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Monday, August 18, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

FRANK is in the process of arresting ANNIE for violating her probation. He tells her that she has missed two appointments with her court-appointed psychiatrist. The second one was today after Annie had called and made the special appointment (really done by Amanda). Annie blames Reva. ROGER and AMANDA come in in time to witness the arrest. Alan asks them if they might possibly know anything about today's missed appointment and then follows Frank and Annie. Amanda tells Roger that she wants to have his baby. She says that because Holly is Blake's mother, he will always be connected with her. She wants to have that kind of connection with him. She reminds him that he missed out on raising his children and she wants to offer him that opportunity. Roger replies that he wants to have a strong marriage before they have a baby.

Meanwhile Annie has been put behind bars and is begging Alan to get her out. She doesn't want to spend the night with her cellmate who recognizes Annie from the newspapers and screams that she doesn't want to stay the night with a baby killer. Alan says he will be there first thing in the morning.

CASSIE and REVA (along with BILLY and JOSH) are helping NOLA clean up Company after the party in Vanessa's honor. Marah and Shayne come in and are introduced to Cassie. They ask her if she has any children and she tells them no. Reva tells her that she almost lost her children because of Annie Dutton. Josh and Billy talk about how Lewis Oil stock has dropped. Billy tells Cassie that she fit right in with everyone at the party. Cassie says that she has been reading the newspapers since she has been in town and has seen the name Spaulding. They tell her that some of the Spauldings are nice but that Alan and Annie Dutton are like two peas in a pod. As Cassie leaves to get in a cab, she says to herself, "These are good people. How can I ruin their lives?" Then she pulls out the picture that her daughter drew for her and says the little poem they say to each other about being together again.

MICHELLE and JESSE are at Laurel Falls. She says she wants him to make love to her. He pulls away and says she doesn't know anything about him. He starts to tell her something about the illness he had as a child when a policeman interrupts and suggests that they pick up their stuff and leave. Jesse says that if they have a future together they must stop taking risks. Michelle comes happily into her empty house and has a vision of Maureen who asks her about tonight. Michelle tells her that she thinks she is in love with Jesse and she is sure that he feels the same way. Michelle mentions the fact that she has to leave for college in four weeks--that she wants to go to Stephens because Maureen had always wanted her to. Maureen says that what would make her happy is for Michelle to be happy. Just then Rick comes in and tells Michelle that they have a problem. He tells her about Jesse's dad's appearance at the hospital. Rick shows her the file about Jesse's mother's death. She had been in bad health and had had no prenatal care. Ed was able to save the baby but lost the mother. It was not his fault. Rick asks Michelle to promise that she will stay away from Jesse but she walks away.

At Jesse's place, his dad comes in drunk. Jesse asks him why he is not going to AA meetings. His dad tells him that he has been to see Rick at the hospital. Jesse tells his father that he is going to make some changes in his life and plans to make something of himself. His father apologizes to Jesse for the way he has treated him--he didn't know what to do with all the hurt. He shows Jesse a picture of his mother (which Jesse has never seen before). They were married less than a year. "All these years I have been so scared I would lose you too." They embrace as his father cries. The telephone rings and Michelle says she really needs to talk to him but he hangs up the phone to comfort his dad.

Tuesday, August 19, 1997
by Sarai

Wednesday, August 20, 1997
by Sarai

Thursday, August 21, 1997
by Angela Vogel

Reva tells Cassie the whole story about what Annie did to her and Josh. Cassie is visibly shaken. She takes the rest of the afternoon off from Lewis Oil and returns to her hotel room where she runs into Alan. She informs him that she is quitting and going back to Chicago because she knows the whole ugly story of what Annie did to Reva. Alan himself becomes ugly towards her, threatening that if she leaves, he will make sure Tammy gets stuck in a maze of foster care. A tearful Cassie agrees to continue with their plan.

Harley tells Reva that she has found proof that Alan was behind the whole orchestration of the rigged trail to her supposed sister. She had contacted Charity, an unfortunate drug addict and found that she was paid off by Alan to pose as "Dani's" friend. Harley also says that there aren't really any leads to any families with the last name of "Rae", except for a couple who was killed in a plane crash. She comforts Reva and assures her that she is close to finding her sister.

After finding out the info on Alan, Reva goes to Alan's office and confronts him about his involvement with Annie and her lies. Alan evades her questions and states that she is never to return back to his home. Amanda is present for their conversation, and after Alan leaves, she asks Reva to help her gain revenge against Annie, but Reva says that she wants no part of it.

