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Monday, November 8, 1999

In San Cristobel:
Reva shows up and begins trying to get information about Richard and Cassie. Richard tells her that he and Cassie aren't engaged but that he doesn't understand why she cares. Reva wants to know whom Richard is marrying. He tells her that it was a press announcement, nothing more. He asks her about Josh and what he thinks about her coming to San Cristobel . She didn't tell him. He tells her that she sounds like she wants to come back and be with him. She tells him that is not possible. Richard figures out that she doesn't want him in her life, but she also wants him to have no other woman in his life.

Richard tells her to remember what she said to him in Springfield. About how she didn't feel for him she only pitied him. She cried and said that Richard wasn't being fair. Richard responded that he was being honest. He claimed that she wanted both lives and that she is selfish, wanting to control his life and have everything his way. He then tells her that she is no longer a part of his life. He tells Reva that he warned her this day would come and it has, but that it is too late now. He tells her to go home and she runs out crying.

At the Farm
Cassie comes home. She talks to Jenny about her life and about the stripping. Cassie talks to her a little about the Prince. Jenny tells her to call the Prince and tell him that she is available. Cassie says "no" and Jenny leaves. Tammy comes down and plays with Cassie's little stripper outfit. Cassie gets upset when the girl tells her that she wants to look like her mom. She apologizes to Tammy and tells her a story of Cinderella, strangely sounding autobiographical.

At the Carriage House:
Holly and Ross flip the breakers and the power came back on. Holly notices that her laptop is missing. Blake meanwhile changes her name on the story that she sent to Holly on the stolen Laptop. A cop comes over and says that they are investigating a robbery in the area and was wondering if that was Blake's laptop. She makes up a story about a guy running through the woods with the laptop and he dropped it. She picked it up and was going to return it. The cop tells her that it belongs to the Marler's and that he will return it. He wanted her to go along but she faked contractions and got him to leave. The cop came in and returned the computer. Ross and Holly get to the laptop and think about how weird things have been in the last few minutes. Holly wonders if people think they are having an affair. Ross said that he doubted it but he doesn't care what people think.

At the Santos Estate:
Carmen and Pilar are arguing because Pilar has packed and is walking out the door. Pilar tells her that she is leaving so Carmen and Ben can be together. Carmen explains her feelings for Ben and how she doesn't want to be alone anymore. Pilar tells her that Ben is not worth it and that Ben is playing Carmen. Pilar accuses Carmen of wanting Ben more than her. Pilar argues to her about how she got in between Danny and Michelle. Grandma Santos comes in and Pilar talks to her. She tells her that her mom wants to marry Ben. Grandma said that they would have to open Carmen's eyes to the real Ben Warren. Grandma tells Pilar that the plan is working and that Carmen will end up pushing Ben. Pilar tells her that there is a way to make things work out. She asked for her grandma's help and she agreed.

At Company:
Ben and Drew are talking. Ben tells her that he comes with a lot of baggage and that she shouldn't idealize him. Drew tells him that she doesn't want him to distance himself from her. She tells him that she is the happiest person in the world. She gives him a picture of herself and he loves it. She then invites him to Turkey Day with her and the rest of the fam. Carmen came in and asked to talk to Ben. Ben leaves and talks to Carmen. Carmen tells him that Pilar is in trouble and she doesn't know what to do. Abby and Marah come in and tells Josh that Reva said she was flying to Tulsa to meet him. He feels stupid thinking that he just missed her when they flew home early. Billy tries to tell Josh not to have any doubts about where Reva was. Josh can't locate Reva and Marah sneaks and calls the palace. She asks if Reva is there and find's out that she is there. She goes to her dad and tells him what she found out. Josh tells her that she will not have to worry about her mom and Richard any more.

