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Monday, June 19, 2000

At Company: Frank and Buzz are talking. Frank is still upset about Eleni. He is most upset about Marina and how she is so far away and didn't want to come back to Springfield without her mom. Buzz tells him they will have to work out a visitation schedule. Blake and Ross come in. Blake has told Ross about Beth and Phillip. Ross is upset and tells Blake that he will go talk about it with Phillip. He doesn't know why Phillip would have allowed his child to be raised by someone else because of his childhood. Buzz comes over and Ross asks what is wrong, Buzz tells him that it is a family matter. Blake turns to Buzz and said she knows all about it and she couldn't believe that Phillip would ever cheat on Harley. Buzz and Frank are surprised and upset. They explain they were talking about Frank and Eleni and have no idea what Blake is talking about. They ask her what is going on. She fills them in and Buzz and Frank are angry and they leave to see Harley.

At Cedar's: Lizzie and Harley are talking. Harley tells her that she will be fine. Lizzie tells her that she loves her. Harley leaves for the doctors to help her. Phillip tries to follow but she tells him to back off. Lizzie is having a hard time breathing and Noah tells Phillip that they may have to put her on a respirator; she is fading fast and may not have too much time. Meanwhile, Beth goes in to labor and Jim has to call for help. She is crunched down on the floor unable to get up by herself. Dr. Sedgwick comes in with Noah; they can't believe that she is already in labor. They start working with Beth. Jim tries to leave but Dr. Sedgwick stops him and tells him that they need his help since he is the father.

Noah comes back and tells Phillip and Harley about Beth going into labor. Noah said it is the best thing that could have happened. Harley comes over and tells Phillip that his baby is being born and asks, "Don't you want to be there?" She walks off. Phillip looks upset.

Richard and Cassie talk about Edmund wanting to help save Lizzie. They see Edmund and Richard walks over to him and asks him about what he tried to do. Edmund tells him that there was an ulterior motive but it isn't one Richard would believe. With that Edmund walks away. Richard follows him and asks why he offered his help. Edmund says that he is very fond of Lizzie and Beth. They are very special to him. Richard tells him that she is married. Edmund tells him that was just how his life went, first he was second in line to the throne and then he met Beth after she had already married and had a baby on the way. Edmund tells him it makes him think of his life, his family and how he misses them. He hopes there may be away to save him yet. Richard thinks he may be right.

Phillip tries to tell Lizzie that the transplant is going to be better than the chemo. Lizzie asks about the baby. He tells her that the stork is tied up in traffic. Lizzie tells him that she knows where babies come from and then she stops responding. She tells him that he is so far away. Noah and Rick jump up and talk about needing platelets stat.

Cassie is in the lobby talking to Harley. She is still very upset. Frank and Buzz come in and asks her to leave with them. She tells them she has to be there for Lizzie. They tell her that Lizzie's family is there for Lizzie and Harley should let her family be there for Harley. Harley tells them she has to stay and goes to see Lizzie. Blake and Ross come in. Blake is upset that she keeps sticking her foot in her mouth. She is beating herself up and walks away. She goes into the chapel. Ross follows her. He asks her if she is okay. She tells him that she is always ruining things. If it isn't her life, it's her best friends. Ross tells her that it could happen to anyone. Blake tells him that it could have been one of their kids. She is upset that a love like Phillip and Harleys will lose so much time over this and how it is the same with her life. How many years they have lost and how they can never get that time back. She tells him that she wants to marry him again. Ross tells Blake that he doesn't think they are ready for that just yet. She tells him to forget what she said. He tells her that they haven't had an opportunity to resolve anything. They have been so busy with work and the kids. He tells her that he wants to take things one-step at a time with her by his side forever.

Beth is pushing, Jim is coaching, Dr. Sedgwick is telling her to push harder. Beth thinks the baby is coming, Sedgwick says not yet, Jim is yelling for someone to help her. Her blood pressure is going down rapidly, Sedgwick says they are going to have to reposition her. They put her on her side and get her blood pressure back up. She pushes some more.

