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Monday, March 27, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Richard professed his love to Cassie. She in turn told him of her feelings. They figured out that both of them were scared of losing the other so they kept up the façade of wanting an "arrangement" only. After the revelation the two couldn't keep their hands off each other, they kissed constantly between telling each other how they felt. Richard told Cassie that he never knew he could love someone that much. He told her that he missed her ever minute they were apart and thanked God ever minute they were together. They kissed some more and Richard picked Cassie up and carried her over to her bed. The two started making love when Tammy walked in. She wanted to show them the gown that was being made for her to wear in the wedding. Richard thought it was stunning and that she should try it on but Tammy protested. She told him that he wasn't allowed to see her or her mom in their gowns before the wedding, it is considered bad luck. Tammy went back to her room and Richard and Cassie talked a little more. Cassie told him not to think she was stupid but she always had a dream about how her wedding would be, a wedding that she never got to have. Richard wanted to know all about what Cassie dreamed of as a girl and asked her about it. She had a dream of a big wedding, being madly in love with her fiancé and waiting until her wedding night to make love for the first time. Richard told her that if that was what she wanted he would give it to her because she was the only thing he wanted. She asked if he would mind waiting and he told her he would take a lot of cold showers. He kissed her again and then left to do some errands. Outside her room, Richard thought about waiting until their wedding night, he thought that would only be some 50,000 minutes to May. J Meanwhile, Cassie was on cloud nine. She finally had everything she ever wanted.

At Drew's Apartment:
Max and Jesse fought over Jesse's fake heart attack. He can't believe he did that to his sister in favor of his ex girlfriend. They argued a little until Drew came back. Jesse told Max that he would tell Drew the truth but Max told him not to. He told him how hurt Drew would be and how depressed she had gotten. He told Jesse just to leave things alone and live with his lies. Max left.
Drew crawled in bed with Jesse and gave him a present. She was being so attentive and Jesse was feeling guilty. He told her that he loved her and wanted to marry her still.

On the Santos Yacht:
Michelle and Danny were interrupted by the Coast Guard saying they were coming aboard. Danny told her not to worry that when they entered SC waters, the Coast Guard sometimes came on to inspect the safety equipment. She asked if the captain would say anything and Danny assured her that he was paid the big bucks to keep his mouth shut. He did however think that they probably knew they were fugitives by now and may be on the look out. While they may know him, they wouldn't know her, especially since the boat was registered under the name of some charity and not Santos. She told him to hide in a closet. He got in; she wrapped her hair in a towel and opened the door to the Guards. They told her they were there to inspect the equipment and she told them in a British accent to go right ahead. They did and asked her why she was on the boat alone. She told them that she had fought with her husband and needed to get away. They started to go towards the closet and she acted like she would faint. They came to help her and told her about a fugitive couple and she acted even more scared about that. They told her not to worry that they probably weren't anywhere around there and then left her to herself. When she heard there boat start up and pull out, she let Danny out. He was very impressed with his wife. The two had made it and sat back down for the duration of their trip.

At Company:
Harley asked Buzz for his help. She wanted to know what he thought of the situation with Edmund and Phillip. He wasn't sure but started to give her some advice when Edmund and Carmen came in. Harley got an idea, told Buzz to stall them and she left. Buzz went over and made something up about Edmund and Carmen being the 1,000th customer and told them to order anything on the house. They only wanted coffee. A little more persuading by Buzz and they got up and left entirely saying they would go somewhere they wouldn't be interrupted. Buzz ran for the phone when Max came in. Max wanted to talk. Buzz borrowed his phone, called Harley, who didn't answer. Max set the phone on auto-redial and started asking Buzz for advice. He wanted to know if Buzz had ever kept things from his family. Buzz told him that he had. Max asked if it would hurt someone to know something, should he tell. Buzz told him her shouldn't tell just to hurt someone, unless that person needed to know. Max was scared that he would get tossed out back into the streets but Buzz told him that he belonged in his, Selena's and Drew's family to stay.

