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Monday, November 15, 1999

In the alley outside Teaser's and at the Farm:
Richard proposes to Cassie. Cassie thinking that he is playing with her tells him that she has already had a rotten day and she doesn't need his jokes. She tells him to go on home and begins to get up. When she gets up, she faints. Richard catches her and carries her back to the car and they go back to the farm. They get to the farm and Cassie sends the babysitter on her way. Cassie goes up to change, all the while talking to herself about whether or not Richard really wanted to marry her.

Cassie comes back in her robe. She asks why Richard is still there, he had made her some tea. He tells her that he wants to marry her. Cassie asks if she is the 50th person that he has asked. Richard says that she is the first. They talk about his responsibility to have a bride and he says though it isn't law he does need an heir and Cassie was an "excellent candidate" for that. Cassie says he doesn't want a bride he wants a brood mare and says that the answer is no. Richard tells Cassie that marrying him will make her financially secure for the rest of her life and he would get a princess. And a mother to your children Cassie adds. Richard tells her he wouldn't force himself on her and Cassie asks if it would be a business arrangement. Richard says that she would have a life unlike anything she ever imagined. He asks her not to make a decision now but to think about it. He leaves.

At the Santos Estate:
Pilar confesses to Carmen about planning the scene between her and Ben. She said she was trying to save her mom from him. Bill comes in wanting to talk to Pilar. Carmen says that he needs to go because it was not a good time. Bill wants to know if his mother is there. Carmen says that she had not seen Vanessa, and Pilar mentions Ben. Carmen's says that they are having an argument about Ben and that Pilar may be going away. Bill asks if this is true and Pilar nods. Bill leaves asking if they would call him if they see Vanessa. Carmen tells him they will. Once he is gone Pilar starts to cry. Carmen tells her everything will be okay. She says she will go to jail defending her daughter. She looks in her purse for the gun and realizes it's not there. She leaves for Ben's apartment to get it.

At the Hospital:
Vanessa wakes up from a dream. Remembering the talk she had with Pilar. She gets out of bed, grabs some clothes and leaves the hospital. Rick, Matt, and Bill come in to see Vanessa who has left the building. They can't find her and put out a missing persons report on her. Bill goes to the Santos Estate to see if she went there to talk to Pilar. She wasn't there.

At Tower's (the party):
Reva gets Marah off the table and takes her to the ladies room to argue with her. Marah again calls her mom the slut of Springfield and asks her why she doesn't just leave and go back to her fascinating life as the princess. Reva tries to tell Marah that she wants to be with her and Shayne and Josh but Marah doesn't believe her. She believes that she still wants all the excitement and still wants Richard. Marah leaves to go home, leaving Reva behind.

Drew and Ross talk about how Ross and Ben relate. Ross agrees to give been another chance and they go up to the apartment to check on why he is so late.

In Ben's apartment:
Carmen shoots Ben and she and Pilar run over to check on him, both surprised by what happened. Pilar explained that she had no idea that her mom would be coming with a gun and was just setting it up to look like Ben was attacking her. Carmen is furious but assures Pilar that they have to keep their secret and they leave to go home. Vanessa comes in and sees the gun. Ben reaches for her and asks her for help. He tells her that Carmen shot him. Vanessa tells him that she doesn't want to help him. He grabs for her again and they wrestle around until the gun fires. Ben falls back to the floor. Vanessa is upset and having trouble breathing. She leaves, and on her way back to the hospital, has a wreck, she is in the car unconscious. Carmen comes back after remembering that she dropped the gun. She retrieves it and tells Ben how sorry she is that she didn't trust him. She gets the gun and leaves.

Tuesday,November 16, 1999

At Tower's:
Carmen hid in another room as Ross comes in and finds his brother dead on the floor of his hotel room. He goes out and tries to keep Drew from going in but Drew busts past him and sees her father. She goes to him and holds his limp body crying. She had only had him in her life for a month or so but it felt so right to her and she wondered why the Lord had taken him from her so soon. Drew talks to her father's remains and told him how much she loves him. Ross told Drew that they needed to get out of there so that the police would have as cosseted a crime scene as possible. With a little persuading and a lot of terms of endearment to the departed, Ross convinced Drew that they needed to go back downstairs. Carmen heard the two leave and came out and told Ben that she also loved him. She then left with the gun.

