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Monday, December 2, 1996

At Company, the Reardon's gathered for Thanksgiving. Michelle showed up with a barrel of apples hoping to find Zachary who wasn't there. Nola came in and asked Bridget where the turkey's were. Bridget replied that she had forgotten to take them out of the freezer.

Nola was upset at Bridget for forgetting the turkey. Then Quint came in and told them that the pie man wouldn't be delivering any pies because he had had an accident on Route 11. This made Bill and Matt think of Vanessa who supposedly died on that same road. Matt told Bill that he was sure that wherever Vanessa was, that she was thinking of them.

J suggested to Michelle that she call Zachary up and ask him to bring by the goose as a replacement for the frozen turkey. Michelle was not amused.

Dahlia showed up at Company and Michelle asked her if she had seen Zachary. When Dahlia replied that she hadn't, Michelle asked her if she had found out about the picture yet. Dahlia said that she thought that she would find out today, and that she thought that Marcus was going to introduce her to his "son."

Jean Luc came in looking for food and Dinah asked him what he was doing there. Jean Luc told Dinah and Hart that he wanted to apologize to them for the way he had acted the other day.

Dinah told him that she forgave him and then Bridget invited him to dinner and Hart reluctantly agreed.

Dahlia peeked out the front door and saw Marcus telling a small child, whose face she couldn't see, how important both he and Dahlia were to him and how much he wanted him to meet Dahlia. Dahlia went outside and Marcus introduced her to Samuel a small oriental boy who he was acting as a big brother to. Dahlia told Marcus that she had thought it was going to be his child, and Marcus explained that he had wanted to give another child the kind of fatherly influence that he had been missing as a child.

Before Michelle left, Matt warned her that Zachary was not what he seemed.

Meta and Rick prepared for Thanksgiving and Meta wondered where Michelle was and why she hadn't seen her. Abby came in and she and Meta went to check on the food. Phillip came downstiars and despite Rick's efforts, remained resolute in his decision to tell Ross about the twins' paternity.

Rick tried to persuade Phillip not to tell, but to no avail. Rick brought up all that he had done for Phillip, and the fact that he would lose Abigail if the news got out. The phone rang and Meta answered it. It was Ed. Rick took the phone from Meta and told his father how much he needed and missed him.

Meta took the phone back from Rick and told Ed that she hadn't yet seen Michelle.

Phillip told Rick that if he had been through what Phillip had, that he ] would tell the truth. Rick retorted that he wasn't going to take lessons from Phillip -- if he knew what he was doing, why wasn't he at Thanksgiving dinner with Beth and Lizzie. Phillip replied that he was going to leave and would be back for his things. Rick told Phillip that that was for the best and that he couldn't believe that Phillip was turning his back on him. Phillip then added that Rick may not lose Abby. Rick said that he was going to tell Abby now because he didn't want her hearing it through the grapevine. Phillip left and Rick told Abby that they needed to talk.

Rick tried to tell Abby, but Michelle came in and rushed upstairs. Meta then came in the room and asked if that had been Michelle she had seen. Rick replied that Michelle would be down soon and Meta went to put dinner on the table. Rick told Abby that they would talk later, and Abby left to help Meta.

Michelle came downstairs and Meta was schocked and said the word "Mary."

Blake and Ross were trying to clean up for Thanksgiving, when Roger showed up at the door with gifts for the twins.

Blake asked Roger what he was doing there and Roger replied that he had simply come by to give the boys the two little footballs he had bought for them. Ross told Roger that he wasn't welcome. At Ross' urging, Blake told Roger that she couldn't accept his gifts. As he was leaving, Holly, Fletcher, Meg, and Barbara came to the door.

The Reade's along with Holly's mother, brushed past Roger and greeted Blake, Ross, and the twins as Roger looked on. Ross then closed the door right in Roger's face. Blake told Ross how badly she felt for her father, and Holly replied that Roger would only hurt her. Blake continued to feel guilty over her lie.

