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Monday, June 7, 1999

At the Spaulding's:
Beth is making out with Jim, who agrees to spend the night. As they rush up to Beth's bedroom, Jim's phone rings and it is Susan, upset and crying about Harley. She tells Jim that she is at the hospital with Harley and Jim needs to be there. Jim and Beth leave.
   David has just woke from a few hour nap with Vicky by his side. They talk about a weekend getaway and how they can spend quality time alone. Meanwhile downstairs, Alan and Annie come home from the Spaulding Foundation Benefit. Alan is livid that Vicky did not show up. Annie gets angry when Alan rejects her seduction and breaks a glass in her hand. She tells Alan to leave her alone and she goes to the hospital herself. Vicky comes down and Alan berates her for standing the family up, she tries to explain but Alan interrupts her and tells her that they got the deal they were working on but that he thinks he will give it to Phillip. Vicky pleads with Alan and he agrees to give her another chance. Vicky returns upstairs and tells David, who tears up the reservations for the weekend getaway that they had just planned.

At the hospital:
Abby is thrilled about the implant and tried to hear everything from the tissue box to the paper the doctor has. He tells her and Rick that they may go home.
   Harley is told that she has preeclampsia, and has bed rest ordered for the remainder of her pregnancy. Harley tells Phillip the reason she did not call the hospital sooner was that she didn't want to mess up Susan's party. Susan overhears this and blames herself for Harley's medical condition. Phillip goes to comfort her and he tells her that he realizes that she did not like the thought of Harley having another baby at first but that he knows that she feels better about the baby now and would not hurt Harley for anything. Susan agrees and then Phillip thanks Susan for being calm enough to help Harley when she needed it, Susan and Phillip hug.
  When Jim and Beth arrive, Susan quickly complains that because he was with Beth, he wasn't there to help her. He takes her aside and faces his angry daughter who vows that Beth will never be her mother. Meanwhile, Lizzie remains afraid from the close call and the fact that everyone has been ignoring her. When Annie comes in for her hand she is the only one that is there to help and Listen to her.

At the Bauer's:
Rick brings Abby home and all is well until the implant stops working. Abby is hysterical and believes that she was never meant to hear.

Tuesday, June 8, 1999

Reva and Josh enjoy mudbaths and massages on their honeymoon in San Cristobel.

Abby doesn't sleep all night worrying about why her implant stopped working. In the morning, when Rick suggests they call the doctor, Abby becomes upset and irrational, refusing to see anyone, convinced that she was not meant to hear. Rick decides to call the doctor anyway and soon he appears (in their bedroom, no less!) and gives her a new external unit, suggesting that might be the problem. Abby tells Rick about the flood of feelings that overcame her when she heard her own voice and her fear that it may never happen again. Rick encourages her and they discover that the new unit works and Abby can hear again.

Drew tells Jesse that she and Selena have agreed to act like strangers, ignoring each other. Later, outside of Company while she is hiding in the bushes, Drew secretly overhears Selena tell an emotional tale about nearly losing Drew when she was pregnant and although she doesn't admit it, Drew seems moved by Selena's story.

Danny announces that Carmen should tell all of the families at cousin Ray's first mass about the changes in store for the Santos family. Carmen hesitates but agrees. Later, in secret, Carmen tells Ben that she has absolutely no intention of legitimizing the family business, regardless of what her children tell her. Danny tells Michelle that he has also asked Ray to marry them after the service on Friday, this time for the two of them. Deitz eavesdrops on the Santos family conversations and plans a hit on someone in the family for Friday. Who will it be?

Wednesday, June 9, 1999

Beth seeks out Harley for advice on how to handle Susan now that she is dating Jim. Harley remembers the hard time she gave her father and urges her to trust that everything will work out.

Taking Jim back to the Spaulding mansion after their tennis date, Beth is frightened when she catches Lizzie and Annie playing together.

Ross learns that it was Ben who arranged for Holly's court date to be moved up to a more favorable time. He thanks his brother and offers to help him solve his problem with the Santos family.

Realizing what her mother went through to give birth to her, Drew approaches Selena and demands to know why she gave her up easily. Selena denies that she did anything of the sort and sadly reveals that she was taken from her without warning by Children's Services and never saw her again. She apologizes for the way she's acted and forgives Selena.

When Jim tries to convince his daughter that it's a good thing that he and Beth are friends, Susan complains to Max about Beth and asks for his help in a scheme. After grabbing an old newspaper story about Phillip and Beth winning a tennis tournament in Arizona, she later offers the article to her father as proof that Beth lied about being a terrible tennis player in an effort to get close to him.

Thursday, June 10, 1999

Showing Ben the last letter her husband wrote to her before he died, Carmen boasts that she intends to keep her promise to her husband to keep up the family business. She mentions her plan to talk with her associates after Ray's mass today.

Meanwhile, Dietz meets with a thug and arranges for him to take care of the Santos family after the mass.

Michelle and Danny are walking on air as they wait for the appointed time to be secretly married. Sensing that they are up to something, Rick questions them but doesn't learn about the wedding until Danny asks for permission to marry Michelle. Hearing that Danny is turning the family business legit, Rick reluctantly gives his approval.

Testing her hearing in public for the first time, Abby is thrilled to hear her sister-in-law's good news and asks if she and Rick can join them at the church. As the mass gets underway, everyone is unaware a bomb has been planted.

When Jim fails to understand the reason Susan is showing him articles about Beth's tennis championships, Max leaks that Susan's showing him that Beth's a liar. When Beth runs off, Jim angrily blasts his daughter for what she has done. Beth tries to explain why she must always try to have an advantage with everything that she does. She's overwhelmed when Jim assures her that he's not upset.

When Holly faces a judge in his office, Ross is surprised when the charges against her are dropped. He later learns Ben blackmailed the judge.

Friday, June 11, 1999

When Buzz assigns Max and Susan to K.P. duty at Company on Jim's orders, Susan blames Beth for her punishment but Max argues that it's all her fault. She's caught off guard when Max jokes that Beth's good looking and he thinks Jim's just reacting to her looks.

Meanwhile, Jim kisses Beth passionately and hints that tonight is going to be wonderful. But when they start undressing each other in the bedroom, Beth flashes back to a terrifying moment in her past and stops a startled Jim. She pulls back and starts crying about being embarrassed. Jim tenderly assures her that she will learn to trust again and offers to help her.

Unaware that Dietz's hired thug has planted a bomb underneath one of the church pews, Carmen is surprised when Danny brings Michelle to Ray's first mass but welcomes Rick, Abby, Bill and Pilar. Ray begins the mass with a speech about how he became a priest. As he talks, Abby is bothered by a whirring sound that won't quit, unaware that it's from the ticking bomb. Ben notices that Dietz is no longer inside the church but Carmen is unconcerned. When the bomb is finally found, Danny decides to try to defuse it.

Drew reveals to Jesse that she has forgiven Selena after hearing stories about her pregnancy, birth and how she was taken from her mother but can't tell her. She decides to give Selena her doll as a sign of forgiveness.

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