GL Recaps: The week of November 1, 1999 on Guiding Light
Edmund threatened Richard, but Richard got the upper hand and control of San Cristobel. Richard and Spaulding held a press conference to announce plans for the new factory. Dax convinced Richard to use the occasion to announce his plans to remarry. Olivia and Cassie heard the news and wondered who would be the new princess. At Cross Creek, Reva and Josh remembered all they had been through to be together and made love. After second thoughts, Cassie started her old job as a stripper and held back on asking Harley for the loan. Danny almost died after Theresa drugged him. A hysterical Theresa confessed to Michelle that Ben Warren was responsible. Carmen learned of Pilar's so-called passion for Ben and accused him of seducing her daughter. After an ugly fight, Ben threatened to move out, but Carmen begged him to stay and demanded Pilar seek professional help. Pilar was stunned when Carmen chose Ben over her. Pilar comforted Bill about Vanessa's illness, but he later learned of her relationship with Ben and interpreted her motives and intentions as another betrayal.
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Monday, November 1, 1999

At Ben's Apartme
nt: Carmen is still fussing about Pilar's attraction to Ben. She finally gets to the point where she accuses Ben of making Pilar fall for him and even seducing her. Ben finally told Carmen that she should believe whatever she wanted because he was through playing the trust game with her. Carmen leaves only to return and apologize to Ben moments later. She tries coming on to him but he tells her "not now." She leaves and says to herself that Ben should be glad that he didn't come on to Pilar because then she would have to kill him. Ben looks at Pilar's diary and says that she is a stupid little girl and that she has no idea what she has started.

At Millennium:
Theresa checks Danny for a pulse and doesn't get one. She tries to call someone but the phone is out and the door is stuck. She bangs on the door and yells for help. Michelle comes and opens the door. She finds Danny unconscious and asks Theresa what happened. Theresa finally admitted that she drugged Danny with the vial that Michelle found on her earlier. Michelle sends Theresa after Rick and she begins CPR. After awhile Michelle gets a pulse. Theresa finds Rick and gets him to come up to help Michelle and Danny. After Rick gets to work Michelle questions Theresa further about why she drugged Danny. Theresa admits that she did it to shed Danny of his inhibition, so that he would realize who the best woman for him was. Michelle wanted to know who she got the idea from and after a struggle and a threat to call the police she admits that Ben Warren put her up to it.

Bill comes in looking for Michelle. Pilar walks behind him and ask what he is doing there. He tells her and begins to leave. She asks him to stop and talk to her, that she is his friend. He says that Pilar isn't his friend and that she dumped him when he needed her. She tries to tell him that she was only doing what was best for him. Pilar says she had to do what she did to take care of some things. She says things are changing in her life and hopefully all will be over by the end of the night. She mentions that she had to get Ben out of their lives and that if her plan works he will be.

At Teaser's:
Cassie refuses to undress in front of the bar manager. She runs out humiliated and not knowing what to do next. She gathers her self together and phones Harley to accept the loan. She tracked her down at Millennium and was taken aback when Harley agrees that Cassie was right in declining the offer earlier in the day. Harley says that she thinks Cassie was right and that money and friendship don't mix. Harley says it was wrong and she apologizes Cassie has tears rolling on her face and says she is glad Harley understands, she hangs up and whispers, " now what am I going to do."

At Cross Creek:
Reva has blindfolded Josh and they are entering Cross Creek cabin. He takes it off and says that he knew that was where they were going. She tells him that she wants to recapture their times together and while he agrees that their lives were built around Cross Creek, all he can see right now was her and Richard on the floor. He understands that they both have brought others into their haven and he is willing to try. The caretaker comes in with some older people. He tells Josh and Reva that their bus broke down and needed a place out of the weather while he fixed the problem. They invited them in and made them comfortable. An old man talks with them. Reva reminds him of his late wife. He says that they were married 47 years. Some good and some not so good. Reva and Josh realize their mistake, as the man talks, he tells them not to waste time with each other.