Holly, Fletcher, Meg, and Barbara left as Phillip came by. Ross wet to get champagnee and Phillip told Blake that Rick had told him about the twins. Phillip then asked which of them was going to tell Ross.

Nola was about to serve hamburgers for Thanksgiving dinner when Roger came in and pointed out that they had plenty of lonely neighbors with food who would be glad to share their meal with them.

Roger congradulated the neighbor woman who cooked the dinner on how good of a meal it was. Bill told Matt that he was right, Vanessa was there, watching over them. The guests dispersed to play football and Quint told Nola that she wasn't as tough as she would like people to believe.

Nola told quint to make himself useful and get her special coffee; Quint replied that they would talk later.

Roger went outside and told Jean Luc that he hadn't earned his keep yet. Jean Luc answered that he would get Dinah away from Hart.

Zachary showed up at Company and gave Nola a letter from Vanessa.

In Rome, Josh tried to call Annie to talk to the kids, but Annie was on a flight to Italy to surprise him.

Rusty and Hawk went with Buzz to make burial arrangements for Sarah. Reva wanted to stay with her mother a little longer and wondered how she was going to keep the promise that she made to her. Two orderlies came in to remove the body, and Reva got upset. One of the orderlies tried to restrain an emotional Reva who didn't want them to take her mother, and Josh came in and told him to keeps his hands off of her.

Reva told Josh that they wanted to take her mother away, but that she wasn't ready for her to leave. Josh took Reva aside and held her while they moved the body.

Annie told the passenger next to her on the plane that she and her husband wanted to start a family and that she might be pregnant.

Josh went with Reva to get something to eat. Reva told Josh how much her mother had loved him and they left the room.

Josh and Reva went to a little cafe where they discussed how much her mother had loved Italy. Reva wanted to know about the time when her mother first came to Italy. Josh told her that her mother had come there a year after she had "died" to help him deal with his grief. Josh related how they had both hoped and searched for her and how he had cried every night.

Hawk, Buzz, and Rusty returned to the room. Buzz went to find Reva and Rusty told Hawk that Sarah knew how much he loved her. Buzz returned and told them that Reva had left. The three of them went to search for her.

Reva told Josh how sorry she was. Josh replied that they had all made it and that she was a good wife. Reva answered that he was a good husband.

Josh said that Sarah's prayers had been answered then Reva had come back. Reve then asked if his prayers were answered and leaned against him. Josh caressed her and said the words "you came back." Annie arrived just in time to see Josh kiss Reva on the forehead.

Tuesday, December 3, 1996

Josh and Reva were embracing when Annie arrived and saw them. Annie came forward and a stunned Josh saw her.

Josh asked Annie what she was doing there and why she didn't call him to tell him that she was coming. Annie replied that she just wanted to be with him and that she figured if she called that she would only worry him. Therefore, it was just easier to book a flight and come over. Josh asked Annie where the kids were and she told him that she left them with Frank and Eleni. When Annie asked how Sarah was and Josh told her that she had died, Annie asked to speak to Reva alone. Josh went to call the kids.

Annie related to Reva that she lost her mother when she was younger and how she had regrets over not saying thing she should have to her mother. She then told Reva that she should deal with her grief however she wanted to and that one day she would find that she had moved on. Reva thanked Annie for her kindness and gave her a hug. Josh came back in and saw them hugging. Hawk, Buzz and Rusty came in and told Reva that they wouldn't let them take Sarah home to bury her.

Reva asked who wouldn't let her take her mother back. Josh said that a lawyer showed up with her mother's will requested that she be buried in Italy and that he mother wanted to show the world that she wasn't just a homemaker in Italy. She wanted to be buried in Italy with a long black velvet dress that seh never got to wear. They all agreed that she should be buried there and Buzz pointed out that they would all have to wait there for the funeral.

Reva told Rusty how proud their mother had been of him being a cop and that he should go back. Rusty asked her to stand in for Roxy and him and then asked her to look after Hawk. Rusty asked her if she was okay and if he was asking too much of her and she replied it wasn't him it was Sarah.

