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Monday, May 5, 1997

Jenna and Buzz were locked in the morgue. Jeffrey came to the hospital looking for Jenna and Lillian directed him to the morgue. Jenna and Buzz told each other how much they love each other. As they began kissing, they heard someone trying the door. It was Jeffrey. Jenna yelled help, and Jeffrey said I'll get you out in a minute! Jeffrey came in, and Jenna threw herself at him, saying thank you!! He asked what she was doing down there, and she said she came down to talk to her supervisor, and got lost. Jeffrey told Jenna that he knows she is lying. Jenna told Jeffrey that she is committed to making their marriage work, and that she is anxious to leave town with him, because there are too many memories in Springfield. Jeffrey and Jenna left.

Michelle found some papers about Maureen, and found that Maureen had been a heart donor upon her death. Michelle was telling Dahlia about Maureen, and about how much everyone loved her. Dahlia left.

Ross accepted the nomination of DA, and Annie fell down the stairs. Josh and Rick ran to her, and she said her leg hurt. Rick asked her what happened, and she looked up and said "what have you done to me Reva"? Abby was talking to Reva, and Reva told her that she didn't do this. She went to Josh and told him that she didn't do this. Josh told her to calm down, and Annie began yelling that she is cramping. Reva asked Abby if she saw what happened. Abby said she didn't mean to do it. She then told Abby and Phillip that Annie grabbed her hand and sent herself down the steps. Phillip told Reva to go to another room. Josh came to Reva, and told her that they can't talk about this now, that the baby might be hurt, his baby. Annie was taken to the hospital, all the time yelling that something is wrong with her baby. Josh was at the hospital with Annie. Alan was also at the hospital, and offered his help to Josh. Josh told Alan he wanted to know why he told Reva to go to the party. Josh said he wished Alan would have just stayed away from Annie. Lillian came and told Josh that the doctor wanted to talk to him and Annie. Rick told them that the fetus was very small for five months, and that Annie miscarried. Reva came into the hospital room, and Annie looked at her and said, "you killed my baby, Reva."

Blake told Holly that she wishes people would stop saying that Reva was responsible for what happened to Annie, she said maybe Reva has reason not to trust Annie. Ross came to Blake and said he knew she had questions about how Annie went down the stairs.

Abby told Reva that no one believe she did this on purpose. Reva said that Annie grabbed her, and threw herself down the steps. Abby asked why she would do this, and jeopardize her and Josh's baby. Reva said what if it isn't Josh's baby.

Roger went to Amanda and told her that he has heard a rumor that she is the driving force behind Ross' nomination. Amanda announced that Annie Lewis is now in the hospital because of what Reva did. Roger went to Holly and they talked about how maybe everyone is misjudging Reva. Roger said Reva is very jealous of Annie.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997

Vanessa's therapist, Michael, came to try to get her to work, but she said she doesn't want to get better if she can't go home again. He asked her what she is afraid of.

Matt was at home, and decided to get onto the computer and go into the poetry chat room. No one else was there, so he gave up.

Vanessa said that her family may have moved on and have no time for her anymore. Or they may be angry with what she did. The therapist told her that no matter what, they would make time for her. The therapist left, and Vanessa went into the poetry chat room. Matt had gone back into the chat room, and they began talking. Vanessa told Matt that she is not in a good mood. He asked why she logged on, and she said she didn't, Michael did. Matt wanted to talk to Michael, but she said no. She explained who Michael was. Matt and Vanessa began talking, and he said something to her and she said that was something her husband once said to her.

Ross and Blake were in the car, talking. Blake said that since he is the new DA she is afraid that anything she says could hurt her. She said she didn't want to give any information about Annie falling down the steps. Blake told Ross that she was not thinking about anyone else at the party but Ross. He said he was thinking about her too, especially when the announcement was made about him being the DA. He said he just wanted to run over and hug her. She said she wanted that too. He said something stopped him. When they got home they began joking with each other, then Ross got a phone call, an update on Annie. He told Blake that Annie lost the baby. He then explained that Reva could face attempted murder and murder charges.

