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Monday, May 31, 1999

Drew hints that he's to blame when Jesse finds her upset that Max won't be at her family dinner. Buzz and Selena close the diner early and learn that Max has other plans for the night. Susan invites him to come back after the place is closed so that she can cook for him. However, when they do return, Max accidentally drops a match and starts a fire. Susan then discovers that they are locked inside. Danny says goodbye to his mother as he prepares to leave for California and finds it amusing that she can't tell him that she loves him. When he makes a snide remark about his father, she quickly defends her husband and the life he left her with after he was killed.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

Beth talks with Vicky about her concerns regarding Cassie and Jim. Vicky counsels Beth to be herself - that's who Jim wants, and Cassie is only a friend and colleague. Jim is touched when Beth suggests they make a photo album as a birthday present for Susan.

Vicky, meanwhile, blasts David when he shows up disheveled and not ready for their night at the opera. But he reveals that he's been injured while on a stakeout. Mortified, Vicky takes care of his wounds.

Susan thanks Harley for not spilling the beans about her skipping school today. She also apologizes for discussing her late mom in front of Harley. Harley tells Susan never to apologize for that - Harley will never take Connie's place in her heart.

Buzz tries to get Selena to talk to Drew, but Selena can't bring herself to. He reveals that he's bought Company, and asks her to work for him as manager; she agrees.

Drew helps Max get ready for Susan's birthday party. Jesse is worried that she's lying to Max about being his sister - no different from Selena's lying. Drew refuses to ruin Max's newfound family life.

Drew decides to dig out the truth regarding the missing link to her family: her father. She heads over to Selena's to do some snooping, thinking that Selena has left town, but is shocked to find her mother there.

Thursday, June 3, 1999

Jealous Susan feels threatened by Jim's new love interest in Beth. Max explains to her about romance, and gives her a kiss. She's thrilled, and later touched when Jim gives her a pair of her mom's earrings.

Buzz tells Frank the truth about Selena and Drew's relationship, but gets Frank to promise he won't betray Selena's secret, so Drew can hang on to Max. Harley gets Buzz to admit his feelings for Selena, but he still feels it's too early to stop mourning for Jenna.

Harley feels a twinge of pain, but since she doesn't want to ruin Susan's birthday, she doesn't say anything about it.

Selena reveals that Drew's father could be one of three men. But Selena warns that searching for the father could lead to Max discovering that they're not really related. She offers to stay away from Drew. Conflicted, Drew agrees.

Michelle interrupts Bill's date with Pilar in order to reconstruct the events of the shooting. She learns there was a time discrepancy that could point the finger towards Carmen.

Ben teases Carmen, wondering why the story she used with Danny happened to include being in love with Ben. A phone call interrupts them, and Carmen rushes out, claiming that Danny's taken a step that could put all their lives at risk.

Michelle steals into the house to get the clock, which stopped as a result of the shooting, but is forced to hide when Ben and Carmen enter the room...followed by Danny, who vows to take a dangerous step to get back with the woman he loves.

Friday, June 4, 1999

Danny has called a meeting of the local crime families in order to learn who was behind the attempt on Carmen's life. He announces that the Santos family is going legit! Carmen covers in public, but privately tells Ben she has no intention of making the business legitimate.

Another crime boss, Nino, shows contempt at Danny's plans. Privately with a colleague, he expresses his mistrust of Carmen. Nino mutters to himself that he's not going to sit around waiting to be killed.

Harley is hit by another sharp pain and a wave of dizziness. Susan finds her and calls an ambulance, and Phillip returns to find his wife on a stretcher. He reassures her that everything is going to be all right as she's taken away to the hospital. A frantic Susan tries to call Jim, but can't find him.

Jim has taken Beth home after Susan's party. As things turn romantic, Beth confesses that she's more unsure of herself than she lets on. The warm, tender moment turns passionate, and Beth asks Jim to stay the night.

Abigail is nervous as her doctor turns on her implant. To her dismay, she still can't hear Rick.

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