Rusty said goodbye to everyone and left. Annie asked Reva if there was something she could get her. Reva replied that there was something she had to do and left.

Reva visited the casket with her mother in it. The room was filled with flowers from H.B. and Dylan. Reva told her mother that she would find the child that Sarah gave up and that she would take good care of him.

Zachary came in Company and went over to Nola. He gave her the letter and told her that it was from Vanessa. Nola asked him how Vanessa could send her a letter, she was dead.

Zachary saw Matt and told Nola to get rid of him. Nola send Matt to the kitchen and Zachary told her that Matt could never know about this and to read the letter. In the letter, Vanessa said that she wanted Nola to help Matt get on with his life by finding a women to share his l life with. Nola asked him if he knew about the letter, and he replied that Vanessa had asked him to keep it secret. Nola wondered how she would be able to fulfill Vanessa's wishes.

Matt came in and asked Zachary why Nola was crying and why he was always hanging around his family. Nola told him to stop and Matt replied that he just wasn't very good company. Matt left and Nola told Zachary how she tried every day to help Matt move on but that nothing was working. Zachary told her to try again. Nola wondered how she was supposed to help him. Zach replied that miracles happened every day and he left. Quint came in and asked Nola what was wrong. She asked him if he had ever been asked to do something that he knew he couldn't. He replied yes and that if it was worth doing, you just keep trying.

Nola gave Quint the letter to read and told him that Zachary had given it to her. Quint asked her what she was going to do about it and Nola replied that there was nothing she could do. Quint pointed out that if there was anyone who could do anything for Matt, it was her. He also told her that he couldn't imagine losing the love of his life.

Quint told Nola to let him know if there was anything to do and then told her he should leave before the bad weather hits. Nola said that she couldn't refuse Vanessa's request and that she would help Matt to move on.

Phillip told Blake that he knew about the twin's paternity and that he was going to tell Ross. Blake tried to convinve him not to say anything, but Phillip felt that it would be better for everyone if the truth came out now.

Blake accused Phillip of trying to get revenge on her. He tried to tell Blake that the lies had been told to him had ruined his life. He also pointed out that she had been lied to also in that she had been led to believe that Ed Bauer was her father and that was what had messed her up. Blake admitted that she didn't want what happened to her to happen to Kevin. She told him that she didn't want to lose Ross, but that she knew it would come out eventually. She asked him whether he wanted to do the honors or should she. Ross entered the room with sparkling cider to toast a day he would remember for the rest of his life.

Ross asked Phillip who he thought Jason took after, the Marler's or Blake's side of the family. Ross then left to check on something and Phillip apologized to Blake and told her he wasn't doing this to hurt her. Ross came back in with the babies and talked about the realities of parenthood made him weep with joy. Ross then gave him one of the babies to hold and told him to hold a child is to be touched by an angel. He then asked Phillip what he was going to say before.

Phillip told Ross that Lizzie's birthday was last week, and it was the first one that he had missed. He then told Ross that he had to leave and handed the baby back to Blake. Blake thanked him and he left. Matt showed up at the door to see the babies. Outside the door Blake thanked him again and Phillip remembered that Rick was telling Abby.

As Meta, Rick, and Abby were serving dinner, Michelle came downstairs, and Meta proclaimed "Mary!" and dropped the dish she was carrying. Everyone gathered around her and asked her if she was alright and she replied that she was fine, she was just caught off balance. Meta went to the kitchen to fix some more vegetables and Abby followed her. Michelle asked Rick if he had finally hired a housekeeper, and Rick told her that that wasn't a maid, it was their great-aunt Meta who was there to stay. Michelle was not happy that Meta was staying, especially after the strang look that Meta had given her.

