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Monday, July 14, 1997

JESSE, GRIFFIN, and MICHELLE are in the judge's office. Jesse has been given a choice of either going upstate to prison or being tutored in reading by Michelle. He says that he would rather go to prison. Griffin tells the judge that Jesse is young and inexperienced and needs time to digest the judge's generous offer. Jesse and Michelle talk privately. He says he gets into trouble every time she comes into his life. She says he is stubborn. She says that he won't have to actually go through with the tutoring. She will sign the paper that says he did. Jesse then tells the judge that he will take the reading lessons. The judge tells him that he will monitor Jesse's progress himself. He is to take a reading test in six weeks. "WHAT?"

Two police officers are talking with ROSS, HOLLY, and FLETCHER. They have brought a purse to be identified. They say they found it in the possession of a woman fitting Ross' wife's description. They also found her credit cards but no driver's license. Holly says that's right because her license was up for renewal. Ross shows them a picture of Blake. Fletcher calls Roger and tells him that there is a problem with Blake. The police finally say that the body of the woman fitting Blake's description is in the morgue.

DINAH and HART finally catch up with BILL (who had run out of the house) at the waterfront. He is angry because Matt didn't tell him that he suspected Vanessa was alive. Bill says that he is too old to be protected that way. He wants to be alone. After he leaves, Dinah and Hart share a very romantic time in the moonlight at the waterfront.

MATT is driving through the fog headed for their place at the lake looking for Vanessa.

VANESSA has just found the picture of Celeste and the newspaper article about Michael being convicted of her murder. "Did you kill her?" "This is the one question I hoped you'd never ask me." He tells her that the woman in the picture looked so much like Vanessa. He says she was much too young to die. Vanessa asks why he killed her. "She walked into my office and introduced herself." He fell for her immediately. She was very ill with the same disease that Vanessa had. Her doctors had told her that there was no hope but she refused to give up. She had heard about the research he was doing. So he took her on as a patient. Her disease was terminal. She lost the use of her legs, then her hands and then her eyes. When she couldn't breathe on her own any more, she gave up hope. The drug that Vanessa took wasn't invented yet. All he wanted was to make the pain stop and that was all she wanted too. She begged him to help her die. He injected her with a lethal dose of painkiller. Her husband accused him of murder. Michael lost his license to practice medicine and served time in prison. Now he keeps moving around because her husband is still after him. Vanessa convinces him to lie down on the couch and he immediately falls asleep.

Ross, Holly, Roger and Amanda go to the morgue and are made to wait because paperwork has to be done. Finally Ross and Roger go in to identify the body. When the body bag is unzipped, Ross covers his face and falls to his knees!

Matt arrives at the house at the lake. It is dark inside. He opens the door and says, "Vanessa? Vanessa?"

Tuesday, July 15, 1997
by Sarai

Matt rushes to the lakehouse and finds Michael asleep on the sofa. Michael tried to tell Matt that he doesn't know Vanessa, but Matt knows better. They both find a note that Vanessa left, that says that she has become an unhealthy reminder to Michael, and after the kiss, she knew she had to leave. Matt is enraged that Michael has driven her away, and starts a search for her. Michael insists on helping.

The coroner shows a body to Ross, and it is not Blake. Later, at home, Ross is talking about how much he loves her, and can't imagine life without her. Then, Blake shows up at the door; said that her purse & car keys had been stolen. Ross is elated to see her and Blake is somewhat surprised at the warm welcome.

Josh & Reva and talking with their kids and are explaining that Josh & Annie are getting a divorce. Shayne is not as happy about the upcoming divorce as Marah. Then, Annie and Alan show up, and Annie tried to apologize to the children for her past drunken behavior. The kids run away when she tried to hug them. Annie ends up signing the divorce papers, and leaving. Outside on the doorstep, she and Alan kiss.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997
by Sarai

Thursday, July 17, 1997

Friday, July 18, 1997

Michelle and Bill are at Jesse's house, where Jesse is helping Bill tend to the black eye he gave him earlier at the bar. We find out that Jesse gave Bill a "fake-punch" in order to save him from really getting hurt by the rest of the bar thugs. Bill tells Michelle that the reason he was looking for her was to tell her that his mother is alive. After Bill leaves, Michelle argues with Jesse about letting her help him with his reading, saying that she just can't understand why Jesses doesn't like the Bauers...Jesses finally tells her that her father killed his mother. (If anyone remembers, I think that when Jesse's Dad visited him in jail, he outwardly blamed Jesse for the death of his mother during birth).

Harley and Phillip psych themselves for the big sting operation. They go to Jeffrey & Jenna's hotel room and have to pretend that they are new lovers, and when they actually kiss, they look at each other somewhat meaningfully. Phillip also baits Jeffrey by telling him that he has about $25 million that he needs to "hide" in an investment.

Michael and Matt wait at home while Dinah goes on the air at WSPR to plead for her mother's return. At the TV station, Hart encourages Dinah and assures her that her mother will get the broadcast message. When on the air, Dinah begs Vanessa to not fear coming home since she and Matt are not romantically involved.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is at a roadside diner near the lake eating lunch, reading her pioetry book that she took from her home, and daydreaming about Matt. Just as Dinah goes on the air, Vanessa has already gone and doesn't see any of it. The waitress recognizes the picture of Vanessa that Dinah shows, and runs out the door after her, only to find that she is already gone. Vanessa stops at a payphone and calls to make an airline reservation, but when she is asked what her destination will be, she hangs up and says aloud that she doesn't want to go anywhere.

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