At Edmunds Apartment:
Harley turns off her cell phone and picks the lock on the door. Once inside she begins looking through drawers and closets. She found all the blank videotapes but didn't think anything about it. After awhile, she heard Edmund coming in and she ducked into a closet. She heard him talking to Carmen. He told her about his board seat and Carmen said she wasn't surprised with all he has over Phillip Spaulding. Harley knew he was blackmailing him but still doesn't know why. She listened longer but that was all that was said. Edmund asked Carmen to stay the night and the two started kissing passionately on the sofa. Harley peeked out and saw this and snuck out the door.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

At the Country Club: Josh, Marah, and Shayne come in. They meet up with Olivia for dinner. The kids and Olivia were both shocked to see each other but Josh insisted that they all sit down together to eat. Josh wants to talk to everyone. He tells them that he has heard that he has been being an idiot and would like to make it up to them. He pulls out a few notes and starts to go over them. Part one said that he loves his children and apologized to them for acting crazy. Part two was about Olivia. He said that Olivia has become a part of his life and not one of them has treated her fairly. She deserves a chance and they need to give it to her. He tells his kids that Olivia is a great lady and has been there for all of them. Part three is where Josh talks to them all as adults and admits to them that he wants to move on with his life with Olivia and they need to stop holding him back in the past. He tells them if they don't give Olivia a chance, they would be the ones missing out.
Olivia takes a turn. She hopes they all can be friends. Shayne isn't that eager but Marah steps in and agrees to do it for her dad. Olivia and Josh dance while Shayne and Marah talk. Marah is upset that Josh didn't even bring her mom up. She knows he loves Reva and will prove it. She walks off. She makes a phone call and orders flowers for Reva in her dad's name. She says to herself that she will not stand still while Josh moves on without her mom.
Olivia is happy and tells him that this is much better than that silly drunken proposal he did. Josh thinks the kids will truly let her in now. Marah and Shayne think differently.

At Hawk's: Reva comes in with groceries. Hawk tells Reva that she is doing too much for him and that she needs to get out. He tells her that she needs to go home and not worry about him. Reva said that she cant leave, her dad needs her. Hawk tells her that he doesn't need her and hasn't for over a week. He told her that she is hiding from her problems and she needs to go back and face them. She tries to change the subject but Hawk wont stand for it. He wants the truth. She tells him that she and Josh are separated. Hawk tells her to stop being silly and go back to her man. She tells him about Olivia but Hawk said all she has to do is go back to Josh and bat her eyes and he will come back to her. She said she has changed and things don't work that way anymore. Hawk tells Reva not to hide out anymore and to go home. Reva tells him that she has never had the opportunity to be alone and would like to see what it is like without a man. She thinks she can make it and is very ashamed of what she had become. She tells him that she doesn't want to lose herself again over a man, but at the same time she still loves Josh and thinks about being with him again. Hawk tells her that she will make it no matter what she decides to do. She thanks her dad for letting her stay there while she healed and for kicking her out now that she is better.
Reva gets her things together and asks her dad if he is sure he doesn't need her. He tells her that he will be into town to see them all soon. The door bell rings, it is a flower delivery. From Josh, (via Marah). Reva doesn't know what to think. Hawk thinks Josh finally came to his senses.

At Company: Phillip is drinking. Rick comes in and tells him that he is there and he can stop beeping him now. Rick wonders what the meeting is all about. Wonders if it is Lizzie. Phillip just wants Rick's help. He says Rick has always been able to stop him from doing stupid things and he needs him to help him again. Phillip tells him that he seriously wants to kill Edmund. He told Rick about Edmund telling Beth that he knew everything and that now Beth believes Edmund is great and thinks Phillip is the bad guy. He tells Rick that he has already gotten a seat on the board and he just keeps pushing for more. He doesn't know what he will do and now Harley is suspicious.
Harley comes in. She asks him if he thinks she is stupid. She tells him that she knows Edmund is blackmailing him and wants to know with what. Phillip denies everything. She asks him what he has gotten himself into. She wants to help him. She is upset that he won't talk to her. She tells Phillip that she will have to find out for herself. Rick overhears and interrupts. He tells Harley that Edmund doesn't have anything on Phillip, he has something on him, (Rick), and Phillip has been covering for him. Harley feels awful. She wonders what Rick did but Rick doesn't want to talk about it. He tells her that suffices it to say it is bad. Harley apologizes again and leaves. Phillip thanks Rick. He doesn't know how to thank him for getting Harley to drop it. Outside, Harley gets on the phone with one of her contacts. She says she needs him to do some digging to help out a friend.