Michelle asked Abby if she thought Meta was weird from the look that she gave Michelle. Abby replied no and asked her where she had been. Michelle replied that she went to Company with apples in search of Zachary. She reasoned that he must be at the lighthouse and was about to leave when Rick and Meta came in. Meta was still rattled over seeing Michelle. When Rick questioned her, Meta replied that she just wasn't prepared for how much Michelle resembled the Bauer side of the family. Meta then went back into the kitchen and Michelle left. Rick went over to Abby and told her how beautiful she looked. She asked him what he had wanted to talk about and he told her to sit down.

Abby asked Rick what was wrong. Rick told her that he had made a mistake that wouldn't go away. Abby asked him if the mistake he had make was a sin. Before Rick could explain Meta came in and asked where Michelle was. Abby replied that she had left.

Michelle showed up at the lighthouse and petted the goose. Zachary came home and was happy to see Michelle.

Michelle and Zachary discussed his plans to leave Springfield after he finished the lighthouse. Michelle asked him to promise her that he wouldn't leave without saying goodbye. Zachary told her he was glad he came back and found her there.

Zachary told Michelle that you don't always get what you wish for. Michelle told him that she should better go, and that he was still invited to dinner. Zachary politely declined and said that her Aunt Meta would be mad at her for being late for dinner. Zachary recognized the name Meta.

Meta asked Rick if Michelle had a problem with her being there since she was never around. Abby replied that she had gone to ask a friend to come to dinner. Meta surmised that it was a male friend and made a note that she would talk to Michelle on how a yound lady should comport herself. Rick tried to convince her not to interfere in Michelle's life and Meta replied that she had made a lot of mistakes in her life and she wanted to prevent Michelle from making the same ones. Meta left and Abby said that she knew that Rick wanted to confess something he had done in the past to her, but that she felt that anything he had done before they met should be left in the past. Rick replied that sometimes this wasn't possible and that this was one of those times.

Abby mentioned that the man Michelle was seeing was named Zachary. Meta left the room and Rick was about to tell Abby about the twins, when Phillip came in and interrupted them. Abby went to help Meta and Phillip told Rick that he couldn't ruin everyone's life. Abby came back in and asked if they should eat before Michelle came back. Rick said to tell Meta it was fine and Phillip told him that this meant he wasn't moving out. Rick then told Abby that what he had wanted to tell her didn't matter.

Wednesday, December 4, 1996

Amanda visited Roger who was playing the piano. Roger asked her if she had thought about making him Vice-President of Advantage Systems. She answered that she would be a fool to put that must trust in him. Roger momentarily lost his temper, but apologized. When Roger asked what had happened, Amanda told him that he had to prove to her that he hadn't lost his instict for business. Roger welcomed the chance to prove himself and asked her how. Amanda asked him to acquire a piece of property that she wanted to develop. The widow who owned it wouldn't sell and she wanted him to have her sign a contract today. When Roger asked her to fill him in and she went to get the details, he commented to himself that Amanda should keep fooling herself into thinking that she was in charge.

Roger entered Company, and went over to the widow who owned the property that Amanda wanted. She told him that she just didn't want to sell. Roger politely inquired about what might make her sell. She told him that it wasn't a matter of money. Just as she was about to fill him in on her motivations, she recognized Roger from the articles about his being institutionalized. He reassured the woman and related his marital woes. She empathized with him and told him that the reason that she wouldn't sell was because the property reminded her of her husband. He advised her that she shouldn't trap herself in the past.

Alex visited Alan to set up an office for him in his room and warned him that he shouldn't let Amanda be in charge of Advantage Systems. Alan told Alex that he had left Amanda instructions not to make any decisions without consulting him. Alex cautioned him that Amanda had a lot invested in the company and then told him about how Roger had paid her a visit and asked about him. Alan didn't want to hear about Roger and Amanda. Alan wallowed in self-pity over his medical condition and the fact that both of his sons had turned their backs on him. Alex informed Alan that Phillip had not left town and was in fact living with Rick. Alan deduced that this only meant that Phillip was sticking to his original plan to stay around until Alan was fully recovered and that he was only staying out of guilt. Alan said that he didn't blame Phillip and that he would make sure that Phillip didn't feel sorry for him by walking again. Alex reassured him that he and Phillip would eventually reconcile. Alan marvelled at Alex's determination to hold the family together and that she continued to forgive him despite all of the despicable things that he had done. She told him that it was because she knew what their father had put them through.