Tuesday,November 2, 1999

At Ben's:
Ben tells Carmen that he isn't in the mood to fool around. He decided to order room service. She puts the diary in her purse. Ben comes back and asks her what she wants to eat and she says to choose for her. She asks why he is giving her the cold shoulder and there is a knock on the door. Drew stops by and they get to talking about the adoption of Max. Carmen feels out of place and says that she is going to go talk to Pilar. Drew tells her that she is at Millennium. Carmen leaves. Drew talks to Ben about his relationship with Carmen and he admits that he does love her in his own way. Drew asks what way is that? Ben tries to explain but isn't successful. Drew says that real love is like a tornado where a person is swept away with emotions. She tells him that when she was younger she was the most selfish brat until she met Jesse and Selena and Max. She learned about giving and taking and living through your heart and that is what makes you a better person. She tells him if what he has with Carmen isn't like that he can call it whatever he wants but not love. Drew says she knows about his past with Selena and that she knows that he experienced love with her if just that one night. He agrees. Drew tells him that he is still the same person inside because she can see it. She tells him that she thinks he needs to start living a little truer to himself. Ben tells her that he is incapable of loving someone else. Drew doesn't believe him. She says, "How would you feel if I died tomorrow, would you miss me? would you be hurt?" he says it would kill him and she says that's what she thought, that little boy is still in him. They hug and Ben looks like he finally understands. Ben tells her that he loves her and Drew tells him that she also loves her dad.

At Millennium:
Michelle asks Theresa why Ben wanted her to drug Danny. Theresa says Ben has some hidden agenda because it doesn't make sense why he came to her and asked her to break Manny up. Danny is up and comes to the girls and asks what they were saying about Ben. Michelle asks Danny to sit down and he does and Rick tells him he was drugged. He knows then that Theresa did it. Theresa starts to tell him about Ben and Michelle stops her because she doesn't want Danny to know. Michelle drags Theresa outside and threatens her. She says if she wants to get away with this she better play it by her rules because she doesn't want Danny to know about Ben. Michelle says, "You will live to regret this...if you live at all." Michelle says that Theresa will take full responsibility for this or jail will be an understatement. She also tells her that she has been living with Carmen long enough to pick up a few tricks. Danny walks over and demands to know what was going on. Theresa breaks down and tells him that it wasn't her fault. She thinks about what Michelle said and then blamed it on her family stress and pressures. She declares that it is all her fault and Manny leaves her crying.

Pilar and Bill are talking. She tells him that she was trying to protect him. It looks like he believes her but he still wants to know why she defended Ben Warren. She assures Bill that she isn't on Ben's side and after she is through, he'll be able to see what is up. She can't say anymore but Bill wants to know. "Tell me what is going on..." She finally agrees to but not there, somewhere private. Bill goes to get the keys. Carmen comes in and confronts Pilar about the diary. Bill gets hold of it and is shocked and turns against Pilar. He is totally sickened at the thought of Pilar having fantasies about Ben. He walks off. Carmen asks Pilar about it and Pilar admits that she has a burning lust for Ben and can't control herself. Carmen slaps her. She apologizes and tells her that they will get help for her. A psychiatrist. Pilar said that she would see the doctor but that it wouldn't change how she feels. Carmen leaves. Pilar goes out and finds Bill she tries to hug him but he wants her far away from him. She tries to explain but Bill tells her that he wouldn't believe a word she said. Bill leaves.

At the Cabin:
Blake and Joe are talking. He thinks they really fooled Ross. Blake is upset that she did that to Ross and she is sure that it is beyond over now. Joe reads her book and tells her that it is great but that anyone can tell it is about her life. Blake doesn't think so and tells him that the first installment will be in the Journal tomorrow morning. Joe leaves and Blake sets down to write some more. Blake is once again talking to her characters. She want them to go but they keep talking to her about Joe and all. They actually start arguing with her. Blake unplugs her computer so they will leave and they do. She says "Dear god what is wrong with me. I'm really losing my mind."

At the Carriage House:
Holly and Ross are reading Blake's romance novel. They talk about Blake's new boyfriend, Ross is upset because he didn't believe he existed, but he thinks that may have been wishful thinking. Seeing Blake with someone else ended all hopes he had. Ross tells Holly that he and Blake are through. He talks about the cheating and how she slept with Ben. They look at a tool catalogue. Then at Sam's box. Ross is laughing because the box Sam said he carved was bought in this catalogue and Holly is laughing too. They put safety glasses on and make a pact to destroy the box with a hammer! They are feeling much better now. They talk about the old days and how they are such good friends. Ross asks what she thinks would have happened if they had gotten married and she asks if he thinks about that and he says to be honest quite often. They agree it is best they didn't. They also agree they weren't bad together. They laugh and he says he fondly remembers their time together. Ross and Holly begin making schedules about taking care of the boys. They laugh again and they talk about how great the other one is. Holly says it is Blake's loss, another woman will benefit from the great man in front of her. Ross says he will find stability, not boring but stable. Holly has the same definition of her love life..."Most importantly I want a friend." Ross says. "Yes. It is so important to be friends." They look at each other.

