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Monday, June 12, 2000

At Company:
Richard, Cassie, Tammy, Reva and Marah come in. Reva goes over to Buzz and tells him how they got rid of Rob. She is really happy about how things turned out and tells Buzz that maybe love can really win in the end.
Billy is dressed in a tux waiting for Holly, when he runs into Ross and Blake outside of Company. They all talk about the upcoming Beethoven concert. Blake and Ross go in to meet Cassie and Richard and Holly arrives and greets Billy. They talk about the symphony and she starts to get the impression that Billy doesn't know anything about Beethoven, Billy comes clean and confesses that he doesn't. They have a good laugh over this. Holly tells him there was no reason to lie about it. Billy says that he did it because he wanted to spend time with her. They then talk about the kind of music Billy likes, country/western. They then agree to skip the symphony and go to a country/western concert instead.
Richard pulls Ross aside and has Ross review the papers Rob signed to make sure everything is legal. He tells him that everything is in order and Rob Layne is no longer a problem for them. Richard and Cassie talk to Tammy to make sure that she is okay. Tammy says that she is glad that Rob gave her back to them. Tammy tells Richard that she is glad that he is going to be her new Dad. Richard says that he is too and gives her a kiss. They all start to talk about the wedding, and Tammy says that everyone is invited, including Aunt Reva. Reva sees Noah walk into Company. Noah talks about Lizzie's declining health to Reva and how he is concerned that Jim will not make the right decision, a decision that needs to be made in order to save Lizzie's life. Meanwhile, Max walks up to Susan who fills him in on what was going on with Lizzie's health. Noah and Reva are discussing Lizzie and Susan overhears the conversation. Susan is upset that Noah is talking bad about her father not wanting to help out by inducing Beth's labor early. Susan tells them that her Dad loves Lizzie and wants to help her. Reva says that is true, but Jim also loves his unborn baby and is concerned for him also. Later, Max is talking with Susan when he suggests that they go to the hospital to see how Lizzie is doing. Reva and Noah walk over to the two kids saying that Susan shouldn't go to the hospital just yet because the adults are having a conversation.
Tammy falls asleep in Richard's arms. They start to leave and Cassie goes over and gives Reva a hug and thanks her for all of her help with Rob. Richard and Cassie leave.

At Towers:
Carlos is talking with Danny and wants to know why Danny has changed his mind and now wants Carlos' help in finding Carmen's killer. Carlos tells Danny that the families doubt his loyalty. He says there was a "sit down" meeting between the families and they believe that Danny needs "supervision" and proposed that the Santos operations should be folded into the Sandoval family. Carlos says that he would be in charge and Danny would be his second in command. Carlos says that it is good business and that Danny's loyalty would no longer be in question if Danny agrees to this arrangement. Carlos gives him 24 hours to decide and leaves. Jesse walks up behind Danny and says that he thinks what Danny is doing is unbelievable. Danny tells Jesse that his working with Carlos is all an act that he needs to go through with to protect Michelle and the baby. Danny says that his mother was murdered and that he can't just walk away from that. Jesse reminds Danny of all the horrible things Carmen did to Michelle, Danny, Pilar, and Vanessa. Jesse says that if Carmen were alive she would hunt Michelle and Danny down like "Hannibal Lector", and that in the end Carmen got what she deserved. Danny grabs Jesse by the arm and told him he has no idea what he was talking about. Jesse adds that this is Michelle worst nightmare and it could cost Danny his marriage if he goes through with his plan. He walks out. Danny calls Michelle's cell phone and Claire answers it. Danny asks where Michelle is and Claire says that she is in the bathroom. Danny assumes that Michelle is at home and says he will meet his wife there and hangs up the phone. Michelle then comes out of the bathroom (dressed, with a hospital gown in her hand) Claire asks Michelle if she feels strong enough to go home as she helps her into a wheelchair. Michelle says yes and they head out.

