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Monday, April 17, 2000

At Harley and Phillip's:
Harley is on her computer and finds Rick's secret. She is upset and knows why he wouldn't want the secret to come out. Rick comes in and sees what she is doing and gets angry. She tells him that she is sorry but that she will never tell anyone. She was just trying to help him and Phillip. She promised not to use the information to hurt him. Rick wants to explain why he did it. Rick finished the explanation and tells her no one but he and Claire know. Harley says I wonder how Edmund found out. Rick says he almost forgot what he had done. Harley tells him that he is a good person and she wouldn't have (snooped) if she knew how serious it was. Rick says Phillip doesn't know the secret. Phillip walks in and is angry with Harley for digging into Rick's business after she promised not to. Rick tries to intercede. Harley apologizes to both of them and Harley tells Phillip she didn't found anything. Harley tells Rick and Phillip she will stay out of it and Edmund's blackmailing. They accept her apology. Harley goes to check on Zach. Phillip apologizes to Rick and says his secret is his own business. Rick accepts the apology. They talk a little more and Harley comes back down. Harley comes back to the room. Phillip asks Rick to bring Abby over and they can all have dinner. Rick says another time. Phillip goes to call for take out; Rick asks Harley why she lied to Phil. She says his secret is safe with her. She hugs Rick and apologizes as he leaves. Maybe something good will come out of this, Harley says he can talk to her about his secret anytime.
Rick is outside talking to himself. He has flashback to the incident in Company where he takes the blame for Edmund's blackmail, then another one about him and Claire discussing his problem. Rick says to himself that Phillip will keep his marriage and he will lose everything.

At Tower's:
Reva is alone and approached by Noah. Noah thinks he recognizes her. Just then, Olivia and Josh come in. They walk over to Reva and Noah. Noah, Reva, Josh and Olivia talk. Noah pretends to be Reva's date. Josh asks to be introduced but Olivia introduces them. Noah says he didn't think Olivia would remember him. Josh asks Noah why he is there and Noah says he is taking care of Lizzie. Josh asks if Reva met Noah as Catherine and Noah says yes. Josh invites Reva and Noah to join them for drinks. Josh questions Noah about his past with Reva in San Cristobel . He said that they knew each other but he is more interested in the future than the past. Noah mentions Reva's return to college and says he feels guilty about dating a coed. Josh and Olivia's table is ready and they leave. Reva thanks Noah for helping but "Who the hell told you to do it."
Reva argues with Noah. She is not a damsel in distress anymore. She is changing her life. Josh is none of his business. Noah says Josh was jealous, especially since Reva was with someone strikingly handsome like him. They both laugh. Josh not listening to Olivia's dinner conversation, he's watching Reva and Noah. Josh asks about Noah. Olivia says it's okay for him to be upset; he says he's not upset. He is just not used to Reva dating. Olivia offers to leave and they can eat at home. They leave. Josh waves to Reva as they leave Towers. Noah apologizes for his hero complex; Reva accepts his apology and laughs. They start over. Noah flatters her. Reva asks for a shovel. Noah tells Reva they never met but he has seen her portrait in a tiara. She remembers Richard talking about Noah and said he was wild. Noah says he can see the family resemblance between her and Cassie. Reva asks about Cassie and Noah says she is fine. He invites Reva to dinner but she says no thanks. Noah looks intrigued.