Annie asked Reva why she pushed her down the steps. Reva denied pushing her. Reva asked Alan to confirm that Annie was pretending to be her sister, but Alan denied knowing what she was talking about. Reva said she was just trying to clear her name. Annie screamed that she wants Reva out of the room. So Josh took Reva out. Josh told Reva that it is crazy to say that Annie did this to herself. Reva continued to try to defend herself, and Josh told Reva that he just lost a child. Reva told Josh that the baby Annie lost might not have been his. Josh asked what she meant. Reva told him that she had one of her feelings- and and reason to believe that the baby isn't his. She swore on Sarah's name that she didn't push Annie down the stairs. She said she did it to herself, to hold onto Josh. Reva said that Annie wouldn't throw herself down the steps and risk losing Josh's baby. She told Josh about Fran, and how she thought Annie was artifically inseminated by Fran. She told him that Annie never let her talk to Fran. Josh said that Annie wouldn't hurt her own child either. Reva asked Rick to run a DNA test on the baby, to see if it was Josh's. She told Annie that she suspects she was artifically inseminated. Annie began yelling that she can't listen to this cruelness anymore, and told Reva to leave. Josh told Annie that he needs to leave to go and check on the kids, and Annie told Josh that he will always love him. As Josh was leaving Reva asked him not to turn his back on her. She asked him to get the DNA tests done. Before he left, Reva asked him for the last time to look at her and tell her that she believes her. Josh said he wants to believe her, but it is too bizarre. She said it is the only thing that makes sense. Reva again urged Josh to get the DNA tests done, because he deserves to know the truth. Josh said it is too soon. Reva asked him then to go to the fertility clinic and see if Annie was ever a patient there.

Rick went in to see Annie, and told her that she has to spend the night in the hospital. Alan came in to talk to Annie, and she could see out the window that Josh was talking to Reva. After Josh left, Annie was taken to a regular room, and Alan came to her again. Annie was complaining to Alan about how Reva was hanging onto Josh. Annie asked Alan if he thought Josh believed Reva. She said she didn't think he did. Alan told Annie that she asked him to invite Reva to the party so that Annie could humiliate her, and asked what her plan had been. Annie kept denying any plan. Alan left. Lillian came in, and Annie asked where the baby is. Lillian said that the baby is in the morgue awaiting pathology tests. After Lillian left, Annie left her room and headed to the pathology lab.

Wednesday, May 7, 1997

Vanessa has renewed energy for her therapy when Michael arrives. He takes her out into the garden and soon after, she is saddened again by the memories of her family that she misses.

Michelle and Phillip share an embarrasing moment as Michelle comes downstairs in the Bauer home to find Phillip with only a towel on! She teases him.

As Annie whines to Rick about getting discharged from Cedars, Josh is stepping inside the Fertility Clinic asking questions about his wife being a patient. When Rick leaves Annie alone, Reva comes in and starts grilling Annie about how she knows that Annie set her up. She says it's only a matter of time before her story comes out, why doesn't she just admit it? The camera pans down to the tape recorder in Reva's pocket!

Dinah and Matt talk about Vanessa and how much she meant to them. Matt tells Dinah that he misses her as much as he did the day she "died." He is taken aback for a moment when he sees the blueprints for the new wing at Cedars, "The Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon Memorial." The word memorial really bothers him because he doesn't believe that she's really gone.

Josh is getting nowhere with the nurse at the clinic and Dr. Mayer finally comes out and takes him into the hall. Josh shows him a picture of Annie and he says that she was never a patient there.

Phillip and Michelle talk about Maureen's heart donor and Michelle says that even though her mother is gone forever, she would still like to meet the person that got the best part of Mo, her heart. Phillip advises her to ask Rick and maybe he can check out the hospital records.

Rick comes in and pulls Reva away from Annie's lying neck. He takes her into the hall and starts to tell Annie something. She talking about the funeral arrangements for the baby and then as we're out on the hall (with Reva), we hear Annie make a blood-curtling scream.

Michael talks with Vanessa and tells her that she's going to have to deal with being alive and what that will mean for her and her family. She says she is afraid they will be angry with her or not have room for her anymore. He reassures her and then tells her to talk to Robert. It seems to make her feel better. Just then, she has a ringing on the computer: mail from Robert!

Reva demands to know what is going on with Annie's baby. Rick tells her that he can't perform any testing on the baby because its remains are missing!!

Dinah finally gets Matt to agree to meet her and her friend, Sandra for dinner tomorrow night. Matt goes to the computer and tells Tess that he needs her to cheer him up for a change.

Thursday, May 8, 1997

Michelle is determined to find the recipient of her mother's heart. she told her plan to Rick who told her not to pursue her plan. Then, Michelle approached Bill Lewis and asked him to help her; he hesitated, but agreed to help.

Reva was still in Annnie's hospital room trying to secretly tape a confession (from Annie); was unsuccessful, but was startled when Josh & Frank entered the room, and dropped her micro-tape recorder. Frank played what was already recorded on the tape, and of course the whole conversation did not reveal any evidence against Annie. Convinced that Annie was still the victim, Frank asked Reva & Josh to leave the room so he could get Annie's statement. Annie said that Reva was soooo crazy, that she believed herself to be Annie's sister. Basically, Annie made it seem that Reva was the disillusioned one!