At Edmund's: Harley sneaks out but she left her purse. She is going nuts and has to go back in. She knocks on the door and Edmund comes to the door. Harley asks him if she can come in to talk about Phillip. She goes in acts surprised to see Carmen, and walks around the room talking very fast about how she wished Edmund and Phillip would get along better. She invites him and Carmen to their house the next evening for dinner, throws her coat over her purse and leaves with it. Once outside, she sigh's a sigh of relief. Carmen doesn't know why Edmund would go to the Spaulding's for dinner. He talks of his ambition. Carmen understands that but she also knows that you have to slow down and think about things every once and a while. Edmund talked about how SC should have been his and he will make it his. Carmen goes over and kisses on Edmund again. She is drunk with power and wonders what it would be like to rule an entire country. He tells her that it is wonderful, having an entire army at his command. She asks him if there is room at the top for her. He tells her that there is if she is interested. She wants to seal the deal. They tumble back onto the couch.

At the Hospital: Bill sneaks in to talk to Pilar dressed in hospital scrubs. He told her that Carmen is trying to move her to another hospital so that she will not be able to talk about Ben. He tells her that her cousin Ray told him all about it and that he needs to get her out of there. Pilar is tired but Bill tells her that she has to fight and get out of there. He tells her that she has been drugged out of her mind and he will get her help. She tells him that she deserves to be in there. Because of her, Ben is dead and Michelle and Danny are gone. Bill tells her it isn't her fault and she has to get out of there. Pilar is feeling sorry for herself and Bill tells her that she is very strong and brave and that he loves her. He gets her in a wheelchair and rolls her out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2000

At Company:
Reva comes in and greets Selena. She tells her that she is back and ready to get back to her life. Selena thinks Reva looks great and wonders why she hasn't went home yet. She tells Selena that she needs a shot of courage and shows her the card from the flowers "Josh" sent her. "Missing you! Love Josh." Reva and Selena both think that it sounds promising. Reva wonders. Selena tries to get her to see the bright side and tells her about Josh getting drunk at Millennium. Reva gets excited and figures that Josh broke up with Olivia. Reva tells Selena that she was getting used to being single and now she is all confused. Selena tells her to expect the worst and hope for the best and that all she can do is go home and see. Reva leaves.

At the Lewises:
Josh and Olivia are holding each other. Olivia thanks Josh for the other night at the country club and he tells her that he appreciates her more than she will ever know. They kiss and Marah and Shayne walk in. Marah hopes Reva gets home soon to remedy this situation.
Shayne comes in yelling about losing history notes on the computers. Marah is on the phone complaining about not being able to go to a concert that is sold out. Olivia offers to help. She makes lunch for everyone. Marah gets angry and leaves the room. Josh hugs Olivia and tells her that it feels right being with her, very comfortable. She asks him if he had called Reva since she had left and he told her that he hadn't. He said that he didn't want to, he had plenty right there to keep him occupied and kissed her.
Olivia comes back with food. She hands Shayne his history notes that she retrieved from his computer. He thanks her and took his bagged lunch that she fixed him to practice. Marah gives her some of her bad attitude and Shayne tells her that she was rude. She tells him about the flowers she sent to Reva and he tells her that the only thing that would accomplish is more fighting. He leaves. Marah goes back in and Olivia gives Marah tenth row tickets to the concert she wanted to go to. Marah hugs and thanks her just as Reva walks in.

