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Monday, September 1, 1997
by Sarai

Due to CBS's coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, Guiding Light did not air today.

Tuesday, September 2, 1997
by Sarai

Reva had overheard Cassie talking on the hospital pay-phone to her daughter and confronts her about it. Cassie tried to lie her way out of it, but was unsuccessful as Reva forced out of her that Tammy was her real daughter who was now in foster care. Cassie asked Reva if they could go somewhere quiet and she would tell Reva the whole story.

Abby was ready to be discharged from the hospital, but Rick wouldn't sign the papers, as he would only sign them if she were going home with him. She Holly & Blake visited with her, and Holly shared her story of being raped by Roger. She offered to help Abby in any way possible, and Abby appreciated the support. Rick keeps trying to talk to Abby, and she insists on being alone, or in the company of other females.

Hart finds Dinah at Cedars Hospital and tells her of his conversation with Michael concerning Vanessa and her illness. As he was told by Michael, Dinah has such a small chance of inheriting her disease and passing it to future children. Hart asks Dinah if she is avoiding marriage and children for other reasons, such as fear of commitment? Dinah rushes off to find Michael and demands to know why he has now caused so much trouble for her. He admits discussing Vanessa's disease with Hart, but says that he was not violating anyone's privacy.

Alan goes to the State Mental Institution to get Annie out, only to find that she has escaped. He asked the guard (whom he paid off) where she was, and he said that he had given her his jacket that contained his security badge and car keys.

Amanda confronts Alan about his fake corporation. headed by Annie, that is buying up Lewis Oil stock. He tells her that he is about ready for his big corporation takeover that will make all involved very rich.

Cassie admits to Reva that she lied about her child, since she had been taken away to be out in foster care. He ex-husband had been arrested for dealing drugs inside her home, and she was wrongly blamed for being involved also. Reva is so sympathetic to her, she offers to loan her whatever amount of money she needs to hire a lawyer and bring Tammy home. Cassie hesitates, but finally decides to take the money. She then says that she has something to do, and shows up at Alan's home, saying that she needs to talk to him.

Wednesday, September 3, 1997
by Cheryl

Rick brings Abby a telephone for the deaf so that she can call her mom. Abby tells her mom that she has been hurt and that, no, it was not Rick. Abby's mom wants her to return home. For a second Rick looks shocked until Abby tells him that she wants the man that she loves to take her there. Abby also tells Rick that she wants him to pick her up in a week or two.

Michelle is at the hospital to see Abby. Rick just walks away from her without even talking to her. Jesse shows up and needs to talk to Michelle. Michelle tells Jesse that he just missed Rick by a second and that he better leave before something else happens. She goes into the room to see Abby and Jesse goes to see Rick. Jesse shows Rick a piece of paper. Rick wants to know if he has shown this to Michelle yet and Jesse says that he hasn't but he plans to. Rick tells Jesse that he hopes that this is the last time that he sees him.

Michelle is with Abby. She is crying and telling Abby how sorry that she is that this has happened to her. Abby tells Michelle that she has been too busy being dishonest and lying. She also tells Michelle that she has now met Jesse's friends and that there are good people and bad people and that maybe Michelle is letting her feelings get in the way of being able to tell the difference. Abby tells Michelle that she does feel better.

Michelle leaves Abby's room and see Jesse. Jesse shows her the piece of paper and explains to her that it is an agreement between him and his father. His father will drop the lawsuit against the Bauer family and the hospital if he agrees never to see Michelle again. They say good-bye.

Roger sees Holly at the hospital. She brings up the rape and Roger says that it happened a lifetime ago and that it was in the past. Holly tells Roger, NOT FOR HER. Roger thought that they had gotten past this and tells Holly how much he has changed. They go to the garden where Roger tells Holly that there is still something between them. He can see it in her eyes. He confesses that he will never love Amanda the way that he loved Holly.