In San Cristobel:
At the Santos House, Danny shoots Jesse. Theresa is hysterical. Michelle runs over and asks Jesse if he can hear her and how he is. Michelle gives Jesse CPR. She tells him to calm down and that Danny went for the doctor.
Meanwhile, back at the palace, Richard and Cassie are in her room dressed to go out. He says he will call off the state dinner so they can have a romantic dinner alone. Cassie says what about the guests and Richard says, "Let them eat cake." Cassie says they must go to the dinner. Richard is going to introduce her to American ambassador. There is a knock on the door. Richard introduces John Ronan and his wife, the American Ambassador to San Cristobel . They start to discuss the future of San Cristobel . Danny bursts into Cassie's room asks for Richard and Cassie's help. They need a doctor. Cassie says I'll go Richard, you stay here but he leaves too. Richard apologizes to the ambassador and his wife before running out.
Michelle covers Jesse with a blanket and tries to comfort him. She asks him what he is doing there. "Jesse don't stop breathing, hold on please." She lies on top of him and asks him to hold on. Richard and Cassie rush in with the doctor. Richard says they need a plan, Manny should leave the country and Jesse needs to go to the hospital. Richard and the doctor talk. Jesse must get to the hospital. Richard wants it to be a secret. Richard will take Jesse to hospital in his car. They tell Michelle she saved Jesse's life with her quick action. Richard, the doctor and Danny lift Jesse and carry him out of the house. Michelle looks tired and walks behind them.

At Company:
Blake and Ross are at company. Ross apologizes to Blake for the short trip to San Cristobel . Drew rushes to Ross for help for Michelle and Danny. She tells him about overhearing Vanessa's story. Drew tells him that Theresa knows where Manny is and she is afraid for Jesse who went to warn them. Drew is worried about what Theresa will do to Jesse. Blake tries to call Cassie in SC but her line is busy. Drew is still crying but starts yelling at Blake for her part in it. Blake apologizes to Drew but says Michelle was innocent and she had to protect her. Drew agrees and Blake reassures her. Ross's phone rings and he tells them it was Cassie. Jesse has been shot and it is serious.
Edmund is on his cell phone outside Company talking to Earl. He has a large brown envelope in hand and is thanking him for photos of Shady Lane. Beth, Jim and Lizzie meet him outside. Beth asks if the pictures are about Spaulding. Edmund says no and that she should just enjoy her night out with the family.
Edmund is reading to Lizzie, Beth invites him to join them. Edmund tries to beg off but Lizzie insists. He says he doesn't have a family of his own since Richard accused him of the factory accident. Beth asks if he would go to Richard and Cassie's wedding. He says Richard would have to resend the exile but he probably wouldn't go anyway. He says he doesn't approve of the marriage due to Cassie's past as a stripper. Jim jumps to Cassie's defense. Edmund says it doesn't make her fit to be a princess but that he shouldn't judge her since everyone has made mistakes.
Jim doesn't trust Edmund. He doesn't want to share his wife with him and doesn't trust him. He wants to leave. Edmund invites Beth to lunch tomorrow and tells her good night. Jim talks to Edmund, says he should lay off Cassie and be careful about his family (Beth and Lizzie). Ed is alone and says "Cassie has done it all to herself. Sorry, Richard."

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

At Phillip and Harley's:
Noah, Phillip, Jim and Beth come in and are talking about the tests Noah just did on Phillip and Beth. Beth is worried that something is amiss in Lizzie's situation and they are keeping it from her. Noah told her that he is just taking precautionary measures for in the event that the chemotherapy doesn't work but that she should not worry yet. He tells her that he likes to be prepared with bone marrow tests before they are needed. She is still worried. Noah tires to reassure Beth. He tells her that he will not hide anything from her. He will be straight with them when necessary, but that he needs all possible tests done so he can be informed of the entire situation and make better decisions. Beth asks if the leukemia is genetically transmitted. Noah says not to feel guilty about Lizzie's illness. Jim says that point would be moot anyway, since Phillip is Lizzie's dad and he is the new babies dad. Beth gets upset and asks to speak to Phillip outside, alone about Lizzie's schooling. Jim stays to talk to Noah. Beth tells Phillip she couldn't take talking about the baby with Jim anymore. Phillip understands, he knows about living with the lie, since that is how he grew up. Beth says she never expected Lizzie to get sick. Phil said Lizzie would be fine. Jim comes outside; Phillip goes back in to talk to Noah. Jim asks Beth about when the prenatal classes were and when they would pick out baby names. Beth feels so guilty she blows up at him and tells him that she doesn't want to talk about those things. Beth says she is just worried and not ready to pick out baby names. Jim wants Beth to enjoy having a baby it is a big event. It is helping Lizzie to focus on the baby but Beth is not enjoying the pregnancy.
Noah talks to Phillip. It is good that you are keeping Lizzie's life as normal as possible. Try not to be worried, Lizzie takes her cues from you. Noah asks Phil if things are okay with Beth's baby and her marriage. Phil says there are no problems and Noah apologizes for prying.
Jim tells Beth they still need to have joy in their lives. They need to think about the baby. Beth says she wants to name baby James if it is a boy or Jamie if it is a girl. Phillip overheard and looked unpleased. Noah came out of the house with him and tells them that there he heard from the hospital and there is a problem with the blood tests.

