Wednesday, August 31, 2011
by Elisabeth

At Elizabeth's house, Lulu was stunned when she overheard Lucky and Dante arguing about Lucky's recent trouble with drugs. She entered the house demanding to know if it were true. Lucky and Dante's guilty silence made her realize that Lucky had been using drugs, and that that Dante had known about it. Dante explained that he had urged Lucky to tell Lulu. Lulu was furious that Dante had given Lucky the choice, but Lucky insisted that Dante had been respecting Lucky's privacy. Lulu temper flared because she realized that Lucky had lied to her when she had confronted Lucky about being high following Siobhan's car accident.

Dante tried to explain that it hadn't been Lucky's fault, so Lulu sarcastically wondered if someone had held Lucky down, and then had forced the drugs into Lucky. She was shocked when Dante and Lucky admitted that it had happened exactly like that. Lulu refused to believe them; she insisted that drug addicts were accomplished liars, so she demanded proof of Lucky and Dante's claims. Dante explained that Elizabeth had found Lucky shortly after drugs had been forced into Lucky's system. Lulu was livid because she felt betrayed that Elizabeth hadn't told her.

Lulu made it clear that she didn't believe Lucky's story about being injected with drugs against his will because she had been down a similar road with Lucky when he had first battled addiction. Lucky was curious why Lulu had no problem giving Luke the benefit of the doubt, even though Luke had killed Jake while driving drunk, but she refused to do the same for Lucky. Lucky admitted that he felt insulted, but he decided to tell Lulu exactly what had happened on the waterfront. Dante backed up Lucky's story, but Lulu ranted about addicts always making excuses. Lucky accused Lulu of not knowing what she was talking about.

Lulu suggested that Lucky was deflecting, so Lucky reminded his sister that he had fought hard for to be sober, and that he hadn't given into temptation after Jake had died, so he could use Lulu support, while he dealt with Siobhan's death. Lulu offered Lucky her condolences, so Lucky continued his story about the night that he'd been pumped full of drugs. Lucky explained that he had stumbled to a church, where Elizabeth had found him. Lucky credited Elizabeth with countering the effects of the drugs, and then taking him to the hospital to see Siobhan. Lulu insisted that Lucky owed it to Siobhan to resign from the case, so she turned to Dante to ask Dante to pull some strings. Dante explained that he couldn't do that, which enraged Lulu.

Lulu accused Dante of having changed. According to Lulu, Dante had started to compromise his principals ever since Dante had learned that Sonny was his father. Lulu suggested that it had nearly killed her brother. "Just like it's killing what's between us," Lulu added. Dante was stunned. "So that's what you really think of me?" Dante wondered. Lulu tried to explain herself, but Lucky advised his sister to stop before she said something that she might regret.

Dante warned Lucky that that ship had already sailed. Lulu was unapologetic as she claimed that the lines had become blurred for Dante because of Sonny's influence, which had led Dante to keep the truth about Lucky's relapse from her. Dante insisted that he had just been trying to protect Lucky, but Lucky advised Dante that it was pointless to continue to argue with Lulu because she refused to understand. Lucky decided to leave, which prompted Lulu to wonder if Lucky intended to score some more pills. She reminded Lucky that he would be walking out on his son, so Lucky suggested that Aiden might be better off with her, rather than a "druggie" like him. Outside, Lucky pulled the bottle of pills from his pocket, took one, and then walked away.

Inside the house, Dante and Lulu continued to argue about Lucky's addiction until Dante reminded Lulu that she had already broken the promise that she had made in Greece about focusing on their relationship, instead of her family's problems. He pointed out that she hadn't given him an answer about moving in. Lulu confessed that she didn't feel comfortable living with someone who had lied to her to protect others. Dante wanted to talk things out over dinner, but Lulu reminded him that she had to watch Aiden. However, she asked Dante to make certain that he wasn't at the loft when she picked her things up.

At the hospital, Milo stood guard in the hallway as Robin exited Jason's room. Patrick walked up, eager to check on his patient, but Robin explained that it wasn't necessary because she had already done it. Patrick insisted on examining Jason anyway, but Robin pulled rank. She assured Patrick that she had everything under control, so she needed Patrick to focus on another patient. Patrick bristled at being denied access to his patient, so Robin warned him that she resented Patrick questioning her decisions. After Patrick stormed off, Robin confided to Milo that she hadn't lied about needing Patrick to check on another patient.

