GL Recaps: The week of October 20, 1997 on Guiding Light
Michelle learned Jesse had Maureen's heart. Blake informed Ross that Rick wanted his name on Kevin's birth certificate. Abby was not very pleased about it either. Cassie's lawyer wanted her to fake an engagement to Hart -- it would improve her chances of getting her daughter back. Annie thought that Cassie was going to double-cross her, since she had Hart's help. Annie knew just what to do -- put a bug in Dinah's ear...and she did.
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Monday, October 20, 1997

Harley was beside herself with anger and sadness when she realized that Buzz was not able to remember anything. She started to lash out at Nola but stopped when Phillip told her that she was doing no good by making a bad situation worse. The doctor did an exam on Buzz and reported that he appeared to be okay but needed a CT-scan quickly, since he had suffered such a severe head injury.

After the doctor left, Vanessa and Jenna entered the cabin, and Jenna rushed over to Buzz, elated to see him. Buzz took her outside to tell her that he had amnesia and could not remember her. Meanwhile, Vanessa pressured Nola to tell the truth about what had really happened. Nola told her that Buzz had had a car accident near the cabin, and she had taken him in to take care of him. Vanessa could clearly tell that she was lying.

Jenna sat with Buzz outside the cabin, showed him a picture of Coop, and told him many details of his life with her, hoping it would jog his memory. She was unsuccessful. She decided to take him to Cedars Hospital.

Michelle was certain that Jessie had her mother's heart. He was insistent that he still wanted nothing to do with her, even though she was so hurt that Jessie had known the truth and kept it from her. Regardless of what their families thought or wanted, Michelle wanted Jessie to be with her and didn't want to hide anymore. She pleaded with him until he finally passionately kissed her while she lovingly put her hand over his bare chest.

Abby and Rick were in the kitchen at the Bauer house, and Rick told her that he kept thinking about their future. Ed entered and announced that he was leaving for the Congo immediately. He had received word that his new vaccine had shown some positive results and needed to get back to Africa. Also, he said that it was a perfect time to get Michelle out of Springfield before she found out the truth about Jessie.

Ed and Rick talked about children, especially Kevin. Rick told Ed that he should not be shy about the fact that he was Kevin's grandfather. Ed said that he could not believe that Kevin and Jason were already a year old, and he was nostalgic of when children were so young then grew up so fast. Wistfully, Rick said that he would probably never know about that experience.

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Hart told Cassie that Dinah knew about their plan, which upset her, but he told her he'd had no other choice. Cassie moved further into the Lewis Oil circle when Josh agreed to let her be his assistant instead of Billy's, at Reva's urging.

Michelle told Jesse what Maureen had been like and that Maureen had had one weakness -- butterscotch ice cream. Jesse said that he'd craved butterscotch when he'd woken up from the operation but that he had always hated it before then. They told Ed they were going to start seeing each other again, to which he emphatically stated "over my dead body."

Rick and Abby had a long discussion that drew them closer. He paid Blake a visit, informing her that he wanted to set up a formal visitation schedule to see Kevin, and he would also like to have his name on Kevin's birth certificate. Blake relayed this information to a very displeased Ross, who said absolutely not.

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Michelle and Jesse were trying to convince Ed to bless their relationship. Michelle told Ed that she didn't need his "permission" and that she didn't want to have to choose between her family and Jesse. They loved each other, and no matter how many times they tried to stay away from each other,, they always seemed to find each other.

Ed tried to get Michelle to consider going to Africa and said that if she and Jesse were truly in love, then they would know it. All Jesse and Michelle wanted was a chance. She'd loved him before she'd found out about Maureen's heart. Then Michelle got nasty. She told her dad that if he hadn't had an affair with Lillian, then her mom would still be alive. Ed left hurt and went to the hospital to tell Lillian about the fight. Michelle was left in her living room, wondering, "What have I done?" Jesse comforted her, and they began to kiss.

Ross went home, and Blake told him about Rick's request to see more of Kevin. Ross was totally cool with it. Blake was surprised. Then she told him about Rick's other request: to have his name on Kevin's birth certificate. Ross flipped out and said there was no way that would ever happen. Ross was worried that, since he was the D.A., once the media got hold of that information, the boys would be put through too much. Blake argued that "everyone already knows."

