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Monday, February 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jenna

At the Camp
Holly tells Ken that the kids belong to her now and that she has no intentions of returning them. Ken informed Holly that he wants no part of it. All the kids seem to be having a good time until Susan starts questioning Lizzie about who Holly is. Susan says she isn't too sure about Holly and begins arguing with Holly after overhearing her tell Ken that Harley abandoned Susan when she was a baby. Holly told Susan that Susan mistook what she said, that she knew Harley loved her. Susan demanded to call Harley and then all of the kids wanted to call home. Holly said maybe later, that the phone was not connected during the winter. Susan went to the phone to see that it was in fact connected and began to call Harley. Holly took the phone and pressed down on the button and pretended to talk to Harley. When she hung up, she told Susan that Harley said that they should all spend the night and have fun.

At the Santos'
Danny brings in a box that Jesse had brought over for Michelle. Michelle told Danny to get rid of it, but he told her that she could keep it, if she wants. She told him again to get rid of it, but he left it for her to do as she wanted. After Danny left, Carmen came in with her wedding dress and asked Michelle to wear it at her wedding. Michelle agreed and told Carmen that she would make her believe in her. Carmen didn't seem convinced. Drew showed up and interrupted the confrontation. She and Michelle had a talk about Jesse and Drew's "boyfriend", "Brad." They also spoke of the wedding and ultimately the wedding night. Michelle said that she believes that Danny is beginning to have true feelings for her and she just didn't think that she could go through with her "wifely duties." They also discussed Michelle's plan involving the FBI.

Outside Danny and Michelle's bedroom, Carmen caught up with Danny and told him it was not to late to back out of the marriage. She said he did not have to go through with it and Danny replied to his mother that if she did not stop meddling, he would leave the Santo's family for good.

At the hospital
The doctor told Cassie that Hart is still stable, but not in any condition for surgery. Jim tried to comfort Cassie and it seem to be helping a little when Beth and Matt walked in. Lillian walked over to the group and informed Beth, Cassie, and Jim that Holly had kidnapped their children and that all of the parents were gathering at Josh and Reva's house. Matt, Beth leave. Cassie tells Hart she had some errands to run and then she and Jim leave. Hart sees a blinding light and this time it is accompanied with his nurse telling him that she was his "guide" to help him find his way. Hart rejects the "angel" and tells her he is not dying, and he has a family to think of. The "angel" tells him that she will be there when he's ready.

At the Lewis'
All the parents are joined together. Frank is there interviewing Marah, who saw Holly but didn't go because she had a bunch of homework. She said that Holly was driving a van and that a bunch of kids were with her. Buzz begins blaming Blake because she knew Holly was sick, he is furious with the situation and tells Frank, that Holly may want to harm the children in order to get them to the "safe place" Holly was babbling about. Phillip told Frank to offer a reward, just then Jim walks in and is furious about Phillip wanting to use him money again. Frank tells everyone that Annie has escaped and that Holly had stocked up on sedatives before snatching the kids.

At Drew's:
Jesse talked to Drew about meeting her boyfriend. He tells Drew that he is going to mount an art show for Indicot and would not be going to the wedding. Drew leaves. Danny shows up and threatens Jesse, he told him he would be dead if he showed up at the wedding or any other place around Michelle. Jesse told Danny that he is just scared she wouldn't go through with it, if he was there. After Danny left, Jesse called and canceled his plans with Indicot saying he had a wedding to go to.

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jenna

At the camp:
Susan told Lizzie and Marina that she believes Holly has kidnapped them. The two girls said that they knew Holly and that Holly wouldn't do that. Lizzie and Marina said that Susan was just acting like that because she was jealous of their knowing Holly longer. Susan denied it and told them that she had overheard Holly tell Ken that she had gotten huge doses of sedatives in case she needed to give them to the children. After awhile Lizzie and Marina believed Susan and they along with the other 5 kids devised an escape plan based on something Susan had saw on a movie. During the play that the kids were putting on for Holly and Ken the television was on behind the adults, we the viewer could see the parents on it, but Holly and Ken missed it. As for the kids plan, to make a long story short, it didn't work. Lizzie started getting upset and asking Holly not to harm them, which made Holly upset and telling the children that they are being bad.

At Reva's:
All the mother's were gathered around, frustrated about what to do. They argued back and forth about the best way to handle the situation until they decided to get WSPR over to the house and to plea for Holly to release the children by acting as if they were thanking her for helping them. Reva, as the leader, says that she knows that they all have been bad parents but that they want another chance and they want Holly to help them be better parents. All of the mom's take a turn talking to Holly via WSPR news cast, trying their best to convince her. Unfortunately, Holly missed the broadcast so far.

At the police station:
The father's were all gathered around, frustrated, one by one giving their child's descriptions to the cops. They were all angry but Buzz went nuts yelling at Frank about the cops not helping. He and Frank are in the same boat what with both having children missing, Buzz realizes that and calms down a little. Ross, also upset cannot get all the info out to the detectives, so Ben steps in and helps as much as he can. Ross seems to appreciate the help. When the mothers come on WSPR, the dad's are all watching. At first they are upset, but as they start listening to them they know that they are doing the best they know to do. One cop comes up and asks Frank to tell them where the broadcast is from and they will pull the plug on the interview. Frank knowing that the women are right, lies to the guy and tells him that he has no idea where the interview is taking place.