Milo assured Robin that he understood. Seconds later, Maxie arrived to see Jason and Sam. Robin and Milo blocked Maxie from entering the room. Maxie explained that she was there to give Sam the engagement ring that Jason had picked out for Sam, but Robin and Milo stood firm. Maxie marched off in a huff.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth was frazzled as she dropped a batch of files. Matt arrived in time to help her pick everything up, so he took the opportunity to quietly assure her that she had nothing to worry about because he had replaced all of the missing medications. Elizabeth was curious why Matt had helped her, so Matt explained that he had lost a patient once when someone had put bad medications into the system. Elizabeth admitted that it sounded like a fascinating story, so Matt offered to tell her all about one day. Moments later, Matt received a text message notifying him that Siobhan's autopsy had been completed.

Elizabeth revealed that there had been a snag with the replacement of the missing hydrocodone. She explained that she had taken only one bottle, which she had given to Matt to test. Matt assured her that he had counted, so he knew that there had actually been two missing bottles, which he had replaced. Matt and Elizabeth realized that someone had stolen the second bottle, so Matt suggested that it might have been Lucky. Elizabeth insisted that it wasn't possible. Matt admired Elizabeth's loyalty to Lucky; he thought that it was a shame that Elizabeth and Lucky's relationship hadn't worked out.

Matt suggested that Elizabeth and Lucky might be able to rekindle things, but Elizabeth reminded Matt that Lucky was grieving for Siobhan. Matt pointed out that Lucky had also lost a child recently, so Lucky might be inclined to cling tightly to someone close to him. Elizabeth explained that it couldn't be her. "Not now," she added. "Nor should it ever be," Matt admitted. He immediately apologized because he realized that he had been out of line. Elizabeth promised Matt that she hadn't taken offense because she realized that she and Lucky were the poster couple for unhealthy codependent relationships. Matt was impressed with Elizabeth's brutal honesty.

Elizabeth admitted that it was hard to deny it after everything that she and Lucky had been through. Elizabeth then changed the subject by thanking Matt for helping her and Lucky. Matt confessed that he tended to have a soft spot for underdogs. Moments later, Patrick approached the nurses' station to blast Matt for acting childish in regards to Jason's case. Patrick blamed Matt for Robin's "shifty behavior." Matt had no idea what Patrick was talking about. The argument was cut short when Patrick received a page to check on a patient.

Patrick spitefully advised Matt to check Siobhan's autopsy report to see why she had died, and then left. Elizabeth assured Matt that she knew what Matt felt like because she had grown up in the shadow of her "perfect" sister, Sarah. Matt admitted that he was certain that things would change soon, but before he could elaborate Maxie walked up. Maxie was in a snit because Robin had refused to let Maxie give Sam the engagement ring that Jason had bought for Sam. Moments later, Robin arrived at the nurses' station looking for Patrick. Matt confessed that he was curious what was going on because Patrick had blamed him for Robin's decision to bar Patrick from Jason's room. Robin assured Matt that Patrick had overreacted to the situation, but Maxie disagreed.

Robin resented Maxie attitude, so Robin lectured Maxie about not respecting Robin's new position. After Robin walked away, Matt invited Maxie to grab a bite to eat, but Maxie decided that Jason should ask Spinelli to be the best man at Jason and Sam's wedding. Matt groaned because he realized that Maxie wouldn't rest until she had made it happen. Maxie offered to meet Matt later that evening, and then dashed off. A few minutes later, Lucky arrived to find out if the results of Siobhan's autopsy were in. Elizabeth wondered how Lucky was holding up, so he told her about his ugly confrontation with Lulu at the house.

Lucky admitted that he thought that Matt suspected Lucky of relapsing too, but Elizabeth assured Lucky that Matt had taken steps to replace the missing bottle of hydrocodone. Elizabeth then revealed that a second bottle of the addictive narcotic had gone missing. Lucky immediately went on the defensive by accusing Elizabeth of fearing that Lucky had taken it. Elizabeth quickly assured Lucky that he was wrong; she insisted that she didn't believe that he had relapsed, and that she had told Matt so. Elizabeth conceded that she hadn't handled his addiction well, when Lucky had first struggled with his dependency on hydrocodone, but Jason's surgery had made her see things in a different light. She had wondered what things would have been like if could have done things differently.

