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Monday, October 23, 2000

At Company:
Harley makes breakfast at Company and Blake arrives. Harley explains that she is filling in for Ruth and Blake asks about where Selena was last night. Harley explains all about Selena's robbery and that she is in the hospital. Blake says that she feels responsible and Harley questions about that statement. Blake explains that she feels bad because she caused Selena to stay home and get hurt. Harley tells her that if she came to her as an officer and she lied to her then she would be ticked off. Blake says that she needs to take a walk and leaves. At the hospital, Selena assures Buzz that she is OK and he tells her how beautiful she looks. Blake arrives and tells them how sorry she is. Buzz asks her about how sorry she is and Blake admits that she feels like this is her fault because Selena stayed home from the party. Buzz wants to get to the bottom of this and Selena tells him that it was just a robbery. Buzz tells them that Harley has offered to talk to Danny about this but he decides to go talk to Danny himself right now. Selena yells at him to stop and tells him that it will just stir up the family. She wants to just forget it and not let it get any worse than it is. Buzz says that Danny needs to know that to get to her he has to go through him and he leaves. Blake tells Selena that she is overreacting and tells her how she has been telling everyone that she got her story from the Journal. Selena tells her that it wasn't just a robbery and that the robber stole a locket that Miguel gave to her. She tells Blake how Maria saw the locket and that there was a picture of Miguel and their son in the locket. Blake is stunned and Selena explains that she and Miguel wanted their son to be a secret and free of the Santos family. She is sure that the family will go after him and find him now and she blames everything on Blake. Blake reminds her that if she had been totally honest then she would have been able to know what she was protecting. Ross talks to Blake at the hospital and she tells him about Selena's son. Ross tells her that she is getting herself into danger and suggests that whoever it is probably assumes that Blake knows everything about this. Ross tells her to keep quiet about all of this and she says that she will do whatever he says.

At Inferno:
Buzz goes to Inferno and tells Danny about the robbery. Danny offers him his drink on the house and Buzz suggests that the robbery was a message from a local crime family. Danny walks off and Buzz yells at him not to turn his back on him. Buzz vows that he will be very angry if he finds out that the robbery was from the local crime family. Danny tells him that nobody walks into his joint and threatens him. Danny wonders why he is always blamed for everything bad in this town and he wonders what Selena has ever done to him. He tells Buzz that he is wasting his time because he doesn't have a problem with Selena. Buzz tells him to send the message to anybody who needs it and he leaves.
Alan dines at Inferno and complements Danny on the club. Alan assures Danny that he will attend the after hours club if he will cater to the high rollers like himself. Olivia arrives and Danny leaves them alone. Olivia tells Alan that Josh was not happy to hear about the new babysitter. She tells him that he already has someone on the site, her. She explains she is the connection between him and Josh and she tells him that he will get what he pays for. He sees her point and agrees as long as they will have a consultation in the near future. She caresses his hand and agrees to the deal. Later, Josh returns home for lunch and finds Olivia there wearing nothing but a tool belt. She tells him about her meeting with Alan and he thanks her. Josh says that he has never had anybody take care of him that way that she does and they get romantic.

At Olivia's:
Olivia gets ready for work in flannel and work clothes and explains that he is going to rearrange her area at work. Josh has to drop off Shayne's history paper on his way to work and explains that he is distracted worrying about his mom. Josh hopes that Noah has tracked Reva down and Olivia can tell that Josh is upset so she suggests they "play tool time." Just as they are getting romantic Phillip arrives and notices what is going on. He asks Josh why he isn't at the site yet and tells him that the architect is sending in someone to represent him on the site. Josh says that his crew doesn't need a supervisor and he calls it interference. Josh refuses and Phillip tries to make it sound like a positive. Josh realizes that this is Alan's idea and Josh gets very angry. Phillip leaves and Josh wants to go talk to Alan. Olivia stops him and tells him that she can handle Alan and that Josh will just get upset and make it worse. They leave and agree to meet back there at lunch.