In Lizzie's room, Alan sneaks in. He tries to cheer her up by asking her what she thinks about some stock. She is tired and asks if they can consult later. He leaves to let her rest. He goes into the hall and Vicky comes up. She asks if he is ok. He tells her that he can do unlimited things in business but he is totally helpless when it comes to the health of the one person he loves most in the world. She hugs him and they cry together.

Susan and Max come in with balloons. Harley says they should play a game. They all tell one thing that was the best thing that was worth waiting for. Susan said that for her it was her first kiss, Max said it was Drew adopting him, Lizzie said hers would be for her hair to stop falling out. Phillip got very upset and had to leave. Max asked Harley what hers was. Lizzie said that one is easy, it was her dad. Harley leaves the room.

Beth is pushing some more and she finally has the baby. Dr. Sedgwick hands Jim the baby and tells him to meet his new son. Phillip is standing outside the door watching as Jim holds his son. Harley is behind him and ends up running away in tears almost pushing Rick over. Rick sees what is going on and runs after Harley. Phillip is dumbstruck and just standing there. Noah signs some papers and gives them to Lillian he tells them that he is going to start the procedure as soon as he can. Lillian goes out in the hall and is crying. Alan tries to comfort her. He tells her that Lizzie is a Spaulding and will be fine. Lillian leaves. Alan picks up the forms that she had left and sees that Phillip had signed the papers as the father of the new baby. Lillian comes back and Alan tells her that he knows about the baby being Lizzie's real full brother. Lillian tells Alan that they need to pray that their grandson can save their granddaughter.

Beth is very upset and wanting to see Lizzie. Jim is trying to calm her down. The nurse brings the baby in. Jim is overcome with emotion. He thinks the baby is beautiful. Rick finds Harley sitting in the parking garage crying. He tells her that Phillip loves her. She tells him that she is hurting too much to hear about how Phillip feels. Rick hugs her.

Phillip is in bed with Lizzie holding her. He tells her that they will go to the beach just the two of them as soon as they can. She squeezes his hand. Noah comes in to start the procedure. Phillip jumps up and yells at Noah that Lizzie had stopped breathing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

At Towers: Josh and Reva sit down at a table. They have just come back from seeing the new Lewis offices and are laughing about Billy's decor in his office. Reva asks if Olivia decorated the rest of the offices and says she did a nice job. The phones are ringing and the business is doing well. They have gotten a lot of old client's back. They start reminiscing about HB. They laugh and seem to have a good time. Josh says he is glad Reva is free for dinner. She says she will have a lot of free time this summer, Marah hangs out at the Mall and Shane hangs out at the pool. Josh says he is hanging out with girls. Reva is glad that Shane is talking to Josh. Josh says that he would like to offer Shane a job at the office and Reva talks of offering Marah a job at WSPR. Josh thinks it is a miracle their kids talk to them. They toast to the kids.

Josh pays the check and Reva thanks him for dinner. Josh asks if she is headed home. She says she has to stop at the hospital first to check on Lizzie. He asks her to check on Jim as well. The waiter has a message for Noah and Reva offers to bring it to him. Josh leaves and kisses her good bye. Reva tells him she has to make a phone call first before going to the hospital.

At Cedar's: Harley is sitting in the parking garage crying. Rick is talking to her and telling her that she doesn't have to throw away her marriage. Harley says Phillip threw the marriage away by sleeping with Beth and by lying about it for months. She said that he would have continued lying if he wasn't forced into a corner and forced to tell the truth. She said that there is no going back. Rick offers to take her home but she insists on staying for Lizzie. Rick tells Harley that everyone will understand if she takes a break. Harley tells him that she will be fine and that Lizzie needs her. Rick hugs her. They go back in the hospital.