Tuesday,November 9, 1999

At the Santos Compound:
Ray visits with Pilar and she asks if Carmen sent him to talk to her. Ray admits that Carmen is worried about her. He remembers Pilar telling him about trying to kill Ben and now he hears that she is in love with him. Pilar tells him she needs to make a confession. She wants to talk to him as a priest, not a cousin. Pilar says that she hates Ben for what he's done to her family. She blames him for confusing her mother and making Danny leave the house. Pilar says she doesn't know who she is anymore and it's because of Ben. She tells him she has a plan but that it doesn't involve anything illegal. Pilar says she will put Ben in a situation and let nature takes its course. Ray realizes that she is going to seduce her mother's boyfriend. He tells her that she is a good person but Santos blood runs in her veins. He advises her to let it go. They pray and Pilar remembers a conversation she had with Ben where he told her she would be the one to leave the house, not him.

At Company:
Bill and Matt meet up with Rick. They ask him to talk to Vanessa about her busy schedule. They think she should be resting instead of working so much. Outside, Vanessa talks with a professor from school. She is shocked when he apologizes for having to reject Bill's application. Vanessa goes inside and Rick asks her how she's feeling. She asks Bill why he lied to her about school. He tells her he was going to tell her but she fainted that day. He assures her that it will be all right and he'll go to another school. Vanessa thinks she isn't good for anything because she can't help Bill. Rick continues to ask her about her health but she ignores him. Carmen arrives wanting to talk to Bill about Pilar. Vanessa yells at her and blames her for everything that's happened to Bill. Carmen wants to talk to him privately but Vanessa doesn't care what Carmen wants. She gets dizzy and Bill tells Carmen to stay away from Vanessa. Carmen tells Bill that Pilar is in trouble and asks him to talk to her. Bill reminds her that Pilar doesn't want him. Carmen thinks Bill never really cared for her and Bill gets angry. He says he will always care for Pilar but they both made their choices. Carmen offers him another job at SanCorp if he helps her. Bill rejects her offer and Vanessa starts yelling at her again. She tells everyone there that Carmen is dangerous and they should watch out for her. Carmen leaves and Vanessa almost faints again. Rick calls the hospital and tells them to get a room ready for Vanessa.

At the Jessup Farm:
Josh goes to see Cassie at the farm. He tells her that Reva has returned to San Cristobel. He thought that they were going to start over after their time at Cross Creek. He says that he believed her when she said she was ready. Josh says that the last time Reva went there she was looking for her past, now he's afraid she's thinking about her future. Cassie can't believe she would do that. She says she'd like to help but she and Reva aren't on good terms either. Josh thinks it's time to walk away but Cassie tells him he doesn't want to do that. She reminds him that Reva loves him; she's just lost sight of how lucky she is. Cassie goes on and on about her problems and Josh realizes they are talking about her now, not Reva. He asks about her new job and apologizes for unloading his problems on her. He offers to fix a faucet in the kitchen. Reva arrives and she and Cassie argue over Richard. Cassie tells her to stop using her as an excuse to go to San Cristobel. Reva thinks Cassie wants to live out a fantasy and forget her responsibilities in Springfield. She says she's been tempted to do the same thing. Josh comes in and asks her what's stopping her. She is surprised to see him and he asks her how her trip was. Reva tries to explain that she was just concerned about Cassie but Josh doesn't want to hear it. They argue and she tells him that both he and Richard think she wants to have it all. Josh agrees with Richard about that. He tells her that he's tired of waiting for her to get over Richard. She says that she was concerned about Cassie and couldn't walk away from that. He tells her he can and says that he's been in this relationship alone for a long time now. Reva tells him that she could have stayed with Richard but she came home. Josh tells her that she's standing right in front of him, but she isn't home. He says that now she can do whatever she wants and leaves. Reva yells for him not to go and then turns around to see Cassie.

At the Courthouse:
Everyone arrives for Max's adoption hearing. Drew tells Jesse that Ben is trying to protect her by backing out of her life. She says she won't let him do that. Ben tells Ross that he wants Drew and Max to be together. Danny and Michelle arrive and Drew is surprised to see her. Michelle tells her she's doing this for her, not Ben. Susan is called to the stand and she talks about what a good influence Max has been on her because Drew believed in him. Drew tells the judge that she and Jesse are getting married. She also tells him that she is proud to have Ben as her biological father. Michelle is called to the stand and she tells the court that Drew and Max are good for each other. The judge asks her if Ben would be good for Max and she hesitates. Ben thinks it's irrelevant but the judge persists. Michelle says that Ben shouldn't be anywhere near a child. Drew gets angry with Michelle and accuses her of wanting to drag her down. Jesse tries to calm Drew down and tells her that she is going to have to choose between Max and Ben.