Amanda came in to tell them news. Amanda discussed business with Alan and he told her that he was happy with the way that she was running the company. Amanda then asked Alex to suggest a resteraunt in New York to meet a client at. Alex was giving her directions to one, when Roger came in. Alan ordered him to leave. Roger showed the contract that he had gotten from the widow to Amanda and told Alan that he was now the new Vice-President of Advantage Systems.

Fran and Cleary waited to find out which of them would be promoted to detective. Cleary left to with a prisoner and Matt walked in and asked Frank to investigate Zachary. Frank wanted to know why Matt was interested in Zach and Matt told him that he believed that Zach knew something about Vanessa that he wasn't telling. Matt informed Frank that he had found a letter that Vanessa had started to write him at the lighthouse and that Zachary never received any mail. Frank was skeptical and pointed out that it looked like Matt was doing some not so legal investigative work on Zachary. Matt replied that he didn't care if it was legal, and that he had a bad feeling about Zachary now that he was involved with Michelle. Frank told matt that there was no real reason to suspect that Zachary had done anything wrong. However, Frank agreed to look into the matter as long as Matt stayed away from Zachary. Matt thanked him and left. Levy came up to Frank, yelled at him and asked Frank for his badge. Frank was stunned, but finally figured out that Levy was just teasing him and that he was the one who had gotten the promotion. Cleary was upset but congrajulated an ecstatic Frank.

Michelle questioned Zachary about his strange response to Meta's name. When he tried to brush it off, Michelle asked him why he never gave her a straight answer. She then commented that she was starting to believe that Matt was right about him. Zachary wanted to know what Matt had told her about him. Michelle apologized to Zachary for flying off the handle and explained that she had told Matt that he had no reason to think that Zachary was hiding anything. Zach thanked her and told her that he wasn't trying to be mysterious. He had just never heard her mention her Aunt Meta before and wanted her to tell him more about Meta. Michelle told Zach that Meta just walked in, took over, and cleaned up the house. She also mentioned that Meta had given her a strange look when she had first met her.

Michelle apologized for being nosy and pushy. Zach told her that she had nothing to be sorry for. Michele pointed out that he was leaving and Zach replied that they still had plenty of time left. Michelle then left.

Meta arrived at Company looking for Michelle and met Nola for the first time. They discovered that they were practically related and recognized each other's names. Meta asked Nola if she knew Michelle's friend Zachary. Nola replied that she hadn't known him long, but that he was the kind of person that you would trust with your life immediately. Nola told Meta not to worry about Zach and that she trusted him even if Matt didn't. Meta then asked where Zachary lived and took off for the lighthouse.

Quint showed up and asked Nola why she had wanted to meet with him. Nola replied that it was about the letter. Nola then asked Quint for his opinion on what attracts a man to a woman. Quint went about explaining his opinion and it was obvious he was talking about Nola. They discussed what to do about the letter and Nola asked him to find a woman for Matt that had all of the qualities that he looked for in a woman. He replied that he couldn't do that because he was already looking at her.

Nola spied the woman that Roger had been talking to and pointed her out to Quint. Quint cautioned her against accosting strangers to fix them up with Matt. Nola went in and was introducing herself when Matt came in.

Meta arrived at the lighthouse and immediately recognized Zachary.

Thursday, December 5, 1996

Alan and Alex laughed over Roger being in charge of research and development until Amanda told them that it wasn't a joke. Roger asked Alan if he had some objection to their working together.

Alan told Roger that idea of his being on his staff was ludicrious. Amanda showed him the contract that Roger signed and told him how much money they would make.