In Lizzie's Room... Phillip is trying to wake Lizzie but she isn't breathing. Noah says it is probably sleep apnea and she will be okay. Noah tells Phillip that she is having problems but the transfusion has started and soon she will be better. He tells Phillip that it won't be immediate but in a week or so there should be a definite improvement. Phillip asks what happens if the transplant doesn't work. Noah says they have done the best they can and it is all up to Lizzie right now. Phillip asks him if he means there are no other options if the transplant doesn't work. Noah tells him that they should think positively and not worry. Phillip goes and sits next to Lizzie on her bed and talks to her. He tells her that they are putting the new healthy cells from her baby brother in to help her. He asks her to squeeze his hand if she understands him. She does. He tells her that she is his daughter and she isn't scared of anything and begs her to fight.

Outside the room, Lillian asks Noah how Lizzie is, he says she is holding her own. Lillian goes in to visit her and encourages her to get better. She asks to speak to Phillip for a few minutes. They walk outside and Lillian tells Phillip that Alan knows about the baby and he will not rest with Jim raising his grandchild.

Harley asks Phillip how Lizzie is. He says that she is weak but is getting the transplant. They have to wait for a week and pray that her body doesn't reject it. He starts getting upset thinking about what happens if the transplant doesn't work. He never considered before that it might not, and doesn't want to fail her too. Harley tells him he has done everything he could and not to beat himself up over this. She goes in to see Lizzie. Alan arrives and wants to talk to Phillip. Phillip tells him he knows that Alan is aware the baby is his. Phillip tells him that he has agreed to let Jim and Beth raise him. Alan says whatever they have decided; it has all changed now that the baby is here. Phillip wants to honor his agreement with Beth but Alan says the baby is a Spaulding. Phillip says bloodlines don't count because then he is not a Spaulding either. Phillip is worried about Lizzie and his marriage. Alan says that a lot of people know and that baby is his son now and he can't turn his back on his child.

Jim is holding the baby and talking about how beautiful he is. Beth tells him that she couldn't have done it without him. She wants to go see Lizzie but he thinks she should rest a little while. He looks down at the baby and says, I can't believe you're not mine." Beth tells him that Susan isn't his blood but is his child and so could this baby be. She asks him to tell her he can look at the baby and not love him as his own. Jim tells Beth he loves the baby but it doesn't change anything. It doesn't fix things between them. Beth says the baby needs his love. Susan enters the room and asks to hold the baby. Susan shows the baby to Max. Susan says the baby looks like Jim around the eyes. Jim is facing away from them and looks upset. Susan tells the baby she is his sister. She gives the baby back and apologizes to Jim. She says she was a brat when she found out Beth was pregnant but she now knows that the baby belongs to their whole family and she is happy about it. Jim kisses Susan and then hugs her. He is very upset.

Noah comes over and says that the transfusion is half over. Lizzie asks Harley if she has seen the baby. Harley says no but she heard he was beautiful. Lillian agrees. Rick tells Lizzie that Harley had suggested they all come over to the hospital one night and have a big slumber party in their pajamas with her. Lizzie is too tired to respond but she does smile. She falls asleep and has a nightmare. She is walking in a hallway and calling for her dad and Rick. She can't find her white horse. She is walking through a scary tunnel and a dragon is chasing her. She calls for her dad again. Noah is listening to her heart. Harley tells her to keep fighting.

Phillip wants to know what Alan is worried about, a scandal. Alan is worried that Phillip would give up his own son and lie to him after the way he felt as a child. Alan saw the way Phillip looked at the baby. Phillip should know better than anyone how it will affect his son if he is not told the truth. Phillip will turn out just like Alan, and Alan knows Phillip doesn't want that. Phillip thanks Alan for trying but he can't think about this right now. Phillip goes in to see Lizzie. Harley says that Lizzie is weaker but her pulse has stopped dropping. Phillip sits down next to Lizzie and holds her hand. He talks to her and tells her everyone is there for her. Lizzie is still having a nightmare. In her dream, she screams, "Daddy, I need you." He tells her that her he can't get to her, she has to fight and turn it around. She has to come back to him. Lizzie tells the dragon to stay away from her. She screams at the dragon to leave her alone.

