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Monday, September 22, 1997
by Sarai

Annie catches Harley/Caitlin kissing Phillip, walks in on them, and demands an explanation. Harley quickly comes up with the story that she kissed Phillip because she is so jealous of Annie always having visitors, and she has nobody. Annie doesn't really accept this, but Harley gets away with it, or so she thinks. She and Phillip go to the dayroom where he begs her to come home; he even offers to commit himself so he can keep an eye on her. Harley won't hear of it, and insists on staying.

Meanwhile, Annie goes through all of Harley's belongings, until she finds a piece of paper. We don't see what it says, but it is obvious that she has blown Harley's cover. She finds Harley on the phone speaking to Jenna. Harley is telling Jenna that she almost has Annie telling her whole story, and has become really good friends with her. Annie listens to this conversation, and later tells Harley that she is so glad to be her friend, as she has a lot of plans for the two of them.

Marcus and Dahlia plan a romantic evening for Michelle and Jesse, only to find out that they have both vowed not to see each other any more (for the sake of their families). Marcus and Dahlia are left alone, when Marcus finds a large envelop. It contains the pictures that Drew took of Dahlia and Sugar Hill dancing. Marcus gets pretty irate and Dahlia ends up leaving.

Jesse and Michelle end up meeting at the lighthouse, where they tell each other that they will love each other forever.

Nola reflects back on when she broke into Buzz and Jenna's home and left the framed picture. She berates herself for losing her earring. Buzz comes into Company later with the bagged earring as evidence. Nola tries to convince Buzz that his secret admirer is probably very harmless and has good intentions. Buzz says that his stalker is nothing but psychotic and he is going to find her no matter what.

Jenna meets with Reva and Josh and tells them that her sister is a stripper somewhere in Chicago. Frustrated that there isn't any more information, Reva decides to go to Chicago herself and investigate ever strip joint herself.

Tuesday, September 23, 1997
by Sarai

Reva wants Josh to warn Billy against getting involved with Cassie too soon after overhearing her ask Billy out to dinner. Josh and Billy end up yelling at each other about Cassie, as Billy insists that he is just looking for a friend.

Nola comes over to Buzz & Jenna's home, only to be swung at with an umbrella by Jenna, since she is literally scared to death of the stalker. Jenna tells Nola how this stalker has changed their lives, and how afraid she is; Nola tells her that she is sure that the stalker means no harm. Nola also offers to babysit Coop while Jenna and Buzz have a morning out together. While they are out, she looks through a picture album, and when she sees a picture of Buzz & Jenna, she rips Jenna's half out of it. Then she says aloud, that she doesn't know what is happening to herself.

Buzz takes Jenna to Company, where he orders champagne and asks her to marry him. Jenna is so happy, she jumps over the table into his arms.

Alan visits Annie, and sees Harley/Caitlin, and confirms the fact that Harley and Caitlin are the same person. Annie tells Alan that she has plans for revenge against Caitlin, but he gets pretty angry with her and demands that she do no such thing. He is extremely worried that she will do something to jeopardize his plans for the Louis Oil takeover.

Back in their room, Annie flaunts a diary to Caitlin. telling her that she has many secret things written in there. When she leaves the room. of course Cailtin finds the diary and reads where Annie writes of speaking with an "R.R." at a strip club in Chicago. She calls Reva and tells her of her new information and also says that she will be coming home soon. Annie listens to this conversation and says to herself that Harley won't be going home as soon as she thinks.

Buzz and Jenna return home and tell Nola that they are engaged; Nola looks horrified.

Alan gets a call from Fran! Fran says that they must have a meeting as soon as possible. Alan tells her that he paid her well to stay out of their lives, and she must leave him alone. Fran threatens to tell Annie that Alan paid her to testify against her so Reva could be free to pursue Josh.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997
by Cheryl

Matt brings Rick home to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa is planning a dinner party with Dinah and Hart. Rick is welcome to stay as long as he doesn't talk about Vanessa's health. Rick is very serious about her having to end this pregnancy. Dinah and Hart show up at the door and Dinah can sense that something is wrong. Rick leaves. Hart gives Vanessa a necklace with a charm on it. He tells Vanessa that it is a Thank you present for having Dinah and on the back of the charm is Dinah's date of birth. Hart tells Vanessa that he knows how difficult is was to decide to keep Dinah because Vanessa was alone and young. He thanked her for having her baby. (Just what Matt wanted to hear) After Hart and Dinah leave, Matt and Vanessa argue again about the baby. They even sleep alone for the first time since she has been back. Well they don't actually sleep either. Just lie awake alone, Matt on the couch and Vanessa in the (unseen) bedroom.