Wednesday,November 10, 1999

At the Courthouse:
Buzz and Selena talked about Ben and how the case was preceding. Susan tried to comfort Max. Ben tells Ross that he can fix this for Drew and Max. Jesse tells Drew that she could have to choose between Ben and Max. Ben comes up and tells her to choose Max and forget about him. Ben starts acting rude and tells Drew that she is a complication in his life. He tells her that she doesn't have to choose because he wants out of her life. Ben leaves, tells Ross that he fixed it and leans up against the wall obviously in emotional pain. Ross comes back and tells everyone that Court is resuming. The Judge comes in and Ross recommends that Max be placed with Drew. He tells the Judge that Ben has been altered for life by his love for Drew. He tells the Judge how Ben was willing to walk out on his daughter to get her what she wanted. The Judge finally awards custody to Drew. Everybody hugs. Ben leaves the courtroom and Ross comes after him. He tells Ben that he thought he did the right thing. They shake hands and Ross leaves. Drew comes out to talk to Ben. She tells him that she knows what he did but she still loves him and knows he loves her. She invites him to the party at Towers. They hug and Ben gets teary eyed again.

At Company:
Beth and Lillian talk about Jim and his not wanting to get married. Beth is wallowing in self-pity. Jim comes in and up to Beth. A little chitchat and Lillian leaves to use the phone. Jim and Beth talk about what happened and Beth apologizes for pressuring him into marriage. They both have been thinking about it and decide to talk about it at Towers the following evening. He leaves. Lillian comes back and Beth tells her that she thinks Jim has made a decision, she doesn't think it will be positive. Beth starts laying blame for losing Jim with Lillian. She insults her mom and then apologizes.

Jim and Josh have a meeting. Josh asks Jim to take a meeting tomorrow night. Jim says he already has a meeting (with Beth) but agrees to cancel it. Jim asks for relationship advice and Josh tells him that he has no clue about relationships right now. He tells Jim that he is tired of fighting all the time. Tired of the whole relationship thing.

Jim tells Beth that he has to cancel their date. Beth says fine and makes up excuses about how she couldn't come anyway.

In San Cristobel:
Dax wants to know about Catherine's visit to SC the previous day. Richard explains that she had volunteered to be a part time princess. Performing all the duties to the public and going home to her Joshua at night. Dax tells Richard that he is sorry for her attitude. Richard says that he thinks he is finally over it. Dax takes Richard into the courtyard were there were troves of young beautiful women. Dax tells Richard that this was a selection for him to get to know and maybe even find the princess in. Richard was not pleased. He goes to the girls and sends them on their way. He offers a guided tour of the palace via Col. Dax. Dax hands him a stack of letters from supporters and tells Richard not to act too hasty. The people want Cassie Layne as their princess. Dax does some convincing and Richard agrees to talk to Cassie. Dax goes to prepare Richards departure and Richard stays behind thinking of how "Princess Cassie" sounds.

Olivia and Harley meet up in the palace. Olivia had been crying and Harley comforts her. Harley invites Olivia to come back to Springfield with them. Olivia agrees to meet them at the airport in a couple of hours. Olivia leaves and says 'Goodbye Richard" to the palace.

At the Jessup Farm:
Reva and Josh have it out and he walks out on her. Cassie comes up behind Reva who turns and begins blaming her again, this time for not shutting her up when Josh was in the other room. Cassie told Reva that she made her own mistakes and she has to deal with the consequences. Cassie told her if she didn't wake up soon, she would lose everything. Reva tells Cassie that it is finally over with Richard and she tells her that Richard said the same thing. Cassie asked her if she was more upset about Josh leaving her or about Richard getting over her. Cassie tells Reva that she sounds like an addict, addicted to the Prince. Reva tries to turn things around and tell Cassie that she knows that she has wanted Richard since the first day she met him. Reva wants Cassie to admit that she dreams about Richard. Reva makes a terrible comment about Hart being barely dead when Cassie had feelings for Richard. Cassie kicked Reva out and told her that she would never forgive her for saying that. Reva leaves and Cassie begins looking at her bills again. She calls the bar manager and tells him that she will be in tonight to dance.