At the Country Club:
Drew is babying Jesse. He drops his napkin and she runs around the table to pick it up. He is feeling guilty and wants to tell her the truth. He is beginning to see a future with her and wants her to know everything. He tells her that he faked the heart attack and there is nothing wrong with him. She doesn't believe it. She said that he had an EKG and medication. He tells her about how Michelle looked pitiful in shackles and it all just happened before he knew it. Drew looked like she was slapped in the face. She said it was easy for him to fake a heart problem for his "precious Michelle." Drew tells Jesse that he is an accomplice, which is a felony. She is angry that he led her to believe he was dying. He told her that he wanted to tell her but he didn't want to get Rick in trouble. Jesse told her that he had to be honest with her or else they would have nothing. Drew wonders if they already have nothing. Jesse tells her that if it weren't for the heart problem they wouldn't be together. Drew doesn't know how she feels; she says she is so far beyond angry. David comes over and harasses Jesse. Drew tells him that Jesse isn't faking. She tells him that Jesse feels better now and she doesn't want to talk about this situation with him again. David leaves. Jesse thanks her but Drew tells him that she couldn't tell David the truth. Jesse tells her that he loves her and hopes they can get past this. Drew says she understands why he did it and she does love him and she will have to find away to deal with it.
Blake and Ross are having dinner. She doesn't want to take calls from her editor and Ross is upset because he can't escape all the press about Danny and Michelle. Blake wonders if Danny and Michelle will call him. He hopes not, he would have to turn them in. Blake thinks they should go on a trip and forget the real world. Blake tells him that her next novel will be a palace romance and wants to go to San Cristobel with him for a get away. He thinks it is a great idea.
David and Vicky go over to Ross and asked him if he heard from Michelle and Danny. David accuses him of aiding and abetting. Ross tells him that he didn't have anything to do with it. David tells him that Jesse was also involved. David threatens to put them all in jail. Blake was angry that he came over. Vicky tells David he needs to calm down.
Drew overhears Ross and Blake making travel plans to SC and that it is a secret. She thinks the only reason they would go there now, is if Michelle and Danny are there.

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Cassie are almost skipping through the castle like a giddy teenage couple. Noah comes in and gets invited to dine with Richard and Cassie. Cassie said she will be about a half hour and will meet them. Noah told her that a nun and a priest were waiting in her chambers for her. Cassie and Richard figure it had something to do with the wedding and go about their business. Cassie goes in, Richard mouths that he loves her and he and Noah leave. Cassie walks in and sees Michelle and Danny. She is surprised to say the least. Cassie doesn't know what to do, she was thinking of some hiding places for them but they got there before she could make any arrangements. Michelle says if Cassie can get them a boat they will leave ASAP. Or, if she could hide them in the palace for a few days. Cassie wants them away from Richard. She thinks it would look terrible for him to become involved.
Outside, Richard tells Noah that Cassie loves him too and he can't stop smiling. Noah congratulates him and tells him he is a lucky guy and asks him if Cassie has a sister. Oops. J Then he remembers. He apologizes and Richard told him its no big deal although he always thought Noah would die a bachelor. Richard told him that Cassie is perfect, beautiful, kind and the most honest person he has ever met.
Cassie tells Michelle and Danny that there is a room upstairs that no one goes in. It was Richard's father's room and no one is allowed in. She starts to take them up there when Richard knocks at the door. She scoots out the door and tells him that the nun and priest are holding an auction and wondered if she could let them look through his father's old room and see if there was anything. He said that was fine. She goes back in and Richard followed. He suggested that he and Noah go up with them as well. Cassie said that wasn't necessary but Richard tells her he would like to talk to the priest about their wedding anyway. Danny and Michelle had their backs to him when Richard calls out to "Father Daniels." Cassie yells out that she lost an earring and asks Richard to help her look for it. She asks Noah to take her guests upstairs and he did. Richard smiles and tells her that he knows she didn't lose her earring and that she is a naughty girl. He accuses her of pulling that stunt so that they could be alone. J He grabs her and kisses her.
Upstairs, Noah questioned Michelle and Danny. He shows them a clock and asks them what church they are from. They tell Noah that he should go ahead and leave but Noah looked suspicious. He turned and asked Danny why he was wearing a wedding ring. Danny tells him that he wears the ring because in his heart he is married to the church. The ring is symbolic. Noah buys it. Michelle is relieved when Noah finally leaves. Danny promises that he will keep Michelle safe and they look at their new surroundings.
Richard asks Cassie what was wrong. He tells her not to keep anything from him and that he already knows about Michelle and Danny. Cassie tells him that he isn't sure what he means. He says he knows about the trial and the escape and that she has to be worried about them. Richard tells her that she can come to him for support. Cassie asks him if Danny and Michelle could come stay there awhile. He tells her that he thought about the same thing but it wouldn't be good for any of them.