At Tower's:
Edmund is looking at a packet of photos of the infamous "Princess Shady Lane." Edmund is sure no one will trust Richard's judgment after Cassie's past is revealed. Carmen shows up and dumps juice all over Edmund. Carmen is complaining to Edmund about being stuck in the Psych ward. She is ticked off that he didn't come and help her. He tells her that he didn't even know she was there. He thought she had gone on vacation.
Carmen starts belittling Edmund telling him that he would never be able to be the man Ben was or dethrone his brother. She says Richard is the superior man in their family and that she doesn't do business with losers. Edmund says he has a plan in place.
Buzz and Selena enter Towers. She is worried about Jesse and Drew. Buzz is bidding on a catering job. Selena notices Carmen and looks like she could kill her. Buzz asks Selena to avoid Carmen and wait for him. Selena tells Carmen that Vanessa is awake and talking and she will get hers. She says you shot Ben and you will pay for hurting all of the people I love. Carmen asks Edmund to leave with her but he won't, he says he has business to take care of. Buzz warns Selena that she may have said too much to Carmen.
Selena feels terrible for spilling the beans about Vanessa to Carmen. Carmen tells Ed she could have made him successful but not now. Edmund turns to see a policeman and tells Carmen that she has a guest. Carmen starts walking the other way when Selena saw what is going on and jumps in front of her. She asks where she is going and then yells to the cop that Carmen Santos is over there.

At The Reardon Hideaway:
Vanessa and Matt are talking to Ross, David and the DA. Vanessa tells Matt she has to talk to the DA since Michelle is her best friend's daughter. Matt wants Vanessa protected from Carmen, he mentions the poisoned lip balm. Vanessa tells her story about Pilar visiting her in hospital and making her worry about Pilar and Ben. She says she went to Ben's to check on Pilar and found Ben shot. Ben told her that Carmen had shot him and then she accidentally shot him herself. Pilar and Bill enter and Pilar confirms her story. Doris says Pilar has questionable mental state but Pilar insists she is not crazy. She tells Doris that Vanessa came to protect her from Ben. She also told her that Carmen set up Michelle and she had felt so sorry for her part in it. Ross tells Doris he wants to have Michelle's conviction overturned. Doris says both accounts are unreliable. She doesn't buy it. Ross argues with her and says he has to have something else. Pilar and Vanessa are upset.
Bill and Matt are talking. Bill wants Matt to support his mother; Matt should be with her and go along with her wishes. David talks to Vanessa and tells her and Pilar to try to remember all the details they can. He tells her that the DA may not have enough, but he has more than enough to bring Carmen in for questioning. Doris accuses Ross of knowing where Michelle is and tells him that if he doesn't reveal the location he could be in big trouble. Ross tells her to prove that he knows where they are.
Vanessa and Matt both tried to reason with the DA. But Doris doesn't buy any of it. She leaves. Vanessa thanks Matt for trying to help. He says he is sorry he didn't do it sooner. He was only protecting her.

