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Monday, November 18

Hart made plans for spending Thanksgiving with Dinah and Peter. Roger asked Amanda to renew her friendship with Dinah. Amanda was suspicious of Roger’s request, but was friendly to Dinah and tried to insinuate that Dinah was not cut out for the role of farm wife. Bridget asked Hart if he would babysist Peter while she went to a parent-teacher conference, but Roger suggested that they go together while he and Dinah looked after Peter.

Later, when Hart and Bridget returned, Roger made it seem like Dinah lost Peter, who was found in the sandbox.

Frank studied for his Detective’s exam at the request of Eleni who felt that he would be safer in the new job.

Josh dropped by the diner to get coffee where Reva discussed Thanksgiving plans for the children with Buzz and Josh (who insisted on discussing any plans with Annie). Reva then left abrubtly. Josh received a flower delivered by an old woman who told him that a blond woman sent it to him with the request that he meet her at the Springfield Inn.

Josh assumed it was Reva who sent it, but when he arrived Annie was there to surprise him with an afternoon of "recreation not procreation." However, Annie proceeded in her plan to conceive Josh's child by tampering with her birth control.

Reva returned to the diner with a present for Buzz: a neon sign with the name "Buzz & Reva's Place."

Phillip returned all his Spaulding files to Alan-Michael and made plans to leave Springfield. Alan-Michael asked him to stay and apologized for his actions. However, Phillip still insisted on leaving. After Phillip left, Alan-Michael and Lucy exchanged wedding vows again in an impromptu "third" ceremony.

Alan was reluctantly transferred to the rehab clinic that Phillip arranged for him to stay in, but would not admit the seriousness of his injury and refused to heed the doctor's warning that he would have to relearn how to use his body. Phillip dropped by the clinic on his way out of town, where Alex tried to convince him of the seriousness of his father's injury.

Tuesday, November 19

Phillip was reluctant to see Alan and tried to leave, but Alex begged him, on her knees, to stay for his father's sake. Phillip saw how Alan had difficulty during his physical therapy sessions and how he refused to do his exercises. The doctor explained to Alan that he had a long, arduous journey ahead of him. When Alex and Phillip entered his room, Alan ordered them to leave. Alex left, but Phillip stayed behind to ensure that Alan did what he needed to do to recover.

Buzz and Reva placed the sign she gave him in the diner's window. Eleni voiced her doubts about Buzz and Reva's marriage to Frank who continued to study for his detective's exam. Hawk dropped by the diner to tell Reva he was worried about her mother, Sarah because she would not return his phone calls. Hawk admitted that he still has feelings for Sarah and would like to make amends to her. Buzz contacted the place in Italy where Sarah lives and was told that she had been taken to the hospital by ambulance a few days ago.

Annie tampered with her birth control before making love with Josh. Reva then called Josh to tell him about her mother and to ask him if he wouldtake care of the kids while she visited her mother in Italy. Josh then rushed to the diner to inquire about Sarah and to offer Reva his help. Annie dreamed that a new would make Josh forget Reva.

Michelle dropped by on Zacahary on her lunch break to discuss Matt and bring him lunch. When Michelle goes to give him his lunch after helping him with his carpentry work, she snags the bracelet he gave her on his sweater. Michelle thanks him for his gift and vows never to take the bracelet off of her arm. When she asks Zachary when and where he got the bracelet, he is vague. As Michelle and Zachary watch some geese fly South for the winter, one of them is shot by a hunter and Zachary takes it back to the lighthouse to nurse it.

After making sure the goose would be alright, Michelle leaves to go back to school, but makes plans to return later to check on the goose which she has name Snowbird. After Michelle leaves, Zachary is visited by his mysterious friend who notices that Zachary is not wearing his bracelet. When Zachary tells him that he gave it away, the friend tells him that he was never to take it off, and orders him to get it back.

Wednesday, November 20

Rick and Abby went to visit her parents in Goshen, but Abby was concerned about their reaction to her visit. Abby and Rick entered her parent's house, but no one was home. Abby wanted to leave before her parents came back, but Rick convinced her to stay by telling her that he wanted to tell her parents how special she was to him. Abby reminisced about the first and second times she saw Rick.

Abby's parents arrived home just as Rick was kissing Abigail's hand and were shocked to see them there. Abigail's mother admonished her for being dressed as she was in front of her father and then reminded her that once she had made the decision to live in the outside world, she could never come back home. Rick tried to reason with Mrs. Bloom by pointing out that she herself went against her beliefs by allowing Abby to have the surgery she needed, but Mrs. Bloom replied that she had let Abigail make the decision and it had been the wrong one. Rick then tried to talk to Abby's father, but he ignored them and instead started to read from the Bible.

