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November 18, 1996
Monday, November 25

Rick was astonished that Meta was in town and wanted to move in. She immediately proceeded to order Rick and Phillip to clean up. Rick told her he wished she had told him she was coming and she replied that Ed had invited her ages ago. Phillip asked Rick if he could move in and Rick said he was welcome. Rick had a bad feeling that things just got very complicated

Rick helped Phillip in with his bags. Phillip told him that Alan was the one who set him up for the explosion and that he set Alan-Michael up to take the fall for it. Rick asked him what was next and Phillip replied that the only thing he knew was that he couldn’t stay in the Spaulding mansion. Rick mentioned how Phillip helped Annie up at the cabin and then asked if Phillip was interested in her. Phillip said that she was nice, but they were both still married. Phillip asked why they were on kitchen duty and Rick replied because Aunt Meta told him to. Phillip cautioned him that unless he gave Meta some ground rules, he would have problems. Phillip left to visit the twins in the hospital. Rick asked him to say hi to the kids for him. Abby entered and told Rick that Meta wanted him to rearrange the furniture. Rick told Abby that they needed to talk about their trip to see her parents. Abby replied that there was nothing to talk about, she knew her parents didn’t approve of her lifestyle. She also said that their opinion wouldn’t change her mind. Rick told her that he was happy she was here and that he didn’t want to go too fast. He suggested setting up some ground rules, and she told him that that was not what she wanted.

Abby wanted things to go slowly and said she was glad Meta was around to chaperone. Her presence would make her a little less uncomfortable.

Ross and Blake tried to calm the twins, and commented on how easier it was at the hospital. Blake asked Ross if Kevin felt warm, when Phillip came by and congradulated them and brought by a present. Ross introduced Phillip to his new cousins and gave him Jason to hold. Phillip commented on how it seemed just like yesterday when he brought Lizzie back from the hospital. He then told Ross that Alan was the one who set him up and that he was moving in with Rick. Ross asked Phillip how Alan was doing with the partial paralysis. Phillip replied that he seemed to be giving up. Ross then left to get Phillip a drink. Blake was a little concerned that Phillip and Rick were going to be roomates. She then commented that she and Phillip were never going to be friends. She then asked him if he was going to tell Ross about the night she and Rick spent together. He replied that he would’t upset Ross.

Phillip told Blake and Ross how happy he was for the two of them. They then put the boys down for the night and Phillip commented on how different the twins looked for being identical. When Ross told him that they were identical, Phillip replied that they weren’t. Ross told him that Rick said that identical twins aren’t always identical. Blake asked if Kevin looked flushed and Ross replied that he did. Phillip then left.

Abby and Rick were about to kiss when Meta came in and complained that noone was helping her clean. She enquired where Michelle was, which Rick didn’t know. She then went to start on dinner. Abby said that this was the first time there seemed like a family in the house since dad left. They were about to kiss again when Phillip came in. Abby left and Phillip asked Rick what was bothering him. When Rick replied that nothing was bothering him, Phillip told him what a liar he was. The phone rang and it was Blake calling. Rick asked why she wasn’t calling a pediatrition and then told her not to give him aspirin or any medication until she saw a pediatrition. He told her she couldn't wait after all they were talking about his . . . godson. Phillip asked Rick why he was acting like Kevin was his son and not Ross’.

Annie welcomed Marah and Shayne home when Eleni and Marina dropped them by. Eleni and Annie talked and Annie commented on how perfect her relationship with Josh was. Eleni told her it must be hard for her to Josh in Italy with Reva. Annie replied that it was fine.

Marah asked if the kids could watch movies. Annie asked them if they had finished their homework, they replied no. Annie told them that they should start. The kids wanted to wait for their father to help them with their homework. Annie mentioned having a child to Eleni who thought they were going to wait.

Buzz, Reva, Josh, and Hawk arrived at the hospital in Italy. Reva talked to the doctor in Italy who told her that it was impossible for Sarah to travel. When Reva said they would wait until she was better, he told her that she was dying. The doctor replied that she went for help to late to get help and that the infection had spread to far for them to do anything for her. Reva asked how long her mother had, the doctor replied that he didn’t know. The doctor then allowed them to see her. A weak Sarah was overjoyed to see Reva who told Reva that hearing that she was alive and being able to see her was an answer to a prayer. Reva told her that Dylan was doing well in the school he was in, and that Rusty was on his way. She asked how Roxy was and Reva replied that she talked to her psychiatrist and she was doing about the same. Hawk apologized for what a miserable husband and father he was and told her that he loved her. Sarah said that she knew that and loved him too despite of himself. Josh told her how glad he was to see her. Sarah said how glad that Josh and Reva were there together. Reva then introduced Buzz who Sarah said was nice. Buzz told Sarah how much he loved Reva.