Roger told Alan how he had convinced Mrs. Fitzpatrick to sell. Amanda tried to point out that Roger's talent for finding peoples weaknesses made him an access. Alan then asked Alex to give Roger a tour while he talked to Amanda. He told Amanda to give Roger a finder's fee and cut him loose. Amanda told him that she was running Advantage Systems and not he. Alan tried to warn her about Roger, but she wouldn't listen. He told her that he loved her and didn't want to see her hurt.

Amanda said that she loved him to, but that she would make her own mistakes and that Alan would just have to get used to it. Roger and Alex returned and Roger remarked on how state-of-the art the hospital was. Roger and Amanda then left to discuss business. Alan told Alex to get his doctor, now.

Roger told her that she shouldn't worry about her father that he would be well soon. Amanda told him to cut the charade. They both commented on how they would both soon get what they wanted.

Alan was determined to get well to fight Roger, which made Alex happy.

Meta was stunned over seing Zachary and muttered "it can't be." Zachary asked if she was okay and Meta replied that he it couldn't be because he would be so much older.

Meta assumed that Zachary must look just like his grandfather. Zachary said he never knew his parents or his grandparents. She then asked about Mary Bauer. Zachary said he didn't know what she was talking about. Meta introduced herself as Michelle's aunt and told him that she wanted to meet Michelle's friend. Meta invited him to dinner, and Zach reluctantly agreed. Meta then left.

Zachary told his friend that he was right and that he had stepped over the line. The friend advised him to leave now, but Zachary refused. Zach then told him that he had never felt this way and that if it was wrong to care about Michelle, why was it happening? Zachary told him that meeting Michelle and seeing Meta was for a reason.

Zach told his friend that he had to see things through, to whic the friend replied that he should be careful because sooner or later he would have to leave.

Zachary had a flashback to a time that looked like the forties in which he went over to a girl sitting on a bench and called her "Mary Bauer."

Michelle told Abby that Zachary was leaving, but that she was going to change her mind. Abby, Rick and Abby conspired to surprise Phillip. Abby ran into Phillip in the hospital corridor.

Rick and Michelle went up to Phillip and asked him what he was doing there. Abby asked him if he wanted to have supper with them in the cafeteria. Phillip agreed and asked to talk to Rick. Abbby and Michelle left. Phillip told Rick that he didn't want to be in the way. Rick reassured him that he was welcome and sent him to eat with Abby and Rick. Rick and Lilian discussed how surprised that Phillip would be.

Rick sent Lilian to make sure everything was set up. Abby warned Rick that Phillip suspected something. Michelle showed up with Phillip who demanded to know what was going on. He turned around and Lizzie was there.

Phillip told Lizzie how good it was to see her. Lilian told him that Beth didn't come with them when she picked her out in Arizon. Rick told Phillip how beautiful Lizzie was. Phillip thanked him for setting the visit up. Meta came in.

Michelle told Rick that Meta wasn't as bad as she thought and that she was going to try to make her feel at home. Lilian agreed that Lizzie should stay with Phillip at the Bauer's. Meta reminisced about the old days at the Bauer house. Meta then invited Lilian and Abby to supper and told Michelle that she had been by the lighthouse and ivited Zachary to dinner. Michelle was upset that she had seen Zach.

Michelle told Meta that she had to tell Zach he couldn't come. Meta asked her why she didn't want her family to get to know him and then took Phillip and Lizzie home. Lilian told Rick to take good care of Phillip. Abby told Rick that she had to get back to work and Michelle told Rick that she took back the nice things she said about Meta, she was just there to ruin her life.

Reva asked Sarah's landlord if her mother ever mentioned any other children besides Reva, Roxy and Rusty. Josh came up to her and asked what was going on.

Reva introduced Josh to Sarah's landlord and told him that she was trying to find out about her mother's last name. The landlord excused himself and left. Josh told her that he couldn't sleep and thought that he would go for a walk. He asked her what was going on, that it seemed like there was something else on her mind. Reva replied that the reason they could never be together is because he could read her so well.

