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Monday, February 21, 2000

At Josh's Apartment:
Olivia arrives with tickets for the theater. They are making plans to go there next week. Olivia mentions that they are kind of boring and need to be more spontaneous. They go over their calendars to schedule some spontaneity, and Josh says he has plans with Shayne the next day and the day after that he has to go to the mall with the kids. Josh asks Olivia if she has something else on her mind and she tells him that she was thinking about the hug between Josh and Reva. He assures Olivia that he was only trying to be kind while Reva went through the pain of her father's accident. He says it was nothing and Olivia says that it maybe he isn't as over Reva as he would like to be. Josh tells her that no matter what; Reva will always be in his life because of the kids. Olivia realizes that. She is just a little upset that everyone in that town talks about how Josh and Reva are the great romance of all Springfield. Olivia thinks that Springfield doesn't have much room for the present much less the future for them, when his and Reva's past is so poignant there.
Josh, trying to be spontaneous, decides that they should go skiing that evening. But Olivia thinks that they can be spontaneous without leaving the apartment. They start kissing and packing for their getaway. Josh said they would be on their way as soon as he stops by the house to pick up his skis. Phone rings and Marah wants to talk about some things. He tells her that he will be over soon to pick up some skis.

At the Lewises':
Marah and Reva are talking about Grandpa Hawk needing a hip replacement. Reva tells her that she and Shayne are going to have to go to stay with Josh. Marah doesn't want to stay there because Olivia will be there every second. Marah has an idea that will help not only the situation with the next few days but also the situation with Reva and Josh as well. Marah begins to tell her mom her plans. She says that she would get Josh to move in the house so that Olivia would not be as welcomed and she and Shayne could bombard him with family memories all week. Reva tells her that isn't the greatest idea and she isn't going to win him back by any means of deception. Marah tells her that it will only be memories, nothing deceptive. Reva said that she has learned a lot about honesty in the last little bit and she doesn't want to play any games. Marah tells her that Olivia will win if she doesn't fight for Josh. Reva admits that she is scared of being alone but she has to do this the right way, she leaves to go pack and tells Marah that she will call Josh afterwards. Marah calls her dad. He says he will be there soon for the skis.
Josh comes in. Marah told him about Reva leaving and she was going to stay with Shayne. Josh said that was not acceptable and they would come to stay with him. Marah told him that all their things are there and Josh told her that he would move back in and stay with them but they would not be staying alone. Olivia walks in and hears Josh talking about him moving in that evening. Reva walks down and see them all and Olivia is not surprised. Marah is happy that her plan worked.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie and Richard talk about the trip to Texas. Cassie will be the dishwasher and he will be the bartender. Richard tells her that he will go but she will stay in San Cristobel . He tells her that he is concerned about her safety. She asks him why he doesn't want her to go and asks him if it has anything to do with having to pretend to be a married couple and having to share a small room at night, but he tells her that has nothing to do with it. She suggests that they should start acting married right then to make sure they could. Cassie tells Richard that he will be lost in Texas without her but he insists that he would be fine. She says he needs a crash course on Americans. Richard smiles and Cassie is listing a lot of things Richard needs to know. Not to mention his accent. Richard asks her what their story will be. Like when and where did they fall in love. Cassie says something about her ex husband wearing a bomber jacket and how she always loved that bad boy image. They got closer and closer and almost kissed when Richard's assistant came in. He had Richard's things packed. Richard whispered something to him and he left. He went back to Cassie and started talking in a southern voice. Cassie was very impressed. He told her, "I just wanted to show you I could survive in Texas without you but it would not merely be as much fun." Richard tells her to pack her things they were going to Texas. Richard's assistant comes in and hands him a jacket. He puts it on and it is one of the bomber jackets Cassie said she was so attracted to. She is shocked that he has one. He tells her that he knows she is attracted to men in those jackets but he wasn't sure he was exactly a bad boy. Cassie throws some things in her suitcase, including a little negligee.

