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Monday, July 7, 1997

MICHELLE and DAHLIA are in Dahlia's room trying on Michelle's dresses trying to find one that is right for Marcus and Dahlia's dinner with Sugar Hill. Dahlia sees that Michelle is distracted. Michelle tells her about her visits with Jesse and the fact that he kissed her.

MARCUS goes to talk with GRIFFIN for advice about dinner with Sugar Hill. Griffin is waiting to meet with his client. When Jesse comes in, Marcus pounces on him because he recognizes him as the guy who "tried to rape" Michelle. After Marcus leaves, Griffin wants to know who Jesse is trying to protect; Jesse won't tell. He tells Griffin the truth (omitting her name), but Griffin says that the judge won't buy the story. During the hearing, Michelle is outside and hearing what is going on. When the judge tells him that he is going to jail, he is escorted out and sees Michelle.

AMANDA is ragging on ALAN about his defense of ANNIE at the Bauers' party.

MATT and DINAH continue scouring Michael's room for some kind of evidence. They find a photo I.D. on one of his jackets. They both recognize him as being at Bill's graduation. Matt realizes that he (Matt) was standing right next to Vanessa. Matt thinks that Michael preys on helpless women. He calls the diner and leaves a message for Frank to call him and that he is looking for a man named Michael Burke. They find an article about the woman Michael "killed." She was suffering from a degenerative illness (just like Vanessa). They book a flight back to O'Hare.

ALAN is talking to ANNIE about the incident at the Bauers' party. She just wanted to see Shane and give him a hug. Alan tells her that if she wants to leave, it's OK. As they're looking in the mirror, Alan tells her that he sees a courageous, beautiful, vibrant woman. That's what she could be again. She has to keep focused on what's productive. She helped him get back on his feet. He wants to help her believe in herself again. "I can't. I've lost Josh." "Your husband helped make you weak and I will help make you strong."

JOSH, REVA and the kids are at the diner. Shane is misbehaving; he wants to know why Annie was acting so funny at the party. They try to explain. Marah--"We're going to be a new family."

Michael goes into the diner to get some food for the road. He calls Vanessa and tells her that he just wanted to let her know she was doing the right thing. "From now on, it'll just be you and me."

Tuesday, July 8, 1997
by Sarai

Eleni heard Phillip, Harley, Buzz & Jena rehearsing their plans for the sting operation that will get rid of Jeffrey. Phillip has planned to give Jeffrey $25 million in the process, with definite hopes of getting all his money back after it's all over.

While at the country club, Jeffrey found a picture of Harley standing next to Buzz and is suspicious.

He brings this picture to the diner and questions Eleni. She covers for Harley & Buzz and says that the girl in the picture was someone named Starla who stole $200 from Buzz. Eleni then shows this picture to all involved and warns them. Dahlia and Marcus get ready for their big meeting with Sugarhill. They find the restaurant cleared out and it turns out the Sugarhill had the place emptied so they could have some privacy.

Michelle has cold words with Rick at the diner; she still hasn't forgiven him for kicking Jesse out of the BBQ.

Michelle also writes a letter to the judge explaining how Jesse managed to miss his community service appointments. because of her. Proud of her letter, she takes it to the jail and shows it to Jesse, who only rips it up in front of her and tells her to get lost. She then realizes that he is illiterate.

Rick tells Abby that he is very serious about starting a family with her. Abby suggests that they go to his home and discuss it more.

Wednesday, July 9, 1997
by Sarai

Thursday, July 10, 1997

Friday, July 11, 1997

Amanda is proud of her business plan in which she drops her lawsuit against Spaulding, thus unfreezing all assets, and allowing Alan back into Spaulding Enterprises as a partner. Roger is not very happy with this, but changes his mind when she puts his engagement ring on and says that she wants to start a family with him and give him another chance to finally be involved with the childhood of one of his own children.

Hart, Matt, and Dinah are caught by Billy while they are all talking about finding Vanessa. They have just recently found out from Frank Cooper that the patient he killed was his girlfriend, and become even more concerned for Vanessa. Billy is furious that he was left out of such an important situation, and storms out of the house, claiming that he will find his mother himself. Dinah and Hart follow him. Matt thinks aloud about where Vanessa might go to next to say her goodbyes, and realizes that she may be at the family lake house, and he too rushes out the door in search of Vanessa.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is at the lake house with Michael. She tried to push him as to some additional informations as to what happened to this patient of his that is so obviously bothering him. He refuses to talk about it and leaves to get some dinner. While he is gone, Vanessa is leafing through some of his books, and finds a picture of his patient/girlfriend and also finds a newspaper clipping headlining "Doctor Found Guilty of Murdering Patient." At that time, Michael walks in and in a threatening voice, tells her that she should not have found that article & picture.

Jesse and his attorney, Griffith are summoned to the judges chambers, The judge offers Jesse another chance and gives him the opportunity to avoid jail and instead begin remedial reading classes and resume probation. Jesse's agrees to the new stipulation, but definitely does not seem pleased when the judge introduces him to Michelle Bauer, his new tutor.

Ross is beside himself with worry about the whereabouts of Blake, He keeps replaying the message that she left on the machine in which she tells of being in trouble. Holly and Fletcher tell him to leave it alone; Blake is probably just venting some anger and acting out for attention. Ross doesn't agree and decides to use some of his clout as District Attorney and demands that an APB be put out on Blake. Then, two policemen (from another town, I think) show up at Ross' door and hand him a purse and ask if it can be identified. Ross identifies the purse as Blake's and the two officers say that they have to tell him something about Blake.


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