Wednesday,November 3, 1999

In San Cristobel:
Harley and Phillip get to the palace just as Richard has arranged a press conference. Harley is impressed at the palace but ill at Phillip for bringing her to a business meeting when he promised her romance and sandy beaches. Phil told her that after the business there will be plenty of time for pleasure.

Colonel Dax tells Richard that the people want to hear about his engagement. Richard says that he will try to side step that if at all possible. He tells him that the gathering was to inform the world of the deal between San Cristobel and Spaulding Enterprises. Of course when the people started asking questions it was immediately focused on and Richard told his followers that indeed there will be a royal wedding and that he will not release the future princess's name out of respect for her privacy. Dax was please and after the assembly broke told Richard so. Dax answered a call from Olivia who wanted to know about the mystery fiancée. Dax told her if she got there ASAP, it could be her. She set out for San Cristobel . Richard confides in Harley and Phillip about his not really having a fiancée but that he was going to have to get one, to produce an heir to the throne. Harley wishes him luck, while she secretly tells Phil that she hopes he doesn't go after Cassie, Reva, or Olivia. Richard sets off by himself and thinks of Cassie.

At Cross Creek:
Reva greets Josh and asks him why he slept on the couch. She tells him that she was waiting on him upstairs. He tells her that he went for a walk and talked to HB. Reva wonders if he got any answers and he tells her that his Dad always did tell him what was what. He starts to go out for firewood when Reva stopped him and asked him why he needed firewood to heat the cabin when they could make there own heat. After a short talk they kiss and finally make love. Afterwards, Josh goes out for firewood and Reva turns on the TV, just in time to see Richard announce his engagement. She is heartbroken, crushed but she hides it when Josh comes in. He tells her that he and Billy have a meeting with Investors in Tulsa and that he needs to head that way but that she should go home and spend time with her kids. Reva agreed and promised herself to fight for Josh and forget Richard.

At Millennium:
Cassie meets up with an old stripper friend, Jenny. She brings Cassie an outfit to wear when she returns to work. Jenny leaves and Cassie stuffs the outfit in her bag. Olivia sees it and asks Cassie about it. She tells her it is from Halloween. They talk about Richard and notice that he is on the television above the bar. They watch and both are wondering who Richard's mystery woman is. Olivia calls and talks to Dax who tells her that it could be her, if she comes back to San Cristobel . Olivia gets excited and tells Cassie she has to go back to SC to see if her dreams can come true.

At Company:
Drew and Selena come in and are talking about Ben. Buzz goes by and acts cold to her. Drew wants to know why and she tells her about Buzz walking in on her and Ben and thinking the wrong thing. Drew suggests that Selena and Ben get together but Selena tells her that she needs a stable man to sit home with, not a bad boy. Drew asks her if she still loves Buzz and Selena admits that she does. Drew tells her to go for it and she does. She goes over to Buzz and apologizes for the way she has treated him. She thanks him for how he has helped her and finally admits to him that she loves him. Buzz is thrilled and he takes her home to "make up."

Beth and Lillian are having breakfast. Beth tells Lillian that she and Jim have decided to move in together. Lillian's disappointed that they're not getting married but Beth reminds her that they are adults who know what they want. Lillian tells her that she needs to think about things awhile.

Thursday,November 4, 1999

At the Carriage House and Cabin:
Holly and Ross want to celebrate their good fortune Ross has to work but takes a rain check, they say the only thing missing is Blake. At the Cabin: Blake dreams about Ross declaring his love for her and they kiss, she wakes up and continues with the novel. Blake talks to herself about how she needs people, she talks to the phone in different accents to see if she can disguise herself, but doesn't want to hurt Holly again by taking away Ross. Blake puts a coffee filter on the mouthpiece of the phone and uses a high-pitched voice to call Holly. Holly praises her work and asks about her background, she wants to know when the next installment is going to get her, Blake tells her soon. Ross gets on the phone; Blake put more filter paper on the phone. Ross tells her that he also enjoyed her novelette. Blake is very happy about that. She begins talking to herself again, saying she wants Ross to be happy and that she will always love him. Blake send in another installment of her novel through email to Holly, she panics when she realized that she used her real name after sending it. She races out to the door saying that she must get it back before Holly sees it. Holly and Ross. Holly is checking her email to see if the new installment had come in.