In the Courtroom:
Pilar shouts that she knows the truth and has to testify. Carmen tries to hold her back and Pilar begs Danny to let her go to the stand and she will free Michelle!
The judge gives them 15 minutes and Ross goes to speak to Pilar outside.
Carmen tells Danny that Pilar is out of her mind. Danny yells at Carmen to stay the out of this. Carmen says Pilar will make a fool out of herself because she is not well. Danny thinks Carmen is afraid she will say something against her. Carmen tries to get up to go to Pilar but tells her that she has to stay right there and wait. He says, "you have every reason to be afraid mother and you are not going anywhere so let's go" and he drags her by the arm. Ross calls Pilar to the stand. Ross asked what happened the night Ben was murdered. She said that she was in the hotel room and saw everything. She tells them what she saw and that it was all her fault that her mom killed Ben. She told about the diary and how she acted like Ben was raping her. Drew and Michelle were livid at Carmen. Danny told his mom that she would definitely get hers. Pilar continued and told about Vanessa's part in the shooting. Pilar apologized to her mom and then told how Carmen planted all the evidence in Michelle's room.
On Cross-examination, Doris started by asking a few questions. Soon she realized she was on to something when Pilar said she just spoke to Ben that morning. She kept on until it was obvious to everyone that Pilar had fallen off the turnip truck. The DA asked that the testimony be stricken from the record.

At the Hospital:
Vanessa was trying to regain consciousness. Matt turns on the TV and hears Pilar admit that Vanessa was involved with the murder. He knew it was true but didn't want to believe it. He told Vanessa he would take her from there so no one could touch her. He didn't care what she had done to Ben. He would take her somewhere no one will ever find her.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

At the Lewises':
Reva walks in and tells Josh she just tried to call him. Josh fills her in on the plans for him to move back in until she returns. Josh asks Olivia to help him get a few things out of the car and they leave. Marah gives Reva a big grin and tells her that her plan is working already. Reva tells Marah that she knows what she is planning for her dad and she doesn't like it. Marah tells her mom how she got Josh to stay there and how by the time Reva got back he wouldn't want to leave. Reva told her that it wasn't going to happen like that. She didn't want to stoop to trickery. Marah begs Reva to let her stay at the house with Josh. Promises not to let herself get her hopes up.
Outside, Josh apologizes to Olivia. Olivia is a little upset and tells Josh not to make promises to her that he couldn't keep. Josh apologized again and told her that he has children and unexpected things come up. She said she understands that and would deal with it. Olivia asked why Josh was staying at the house instead of the apartment. He tells her about his conversation with Marah and how "He" decided it would be best if he stayed there. He goes inside and Olivia realizes what Marah is up too. "Children don't want their fathers to get involved with other woman."
Reva gave the phone numbers to where she would be. She gave Marah a hug and tells her not to get her hopes up. Josh helps her with her suitcase and takes it out to the car for her. Olivia tells Marah that while Reva is away it will give them lots of time to get to know each other. Marah doesn't seem to like that idea. Reva thanks Josh for staying with the kids.
Olivia suggests to Marah that they could do something together that week. Marah kind of shrugs her off and tells her that she has to make a call. Olivia says to herself that Marah had better get used to her because she isn't leaving.

In the Courthouse:
Ross and Doris arguing with Judge on Pilar's state of mind. Pilar is shouting that she is not crazy. Pilar leaves the stand and tells Carmen to tell the truth, to tell everyone that she is not crazy. Danny and Bill take Pilar out of the courtroom. The Judge says Ross needs to have her undergo a psychiatric assessment before he will allow the testimony. He adjourns for the day. Outside Carmen tries to talk to Pilar Danny and Bill prevent her.
Drew questions Pilar's testimony. She turns to Jesse and asks him what he thinks. Jesse asks why she would be making it up. He tries to convince her but she tells him that she wouldn't believe anything he had to say regarding Michelle. David comes over and Drew tells him that nobody cares that her father is dead. David tells her that he does care and that he will listen if she needed to talk. Drew is sorry for unloading on him. David offers to take him out for dinner get her mind off the trial. Jesse comes out of the shadows to watch them leave.
Danny says he should have known it was Carmen. He wanted to be able to trust her. But now he realizes and will do whatever he has to do to keep her away from him and Pilar. Carmen says she will always be his mother. But Danny counters with the fact that he no longer has a mother
Ross tells Rick to see to it that Pilar is evaluated immediately. Michelle is concerned about Vanessa. Ross assures her that she would want the truth out if at all possible and that Vanessa may be the one who ends up saving Michelle.
Michelle runs into Carmen. Michelle: "Where are you going?" Carmen: "Away from you Michelle" Michelle: "You set me up", Carmen: "Prove it." Michelle tells her that her own daughter said she did it. Carmen told Michelle that Pilar was seeing things and has no idea what she was talking about. Michelle didn't believe her and told her that she will pay for her crimes. Carmen told her that she is an evil girl. Carmen says the trial isn't over yet, the judge won't allow Pilar's testimony and she will go to jail. Michelle says that maybe she will spend the rest of her days in jail but she will still have the one thing Carmen will never have, Danny's love.

