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Monday, August 9, 1999

In San Cristobel:
Edmund talks it over with Olivia trying to get her to come in on his plans to murder Reva/Catherine. He taunts her with his version of reality, saying that Reva will remarry Richard and leave Olivia as the lowly assistant once again. He finally convinces Olivia that Reva has to be killed and it has to take place the night of the masked ball. Olivia leaves the room, talking to herself. She vows that it is better that Reva die then find out what happened to her son.
Reva and Richard are out on a picnic trying to recapture some memories they shared right before Catherine vanished. Reva remembered feeling a great deal of anxiety on that night. She was worried about her son. She remembered feeling safe and loved by Richard. She could remember things they talked about, things they did, what she was feeling, but nothing about what she was thinking at the time. She pressed Richard to duplicate the night until she learned they made love. Reva decided to call it a night then and left Richard outside alone. Richard thought of how close he and his Catherine had become and knew that if he waited a while longer, he would have his Catherine back, completely.

At Company:
Blake remembers that she supplied the blood for Cassie's testing at the hospital, so she must be the new expecting mommy. She doesn't want to tell Ross until the test is verified. Even when Ross catches her as she faints, brings her water and asks her what is wrong, Blake doesn't say. She tells Cassie that she doesn't want Ross thinking that she planned it and with her track record, he could believe anything. Cassie finally convinces Blake to be honest with Ross about everything. Blake decides to do it.

At the Carriage house:
Sam comes over and asks Holly out on a date. It scares Holly in a way, (it has been a while since she has dated), and tells him that she was going out of town. When Ross comes over she leads Sam to believe that the trip she is going on is not business related. Sam takes the hint and leaves. Ross and Holly leave for Chicago together to discuss the sale of the newspaper.
Blake calls right after they left and the babysitter tells her that Holly left with a man.

At Drew's:
Drew tells Max that Jesse moved out. Max thinks it is because of him but Drew tells him that it was because of her Jewish values that Jesse did not understand.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Josh calls Billy, Matt, Jim and Danny together to brainstorm about how to bust Reva out of the Palace of Doom. Danny is resistant because the plan involves Michelle and he doesn't want to put her at risk. When Cassie and Michelle discover that they are being left out of the plans they insist on being included. The group plans the rescue during the upcoming Masked ball at the palace.

Meanwhile, at the palace, Richard announces that the mystery regarding the attempt on Reva's life has been solved. A guard, with an apparent hatred for Catherine has been found, along with a suicide note, in his quarters. Later, during a particularly exciting game of archery Richard admits to Edmund that he wants Catherine to stay with him forever. Back inside, Reva remembers that it was Olivia that she gave her baby to on the night that she left. She confronts Olivia.

On the teen scene, Max hangs around the hospital looking like a lost puppy trying to speak with Susan. After she ignores him for awhile she tells him that she wants nothing to do with him because of how he treated her in front of his friends. At the boarding house, during a passionate moment, Pilar admits to Bill that she is a virgin. Bill feels thrilled that Pilar feels close enough to him to share this.

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

At Drew's:
Michelle comes over to borrow some of Drew's wardrobe so that she will be able to put on an air of wealth. While she is there, she mentions that she wants to go with Drew to check out dresses for her and Jesse's upcoming nuptials. Drew doesn't mention the break up until Jesse comes by. He asks to speak to Drew alone, but Drew insists that Michelle stay. Michelle soon learns that not only has Jesse moved out but he is also planning on taking a job out of town, in New York to be precise. Michelle takes some clothes and leaves. Jesse and Drew talk a bit and ultimately end up in a passionate embrace.

At the Santos Estate:
Danny calls to arrange for the yacht to take Michelle and himself back down to San Cristobel . Manuel, the boat's captain, calls and reveals the plan to Carmen. When Danny comes in she announces that she knows the plan and she knows that he is going to help rescue Reva. But, she tells him that if he wants to go without any interference from her, then he will have to smuggle some barer bonds into the country for payment to an associate of there's. He protests until Carmen says that she will call and blow the whole plan out of the water, if he didn't agree to do it. Ultimately he does agree.

At Harley's:
Cassie and Blake come to visit Harley and Baby Alan. They talk a bit, and Blake is getting overly emotional. She goes to call her mom to find out about this mystery man she is off with. Cassie tells Harley that Blake is pregnant and that Ross can't be found. Cassie believes that Ross is Holly's mystery man, but doesn't tell Blake. Harley tells Blake that she knows that she is pregnant and they talk about motherhood. Blake calls Holly because she has decided that Holly's "friend" is Sam the cowboy. Holly tells Blake that if it were, it wouldn't be her business and hangs up.

In Chicago:
Holly and Ross talk over the deal to sell the paper. She begins to talk to him about Blake and he begins to talk about Sam to her. She talks to Blake on the phone while Ross calls his investigator to check out Sam.

In San Cristobel:
Reva pressures Olivia about her having left Jonathan with her. Olivia finally admitted it only to tell her that the baby died. Reva goes to tell Richard, even though Olivia begged her not to. She runs to him, hugs him and then brakes the bad news.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

At Drew's Apartment:
Jesse and Drew have just finished making love when he gets up to pack a few things to take with him to New York City. Drew questions him asks why he is still leaving. Jesse says that he has to take this time in NYC for himself and his art. He tells her that he has been putting his art on hold ever since the Selena and Max fiasco's. Drew jumps to a negative conclusion and the two begin to fight. Jesse throws up the fact that she only started caring about her religion in the past few weeks. She says that is not true and that she has always held very strong Jewish beliefs. They argue and Jesse leaves with Drew yelling at him not to come back.