At Cedar's:
Michelle is walking into the ER and Claire is waiting for her with a wheelchair. Michelle says that she is so afraid that something is wrong with the baby and is frustrated because she can't reach Danny. Claire takes her into the exam room. Michelle tells Claire that she has had spotting and cramps in the past couple of days. She thanks Claire for being there for her because she couldn't reach Danny, Rick, or Abby. She tries to call Danny but cant reach him. Claire tells her to relax and she will keep trying to reach him. Claire then takes Michelle's phone and walks out of the room.
Rick, Phillip and Harley are in Lizzie's room talking to Lizzie while Beth is in the hallway trying to explain to Jim that Lizzie needs the surgery immediately and that the risk is minimal to the baby if he is delivered early. Jim says he doesn't want to risk his child's life to save "Phillip's child's life" even though he loves Lizzie very much. Beth is appalled that Jim would think that Lizzie means more to her than the baby does because Phillip is her father. Meanwhile, Harley is giving Lizzie a sip of water and tells her that Phillip is working on "getting the army together to fight the dragons". Harley is telling Lizzie the story of "Anne of Green Gables" when the nurse and Beth walk into the room to take Lizzie for more tests. Lizzie is very sick and is having a hard time when she tries to breathe. Beth is talking to Rick and Harley. She says she hopes that Phillip can convince Jim to agree to take the baby early.
Jim is very frustrated and asks Noah and Rick for their medical opinions. Noah tells Jim that Lizzie cannot make it through a first transplant with Edmund as a donor, then a second procedure with the baby as a donor if the first surgery does not work. Jim is asking about the side effects to the baby if labor is induced. Noah says that the risks are minimal to the baby, and that Lizzie needs the surgery within the next 24 hours because her condition is becoming critical. Beth tells Jim that the she feels that the baby will be fine and Rick adds that he also thinks that the baby will be fine. Jim doesn't believe Rick's opinion is unbiased because he is Phillip's best friend and also loves Lizzie. Phillip then walks up to them and asks to speak to Jim alone as "one father to another". Beth begs Phillip to keep his head and try to understand what Jim is going through. She explains that Phillip has been there when his two children were born. Beth explains that this baby is "Jim's first 'biological' child" and that he is overwhelmed with all the information. Beth tries to reason with Phillip that Jim is very worried about his baby, especially since he has never been through this kind of experience before because Susan was adopted. Phillip then tries to explain to Jim that this baby is a lot stronger than Jim is giving the baby credit for. Jim says that they are wasting time, time that could be used for finding another donor for Lizzie. Jim tells Beth that he would never forgive himself if he agreed to deliver the baby early, and something happened to Beth or the baby. Phillip now wants to speak alone to Jim. Once alone, Phillip tells Jim that "the real issue here is the welfare of two children" and not to make it "personal" between he and Jim. Phillip sees Lizzie being wheeled down the hall and talks to her. He is clearly shaken by his daughter's appearance and kisses her before she leaves with the nurse. Phillip then walks away from Jim saying that he is finding Dr. Chase to induce labor. Jim says "the hell you are ... that is my child, not yours". Phillip angrily says, "Jim, you don't want to use that excuse with me". They start to argue. They start screaming at each other. Phillip screams at Jim asking if Jim wants Lizzie to die. Jim says "don't lay that guilt crap on me", and that Phillip needs to find another donor or wait for the baby to be born naturally to take the cord blood because he "refuses to risk his child's life". Phillip responds by screaming that, "the child is not yours, it's mine. The baby that Beth is carrying is mine". Jim is clearly shocked by what Phillip has just said and doesn't believe him.

At the Bauer's:
Claire is helping Michelle into the Bauer kitchen saying that Michelle should rest in her apartment, when Danny walks in saying that Michelle is where she needs to be with her husband. Claire tells Danny that she was just trying to help Michelle. Danny sarcastically tells Claire that he knows exactly what she was trying to do and asks her to leave. Michelle thanks Claire for her help and Claire leaves. Michelle tells Danny that she had tried to reach him for hours. Danny says he was trying to find out about his mother's case by tracking down David. Michelle begins to tell Danny that she was at the hospital and that she lost the baby. She is sobbing in Danny's arms, and Danny is just repeating, "No ... no ... no" over and over while he is holding her.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