At Phillip and Harley's:
Lizzie, Max, and Susan are talking. Max reaches over to hold Susan's hand. Susan tells Lizzie it is time for her to go to bed and she and Max says goodnight. Lizzie leaves and Max and Susan kiss. Very soon after, Lizzie comes back with a game. They play, Lizzie wins and Susan tells her that it is time to go to bed. Lizzie goes up the stairs and calls Susan. Lizzie asks Susan if she didn't want her around. Susan tells her that she would just like to be alone with Max a little bit. They talk about boys a bit and Lizzie says she's glad to have such a cool sister. Max and Susan go outside and Max invites her to a dance. Susan asks if this means he is her boyfriend and he told her that was exactly what it meant. He calls her "squirt." They kiss. Susan asks him to meet her at her house the next evening so that they can be alone and hang out with no interruptions. He tells her he will be there. Susan asks him why he likes her and he tells her that the main reason is that she has always been there for him no matter what, however it helps that she has grown into such a hot young woman.

At the Hospital:
Matt wanting to take Vanessa out of hospital but the doctor advises against it. Matt says he knows how to take care of her and that he was taking her home. He goes back in room and tells Vanessa that no one is going to hurt her.
Rick takes Pilar to see the doctor and Bill and Danny talk about Vanessa. Bill says that he believes Pilar about his mother's part in the murder. They go to see Vanessa and find her room is empty. Bill calls home and there is no answer. Rick comes back with Pilar before taking her to her room. He thought she might want to say goodnight. Pilar hugs Danny and he apologizes for not being there during everything. Carmen is watching through the window. Pilar goes to her room and Bill leaves to find his mom. Danny goes into Vanessa's room and Michelle walks in. She asks where Vanessa was. Danny tells her that she is gone but he will find her.

Tuesday, February 23, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Harley is on the phone with Cassie wanting to know what was up. She is excited about the plan and about being alone and in control of the palace. She tells Cassie to be careful and hangs up. She tells Phillip that she is there for him and will help him through this accident mess. She puts on a tiara and Phillip sits on Richards throne and they play kind and queen of the palace. They tell each other how much they love each other and kiss.

In Texas:
Richard and Cassie are about to go into the bar. Richard still doesn't think Cassie should be involved. Cassie tells him that this is not only his problem anymore it is their problem. They go and speak to the owner. He says they can start right away but there is a bit of a change in plans. He thinks Cassie has more to offer at the bar, so she should be the new bartender and Richard will be the dishwasher
Richard puts on an apron to get to work all the while telling Cassie he is concerned about her safety. Cassie reassures him. Cassie goes out and serves a drink and asks the customer what he knows about the place. The guy is hitting on Cassie. Richard comes in and tells Cassie that he doesn't like the guy's advances. Cassie tells him not to be jealous because she was happily married to him. Richard said that he was also happily married, looking after my wife. Richard goes back in the kitchen and the man continues flirting with Cassie. The guy invites Cassie to San Cristobel. He starts to talk, but Richard comes back in and the man leaves.
Cassie tells him to back off so she can get something out of these guys. As they are in the back, Edmund comes in.

At the Santos Compound:
Carmen calls the hospital and asks to speak to Pilar. Hospital won't let her. She hangs up after telling them that she will be in touch with the supervisor. Ray comes in and tells Carmen that he knows she shot Ben and that he thinks she should confess. Carmen said she wouldn't and that she isn't worried about him because he cannot tell about anything he heard in confession. Ray says, "Do you think my collar will stand in the way of the truth." He takes his collar off and tells her to think again. Ray tells her that God would want him to tell the truth and help Pilar and save someone from going to their death for a crime she didn't commit. He cannot believe that she would hurt her own daughter to keep the truth from coming out. Carmen says that no one will believe a tainted priest over someone who has lost both her daughter and lover. She sarcastically tells him thanks for trying to save her soul but she is trying to save her life. He tells her that Vanessa will wake up sometime. Carmen says she is getting weaker by the day. Ray reminds her that miracles do happen and he is praying for one. Ray leaves. Camen calls Dietz and orders him to find Vanessa ASAP. Danny sneaks in and hears her tell Dietz that she has to get out of the mess she is in. Danny hangs the phone up and tells his mom that court is back in session. But this time he is the Judge and the jury.