Blake and Ross finally agreed not to put Rick's name on the birth certificate, to give him more visitation, and to draw up papers that acknowledged Rick being the biological father. Later Ross left home to "take care of a few things."

Rick spoke with Abby, telling her how happy he was with his visit with Blake. Abby wished him the best, and Ross walked in and wanted to talk to Rick. They went into the on-call room, and Ross told Rick their proposal. Ross explained that they wanted to keep the paternity private, for the boys. Rick was disappointed but said that he would think about it. After Ross left, Rick told Abby that he could be in Kevin's life as long as Kevin remained Ross's son.

Jenna, Harley, and Phillip were all waiting for Buzz at the hospital. Nola showed up, and Harley verbally attacked her again. At first, Jenna defended Nola and couldn't believe anything that Harley was saying. Nola denied knowing what Harley was talking about. Harley told Jenna that she believed that Nola was the stalker. Nola had left town, and the stalker had stopped. Rick was doing tests on Buzz, and every one had been fine. Rick assured everyone that Buzz would get his memory back, but it would take time and rest.

Eleni and Frank showed up, and Frank talked to Buzz and called him dad. Buzz told Frank that he didn't know who Frank was. Buzz was looking for Nola, who had left and was waiting and listening outside the door. Harley wanted Frank to arrest Nola. He wouldn't. Harley and Jenna started arguing over who should take Buzz home. Harley wanted Buzz to return to the diner so they could show him old movies and look at pictures. Jenna wanted him home at the firehouse with Coop.

Harley was nasty, and finally Phillip took her to a different room to try to talk some sense into her. He eventually threw her over his shoulder and took her out of the hospital. Buzz said that he'd forgotten his jacket in the x-ray room and went back to get it. After he had been gone a long time, Jenna went looking for him. She found his jacket but not him. Buzz was gone.

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Frank and Eleni looked for Buzz. Jenna told them he was not at her house and that she meant about as much to him as the walls. Buzz showed up at Nola's. She told him to go home. He said he didn't have a home, and the only person he had in this life was her. Frank told Jenna he believed Nola was responsible for stalking his father and that he was "not through with her." Jenna urged him to drop it, explaining that getting revenge and pushing Buzz to remember the way Harley was doing it would not work.

Frank and Eleni then "buzzed" over to Nola's to look for Frank's father. Later, Vanessa visited Jenna and suggested that Jenna tell Buzz about the baby she was carrying. Jenna said, "No way," she didn't want to trick him into returning to her. Vanessa pointed out the difference between giving someone space and giving up on someone. She compared her experience with Matt to Jenna's problem with Buzz. She urged Jenna to go out and look for Buzz the way Matt had looked for her, in order to not lose him again.

Buzz showed up at Nola's. She told him he had to go home, but he refused, saying he didn't have a home, and the only person he had in this life was her. His family's prodding had suffocated Buzz, and he referred to them as "a collection of lunatics." When Buzz heard Frank and Eleni at the door, he hid, begging Nola to lie to Frank. "I'll do whatever you want, even leave," he told her, "just don't send me back to those people."

Nola hid Buzz, and Frank and Eleni left, but only after accusing Nola of hiding him and wanting more than mere friendship from him. Emerging from hiding, Buzz apologized for the way his son had talked to Nola. Nola said she understood Frank's concern then told Buzz that they were going for a ride. He asked where they were going. "You'll have to trust me," Nola said.

Harley tried to kick Phillip out of her place, taunting him first with sex -- the way they solved all their problems, according to her. When Phillip wouldn't leave, she told him how much Buzz had hurt her when he'd abandoned their family and how much it hurt again that he was abandoning her through amnesia. Harley worried that she was "one of those forgettable people." Phillip assured her she was not, and even though she begged him to leave, he didn't.

When Harley woke up from her nap -- the one he had encouraged her to take -- Phillip was gone. However, before Harley could become too upset, Phillip returned with a package in hand. He had slipped out while she was asleep to buy a greeting card for his daughter, Lizzie. After listening to Harley, Phillip realized that Lizzie might not know how he really felt about her. Harley was touched; she told him to simply write down how he felt about the child. The two felt even closer after helping each other, and they started to make love. Phillip said he wanted it to be like "the first time."