At the Bauer's:
Michelle is in the kitchen crying, telling Danny that she lost the baby. He holds her to comfort her. Claire is outside, pacing. She sees Abby and tells her not to go inside. She wants to prepare her. Claire invites her into her apartment and tells her that Michelle miscarried. Abby is upset and wants to see if Rick knew about it. Claire claims she tried to tell Rick and Danny, but she was there for Michelle. Abby is upset and says she thought the worst was behind Michelle and Danny. Abby wants to go to Michelle but Claire tells her not to. Claire says Danny should have been with Michelle but was with his "goons" instead. Claire implies the stress of being married to Danny caused the miscarriage. Abby defends Danny, but Claire says they need to get Michelle away from him.
Danny asks Michelle why she didn't tell him she was in pain. She said it was only a few twinges but got worse after Carmen was shot. Danny apologizes for not being with her today at the hospital. Michelle mourns her baby. Danny promises her a better future away from the families.
Abby tries to tell Claire she doesn't understand Michelle and Danny's relationship because she hasn't been there. Claire says that Danny has a temper and can take it out on Michelle. Michelle could be in danger. Abby tells Claire that she doesn't trust her (Claire) or her motives. Claire says she was there for Michelle and Abby wasn't. Abby tells her that Claire only cares about Claire.
Danny tells Michelle it will take her some time to get past this and then they will try again. Michelle says she feels empty and that this is a sign, that things will never turn out right for them. Danny says that something was wrong with the baby and it was nature's way of taking care of it. They will work through it together. Michelle thinks they were under too much stress with Carmen's death. Michelle says he has been a different person since Carmen died and maybe the baby sensed that. Danny says they can't live like this anymore and gets up to use the phone. Danny calls Carlos and tells him he is not interested. Carlos can have it all.
Claire asks Abby if she thinks she is being selfish because she is trying to protect Michelle. Abby says Claire is lonely and wants to be a part of Michelle's life as well as the whole Bauer clan. Abby mentions how obsessed she was with the Bauer barbecue and being a part of the family. Abby says she should try to protect Michelle and not try to destroy her marriage. Claire doesn't think that Danny is good for Michelle. Abby says Claire wants to be the perfect mother in the family album and no one should get in Claire's way. Abby leaves and Claire says "I don't take orders from anyone, sweetheart."
Michelle is surprised that Danny called and severed his ties to "The Family". She wants to know if he will be okay. Danny reassures her and they hug. Claire is looking at them through the window and isn't too happy about it. Michelle is crying and Danny is holding and comforting her.

At the Hospital:
Harley tells Beth she thinks that the baby will save Lizzie. Beth agrees. They are waiting for Phil and Jim to finish talking. Beth is going to call Lillian and then check on Jim and Phil. Harley asks Rick what will happen if Jim doesn't let Beth have the baby early. Harley is concerned for Lizzie and will keep her spirits up. Rick and Harley are going to Company to make plans to cheer up Lizzie.
Phil tells Jim that he is the father of Beth's baby not Jim, Jim doesn't want to believe it. Phil says they will do things his way. Jim tells Phil that he is lying and is under stress. Beth enters as Phil repeats the truth. He asks Beth to confirm the fact that he is the baby's father. Beth tells Phil he doesn't know what he is saying. Phil says he is thinking clearly and wants to save Lizzie. Beth asks Jim to ignore what Phil said and just help Lizzie. She wants their lives to go on. "Please say yes". Jim realizes that Phil is telling the truth. Beth wants Jim to say yes, but Jim is really angry. He wants Beth to tell him the truth. Beth is crying and stalling. She looks at Phil, but finally admits the truth. Beth tries to explain how the baby was conceived on the plane. Jim says he nearly died trying to rescue her and then proposed to her. He is angry about all the lies. Beth tries to apologize and tell him she loves him but he is upset. She says she was trying to spare his feelings. Jim walks out angry. Noah wants to know what Beth has decided. Beth can't answer and Phil tells him to go ahead and induce. Noah needs the father's consent and Phil says, "You just got it." Noah asks Phil why he kept the paternity a secret. Phil says he was hoping they could keep it a secret for obvious reasons. Noah says they will induce labor and do a transplant right afterward.
Beth goes out and is trying to talk to Jim. She wants to explain. Jim is upset that she lied about the baby being his. He was so proud of his son and it was all a lie. Beth says she loves Jim and didn't know what else to do.
Abby meets Rick at the hospital and tells him about Michelle. Rick wants to know where Michelle is. Abby tells him about Claire and her accusations. Rick says he will take care of Claire.
Beth tells Jim she was afraid of losing him if she told him the truth. She loves him and he is the father because he is her husband and they want to have a life together. Jim says that having Phil's baby is a deal breaker.
Noah says that he needs to talk to Beth about the induced labor the next morning. Noah leaves and Beth asks Jim to be with her during the delivery.