Josh wanted to know what was going on and Reva told him that she found out that her mother had lived with a secret for years so that she wouldn't hurt her family. Josh pointed that that was sort of like what they were doing.

Josh said that it was like them because they didn't want to hurt the children, Buzz, or Annie. Reva said she didn't want to think about this, she only wanted to think about her mother. Josh asked what it was that Sarah had told her, and Reva told him not to push her, she couldn't tell. Josh then bought Reva a flower from a passing woman.

Reva told Josh that she was grateful to Annie for being so supportive when she came to Rome and that she could see why Josh married her. Reva pointed out that they were both lucky to have other people in their lives.

Josh left to get ready for the funeral and Reva thanked him for getting her through another night. She told him that she felt lost and alone and Josh promised her that he would always be there for her. The two then hugged and Josh left.

Nola served Alice Fitzpatrick some herbal tea and Alice mentioned how she and her husband used to come and eat there all the time. Nola sympathized with her and told her how she was divorced. When Alice brought up Roger, Nola cautioned her that she didn't think Roger was well enough to do business. Alice reassured her that Roger had given her some good advice to get on with her life.

Quint talked to Matt about Vanessa, but Matt didn't want to get on with life.

Quint explained to Matt how they used to throw wives on their husband's funeral pyre so they wouldn't have to start over and that Matt had been lucky to experience real love. Quint tried to explain that just because Vanessa was gone, didn't mean that he was dead too. Quint and Matt then agreed to have dinner Monday and Matt left.

Nola waved to Matt as he left and then Alice left. Nola went over to Quint and told him that he had talked Alice into dinner Monday. Quint informed her that he had already made plans with Matt on Monday by coincidance. Nola couldn't believe the coincidence and Quint told her that it was just proof they were on the same wavelength.

Nola told Quint not to turn a coincidence into anything more. Quint told her that she could fight it all she wanted but that all the signs told him they should be together. Nola said that she wasn't going to talk about them, she was going to concentrate on Vanessa's wishes.

Friday, December 6, 1996

Hawk, Buzz, Reva, Josh, and Annie commented on how beautiful Sarah's funeral was. Reva asked to talk to her father alone and the others left. Reva informed her father that Sarah had told her something that she felt he had the right to know. Hawk assumed she was talking about Sarah wanting Josh and Reva back together. Reva tried to explain, but Hawk wouldn't listen and left. Reva got up from where she was sitting and started to collapse when Josh came back and caught her.

Josh asked her if she was alright and Reva replied that she had tried to tell her father something that he wouldn't hear and that all he could say was how much he wanted the two of them back together.

To show Josh how impossible it would be to reunite, Reva suggested that they go to someplace alone and make love like they used to. She then told him that they would go back to their spouses and that he would tell Annie and that she might not be able to handle it. Reva suggested that Annie might return to drugs or alcohol. She also told Josh that Buzz loved her despite her love for Josh and that she didn't want to throw that love away. She finished by saying that she wanted to do the right thing for once in her life.

Josh told her that there had to be another way for them, and that they should wait until the time was right. Reva replied that they had already had their right time. Josh asked her how she could deny her love and Reva replied that she wasn't about to risk hurting Buzz, Annie, or the children. She also pointed out that they couldn't be together and not think about the ones they loved.

Annie answered the door of the hotel room to Buzz who wanted to know if she had seen Reva. Annie replied that she hadn't and that Josh was also out. Before Buzz left, Annie asked him if he ever worried about Josh and Reva going to each other for comfort. Buzz replied that he didn't have the time to worry about ancient history and advised her not to put obsticles in the way of her and Josh. Annie then told him how she couldn't wait to have kids,and Buzz wished her luck and left.

Josh came back to the room and Annie welcomed him. She asked him if anything was wrong and he started to say that he didn't understand . . . and Annie finished the sentence with death. Josh looked at her strangely as she went on about how death was hard to accept. Josh told her that he hadn't been much of a husband to her and they started to kiss, when Buzz knocked on the door.