In San Cristobel:
Reva talks into her tape recorder about the immigrants. As a group walks by, Reva falls in with them and is noticed by a guard. A young woman tells the guard off and helps Reva into the group. Reva thanks her and the woman figures out that Reva is an American. They are both shoved into a crate and Reva notices that the woman is sick. She explains that she had to sleep outside in the rain last night. Reva asks where the food and water is and the woman explains that there is none. Reva gives the woman a protein bar and a man raises his hat and it is Noah. She realizes that he has been following her and asks him how he found her. Noah gives the woman some water and medicine. He explains that Josh told him that she left town and he knew where she was heading. The crate they are in is loading onto a ship.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Dr. Weymouth came in and tossed the envelope with the bribe money at Edmund. He tells Edmund that he doesn't want his money and that when Richard goes to see Dr. Holt he will find out the truth because Dr. Holt is above reproach. Edmund tells the good doctor that people used to say the same thing about him. Edmund hears Richard coming and shoos the doctor out the back door. Richard comes in and tells Edmund that he was looking for him. Edmund is leery and Richard tells him he needs his help. Edmund waited while Richard told him that he needs his help because he is the best liar he knows.

Richard tells Edmund that he just cant make himself believe that he is sterile and that is why he has to go to New York for a second opinion and needs to learn how to lie so he wont worry Cassie unnecessarily. Edmund tells him that lying is natural to everyone, even Richard. He reminds him how he told a guest the other night that she looked better than ever, all the while knowing she looked horrid. Edmund calls this social lying. Richard gets his point but tells him that his lies weren't to deceive others just to make them feel better. Edmund tells him that lying is an art form and he could give examples but wont because he fears Richard may deport him. Richard laughs. Edmund tells him that the best way to lie is to keep as much to the truth as possible so he can remember the lie without contradicting himself and he will be able to stand up to scrutiny. Richard tells him that he just wants an excuse for Cassie to explain why he has to leave for NY that evening. Cassie walks in and asks why they are going to NY. Richard tells Cassie he didn't see her come in and kisses her. She wants to know about the trip. Richard is at a loss for words and Edmund steps in and tells her that their 78-year-old riding instructor had an accident and a horse fell on him in Central Park and he is asking for Richard. Cassie tells him that she is glad to go to NY and Richard comes up with an excuse on his own. He tells her that the Duchess wants to have dinner with him tonight. Cassie volunteers to take over the dinner and try to get some funding for the new children's museum. She tells Richard to go to NY and she will hold down the fort. Richard is happy and tells her she is amazing. He kisses her and she wants him to show her how amazing she is before he packs. Richard thanks Ed and tells him the only thing is Cassie will call all over to find their riding instructor to send flowers and wonders what he should do now. Edmund tells him that he told him when lying to stick to the truth. He then tells Richard that as it turns out Horace really is in the hospital. Richard toasts his brother and thanks him for using his powers for good and not for evil.

Richard gets on the phone and asks for the jet to be ready in 20 minutes. Cassie comes over and tells him that she is ready for her first solo dinner. Richard says he wishes she would pretend to miss him. She says she will, but she thinks she can raise funds for the children's museum at this dinner. Richard teases her telling her that she is drunk with power and compares her to Edmund. Cassie starts to feel sick and says if she didn't know better, she would think she was pregnant. Richard says she will be soon. Jennie enters the room and interrupts a private moment. Cassie and Richard leave the room with Cassie handing her the diamond garter to put in the safe. Edmund enters and tries to flirt with Jennie and she puts him off. She puts the garter in the safe as Ed watches. Ed tells her he is going to SF and Jennie walks out of the room. Ed wonders what is behind door #1 as he goes to the safe.

A palace aide tells Richard there is a call for him. He answers and some woman tells him that she is from Dr. Holt's office and she wants to reschedule his appointment for security purposes and to insure his privacy. She gives him the address and he mentions that it is near his hotel. Cassie brings Richard a stuffed horse, a gift for his instructor and kisses him telling him to come back to her soon. Richard looks at her and feels guilty as he hugs her.

At the LeMay's:
Jim grabs a file and sits down to do some paperwork. He picked up the wrong file and instead had the trust papers from Phillip. Beth apologizes and tells him that she will put them away. Jim tells her it is like Phil is there all the time. Beth tells Jim that they can sign the papers and forget about them, but Jim says he can only forget them when he is senile. Beth says if they have a baby of their own, it could solve everything. Jim says they can't afford it. Beth is hurt but she tries to reassure Jim that she loves him and wants his baby. They kiss. He says he loves her and always will but he can't give her what she wants. He hugs Beth and wishes money weren't so important. He wants to go back to work and says they will have a baby one day. Jim goes upstairs and Beth goes to the phone and calls Edmund. She tells him she wants to expand her portfolio and wanted his help. Then she apologizes for calling telling him that she shouldn't ask him for financial help. He tells her that he is on his way to Springfield to help. She tells him not to but he doesn't listen, instead he tells her that he has another book suggestion, Dangerous Liaisons. Beth tells him that book is a little too risqué. Edmund tells her it was a book for her, not Susan. Beth hangs up and wonders what she has just done.