Abigail spoke to her father for the first time which astonished him. Rick tried to point out that Springfield had not been bad for Abby because she could speak now, but Mr. Bloom returned to his Bible reading and ignored Abby's pleas for him not to shut her out. She reminded her father that he used to pray that one day she would be able to call him father and told him that his prayers had been answered. Rick told him that it was his idea to come and that he respected that she was raised in Goshen and that he came to tell them how he felt about Abby. Mr. Bloom replied that Rick had come to court the daughter of a man who had no daughter.

Roger visited the playground at night where he fed the geese and met with Leo who congrajulated him on how well his plan was goint. Roger told him that as soon as he got his son back, he would make sure Dinah was gone. Leo asked what Roger was going to do to Dinah and Roger replied that he wanted no violence, but that he would convince Hart that Dinah would not make a good mother for Peter. He asked Leo to look into a piece of property where he dreamed of someday living with Hart and Blake and his grandchildren. However, this would mean he would also have to get rid of Ross. Roger told Leo that the love of his children was finally within his grasp.

Bridget and Peter showed up and Leo left before they saw him. Roger asked Bridget how she was doing and Bridget discussed with him how she was unhappy with her looks. Roger inadvertantly gave her the idea to use the money Henry Chamberlain had left her on plastic surgery. She reasoned that if her outside could only match her inside, she would easily win Hart. Roger tried to convince Bridget that she was fine the way she was.

Dinah tried to apologize to Hart for losing Peter, but Hart was still upset and told her to forget about the incedent. Dinah told Hart that she felt unmotherly and wanted to try to be better around Peter. Hart told her that she didn't have to prove herself to him. However, Dinah feared that Hart would end up with two lives: one with her, and the other with Bridget and Peter. Hart and Dinah discussed the date of the wedding and the honeymoon trip.

Zachary and his friend argued again about the bracelet which was a symbol of why they were here. He accused Zach of trying to make up for what happened with Mary with Michelle and warned him that Michelle was falling for him. Zach's friend asked him if he might not be staying to be near Michelle and not simply to repair the lighthouse. Zachary told him that that was untrue and that he wanted to restore the lighthouse as a symbol that everyone should be a beacon unto those in need. His friend pointed out the window to where Alan-Michael and Lucy were on the beach and told him that they were happy now and his job here was finished. Zachary promised that nothing would happen to anyone and agreed to leave once the lighthouse was finished. But, first, he wanted to smooth things over with Michelle.

Matt visited Michelle and asked her to find out what Zachary was hiding about Vanessa. Michelle advised him to stop obsessing over Vanessa, which Matt replied he couldn't do until he knew the truth. Zachary arrived at the door and Matt left. Michelle asked Zachary how the wounded goose, Snowbird, was doing and he replied that the bird would soon be on its way and that she shouldn't get too attached to it. Michelle picked up on the fact that Zachary wasn't just talking about the bird and asked him if he was leaving. He told her he wouldn't leave until the lighthouse was finished. When Michelle offered to visit and sit with the goose until it was better, Zach told her that he did not think it was a good idea because she might bring in something from the outside. Michelle replied that he should stop making excuses and that if he didn't want to see her he should just leave. Michelle then gave him back the bracelet and after he walked out the door, started to cry and wondered why he couldn't love her back. Outside, Zachary turned back around and reached for the door.

Alan-Michael and Lucy played on the beach and looked up at the stars which Alan-Michael related to Greek mythology. Lucy broached the subject of buying a house and Alan-Michaek agreed to buy her the house she wanted.

Thursday, November 21

Zachary returned to the house to set things straight with Michelle. Michelle told Zachary that he confused her and that she didn't know what he wanted. Zachary told her that no matter what their feelings were for each other, they couldn't be together. He told her that he didn't want her to expect things from him he couldn't give. Zachary told her he cared about her but that he couldn't act upon his feelings because he had chosen a spiritual path. Michelle was angry at him and made sure that he took his bracelet back before she left.

Michelle showed up for work at the hospital and Zachary followed her. Michelle was still angry at Zach. When she told Zach that she felt that he was hiding something, he left. Michelle told herself that they were not finished.

Ross, Holly, and Fletcher looked at the twins and discussed how different the two boys looked as Blake eavsdropped. When Fletcher and Ross left to get coffee, and Holly told Blake that she could stop hiding. Holly asked Blake what was troubling her and Blake tried to pass it off as postpartum depression. However, Holly sensed that there was sensed there was something bothering her and asked about it, but Blake wouldn't open up and went back to her room.