Annie went to Lewis Oil to pay Josh a call. On her way in, she reminded Cassie that she'd better be willing and able to make a move on Josh at any time. Then she gave Josh papers to sign for the sale of the carousel house they'd built. That set her off again on Josh, and she began asking him, "You never loved me, did you?" He said that was not true and that he'd tried to love her. But he saw her for what she was, because she'd done so many bad things.

"I'm no saint," Annie admitted, "but you and Reva did this to me. You created this. And we both know it." Annie started ranting and raving about how much she'd loved Josh and how much she'd helped the kids when Reva had disappeared then reappeared, but all her picking on Reva caused Josh to explode and physically push her out the door.

Cassie's lawyer called her and told her that if she could convince the child welfare board that she and Hart Jessop were headed toward marriage, she'd have a much better chance of getting Tammy back. He assumed they were dating because Hart had paid for her legal fees. Hart walked into her office to drop off some papers for Josh and Billy, and Cassie stopped him, asking him to step into the file room with her to discuss something important. In the file room, Hart told Cassie he couldn't help her anymore because Dinah though something was going on between the two of them.

Cassie assured Hart she was not interested in or ready for a relationship, but she asked Hart to go to Chicago with her, anyway, to pretend they were getting married. At first Hart thought she was nuts, but then Cassie asked him, "If you were in my shoes, and someone took Peter away, wouldn't you do all you could to get him back?" Still, Hart said he couldn't help her and left.

On his way out, reflecting on Cassie's question, Hart experienced a change of heart, and he told Cassie he'd help her. She hugged him close, declaring Dinah the luckiest woman in the world. Annie saw Cassie as she left Lewis Oil and contemplated, "Are you trying to double-cross me, Cassie?"

Friday, October 24, 1997

At the boarding house, as Cassie prepared to leave for Chicago with Hart, Reva appeared. With Josh busy doing Lewis Oil business, Reva was in search of a dinner companion. Cassie declined with regret and explained that she was off to get Tammy back. Reva offered to go with Cassie to Chicago, but Cassie quickly declined.

Reva went to Towers in search of a party to join. Annie appeared, and the two sparred over Josh, and Reva's sister, Cassie. Annie showed Reva the real cameo. Reva was curious but didn't bite.

Rick and Abby met with Griffin to discuss Rick's legal rights as Kevin's father. Griffin told them that Rick was right in getting a lawyer, since Ross was one up on the legal knowledge over Doctor Rick. Abby then discussed her attacker and the search for him. Rick was upset that Abby wouldn't just let the matter drop. After Griffin left, Rick and Abby argued over the matter. Once they entered the garage to go home, Rick left Abby to go in search of their car. Abby's attacker emerged from the shadows to confront Abby about searching for him.

Annie went to Lewis Oil to warn Cassie to continue her dirty work and overheard Cassie and Hart plan their trip to Chicago to meet with the lawyer. She was furious that Cassie was trying to double-cross her and vowed to get even.

Annie left the Lewis Oil offices and went to WSPR in search of Dinah. When she informed Hart's fiancée that Hart and Cassie were off to Chicago together for a romantic getaway, Dinah hid her interest. Annie painted a picture of Cassie tearing apart Dinah's life like Reva had done to Annie and Josh. Annie exited the office but left behind the number to the Lakeshore hotel where Hart and Cassie were staying.

As Annie left WSPR, she called the Lakeshore and arranged the honeymoon suite instead of the two rooms.

At the firehouse, Jenna told Frank and Eleni that she understood why Buzz was reluctant to return to the firehouse. Nola returned Buzz to Jenna, but Buzz was furious at the deception. He begged Nola to take him "home" to the boarding house, but she refused. Buzz began to bond with Jenna and little Coop. Jenna's prenatal vitamins fell out of her bag, and Buzz learned that she was pregnant again. Jenna confirmed that she was and tried to explain that the baby was not his but was overcome when Buzz held her and made plans for "their" baby.

At the airport, Cassie and Hart prepared to depart for Chicago as Dinah booked a flight at WSPR for the first flight out to the windy city.

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