On the immigrant ship:
Noah, Reva and the others are on a container of a ship. Reva is holding Catalina who is very sick and sleeping on Reva's lap. Noah wants to give her more antibiotics. The girl is talking deliriously. She is apparently Cuban and thinks she sees her mother. Reva tries to comfort her as Noah gives her the medication. The others are talking to Noah in Spanish. Noah translates that the others think Catalina is dying but Reva says she won't die. Reva is trying to talk to Catalina about Cuba while she keeps stroking Catalina's hair and it seems to comfort her. Catalina thinks that Reva is her mother and Reva pretends to be to comfort her and tells her that she loves her in Spanish. Later, Catalina wakes up and says she had a dream about her mother. She seems happy and feeling better. She asks Reva to tell her about America since she may not live to see it. Noah tells Catalina to sleep and let the medicine work. Reva tells her it will be better in America. She tells her we are a nation of immigrants for three centuries. They all came there for a better life than in the places they left. They were brave and took risks. They traveled in ships and it was all worth it to be free. You can make your own choices. Some people are mean, but many people share. Reva will make sure Catalina will see America. Reva realizes that she takes her life for granted. She wonders why some people run the risk for freedom. Noah says that his grandparents came from Poland before the Nazi invasion when his father was 2 years old. He talks about the nine-day trip and how they eventually arrive in NYC. He tells her his grandparents are still living and he would like to introduce her to his grandparents but they would take it as a major commitment. He invites her to meet his family over the holidays. Reva realizes this is a big deal and asks if they can discuss it later in Springfield. He tells her that she can count on it. Noah assures Reva that they will make it back to Springfield. Noah tells her that wherever this situation leads, he is with her until the end. He tries to comfort Catalina and sings her a lullaby in Spanish. Reva looks at Noah with tears in her eyes.

At Inferno:
Rick walks into the Club to see May. He wants to talk to her professional to professional. She sits down with him while he pulls out photo after photo of lungs that have been harmed by tobacco. May is disturbed and asked if that is what she did to people. He said it is in a way. May says she is not forcing anyone to smoke but Rick says he almost bought cigarettes from her and he is not a smoker. May is upset with the pictures but she starts to talk about the movies. They discuss various movies and he mentions, "Mr. Smith goes to Washington". May says in her movies the cigarette girl was sexy and sophisticated and life was simple. Rick thinks he is heavy handed. May says they are just having a conversation. Rick asks her if she would consider selling a healthy alternative, like candy. May doesn't think candy is healthy and tells him about cavities and obesity. She says he is turning her dream into a nightmare.

Danny kisses May and notices she is sad. He asks if they pulled the plug on the old movie channel. She says something like that. She tells him she is looking for a new routine. He says she is perfect and tells her whatever she is selling, the world is buying and kisses her. The phone rings. Danny leaves. May tries some speeches about candy, but doesn't like them.

Tony sees Jim come in and tells Jim this is a private club and membership is $1000. He offers to front Jim the money, and he can pay it off after he wins. Tony warns him that the stakes are high. Jim tells Tony to deal him in.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

In New York:
Richard is at the makeshift doctors office. He follows the nurse into an office and tells her that the office must be very discreet; it doesn't look like a clinic at all. He waits on the doctor holding his medical file while he paces back and forth through the room.

The doctor comes in and talks to Richard. Richard tells him that he needs to produce an heir and that he and his wife are very anxious. He told him about Cassie's scare but mentioned that she received a clean bill of health so they thought there wasn't anything standing in their way. He also tells the doctor that he had already fathered one child. The doctor looked over Richard's folder and told him that they would take a few tests.

Richard is pacing again waiting on the doctor. When he comes back in he tells Richard that the test were conclusive and that the Prince was indeed sterile. Richard is devastated. The doctor tells him that the test were 100% so there was no need for a second opinion. Richard is very distracted and spaced out a bit. The doctor asks if he can get him some water. Richard tells him that he was his second opinion and that it was a lot harder to take now that it is true. He doesn't know how he will tell Cassie. Richard doesn't know how this could have happened and the doctor tells him that when Cassie had the measles the bacteria from that illness could have caused it. Richard is shaken and doesn't know what to tell Cassie, knowing that he will break her heart. Richard leaves and Edmund comes out of the other room and shakes the doctor's hand. Edmund tells him how good he did while the "doctor" is dismantling his office. He gives the doctor and his nurse some cash and thanks them again. He leaves to go to Springfield hoping that Beth is at home.