Ross took Drew back down to the party and told Holly to take Susan and Max home. She left with them and then Ross and Drew told Jesse what had happened upstairs. Drew was still crying and ignored Jesse when he told her that God has a reason for everything. Drew asked if his reason was to punish her and Jesse told her that he doubted that very much. Jesse told her that she made a difference in Ben's life; she was the one that taught the hard-nosed lawyer how to love. Drew said that she would find who did this to her dad and exact revenge. "They will pay," she said.

Michelle and Danny came in not knowing what happened. They go over to Drew, who gives Michelle the "if looks could kill" guise.

Frank is in Ben's apartment investigating. He says it doesn't look like a forced entry. Frank is asking Ross about finding Ben. Ross took them through the discovery. He tried to keep Drew out, but he wasn't able to. Frank asked him if they saw anyone else but Ross told him that he did not. Frank asks if he knows anyone who would want to kill Ben, Ross kind of looked at Frank, are you kidding? Franks then asked Ross where he was during the time of the death. Holly yells at Frank for grilling Ross but Ross understands why he has to, he explains where he was and Frank says he doesn't know who did it, but if he has any questions he will get in touch with them. Holly explains to Ross that she dropped Max and Susan off and came back to be with him because he didn't need to be alone. They wheel Ben out with Ross still there. He says there was one time that he could have killed Ben. Holly says, "No, you couldn't have done it even then." He said he was his half-brother and he never shook his hand until today.

On Fifth Street, somewhere:
Vanessa was lying in her car that had just crashed motionless. Buzz and Selena see the car and go over to it. Buzz tells Selena that it is Vanessa and that she was bleeding and unconscious. They called for help and went to the hospital with her.

At the hospital:
Vanessa was checked out and put back into her bed. Buzz and Selena waited for word on her condition. Rick told them that her being unconscious was from her illness and not from the wreck. Selena didn't know Vanessa was ill and Buzz begin telling her the story of how Vanessa faked her death and fled to Switzerland before when she was ill. He told her how Matt met up with her on the Internet and decided that if he "built it, she would some." He told her how the whole town, including him went to work on the dream house by the lake and that sure enough, when they finished it, Vanessa did come home, well again. Selena told him that she was sorry to doubt him and that she knew he believed in romance. They start to leave. Two officers get off the elevator talking about the Ben Warren shooting. Selena asked about it and they told her that Ben had been shot and killed. Selena started crying.

Vanessa is still unconscious. Her family is wondering what she was doing near 5th St. Vanessa is thinking back about when the gun went off with Ben. Matt is in the room with her, she is coming to. She tells him, she was there. Vanessa keeps trying to talk but Rick, Matt and Bill are telling her not to, that she needs her rest. Matt wants to know what Vanessa meant by her words but Rick says it is normal to hallucinate in her stage of the disease and believes it means nothing.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle comes in and Danny is sleeping on the bed. He asks her where she was. She says she was out driving around and trying to decide what to do about the Ben situation. She tells him that Ben won't be a problem in their lives anymore because she is not going to let him get to her anymore. She tells him she went to her mother's grave for advice. Michelle told him how good her mother was and how even though everyone hated Roger Thorpe her mom always thought there was something good in him and she gave him the benefit of the doubt. She says she wants to do the same about Ben. Danny told her that he would like to accompany her to visit her mom next time she goes to thank her for Michelle. Michelle wishes that her mother would have known Danny. She says she would have loved him. He doesn't think that is the case. They laugh about how Carmen and Maureen would have gotten along. Michelle says that she is glad that Drew found her father, she just wishes it wasn't Ben. He tells her she is a good friend and a good person. Michelle wants to go to Max's party. She convinces him to go.