At the Courthouse:
Ross comes in with the bad news, Pilar has been found incompetent so her testimony will not be considered. Danny thinks they should get Carmen on the stand and force the truth out of her. Ross doesn't want to call Carmen. Ross thinks they would look too desperate and Carmen would end up not confessing. He tells Danny that Pilar's testimony will stay in the mind of jurors even if it is inadmissible. Ross tells Danny to stay out of it. Michelle agrees with Ross. She insists that Danny just let Ross deal with it. She trusts him. Bill comes in and tells them that he couldn't find Vanessa but knows she is safe for now with Matt. He is sure if Carmen knew where she was she would kill without blinking an eye. He realizes that they have to find her first. Ross thinks they have reasonable doubt and may at least have a chance at a mistrial. Danny goes to talk to his mom. Michelle wonders where Danny went and Bill says he was here a second ago. They go on into court and sit down.

At the Lewises':
Shane tells Josh that he doesn't need a babysitter. Josh reminds him that he is his father, not a babysitter. Shane says, 'what about your girlfriend?' Josh tells him that her name is Olivia and that she understands how much I love my kids. Josh asked Shayne why he missed dinner the other night and Shayne admitted that he couldn't pretend they were a happy family. Shane apologizes for the way he treated his dad. He was just scared. Josh tells his son that Olivia is not the bad guy in this situation and that she is a great person. He thinks Shayne should get to know her before he judges her. Shane understands that Josh is seeing Olivia but isn't quite sure what that means. Josh tells him that they enjoy each other's company. Shane asks if they are sleeping together. Josh tells him that was a personal question and it really isn't any of his business. He reassures Shayne that no matter what happens he will always love him.

At the Reardon's retreat:
Matt has a home care nurse there. He tells her that she cannot reveal whom she is helping. She agrees and leaves. Matt talks to Vanessa and reapplies her lip balm. Vanessa is silently pleading for him to stop. Matt thought back on his life with Vanessa. He kissed her and realizes that something is wrong with the lip balm. He wipes it off of his lips and hers. He hands it to the nurse and tells her to get it analyzed. Vanessa thinks to herself how relieved she is that he figured it out and how she can get come back to him faster now.

Thursday, February 24, 2000

In Texas:
Edmund is at the bar, he finds Gil and tells him who he is. He tells him that they messed up the accident in SC, Gil says he did his best. Edmund tells him that he needs another accident and this one dramatic. He also tells him that he has to keep his mouth shut. Gil says there was some blond he was talking to a few minutes ago who showed some interest in San Cristobel . Edmund asks a few questions about the blond and Edmund finally asks to speak to her. Gil tells Edmund that she is the bartender and she had went into the back. Edmund goes towards the back and is stopped by the manager. He won't allow Edmund to go back there. He insists on speaking to the girl. The manager tells him that she just walked in; Edmund turns to find a blond, similar to Cassie but not Cassie. She flirts with Edmund and he flirts back a little.
Richard and Cassie are up in their room. They argue a bit about her safety again. She tells him he is acting jealous and Richard replies, "You know I'm supposed to be Dwayne...and Dwayne don't like guys messing with his woman." Cassie says he doesn't have to be an overprotective husband. Richard is sore from his day of dishwashing and Cassie gives him a message. They have to be back up at 6am for the breakfast customers. Cassie calls Tammy and finds out that all is well in San Cristobel . She asks to speak to Richard and Richard takes the phone. He tells her that he is glad she is there taking care of his country while he is not there. He tells her he loves her and hangs up the phone. Cassie tells Richard how great a dad he is and how much they all love him. Richard goes to get ready for bed and accidentally gets Cassie's suitcase instead and pulls out this little lingerie she had packed. Cassie grabs it out of his hands and nervously tries to make excuses. The phone rings and the bartender asks for Stella. She wants Cassie to come down to the bar and cover for her for a while. Cassie looks at Richard and says sure what the heck. Edmund is there and the woman says she is coming right down. He tells her that he will be waiting.