In San Cristobel (at the hospital):
Michelle, Danny and Cassie are pacing pack and forth waiting on word about Jesse. Danny apologizes to Michelle and tells her that he should have not jumped the gun, so to speak. He should have waited until he made sure who was breaking into their home. Richard is comforting Cassie and tells her that everything will work out. Cassie is worried about Richard and the trouble that will come from protecting the fugitives. Richard says it will be okay. The doctor comes out and says it is touch and go for Jesse, the bullet was very near his heart. Cassie asks if he is stable and the doc says it is complicated due to him being a heart transplant recipient. Michelle goes in to visit Jesse. Cassie and Danny stand in doorway. Cassie tries to tell Danny no one blames him but Danny says Jesse is the last connection Michelle has to her mother. So he may have killed one of her best friend and all that was left of her mom. She tries to tell him that it wasn't his fault; he was just trying to protect his wife. Danny says he resented Jesse at first for being Michelle's first love and his family always eliminated their rivals and wondered it subconsciously he had done that. Cassie says he is not like his family and Michelle doesn't think that either.
Michelle talks to Jesse and holds his hand. Drew walks in. Michelle says she is not leaving. Drew apologizes to Michelle and says she is being punished for being wrong. She strokes Jesse's face while he sleeps. Drew asks about his condition and Michelle tells her that it is serious. Drew tells Michelle that Vanessa woke up and she heard the truth. She apologizes for not believing in her. She wishes she could take it all back but she was obsessed with revenge. Michelle is overcome that Vanessa has woke up. She is crying. Drew tells her that she will never forgive herself and doesn't want Michelle to forgive her either. Drew goes on and on and Michelle tells her that she can't talk to her right now. Drew understands but wonders if she would tell her who shot Jesse. Danny walks in and tells her that it was him. Drew doesn't understand. Jesse starts coming to and Danny asks him if he remembers anything. He tells Jesse how he burst in their window and he shot him. Jesse remembered.
Cassie tells Richard that Danny and Michelle don't deserve this. She says she spent last ½ hour trying to convince Danny he is not like his family or at fault for the shooting. Richard knows that. Cassie talks about Hart and how he had a similar injury when he died. Richard tries to comfort her but Cassie says she is fine and is worried about Richard's getting in trouble with the press. Richard says Jesse has to get back to the US to his own doctors. They talk about how fragile life is and Richard says he won't let another day go by without telling her how much he loves her. Richard arranges for Jesse to be taken back to the US. Cassie thanks him. She and Richard go in and tell everyone that it is time to go back to the US. They will be on a private plane with a doctor and a nurse. Michelle wants to go with Jesse. Drew tells her that it may not be safe; Vanessa may not have cleared her yet. Michelle doesn't care; she has to go with him.
Ross calls Cassie and tells her that Michelle and Danny need to stay out of Springfield. Cassie tells him it is too late, they left.

Tuesday, April 19, 2000

At the Hospital:
Lizzie and Rick are having a good time looking at where her mom and the new baby will be staying for a few days. She says that she wonders if she will still be around when the baby comes. Rick tells her that her chemo is working great and she shouldn't worry about it, she will be fine. Claire comes in. Rick sends Lizzie off with a nurse to pick out a bed for the new baby to sleep in while it's at the hospital. Claire is upset. She tells Rick all about what happened with Frank and Harley and how Harley could know everything. Rick tells her that Harley does know everything and that she wont tell anyone. She doesn't believe it. He tells her that he trust's Harley. He tells her that Harley was only trying to help her husband and had no intention of hurting him. Claire told him it was a stupid thing for him to tell her that he had a secret in the first place and that he put both of them in jeopardy. He tells Claire not to worry. She asks about Michelle and Rick said he hadn't seen or heard from her. She asks him to let her know if he does, he tells her he will but that it will be best for everyone if she would get on the first plane back to Chicago and not come back. She leaves.