Thursday,November 11, 1999

At Cedars:
Pilar try's to comfort Bill while his mom is in the hospital. He doesn't want her there and tells her to leave. She tells him that she loves him and hates Ben. He doesn't want her lies anymore and tells her again to leave.

Pilar goes in to see Vanessa and apologizes for her family. Vanessa tells her to keep her distance from her family. Pilar blames Ben for everything and starts talking to Vanessa about him. Pilar tells Vanessa she has plans for Ben, to get him out of everyone's lives. Vanessa thinks Ben should be eliminated as well but doesn't want Pilar to get in any trouble. Pilar realized it would ease Vanessa's mind if Ben were out of the way as well and said that she would do it for her, for Bill and for her family. Pilar tells Vanessa that her plan is a little risky but that it will make Ben lose everything and get out of their life. Bill comes in and Pilar wishes Vanessa well and says goodbye. She calls Grandma Santos and tells her that she will need her help in the plan to get rid of Ben. Pilar says she will take care of him tonight.

Vanessa tells Bill that Pilar still cares for him. He then tells her about Pilar's diary. He tells her that she is in love with Ben. Vanessa wonders.

At the Santos Compound:
Ben tells Carmen that Drew and Max are officially adopted now and Drew is throwing a small party at Towers. Carmen offers to go and Ben tells her it is just for the immediate family and Carmen gets mad and tells him that she knows he is just saying that because he doesn't want her there. Ben tries to explain things with Carmen about the custody hearing. She says that she thinks he has been trying to distance himself from her around Drew. He denies it and she asks him to prove it. She wants him to be partners in every way and then asks him to marry her. . He tells her it is a big step and he will need a little time. She tells him that he could share everything with her, her business, her fortune, everything. Grandma comes in and hears a bit of their conversation. Grandma said that he is dragging his feet on the proposal. Grandma tells Carmen that Ben is cheating on her, that he is going to be with Pilar tonight. Carmen doesn't know whether to believe her or not.

At the farm:
Cassie is thinking about her job. She hates it. She tells her babysitter to take messages because some may be job openings. Tammy sees Prince Richard on TV and as Cassie walks out, she runs into him on her front porch. He tells her that he wants to talk to her about her future. Cassie tells them that she has to get to work. Richard wants to talk to her. She gets hostile and wont listen to him. She walks out on him. Dax tells Richard that she will change her mind. Richard knocks on the door and asks where Cassie is working and when she will get in. They go to get him some tea and Richard finds the number Cassie left. He calls it and finds that it is a strip club.

He sets and talks to Tammy about the palace. Dax comes in and tells him that he found out that Cassie was indeed stripping at Teasers. Dax tells him that he cannot marry her now because her reputation is tarnished beyond repair.

At Teaser's:
Cassie tells Earl that she can't go on. He gets mad at her and tells her that he isn't going to pay her if she doesn't get on stage, or give him something else. She is locked in with him and he keeps coming towards her. She tells him that she has a boyfriend already. He throws her on the couch and tells her that he will make her feel real good. She tells him to get off her. (He is a true creep)

  • At the Lewises': Reva tells Josh that they can fix the rift between them. He tells her that it is too late. Josh tells her that he is tired of being in the marriage alone and he is tired of it. He tells her that he is moving out. She tells him to wait and they can work it out, that everything is a big misunderstanding. Josh doesn't think so; he thinks that Reva wants Richard. He tells her that she can chase after Richard all she wants because he is out of there. Reva starts telling Josh about how they were always "meant for each other" but Josh still insists that he is leaving. He tells her that her words are empty. She tries to bring up the wedding and he tells her that he remembers every single day of their lives together, and he hates that it wasn't enough for her. She begs him to stay but he leaves anyway. He walks down the drive and meets Marah. She asks him what he is doing when she sees him with his luggage. Marah cries and wants her dad to stay. She tells him that he is leaving her and Shayne as well. Reva tells him that she is right. He sends Marah in the house and then tells Reva not to use the kids against him. He tells her that she didn't think of the kids when she jumped ship to go to San Cristobel. Marah comes back and asks if she can help. She tells Reva that he was on the TV because he was back in Springfield to find a wife. Reva goes towards the house and Marah tells her it isn't on anymore. Josh looks at Reva and tells her that he rest's his case. Marah goes inside and Josh leaves. Reva is still outside crying. Reva goes in and tries to talk to Marah. She tries to get her to understand things but Marah wants her to explain what she means. Marah wants to know about what happened at Cross Creek with her and Richard. Reva avoids the question and finally tells her that nothing happened between them. Marah tells her that she is lying, that if she didn't sleep with him, she wanted too. Marah yelled at her. She tells Reva that she is a Tramp. Reva smacked her and Marah ran out screaming how she understood why her dad left her. Reva broke down crying.