Cassie goes to see Alan to quit the spy game that she has been playing. Alan threatens her. Cassie tells Alan that Reva has offered her a better offer and that she will pay back all the money that he gave her. Alan brings out the folder with a picture of Cassie as a stripper and her in the clothes that she wore for the interview for the job at Lewis Oil. He also tells her that he is close and personal friends with the foster care case workers. Alan tells her that she doesn't know who she is dealing. Cassie tells Alan that no one messes with Tammy and she will fight. Alan reminds her of her job at Lewis Oil and tells Cassie to get close to Billy Lewis. He also tells Cassie that it is close to Tammy's bedtime and to call her from his phone and tell her goodnight. Cassie calls Mrs. Gallagher and learns that Tammy has been moved to a new home. Cassie then proceeds to head to a bar and orders a tequila.

Annie shows up at Reva's house and tells Reva that she wants to tell the truth and end this war. She is willing to tell Reva everything about her sister and even tell her her name and where she is right now. Reva is not about to believe a thing that comes out of Annie's mouth, not in a million years, and orders Annie out of her house. Annie again tries and begs Reva. Reva grabs Annie and shoves her in a closet and calls her "keeper" (Alan) to come and get her. Alan shows up and tells Annie that she has gone too far. Reva is never going to help her and Annie may destroy Alan's plans. Reva calls Harley and tells her everything that has just happened with Annie and Alan. Harley is going to investigate.

Thursday, September 4, 1997
by Angela Vogel

Matt and Vanessa return from Switzerland. Vanessa surprises him with a hot tub that she had built for him while they were away. It's her gift to him for never losing faith. They soak in the tub and sip champagne until Vanessa has a dizzy spell and goes into the house, insisting she's okay. She retrieves the pills the doctor told her to take only if her symptoms return. Matt sees her take one.

Alan sneaks Annie out of County General so she can return to the house she once shared with Josh. She agrees that her reason for going there was to say a final goodbye to her old life and Josh. Alan tells Annie that the only time she ever hurt him was on their picnic, when she said she couldn't wait to share "these kinds of moments with Josh." A tearful Annie apologizes to Alan. She says, "You've been with me all along. I've been a fool not to recognize it. I will never make that mistake again -- I promise." They start to make love on the bed that was once Annie and Josh's, when the telephone rings. It's Otis from Cross Creek calling with some bad news for Josh. Annie hurriedly picks up the phone and offers to take a message.

Cassie sits at a bar drinking and says to herself, "Sorry, Reva, I don't want to destroy your life, but I have to." She tells the bartender that she has to hurt two very nice people and she hates it. His advice is "a person's gotta do what a person's gotta do." Meanwhile, Reva tells Josh that she has offered Cassie some money to hire a lawyer. Josh says he doesn't think this is wise because they know so little about Cassie. Plus he thinks it's suspicious that Cassie didn't mention having a child to either him or Billy.

Hart sets up a romantic dinner for Dinah, complete with candles and champagne, in an attempt to focus on them instead of their families and future plans (since that's all they've been arguing about lately). But eventually they start to argue over the fact that Hart wants to get married and start a family and Dinah is content to just live together. Hart wants to know Dinah's reasons for being non-committal and all she can offer as a reason is what she's been through with her mother and her new TV career. This makes Hart angry, and Dinah tells him to go to hell and walks out on him. This time he decides to let her go, saying "I'm not chasing you again. This is getting old."

Cassie continues getting drunk at the bar and starts dirty dancing with some guys there. They lift her up on top the bar so she can dance for the whole place. Hart walks into the bar after his fight with Dinah and sees her.

Josh and Reva make love and tell each other how much their love increases over time. They are cuddling together when a knock comes at the door. Reva insists on answering it, against Josh's warnings....and it's Alan and Annie bearing bad news for Josh (they don't say what).

Friday, September 5, 1997
by Cheryl

Due to CBS's coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, Guiding Light did not air today.

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