At Company:
Sam, Susan and Marah are talking about selling their bootlegged CD's. They are adding up the money they have made and turned it over to Sam for safekeeping. Tony comes in and Marah is upset. Tony goes up to Marah and tries to give her a present. She doesn't want it or him there. Tony tells her that since Buzz isn't there he thought he could help them with their CD project. He has a large box full of blank CD's for them. He tries to talk to her but she is still mad that he left her alone at Inferno. He tells her that he had to help his grandmother. Marah is still angry and Sam comes to her defense telling Tony that she doesn't want to talk to him and he should go.

Tony and Sam argue until Marah tells Sam she will talk to Tony. She walks away with him and tells him that she was worried that he would try to harm Sam like he did to the guy in the bar. He tells her he doesn't like Sam's prep school attitude. Tony insists that he was just doing a favor for his grandmother, and respects his grandmother so much, he would leave a sweet girl like Marah for her. Marah isn't buying it. Tony says that he wants to make it up to her in anyway he can. He says she must have a grandmother, but Marah says no, hers are both dead. He tells her she is interesting to him and he wants to know more about her. Marah is starting to listen to him. Marah tells him she thinks he is trouble. One minute he is very sweet, and the next minute he is ready to punch someone out. Just then, Buzz enters and screams at Tony to get out of Company. Tony gets up to leave and says, "Goodbye, Angel" to Marah. Buzz tells her not to waste her time with Tony. Susan asks Buzz if he is okay and asks about Selena. Buzz says that he doesn't know and wonders why Selena won't tell him everything. Susan says maybe she is embarrassed about what she did. Susan says sooner or later Selena will tell him since he is the greatest when it comes to confessions. He hugs her.

Sam tries to feed some dessert to Susan. He says that she was great with Buzz. She starts to tell Sam about her family, Buzz, Harley, Frank and Eleni. She says that Harley gave her up for adoption and Sam is surprised. She also tells him about the Lewis side of the family. He says she is related to half the town. He thinks it is amazing; he has no extended family, just sisters. He tells her he wants to see her call Reva "Grandma". Susan says she is not that close with Reva and Billy, out of respect to Jim. Susan stops herself from talking and thinks she is acting like he is her therapist. He tells her she is a substantial person.

Holly is talking to Bill about the TV business. She is back in it again, but last time she had a partner. Holly asks about Michelle, and he says she is in NY, but doesn't say much else. Billy greets them, and Bill tells him Holly just bought WSPR. Billy tells Bill he can take it from here and asks him to leave him with Holly. Bill leaves and Holly asks Billy if he kicked Bill out. He wants to know what the rules of their relationship are. She tells him that she likes him but really isn't ready for a relationship. She wants a friend, not a lover. He tells her he is happy just being with her. They talk about fishing, football, movies and books. Billy tells her that he wants to figure out how to make her happy. Holly wonders why her happiness matters to him. They talk a little more and Holly tells him that she just isn't ready to be happy. Billy tells her that he thinks he would be good for her. She asks if he is giving her another sales pitch. He says it is the truth and he wants her to think about it and call him.

At Cedar's:
Selena is still in the hospital talking to Buzz. Buzz tells her that no one, especially Danny, is after her. He tells her that he has Frank and Harley helping out at Company and that he isn't in any hurry to leave. Ross comes into the room and asks to speak to Buzz in the hall. Ross is on his cell phone checking in with Blake. He asks Buzz if the one guard is Selena's only protection. Buzz asks for Blake and Ross tells him she is hiding out at home. Buzz says it is Blake's fault for blabbing but Ross says that it is Selena's fault for the secret. Ross realizes that Selena hasn't told Buzz the truth. He tells Buzz about their break in. They start to argue and Ross says he is not the enemy but they need to find out who the enemy is. Buzz tells Ross he visited Danny, who claims he is innocent. Buzz thinks it is someone in the Santos family, but Ross says it could be whoever killed Miguel. Ross can't tell more, because Blake is his client and the info is privileged. Ross tells Buzz that Selena is hiding something and they need to know her secret in order to protect all of them. Buzz doesn't want to wake up Selena. Ross leaves and Buzz goes back in the room. He is talking to Selena while she sleeps wanting to know what is going on so he can help her. Selena whispers, "Miguel", while she sleeps.