Elizabeth had realized that they would have simply made different mistakes because they couldn't escape who they were, or what had been meant for them. Lucky was curious if Elizabeth believed that they were meant to suffer the pain and tragedy that they had. Elizabeth clarified that it was easy to find those things, but happiness took work. Lucky thought about it for a moment, and then confided that it hadn't taken any effort to be happy when he had spent time with Aiden. Elizabeth smiled, and then turned to answer the phone. Her smile disappeared when the caller informed her that Siobhan had not died of natural causes.

Outside of Jason's hospital room, Darryl, the janitor, was mopping the floor, as Milo spoke to Max on the phone about Sonny. According to Max, Sonny was on the warpath, so Milo advised Max to call Bernie to help calm Sonny down. Milo reminded Max that they couldn't afford any screw-ups on their watch, so it was imperative that Sonny be reigned in. Darryl continued to listen as Milo then called in backup to guard Jason's room, so that Milo could attend to Sonny. Milo explained that Max was expected to arrive at the hospital in half an hour, so the guard would only be needed for a short time. After Milo walked away, Darryl slipped around a corner to call Anthony.

Darryl told Anthony that they had a small window of opportunity to get to Jason, so Anthony promised to be there shortly. Anthony ordered Darryl to keep everyone away from Jason's room until Anthony arrived. Later, Anthony slowly opened the door to Jason's room.

At the lake house, Carly was waiting on Alexis' front porch when Alexis arrived home. Alexis wondered what Carly was doing there, so Carly explained that she needed to discuss something important with Alexis. Alexis wasn't interested in what Carly had to say, but Carly assured Alexis that they were on the same side. Cary insisted that Sonny had lost his mind since Brenda had left. Carly revealed that she needed help with Sonny, but Alexis accused Carly of having been Sonny's enabler for decades. Alexis wondered if Carly were attempting to skirt responsibility for Carly's part in what had happened to Jax because Carly feared that Jax might be dead.

Carly insisted that Jax wasn't dead; however, Jax wasn't the issue. Carly claimed that they couldn't rely on Sonny to protect their children anymore, so they, as mothers, had to take control by cutting Sonny out of their children's lives for good. Alexis refused to do it because Kristina was old enough to make her own decision in regards to Sonny. Alexis was curious though when Carly had stopped defending Sonny. Carly claimed that it had been when Sonny had gone too far. Alexis wondered what "too far" was for Carly.

"When it doesn't benefit you?" Alexis asked. Carly insisted that she had no idea that things would get out of control with Sonny and Jax, but Alexis argued that Carly had known that Sonny didn't play fair. Alexis insisted that it was too late in the game for Carly to become indignant by drawing an arbitrary line in the sand that Sonny couldn't cross. Carly continued to plead her case, but Alexis accused Carly of riling up Sonny, without giving Jax the respect that Jax had deserved. Alexis reminded Carly that Jax had done everything to please Carly, including offering to adopt Morgan, which had never happened. Carly claimed that Jax had backed out of the adoption.

Alexis was livid; she wondered if there were anything that Carly ever took responsibility for. "I'm wrong, okay?" Carly shouted. Carly pleaded with Alexis to consider what Jax would have wanted. Alexis pointed out that Jax had wanted to protect Josslyn, so Alexis refused to help Carly assuage her guilt by cutting Sonny out of Kristina's life. "You are guilty, live with it," Alexis yelled at Carly. Carly claimed that she had tried to compromise with Jax, and then reminded Alexis that Alexis had walked away from the case because Jax had refused to cooperate.

Alexis confessed that she had grown to regret that decision. Alexis observed that Carly was eager to condemn Sonny, yet Carly sounded just like him. Alexis admitted that she had objected to Jax marrying Carly, because Alexis believed that Carly hadn't been worthy of Jax; however, Jax had loved Carly, faults and all. According to Alexis, Jax had always put Cary first, but Carly had not returned the favor. Carly was curious why Alexis believed that she knew so much about Carly and Jax's marriage. Alexis clarified that she knew Sonny, and that Sonny had been Carly's drug of choice for a long time.

