wants. They hug and she goes to find Danny.

At Infierno:
Danny looks at the empty room and then goes into the office and turns off Tony's music. He tells Tony he is back. Tony wants to know what happened with Michelle and May comes in and asks why he is back. Danny tells them both that he isn't leaving and this is where he belongs. Danny tells Tony he will take over the paperwork from here. Tony leaves the office with May and she tells him it isn't a good week for dreams. Tony tells her that he can deal with not having things he wants but when he is given something and then it is taken away, it hurts. She tells him that some day they will both get what they want for keeps. Michelle comes in and mentions how beautiful the place is. May tells her Danny is in the office and she goes in to see him. Danny tells Michelle to go home, there is nothing more to say. She refuses. Danny tells her it can't work. He says she was right when he told her there were two souls in him. He sees it now. He doesn't want to turn into his mother. Danny says that Carmen had nothing good left in her and he is from her family, a family of killers. Michelle says he is the father of her baby and she wants to go away with him. He tells her he is not good for her and she should get out. Danny goes to sit at his desk, as Michelle looks at him with tears in her eyes. She leaves the office. Outside, May and Tony hear something in the office and May starts to go check on Danny but thinks better and leaves.

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As the World Turns
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of our Lives
General Hospital
Guiding Light
One Life to Live
Port Charles
Sunset Beach
The Young and the Restless
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