Abby's mother asked her father to reconsider his decision to turn his back on Abby. Rick tried to make Abby's parents see that when you love a child, you allow them to make their own decisions and that Abby's living in Springfield did not mean she was living without God. Her father told him that he didn't understand because Rick didn't have any children. Rick couldn't understand how any parent could deny their own child. Abby told Rick that her parents were right and that their beliefs needed to be respected. She apologized to them for coming to Goshen. Abby's parents told Rick that they were pained that Abby was lost to them. Abby protested that she was living out her beliefs in Springfield. Rick told them how many lives that she had touched and that maybe it was God's will that she left Goshen. However, Abby's parents were inflexible and Abby and Rick returned home.

A woman left a message on the Bauer answering machine asking if they had gotten her message and that she couldn't wait to see them. Abby and Rick entered the house and Abby told Rick that he shouldn't blame himself for not being able to change her parent's attitude. He told her that he was no better than they were. Blake called and told Rick that he needed to come to the hospital immediately.

Holly, Fletcher, Ross, and Blake were discussing the twins coming home when Rick entered. Ross asked Rick if he had found out why the twins looked so different and Rick answered that he was still looking into it. Rick asked everyone to leave while he examined Blake's stitches. Blake told Rick that he needed to come up with an explanation for the twin's differences soon. Rick told her that he had just witnessed what happens when a parent denies a child, but told her he was keeping his promise to keep silent. He would talk to Ross tomorrow and settle the whole thing once and for all. Rick visited his son in the maternity ward and was conflicted by his decision.

Buzz and Reva asked Charles to call Rome and find out about her mother, Sarah's, condition. Charles told them that he would ask a friend of his in Rome to check on her mother and told them he suspected that she had Staphyloccocyl Pnuemonia which could be fatal if not treated soon enough. Reva decided that she had to go to her mother.

Annie tried to seduce Josh again and he asked her why she felt she had to be with him so much. She replied that she being with him because they were apart for so long. When he pressed her further, she told him that she felt guilty about lying to him about her addiction and wanted to make it up to him. They started to make love and Josh asked her whether or not she had taken precautions and she answered yes. Before they could resume, Reva and Buzz showed up and asked him if they could use the Lewis jet. Josh agreed and Reva called Charles to see if he had found out any information on her mother. When he confirmed that she did have pnuemonia and suggested that she be transferred to a specialist in Chicago, Josh made the arrangements for flying her to Chicago.

Before Reva and Buzz left, Josh received a phone call saying that there were delays in getting the medical equipment needed to transfer Sarah to Chicago. Josh decided he would go to Italy and ensure the medical equipment was in place. Josh left with Reva and Buzz. Annie figured out that she had 48 hours to conceive and that Josh should be back in time.

Friday, November 22

Dinah tried to apologize to Bridget for losing Peter, but Bridget told her to forget it. Dinah asked if she could spend an afternoon with Peter. Bridget refused saying that Dinah wasn't interested in Peter, but in impressing Hart. Dinah protested that she actually cared about Peter. Bridget told Dinah that she was the one who was raising Peter, not Dinah. When Bridget spied Hart entering Company, she apologized to Dinah, but told her she didn't think Dinah would want to be a mother. Dinah admitted that she wasn't ready yet, but that she didn't want to rule it out. One of the reasons she wanted to spend time with Peter is that so she could learn how to be good with children. Dinah than said to Bridget that despite the many things she didn't like about Bridget, she was doing a good job of raising Peter. Hart then came over and interrupted the two.

While waiting on customers, Bridget ran into a frenchman who immediately went over and passionately kissed Dinah who called him Jean Luc. Jean Luc explained that he and Dinah had lived together for two years and that he regretted kicking her out and wanted her back. Hart was ready to throw Jean Luc out, but Dinah told him that she would handle him. She told Jean Luc that she was still mad at him for throwing her out and that they were together a long time ago. She was a different person now. Jean Luc said that she still seemed like the uninhibited girl she was and asked if she ever managed to get her hands on the trust fund money that her mother had for her. When Dinah told him that her mother had died, Jean Luc said he was sorry but he was sure Dinah would be comforted by all the money her mother probably left her. Jean Luc then brought up her plan to have Peter kidnapped to get the trust fund money. Hart told Jean Luc about his plans to marry Dinah and he laughed and asked Dinah how many fiancees this made. He then told Hart that love did not last with Dinah no matter who she was with.