At the Lewises':
Josh and the kids eating pizza and fooling around. The kids talk about memories and Josh and Reva. Reva calls and Josh talks to her while Marah and Shayne have a little chat. Marah tells him to stop being a jerk. She tells him they are trying to keep dad there not make him want to leave. They go out and play a bit. Olivia comes over and asks if it's a bad time. Josh tells her to come in, they were just playing. They start talking business; Marah and Shayne look a bit disappointed. Josh makes a business call and is happy to learn he got some new account because of Olivia. The kids go out of the room and Marah says they are not giving up. Marah says there is a way to deal with Olivia. They hatch a plan.
Olivia and Josh hug and talk about the great deal they made. Shayne goes to congratulate him and he spills his drink all over Olivia. Josh is mad and yells at Shayne. He tells him that it was all an accident and Marah yells at her brother that it wasn't an accident. She is acting like she is defending Olivia and Josh sends both of them upstairs to their rooms but they keep arguing. Olivia wants to leave, "I'll see you later." Marah says she is sorry. Josh walks her out apologizing. Olivia says she gets it and thinks that they should give them time. Josh wishes Olivia would not go they hug. Shayne and Marah are inside talking, Marah admits that part of her likes Olivia but there just inst any room for her in their family. She said they did well to get rid of her tonight but she will really hate what she is going to do to her next.

At the Courthouse:
Bill goes to find Danny and Michelle is worried because Danny was very angry. Ross says this trial will go on with or without Danny and she needs to sit down and look relaxed. Drew and Selena talking with Buzz. Drew still thinks she did it and Buzz and Selena disagree. David arrive and Drew takes him for Dinner... David walks in and Jesse asks him what he is trying to prove and says this is not the time to take advantage of her and they start arguing about Drew. "She is not yours so stay the hell away from her!" Jesse yells and Drew says he has no right to say that anymore.
Drew says he can't decide who her friends are anymore...David leaves and Drew is mad because Jesse is acting jealous. They won't argue they say. Jesse says he will not say Michelle is guilty just to satisfy her, he will leave that up to her other boyfriend. He says he will move his things out of the loft tonight and he leaves.
The DA gives her closing arguments. She says that they have to see that the guilty gets punished. She tells them that there are 3 elements to a crime, motives, means and opportunity. Motive: she said she hated Ben, he drugged her husband, his friend's job, her family. Means: well she held a knife to his throat. Opportunity: her alibi was false, and you heard Ruth. She left Ben's room the night of the murder...and the gloves...and this case becomes less of a murder trial and more of a math equation. She shot Ben Warren in cold blood. Ross will tell you to look at her as innocent and he wants you to feel sorry for her but if you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for Ben Warren whose life has been cut short.
Meanwhile, at the Santos House, Danny threatens his mom. He tells her that she has better tell the truth in court or he will turn her over and tell all the other crime families everything she has done. "What are you doing Danny threatening your own mother?" Danny says if she doesn't confess her life as she knows it will be over and never be the same. You are my son now you act like it" and Danny says here he is true Santos, ruthless and without a conscience...he will inform everyone about every rip off Carmen has made..."How long do you think you would survive Carmen, a day two maybe." She says he wouldn't do it and he says he is giving her an opportunity to save herself. "Let's go...we have to get to the court." CARMEN says he doesn't know what he's doing and he doesn't scare her. "You have no proof of this." "You are my proof are my proof. It's kind of ironic, you'll be the one saving Michelle."
Ross starts his closing arguments. He tells the jury that all they have to know is that any reasonable doubt is all they need to acquit. "There were two shooters and that is the scenario we are showing to you. According to Wolf Michelle allowed the man to suffer and shot twice and watched him die but you didn't hear it in her closing arguments because the facts didn't fit her scenario so she ditched it and tried to make you forget about it. My client should not be found guilty and we should all go home. Justice must be served. Well of course it should be. Ben warren lost his life, but somebody has set up Michelle to take the fall." Ross tells them the only physical evidence was some gloves that were obviously planted, days after the shooting." he says Michelle is way to smart to get rid of the gun and leave bloody gloves in her room. "She would have gotten rid of it...they are ladies gloves, you can hide them, burry them and burn them but you don't put them in your drawer." Ross turns to talk about Ruth. "Ruth had jobs that paid her minimum wage and all of a sudden she has so much money that she didn't bother to pick up her final paycheck then she paid the hospital over 10,000 in cash! She couldn't tell anyone where the money came from. He says it is all part of the set up and frame Michelle. Ross connects this to the Santos family. They are front center and fundamental to this case he says.
Ross talks about the reputation of the Santos family. Quotes Wolf words about them capable of anything. Ross mentions Pilar and Wolf objects. But the judge allows it. Ross continues...Carmen did not want Michelle as a daughter in law, she wants revenge for the death of her son. Drew listens carefully. "Carmen Santos had much to gain by sending this young lady to prison." Ross says he didn't want to take the case but he did because he didn't think Michelle was guilty. There is a big hole in the case, no motive...other than a vague dislike for Ben who was not a likable man. Ross says what he does know is that Michelle did not commit this crime. Don't let them send an innocent woman to prison.... I know you will be doing the right thing. I have confidence that with reasonable doubt you will be coming back in here with not guilty. Thank you for listening."
The court is in recess until the jury makes their decision. Danny bursts in holding Carmen's arms. The Judge is not happy, Danny says "Carmen Santos here has something to say, something that will change the course of this whole trial." Michelle looks horrified as she turns to look at Danny and Carmen.