Ross comes back and asks Buzz if Selena said anything and mentions Miguel. Buzz is trying to pump Ross for information but Ross can't tell him. Buzz is getting upset that he doesn't know what is going on. Ross says that Selena must tell Buzz for the safety of both women. That is the only way they can deal with it. Buzz wants to know how he can maintain his sanity. Buzz runs off and Ross shouts for him.

Later, Buzz walks back in to see Selena who is still sleeping. He says that when she wakes up she will tell him what is going on. He can't live with the secret and he won't lose her. He can't lose anyone he loves again.

Thursday, October 26, 2000

At Inferno:
Danny goes over to a distressed May and asks her what was wrong. She tells him that she is at a loss and not sure what to do. She tells him how Rick really got her thinking about what she should sell. She showed Danny the candy and told him that saying, "Candy, Breath mints, Antacids", just isn't her cup of tea. She doesn't know why it matters but it does. Danny tells her it is because she has class and should sell classy things. She isn't sure what she could sell. Danny assures her that she can sell anything to anyone. He tells her to sell flowers. May thought that was the most romantic thing. Flowers. She practiced by saying, "Roses, Gardenias' Bougainvilleas." She liked it. Danny tells May she can stash the cigars under the flowers for those who want them. Danny went ahead and got her some flowers in case she liked the idea. She tells him that she can even do seasonal flowers with mistletoe for the holidays. Danny doesn't like the mistletoe idea since he wants to be the only one to kiss her in his club. He smiles and kisses May.

Claire goes over to Alan and he asks if his limo found her. She is still angry from the other night and tells him that it will take a lot for her to get over it. He asks her if she wants a cigar and calls over to May. She asks if he wants to buy Claire a flower and Claire tells him that she doesn't want a flower but if May has a diamond bracelet they could talk. Alan asks May for two Havana's and she gives them to him after telling him about the Surgeon Generals warning. May leaves after Alan gives her a fat tip. Alan notices Jim across the room and Claire tells him not to mess with Jim tonight since that is what got him into trouble with her the last time.

Olivia and Josh notice Alan. She tells Josh she will do the groveling and he will go with her. She thanks Alan for the way things worked out. She tells him that she doesn't want to interrupt their evening and tells Claire she will call her for lunch. They walk away and Olivia tells Josh it wasn't so bad. Olivia notices Jim gambling and they decide to talk to him, worrying that he is overextending himself. Josh says Jim is the last guy he would expect to see gambling with all the things that have gone on his life recently. They ask Jim why he is there. He tells them he is good at blackjack and he is up by $400. They ask about the $1000 membership fee and Jim tells them that one of the Santos associates fronted him the membership fee. Josh wants to know at what interest rate but Jim ignores him. Olivia is concerned that Jim is gambling everything on one number. Jim wins and wants to try again. Josh is worried about Jim but Olivia tries to reassure Josh that Jim can handle it. Jim takes his winnings and flashes them at Alan as he leaves. Claire tells Alan that she doesn't want to be one of his many conquests. She is a substantial asset and he will have to pay for the privilege of being with her. Alan is intrigued.

On the ship:
Reva is sleeping on Noah's shoulder, with Catalina's head in her lap. She says Catalina's fever is coming down. Noah says that the antibiotic is starting to work. Reva wonders about the girl's story. Noah says it can't be more convoluted than theirs. She smiles and Noah is happy to see that. He says she is probably angry that he followed her, but he couldn't live with himself if something happened to her. She says that she was mad at him for two seconds and then she was relieved. She tells him that she couldn't make it through this without him. He says he is not going anywhere. She tells him that none of them are going anywhere. Noah tells her she looks in her element. She says they both like living on the edge. Noah tells her he likes her more everyday just for being herself. Noah says it scares Reva that they are so alike, and Reva says, "Are we?" He says he knows how she feels; she is scared but has a rush at the same time. There is nothing wrong with that. Reva says that she has hurt her family by looking for excitement. Noah says that she grew up poor and tried to make herself feel better by looking for attention. She is not the same woman now. She is mature. Reva teases him. Noah tells her she has a big heart and loves life. She squeezes every drop out of it, and he appreciates that about her. Anyone who doesn't appreciate that shouldn't be in her life. Catalina wakes up and asks where they are. Reva says they still have a long way to go. Reva offers Catalina a power bar when she wakes up. She eats it and says that they sell those in Cuba to tourists and they are expensive. She tells them about her family in Cuba. Her grandfather was a tobacco farmer and was killed by the revolutionaries. Her father was a journalist and was arrested when she was 8 for writing critical reports against the government. She doesn't know where he is now. She decided to escape to America to learn about the world so she will be prepared for when Castro dies and she can go back and help rebuild Cuba. She tells them she will return, but first she has to survive this journey. Reva assures her she will survive.

