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Monday, September 20, 1999

In San Cristobel , Richard was crying out to the departing Santos Yacht, "How can you do this to me again?" Cassie watched as he agonized over the loss of his wife and child from afar. Richard saw her and was angered. He returned with her to the palace and wanted to know where Jon was. Cassie didn't understand. Richard believed she knew exactly what was up with Reva and believed that Cassie knew she had been giving Jon away to the "adoptive" parents.
Cassie assured Richard she knew nothing of the plan; she had only returned to get her plane ticket, but Richard thought it was all a plot to buy Olivia and the others some time to get Jon out of San Cristobel and to get Reva and Josh on the boat and on their way home. Richard grew really angry and tore up all of Catherine's letters. He then told Cassie that she would not leave San Cristobel until he had his son back. She told him that she understood, that she, too, had had her daughter taken from her, as well as her fiancÚ. Richard paused a moment and told her to go before he changed his mind. Cassie began to walk away but then stopped at the door and started back toward Richard.
Reva was upset on the yacht, wondering how she could have done that to Richard. Josh told her that without her, Richard would have never had the opportunity to see Jon again. She wished she had never gone to San Cristobel. Josh agreed.

At Company, Buzz interrupted Ben before he could spill the beans to Drew. He said not to say anything to Drew because he wasn't sure that he was her father. Ben said that he would be soon; he had already ordered the paternity test. Buzz was upset. Ben left. Buzz talked to Drew, who defended Ben; she thought he was a pretty cool guy. She didn't like how Buzz had interfered but could understand that he felt his position with her and Selena was being threatened.
Holly saw Sam in Company and called him. She was sitting across the restaurant from him. She apologized and asked for another chance.

At the Bauer Cabin, Harley helped Blake move in. Harley noticed a great big bag of romance novels, and Blake admitted her weakness for the love stories. Harley said that Blake should write her own romantic thriller. Blake thought that might be a good idea. After Harley left, Blake sat down with her laptop and started "Chapter 1."

In the Hospital, Rick told Selena that she had to want to help herself before she could get better.
Selena promised to try so Rick exited. Ben entered, and Selena immediately knew that he knew. He told her that she had changed her name and looked different, but he still remembered her very fondly. He thanked her for showing him kindness and making him feel whole. He told her that he had never forgotten how she had made him feel, and he hoped that Drew was his daughter.
Selena asked Ben not to say anything to Drew, and Ben said he would do that for Selena, but he wanted to know and had scheduled a DNA test. Selena said that she wanted to know also. Ben left, and Selena said that she already knew that Ben was Drew's father in her heart.
Drew and Buzz entered. Drew told Buzz that Ben Warren had called her and told her to stop and submit samples for a paternity test, so that it would be on file. Buzz looked in and saw a tender moment between Selena and Ben.