    At Tower's: Ben's apartment:
    Pilar comes out and Ben wants to know what she wants. She tells him that she wants him.

  • Friday,November 12, 1999

    At Teaser's
    Earl is on top of Cassie holding her down to the couch. He tells her to put out or he will call her parole officer. She tells him she has no parole officer and he tells her that most of the girls do. She struggles and he tells her that he had all these posters done and that he is out that cash so she has to pay it back "somehow." She tells him that she will give him money for the posters but nothing else. She knees him and gets up off the couch but he closes a gate so she is trapped in the backroom with him.

    Outside, Dax and Richard are talking. Dax tells Richard that it was a good thought but now he knows Cassie cannot be the new princess. She is just not morally upstanding. Richard feels bad because he knows that Cassie is in a bind and that is the only reason she would ever work in a place like that. Richard hears Cassie scream and busts in the back room. He knocks Earl off of Cassie and saves her. Before he can turn around, Cassie ran out and left. He looks all over for her but can't locate her. He finally finds her hiding behind the phone in the alleyway. He asks her to talk to him. She said she is embarrassed because she knew that he was disgusted by her and the fact that she would work in a place like that. Richard tells her that she is not disgusting and that he wanted to ask her something. He gets Cassie to look at him (she is still crying) and he asks her to marry him. J

    At the Bauers':
    Danny and Michelle come into their bedroom and Danny assures her that she did the right thing in court. She talks about how she hates Ben and hopes he stays out of their lives. They make love and Michelle gets a craving for ice cream. She leaves Danny in bed and goes to the store. He falls asleep. When he wakes up, he looks at the clock and wonders what is taking Michelle so long.

    At the Towers:
    At the party, everyone is having a great time but wondering what is keeping Ben. Ross brings Drew the official adoption papers and they celebrate some more. Selena tells Max that she wishes his mom could see him. Max tells her that he had been thinking of her all day. Selena said that since he is officially Drew's brother, she would love it if he thought of her as another mom. Max said he would really like that. He bent down and hugged her. Susan and Max seem to be having a great time until Marah comes in and drags Max off, because he life is soooo... miserable. She then left him when she saw Jesse. Drew asked Max to dance and so Marah started dancing with Jesse, dirty dancing. Just then her mom comes in and sees her. Marah jumps up on a table and starts dancing and Reva told her to get down. Marah stayed up there and only responded to her mom by " What's the matter mom? Am I not doing it right?"

    At the Towers in Ben's room:
    Ben is on to Pilar. He tells her if she wants it fine, then to get naked. Then he smiles and says he knows she has planted a camera in there to show her mom. She denies it. He goes to take a shower and when he gets out and dresses, Pilar is in her slip. She begins to continue coming on to Ben. Ben gets ill at her and finally throws her back down, rips his shirt off and starts kissing her neck, (he is trying to prove a point, that he knows she is up to something). Just then, just as Pilar planned her mother walked in. Unfortunately, Pilar didn't plan on her drawing a gun and shooting Ben. Pilar runs over to Ben and screams that Carmen had killed him.

    At Company:
    Reva comes in after Buzz got rid of everyone and asked if he had seen Marah. She tells him how she slapped her and how terrible she feels. He gives her advice on Richard and asks her how she really feels. Selena calls and tells him to get over to the Towers. He finds out Marah is there and tells Reva. They haul it over to Towers.

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