Rick and Noah are looking at Lizzie's chart and are concerned. So far there is no rejection. Noah is hopeful since the baby was a perfect match. His pager goes off, he goes to the phone. He says, "I told you not to call me here." He says it isn't because of another woman. She hangs up on him and he is upset.

Max gives Susan a birthday gift a few days early. It is a backpack with a pair of earrings inside. She says it is her best birthday ever. She is happy about the baby and she hopes Lizzie is getting well. She thinks Beth did something right for a change. Susan looks forward to them all going home together and kisses Max.

Noah is on the phone asking the mystery woman why she hung up on him. He says that there is nothing wrong here and he has to go.

Jim is pushing Beth in a wheelchair. He asks Noah to take Beth from there into Lizzie's room. The nurse sees Jim and gives him a new daddy t-shirt. Beth is pushed up next to Lizzie's bed and holds her hand. She tells her the baby is waiting to meet her. Lizzie is still having the nightmare. She tells the dragon her brother is here and starts swinging a sword at the dragon yelling at him that she wants to live. The dragon went away and Lizzie opens her eyes and said, "I did it, I won." Her pulse is stronger. Everyone is happy. Lillian brings the baby to see her. She puts the baby in bed with her. Lizzie tells him "We did it, we killed the dragon and I will be okay." Harley leaves the room.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

At the Bauer Cabin: Drew, Jesse, Danny and Michelle arrive. Drew thinks that the whole place has a rustic atmosphere to it. Danny wants to go fishing and Jesse wants to sketch a little. Drew reminds them that they are there to discuss their partnership in Millennium. They all settle in and seem to be in good spirits.
Outside, Jesse and Danny are talking about the business. Jesse mentions Carlos and his trying to force Danny to take over the family business. Danny said that Carmen's letter was their ticket to freedom and that everything will be okay.
Back inside, Michelle thanks Drew for letting them come in as partners in Millennium. Michelle mentions Carmen and how she knows they won't be able to get her out of their life that easily and she isn't out of their lives by a long shot. She tells Drew about the nightmare with Carmen holding her baby from behind her grave. She says the last thing Carmen said to her before she died was that she would watch over Michelle and the baby. Drew reassures her that God has her baby and Carmen was heading in the other direction. She says Michelle has a lot to deal with and that is causing the nightmares and that she needs a break. Drew says if all else fails, she should buy expensive shoes. They both laugh; Danny comes in and says he is happy to hear Michelle laughing again. He kisses his wife and holds her while she cooks. Jesse suggests they eat outside. Danny asks Michelle how she feels. She says better and he doesn't have to treat her like an invalid. Danny asks her if she thinks about being with Carmen when she was shot. Michelle doesn't want to think about it and pulls away. Danny goes into the kitchen looking for lemonade. Michelle tells him she will be right out. While Michelle is alone in the kitchen she looks in the mirror and gets upset.

At the Farm: Cassie asks Harley what she is doing. She tells her that she is making a lot of noise and the kids are still asleep. Harley tells her that her marriage is over and she needs to keep moving. She doesn't want to think about or talk to Phillip. She can't stop thinking about him and Phillip on the plane. She says she is angry and says everyone knew about this, even Edmund. Cassie tells Harley she is in shock and needs to rest. Harley says she needs to get a job and start her life over. She will burn Phillip's clothes and take his voice off the answering machine. Harley says she has to take her life one minute at a time. She gets through the day but at night it is hard. She tries to remember her life before Phillip but can't. She has to cut him loose and move on. Cassie tells her Phillip is her husband but Harley says not for long. Cassie says that Harley has Zach to think about. The phone rings and it is Phillip. Cassie says Harley is not there. Harley is upset and leaves to get some air. Cassie opens the door thinking it is Richard but it's Edmund "Sorry, wrong brother" he says.