At Company:
Rick and Harley are discussing plans for Lizzie at Company. They are laughing and want to cheer Lizzie up. Rick admits he is scared. Harley says she appreciates her devoted husband and two children. Harley says that Phil has had such a tough year, almost dying in the plane crash and now this. Rick wants to know what Harley is thinking. She mentions that after the plane crash, the only one Phil would talk to was Beth. Rick tries to mention a movie and that sometimes a bond forms between people sharing a tragedy. Harley says that when the plane crashed she was scared afterward that something would happen with Beth, but she thinks that now they are closer. Rick tries to keep her thinking about Lizzie and not the plane crash. Rick and Harley agree on movies to rent for Lizzie, and then he gets ready to leave. Phil is outside Company and meets Harley. She asks him if everything is alright. He turns and says it isn't. There is something he has to tell her.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

At the Farm:
Richard and Cassie are talking, they are worried about Tammy. They talk about the wedding and the reasons Reva can't be there. Richard is just glad that Cassie is free and that there are no more roadblocks and they can be married soon. He wants to focus on wedding plans. Cassie tells him that there are ways they could settle everything right then and Richard jokes about eloping and getting married in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator. Cassie hears the joke and then tells Richard that she doesn't really think that was such a bad idea. Richard says he knows what the wedding means to her and Tammy. She says they can just have a reception. Richard tells her that he realizes she really just wants to make sure they get married and that nothing else stops them. Cassie says yes, she has been shown as a stripper and Rob has made trouble. She admits that she doesn't think she is princess material. Richard assures her that she is a perfect princess, extraordinarily beautiful, smart, and funny. The last requirement is that they have the worst string of bad luck. If things had gone smoothly for them, they would have been doomed. They start to kiss and someone is knocking at the door. It is Clifford about the wedding. Clifford says Colonel Dax wants to know the wedding date. Cassie says it still isn't too late to elope. Now she is worried about not serving jury duty and overdue library books. She is afraid they will never be happy. Clifford has a box. It is a scale model for the wedding site. It is beautiful and Cassie hugs Richard.