Meanwhile, Josh & Reva went to the hospital chapel to talk; Reva was trying so hard to get Josh to believe that he was not the father of Annie's baby, but Josh is not so willing to listen. Josh told Reva that he went to the fertility clinic and could not find any proof that Annie was a patient there. Reva has vowed to prove Annie a liar.

Matt & Vanessa talked again online. This time, they talked about boats & sailing. (Matt & Vanessa met each other when on a sailboat, so this is some common ground for them). Vanessa finally asked Matt when he was, and he evaded the question. He did tell her what time it was (in Springfield), and using a globe, Vanessa was able to figure out his general vicinity. Abby could tell that Rick was really stressed out of the situation with Annie and Reva, especially now that Annie's fetus is missing. She offered her friendship to him if he needed someone to talk to.

Friday, May 9, 1997

ROSS gets sworn in as D.A. Blake watches from the background. Ross asks BLAKE to join him on stage while he accepts his appointment. Blake is thrilled. Later...She tells him that she is so proud of him and kisses him. Blake appologizes, but Ross tells her that it's O.K. Frank comes into talk to Ross with the press in tow. Blake watches then leaves.

REVA goes to the dinner for some coffee and runs into RICK. She asks him if he is the one who helped Annie. He tells her that he doesn't know what she's talking about. Rick leaves as she's yelling to him that she's telling the truth. Reva talks to BILLY and he tries to comfort her. Reva gets upset and leaves.

ANNIE ask JOSH to stay with her to take care of her until she can be on her own. Josh tries to distance himself from the situtation by saying he's not the person for the job. He tells her that she has plenty of friends..maybe one of them could help. She tells him he owes her and he should do it. Annie tells Josh that she told Reva that she was going to fight for her marriage. Annie keeps talking and has trouble sticking to her story. Josh asks her "If Reva thought that she was your sister, then why did she push you down the stairs?" Annie tries to explain more. Josh tells Annie that she is right, that he should have listened more closely to her, Annie, when she first started telling him the strange things about Reva. Annie is puzzled, but pleased. Josh tells her that he just remembered something he needs to do and leaves in a rush. Annie is baffled.

MICHELLE and BILL, JR. are trying to hack into the Hospitals computers records to find the person who received Maureen, Michelle's Mom's, heart. They get in with Ricks pass word. (Michelle saw the password on their home pc.)

RICK and ABBY talk about Michelles need to find her mother's heart recipent. Abby is for it..Rick against. Rick tells Abby that he appreciates her being concerned. He calls Michelle and leaves a message on the recorder for her. Abby approves of what he says. Rick asks Abby to help him with some files. He tries to log on, but is denied, because the password is already being used. Rick is upset and Abby tells him which computer in what room is using his password. Rick takes off to the area. Rick walks in on MICHELLE and LITTLE BILL. He asks them what they think they are doing.

BLAKE comes and visits ANNIE. Blake tells Annie "It's judgment day, Annie." Blake confronts her about all the Reva stuff. Blake calls her on it all, and says she doesn't know how Annie can live with herself. Blake tells Annie that she's going to Josh with the information. Blake starts to leave. Annie stops her and tells her that she hasn't thought things trough. Annie tells Blake that she'll tell Ross all about what Blake did. Blake tells Annie that she's going to tell Ross all about how Annie used her. Annie tells Blake that she'll have to take some responsibilty for stealing Ross's files and bugging his phone to get info on Reva. Annie tells Blake that men like Josh and Ross only see in black and white. Annie tells her that she shouldn't go unburden herself, just because it's the right thing to do. Annie tells Blake that she is a known liar. Blake tells Annie that Ross will believe her. Annie wants to know if Blake really thinks Ross will want her back after he knows all. There is a knock at the door. It's ROSS. He tells Annie that he has some things he needs to discuss with her. He sees Blake and he wonders what she's doing there.

REVA goes home and is upset that Josh doesn't believe her. JOSH walks in and tells Reva that he believes her. He tells her that he knows her better than he knows himself. Reva is thrilled. She asks him when he knew Annie was lying. He tells her that he doesn't even know Annie and all her answers were too calculated. He asks for Reva's forgiveness. She kisses him. There is a knock at the's FRANK COOPER. He tells Reva that he is there to arrest her for the attempted murder of Annie Lewis and the murder of her unborn child.

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