At Tower's: Richard is having breakfast and going over the wedding list with Dax. There are a lot of refusals. Dax says there is still some unrest over Cassie's past stripping. Richard says he didn't care and that Cassie will have her dream wedding anyway. Dax gets ready to leave when Edmund approaches the table and wants to talk to Richard. Edmund tells Richard he doesn't want him to bail him out of anything, he just wants to come home. He wants Richard to revoke the order of exile. He is no one in Springfield and was respected in San Cristobel . He had a life and a family and misses it. Richard says he never appreciated it while he had it. He said he cared for Beth and Phillip knew it. He promises not to make trouble. Richard is concerned. He tried to humiliate Cassie and the country is having a hard time accepting her still. Edmund hurt Cassie and Richard has to protect her. So the answer is no, Edmund can't come back. Dax interrupts but Richard says they are finished and leaves with Dax to make plans for the wedding. Edmund says to himself that if Cassie is against him he doesn't have a chance of getting home. Cassie is the key. He leaves.

At Company: Noah tells Reva he is hopeful about Lizzie. Reva shows him a note about telling his new lady friend about his other woman. He makes a joke and says it should say women. He denies there is any truth in the note. Reva says she couldn't find him last night and wanted to know why he is always changing the subject. If he is hiding something she wants to know. Reva tells Noah to tell the truth. Noah tries to say that he is high profile and people want to get closer to him just like since she has been on TV more people will start to be attracted to her. Noah tells her he, for one, is very attracted to her and holds her hand. Reva wants to know why he has never been in love before and wants to know if he is hiding something. She said he knows all about her past and wonders if he doesn't trust her enough to let her in. He says maybe it is time she knew about his past. He starts by telling her there have been a lot of women in his life and he always wanted to fall in love but never has. He says he came close but he got restless after a few months. He tells her that he didn't want to scare her off by telling her that. Reva says she doesn't scare easily and doesn't think he has told her anything she didn't already know. She wants more answers. He invites her for dinner and puts his arms around her telling her he wants to be with her tonight. Reva laughs and tells Noah that he can join her and the kids for dinner. He says great and after dinner? She says cards. After that? She says goodbye Noah. He kisses her and leaves. Selena comes out and tell her she didn't want to interrupt. Reva says there is something more to Noah than they know. Reva lets Selena read the note. Reva thinks someone is following them and is skeptical. Selena asks what Noah had done to make her suspicious. Selena thinks she is being paranoid. Reva agrees to give him the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile, Noah sends 3 dozen roses to the usual address. He sends a loving apologetic note to appease an angry woman.
Buzz asks Selena if she has heard from Harley. He wants her to know she has family to support her and may want to come for dinner. Selena invited David and some people for dinner. Buzz asks about Vicki but Selena invited Ruth. Buzz is upset, since Vicki and David are living together. Selena tries to uninvite Ruth but David overhears. Selena offers to reschedule the dinner. Buzz calls Selena away. David tells Ruth he is living with Vicki but they can be friends. Ruth says she is grateful to him but is not interested in him that way. They laugh and he invites her for coffee. David doesn't know why Selena would try to set them up. He says Vicki can be a little pushy but is a nice woman. David asks Ruth if she is seeing anyone and she says only her son. David asks about Charlie's father. Ruth says she never told him he was the father, so he hasn't been around. Some men are not husband material and some are. Ruth tells him that Charlie has been sick most of his life. He is interested in space but would love to play baseball. David promises to teach Charlie to play. Ruth leaves to tell Charlie. She seems happy. Buzz tells Selena they should stop meddling. He mentions Harley and Frank's problems and feels sorry for Vicki. Harley catches them fighting and is upset that she can't seem to find one happy couple.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

