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Monday, July 14, 1997

Jesse, Griffin, and Michelle were in the judge's office. Jesse had been given a choice of either going upstate to prison or being tutored in reading by Michelle. He said that he would rather go to prison. Griffin told the judge that Jesse was young and inexperienced and needed time to digest the judge's generous offer.

Jesse and Michelle talked privately. He said he got into trouble every time she entered his life. She said he was stubborn. She said that he wouldn't have to actually go through with the tutoring. She would sign the paper that said he had.

Jesse told the judge that he would take the reading lessons. The judge said that he would monitor Jesse's progress himself. Jesse was to take a reading test in six weeks. Jesse responded with stunned disbelief.

Two police officers were talking with Ross, Holly, and Fletcher. They took in a purse to be identified. They said they'd found it in the possession of a woman fitting Ross's wife's description. They'd also found her credit cards but no driver's license. Holly said that was right because Blake's license had been up for renewal.

Ross showed the officers a picture of Blake. Fletcher called Roger and told him that there was a problem with Blake. The police finally said that the body of the woman fitting Blake's description was in the morgue.

At the waterfront, Dinah and Hart finally caught up with Bill, who had run out of the house. He was angry because Matt hadn't told him that he'd suspected Vanessa was alive. Bill said that he was too old to be protected that way. He wanted to be alone. After he left, Dinah and Hart shared a very romantic time in the moonlight at the waterfront.

Matt drove through the fog, headed for their place at the lake, looking for Vanessa.

Vanessa had just found the picture of Celeste and the newspaper article about Michael being convicted of her murder. "Did you kill her?" Vanessa asked. "This is the one question I hoped you'd never ask me," Michael responded. He told her that the woman in the picture had looked very much like Vanessa. He said she had been much too young to die.

Vanessa asked why Michael had killed her. "She walked into my office and introduced herself," Michael said. He confessed that he had fallen for her immediately. She had been very ill with the same disease that Vanessa had. Her doctors had told her that there was no hope, but she had refused to give up. She had heard about the research he was doing, so he had taken her on as a patient. Her disease was terminal.

Michael reported that Celeste had lost the use of her legs, then her hands, and then her eyes. When she hadn't been able to breathe on her own anymore, she had given up hope. The drug that Vanessa took hadn't been invented yet. All he had wanted was to make the pain stop, and that was all she had wanted too. She had begged him to help her die. He had injected her with a lethal dose of painkiller.

Michael told Vanessa that Celeste's husband had accused him of murder. Michael had lost his license to practice medicine and had served time in prison. On the outside again, he kept moving around because Celeste's husband was still after him. Vanessa convinced him to lie down on the couch, and he immediately fell asleep.

Ross, Holly, Roger, and Amanda went to the morgue and were made to wait because paperwork had to be done. Finally, Ross and Roger went in to identify the body. When the body bag was unzipped, Ross covered his face and fell to his knees.

Matt arrived at the house at the lake. It was dark inside. He opened the door and called out, "Vanessa? Vanessa?"