Friday, February 25, 2000

In Texas:
Cassie is getting ready to go down and take over for the bartender who is flirting with Edmund. Richard doesn't want her to take another shift but Cassie says she wants to. She says she'll start her investigating with the drunken guys. Richard wants her to stay and tries to convince her that she needs her sleep. The go over a few practice questions for her to use. Richard is worried about Cassie and asks her to let him tend bar for her. Cassie says she can handle it and he says he knows she can but he is asking her to take a break and rest. Cassie finally agrees. Richard says he will handle the bar. She lays down for a little nap as Richard gets up and gets ready to go downstairs. He watches her for a few moments and then walks over to her. He pulls a blanket on her and shuts the blinds then goes over to kiss her when she woke with a start. He made up an excuse about turning off the lights. The phone rings and Cassie told the girl that she had been delayed. She gets up and they both go down to do some detective work. Richard reminds Cassie to be careful.
Edmund is in the bar looking at the cowgirls. The bartender and Edmund are flirting heavily. Richard and Cassie walk in but Edmund is too busy talking to that woman. He finally tells her that he knows all about the accident and is investigating it. She misunderstands him and throws a drink in her face. She is mad because she thinks he is talking about a car accident she was in. Edmund defends himself and says he is investigating a construction accident. Edmund apologizes and tells her that they have nothing else to discuss.
Cassie is tending bar with all drunks around her. Gil comes back in with three guys that are talking about a job they did. Richard and Cassie are listening close by. Richard talks to some of the construction workers and tries to land himself a job. Richard tells the guys that he wants to give his wife a better life and the guy says he will try to get him a job.
Edmund is sitting outside wiping the water off of him and Gil asks about the girl. Edmund doesn't think she knows anything but he is anxious to plan another accident as soon as possible. He tells him that someone has to die on this next accident. Gil tells Edmund that he thinks if he wants the throne that bad he should just kill the prince. Edmund adamantly says no and explains to Gil that even though his brother is not fit to rule SC, he doesn't want Richard dead. Gil says all right and leaves.
Gil comes in and comes on to Cassie again. Cassie flirts with him until the other girl comes back. She said the guy she was wanting off for was a creep and asks for her shift back, she needs the money. Gil says he wants to talk privately to Cassie, Richard wants to follow her but the guy takes his arm and starts talking about something. Richard gets rid of the guy and then runs after Cassie and Gil. They are walking up the stairs to Cassie and Richard's room. They go inside the room and Gil tells a guy to wait outside the door and watch because he doesn't want that dishwasher guy to interrupt. Inside, Cassie asks Gil to give Richard a job. He starts kissing on Cassie and she looks absolutely disgusted.

At Harley and Phillip's
: Susan and Lizzie are talking about when their parents would get home. Lizzie wants to play but Susan is getting ready for her date with Max. Max calls and she tells him that everything is on for that evening. Max wants to pick her up but Susan tells him that she will get there on her own. They hang up. Susan holds a dress in her arms and stuff it in her bag as Lizzie comes down ready to play. Susan can't play, she has to go study with her friend for an important test. Lizzie is bummed and Susan feels bad so she sits by her side and says they'll play another time and when she comes back she'll have plenty of stories to tell her. Lizzie smells her perfume, Susan is wearing Beth's perfume. She just tried it on she says. Susan says would be home in the morning. Lillian came in and said Jim and Beth are coming home tonight, so Jim could be at a meeting in the morning. Lizzie goes upstairs and Susan wonders how she can warn Max not to go into the house. Susan tries to call him but she remembers she told Max not to answer the phone. She has to get over there to get him out of the house. But how, the bus and her bike will take too long, she needs a car. She takes some keys from a drawer and tells Lizzie that she has to go and she cant follow her. Lizzie is coughing badly. Susan tries to tell Lizzie not to say anything about the car. Lizzie wants to know why she needs the keys and Susan tells her the truth and Lizzie gets worried. "You're not even old enough to drive!" "Duh! I know!" No one will get arrested Susan says. Susan says "If something bad happens you can wake up Lillian but only if it's a matter of life and death ok." They hug and Lizzie says they are sisters and Susan is touched. She leaves. Susan is in the car driving when Lizzie jumps up and is making fun of Susan and Max's relationship. They argue and Susan loses control of the car. Lots of lights flash and screams are all we hear.