At the Santos Compound:
Pilar is in the shower scrubbing the blood off her body. She is crying. Later, Carmen is back and she tells her that everything is fine she got the gun in time. She says no one can tie them to the death. Pilar says they are not safe and that she can't get it out her mind. Carmen tells Pilar that she must say that Ben was like a father to her. Carmen is trying to get their stories straight. Pilar is upset thinking that the police will find out that she tried to kill Ben before. Carmen is upset, she hadn't known about this. Wants to know who knows about it? Pilar tells her that Dietz, Danny and Grandma know. Pilar says she is not going to lie about tonight. Carmen says you will do exactly what I tell you to do.

Carmen told Pilar that she loved him and that she shot Ben only because she thought he was hurting her. Carmen says you know what kind of person I am; I would kill anyone who attacked my daughter. Grandma comes in and asks what is going on. Carmen is beginning to get the whole picture now and accuses Grandma and Pilar of setting her up to kill the man she loved. She said that Grandma tricked her into going to over there. Grandma is saying that she didn't do anything, that Carmen pulled the trigger. Carmen says that she knows that but if she doesn't want to lose her only granddaughter, they have to work together. Just then the police shows up. Frank wants to ask her some questions.

Wednesday,November 17, 1999

At Harley's:
Cassie comes over to visit Harley and she tells her of the proposal that Richard had bestowed on her the previous evening. Harley kept repeating that she was the one that he wanted to be his "Fake" princess and Cassie wondered how Harley knew about that. They talk a bit and Harley wonders how Richard took it when Cassie told him off. Cassie tells her that she didn't exactly say no, yet. Olivia overheard a bit of the conversation and left in tears.

Cassie tells Harley she began working at the strip club again. She says she can't take from others when she has nothing to give back. Harley asks if that is why she is considering the proposal "because the need is mutual." Cassie says she doesn't know but she feels every time she gets up, she gets knocked down again. Harley asks what color the bridesmaid dresses are going to be since she knows Cassie will marry him. Cassie decided to marry Richard.

At Tower's:
Richard and Colonel Dax were debating the Princess candidacy. Richard is supporting Cassie as his first choice and he reminds Dax that he was in the same position before they followed her to her place of employment. Dax again reiterates to Richard that the Princess of San Cristobel must be beyond reproach and that Cassie history as a stripper would absolutely be criticized. Richard reminded Dax of how Cassie managed the could-be riot with his people. He believes with her background and family loyalty she will be that much more influential. Dax overheard that Josh and Reva were split up and told Richard to consider her for a bride. Richard said she is a married woman and that Cassie is a perfect person because of her loyalty to her family even at great detriment to herself. Dax told Richard that Cassie is not the one, and Richard said prehaps not. Meanwhile Cassie decides to marry Richard.

Josh and Billy come in and Josh told Billy that his room will be available in about a week and he will get off of his couch then. Billy told him that he needed to get his self back home with Reva. Just then they came upon Richard and Dax. Josh told Billy that he was going to the other side of the room. Billy went to Richard and told him that he may be a Prince in SC but in Springfield he was just another guy for him to beat up. He then told Richard to stay away from Reva. Richard told him that he had absolutely no interest in her and that he would not be interfering in her life any longer.

Olivia met up with Josh and the two decided to set and have a drink. Olivia told Josh about Richards proposal to Cassie and that she is debating the possibilities. Josh took it all in and shook his head. Olivia told Josh that she was tired of losing, tired of smiling and being the first runner up. Josh tells her she got out of something that wasn't good for her. Olivia tells Josh at least she doesn't have to worry about Richard coming after Reva and Josh tells her that they are taking some time apart that he is moving out. Josh asked Olivia out to dinner hoping that they can get through a dinner where neither of them talk about Reva or Richard. Billy asks Josh what that was all about. Josh says they are just going out to dinner. Billy objects and Josh said that he didn't need Billy's blessing.

