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Monday, February 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jenna

At the Lewis'
All the children are at Reva's bragging on Susan and how she saved them all, (Oh, Please!) Susan says she was just taking care of the little kids. Phillip and Harley spend sometime together until Harley has to leave to be with Cassie at the hospital, Jim offers to drive her there. Blake and Ross bond a little until Ben is called to the police station for Annie. Ben leaves and Ross takes Blake and the boy's home. Alan comes in glad to see Lizzie. Alan tells Phillip that Annie is a bad addiction that he hopes he can break. Phillip suggests that he start by giving Lewis Oil back to the Lewis' and drop his vendetta against them. Phillip tells Alan that his new grandchild deserves to be born in a time of peace with the Spauldings and Lewis'. Annie calls Alan and begs to explain thing to him. She gives some lame excuse about why she had to escape and how hard it is for her to trust. (Boo Hoo!!!) She tells him how much she loves him and she has to see him again. Then she hangs up and stops the fake crying. Ben thought she did pretty good acting.

At the hospital
Cassie arrives at the hospital and the doctors tell Cassie that Hart needs the operation ASAP. He will have it tomorrow, if Cassie can get him in a positive state of mind. Hart's guide/nurse Angela tells Hart that she is just there to help him, that he has to be the one to decide if he lives or dies. Hart tells her to leave. Harley shows up to be with Cassie. Cassie tells Jim and Harley about the operation and her fears that Hart may die. Harley tells Cassie she has to hold on. Cassie goes in to see Hart and tells him that the doctors want to go ahead with the surgery. She tries to be optimistic and tells him that Rick thinks it best, Hart agrees to the surgery. He says he would do anything to walk out of the hospital with her. He asks her to bring the baby by to see him. Cassie brings RJ to see Hart. Hart tells RJ that he will always be there for him and says they will do everything together while he is growing up.

At the Bridge
Holly is standing on the edge of the bridge and falls, but catches herself. Reva helps her and Holly pushes her back. She again goes for the edge. Reva tries to talk Holly down and tells her that everything will be okay. Reva slips off the bridge and Josh tries to save her. He loses his grip but Holly grabs her just in time.

At the Carriage House
Blake gets news about Hart and the operation. She is overwhelmed with thoughts of her mother's madness, her boys kidnapping and her brother's surgery. She breaks down in front of Ross, who decides not to leave until she is feeling better. Blake tells Ross that she had doubts about the way he handled Dinah, but now she is in the same position with her mother. Blake tells Ross she feels like she has lost her mother forever. Ross and Blake discuss what happened between them, indirectly. Josh calls and says Holly is ok and that their coming home, Holly will be under observation. Ross asks if Blake will be ok, she says yes and he leaves.

At the police department
Annie explains to Ben that Alan was mad at her. Ben tells her that without Alan's backing, she is worth nothing to him. Ben tells Annie that she has to get Alan back and then they would talk. Annie tells Ben that she thinks he is scared of Ross and his ability to outdo Ben with Blake.

Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Beth arrives at Matt's place bright and early to tell him that she has reconsidered and is willing to back his story to help get Vanessa out of prison. Matt tells Beth that Vanessa has made it clear to him that she wants nothing to do with him and that his marriage is over. Beth doesn't believe him. In an attempt to convince her, Matt delivers a surprised Beth a long and passionate kiss...Stunned, yet with great composure, Beth tells Matt that even though the kiss was great, she knows he still cares for Vanessa.

Meanwhile, at the station, Frank and the District Attorney continue to grill Vanessa. Vanessa, sassy as ever and clad in an orange jumpsuit, staunchly refuses to give up Dinah's whereabouts. Billy appears and promises Frank that if he releases Vanessa, he will convince her to reveal what she knows about Dinah. While Frank looks for the judge to set Vanessa's bail, Billy convinces Vanessa that she is not finished with Matt.

At the Santos home, Mama Santos and Danny meet with the family attorney to deal with the aftermath of the FBI visit. They muse about who might have tipped off the authorities. Mama Santos is suspicious of Michelle and Rick but Danny tries to persuade her that it was someone outside of the family. When Michelle interrupts the meeting, the lawyer presses her to reveal what she told the FBI during her private interrogation. Danny plays the protective husband and shuttles the suspicious attorney away.

Later, while Mama Santos is out running errands, a "client" arrives to see Danny. The woman begs and pleads with Danny to extend her some time to make a "payment." Danny refuses and Deitz threatens the hysterical woman. Michelle eavesdrops nearby in horror as she hears the woman plead desperately. On her way out, Michelle intercepts the woman and hands her a wad of cash from her wedding booty, telling the woman to pay off her debt to the Santos family. Michelle also tells the woman never to reveal who it was that gave her the money. When the woman tearfully asks how she could ever repay Michelle, Michelle responds by saying that she should tell her everything she knows about the Santos family...