Annie told Eleni that she and Josh were looking forward to have children and then asked her not to tell Josh about their conversation. Josh called and told Annie that he couldn’t come home. Annie got very upset and told him that he had to come home. Josh asked her what was making her so upset and she replied that she just had her heart set on seeing him. He told her how bad Sarah’s condition was and she told him that he didn’t have to stay. He said that wasn’t a good idea because Sarah’s condition is terminal. Annie then asked how Reva was and Josh replied not well and told her that Sarah was like a second mother to him. Annie asked what she should tell the children. He told her to tell them he’s be home in a few days. Annie, although upset, told him it was okay. After Annie hung up, told Eleni that Sarah was dying and that Josh was staying. Annie then told her there was something she needed to do.

Josh told Reva that he called Annie and that Eleni had dropped the kids off. He then told Sarah that Marah and Shayne sent their love. She told Reva that she wished she could have kept the kids with her longer. Sarah remarked on how fast kids grow up. Reva showed Sarah a get well card that Marah and Shayne made her. Sarah then commented on how she let her children down and that she had regrets. She told Josh to thank the children and that she would treasure the card always. Sarah then told Reva that there was something she needed to tell her in private.

Annie dropped by on an old nursing classmate of hers who is a nurse at a fertility clinic. Annie told her that her husband and she were having trouble conceiving and that she wanted to be artificially inseminated.

Sarah told Reva that she was barely holding on and that Reva had to stay and know the truth. She said she was afraid and ashamed of the truth and that she couldn’t leave this world without telling her.

Annie told her friend that if she didn’t get pregnant soon, that Josh would leave her. The friend then told her she could only put her on a waiting list. When Annie brought up how much she had helped her in nursing school, the friend agreed to let her look through the donor books. Annie then found a donor who was a perfect match for Josh.

Tuesday, November 26

Roger and Jean Luc discussed his performance and Roger paid him off. Jean Luc commented on how it wasn't really a performance since Dinah was as beautiful as ever. Then left.

Amanda spotted Roger and told him that she saw Roger paying off Jean Luc and figured out that he was trying to break up Dinah and Hart. She then offered her help.

Roger said he didn't know where Amanda got her ideas, he only asked her to befriend Dinah because she was lonely. Roger then told her to repeat what she heard, would be her word against his.

Roger told Amanda that he would never trust Dinah again and that Ross was preventing him from seeing the grandkids. Amanda said she would help him with Ross and Dinah. Amanda told Roger that they were kindred spirits. They then discussed being partners. Amanda told Roger that she wanted him to get Alex to believe his little charade.

Roger and Amanda dropped by on Alex at the Spaulding mansion. Roger told her he was there to make peace with her.

Amanda said that while her father was in the hospital, she would take this opportunity to cement her place in the family and the business. Roger said that he didn't think she was as patient with her father as she pretended to be. He thought she was very angry and wanted to take control at Spaulding Enterprises.

Amanda left Roger and Alex alone and he apologized for stealing her necklace even though he didn't remember it. Alex was skeptical and accused Roger of lying.

Alex was still bitter, but Roger eventually won her over a little bit. Amanda came out of hiding and Roger asked if he passed the test.

Amanda marvelled at how Roger actually got through to Alex. Roger counseled Amanda to ask Alex's opinion more often. Then asked to be put head of Research and Development for Spaulding.

Blake and Ross discussed how Rick was right to tell them to call the pediatrition and Ross said how lucky they were to have a godfather like Rick

Ross put the babies to sleep. Ross said that he had noticed differences in the twins personality as well as their appearance.

Phillip questioned Rick on his phone conversation. Phillip put the pieces together and figured out that one of the twins was Rick's.

Phillip asked Rick point blank if he was the father of one of the twins. Rick tried to deny it, but couldn't look Phillip in the face and lie. He then asked Phillip what he was going to do about it.

Phillip wanted Rick to claim his son. Rick told him that Blake and he agreed to let Ross think he was the father. Phillip told him that he was making the wrong decision. Rick brought up the Meredith incedent, and said he didn't want to cause Ross the same pain. Phillip asked him if he wished he never found out. Rick pointed out that finding out destroyed his marriage. Phillip pointed out that finding out later is worse, and he should know he was in the situation Rick's baby was in. He told Rick, Ross had to know the truth.