Catalina is sleeping again, and Reva and Noah talk about her struggles through life. Noah says it has made her strong, but Reva knows that from experience. Reva says not the way Catalina does. Noah says everyone he knows is ruled by their heads trying to protect themselves but she is not afraid to use her heart. Feeling everything good and bad. He tells her that she has made him start feeling things now. Reva asks about Woody. Noah says he was his friend and he died. He mourns him through honoring him by using the skills Woody taught him to get them out of a tight spot. He says that he feels alive now in a way he has never felt before. He thanks her for taking him to a place he thought he would never be. She touches his face and looks into his eyes. Noah tries to tell Reva he loves her but she covers his mouth with her hand. She kisses him and tells him he is breaking the deal and making things complicated. Noah says that a lot has happened over the last few months. He says it is not the no strings attached affair they agreed to. She says maybe it is just an adrenalin rush. She says it isn't the time to be talking about big important things. They can talk about it later. He says that is incentive if he ever heard it and kisses her.

At the LeMay's:
Edmund calls Beth from the airport asking to stop by. He thinks she is desperate and he wants to run to her rescue. She says she isn't desperate but he can come by. Jim isn't home.

Beth answers the door with a martini for Edmund. Ed thanks her and wants to know why she summoned him. She tells him she wants financial advice. Ed says he will help but wonders why she need his help with the Spaulding money. Beth has some jewelry to sell so she can use the proceeds to invest. Ed doesn't think she should sell it but she says she needs to and can't do it herself because everyone knows her and will talk about how she needs cash. She wants Ed to sell it for her. Ed says that Jim will find out, once she has a lot of money but agrees to help her.

Ed looks over the jewels and puts her diamond ring on her finger. He tells her it was made for her and it is lovely. He kisses her hand and she pulls it away. Then she leans forward as he puts a pearl pendant around her neck. He is sitting behind her, touching her neck and shoulders, telling her how the pearls match her skin. He whispers in her ear while he puts a diamond tiara on her head and he tells her she looks like a princess. She asks him how much it is worth, and he laughs. He tells her and she is surprised at the amount Ed thinks the jewelry is worth. He tells her that the interest alone would amount to $40,000. Ed asks her why she suddenly needs money since Jim's income was sufficient. She tells Ed she wants to have another child with Jim. Edmund looks disgusted. Beth tells him not to look at him like that. Ed thinks she has another motive especially since she knows how he feels about her. He asks her if she let all her friends touch her the way he just did? He says what she really wants is for him to save her from her disastrous marriage. He touches her face and looks like he is going to kiss her, then he says, "Good night, Beth." She looks disappointed as he leaves.

Friday, October 27, 2000

At Inferno:
May walks into the office with her flowers. Danny is at the desk and she tells him she just got back from the flower market. She seems happy now that she doesn't have to worry about causing cancer in people. She gives Danny a large pinecone and he thanks her with a kiss. Ross comes in and May leaves the office. Ross tries some small talk and then tells Danny that he has the divorce papers for him. Danny tells Ross he doesn't need an attorney that he will sign the papers and he does. Ross apologizes for being the barer of bad news and leaves. Danny sits down at his desk and takes off his wedding band. May comes back in and Danny tells her that his marriage is officially over. She is sympathetic but he tells her the marriage would have never lasted anyway. He says he should have known that by how it began with his family ordering him to kill her. He and May kiss and he goes over and locks the door. Danny starts to have second thoughts but May kisses him again. She tells him it is okay and they make love. Afterwards, they sit wrapped together in a blanket talking. He tells her that she made what was meant to be a terrible day very nice. She tells him he deserves to be happy and kisses him again.