Dahlia went to see Marcus who was singing very badly in the shower. Dahlia told him that his singing needed improvement and then he asked her to lunch, which was the reason she came over. The made plans to meet downstairs after he finished showering. Hart was escorting Jean Luc out of Company when Marcus and Dahlia showed up. Marcus asked Dinah what Jean Luc was doing there. Dahlia asked Marcus who Jean Luc was and he replied that the man was a rock promoter, art dealer, movie producer who opened a jazz club and hired Marcus but never paid him. Dahlia remarked on how little she knew about him. Marcus dropped a piece of paper on the floor and went into the back. Dahlia picked it up and looked at it. It was a child's drawing that contained three people who were identified as You, Me and Mommy. When Dahlia gave Marcus back the paper, she asked what it was about. He replied that it was nothing important. Dinah told Hart that his love had changed her as Jean Luc looked at them through the window.

Outside, Jean Luc ran into Roger who told him "nice work."

Nola was upset that Bridget was considering plastic surgery. Bridget was unhappy with just being cute and wanted to be sexy. Quint showed up and asked Nola to lunch, which she refused because she said she was busy. She then told him that he had interrupted the conversation she was having with Bridget. Quint decided to have lunch there anyway and went inside. Bridget commented that Nola had Quint jumping through hoops on a very short leash. Nola reminded Bridget that he was the same man who traded her in for a younger model. This, Bridget said, only proved her point about what men want in women. Nola told Bridget that she was perfect the way she was.

Holly visited Blake in the hospital to help her pack to take the twins home. Holly apologized to Blake for the mistakes she made in parenting and Blake thanked her for how much Holly has been there for her. Holly asked Blake what was bothering her and warned Blake that secrets often carry heavy tolls.

Rick told Ross that he couldn't explain why but sometimes identical twins just didn't look alike. He then pointed out the MacGregor twins which were identical but looked nothing alike. Ross was satisfied with this, but still wanted Rick to gather more information. After Ross left, Rick entered the maternity ward and put back one of the MacGregor twins which he had switched with another baby to make it seem the twins didn't look alike. When he picked up his son and turned around, Roger was there looking at him through the window. Rick put the baby down, and went outside to talk to Roger. Rick told Roger that it was the day Blake and the twins went home and Roger asked what he was doing. Rick replied that he was returning one of the MacGregor twins to their bassinet. When Roger asked him what he was doing in the nursery, Rick answered that the MacGregors were friends and had asked him to look in on their babies. However, Roger's suspicions were aroused.

Ross brought Blake a corsage as he prepared to take the twins home. Ross told Blake and Holly about how Rick showed him how different the identical MacGregor twins were. Roger showed up and Blake told him how thoughtful it was for him to come by. Roger brought the twins windup toys, but Ross said he didn't buy the change in him. Roger said he didn't mean to upset this happy day and Holly answered that the hell he didn't. Roger said he simply dropped by to give the twins his gifts, but Holly didn't buy it. Rick came in to tell them that the babies were ready to go home. Roger thanked Rick for his interest in his granchildren. Ross said that he was resolved to keep Roger away from the twins, and Roger said he was determined to be part of their lives. Ross and Holly went to get the boys and a wheelchair and Blake thanked Rick for putting Ross' mind at ease. Rick told her he was ready to move on with his life with Abby.

Ross, Blake and the twins left the hospital.

Abby was at the Bauers when Meta Bauer showed up and mistook her for Michelle and told her how mad she was that she and Rick had not picked her up at the airport. Abby explained that she wasn't Michelle. Abby and Meta introduced themselves to each other, and Meta told Abby that she had come to take over the household. Alan was resistant to his physical therapy. Phillip visited Alan and told him how pathetic he was for giving up so easily and that he still blamed him for ruining his life. Alan told him to go ahead and leave and Phillip went over to talk to Alan-Michael who was at the door. Alan-Michael and Phillip discussed Alan and Alan-Michael told Phillip that he didn't care if Alan ever walked again. Alan-Michael told Phillip he should stop wasting his time with Alan, but Phillip said that if he left his father like this, he wouldn't be able to live with the guilt. Alan-Michael said he didn't feel anything for Alan and that he was going to stop wasting his time with his father. He cautioned Phillip not to let Alan hurt him anymore. Alan-Michael left and Phillip followed him which greatly upset Alan.

Phillip dropped by the Bauer's were Meta confused him with Rick. When Rick arrived, Phillip asked him if he could move in and Meta announced that she too was moving in.

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