At Phillip and Harley's:
Noah calls everyone inside and tells them that somehow, probably during the plane crash while Phillip and Beth were stranded, Phillip had contracted a virus of sorts. Apparently this mysterious virus is very contagious, but no one else had contracted it yet, and requires immediate attention. Noah tells them that Phillip will have to enter a special hospital that deals with this kind of illness and take care of it. Phillip doesn't want to go but Noah tells him that he could spread the illness to Lizzie or someone else with a low immune system if he doesn't take care of it. Noah said the treatment can last anywhere from weeks to months. Phillip insists that they leave right then so he can get back to be with his daughter during her treatments. He asks if he can at least say goodbye to her. Noah said to keep it brief, since the virus is spread through air and to try not to touch her. Phillip calls Rick and asks him to bring Lizzie home.
Doorbell rings. It is Edmund. Beth cancelled a meeting and he is checking on her. Harley tells him it is not a good time. Beth says they got bad news that affects all of them. Edmund and Beth are discussing Phillip's illness. Edmund offers to pick up the slack at work. Rick brings Lizzie to see her dad. Rick tells Ed to stay out of it, it is a family matter. They all leave him outside. Phillip tells Lizzie he is sick and Lizzie bursts into tears thinking she made her dad sick. He reassures her that he got it in SC during the crash and has to go away so he doesn't give it to anyone. He thinks he will be away a few weeks. Lizzie cries and doesn't want to go through chemo without him. Phillip tries to be positive. Beth tells her Phil will call her all the time. Both parents tell her to be brave. Lizzie tries to hug him but he says that she can't. She hugs Beth and cries. Phil is having a hard time because he can't touch her. He promises he will read her a book on the phone tonight. He goes outside and takes a deep breath. He apologizes to Harley. She tells him that she and Zack will be fine. Phillip tells her that he will call her every night and that he loves her. He asks her to tell Noah he is ready so he won't have to see Lizzie again. He doesn't think he could take hurting her anymore. Rick, Noah, and Phillip leave. Edmund comes out from hiding and looks at the door.
Jim tells Lizzie it will be okay. Beth offers to get her a cell phone so she can always talk to her dad.

At Company:
Marah and Reva come in. They are talking about her schoolwork. Reva tells her that her teachers are impressed with her and that she should take some classes at Springfield U. to get ahead. Marah sees the school catalog that Reva has and asks why she had it. Reva tells her that she is going back to school and thought that they could take some classes together. Marah didn't like the idea. A guy comes over and asks Marah how she is doing. He overhears that Reva is going to college with Marah and politely excuses himself and tells his buddy at the next table that Marah and her mom were going to school together. Marah tells her mom basically that she would cramp her style. They laugh and Marah tells her that it could be a good idea. She said her mom needed a college man to date in order to make her dad jealous. Reva tells her that isn't why she is going back to school. She tells Marah that her dad has already seen her with another man and told her about how she was with Dr. Noah when Josh came in.

At tower's:
Josh, Olivia and Ross were talking about how great their business is going and how much money they were making. Josh goes to take a phone call and Olivia asks Ross to suggest to Josh that, for business reasons, he should look into getting a legal separation so if things turn bad, Reva wont be able to take any part of the company. Ross tells her that she should talk to Josh about it. Blake comes in and overhears Olivia. Ross goes over to Josh while Blake lets Olivia have it. She tells her how Reva and Josh were meant to be and she is kidding herself if she thinks she is important to him. Olivia tells her that she has no idea how things are for her and Josh and she should mind her own business. Meanwhile, Ross tells Josh about Olivia's idea. Josh is upset that Olivia asked him about that but Ross tells him that it is a good idea. Josh says he isn't interested. They go back out to the table and Ross and Blake leave. Josh tells Olivia she stepped out of bounds and asks her why she asked Ross about a legal separation. Reva walked up behind him and said, "She probably mentioned it because she's right."
Edmund asks the bartender if Carmen was led away in handcuffs. Bartender says no, but he gives Edmund a message from Beth that she is at Phillip's house and is unable to make the meeting they had scheduled because of a medical emergency.