At Company:
Ross interrupts Reva and Selena. Reva missed a meeting with him to discuss the divorce. He thinks she missed the meeting on purpose because she isn't ready to get a divorce. Reva says it is odd that you have to get married by a priest or a rabbi but only need a lawyer to get a divorce. Ross doesn't want her to get divorced if she is not ready. Noah comes in and Reva introduces him to Ross. They discuss Lizzie's bone marrow transplant tomorrow. Ross leaves. Noah asks about the meeting but Reva tells him it is not his business. Noah tells Reva that the baby is a perfect match but he is still worried. Reva offers to distract him and they leave. Ross approaches Josh to talk. Ross tells Josh that even though they both say they want a divorce, they don't act like they want one. Ross wants them to think it over.
Harley is worried and wants to know what is wrong with Phillip. She is afraid it is about Lizzie. Harley reminds him that Beth's baby is a perfect match and that is a miracle. Phillip says it is not a miracle. Harley doesn't understand until Phillip admits that Beth is pregnant with his child and not Jims. Harley is shocked, she doesn't understand. He tells her again that the baby is his. Harley seems bewildered and Phil explains about the plane crash and how they gave up hope sure that they were going to die. He explains about the video camera and making a tape to say goodbye. Phil says they got emotional and couldn't finish it. They were scared and tired; they held onto each other. He doesn't know how it happened but it did. They just went a little crazy. Harley wants to know how long Phil knew the baby was his. He tells her it was from the beginning. He tries to comfort her but she pulls away. She needs to think about it. Harley is upset and crying. She is upset about thelies and the months of deception. He claims he didn't want to hurt her. Harley is worried about Jim. Phil says he wanted to tell her from the beginning but Beth was afraid. Harley doesn't want to hear that he lied to her because of Beth. Phil takes the blame. He made a decision to do what would cause the least amount of pain for everyone. He was happy at home and didn't want what happened on the mountain to ruin it. He loves her and Zack and didn't want to lose them. Harley asks Phil to help her understand this. She wants to know if he was going to let Jim raise his son just to avoid telling her. Harley asks if Jim knows and realizes he does. Harley asks what Phil hopes will happen. He wants them to stay together. Harley says that can't happen. She will know the truth and that won't change. Phil says what happened with Beth was not love but fear and need. Harley says he felt like he was going to die but it is sad. She hoped he would have been thinking of her in the last moments of his life. She asks who else knows. Phil says Jim and explains about Edmund and the videotape. She realizes Rick knows too. He tells her Lillian knows too. Harley slaps him and tells him she hates him for this. She tells him to go back to the hospital and get away from her. She is crying. Phil tries to tell her he is sorry and that he loves her. She turns her back on him and tells him to go. He leaves; Harley sits on a park bench thinking about their conversation. She is very sad.

At Cedar's:
Beth tells Jim no one has to know; in her heart, Jim is the baby's father. She leaves the room and Susan enters. She is worried about Lizzie and wants to know what is going on. Beth sees Susan and Jim. Susan says that she knows about the baby and Beth is surprised. Susan means the baby will be taken early but it will be okay. Susan goes to visit Lizzie. Lizzie says that a lot of people have been to see her. Susan says that the baby will make her get better. Meanwhile, Beth asks Jim why he didn't tell Susan. He says he couldn't find the words. Beth wants to save the marriage and raise the baby as theirs. It is Jim's choice. Reva and Noah are walking on the beach. He makes a joke about her running naked on the beach. She laughs. Reva asks about Lizzie. He says that he is nervous about the transplant. Lizzie has been through so much. Reva has a surprise for Lizzie. Lizzie tells Susan she wanted to get her a birthday present but was too tired. Susan forgot about her own birthday. Lizzie doesn't know if she will be able to wish her happy birthday tomorrow so she does it now. Jim tells Beth he doesn't want to talk about it now. Phil enters and tells Jim that Beth does love him. Jim is not impressed and tells Phil he won and has it all. Phil overhears Susan tell Lizzie that the best birthday present would be for her to get better. Lizzie tells Phil she loves her family.

On the Beach:
Noah asks Reva if there is a lighthouse over there. Reva tells him it was rebuilt a few years ago. Noah used to collect lighthouses as a child. Reva tells him about the 60th anniversary and the boat getting stuck. The lighthouse wasn't working and the people worked together to turn the lighthouse by hand. Noah kisses her.

Josh is looking a picture of Reva. Beth is in the chapel with Susan. Phil enters. Lizzie is in bed and Jim sits at her bedside. Harley looks at them and enters the room. She sits next to Jim.

