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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A crying Phillip sat beside Alan on the bench overlooking the lake. He held Alan's hand, and stared at the water. In the country club parking lot, Beth said that Phillip was talking to Alan about something. The Spauldings left the reception, assuming they'd see Alan and Phillip later.

As the wedding reception wound down, Rick received a call from Phillip. Rick grimly told Phillip that he'd be right there. Rick ran to the bench, and halted upon seeing a deathly still Alan sitting on the bench. Rick checked Alan's pulse, and told Phillip that he was sorry.

Rick called an ambulance to carry Alan away. Phillip felt as if he should have gone with Alan. Phillip asked Rick to arrange things at the hospital while Phillip talked to the family. The two friends hugged, and Phillip strode down to the pier to stare at the water alone.

In the mansion parlor, Alex prattled to Beth about Alan having decaffeinated coffee when he returned home. Phillip entered, and sat down with the ladies. He somberly explained that Alan wouldn't be returning home. "We lost him, Aunt Alex. He's gone," Phillip uttered.

Phillip explained how peaceful Alan had been on the bench by the lake, but Alan was definitely gone. "Well, where is he?" Alex insisted. Phillip shook his head, and Alex's voice cracked, as she said, "No. No, no, no, no..." Phillip hugged her, and said it would be okay.

Phillip consoled Beth next, and said that the rest of the family didn't know yet. Beth wondered how she'd tell Peyton the news about her father. Beth went upstairs, where she pulled Peyton into her lap, and said, "Sweetheart, mommy has to tell you something."

Phillip left to find Lizzie and James. Alex attempted to make phone calls. She dialed a number, but threw the phone on the couch. She picked up Alan's picture, and stared restlessly around the room. Later, she gave Hilda and Bruno instructions about handling calls from the press, friends, family, and business associates. Alex told them that Alan had loved them in his own way. Hilda replied that they'd loved Alan, too.

At Bill and Lizzie's house, the couple sat on the porch with Sarah, discussing what games they'd play. Phillip arrived as they played tag, and he asked Lizzie to take a walk with him. Music played as the two walked beneath a tree. Phillip spoke to Lizzie, and she suddenly clasped her hand to her face. Phillip pulled her into his arms.

Natalia and Olivia packed goody bags for Rafe at the farmhouse. They included wallet-sized family photos in them. Meanwhile, Rafe packed at Frank's house, and Frank fussed over Rafe and his medications. Rafe insisted that his diet was under control. They hugged, and Rafe thanked Frank for everything he'd done for Rafe's family. Frank said that Rafe had become a good man, and Frank escorted Rafe out.

After Daisy and James made love on their blanket, Daisy said that she needed to go to Company for Rafe's send-off party. James decided to attend, because Rafe was his cousin.

At Rafe's party, Rafe asked if Buzz and Lillian were going on a honeymoon. Blake quipped that they were always on a honeymoon. Company's phone rang, and Lillian answered. She gasped, handed the phone to Olivia, and rushed out of the restaurant. Olivia took the news from Alex just as James and Daisy entered. "Alan died," Olivia stated, hanging up the phone.

James strode out of the restaurant. Daisy wanted to follow, but her family advised her to let James have a little time with his family before she saw him again. Ashlee, Frank, and Blake couldn't believe it, because Alan had seemed fine. Olivia left to tell Emma what had happened. Rafe said that Alan had been proud that Rafe was the first Spaulding to serve their country. Rafe contemplated postponing his trip, but Buzz said that Alan would want Rafe to go on.

Frank said he never thought anything could bring down Alan, the "Wizard of Oz." Olivia returned with Emma, who uttered, "My granddad died." Rafe said Alan had been his grandfather, too. Rafe showed her two "magical" quarters. He gave her one, and asked her to look at it when she was sad, because it meant that Rafe was thinking of her. Emma said she'd miss Rafe. Buzz hugged Rafe, and said Alan would be with Rafe all the time, just like the quarter.

Buzz stayed with Emma, and the rest of them accompanied Rafe to the bus station for their final goodbyes. Rafe told Daisy that he'd always love her. He pulled his mother's hands from her sullen face, and asked Olivia to take care of Natalia for him. After a long, emotional hug with Natalia, Rafe boarded the bus. Olivia consoled Natalia as the bus pulled away.

Phillip returned to the mansion to find Beth in the garden. She said that Peyton hadn't really understood what she'd been told. Beth stated that half the time, she'd wished Alan was dead; the other half of the time, Alan had been protecting Beth from the world. She couldn't imagine life without Alan. Beth went for a walk, and James approached Phillip, crying. Phillip and James hugged each other for a long time.

Reva prodded Jonathan to allow Lizzie and Bill to have Sarah for the evening. Jonathan told Bill that he trusted Lizzie and Bill, but Jonathan worried about Alan. At Cross Creek, Jonathan stalked the kitchen, anxious about being away from Sarah. "Come here, my big, brave son!" Reva said, hugging him. She assured him that Sarah would be fine with her mother.

When the phone rang, Jonathan answered, and received the news about Alan. Jonathan told Reva that he needed to pick up Sarah. Lizzie and Bill had to go to the mansion, because Alan had died of a heart attack. Jonathan left, and Reva stared at her framed photos, commenting that there was just too much loss. She started taking the pictures off the mantel.

Jonathan arrived at Bill and Lizzie's house to find Sarah and Bill outside on the porch. Jonathan sent Sarah to pick flowers, and Bill said that Lizzie was in the house, because she hadn't wanted Sarah to see her crying. Lizzie joined them on the porch. She asked Jonathan to watch Sarah at the house, so that Lizzie could see Sarah upon returning from the mansion.

Later, Reva met Josh and Billy at Lizzie and Bill's house. Billy said Vanessa would be there shortly. Josh stated that he'd called the newlyweds because he felt that Bill and Lizzie needed support. "Alan Spaulding's gone. It's a big change for Lizzie," Josh said.

At the mansion, Rick explained to the Spauldings that Alan had died of a heart attack, but the doctors didn't know if the procedure had precipitated it. He offered to do a thorough autopsy, but Alex said it wasn't necessary, because everyone knew that Alan had had a bad heart. Alex said the family was grateful that they'd saved Phillip. Rick said he was sorry, but Lillian stated that no one blamed him.

Rick left, and Lizzie said they had to plan a funeral. Alex stated Alan's wish was to be cremated without any big ordeal. Alex said that Alan had wanted to be with the family, and for the family to know how much he loved them. Lillian hugged Alex.

When Lizzie and Bill returned home, they found the Lewises jumping rope, singing, "Strawberry shortcake, cream on top!" Lizzie smiled, and said Sarah and she would show them how it was really done. Billy and Josh spun the rope. It hit the ground. Lizzie held Sarah, and daintily stepped over the rope. Everyone laughed at their prissiness.

Daisy found James outside, and asked if he wanted to talk. He shook his head, took her hand, and led her away. Lillian returned to Company, sobbing that she was glad to have Buzz. Buzz hugged her, saying he was glad to have her, too.

Alex went to a hospital room at Cedars, where Alan lay, blanketed on a bed. She sobbed, touching the body. Back in the mansion garden, Phillip tearfully stated, "You did it. You saved me, Dad. You saved all of us."

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