At the Airport:
Michelle comes off the place and bumps into Claire at the airport. Claire stares at her and asks her if she knows who she is. Michelle says she doesn't. Claire tells her that she is her mother.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

At Tower's:
Josh asks Olivia why she talked to Ross about the separation. Reva comes up and tells Josh that Olivia is right and that she also wants the separation. Josh asks if he can speak to her and they go over to another table. Josh tells her that this legal suggestion is coming out of the blue and he wasn't prepared for it. She tells him she doesn't know why since he had been sleeping with another woman for months now. She tells him it is the next logical step and although Olivia brought it up for business reasons, she (Reva) brought it up for her own protection. She feels that Olivia will somehow try to steal her rightful stuff away, or at least turn Josh against her having them. Josh tells her that she and the kids will get everything they want and need, no matter what happens. Josh doesn't understand where all this is coming from. Reva tells him that he hasn't talked to her in months and they haven't shared anything the whole time. She feels they are going two separate ways and she wants something in writing about her security. Josh understands that they are going on with their lives but he isn't sure he is ready for all this. He tells her that she is a stranger to him, she is going to college dating Noah and it is upsetting to think that Dr. Chase knows more about her than he does right now.
Noah comes in and sees what is going on. He goes over and invites Olivia for a drink. He teases Olivia about her concern with Reva and Josh and she mentions that he had dated Reva too.
Reva again mentions Olivia and Josh gets a little angry. He tells her that no one could make him cheat his family. He tells her that if she wants everything legal, fine. She tells her to get a lawyer and have him call his lawyer and Olivia will never be able to touch you again. He gets Olivia and they leave. Josh is angry and Olivia asks if he is okay. He says no and tells her that she interfered and put him in a difficult place. He has to make the decisions about him and Reva but it is his decision. Noah comes over to a shell shocked Reva and asks if she is okay. She is sad and a crying. Noah offers her some company and makes her laugh.

In San Cristobel: (Palace Courtyard):
Cassie and Richard are getting ready to tape an interview for international media about their impending royal nuptials. Cassie is worried that someone will find out their part with Michelle and Danny. Richard tells her it is covered. Natalie and the camera crew come in and are ready to tape. Natalie tells them that the interview will air worldwide that evening and they have to hurry. The show is supposed to show the love and respect between Cassie and Richard.
After the interview is over, Richard and Cassie play around and kiss some more. Natalie comes back and tells them that they are leaving. Cassie picks up the folder Natalie had and was concerned about all the things she had put about Cassie. It made her look like a paragon of virtue and Cassie told Richard that is definitely not her. Cassie asks Richard who wrote this script. It is propaganda. "I am not the perfect person they are saying I am." Richard says she is to him and that is all that matters. Cassie looks skeptical.

At the Airport:
Claire bumps into Michelle and says she is her mother. Michelle ignores her and talks to Danny. Danny and Drew leave, Michelle turns to leave but Claire begs her to give her a minute. Michelle stares at Claire. She says she doesn't have time for this but Claire insists. Michelle pulls away and tells Danny to get a cab. She tells Claire that she has a friend who is dying and she has to go.