At the wedding (at the Santos house)
Michelle and Drew are talking, when Michelle tells her that she doubts that she will be able to go through with the wedding, much less the wedding night. Drew pushes her to marry Danny as planned for all of their sakes.

Danny is busy greeting his guest, as his cousin Ray arrives. Ray is going to be Danny's best man and the two catch up a little. Danny asks his mother about Grandma Santo's who apparently has been ill since Mick's death. Carmen and Danny talk and she tells him that she will not stand in his way if Michelle is what he really wants.

Meta, Rick and Abby show up looking like they are attending a funeral instead of wedding. Meta reflects on a conversation between her and Michelle about what kind of life/wedding Michelle wanted. Meta said it was nothing like this. Rick prepares to walk Michelle down he aisle, he tells her he would do anything for her and that he loves her. He gives her a way to Danny and the priest begins. Just then Jesse walks in and stays at the back of the room, hidden. Drew (Michelle's maid of honor) spots him, but doesn't say anything. At the moment, when the priest asks, "speak now or forever hold your peace", Jesse daydream about saying something and Michelle running to him and out of the house. He comes to, however and the wedding was continuing. As they begin their vows, Danny has written a long beautiful speech, when it is Michelle's turn, she says two sentences, about how she is putting her life in his hands. After the wedding they all went to take photo's as Jesse left the house and pouted outside.

Drew thanks Michelle for saving her life and marrying Danny and not saying anything about her part in Mick's death, she also promises to be her go between with the FBI. She says she will help her anyway she can.

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

As Danny dances with his new bride, Rick admits to Abby that seeing Michelle so happy he now thinks this marriage is for real. Hearing Danny announce their upcoming honeymoon plans, Michelle realizes that she has to go to bed with Danny.

Holly denies to the children that she was going to poison them but, with Lizzie and Shayne backing her up, Susan announces that they are going to leave. Holly stops them in their tracks by claiming that she is the only person left to help them. Ken then forces them upstairs.

After escaping from the Springfield jail thanks to the fire in her cell, Annie convinces Murray the truck driver to take her out of town after lying about why she was in jail. However, even her sweet, flirtatious words can't convince Murray to drive her to California tonight. Telling her its off- season and giving her his cell phone, Murray takes her to Camp Cayuga where Holly and Ken are hiding the children.

Seeing the pleas for the return of their children on TV, Holly decides it's time to move the children.

Impressed with her date for the wedding, Drew makes a deal with Danny's cousin Ray to make Jesse jealous by taking her to Millennium tomorrow.

Cassie helps comfort Jim as he waits for word about Susan.

Thursday, February 18, 1999

When Michelle refuses to make love to him, Danny assures her of his feelings for her but then doesn't press her to consummate their marriage. Thanks to a call from Drew, the FBI raids the Santos' home in an effort to give Michelle the distraction she needs.

Holly slips a sedative into each cup of hot chocolate for the children and Ken as she moves forward with her deranged plans for them.

Worried about the children, Annie calls Reva to report that she has found them at a camp outside of town. Reva leaves a note for Josh after failing to reach his cell phone and takes off into the night. Reva rushes to the camp which is now empty. Worried that help did not arrive, Annie returns to the camp where Reva assumes she has been set up.

Thanks to Lizzie's forgotten doll, Holly returns the kids to the camp where she confronts Reva.

Selena brings Mrs. Paige, a psychic to Josh and Buzz for help in locating the missing children. She announces her feeling that there is someone else with the children but Josh blasts Selena for thinking a psychic can help.

David argues with Vicky about Alan's plans to take over Lewis Oil. He manages to take her Spaulding I.D. card as he continues the plan to help the Lewis family.

At Millennium, Drew introduces Ray to Jesse and claims that he is the new man in her life. Drew is surprised to learn that Ray is a priest.

Friday, February 19, 1999

Handing him the note Reva left for him, Mrs. Paige the psychic warns Josh that Reva is in serious trouble. After Josh leaves, the other parents discover where their children are and leave Matt and Beth behind to wait for any phone calls.

Annie leaves Reva to deal with Holly. She rushes outside to the van and drives off with the children, taking them to the truck stop where she asks Murray the truck driver for a favor. Josh stops her and is relieved to see Shayne, Tammy and all the other kids are safe. Annie pleads with him to let her go.

Realizing that she has lost the children, Holly decides she has no reason to live and runs out. She heads to a nearby bridge where Reva tries to stop her.

Ray covers for Drew when Jesse realizes that he's a priest.

When the FBI interrupts her wedding night, Michelle privately agrees to work with them to bring down the Santos family. Agent Conklin warns her that Carmen already suspects her which could spell even more danger for her. He also warns that if they take out Carmen, they are going to arrest Danny too.

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