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Monday, October 13, 1997
by Sarai

J bangs on the door of the Bauer cabin, demanding that Nola answer. Nola makes Buzz hide, and she goes outside to talk with him. J can tell that there is something wrong with Nola, but she claims everything is OK, until J tries to go in the cabin. She finally tells J that she has a man in there; a customer from the restaurant that is very sweet and tender to her. J relents and leaves her alone.

Nola and Buzz find comfort in each other in that neither of them want to leave the cabin and go back to Springfield. She confides in him about her ex-husband and ends up crying.

When J returns from the Bauer cabin, he finds that Drew has driven all the customers away from Company with her rudeness. He attempts to teach her that the idea is to satisfy the patrons, and not drive them to the competition. J also tells her that he found his mother was with another man at the cabin, and it is hard for him to accept his mother as a woman with needs. She brags that she has spent the night with a rock group, and another night with a prince and J completely ignores her. Drew demands that he look at her and tell her what he sees; he does, and tells her that she is a waitress, and walks away. Drew smiles to herself, and says that she has her work cut out for her!

Michelle barges into Jesse's place, and finds her father there. She insists that he is there to tell Jesse what to say, and may even be paying him off to keep him away from her. Jesse tells Michelle that her father came there to get his help in persuading her to leave for Africa with him and he fully agreed with him. Michelle is furious, and doesn't believe any of it. She refuses to think that the opportunity to live in Africa is better than a life with Jesse, who self-admittedly has nothing to offer. Ed leaves, and Michelle and Jesse argue back and forth, until Jesse physically throws her out.

Matt and Vanessa show up at Cedars for the appointment with Dr. Cedwick, but Rick and Michael tell them that some tests need to be run in order to see if the disease has reoccurred. Mat objects to the tests, but Vanessa agrees to comply.

Abby meets with Holly and gets some moral support for her recovery from the attack. She tells Holly how she is having problems getting her relationship with Rick back on track, even though she knows Rick loves her deeply. Tonight will also be Abby's first night at her support group. Holly encourages her to stick with her support group, as it will be good therapy for her.

Rick runs into Abby in the hallway at Cedars, and is brushed off when Abby says that the best thing he can do for her is to leave her alone.

Jenna goes back to her physician at Cedars, and says that she is ready for the test results that will help her determine the paternity of her baby. She opens the envelop and starts crying when she obviously can see that Jeffrey is the father.

Michael delivers the test results to Matt and Vanessa, which is that there is no recurrence of the deadly disease.