On the ship:
Reva is resting on Noah's shoulder while one of the women cries. There is a bunch of Spanish being spoken and Noah translates for Reva. They are worried about their safety. Reva wonders what the mob promised the people to make them come onto the ship. Catalina tells her that she can tell her. She tells Reva that she is still thirsty but her throat isn't so sore. Noah tells her he will give her another shot but is glad to see that she is getting better. She thanks Noah for saving her life with his shots. Catalina talks to Reva and asks her about her family. Reva tells her that she has a daughter a year younger then her and a son. Noah asks Catalina what she was promised for coming onto the ship to go to America. Catalina says they promised she could become a nanny and then apply for citizenship. She doesn't know the names of the people in charge. In exchange, she would have to give 1/2 of her salary back to them for a period of 2 years. The terms were very confusing. Catalina says she is the only Cuban there; all the others are from Central America. The other ship was delayed and they had to sleep in the rain. They had water but no food and nothing else. The people leading them had guns. Noah wants to know how she got to SC from Cuba. She said she had wanted to come to America for a long time but knew she had to be careful. She applied for a job as a nanny in San Cristobel , where she heard about the ship arriving to take people to the US from Central America. She went to the Rosario Hotel (in SC) and signed papers to come to America. She gave the man all her money. Now she knows his promises were lies. Reva says she is headed to America. Catalina wants to know why they are traveling this way. Reva tells her about Diego saving Josh and looking for his wife. Catalina is impressed with Reva and tells her that a person who keeps their word shows a reflection of their soul and she can see Reva has a good soul. Noah says he is just along for the ride. Catalina thinks she is lucky to know both of them. Noah says they will need all the luck they can get. Catalina wonders why Reva and Noah are there and Reva tells her they are looking for Diego's wife. Reva said she would stay with them until they got to Springfield and then follow them to see where they go. She wants to get to her tape recorder that is in her bad but Noah tells her it isn't safe. He tells her to be discreet and hide the recorder when they get close to Springfield. Reva kisses Noah. Catalina tells them she will help all she can. They hear a noise of the engines reversing. Noah thinks they might be approaching port. Reva admits that she is scared. She wonders what will happen next. Noah teases her a bit and Reva says she is glad he is there with her. Noah says he will keep her alive. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. She tells him not to say anything and wait until they get back home. The ship stops and everyone is scared. They say something in Spanish, Noah translates it as, "The devil comes." Noah tells everyone to hang

At Cedar's:
Buzz goes into Selena's room ready to take her home. She is dressed and seems happy. She wants to go by Company instead of going home. Buzz thinks she is afraid of being in the Firehouse and wants her to level with him about what is going on. Selena wants to know what he is asking. He says if she is in danger, he wants to know why. She says there is nothing going on, they just got robbed. Buzz wants to know who Miguel is. Selena denies knowing any Miguel. Buzz reminds her about telling David she didn't know Miguel Santos. She says everyone has heard of Miguel Santos. Buzz keeps asking her questions and she is getting defensive. He wonders if she may not want to tell him the truth. Buzz is getting angry and leaves the room. Selena sits on the bed and thinks about Miguel and a conversation they had about Carmen. He told her that Carmen made some threats and told him if he left her for Selena and their son; none of them would be safe. Selena remembers calling Carmen and identifying herself as the other woman.. Her thoughts are interrupted by Buzz when he comes back in wanting to take her home.

A nurse is looking for Rick. She tells him that a woman is in the exam room waiting on him and she had been looking all over for him saying she was having a miscarriage. Rick wonders why the woman didn't go to the ER. He goes in the room and it is Michelle. She is crying and tells Rick that she believes she is losing the baby. Rick asks the nurse to page Claire.

At Company:
Harley is working behind the counter while Buzz is at the hospital. She is worried and Frank asks her why. She thinks Buzz is worried about Selena and the connection to the Santos family. She tells him that Ross drops some hints but couldn't tell Buzz what was going on. David thinks the break in at the carriage house and the one at the firehouse may be related.

Selena and Buzz are arguing as they enter Company. David, Harley and Frank want to talk but Selena is upset that her friends are questioning her 5 minutes after she is released from the hospital. She says she made the mistake of talking to Blake and now they are all treating her like she is a liar. David says maybe she is just scared. Selena says she is angry. She yells that she didn't do anything and she did not kill Miguel. She sits down and tells Harley to get away from her. Buzz says, "So good cop, bad cop didn't work." He goes to start lunch.

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