Phillip cautioned Rick that he would be making a huge mistake not telling the truth. Abby came by and asked if everything was alright. Rick told her every thing was fine.

Rick told Abby they'd talk tomorrow and she left. Rick pointed out that he would lose Abby if the secret came out. But, Phillip refused to keep quiet.

Annie asked if the in vitro fertilization was confidential. Her friend asked her if she was sure, she and her husband wanted to forgoe counseling. Annie said that she wanted to be insemminated immediately. The nurse then went to go find the doctor.

Annie was artificially insemminated and was confident that she would get pregnant.

Ross went to take care of the babies and Blake opened the door to Annie.

Annie asked Blake if she could come in and talk. Annie apologized for telling Rick about the baby. Annie told her she would never have said anything if it wasn't for the pills. Blake asked her how she was doing. Ross entered and Annie commented on how the two of them were proof that having a kid just made a couple closer than ever. Blake asked Annie how she and Josh were. Annie replied Josh was out of town.

Blake told Annie she should go over to Italy immediately to be with Josh.

Josh told Buzz that Sarah was the one who pulled him together after Reva "died" and how she was like a second mother to him. Buzz told him he didn't have to explain.

Sarah said she didn't tell anyone because she thought it was for the best. She also said that when Hawk would leave for long periods of time he would stray. One of the times Hawk went off, she went to visit her sister. She was lonely and met a business man in Chicago, who was also lonely. The two of them gave each other comfort one night. The man left the next day. She then told Reva there was more than adultery she had to be forgiven for.

Sarah told Reva that she couldn't tell anyone the secret she was about to reveal.

Sarah told Reva that she had another child that she kept secret.

Sarah told Reva she never saw the child and she didn't know whether it was a boy or a girl, but that she heard one of the nurses call the baby him. Reva asked how Hawk reacted. Sarah replied that Hawk was away the whole time. When she couldn't hide the pregnancy any longer she went away and the kids went to stay with Miss Myrtle. She said she didn't tell Hawk, because she thought Hawk would leave her. Hawk then entered the room and brought Rusty in.

Rusty and Reva greeted each other then Reva left the room. Hawk stayed by Sarah's bedside. She made him promise that he would look after the children, especially Reva. Sarah then asked to see Reva again and Hawk went and got her. Sarah asked her if Reva believed her and Reva replied that she did.

Rusty asked Josh why he and Reva weren't together, they obviously still had feelings for each other.

Sarah said she was thankful Reva believed her and Reva asked Sarah what she wanted her to do about this brother she never knew.

Dahlia still couldn't get the crayon drawing out of her mind.

Marcus talked to someone named Samuel over the phone, told him to be a good boy, and said he wanted him to visit him over Thanksgiving.

Dahlia asked Marcus about the phone call and he said that it was nothing important.

Wednesday, November 27

Nola served Michelle at Company and Matt came in and sat at her table. Matt asked if she had talked to Zachary and she said she blew it, that he was acting wierd like he was hiding something.

Matt told her that she didn't know anything about Matt. Michelle said that Matt was wrong about Zach. Matt told Michelle to stay away from Zach. She told him that Zach was leaving, but that she was going to try to stop him

Michelle protested that Zach was not going to hurt her. Matt said that he was worried about her. Matt told her that he thought that Zach knew more about Vanessa than he was saying.

Marcus and Dahlia entered. Griffen showed up, much to Marcus' dismay. Charles came in and started to talk with Griffen. Griffen told him that he was going to stay in town, but he wasn't sure if he could continue in a leadership position. Charles tried to convinve him that he could still do a lot of good. Griffent said that his priorities had been screwed up for a long time. Charles said that he did good and that was all that mattered. Griffen said that he felt he should have placed more of an emphasis on his family.

Dahlia pulled Michelle aside and told her that she thinks that Marcus has a child.

Michelle told Dahlia that she was jumping the gun, and that Marcus wouldn't be the first one to have a kid. Dahlia said she was more disturbed that he didn't tell her about it.

Matt told Michelle to be careful around Zachary and her friend, Karen came up and introduced herselft. Michelle left Matt and Karen together.

Matt got up to leave when Nola came over.

