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Monday, April 21, 1997

Jeffrey was attacking Jenna, trying to make love with her, and sheresisted. He said he would be with her like Buzz is, and then she threwhim off of her, and began undressing, and went to him. Jenna continued totry and seduce Jeffrey. She kept asking didn't he want sex, and he keptsaying he wanted to make love. She said they can't make love because shedoesn't love him. He left the room angrily, and she went into the bedroomto get dressed. Roger brought a birthday present for Meg. She asked what he is reallydoing there. Roger asked why she always assumes the worst. Holly saidbecause she knows him. Holly asked Roger to take Meg's present back.dHolly told Roger that she knows there is good in him, and wished him luckwith Amanda. She told him he should go to Amanda. Roger said to Holly tokeep the gift for Meg, because before Meg is old enough to hear it fromothers, he doubts she will think he has ulterior motives. Roger left andFletcher came in.Marah was awake late at night, she had a bad dream. Josh went to talk toher. Marah said the dream was about Josh and Annie- she said she knowssomething is wrong. Marah asked if Josh and Annie are going to getdivorced. He said when people get married, they don't expect it to end.Josh told Marah that it is important to always tell the truth. He promisedto always take care of her and Shayne. Annie came in, and asked Josh if hehad changed his mind. Marah went to bed, and Josh told Annie that nothinghas changed, and he still plans to end the marriage. He said he wants tostay at the house until formal arrangements are made. He will stay in theguest room.Reva was talking to Rusty, telling him about the picture of Sarah. Rustyagreed to come to Springfield to see the picture for himself. Reva saidthat if Hawk's right, Annie has been lying because there is no way Anniecould be her sister die to the age of the picture. Annie was inside Reva'shouse, and heard the conversation. Annie asked Reva if she had beentalking to Josh. Annie told Reva that Josh said he was leaving her, andasked Reva what she did. Annie said Reva is her sister now, and has tohelp her fix this. Annie told Reva that Josh said he doesn't want to be herhusband anymore. Annie asked if Reva told Josh about Annie being hersister. Reva said she doesn't know why Josh left Annie. Reva tried to getAnnie to calm down so they could talk, but Annie refused. Then she becamesorry for being so nasty toward Reva. She said she can't believe all thisis happening. She talked about how hard it has been to compete with Revaand her memory. Reva asked Annie for details about when she was growingup. Annie told Reva the story that she and Alan had made up. Annie made amistake in the story, and Reva caught it. Annie decided to leave, and Revatold her not to worry, she will make sure everything works out as itshould!d Reva was on the phone with Rusty again, and told him that shecan't wait to see him again. She went and looked at the photo of Sarah andsaid that if Annie is lying there will be hell to pay!Buzz was in the basement, going through a box, and he found his gun. Elenisaw him with it, and Frank came in and took the gun from him. Frank madeBuzz stay at the diner until he's calmed down, by locking handcuffing himto the diner door. Jenna showed up. She told Buzz that Jeffrey had triedto make love with her. She told him that nothing had happened. Buzz toldher how worried he had been about her.

Tuesday, April 22, 1997

Hart and Dinah were talking at Company. Hart had come by to take Peter to the zoo, but Nola told him that Bridgett and Peter had gone to see Dylan in Minnesota for a week. Hart became angry that she took Peter out of town without telling him. Nola tried to calm Hart down and told him to relax, he would see Peter in a week. Hart went to Dinah, and told her this isn't right. Hart said he never realized till now that he has so little to do with raising his own son. Dinah began sticking up for Bridgett, and Hart and Dinah began arguing. Dinah got angry and said that now Hart was blaming her for Bridgett leaving with Peter. She got up to leave, and Hart went after her.

Phillip came to Amanda's office to see her, and she told him that she broke off her engagement to Roger. Phillip was very happy. As they talked, Roger came in and asked to see Amanda. Phillip left. Amanda told Roger she wants to talk about what she wants, but Roger told her he doesn't have time, he has an appointment at the Journal. Amanda said to herself, after Roger left, that she needs him to want her like she wants him.

Matt and Vanessa went into the poetry chat room at the same time, and they were the only two in the room. They chatted about how ackward it is for both of them to be there. Then they began to discuss their favorite poets. Matt said something, and Vanessa mentioned that that was exactly what her husband used to say. Matt asked why she wasn't with her husband, and Vanessa said because she had to leave him. Matt asked what would cause her to leave a man she loved. She told him she feels comfortable talking to him, then asked him about himself. Matt accused Vanessa of trying to change the subject, and Vanessa said that she isn't ready to talk about her husband yet. They talked a little more, then Dinah came into Matt's house and asked to talk to him. Matt told Vanessa that his stepdaughter just came in, and Vanessa said she would let him go so he could talk to her. Then Dinah began telling Matt about her argument with Hart, and said she should resolve herself to the fact that she has lost him and won't get him back. Dinah said that Hart drives her crazy, the way he only sees things in black and white. Matt said to Dinah that she has it bad, and she agreed, and said now she knows what crazy in love means. Dinah told Matt that maybe he isn't perfect, but her mother had been very lucky.