Thursday, March 30, 2000

At the Country Club:
Carmen and Edmund are celebrating their new "partnership", Edmund is happy and Carmen tells him not to be too happy, he should remember that she has buried every man she has ever slept with. Carmen overheard a group of ladies talking about how terrible a mother Carmen is and how all her children hate her and have ran off and how she sits over with some man drinking champagne. Edmund gets her laughing and they talk about their relationship. Carmen is upset that the law is hunting her son while her daughter is completely delusional. She apologizes for being so upset. She is just feeling a little closed in. She tells him that as soon as she gets Pilar away from Springfield, she will feel a lot better. Edmund understood and told her to go see Pilar now, if it makes her feel better.
Beth and Lillian come in and Lillian asks about why she is ignoring Edmund. Beth tells her that she just wants to focus on Lizzie. Lillian wants to know why Beth is acting so strangely. Beth finally told her that Edmund knows the truth. She told her that he wasn't going to say anything but she was still nervous.
Lillian is called to the hospital and Edmund comes over. Edmund asks Beth not to be uncomfortable around him. She said she feels very exposed. They talk about Lizzie and how great she has been. Edmund tells Beth that he is supposed to go over to Phillip and Harley's tonight. Beth suggests that she should go with him. He tells her that would be fine just not to eat anything that was meant for him. She laughed and they left.

At the Reardon Hideout:
Matt is still talking to Vanessa. Begging her to squeeze her hand. Vanessa was trying to communicate, but couldn't. Matt told her to blink if she could hear him. She tried, but couldn't. Bill bursts in with Pilar. He asks for Matt's help. Bill tells him that Carmen was having the doctor's keep Pilar doped up and she is planning on transferring her soon. Matt asked Pilar to step in another room and he yelled at Bill. He told her that he could have blown everything. Bill told Matt that he had to save Pilar from her mother and didn't know where else to go. Matt told him to leave. Bill told her that Pilar only tried to help them by telling the truth. Matt said that he was drawing attention to Vanessa. Bill told him that Carmen knew Vanessa was getting better and was having him tailed but not to worry he got rid of all of them before he left town. That made Matt even more concerned. They started arguing. Pilar came out and stopped them. She told Bill that Matt was right and they should leave. She told Bill that Matt just wanted to protect his mother. Bill said that Vanessa would want him to help. Matt gives Bill the keys to the Geneva house and tells him to make it look dead and not to talk to Carmen at all. Matt apologizes but tells him that he has to watch out for Vanessa. Bill and Pilar leave. Matt talks to himself about how much he loves Vanessa. She speaks back and says that she loves him too.

At the Lewises:
Reva walks in. Marah is happy to see her. She tells Reva that she was only hugging Olivia because she gave her concert tickets. Josh asks about Hawk. Marah asked Olivia to go over the tickets with her. Olivia told her where to go and told her to go alone. Marah left.
Reva told Josh that she had a feeling that he wanted her back home. She mentioned his card on the flowers and Josh played along and told her he was glad she liked them. Reva went to pick up Shayne and Josh went to talk to her. Reva told him that she knew he didn't send the flowers, she could tell. She also asked if Olivia had stayed with him in the house while she was gone. Josh told her that she didn't, that they just worked there. She thanked him for not embarrassing her in front of Olivia. She told him that she always knew he was a good guy and that makes it harder for her to say, "Goodbye."

At Company:
Phillip and Lizzie are eating. They had been to the zoo all day and Lizzie had eaten so much she was sick. They joked around and talked a little. Lizzie begs him to stay and play some more. He does. They play Poker. They bet with M&M's. Lizzie won with a full house. Phillip was shocked. Lizzie said that grandpa Alan taught her. Phillip told her not to play betting games with Alan. Lizzie told him that she has all the time in the world to play games now. He asked her if she was scared about her treatment tomorrow. Lizzie told him that she was fine now but Phillip didn't buy it. He told her that she could tell him the truth because he and her mom will be fine. All they have to do is look at her and will be okay. They finish playing cards and Phillip tells her that they have to go back to the house. They make a date for the next week. Lizzie tells him that's the good thing about being sick, everyone wants to spend time with her now. She goes to pay the bill and Phillip preys. He asks God to help him. He said that he would take 10 Edmund's as long as he gets to keep Lizzie.
Marah comes over to see Susan. She tells her that she blew everything and told her about the flowers and how she was trying to get them to thinking about each other but it blew up in her face. Susan tries to tell her that she should just deal with her dad's girlfriend. She knows from experience. Marah asked if Jim and Beth were solid and Susan told her that they were. Marah wanted to hook Olivia up with someone else but all the good men are taken except for her dad. Susan gives Marah a cover story about how she called and ordered flowers but the florist was supposed to put everyone's name on the card. Marah calls and thinks she is saved because Olivia said there was no problems.
Reva told him that she has decided that it is time for her to take over her life and not depend on him anymore. She leaves.