Michelle and Danny come in and Michelle apologizes to Drew and she tells her that she will give Ben a chance. Drew spats at her and tells her that it is too late that she got her wish. Michelle was confused and finally realized that Drew was saying that someone murdered Ben. Drew yelled at Michelle telling her she stopped being her friend when she tried to get between her and Ben. Drew leaves and Danny asks Jesse what happened. Jesse tells the little they know. Michelle was shocked and Danny realized that his sister may be involved and wanted to head out to the Santos Estate. Which is what they did.

At the Santos Compound:
Frank and David come in and break the news to Carmen about Ben's murder. She really put on a show crying and such but the cover was almost blown by Pilar who overheard the cops saying that Ben was alive for a little while after the shooting. He began asking where they were at the time of the murder and Carmen started telling him about how she went to Towers and then back home to meet Ben. By the end of there visit the police were apologizing to Carmen for upsetting her and telling her not to exact revenge herself but to let the police handle things. They leave and Grandma Santos applauds Carmen's performance. Carmen says it was no preformance that she killed the man she loved because she wanted to save her daughter. She says she loved Ben as much as Pilar and Grandma Santos hated him. She then tells Maria that there is a special place in hell for her.

Manny get to the Santos house. Danny asks Carmen what happened. Carmen said that the police consider her and anyone who had a relationship with Ben a suspect. Danny goes over to Pilar and Michelle offers her sympatheis to Carmen and hugs her. Danny asks Pilar what happened. Carmen interrupts Danny and Pilar. Everybody goes to bed leaving Michelle and Danny in the living room. Carmen warns Pilar not to say anything to Danny. Carmen overhears Danny telling Michelle she will likely be a suspect. Danny tells Michelle that the police will find out that she pulled a knife on Ben. They will ask her if she has any alibis and she will not be able to produce one. They leave and Carmen comes out, she says to herself, "I'm sorry Michelle but I just found Ben's Killer."

At Drew's Apartment:
Selena and Buzz come in and Max asks what is up. They tell him about Ben's murder and he is upset by it as well. They all decide to pull together for Drew and that even included Buzz who was trying to weasel his way out the door. Drew told Jesse that Michelle is celebrating. Jesse says that Michelle cares for Drew. They go into the apartment and see all the family waiting. Drew burst out in tears and holds on to her mom.

Jesse got candles and tells Drew they have to do Knashia a Jewish prayer for the dead. They light the candles and Jesse and Drew began praying.

Thursday,November 18, 1999

At the Cabin:
Blake was examined by a nurse who told her she was in great shape. Blake said the only thing wrong with her was that she was going stir crazy from being alone. The nurse leaves and Blake starts thinking about a dream that she had about her and Ross and Ben all having Thanksgiving Dinner together. She dreamed of Ben and Ross being friends and talking together. She thought she would call Ben since he was one of her closest confidants/ friends. She called and was stunned when Ross answered. She hung up. A while later she called back and talked. She went on and on about how she was surprised that he was answering the phone there and about her dream about Ross and Ben being friends. Ross finally told her that Ben was killed and that he was going through his things for Drew. Blake asked him if he found the box of mementos, (the one with the article about his adoptive mother abusing him and scarring him with the scalding water when he was a kid). Ross said that he had and that he wished he had known so much more about his brother, that he could've understood him better. Now he understands a lot more about why Ben was the way he was. Ross asked Blake about coming to the funeral and she said she would come. She hung up and had no idea how she was going to explain her condition.

At Ben's Apartment:
Ross is talking to the cops. He tells them that a lot of people hated his brother and that there is a list a mile long of possible suspects. He looked through some papers and found a photo album. He opened it and was surprised to find pictures of himself with Blake and the twins. He answered the phone and it was Blake.