At the Hospital: Beth is reading to Lizzie. Lizzie seems more alert and tells her mom that she loves her. Beth tells her to get some rest. Jim walks in. Beth tells him that Lizzie just fell asleep and he started to leave. She went after him and asked him if he wanted to see the baby, he said no. He tells her that he can't raise Phillip Spaulding's baby as his own. He tells her that he knows she will be staying in the hospital with the baby and Lizzie for a few days and wanted her to know that he and Susan will be gone when she gets there. Beth asks Jim to wait and let them talk a little before he makes those decisions. Jim tells her that there is no way he is going to stay in Phillips family home. He tells her it was embarrassing to him to stay there and he won't do it. She tells him that she expects that their love will be powerful enough to get them through. Beth tries to justify to Jim why she didn't tell him. Jim says they have completely different definitions about what is right. He tells her about the t-shirt the hospital gave him. She thinks he can still be a dad to the new baby. He doesn't want any more lies in his life and he walks off. She follows and he tells Beth that he is going to tell Susan the truth. He says that everyone already knows and he is going to be the one to tell her. He looks at her and notices that she has no intention of telling Lizzie the truth. He tells her that she has too, the hospital is full of gossips and she will overhear someone. A nurse comes and tells them that Lizzie is awake now and wanting to see them. They go in and Lizzie gives them a picture she drew. It is of Jim and Beth, Lizzie, Susan and Little Jim. She asks Jim to hang it for her. He tells her he will hang it anywhere she wants and kisses her. Jim gets ready to leave and Beth follows. He is upset and she says that it isn't easy to throw their lives away. He said that it was true, it's all he thinks of but he can't be there and he leaves.

At the Firehouse: Frank and Buzz are talking to Harley. She says that she will be fine and can handle things with Phillip. They both want to punch his lights out. Phillip knocks at the door and Frank answers. Phillip wants to talk to his wife. Harley tells him to leave. He tells her that he loves her and can't leave. She doesn't want to hear anything about how he "loves" her with all the lies that are between them now. He asks her to talk and she goes out in the hall with him. She tells him she doesn't feel that there is a good resolution to this. She needs him to leave her alone. Phillip begs Harley to hear him out. He tells her that she and Zack had been gone less than 24 hours and he has had such pain and can't imagine the pain he has inflicted on her. He tells her that he is sorry and just wants her to know that. Harley tells him that she has to think. He understands but wants to get together to talk about Zack. She tells him that she will be at Tower's later that day and will talk to him there but not to expect anything. She goes in the house and Buzz and Frank hug her.

At Company: Vicky and David are at Company. David says that his mom wants them to come to dinner next week at the Country Club and he isn't that crazy about the idea. Vickie says you really hate it that your mom likes me so much. Vickie and David talking about his family liking her. She wants to talk to him about moving out. She says they haven't made any plans for their future. They need to think about what they both want. She says that they all need their own space and she wants to go back home to the Spaulding Mansion.

At the Lewises: Reva is painting when Marah and Shane come in. Reva says they have been through a lot the past few months and she thinks they should have dinner together tonight with Noah. Shane cops an attitude about it. Marah gets on him. Reva is trying to justify here relationship with Noah. Shane is being a brat. He wants his dad to come over instead. Reva says their dad will always be part of their life but Noah is fun and she I likes him and he isn't going to take anyone's place. Shane and his mom hug and goes to his room. Marah wants the scoop on her mom and Noah. They talk about Reva and Noah. Marah thinks that Noah is really cute but she would rather have her dad there. Marah said that Shayne loves Josh so much and it has been really hard on them. Shayne comes out with a vegetable tray. Reva is impressed. She thanks him for coming down. He tells them that he came down because he is hungry. They started kissing on him and he got grossed out and left. They all laugh.