Thursday, June 15, 2000

At the Farm:
Cassie and Blake are there when Harley shows up. They are talking about Harley's perfect marriage. Harley walks in and tries to act like nothing is wrong but they see through it. They think it is about Lizzie. Harley tells them that Lizzie will be okay. Cassie asks Blake and Harley to be her bridesmaids. Cassie talks about how much Richard likes Phillip and Harley breaks down and tells them about Phillip and Beth and how angry she is and lost about what she should do. Harley tells them how hurt she has been about the lies and Blake tries to tell her that Phillip loves her and not Beth. Cassie tells Blake that Phillip did something terrible and Blake tells her that she realizes that but that she has been where he is now and knows how much he wants to make things right with Harley. Harley tells them that she will have to go to the hospital to support Lizzie very soon and have to face Phillip but she isn't sure how to handle it. She wants to hate him and never have to see him again but she also wants to be at the hospital for Lizzie. Cassie and Blake tell her that they will go to the hospital with her for support. Harley tells them that she fell in love with Lizzie because of how much she meant to Phillip and now she can't walk away from him because of how much Lizzie means to her. Cassie talks about how they break down and trust someone and then inevitably get hurt. Harley isn't sure how she feels. She says she has to hold it together because she has to go and watch as Beth gives birth to her husbands child. Harley thinks she needs a few moments alone before they have to leave. They leave her in the front room. She is very upset and looks at her cell phone. She starts to call Phillip but stops. At the same time, at the Bauer's, Phillip looks at his cell phone.

At the Bauer's:
Drew and Jesse are consoling Michelle. Danny is at the Santos Estate for Carmen's memorial services. Michelle thinks she needs to be there but Rick tells her that she doesn't need to be there especially because he can't get off to go with her. Claire comes in and says that she will go with her if she wants to go. Rick is concerned about Michelle but Drew and Jesse also offer to go with her. Michelle tells Rick to give Lizzie her love during the transplant. Rick asks to speak to Claire. He tells her that he knows about her talk with Abby and she told him to basically keep his nose out of it. Phillip comes over and tells him about having to tell Harley the truth. He is upset that he hurt her and tells Rick he should have told her right after it happened and they may have had a chance but now with all the lies that have built up around things he doesn't think she will ever forgive him. He says that he can't even regret what happened because this new baby may save his Lizzie's life. Rick says it sounds like Phillip is giving up on Harley. Phillip said that he isn't but he knows Harley will give up on him. He says they won't even have time to deal with it since they both have to be there for Lizzie.

At Casa Santos:
Ray greets Danny. He, Pilar and Bill tell Danny how sorry they are about the baby. Pilar tells him that Carlos came to see her and gave her a message to give him saying he was already in too deep and will not be able to get out. Pilar is worried that he may show up at the services. Danny hopes they do, he says he is counting on it. Danny tells them that Carmen may be dead but she can still help them. Grandma Santos comes in. Carmen had her confined in a home and told everyone she was at her sister's house. She is upset that Carmen did that but Pilar wants it to be a day of forgiveness. Ray told grandma that Carmen did tell him where she was after her arrest and she was really sorry about sending her there. Pilar asks Danny about Carlos again. He told her that Carlos wants him to take over for Carmen and gradually give up the business to him and his family so turf wars wouldn't be an issue. Michelle and her clan walked in. Danny is upset that she is there. She wants to help him through it. He tells her she needs to go back home. The Sandoval family shows up and they greet Grandma Santos. Danny asked why Carlos is there, he had already given him what he wanted. Carlos tells him that it isn't over, it's not as easy as he (Danny) may believe to get out. Claire sees Michelle's frustration and goes to her and asks if she is all right. Drew and Jesse think they should talk about Millennium and get their minds on their futures. Claire suggests they go up to the Bauer cabin and get away from everything. Michelle said she didn't want to make any plans until she talk to Danny. Claire of course agreed with her to her face and then when she left she turned and called the hospital and asked for some time off. Danny starts the eulogy and talks about how he loved his mother but hated her life. He talked about the woman inside that had gotten lost. Ray interrupted him with a letter Carmen had written before she died to him and Pilar. He read it aloud, it told Danny that she loved him and Pilar and that she had no idea what was going to happen to her now that she was in prison but she was going to be there for them always. It went on to say that for the safety of her family, she had compiled enough evidence locked away in a secure location that would put away all her associates for the rest of their lives. She said it was to be used in the event that anything happened to any of them after she had gone away. She wanted Danny and Pilar to have the happy life away from her world that they hated. She closed by saying that was her last gift to both her children, a happy future. Theresa and Carlos looked shaken. Pilar and Michelle looked elated. Danny said that he felt his mother's presence very close. After the service, Danny thanked Carlos for coming. Carlos said, "It looks like you've won this battle, Danny." Danny said, "It looks like I've won the war, Carlos." Theresa is upset. Carlos tells her to shut up and they leave. Michelle tells Danny that she can't believe Carmen did that for them. They hug and Danny goes over to Ray and Ray asks if he was going to tell Michelle the truth. Danny said there was no need for any one to ever know. He looked down at Carmen's letter, a blank piece of paper, and tore it up. Michelle looked at Carmen's portrait and remembered her last words about her watching over them all.