At Cedar's:
Buzz and Selena enter and ask about the plane from San Cristobel . Plane is delayed due to weather. Ross says he is worried about Michelle and Danny returning because the DA didn't drop the charges. Ross sees Rick. Rick is getting ready for an international patient. Ross tells him the patient is Jesse and that Michelle was coming with him. Drew comes in and listens while Rick talks to the heart specialist. The doctor asks Drew to leave the room while he examines Jesse. Selena and Buzz are with her. Drew kisses Jesse and says she will be with him. Meanwhile, Michelle and Danny get off elevator and meet Rick. Rick is in tears as he hugs his sister. He is glad she is okay and was so worried about her. They ask about Jesse but it is too soon to tell. The heart specialist is still in there examining him. Ross appears and pulls Danny aside. He tells him they came back too early, it was a big mistake. Ross is telling Danny that the DA isn't dropping charges. Danny says Ray is working on Ruth Lockhart. Ruth should be safe from Carmen since she is locked up in the mental ward. Ross says they have to turn themselves in to the police but Michelle wants to visit Jesse first. Danny calls Ray from pay phone. He asks about Ruth, finds out the address and tells Ray he is going there. Everyone is back in with Jesse now, the doctor asks all the visitors to leave. Drew doesn't want to leave. She sits down and cries. Michelle and Rick leave Jesse's room. Michelle asks Ross where Danny is. She can't leave without him. Rick thinks they should leave again. Michelle tells him that there is nowhere to hide now. Claire shows up and tells Michelle she and Danny can go with her to Chicago and she would hide them. Michelle just stares at her. Claire says she wants to be able to do something for Michelle. Michelle says her mother died and Claire is a little late. Claire says she is not trying to replace her mother. Michelle says she is going to turn herself in. Rick tells Claire that Michelle doesn't need her help and wants to turn herself in to Police. She can't run any more. Rick tries to talk her out of it but Ross supports her. She hugs Rick and tells him to take care of Jesse and try to explain to Danny why she had to go. Rick tells Claire to keep her distance. Claire tells Rick that running into Michelle in the airport was fate. Rick says he doesn't want to be mean but she should stay out of Michelle's life. The situation is complicated and she should go home. Claire reaches into her purse for her phone. She calls the airport to cancel her flight. She doesn't want to reschedule right now.
Drew sits at Jesse's bedside and thanks Selena for her support. Selena says they are both survivors and will get out of it. Jesse loves her. Selena and Drew hug. Selena leaves Drew so Selena can cancel the Passover plans for this evening. Drew prays to God to spare Jesse and she cries as she holds his hand.

At Ruth Lockhart's house:
Danny is outside. He knocks on the door. No answer. He calls out for Ruth.
At the Springfield Police Station:
Frank comes in and asks David about Carmen. David says Doris won't press charges and she wont let Michelle off. David needs Frank's help. Frank says okay and they enter the interview room. Both are playing bad cop to intimidate Carmen.
Carmen denies everything and tells Frank and David they are bluffing. They repeat Vanessa's story. They tell her she has one chance to tell the truth or they will throw away the key. Carmen's lawyer arrives and the police interview is over. Carmen threatens David and Frank with harassment charges. Carmen tells her lawyer to sue David, Frank and whole police department. She threatens David and says did you really think I would confess to a murder I didn't commit. Carmen turns around as Ross and Michelle enter station. They stare at each other.

Friday, April 21, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie and Richard are talking about the PR people saying all those grand things about her and making her out to be a saint. Why do the PR people have to lie about me? Can't I be myself. Richard says that they won't broadcast their flaws. He starts to tease her about her temper and tells her that the people love her and after the show airs, they will be counting the days until the wedding. They kiss. Richard tries to reassure Cassie about the broadcast. It will be a wonderful evening. After the broadcast, they will have dinner and then their guests will leave and they will be alone. He starts to kiss her but Tammy and Jenny appear. Tammy wants to attend the party and the broadcast. She begs Richard when Cassie says no it will be too late. Tammy says that Cassie wants to hide Tammy from everyone since she is not Richard's real daughter. Richard tells her he will be her father soon. They will tape the show and let her watch it with her friends tomorrow. Richard hugs Tammy. Cassie smiles at them both. After the party starts, there are a lot of formally dressed guests. Cassie enters and Richard is speechless. He says she looks beautiful and then toasts to Cassie. Richard and Cassie sit down with their guests to watch the broadcast. People gasp and Richard says to turn it off.