At the Hospital:
Carmen finds that Pilar is gone. The orderly tells her that someone came in and took her. Pilar asks what is going on. Carmen yells out that Bill Lewis had to have taken her. Carmen is freaking out. The doctor told her that she has to calm down. She refused and attacked the orderly. The doctor told her that she wasn't going anywhere.

Friday, March 31, 2000

At the Reardon Hideout:
Vanessa spoke! She told Matt that she loved him. He rushes over to her and tells her how great it is that she is back. He tells her over and over again that he loves her. She tries her best to stay awake to talk to him but keeps slipping away. He is upset, thinking she may have slipped back into a coma. Matt begs her not to leave him, to wake up. But she can't. Vanessa wants to stay awake. She wants to tell Matt about the night Ben Warren was murdered but when she started to tell him he stopped her. She slipped away again.
Matt gets a doctor over to check on Vanessa. He tells him that she is okay, she is just sleeping. Vanessa opens her eyes again and asks about Baby Maureen. Matt sends the nurse to get her. Meanwhile, Vanessa tells Matt that she has to talk to him about that night but again she is interrupted, this time by the nurse carrying Maureen in. Vanessa is overcome when she sees her daughter, how big she had gotten. Matt tells her that what matters is that they are all a family again.

At Cedar's:
Carmen is freaking out, she is still in Pilar's room in the psychiatric ward of Cedar's. The doctor tells her that she has to calm down. She is yelling and blaming everything on everyone, especially Bill. She accuses the hospital of negligence and tells them all they will be sued. She pushes the orderlies and tries to bust through, but they don't let her out. Carmen says, "Get away from me...don't touch me!" A man grabs her arm and tells her that she isn't going anywhere. They men leave and later come back. The doctor tells them that they can handle things from here and sends the extra men away. Carmen is apologetic to all the orderlies and doctors and tries her best to talk her way out of there. The doc tells her that he knows she is concerned about her daughter but she is uncontrollable violent. She tells the doctor that it is very uncharacteristic of her and that she is just very upset. He tells her that she can leave but only if someone comes to pick her up. She understands and gets on her cell phone. She calls Edmund. She tells Edmund to get down there to help her but Edmund acts like he can't hear her. He say, "Sorry try again later please...." Carmen starts going nuts again, right in front of the doctor. She tries to call someone else when the doc tries to take her phone but she screams at him about her children. Just then, Ray walks in. Carmen is relieved and tells the doc that Ray is her nephew and she has to speak to him alone. Ray tells her that he gave Bill authority to sign Pilar out. Carmen got angry and wanted to know why. "I'm protecting Pilar from you." Ray says Carmen promises Ray not to try to get to Pilar if he will help get her out of the mess she is in. Ray asks her what kind of trouble she is in now and Carmen told him that they wanted to lock her up. He thinks about it and tells Carmen that he will help her, under certain stipulations. Not only does she have to leave Pilar alone but she also has to go to the police and admit her guilt in the Warren murder. Carmen tells him that she knows he has been helping Michelle and Danny and that he can't force her to confess. She hits him and Ray tells her that she should have plenty of time to think now. She screams out, "LET ME OUT OF HERE!" and bangs on the door, crying while Ray and the doctor walk away.