At Company:
Ruth is working at Company. Selena thanks Ruth for working over while she works at the station with Reva. Selena tells Ruth that she understands how hard it is to have your child taken away and thinks she is a good person. David walks in and Ruth tells Selena that she thought she would be a suspect in Carmen's murder but David reassured her and she feels safer when he is around. David tells Vicky that he can't go out of town with her because he has to stay and work on the Santos investigation. Ruth comes over and tells them breakfast is on the house since he was helping her out this weekend. Vicky looks surprised. They order, Ruth leaves. Vicky asks David why Ruth knew he was going to cancel they vacation before she did. He tells her that he just ran into her. He left to make a call. Ruth came over with the coffee. Vicky told her that David feels sorry for her and her son. Ruth leaves, Selena comes over and tells Vicky that she was so nice to put Ruth in her place like that (sarcastically). She tells Vicky that she looks like she is jealous. Selena told her she has no class and she tried to put Ruth down by saying David only pitied her. Vicky said that was the truth. Selena said that David likes Ruth and Vicky is jealous. Selena goes over to where David is and asks him to come over the next evening and have a guy's night with Buzz and Frank. He agreed to be there. Selena then went over to Ruth and asked her what her plans were for the same night.

Friday, June 16, 2000

At the Bauer's:
Danny and Michelle come in. She is talking about how Carmen's letter set them free. He tells her to go rest and he would fix them a bite to eat. She goes upstairs and there is a knock at the door. It's a delivery of baby things. Danny opens it and pulls out some of the toys. He looks very upset. Michelle comes down and Danny apologizes. He tries to put the toys up. She tells him that she is glad it came. It reminds her of how much he loved it. She asks him what his dreams were. He tells her he would have been happy for any baby but really wanted a girl. She goes to him and they hold each other. Danny goes to take a shower and Michelle sits down and takes a nap. She dreams about Carmen coming in and singing a lullaby holding their baby. Carmen tells her that she is taking care of their baby now and forever. Michelle wakes up screaming. Danny comes running and asks what happened. She said it was just a bad dream but wouldn't tell him about it.

At Company:
Jim meets up with Josh. Jim tells him that he has to resign and leave town. Josh wonders why Jim is not at the hospital with Beth and Lizzie. Jim finally tells him that they split up because Beth is having Phillips son not his. Josh couldn't believe it. Jim apologizes for laying it all on him like that. Josh offers to listen but Jim doesn't want to talk. He just wants to tie up his loose ends so he can move on. Josh tells him that he isn't going to replace him. Jim tells him that he is staying until Lizzie is out of the woods but after that he is out of there. Josh tells him he can't just leave. Jim apologizes for getting angry and yelling at him. Josh asks if he can fix things with Beth. Jim says no. He asks about how this will effect Susan. Jim isn't sure. Jim tells Josh how terrible things are and doesn't think Josh will understand. Josh tells him it couldn't be any worse than finding out that your wife had a baby years earlier with your own brother. (Dylan) Jim thinks about it and does admit that he still loves Beth but he will get over it. Josh tells him whether he works things out with Beth or not there are two kids at the hospital that need him today. Jim leaves. Reva comes in and sees a distraught Josh. She asks if Selena is there. He tells her that she went home. She starts to walk away and he asks her to join him for dinner. She can't think of a reason why they couldn't eat a meal together. They agree to go to Tower's and leave.