At the LeMays:
Susan is talking to her dad. She tells him that it is hard for her to find room for Lizzie's stuff and that it may be better if they move to the mansion, Jim refuses, saying that this is only temporary, that he and Beth are going to buy a house later, Susan asks him if he wants to marry Beth. Jim assuring Susan about the whole Beth thing, telling her that he loves her but that she could never replace her mother. He tells Susan that Beth is just moving in. Beth comes over and they talk. Beth wants to talk about their future, she tells Jim she wants them to get married. Beth asking Jim to marry her before they move in together, Jim refuses. Beth said she did some stupid things in this relationship, SC thing and competing with Susan for Jim's affections. She said that Lizzie is very young and the moving in thing is going to confuse her, she wants Lizzie to be proud of her. Beth leaves and is crying outside saying what has she just done.

At Company:
Michelle sitting at company playing with a huge knife, Bill comes in, Michelle tells him what happened the night before, how she hates Ben, Bill has been turned down by Springfield University because of his corporate espionage. Vanessa comes in and talks to Bill about school and how Ben can't hurt him anymore. She goes and calls Matt and tells him that she is not hungry and she is going home. Michelle asks Bill how can he forget what Ben has done to him. He says just ignore it. Michelle says she can't, she talks about old stuff, like what he did to Abby and Blake and Ross. Bill leaves to talk to his mom. . Bill tells Vanessa that he has changed his mind about returning to school; Vanessa got dizzy and asks Bill to drive her home. Drew comes into Company. Michelle is talking to herself, saying she needs to hit Ben where it hurts. Ben comes into Company, walking toward Drew's table, Michelle stop him half way, telling him that he almost killed her husband and wants to know why he does these kind of thing, Ben tells her that he just does. He tells Michelle, that the little wife should go home and take care of her little husband; Michelle gets mad and takes the knife out.

At the Santos Compound:
Pilar comes in half dressed. She tells Ben that Carmen does not suspect anything; Ben tries to get Pilar to understand that there is nothing for Carmen to suspect. Carmen comes in tells Pilar to put some clothes on. Pilar says she was just exercising, they argue about Ben. Ben says he is going to move out. He says that he likes the excitement, but he needs a break from it, Carmen begs him to stay. She says she has called Dr.Bradford and is going to get Pilar for some help. Pilar says she does not need help. She says she is moving out to live with Manny, if she can't live with them then she will get an apartment of her own. Ben leaves and Pilar tells Carmen she can't believe that she would choose Ben over her and that she is going to regret it. She also tells her that Ben needs something that Carmen can't give him, and that she does not need help. Pilar leaves and says out loud that she is going to make both Ben and Carmen pay.

Friday,November 5, 1999

Drew and Danny walk into Company and find Michelle holding a knife to Ben's throat!! Michelle demands the truth about Ben's involvement with Theresa in drugging Danny at Millennium. Ben denies everything, and walks away to see if Drew believed her best friend. Meanwhile, Drew blasts Michelle for accusing her father of such a terrible thing. Drew and Ben make plans to have dinner (someplace other than Company) to calm down. Before leaving, Danny assures Ben that he is aware of what happened and that someone in Springfield will get him in the end. This concerns Michelle, but Danny says that someone else will take care of Ben, since so many people in Springfield are on to his schemes.

Blake tries to break into the Carriage house she shared with Ross to delete the email telling Holly who "Darlena" really is. She seems that Holly is trying to download the information and cuts the electricity in the house. While Holly and Ross fumble around in the darkened house, Blake steals her mother's computer . Before she leaves, she spots Ross and Holly in a what could be construed as a romantic moment when Holly injures her knee in the darkness.

Olivia returns to San Cristobel and offers to marry Richard for the sake of the country. Richard is impressed by Olivia's offer, he turns her down when he realizes that she's still in love with him. As Olivia breaks down, Richard tells his ex-fiancée that use her feelings for him to help him out of his bind to find a Princess. Dax suggests Richard ask Cassie to marry him. Back in Springfield, Reva attempts to apologize for her argument with Cassie the other day in hopes that they can all be together for the holidays. When Reva spots Cassie's suitcase (packed for her show at the strip club), Reva accuses Cassie of being the one who is engaged to Richard. After Cassie leaves for her job at the strip joint, Reva makes a decision to stop her sister at all costs.

Selena and Buzz are still mending their relationship. At Company, after Selena refuses again to take painkillers, Buzz tries to help Selena when she overdoes it on rehab. Selena expresses to Buzz that she wants to walk down the aisle at Drew's wedding and has to push herself in therapy.

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