At Tower's: Richard asks Noah to be his best man at the upcoming royal wedding. He agrees to but asks Richard if he truly believes that he deserves the honor. Richard tells him that as a friend, he is beyond reproach. Richard asks him to celebrate tonight. Noah says he has plans with Reva. Richard is not sure how he feels about this. Noah has nothing but the best intentions toward Reva. Richard says we both now why you should not get too close to Reva. Richard is afraid Noah is going to hurt Reva. Noah says they are just having fun. Richard says knowing Reva I can't imagine she won't get involved. Richard tells him to be careful and not hurt Reva. Noah tells him that he won't hurt her and even promises by making it a wedding gift to him. Richard leaves and Noah thinks back to his ordering Roses for the mystery lady. He then thinks back of Richards warning him of why he cant get too close to Reva. He calls Reva and cancelled their date. He tells her that he will have to make it another night. She asks him about the next evening. He tells her that he will have to call her when his schedule clears up. They hang up.

At the Farm: Cassie tells Edmund that she doesn't believe he came all the way there to try to bring her in the middle of this mess. She doesn't believe that he has changed and believes that he will return to his own selfish self as soon as he gains their trust. He tells her that he hasn't changed, he is the same man as always, the only difference is that he sees how much she and Richard love each other and he can help them. She reminds him that he was the one trying to overthrow the government and disgrace his own brother. Edmund tells her that he has the chance to reconcile with his brother and the only thing stopping them is her. Cassie tells him that she wishes she could make Edmund into the brother that Richard deserves. Edmund says he sees things from a different perspective now and wants to help them with their dream wedding and their fairytale life. He can help with all of the royal stuff. She tells him it's time to leave. He says not yet. They talk some more and Cassie doesn't think things will work out for her with Edmund. Richard walks in and asks Edmund what he was doing there. Edmund tells them that they both need him now more then they think.

Friday, June 23, 2000

At the Bauer cabin:
Michelle is still being haunted by Carmen as she sees her when she looks in the mirror. Danny comes in and catches her off guard. She tells him that she has been dreaming about Carmen and was a little startled. Danny asks to hear about the dreams but she doesn't want to hurt him while he is still morning for his mother. She told him that it was probably just because Carmen had been in their lives for so long and it's just hard to let go of her. She tells him that he can talk to her whenever he wants about her and that she would understand since she too lost her mother. They talk a little about Maureen and how much Michelle loved her and wished she were there when she had the miscarriage. She said that Claire tried to be motherly to her and that she does have to give her points for persistence. She didn't want to like her for giving her up for adoption but at the same time she is thankful that she did. Michelle likes Claire and appreciates her being there when she needed her. She still feels that Claire can be annoying and steps too far when she disapproves of Danny but she is trying. Danny says he will never interfere in her relationship with Claire. Michelle isn't sure but she thinks she may want to get closer to Claire. Danny tells her if that is what she wants and it helps her she should. They kiss. Michelle is glad to be there with him at her family cabin. They go out for a walk. Danny tells her how he is jealous of others spending time with her and teases her about locking her up in a tower. They kiss again. He says she shouldn't expect he and Claire to be best friends but he will try.