At Cedar's:
Noah gives Beth a consent form to go over and sign. She doesn't understand. He tries to explain but she says she will go ahead and sign. Reva knocks on the door. Noah goes out and asks her if she has the surprise for Lizzie. She tells him to meet her in Lizzie's room. Lillian tells Beth that she can't count on Jim to be there for her today. She knows and figures he wont show. In Lizzie's room, Phillip and Rick are with Lizzie; she looks so sick, very pale. Phillip tries to cheer her up by saying that she will meet her baby brother very soon and that he was coming early specifically to help her. She asks about Harley and they try to sidestep the issue but Rick tells her that she will be there because she always keeps her promises and she promised Lizzie she would be there. Beth and Lillian take a walk down the hall to Lizzie's room. Lillian tells her how proud she is that Beth is putting the baby and Lizzie above everything else. Harley walks in. Beth goes to speak to her. Harley asked how Lizzie is; Beth tells her that she is very weak. Harley tells her she needs to go do what she has to do and walks away. Inside, Phillip tells Lizzie that it will feel just like an I.V. and wont hurt any more than that. Rick tells her that it will be a little while before she gets better but she will. Beth comes in and Rick starts to leave, Beth tells him that Harley is there and Rick goes out to see her. Lizzie asks Beth what will happen if the procedure doesn't work? Before they tell her Reva comes and knocks on the door. She tells her about a girl who had the same surgery done years earlier and survived. She brings the girl in and Lizzie seems to perk up a little. She is glad to see that the girl had gotten to grow up. She told Lizzie that it took a while but she did get better and hasn't felt bad since. Outside, Rick comes over to Harley. He apologizes for how she feels. She lashes out and asks him how he could have kept this from her. She tells him that her husband's ex-wife is having his baby and she has to feel sorry for her other child so ill. He apologizes again. Harley tells him that she could punch his lights out. Back in Lizzie's room, the lady shows Lizzie a picture of her little sister that saved her life and tells Lizzie that everything will be fine. She leaves promising to stop back in soon. Lizzie tells her mom that everything will be okay for all of them. Noah comes in and tells Beth that they have to get ready. Beth tells Lizzie she has to go have her little brother but will be back with her soon. In the hall, Phillip tells Beth he is sorry about Jim not being there. She asks him to take care of Lizzie while she is gone. She leaves.
Rick tells Harley to go ahead and punch him. He tells her that he didn't want to lie to her and Phillip didn't want to lie to her, he only wanted to protect her. She tells him that she thought her husband was dying but instead he was having sex with his ex wife. Rick tells him that he has been through something very similar. Harley tells him that she knew something was wrong after the plane crash but Rick convinced her that it was nothing. He defends himself by saying that Phillip is his best friend and he has to protect him. She tells him that she can't talk about it anymore; she has to pull herself together and go see Lizzie. She starts to leave and tells him that if she ever sees him or Phillip again it will be too soon. She turns and sees Phillip. Phillip thanks Harley for being there for Lizzie. Noah came and told them that they were about to give Beth a shot so she can go into labor. Phillip tells her about Lizzie asking about her but that she wasn't too responsive. Harley goes to see her. Lizzie seems happy to see her. Harley gives her a little gift. It is a diary with a key for her to start her new life. She tells Harley that she wants her old life back with all her family just like it used to be. Phillip walks in and Lizzie asks Harley if they will be there when she gets back. She tells Harley that her dad is really sad today. Harley tells her that they will be fine and for her not to worry about them.
In the delivery room, Beth asks her mom if she thinks her children are paying for her sins. Lillian doesn't think so. She thinks that she has made some mistakes but she is an excellent mother. She leaves to go get the doctors so they can start the delivery. Beth thinks back to her wedding to Jim. She says to herself how she loves him and he peers in through the door. Jim tells Beth that he wanted to check on her. He said that he couldn't stay and act like nothing was wrong. Beth tells him she understands and that she will be fine. When he turns to go, Beth buckles over in pain. She tells him that they haven't given her the shot yet but her water just broke and she is going into labor.

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