Charles tried to convince Griffen that he was an important advocate for the poor. He told Griffen that he had a gift. Griffen said that first he wanted to get Marcus' respect before he would ask for anyone else's. Griffen then got up and went over to Marcus who commented on Dr. Grant and his newfound frienship. Griffen told Marcus that he wanted to regain his trust and was pround to be his father. Marcus told him he would see him around and Griffen left.

Marcus asked Dahlia what she was doing for Thanksgiving because there was someone special he wanted her to meet.

Nola tried to convince Matt to have dinner with Karen, but Matt refused and left.

Zach went to the convent and visited Vanessa whose vision was failing her. Vanessa asked how Matt was doing.

Vanessa asked Zach to tell her about everyone. Zach said that Bill was doing better. He said that Dinah was happy with Hart and that Roger was giving her a divorce. Vanessa wondered why Roger hadn't said anything about seeing her at the airport. When she enquired about Matt, Zach told her that he was only getting worse. He told her that Matt was building her their dream house. Zach told her that somehow Matt sensed that she was alive.

Vanessa asked Zach to help her by helping Matt. Zach said that he didn't knwo what to do. She said she knew what he could do and that it involved Nola.

Vanessa wanted Nola to find someone for Matt. Vanessa gave Zachary a letter for Nola telling her that she wanted her to help Matt find someone to share his life with. Zachary tool the letter and left.

Vanessa stared at a picture of Matt that she could barely see and asked God to give her more time so that she could commit his face to memory.

Quint pulled Nola aside. He wanted her to look at some pottery. She was reluctant but he enticed her into taking a look at it. She told him that he had interpreted the piece of pottery wrong.

Nola told him that the pottery said that the secret to happiness is under the moon. Quint thanked her and said he didn't know what he would do without her. Nola proclaimed that the dig could be the find of the decade.

Quint and Nola almost kissed, but Nola pulled back and told him that he couldn't come in and act like they were still married. Quit apologized and said that for a second it seemed like old times. Nola asked him not to do it again, and Quint promised. Quint told her he didn't want to push her away by coming on too strong, but that this could be their best Thanksgiving ever. When Nola questioned him, Quint said that J invited him to Thankgiving dinner, but that it wasn't a good idea. Nola said that J would never forgive her if she didnn't invite him to Thanksgiving dinner and insisted he be there.

Sarah asked Reva to find her brother and make sure that he was alright.

Sarah wanted her son to know about her and that she always loved him, and never forgot her. Reva didn't want to do it. Sarah told her that she had made a promise to God to one day find him. Reva said she didn't even know where to begin and that she wasn't even sure if it was a boy. Sarah to told her to look at the hospital, St. Agnes's, in Chicago, and that he was born on September 30. Sarah also said that she had a cameo broach that he mother gave her and that she asked the nurse to pin it on the baby's blanket, so that he would have something of hers. Sarah said that finding her son was the last thing she wanted in the workd, and Reva promised her that she would find him. Reva then made her promise that she would get well. Sarah asked to see Josh alone. Reva went and got Josh.

Josh visited Sarah who told him that she wanted to talk to him about Reva.

Buzz and Hawk wanted to know what Sarah had to say. Reva replied it was private. Reva said that she wished that she had visited her when she was healthy. Rust replied that he had meant to visit her, but never came up with the money to do it.

Sarah told Josh that it was not too late for Reva and him. Josh replied that Reva and he couldn't be what she wanted them to be. Sarah told him that he shouldn't be scared of starting over. Josh told her that Reva had always been too much for him. Sarah contended that they were meant to end up together. Josh claimed that it was over and things ended up for the best. Sarah informed Josh that Reva would always love him and challenged him to tell her that he didn't love Reva.

Sarah said that life didn't mean anything if you were with the wrong person. She said that she was sure that Buzz and Annie were nice people, but that Josh and Reva belonged together. Josh replied that that wasn't true anymore and that he couldn't tell her what she wanted to hear. Sarah said that she knew the truth and that whether he wanted to admit it or not, he knew it too. She then told him that she would always be looking after him and Reva and asked him to promise her that he would look after Reva.

Buzz and Hawk went to the cafeteria leaving Reva alon. Josh told Sarah that Reva didn't need him too look after her. Sarah then had an attack and asked for Reva who came running into the room.

Sarah told Reva and Josh that they were meant to be together.

Sarah died with Josh and Reva holding her hands. Reva didn't want to admit she was gone, and Josh comforted her.

Thursday, November 28

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light did not air today.

Friday, November 29

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Guiding Light did not air today.

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