As she approaches her mother's room, Blake is informed that Holly is on a suicide watch. Blake finds Holly huddled in the corner of a stark, padded room in a dishevelled and unresponsive state. When Holly does speak, it is only to say that she is desolate and humiliated about what she has done and that she wants to end her life.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

Matt and Vanessa embrace upon seeing each other, but Matt grows defensive when Vanessa goes on about how Billy helped her. When she defends Billy, Matt brings up Beth's willingness to perjure herself for Vanessa's sake. Vanessa asks if Matt thanked Beth with a kiss -- and is stung when guilty Matt can't answer. The argument escalates until Matt flings out a remark about Billy's alcoholism. Vanessa throws Matt out. Matt calls to apologize for his comment, and asks her to meet him at the country club at 8:00 tomorrow if she thinks they still have a chance. Vanessa agrees. Blake asks Ross to defend Holly, since Holly doesn't trust Ben. Ross agrees to take the case... only if Ben agrees. Ben reluctantly gives in, and Blake thanks him for understanding. Josh gets a call from David, who's found Cynthia, the clinic nurse Alan paid to kidnap Teri. Josh remains worried that David won't get the proof necessary to implicate Alan. Reva and Josh comfort each other with dreams of their future together. David does find Cynthia and gets her to implicate Alan on tape. Alan arrives at the prison to see Annie, telling her to stay out of his life. Unable to seduce him into changing his mind, Annie then threatens Alan with exposing his role in Teri's kidnaping. Alan can't help being charmed, loving his "one-of-a-kind" Annie. Though he knows Annie's trouble, she's trouble he wants, and he agrees to give a press conference praising her. In the hospital, Hart lashes out at Angela, still believing she's the Angel of Death. Seeing how upset he is by Angela's presence, Cassie orders the nurse out of the room. Later she asks Lillian not to allow Angela to assist in Hart's operation -- somehow she feels his life depends on it. Cassie and Hart share memories about their relationship, and Hart reveals that he had his marriage to Dinah annulled. Cassie kisses him and tearfully tells him it's time for them to marry.

Thursday, February 25, 1999

Cynthia arrives at Spaulding Enterprises to speak with Alan, but -- since Alan's not there -- Vicky convinces the nurse to talk with her instead. Cynthia tries to assure Vicky that, just as she told that other employee, she didn't tell anyone about the work she did for Alan. Suspicious, Vicky grills Cynthia for specifics about this so-called employee. From the description, Vicky realizes that David stole her ID card. She promptly calls David and asks him to meet her at the Towers. Matt arrives at the Towers at 8:00AM hoping to meet Vanessa as he sets up a pair of laptop computers. Since the Internet helped him connect with Vanessa against all odds... maybe it'll happen again. But after two hours, Vanessa still hasn't shown, and his hopes are dashed. Vanessa talks with Lillian about jail, and about her conflicting feelings about Matt... and reveals that she has plans to meet Matt at 8:00 tonight. As Vanessa waits for Matt at the Towers, David meets Vicky, who's dressed to kill -- or at least seduce. They dance together, and as David finds himself more and more attracted to Vicky, Vicky continues to plan her revenge. Vanessa, meanwhile, is extremely disappointed when Matt doesn't appear. At the same moment, Matt tries to receive comfort from Beth, who is genuinely sympathetic when she hears Vanessa didn't show up this morning. Depressed, he decides to go out and drink to drown his sorrows. Beth tries to convince him not to go, but Matt stubbornly heads off anyway... straight to the Towers. Hart's surgery begins as Cassie swears to be with him the entire time. While Hart's unconscious, he dreams of her, begging him to fight for his survival. But his heart stops during surgery, and while the doctors struggle for nearly a half-hour to save him, he has an otherworldly vision of the Angel coaxing him to let go. Hart strains to defy his vision of Angela and concentrate on thoughts of Cassie. Suddenly his pulse returns!

Friday, February 26, 1999

David takes Vicky to his place, planning for a romantic nightcap. Vicky gets him to go out for wine, and then searches for evidence that he's betrayed her. Not only does she find her altered ID, she discovers David's taped conversation with Cynthia. David returns, and as they sway to some romantic jazz, Vicky seems intent on destroying the evidence... and paying David back for his lies. Things heat up between them, and they end up in bed. But Vicky stops right when things are at their hottest, claiming to want to go slowly, and leaves him alone. Matt drinks at the Towers bar, oblivious to Vanessa's presence behind him. Similarly, Vanessa waits in frustration for Matt. At last she calls Lillian, telling her friend that her marriage is over, and leaves. Beth arrives to find Matt, who takes off his wedding ring and starts flirting with a pretty woman at the bar. About to have a fight with the woman's date, Matt is rescued by Beth, who pulls him away and leads him out of the restaurant. At the Spauldings', Lillian tries to comfort Vanessa, who soon turns from bitterly disappointed to worried, wondering if something happened to Matt. Just as Lillian calls the hospital, a drunk Matt stumbles in -- with Beth. Waiting to hear about Hart's condition, Blake wonders where Ross is. Ben has, in fact, steered Ross away from seeing Blake, maintaining that Blake doesn't want to see Ross because of what Dinah did to Hart. Ross leaves to avoid causing Blake more stress, but warns Ben that he and Blake will always have a connection. Rick tells Cassie and Blake about Hart's condition, reluctantly explaining that due to the half-hour his brain was without oxygen, Hart is irreversibly brain-damaged. Cassie doesn't want Hart to suffer, but doesn't want to say goodbye to him. When Rick sadly convinces Blake and Cassie that Hart will never be the same, both women are heartbroken. In agony, Cassie tells Hart that he deserves to be at peace -- adding that if he's only holding on because of the promise he made her, she releases him from it. She kisses him and says a final goodbye as Hart, at last, lets go of his life.

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