Holly was in her office when a new reporter came in and told Holly that Ross is a candidate for the District Attorney job that is to open up soon. Holly called Ross and asked him to verify if that is correct, but he refused. Holly asked Ross to come to her office and give her a scoop for the paper. After they got off the phone, Blake came in with blueberry danish for Holly. Blake told Holly that she has the whole morning free, and wants to talk about Ross. Holly said she has a meeting with Ross in a few minutes. Blake said in that case, she wants to stay for the meeting. Blake told Holly that Ross was holding up on the divorce, but Holly told her not to get too optimistic about that yet. As they were talking, Ross came in. Holly told Ross that she didn't know Blake was going to be there. Ross told Holly that he is running for DA, and he is the first choice. Blake told Ross she wants to help him in his race, but Ross told Blake that she has done enough by making him a laughingstock. They began to argue about that. Ross said that Blake's bedhopping is causing him all sorts of problems, and she said that he did enough on his own with Amanda. Holly left, and Amanda came in looking for Roger. She found that roger wasn't in there, and realized that he had said he was going to the journal just to make her jealoud. Amanda said "Well, Roger, turnabout is fair play!" When Ross came out, he found Amanda there, and she said she was sorry for the whole situation. She asked Ross if he would go with her now to go get some lunch and they could talk about it. He agreed.

After Vanessa got off the computer, her doctor examined her, and told her she is doing well. She said she isn't surprised because she hasn't felt this well in ages.

Hart was on the porch of the boarding house when Nola came out to ask if he wants to talk. Roger came out and said Hart could talk to him. They went inside and had a drink, and Roger told Hart not to ruin his relationship with Dinah the way he had ruined his relationship with Holly.

Wednesday, April 23, 1997

Amanda dropped Ross off at Company, and asked him to buy her lunch.

Roger came into Company and told Holly that he talked to Peter on the phone, and said that Peter misses him. While Roger and Holly were talking, Amanda came in with Ross. Ross asked Nola if she had seen a file folder, but she couldn't find it. Ross told Amanda that he really needs that folder. Amanda told Ross that she wanted him to come to lunch so she could tell him that she really wants to be his friend. She asked if he is still angry about her part in his situation with Blake. Holly went to Ross and asked him what he is doing with Amanda. Roger went to Amanda and asked what she was up to, and she accused him of being posessive. Roger told Amanda that she hurt him by breaking off their engagement. He suggested that Amanda and Ross had something going on, and she denied it. Holly also accused Ross of having something going on with Amanda, and said that Ross may not really be the Saint he makes himself out to be. She asked Ross why he was so quick to absolve Amanda of all guilt, but couldn't forgive Blake. Ross told Holly to butt out! Holly said that she cares too much about all of them to leave it alone. Roger asked Amanda to drive him back to the office. Amanda went to Ross, and invited him to a cocktail party she is having. She told Roger he would be invited too. Holly came and asked Roger if he is having problems with Amanda. He said it isn't anything he can't handle.

Annie was packing her bags, and acted as if she were all ready to leave the house when Josh came in. Josh told her that he cares about her and the baby, and always will. She said he doesn't care in the way that matters. He said that people get divorced every day and survive. Marah and Shayne came in and asked why the suitcases were out. Annie told them that she is leaving and Shayne got upset. Josh came into the room, and Annie got angry and said she hopes that Reva is worth this. Annie and Josh argued, Annie was so angry that Josh discussed their separation with Marah without her. As Annie was running away, she dropped all her things, and said what she wouldn't give for a drink right now. Josh told Annie he would never again be her enabler, he said her true addiction is to him. Annie told Josh he is OD'd on Reva. Josh told Annie that he won't let her blame Reva for everything. He said he believes that Annie won't drink or take pills because she is too good a mother for that. Josh told annie that he doesn't want her to leave, that he and Marah and Shayne would move into Matts house. Shayne said he wants to stay with Annie, but Annie told him he has to go with Josh. Annie said she would do anything not to hurt Shayne and asked Josh how he could do this to him. Josh left with the kids.