At the Courthouse:
Danny drags Carmen in the courtroom and tells the judge she has to say something. The DA is furious, Ross is furious but Carmen goes to the Judge and tells him, "Your honor, I want to tell you about the night Ben warren was murdered...I want to tell you about how he was killed. What I have to say is that Michelle is not the one who killed Ben." Michelle jumps in Rick and Abby's arms. Carmen continued, "I went to Ben's apartment that evening and I was carrying a gun. I loved him so much, as much as you love Michelle, so you understand what kind of love it was the kind of love....and....I can't do this Danny! He wants me to say I killed the man I loved but I can't. I can't." Danny looks at her with an evil look and everyone looks as Carmen stands near the door... Danny runs after Carmen and the judge is yelling after him. They all argue and it is pure pandemonium in the courthouse. Carmen blurts out that Michelle killed Mick and Ben. Danny says that's it "Outside! Outside!" and Carmen follows him. Michelle is freaked out with anger and let out this really loud groan and rushed back to her chair and Ross followed her to calm her down. Danny yells at Carmen that every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Doris wants a restraining order on Danny for his mother but Carmen doesn't want one. She wants her son back and Michelle yells at Carmen that she will NEVER have Danny again and she runs off. Ross runs after her and says that whatever Danny is trying to do to help IS NOT HELPING! Ross is on the phone and is worried. He demands to talk to Dr Ed Bauer. But he is not getting through. Ross tells Abby that Ed will be good for both Rick and Michelle right now. He asks Abby to go in and deliver a message to the judge. He also asks her not to tell Rick and Michelle about the call. Ed picks up the phone and Ross says, "Ed is that you thank God!! I'm in a SF courthouse, I practically live here...did you get the messages...yeah...we were told you were in the field...come on I can't belie you didn't have access...Ed do you understand what's happening to Michelle. She's in serious trouble and needs her father. Yeah well that's all good but the last letter they got was in October and she needs a are nowhere to be found. Of course Rick is here but he isn't her father. Ed what the hell is wrong with you? How can you just leave your kid this way and I don't care if you're taking care of every disease in this world.... Ed it's time to come home! Don't you get it!? Yeah.... yeah...well...are you all right? Ed if there is something wrong with you now is the time to tell me...ok...and are you drinking. Oh for the love of god I don't care about that...I need to...Ed no you can't do that!" hangs up...Abby comes back and says Michelle needs him. Ross is angry and in tears. "I spoke to him yes and I don't know what's happened to him..." Ross doesn't want to tell Michelle or Rick.
Carmen tries to talk to Danny and Danny says all she has to do is tell the truth. "But I didn't do it. I didn't kill Ben." Danny tells her that he believes Pilar. Carmen says she is out of it. She says the truth is she will never forgive Michelle for killing Mick and will always want her to pay but she wouldn't risk losing him. "You're my son and important to me." "I don't believe you." she says she would give up her life for him but not to Michelle. And he says never to come near him and Pilar again without the truth.
Ross tells Danny what he told Michelle. The judge can turn the verdict if the jury's not to his satisfaction since he heard everything. Carmen hears that and Danny rushes to Michelle. She falls into his arms? He seemed to be carrying her out of the courtroom. Ross joins Rick and Rick says things could not get any worse and he apologizes for snapping at Danny and Abby and Ross say that it's ok. Abby invites Ross to dinner but he says he has a lot of work and leftovers. Rick asks Ross about Ed again. Ross and Abby share a look and Ross says no not yet. He tried...Rick is not expecting miracles for sure...Ross says he will let him know when he hears from him. Rick thanks him.
Drew is freaking out and Selena calms her down and Drew says these two people were her friends and she feels like they never knew each other.

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