Buzz receives a delivered vase of flowers, with no card. Nobody in the diner confesses to sending the flowers, but we see someone spying on Buzz from the kitchen.

Harley receives a phone call from Mallet in Florida who says that he will be sending the divorce papers as he has planning to move in with his new girlfriend. She storms out into the alley and Phillip comes after her to console her.

Dahlia & Marcus come into the diner to tell everyone that they have been signed a contract with Sugar Hill, and will be in a music video soon. Sugar Hill later tells Dahlia that she has the main talent and will need to start forgetting about Marcus and moving on with her career. Dahlia is adamant that she and Marcus are a package deal.

Annie has her first day in the psych ward and encounters several nut-cases. She finally meets with her doctor and tries to persuade him into believing that Reva called her psychiatrist and rearranged her appointments so she would violate her parole. She also voices a lot of anger against Reva for ruining her life, and when questioned as to why she framed Reva for the death of her baby, Annie avoids answering and directs all blame back to Reva.

Alan demands that Amanda call the court and admit that she made the call posing as Annie, but she refuses, as she is thrilled that Annie is finally put away temporarily and is out of her home. She also asks Alan why he is buying large amounts of Louis Oil stock under a fake company name that has Annie as CEO. Of course, he doesn't answer anything and vows to get Annie out of the psych ward, no matter what.

Alan comes to Annie's rescue and says that he will get her out of there, but Annie's psychiatrist says that she cannot leave until it is determined if Annie is a danger to herself or any others. Alan visits Annie in the County General mental hospital, reassuring her that he's trying his best to get her out. Another patient tells her how difficult it is to be released once you're admitted there. Annie is frantic when Alan leaves, and climbs the walls waiting for him to return. She finally gets word that she has a visitor, but when she excitedly runs to greet Alan, she sees it's actually Reva who is there to see her...

Dahlia tells Michelle that she and Marcus are no longer virgins. Marcus visits Jesse at his home to thank him for helping him out the other night. Two of Jesse's former thug friends are there trying to convince him to join them in an auto theft ring. Jesse declines, and the thugs, Roy and Skeet, become hostile. They don't like the fact that Jesse is hanging out with new people, particularly upper class people like Michelle Bauer and Marcus the up-and-coming musician. They hide outside to jump Marcus when he leaves, but change their minds when they see Michelle ring Jesse's door, saying, "Forget CD-man, we can have a lot more fun with Jesse's girl."

Friday, August 22, 1997
by Sarai

Reva goes to the Mental Institution to visit Annie. She tells Annie that she is willing to call the hospital administrator and falsely admit that she made the calls to the psychiatrist that caused Annie to violate her parole, if Annie will tell her all she knows about her sister. Annie doesn't immediately take her up on her offer, but she tells Reva enough on her sister that makes Reva realize that Annie knows quite a lot of info (such as the fact that Reva's sister foster parents died in a plane crash, and their last name was "Rae"). The psychiatrist comes in to tell Annie that it is time for her session, and as always, Annie causes a fuss and refuses to go. Reva tells Annie that if she will comply with her offer, she can have her out of the institute and home! The scene ends with Annie telling Reva to sit down, as they have to talk.

Michelle goes to visit Jesse and he keeps telling her that she can't come around there anymore since it is a dangerous neighborhood. She persuades him to come to the lighthouse, and she shows him the great view and tells him how much she wants to spend every minute with him. Jesse says that he can't wait either, until he moves away to college with her, and they can be together without any inference. Michelle finally tells Jesse that she wants to tell everyone about their love for each other, and doesn't want to continue hiding from their families.

Abby comes to Jesse's home looking for Michelle and finds his place totally trashed. One of Jesse's no-good friends finds her in there and won't let her leave. He ends up shoving her on the couch and is on top of her as she is screaming.

Cassie returns to Lewis Oil to copy the files that Alan Spaulding has demanded that she retrieve for him. Josh finds her working at the computer, and talks with her a while, and comments on how much she looks like Reva when she makes a certain facial gesture. They leave together to have dinner together.

Jesse's father comes to Cedars Hospital with his attorney and confronts Rick about the wrongful death/harassment suit that is being filed against him. Rick had Lillian pull the hospital records that confirm Jesse's mother was in very poor health including internal bleeding. Jesse's father and his attorney claim that the Bauer family has harassed Jesse and Ed Bauer's drinking was responsible for his mother's death.

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