At the Boarding House:
Olivia was all giddy. She was getting all dolled up for her date with Josh when Harley came in. Harley wanted to let her know about Richard popping the question to Cassie. Olivia kind of blew it off saying that she knew that and didn't really care, she was fine. She told Harley how excited she was about her date. She told Harley that she wasn't going to be second in anyone's life again. She was going to be first in someone life and hopefully this guy will be the one. Harley left and Olivia finished getting beautiful. Josh called and cancelled their date saying that he was moving back in with Reva. Olivia played it cool and told him that she understood. Josh offered her a job with their new company when it was established and Olivia told him that she wouldn't be around after tonight. Josh asked her if she was leaving and she said yes. They hung up, Olivia cried. She looked so lonely. She changed, turned the classical music up and the lights low. She took a hand full of pills and washed it down with wine.

At the Lewis' house:
Josh comes in to pack and was surprised to find that Reva was home. She was supposed to be out and he was going to get some of his things. She told him that she wanted to talk to him. She told him that she had decided that the reason she did the things she did stem back to her childhood when they had nothing. Josh said that he had known that for years and that is how he had understood all of the other things that she had done in the past. He tells her that it isn't cutting it this time, however and that he is still not moving home. Josh told Reva about Cassie and Richards engagement and watched her reaction. He told her that he knew she would be upset. He starts to leave and Marah comes in. She is happy to see her dad and glad to see that he moved home. Josh starts to tell her that he wasn't moving back when Reva lied and said that he was moving back to be with his family. Josh got madder at Reva and when Marah left he told her that she should not have put him on the spot like that. Somehow she guilted him into staying but he refused to stay in their room. She told him that she would make up the little room downstairs for him. She did and he went to put his things in there. He walked away and watched Reva pick up the phone and begin making a phone call. He told her to tell Cassie hello.

At the Farm:
Richard greets Cassie with flowers. She tells him that she has thought about it and has come to a decision. Simultaneously, they admit that the union wouldn't work out. He explains his self by saying that he didn't think it was fair to ask so much of her and give her very little in return and she said that she feels the same way. They were friendly and when Tammy came downstairs with nightmares, Cassie and Richard told her a story. After Tammy was put to bed, Richard talked about telling that same story to Jonathan. Richard offers Cassie financial help once again and she again, turned him down. Cassie and Richard agree again that marriage would have been a bad idea. It never would have worked. Cassie says: "well, I think we should . . ." Richard says, "Reconsider."

Friday,November 19, 1999

At the Santos Compound:
Pilar comes in on her mom primping in the mirror. She tells Carmen not to worry she doesn't look like a murderer. Pilar said that they would get caught, in time. Carmen tells her that she has the perfect scapegoat. Michelle. She tells Pilar that Michelle has no alibi, has killed before and pulled a knife on Ben in public. Pilar tells her that she will not help her. Carmen tells her that she, Pilar and grandma will go to prison if she turns herself in. Carmen then tells her that Maria said she would take all the blame for Pilar if it comes to that. Carmen demands her help in setting Michelle up. She agrees. Carmen said she was going to get Manny over there and Pilar will keep them occupied while Carmen takes care of some things. Carmen tells her that this is her chance to be a true Santos. Carmen calls and gets Manny to come over and Pilar is still upset about it. Carmen tells her that they will go to jail if she doesn't help her set up Michelle.

Manny shows up. Carmen is distraught. She and Pilar are both acting devastated. Danny begins to tell them about Los Angeles. Carmen boo hoo's over her future that she wanted with Ben. Carmen leaves to compose herself asking them to wait for her to return. Pilar kept them company while Carmen slipped out. Pilar wanted to hear the big news and Danny tells her. Pilar tells them that she is a curse and wouldn't want to bring them down. He asks her to think about it. Carmen comes back and feels better. She asks if she can cancel dinner. They say fine and then Danny tells her about the job offer and the moving. Carmen asks if Michelle is pregnant and Danny wants to know if that would be a problem. She said that it would be wonderful but overwhelming at the same time. Manny leaves and Pilar asks her where she was. Carmen tells her that she is glad Michelle isn't pregnant because her grandchild would be born in prison.