In San Cristobel:
Edmund tells Olivia that with all the bad press that the palace is getting no one will suspect that they were the ones on the attempt on Reva's life. She tells him that she told Reva everything about what happened to Jonathan.
At first when Reva tells Richard that Jonathan is dead he thinks it is a cruel hoax planned out so that she may return to Springfield. Reva assures Richard that it is not the case and begins telling him about her fears before she left and how she left the baby with Olivia. Richard storms into where Olivia and Edmund are and tells her that he wants to know where she buried his son and she did to him. He found out that she buried Jonathan in a meadow at her home. He tells her that he hates her and leaves. Outside the palace, Reva tries to get Richard to listen to reason where Olivia is concerned. She says that she put Catherine in a terrible position and that he should forgive her because Olivia loves him. He tells Reva that he has never stopped loving her and to prove it, he is setting her free.
Edmund tells Olivia that he will prosecute her for murder if she does not go through with the plan to help eliminate Reva.

At Company:
Matt comes in and interrupts Pilar and Bills meal. He tells him about a job offer for Spaulding in Europe that Vanessa is going to offer him, but Bill turns it down. Pilar is talking to David, who is taping the conversation. he tells Pilar that her house will be searched by police this afternoon and that they need to get anything they do not want found out. Pilar tells Bill that she has to leave. Bill confronts David about him upsetting Pilar. As he pulls David around, the tape recorder falls to the ground.
Susan and Max make up after he tells one of his friends to beat it so that he can talk to Susan. He talks to her about Jesse and Drew and about the Jewish thing. She makes him feel better and suggests that he speak with Drew. Max thinks he will.

Friday, August 13, 1999

At the Jessup Farm:
Blake is going through the stables to see what she can find out about Sam. She finds a note that says he is leaving town for a few days on personal business. This just confirms to Blake that he is in Chicago with her mother. Blake finds a Shakespearean novel under the hay that Sam sleeps on. She is not impressed, she thinks it is some sort of con to suck her mom into a relationship. She then find Parole papers and thinks that she hit the jackpot. She calls Holly's hotel to warn her but cant get through. She calls and reserves a ticket on the next flight out to Chicago.

In Chicago:
Ross impresses Holly by having all the contracts ready in case she decides to sell the paper. She is a little nervous about the transition and Ross has to calm her down a little. Stuart Moore knocks on the door and Ross lets him in. They go over the proposal and Holly wants some guarantees for her staff. He doesn't want to deal. It's all business. Ross tries to convince Holly to sign the papers but she isn't sure. Ross thinks the "Crazy Cowboy" put ideas into her head but she shows him an article that she wrote for the paper. She doesn't want to sell. She tells Stuart that she is not going to sell. He gets mad and leaves.
Blake is outside the room and walks in to see Ross and Holly in the bedroom. She thinks they are having an affair.

At the Santos Estate:
Carmen gives Danny a briefcase of barer bonds, two million dollars worth for him to smuggle into San Cristobel. Pilar comes in and warns of the police coming. She tells them David warned her. Pilar takes up for David. Carmen tries to stop Pilar from taking the barer bonds out of the house. Bill comes in and Pilar tries to get him and herself out of the house. They leave. Michelle wants to know what's up. Danny isn't talking. The cops come in. They didn't find anything and Frank says that he thinks someone tipped them off. They leave. Michelle asks again, what's going on. Carmen listens to their conversation outside the room. Michelle feels left out and leaves.

At Company:
David tells Bill the tape recorder was for taping his sessions with his attorney. When Bill begins to listen to it, Frank comes in and takes it. He covers David's butt by saying that it is stolen from the Police Dept. David tells Frank that it's all set up, Pilar knows about the bust and that the cops can go in and make David look like a hero. Vicky comes in and talks to David. She wants to apologize. She talks about how Alan upset her. She wants everything to be okay with him and her. He thinks they should stir clear of each other for now. Pilar and Bill come back into Company and Pilar thanks David for the tip about the police. She kisses him and Vicky gets mad and storms out.
Josh and Jim discuss plans their rescue plan of Reva complete with setting off bombs as a diversion. Josh says that he is going to deal with Prince Richard personally. Jim tries to reason with him but Josh is so adamant I don't think he listened. Jim doesn't want to be apart of any vendetta against Richard. Josh says he isn't going to believe it's over until he has Reva back in his arms.

In San Cristobel:
Richard tells Reva that he will make her plane reservations and that she can be home tonight. She tries to talk to him and he tells her that she has accomplished their task and that she is free to go. Richard is acting distant and tells Reva that he never wants to hear from her again. Reva is upset and wants to know why Richard is treating her so coldly. She asks if he blames her for Jonathan's death because she left him with Olivia. Reva begs him to talk to her and he tells her that it hurts too much for her to be there. Reva doesn't feel that she can leave without knowing why she left without her son. Reva tells Richard that they need to go to the grave together. He tells her that she should go pack and then they would go to his grave. Reva comes down packed, looking at a picture of Jonathan. Reva calls home crying and tells Josh that Jonathan is dead. She tells him that she will be home tonight.
Reva and Richard go to the meadow where Jonathan is supposedly buried and can't find a marker. Reva is upset and decides that all is not right. She declares that she isn't leaving until she knows what's up.

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