At Phillip and Harley's:
Lizzie and Phillip are back at the house. She doesn't want this day to end but Phillip promises to do this often. Rick arrives and visits awhile. Rick tells Phillip that he will be there tomorrow for Lizzie's treatment. Phillip thanks Rick again for helping him with Harley. Rick tells him that it is better that way. They go in the house and
A few moments later, Edmund and Beth arrive. Phillip is surprised and asks what he is doing there. Edmund tells him that Harley invited him. Phillip laughed until Harley admitted that she did. Harley told him that she forgot all about it or she would have told him. Eddie told them that he invited Beth when they ran into one another at the country club. Beth tells Phillip that she agreed with the dinner because she and H agree they all need to learn to get along. Harley goes to order takeout. Phillip follows her and asks her "what the hell is really going on!" Harley tells Phillip that she broke into Edmunds's apartment and left her purse and inviting him was just an excuse to get her things out of there. Phillip told her that was good thinking. Lizzie jumps into Beth's arms and greets Edmund. She wonders if they are having another party. They told her they are kind of having a little one.
Rick asks Phillip if he thought Harley would investigate him now that she thinks Edmund has something on him. "If she starts digging on me she'll start digging on you and neither of us wants that right?" Phillip agrees. Rick leaves to take a call. Phillip goes over to Harley and asks her not to dig in Rick past. Just to forget about it.
Eddie told Lizzie a story about Knights and she hugs him and leaves. Beth thanked him for doing that for Lizzie. He says he is there anytime she needs. "I know you have done a lot in your past but so have I. That's why I don't judge people from their past." Beth tells him no matter how the baby started; she loves him or her very much. She asks him if he meant what he said about keeping her secret. He told her that she had his word.
Rick came back and told Phillip that Harley had been going through his medical records. He is really upset. Phillip told him that he told Harley to back off and she will. Phillip sensed something else was wrong and asked Rick what it was. Rick told him, "nothing" and walked away. Later he apologized and told Phillip that he was just upset about Lizzie and Michelle.
Harley takes a call from her contact. She told him to stop the investigation. He told her that he had already dug up some info and it had already been sent to her. She thanks him and goes back to talking with Lizzie. Edmund thanks Harley for dinner and starts to leave. He goes outside and makes a call.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie comes in to check on the fugitives. She tells Michelle, who dyed her hair a darker color, that the color looked great. She gave them some food and told them that she cant let Richard know about them being there. It would be an international incident and cause a lot of problems for them. Cassie told them that she would help them get out of there as soon as she can. Cassie walks out of the room and through the foyer. Richard runs into her. Cassie says, "I though I was meeting you downstairs." Richard says, "I was spying on you.... Just kidding," he says and he kisses her. He told her that he had a surprise for her and Blake and Ross walked in. Cassie is panicking but hugs Blake and they chat awhile. Blake talks about her idea for her second book. She is enchanted with the palace and wants a grand tour. "So Princess Cassie, I want to see ever corner!" Cassie isn't so sure. She tries to stop Blake but Richard says it's a great idea and he would be glad to give her a complete tour of the palace.
Danny looked at a map of the island while Michelle put on a princess dress. Danny acts like he is not interested. She tells him a story and tries to get him to forget their troubles if only for the moment. She kisses him and they fall onto the bed.
Cassie asks Blake to wait. She makes up an excuse telling her that Richard and her have a meeting with the protocol lady. Ross understands but Richard insists that Blake and Ross take the tour anyway; he sets up one of his aids to walk them through. Richard accompanies them out and Cassie calls Natalie, the protocol lady and begs her to come over ASAP. Blake walks back in. She wanted to talk to her friend. She wants to know how everything has been going and the real scoop on the romance. Cassie tells Blake how the marriage of convenience turned into the real thing. Blake is so excited, wanting every detail. Cassie tells her the story and Blake says, "That is so beautiful I think I'm going to cry! This book will have a happy ending!" Blake wants to know the story about every room they were in and Cassie tells her that they were waiting until they were married. Blake thinks that is so romantic and should make for and even better story. Blake looks at Cassie and knows she is hiding something. "What's going on? What are you keeping from me?" Cassie smiles and says "Nothing. You know I can't keep a secret!" Cassie tries to change the subject and asks about Clarissa. Blake wants to know about her. Natalie shows up and Blake walks around the palace alone and decides to take a tour by herself. She walks over to the door where Michelle and Danny were hiding and is so tempted to go in but remembers that she wasn't supposed to mess with closed doors. Her curiosity got the best of her, however and she began shaking the doorknob. Inside, Danny and Michelle thought it was Cassie and opened the door. Blake looked Danny dead in the face.
Meanwhile, Ross is walking around the palace when one of Richards's aides came over and told him he had a visitor. Drew came in and demanded to know where Michelle and Danny were. Ross had no idea what she was talking about and Drew said that she knew he and Blake came there because of Michelle and Danny.

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