The next morning Vanessa comes downstairs and tells Matt that she is sorry. She was just mad at him and Rick for telling her what to do. She promises that she is going to find out more information about her condition.

Dinah and Hart are in bed and wake up the next morning together after a wonderful evening with Vanessa and Matt (and obviously a great night together too). Dinah tells Hart that she is still worried about Vanessa because of the cloud that was obviously over the entire evening. She also tells him thank you for doing what he did for her mother and how sweet it was. Dinah and Hart start kissing and he wants to start working on that baby. Dinah says that she has to get to the station and that she needs to get going. Hart says that he wants her keys and goes for her purse which is on his side of the bed. Dinah jumps and lands on top of Hart trying to get her purse and knocks it over on to the floor. Hart doesn't see the birth control pills on the floor and Dinah pushes them under the comforter hanging off the bed. She quickly picks them up after Hart goes to get a shower.

Rick left Vanessa and Matt's house and finds Abby in his. She tells him that she is ready to move in to his house with him. She wants to get on with her life. She is excited about everything and wants to talk to him. She even tells him that he can "hold her", "really hold her." Then they give each other a big hug. Abby falls asleep on the couch and Rick and Phillip find her there. The briefly talk outside and Rick comes back in to check on Abby. He sits down beside her and she is startled when she wakes up and see the guy who attacked her the mirror behind Rick's head. She starts freaking. Get him away from me. Stop laughing at me. etc...

Fran shows up at Alan's house to get the money. He tells her that he doesn't have any money for her and that this better be the last time he ever sees her. She complains that her life is ruined because of him and Annie. He tells her to stay away and pulls the "I've got friends that can make your life hell" stuff. She leaves whining... quite a pathetic mess.

Harley, Caitlin, and Annie are in their room. Caitlin is complaining about the dinner to be served and Annie tells her that they are not eating the lunchroom today. Alan is bringing them a picnic. Harley freaks and makes excuses to leave. Annie holds her up for awhile but Harley leaves quickly. Annie is laughing at her. Harley runs into Phillip outside her room. They sneak out of the nut house and have a brown bag lunch on a picnic table. He also gives her the cell phone. They are having a great time. Harley eating ribs. Phillip (God I love this man) is wiping off bar-b-que sauce from her chin. Harley tells Phillip that the caper in the nut house is coming to an end and that she is getting weird vibes from Annie. Phillip is worried about her. Harley realizes that today is her wedding anniversary. She starts putting herself down and telling Phillip that she is a total screw up when it comes to men. Phillip is sick of hearing her sob story and tells her that he wishes that she could see herself the way that he sees her. Beautiful, intelligent .... They hug. Harley needs to get back upstairs before she is missed. She promises to call him "first thing." She tells him that she feels sorry for Annie.

Alan shows up to Annie's room with two large picnic baskets full of food, candles, and bottled water. Alan warns her to stay away from Harley Cooper. Annie promises. He tells her that she is going to get to go home tomorrow. Annie is excited and starts kissing all over Alan. After he leaves, Annie goes down the hall and steals Caitlin's medical records, takes it to her room and prescribes a little something for Caitlin. The next morning Annie is up and dressed before Caitlin. She starts to leave and a nurse and orderly show up to give Caitlin her medicine. "There must be some mistake, I don't have episodes. I haven't been on any medication since I was admitted. Please someone help me. Annie please call the doctor. Someone please help me." Meanwhile Caitlin's cell phone is ringing in the room. It is Phillip. He is looking concerned that she is not answering.

Thursday, September 25, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

CASSIE goes to ALAN' house. She says she is doing everything he asks her to do and getting nothing in return. She wants to know who is caring for her daughter. He won't tell her but says she is with a fine family. He finally gives her the phone number. She makes the call and hears her daughter in the background.

HARLEY is given a shot. She asks Annie to get somebody to help her. Annie tells her she will be fine. Harley gets delusional. Annie says she is going to get a nurse but leaves with her suitcase. PHILLIP tries to call her on the cell phone and gets no answer. Annie asks the attendant to check on Harley after she has a chance to sleep. He locks the door so no one will bother her. As the phone continues to ring Harley bangs it on the bedrail until it breaks apart. Phillip calls JENNA to see if she has heard from Harley. Jenna, Buzz and Phillip rush to the nut house and find that Harley has climbed up and is hanging upside down from a bar under the skylight. She doesn't want to come down for fear of someone hurting her. The doctor looks at her chart and says it has been tampered with and she has been given three times the normal dose of a psychotic drug. He says she will be all right soon. Buzz tells the doctor that it was Annie Dutton who did it. Harley babbles about Phillip and sleeping together. Jenna takes Buzz out in the hall where he blames himself for what has happened to her. Meanwhile Harley continues rambling while Phillip is holding her. She says she has to stay away from Phillip because she could fall in love with him and she can't do that because he will leave her just as everyone does. Phillip says that maybe he could love her too and would not leave her. Harley wakes up and remembers the nurse with the needle but that's all. Phillip tells her that she will not be doing any more undercover work unless he is with her.