At the Farm:
Richard comes in and sees Edmund and he asks Cassie if she is okay. Edmund tells Cassie that Richard hasn't told her about the trouble in San Cristobel . Richard says it is just a group of snobs and he can handle it. Edmund tells them that they need his help. He tells Richard to look at Cassie; she knows Edmund is telling the truth. Cassie wants to know what is going on. Richard says that some snobs that don't even matter have refused to come to the wedding. Edmund says that it is his fault. Richard tells Cassie he is handling it but Cassie is worried. Edmund says that Richard has never been popular with the elite only with the common people because he taxed the elite while helping the poor; all the time Edmund was the one that had to keep the rich happy. Richard helped those less fortunate while Edmund served a purpose keeping the elite feeling elite. Richard says those days are over and the people didn't really know all the things Edmund did to undermine the country. Edmund offers to let everything he did wrong be made public so that they can have their dream wedding, worry free. Richard looks at Cassie. Richard doesn't believe that Edmund would humiliate himself like that but Edmund assured if he would let him come home he would. The aristocracy lost confidence in Richard due to the turmoil over his first marriage and then the new troubles and Edmund offers to mention the stripping tape and the construction accident and take the blame, letting everyone know that it is amazing Richard was able to rule at all, putting out fires that Edmund caused. Edmund offers to spin the story, making Cassie and Richard look like saints. They are skeptical. They want to know what Edmund will gain. He says he misses SC and just wants to go home. He will take anything Richard offers. He understands his hesitation but hopes there is a part of Richard that thinks he can turn his life around. Richard should believe that he can help them and that they should look out for their own best interest. He will lend them the support of the aristocrats. With that, he leaves. Cassie says she had no idea that people would question his judgment because of her. Richard reluctantly admits it but says that he can deal with it. Cassie says their marriage could be a handicap to their country. Richard says no, nothing will stop him from marrying her. She asked what he was thinking about Edmund. Richard says if Edmund came back, he would have to keep his word. Cassie wants the marriage to be good for everyone. Richard says it is the best thing for him but he wants it to be perfect for her. They hug. He wants to know what she thinks. He won't decide anything unless she agrees. She asks what he thinks. Richards wants to do it. He says their wedding is the most important thing. She says they are the most important thing and kisses him.

At the Bauer's:
Harley drops Zach off with Rick so she can meet Phillip. Rick says she should take all the time she needs and he hopes they can work it out. Harley says the marriage is over, the meeting is about Zach. Rick says he knows she loves Phillip and that doesn't just go away. Harley says it is not about whether she loves Phillip but about what she can live with his lies. Harley gives Rick last minute instructions for Zach and apologizes for being harsh with him. Rick understands that she is angry with him as well for lying to her. Harley says that is one reason but another is because he always defends Phillip. Rick says she has been a very good friend to him and is always there for him. He loves them both and apologizes. Harley tells him she and Phillip can't get back together; things have gone too far for that. She leaves to meet Phillip. Rick tells the baby he hopes his daddy plays it smart. Claire stops by to see Rick with the mail. He asks about her being on vacation. Claire says she is just staying home. He advises her not to visit Michelle at the cabin. He tells her she is trying too hard and should back off. Claire wants to know why he hates her. Rick says he has good reason. She mentions the test business but that is not it. Rick says that he is trying to look at the person she is today, not the one she was years ago. Rick says that it is not what he thinks but what Michelle wants. He won't stand in the way if Michelle wants Claire in her life. Claire asks Rick if he is serious about not interfering between her and Michelle. He warns her that she better not hurt her. Zach cries and Rick leaves to get his bottle. Claire tries to fix his pillow in the crib. Rick gets upset and tells her to get away from him! Claire wants to know what is wrong with Rick. Did he think she would hurt Zach? He says that he remembers Ed walking in on her trying to smother Michelle with a pillow when she was a baby.

At Towers:
Phillip is discussing plans with the waiter. He wants the dinner to be low key and then they may have something to celebrate by the end of the night. Harley comes in. He is happy to see her. She says that she is there to discuss Zach. They discuss visitation. Harley says two or three days a week and on the weekend. Harley is firm and tells him she is getting a divorce. "The sooner this marriage is over, the better. Phillip tells Harley she doesn't mean that. But she says she does and it is over. Phillip says that he doesn't want Zach to grow up until 2 different houses. They still love each other. Harley says Zach will be fine, just like Lizzie. They start to argue. Phillip apologizes. He is sorry about everything, Harley says "me too". Phillip thinks they should discuss this. Harley says that she can't believe she let someone like him into her life. She starts getting loud. She tells him that he hurt her more than anyone has ever hurt her in her life. She tells Phillip it is always about Beth. Phillip says he never stopped loving her even on the plane. Harley tells him she feels sorry for him. She says she regrets having come there for their meeting. Phillip begs her not to leave him but Harley only says, "Watch me."

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