Reva and Abby were at home, and Reva began telling Abby about her doubts as to Annie being her sister. While they are talking, Rusty came in. Reva said that if the age of the picture she has of Sarah is right then the cameo that Annie has could never have been given to Annie as a baby. Reva introduced Abby to Rusty, then Abby left to go to work. Reva told Rusty that someone led her to believe that the photo is over 25 years old, but if Hawk is right, it can't be more than 15 years old. Rusty said that he has the same picture in his wallet, and he said he could tell Reva the exact day, date and year of the photo, because it was taken when he graduated from high school, which makes the photo only 15 years old. Reva got very excited, because now she knows that annie has been lying. Reva sat Rusty down and began to tell him the story about Annie.d Reva told Rusty that Sarah had had another child. Rusty was angry that he didn't know. Reva told Rusty about her promise to Sarah, and that Annie had convinced her that she was the sister. Rusty asked Reva if she was sure about everything, and Reva said yes she is, and that Annie was going to be very sorry. She said Annie almost cost her Josh. She also said that Annie must have had help with her plan, and she plans to get to the bottom of this, and Annie would be sorry. She said she and Josh were going to live happily ever after, and asked Rusty to help her find out who helped Annie. Rusty made some calls, and said that by the end of the day they should know for sure that Annie was lying. She said she can't wait to throw herself into Josh's arms and tell him that she loves him. Rusty got a call from his friends, and told Reva that the whole story she was given was false. There isn't even a Simon House anymore. Reva said she will kill Annie Dutton with her bare hands.

Rick switched the roster to his class, so that Abby wouldn't be in his class anymore. They bumped into each other, and then each sat down to eat their lunch. Rick told Abby that he is teaching a different class now, not Abby's class. Abby began laughing and said that she had also changed her schedule, so that she actually changed into his new class. Rick said that he would switch classes again if abby wants him to, but she said that wouldn't be necessary.

Thursday, April 24, 1997

At Cedars, Jenna told Jeffrey she would try her best to make the relationship work if he didn't infringe on her freedom and he informed her that by tomorrow the three of them would be back in England.

Jeffrey explained to her that the other judge was considering releasing her from her sentence and that the judge had liked his suggestion that she never enter the U.S. again. Jeffrey left and Jenna called Buzz and told him to get over there fast because Jeffrey was planning to take she and Coop out of the country.

Jenna told Buzz she wouldn't leave and Buzz said he knew the judge and that he was a good guy. Jenna explained that Jeffrey had told the judge his mother was ill. Jenna came up with an idea.

Buzz and Jenna went to a second hand store looking for the perfect dress to use on the judge. After trying on dozens of outfits, they finally found one that was perfect and left.

Annie was talking to Alan telling him that Josh had left her when she had severe abdominal pains. Reva came over to tell Annie the lies were over.

Annie wanted to know why Reva was doing this to her. Reva told her that she finally figured it out, that she wasn't her sister and that she never could be. Reva wanted to know how she knew Reva was searching for her sister. Annie pretended to be innocent. The doorbell rang and Annie answered it. Alan was there and told her he was worried about her and then saw Reva.

Alan pretended that he had a therapy session, but Reva didn't buy it. Reva told them that they were two of a kind. Alan told her that Annie wasn't feeling well. Annie asked Reva to leave, but she told them she wasn't going anywhere. Reva accused Alan of helping Annie pretend to be her sister. Alan told her he knew nothing about Annie being her sister until right now. They both laughed off Reva's suspicions. Reva told Annie she would have done anything she could to hold onto Josh.

Alan told Reva she was upsetting Annie and should consider the baby. Reva told them she was going to tell Josh and any thoughts Annie had of holding onto him were over. Reva left and Annie doubled over in pain.

Vanessa was in good spirits and told her physical therapist that if the doctors would tell her she wasn't in remission she was being cured, she would go back to Matt.

Vanessa worked with her physical therapist. Vanessa told him that she met someone in the poetry chatroom online. He tried to caution her about the people she met on the net.

Shayne was upset and accused his father of not keeping his promises. Josh tried to talk to Shayne, but he ran off and Marah went to talk to him. Matt told Josh to give the kids some time

Shayne told them he missed his mommy, Annie. Bill convinced Marah and Shayne to go to school with him and Josh thanked him.

Josh told Matt that he didn't do this lightly and that he just couldn't pretend anymore. Matt told him to give himself a break. Josh told Matt that he hoped Annie cared enough about the baby not to do anything crazy like hit the nearest bar.

Josh wanted to take the kids out of town somewhere and Matt suggested Cross Creek, but Josh didn't think that was a good idea. Matt told him that for whatever it was worth, he thought Josh was doing the right thing. Josh went upstairs to pack so they would be ready when he figured out where to go.

Matt logged onto the computer at the same time Vanessa did.

Josh came downstairs with his suitcases and told Matt he would call him when he figured out where they were going. Matt sat back down at the computer and both he and Vanessa logged onto the chat room and started talking. Matt told her his niece and nephew stayed there last night and Vanessa asked their names, but Matt was reluctant to tell her.