Annie arrives home (Alan's house). She and Alan tell Cassie that she must seduce Billy. Cassie says that their agreement was that she would not have to sleep with anyone. Alan says the stakes are much higher now. He threatens that if she walks out on them now she will never see her daughter again. Cassie slams the door as she leaves.

REVA and JOSH are talking about her sister. They have been up all night trying to track her down. BLAKE comes in bringing doughnuts. They get a phone call from Rhonda Ray. She says she is in Springfield visiting friends. She will come over and see Reva and Josh. When she arrives she says that the manager of the club where she works said it was urgent that she contact them. She says she is a medical student working part-time as a stripper. Reva is suspicious because the contact was based on something written in Annie's diary. Reva tells her they are looking for someone special. They ask her about her family. She tells them the story of her life which matches what they know about the sister. She says that all she has of her real mother is a blanket with a cameo pinned to it and woman's picture inside. Reva says she would like to see the cameo right now. Rhonda says she keeps it locked in her jewelry box. Reva tells Josh that she seems a little too rehearsed. She asks Rhonda to name every bone in the human body. When all she can think of is sprine, she says she blew it and now she won't get the part. She is an aspiring actress and says the lady who hired her said that Reva and Josh were producers looking for someone to play a part. After "Rhonda" leaves Reva gets a phone call from Annie and then a call from someone else and says, "He WHAT? No, no, turnabout is fair play."

ABBY thinks she saw her attacker when Rick wakes her up. She gets hysterical and rushes up stairs. Later she is downstairs talking to Rick saying she is tired of being afraid. Rick tries to tell her that it has only been two weeks since the attack and that it will take time for her to heal but that doesn't make her feel any better. She feels ugly and degraded. She doesn't think she can fix the way she feels. Being close and having him touch her makes her feel that way.

Friday, September 26, 1997
by Kimberly

Buzz goes a little overboard in caring for Harley, since her declaration that "everyone" leaves her. (including him) Jenna warns not to take it to heart, as she made the claim under heavy medication at County General. Phillip stops by to check on Harley, and promises to take her home to he apartment. Once there, Phillip quickly leaves to confront Alan and Annie.

Spaulding Mansion
Alan is surprised when Annie arrives, after checking herself out of County General, and not waiting for a ride from Alan. When he questions her, she said she wanted to surprise him and could not wait to come "home." Everything is coming up roses until Phillip storms in, claiming that the pair drugged Harley. Annie tries to convince Phillip that she does not know a Harley, but Alan becomes suspicious. He tells Phillip that they had nothing to do with the drugging, and that he would never harm Harley. Phillip vows to move back into the mansion and keep tabs on the duo, and storms back out. Alan confronts Annie about her actions. Annie denies the claims, but an enraged Alan throws her out of the Spaulding Mansion. Alan then gets a call from Fran, demanding to see him. He tells her never to call again.

Reva, Josh and Blake (who is there to visit) eagerly anticipate a visit from Reva's "sister" who was found from a club in Springfield. While Josh is spectacle, Reva believes that, at long last, her sister is found. The young lady (blonde, or course) named "Rhonda" arrives, and Reva seems impressed with the fact that she is putting herself through medical school by stripping! But, when it seems Rhonda's story is a little too pat, Reva asks her to name all of the bones in the body. When she can only respond "well, the spine (which is NOT A bone, but many), Reva knows the hoax is up. The young woman confesses that she was told that Reva and Josh were movie producers looking for someone to play a long lost sister. Reva and Blake are steaming, while Josh rushes out of the house, telling Reva to stay put.

Jenna and Reva speak about the latest news concerning the search for Reva's sister and Harley's run in with evil Annie. Reva is furious that Harley has suffered so in the search for her sister and vows revenge. She and Blake run out of her house.

Vanessa and Matt go to Cedars to discuss their options with her pregnancy. Matt is hoping that Vanessa will see his way of thinking, that an abortion is the only option. Vanessa, on the other hand, hopes to convince Matt and Michael that she can continue with the pregnancy without any ill affects to her health. While Matt is off in search of Michael, Vanessa and Lillian fall in love with a baby who's mother is at Cedar's for an appointment. Matt isn't happy that Vanessa has bonded with this baby. He and Michael finally convince Vanessa to have the DNC that will hopefully keep her disease in remission.

Spaulding Mansion
As a tearful Annie is leaving, Reva and Blake chloroform her and take her away, leaving her watch as evidence to their crime.

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