At the Bauers':
Danny tells Michelle that everything will be fine between her and Drew. Then he tells her that he received a job offer in LA from some record company. Michelle is happy, she wants to move and start anew with him. He asks her what she thinks about Carmen and the clan moving with them. She said that was fine with her. The phone rings and Carmen invites the two over for dinner. Carmen offers to invite Abby and Rick over too, but they are both out.

Camen slips in Manny's room and hides the gun in Michelle's drawer, wrapped in a bloody rag. She sprays Michelle's perfume all over it and leaves. She thinks to herself, "powder burns, blood stains, let's see you get out of this one Michelle."

At the Lewises':
Josh asks Reva how long she can go without stressing out about Richard. She denies her feelings, Josh walks off and then comes back when Reva picked up the phone to call Cassie. Josh walks out saying that Reva is so determined to stay in Richards's life, she is looney. Reva goes out to talk to Josh but he tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it. He tells her that he wishes he hadn't stayed because he would have been out having fun. He tells her that he had dinner plans with a woman. She asks him if it was a date and he said yes. Reva got upset and said "a date, how could you." They fight and she said she was only trying to protect her sister. Josh said that was crap. Reva tells him that Richard doesn't love Cassie because he is still in love with her. Josh tells her that she flatters herself and that she is not an "unforgettable" as she thinks. He then tells her that Richard told Billy that he wants nothing more to do with her. He is so over her. Reva doesn't believe it. Reva admits that Richard told her the same thing in SC, but that he didn't mean it. Reva said if he were really over her, he wouldn't be chasing her after her sister all over town would he. Josh tells her that he thinks he is doing that because Cassie is a wonderful lady. Reva gets madder and tells him to go on his little hot date. She isn't going to take any more abuse from him tonight. She tells him to get the hell out of there and Marah walks in and tells her to stop talking to her dad like that. Marah is mad and she asks her mom why she is so selfish. Reva gets upset and leaves. Josh tells Marah that she needs to be more respectful to her mom. Marah leaves for a friend's house and Josh calls Olivia. . He notices that her voice is a little odd. He thinks about it and asks Marah about Tosca. Apparently in the end the heroin kills herself because her lover was gone. Josh calls back and rushes out the door to see if Olivia is alright.

At the boarding house:
Olivia is in her negligee, she has Tosca on. She takes a handful of pills and some wine. Olivia goes to the phone and Josh apologizes to her again. She says that it is okay and Josh asks about the music. She said it was Tosca, very heroic and sad.

Josh gets there and breaks the door down to find Olivia unconscious on the bed. He sees the pills and is upset.

At the farm:
Cassie said that they should think about things and not say no right away to the proposal. They decide to have dinner together. Cassie tells him that she will cook and think while Richard takes a nice long walk. Richard tells her that she needs to be honest with herself and decide if she could marry him knowing that there isn't any love between them.

At dinner, Cassie tells Richard that SC lacks cultural activities for children. He tells her that as Princess she can develop her own children's museum for all the children even the less fortunate of San Cristobel . He tells her that she would be required to travel with him, make the marriage real and to inevitably produce an heir. So at some point they would be expected to make love. He tells her that he understands how her relationship was with Hart and that he knows she has deep feelings and he would never want her to hate him. She doesn't want her to be coerced into anything. Cassie asks about the contract and Richard tells her that they will make their own contract. Cassie is out on the porch thinking. Richard wanders what she thinks about him wanting a contractual marriage, Cassie things that he must think badly of her for stripping. He says that he only sees wonderful things when he looks at her. Reva walks in and tells her that she is making a big mistake. Richard asks her to leave. She tells him to tell her that she loves her sister and she will leave, otherwise, if he ever loved her, he will stop this and find another bride. Reva tells Cassie that she deserves a marriage full of love, not a loveless arrangement. Cassie tells her to get out. Reva leaves. Richard puts on his jacket and tells Cassie that Reva is right, that Cassie does deserve better, he apologizes and begins to leave. Cassie tells him to wait.

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