Buzz told them that Reva had left and read the letter that he had found from her saying that she needed to be alone and would contact them after she had had time to think.

Roger and Amanda discussed her plans to go shopping with Dinah. She commented that the only reason that Roger had wanted her to be friends with Dinah was to ruin her relationship with Hart. Dinah and Hart come outside to meet them and Dinah and Amanda left together.

Hart told Roger that he needed to talk to him. Hart wanted to tell Roger that he didn't fall in love with Dinah to hurt him and that he was sorry if he did. Roger told him not to bother apologizing because of all the horrible things that he had done to Hart and Dinah. Hart told him that he wanted to make a fresh start which made Roger very happy. Hart told him that having Roger around the past few weeks was like a gift to him because of his dreams as a child to meet his father. Roger replied that he had never hurt him intentionally and they embraced.

Roger told him that he would speed the divorce along and Hart thanked him. Hart then left to work on the roof. Roger called Leo to tell him that Hart had told him that he loved him and to make sure that he would hang up the divorce for as long as possible. Dinah needed to be dealt with right away.

Outside Company, Roger ran into Jean Luc who told Roger that he would make Roger remember the love that they used to have.

At the mall, Dinah showed Amanda the sexy lingerie that she bought to reward Hart for working on the roof. Amanda replied that it was nice, but wouldn't he be tired, and what was she cooking him for dinner. Dinah replied that the outfit would satisfy his appetite. Amanda commented that she thought Hart was more of a hearty, beef stew type but that Dinah knew him best. Dinah replied that Hart had fallen in love with her the way that she was and that she shouldn't make a drastic change for him. Amanda suggested that she simply show Hart what an incredible wife she would make by making him a Martha Stewart Christmas wreath. When Dinah said that she didn't think she was capable of making a wreath, Amanda suggested a pine cone picture frame that she could make and put a picture of her, Hart, and Peter in. Dinah reluctantly agreed.

Dinah and Amanda returned home, and Dinah was excited about her craft project. Dinah left to gather pine cones and Amanda told Roger about Dinah's little project. Amanda explained to Roger that Dinah would surely be defeated and would only want to impress Hart more, setting herself up for disaster. Amanda then asked Roger for the papers to complete the land deal he had arranged. Roger told her that they made a great team. Amanda left to look for Phillip and Dinah came back to an empty house and didn't know where to start.

Dinah was making a mess of her frame, when Hart came in and started laughing at her. Dinah got upset and left. Hart tried to apologize, but she was already gone.

Phillip played with Lizzie and Lizzie ran off to get a doll. Phillip thanked Rick and Abby for arranging the visit and Rick informed him that Lizzie would have to be back for Christmas. Phillip was at first dissapointed, then had the idea of holding Christmas early. He then took Lizzie to go buy a tree.

Rick and Abby got the Christmas ornaments down from the attic and told Rick how her parents didn't believe in Santa Claus. She explained that she used to look in the windows of other families, wishing she could have a real Christmas. They then kissed and Phillip and Lizzie returned with a Christmas tree.

Amanda came buy and introduced herself to Lizzie. She asked Phillip if they could start over from scratch and left when Phillip didn't respond. Phillip turned to Rick and asked if "peace on earth" applied to sisters. Rick replied that in his case, it didn't. Phillip pointed out that Abby was standing under mistletoe and left. Rick and Abby kissed.

Nola didn't recognize the new, sexier dressed Bridget. Nola told her that she didn't think that the look suited Peter's mother. She commented if that was what Hart wanted, he needed some help. Nola tried to convince Bridget to be herself, but Bridget wouldn't listen. Nola apologized to Bridget for critizing her new look and told her she didn't want her to work on superficial things and that it was the inside that counted. Bridget told Nola that Hart liked her personality and that it must be the outside that needed changing. She then informed her that she wasn't ready to give up and looked down at the book on plastic surgery. Bridget then made an appointment with the plastic surgeon.

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