He asked her what her kids names were, but before she could tell him, the doorbell rang and Matt had to leave and answer it.

It was Reva who was looking for Josh. Matt told her he went away with the kids for a few days and she asked Matt to tell Josh to call her.

Alan was concerned about Annie and wanted her to go to the hospital, but Annie refused. Annie called Matt and asked if Josh was there and Matt told her he went away with the kids. Reva figured out that it was Annie who called.

Matt asked what was going on and Reva told him he wouldn't believe her and then left. Matt went back to the computer and turned it off. He then sat down on the couch and started to read.

Vanesa looked at Matt's picture and said it was nice to have a new friend, but she missed him.

Josh went to Reva's to tell her where he was going and what he had done, but she wasn't home.

Annie asked Alan for help and he told her that she needed to calm down because Reva had no proof. Annie told Alan she was going to stop Reva even if it meant killing her. She then doubled over in pain again and he picked her up and carried her off.

Friday, April 25, 1997

Buzz and Jenna go to see Judge Hopkins so that Jenna can "help him" make the right decision about shortening her probation and letting her return to England with Jeffery to see is "ill mum." Jenna goes in to see Judge in a revealing outfit.

Vanessa continues to "write" letters to Matt that she knows he will never see, on her computer telling her how much she misses him. Michael, her physical therapists, calls Vanessa's computer friend on the poetry chat line "cyber-boy." They discuss the time when Vanessa will be well enough to leave the hospital and walk on her own.

Dinah shows up at Matt's to help with the new wing of the hospital. While she is there, Hart shows up, saying Matt called him to come over to help. Dinah cannot believe Matt would do that, knowing she was going to be there too. However, Matt admitted he did! He leaves her and Hart alone to make up.

Alan takes Annie to a clinic because of the cramping she is having. Annie tells the clinic nurse her name is Leslie Johnson and she and her "husband" are from Kansas and just visiting. Before the doctor comes in, the nurse tries to hear the baby's heartbeat with the ultrasound. Annie rips the headset off the nurse's head, saying she is a nurse can she can find it.

Reva is going crazy trying to find Josh to tell her about the Annie/sister affair. She leaves many messages with Wanda at Lewis Oil and keeps trying to reach Cross Creek. He is unaware that Josh took the children away for a few days - and did not go to Cross Creek knowing that would be one of the first places Annie would look for them. Reva and Abby talk about Annie's plan to convince her that she is Reva's sister and how much she hates and despises her for it. Abby tells her she believed Annie because she is a good person that believes in family so much. Reva is upset she lost so much time looking for her true sister while following up on the "clues" that lead her to Annie. She also tells Abby she has a hunch that Alan helped her with the whole thing.

Jenna tells the Judge it is "so important" that he rule in favor of her returning to England with Jeffrey, and that she will "do anything" to help him make that decision. The Judge warns her about trying to bribe him. Meanwhile, Jeffrey shows up in the hallway and Buzz tries to figure out a way to stall him from getting to the Judge's chambers.

Hart and Dinah admit they missed each other and hate fighting. Hart admits he tried to reach her by phone to apologize. They kiss and make up (temporarily of course!). She said she knew Hart was upset that Bridget took Peter to see Dylan Lewis, but it wasn't any big deal - Bridget had every right to do so. This of course, starts them arguing again.

The doctor comes in to examine Annie and tries to find the heartbeat. He tells her this is none. Annie freaks and tells him he is not looking hard enough. He brings in other equipment. He then has "Leslie's husband" leave so he can examine her further.

Jenna gets the ruling she really wants from the judge. He demands she leave his office and tells her she is lucky he does not charge her with solicitation. He tells her he was ready to rule in favor of dropping the probation and let her leave the country with her husband to see his "ill mum." Not now - she will stay and finish out the terms of her probation. In the meantime, Buzz pays a hooker to distract Jeffrey so he and Jenna can make their escape. By the time Jeffrey gets away from the hooker and gets in to see the judge, he finds out the Judge did not rule in favor of releasing Jenna to him. Jenna and Buzz are triumphant!

Reva figures out Annie needed someone to help her and decides to pay Annie's friend Fran a call to see if she had any of idea of what Annie's been up too.

After Alan and the nurse leave the examining room, the doctor tells Annie her baby has died - but thought she would take the news better if her "husband" was not in the room with her. He tells her she should be able to have other children. He tells her he has cleared his schedule so she can go to the hospital and induce labor to expel the baby from her body. This is necessary so she does not get an infection.

Matt trick Hart and Dinah into helping him move something in the shed, and locks them in. He yells through the door that life is too short. He want's them to make-up or whatever - just straighten things out.

Alan comes in after the doctor leaves to see how Annie is doing. She lies and tells him that after he left they heard the heartbeat and that her baby is still alive.

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