At Towers:
Edmund says Richard and Cassie think this is their big night but they are wrong. Edmund is on the phone asking someone if everything is ready with the tape. The Cinderella story will be over soon, he says.
Meanwhile, Reva tells Noah she is not a damsel needing to be saved. Noah offers to buy her dinner; he says college girls are always looking for a free meal. Noah says it is not a date; he just wants to get to know her better. Reva says she has more than a couple of ex's and once she tells him her story he will run so fast her will leave skid marks. She finishes listing off her marriages to Noah and asks him if it makes him uneasy. He says he loves complicated women. She decides to have dinner with him. He asks her if she is looking for another husband but she says no. He thinks it is a great idea that she wants to go to college and start a new life. He says it is hard to start a new life when she is invested in the old one and still in love with Josh. Reva says that is hard to forget Josh when they have children. She asks Noah if has ever been in love and he says no, okay once in the third grade. Reva doesn't believe it. Noah's beeper sounds and he asks to be excused. Noah uses his cell phone and says it's me. I am on the case. He tells the woman she is the only one in his life and he will talk to her later. Noah pays the check and says that dinner wasn't so bad. Reva asks Noah to open up about himself. Noah teases that is why so many men wanted to marry her, since a lot of men like to talk about themselves. He teases and flatters her. He wants to ask her out again. Reva says he should quit while he is ahead. He says I guess casual sex is out of the question. Reva gives him a dirty look. He asks for a ride home and Reva says okay but that it all.
Edmund sees Carmen at Towers and acts surprised to see her again since she left with the Police. She is still angry and tells him she knows his secrets too. She flirts with Edmund and says she missed him. Edmund notices Reva at Towers. She slaps his face and says welcome to Springfield. Then she tells Noah how great that felt. Carmen offers to nurse his wound. Edmund is confused but says tonight isn't good, he has plans. Carmen wants to be alone with Edmund. But he says no thanks. Carmen continues to tempt him and whispers her plans in his ear. He says maybe he can make some time for her. As they wait for the elevator, Edmund acts uneasy about being alone with Carmen. She tells him the night will not go as planned. Just then two of Carmen's men pick him up and take him away while Carmen laughs.

At the Police Station:
Michelle confronts Carmen, who asks for Danny. Michelle says that he shot Jesse. Carmen tells Michelle she doesn't believe her about Danny shooting Jesse. Michelle says Danny thought that Jesse was one of Bernardo's men and it is all Carmen's fault. Danny arrives at PD. She is happy to see Danny but he is not happy to see her. Carmen says she understands Danny since she and his father raised him to protect his family. He is a true Santos. Carmen and Danny argue and she leaves. Danny tells Michelle that she can trust him even though she may think he is a Santos like his mother. He can't find Ruth at the address Ray gave him but he will keep trying. Doris enters and wants Michelle and Danny arrested. David tells Doris that she never questioned Carmen while she was there. Doris tells Danny and Michelle they have to go to jail in the meantime. Ross tells them it will be okay but Ross will tell the newspaper that Doris is suppressing evidence against a mob boss. Ruth could clear Michelle and Doris should be looking for her. Doris is very irate, she gives Michelle and Danny 48 hours to find Ruth or they will be arrested. David offers to help them. Danny wants to look by himself and asks Michelle to wait for him. Doris tells Ross that he has made an enemy of her.

At Cedar's:
The lady Rabbi visits Drew in hospital. She wants to help pray for Jesse. Jesse starts to wake up but monitors start beeping. Drew begs him not to leave her. The Rabbi goes for help. The doctor and nurse run in and start to put paddles on him. Drew and the Rabbi go outside. The Rabbi says sometimes God doesn't always answer prayers in the way we ask but that Drew should have hope but prepare herself for whatever happens. The doctor is still working on Jesse. Finally, the doctor tells Drew she should tell Jesse whatever she has to say now since he is very weak.
Jesse is unconscious and Drew is talking to him about how he has changed her life and how much she loves him. She is crying but is more subdued. She says she never stopped loving him and apologizes to him for everything. They show flashbacks of them in happier times. Drew kisses Jesse and says she will always love him. The monitor sounds the doctors go back to work with the paddles. Jesse died and Drew is really upset. The doctors leave the room. Drew kisses his forehead and tells him goodbye. She doesn't want to leave him. Then the monitors read normal. Drew says, "He's Alive."

At the Lockhart's:
Ruth is with her son Charlie. She has to go to work but tells him not to tell anyone their name is Lockhart.
Reva is driving Noah home. She says he should get a car. Noah compliments her on slapping Edmund. He says he doesn't like him either. They keep talking and then Reva brakes quickly. She had an accident and hit Charlie. They take Charlie back to Ruth's. It was an accident, Noah reassures her. He examines Charlie on the couch.

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