Alexis reminded Carly of the various times that Carly had slept with Sonny behind Jax's back. Alexis accused Carly of always defending Sonny, even against Jax. Carly suggested that Alexis had always loved Jax. Alexis freely admitted it, and then suggested that Jax would have still been alive if he had remained in his marriage of convenience to Alexis, rather than marrying Carly for love. Carly snidely remarked that Alexis had never gotten over Jax or Sonny. Alexis suggested that Carly could smirk all she liked, but Carly was responsible for whatever "hell" that Jax was in.

Carly realized that she had made a mistake asking Alexis for help. Alexis produced the divorce papers that Jax had intended to file. Alexis explained that Jax hadn't been given the opportunity to make a last request, so Alexis wanted to honor Jax's desire to be free of Carly by making certain that Carly signed the papers.

At Pozzulo's, Kristina admitted that it was too creepy to see Michael sitting behind their father's desk, so she demanded that he get up. Michael honored Kristina's request as he explained that he had called her to rally what was left of the troops around Sonny. Kristina sarcastically wondered why everyone had decided to run for the hills to get away from Sonny. "Oh yeah, he just killed Jax," Kristina answered. Michael reminded Kristina that there hadn't been any proof that Sonny had killed Jax because a body hadn't been recovered. Kristina reminded her brother that bodies were never found when Sonny was involved in someone's disappearance.

Michael resented how everyone was quick to condemn Sonny, as if Jax had been a saint. Kristina noticed that Michael had referred to Jax in the past tense, which indicated that Michael believed that Sonny had killed Jax. Michael insisted that they needed to support Sonny. Kristina confessed that she almost felt sorry for Michael. She acknowledged that she had been an expert at defending their father, and making excuses for the things that Sonny had done, but Kristina had eventually realized that Sonny would never change. Michael argued that Sonny carried a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.

Kristina agreed, but she insisted that Sonny put the people around him in danger. According to Kristina, everyone, including Brenda, had realized that. Michael accused Jax of poisoning Brenda's mind, so Kristina was curious if Michael truly believed that Sonny was a misunderstood abuse victim who had no choice except to embrace a life of crime. Michael was surprised that Kristina wasn't sympathetic to what Sonny had endured, since she had been abused. He wondered how Kristina would have felt if her stepfather had been abusing Alexis, but no one had believed her because her stepfather had been a cop. Michael insisted that Sonny had stood up for himself in the only way that Sonny had known how.

Kristina was curious if Michael were trying to prove to Sonny that he'd be there for Sonny when everyone else was gone, and Jason was out of commission. Michael didn't think that was a terrible thing. Kristina agreed, but she warned Michael that it would be awful if Michael were to become so entrenched in the mob that it was too late to get out. Michael demanded to know if Kristina wanted to see Sonny destroyed by his enemies, so Kristina was curious if Michael expected her to pick up a gun. "No," Michael assured her. Kristina wondered if Michael believed that they could love Sonny enough to keep him from going into "kill-mode" whenever something bad happened that Sonny didn't like.

Michael admitted that it wouldn't be a bad thing to at least try, but Kristina explained that it didn't work that way. She reminded him that the two people, who had accepted Sonny the most, couldn't do it, so it was time for Michael to open his eyes. Kristina urged Michael to live his own life, and to stop trying to be all things to Sonny before Michael was hurt worse than he had been. Kristina refused to take sides because she wanted to focus on her own life. Kristina advised Michael to do the same.

Michael explained that his job at ELQ was merely a "placeholder," so that Abby had a job. Kristina was stunned that Michael's idea of a real job was running illegal shipments, and working his way up to killing people. Kristina refused to believe that it was Michael's real goal in life. She suspected that Michael wanted to prove that he could survive in Sonny's world because of a deep psychological reason that she couldn't begin to understand. Kristina gave Michael her blessing to immerse himself in the mob until he finally saw it for the literal dead end that it was. Michael argued that it wasn't about him; there were people out there who wanted to take Sonny down, watch Sonny fall, and then leave their father weak and helpless.

"Like you were in prison?" Kristina quietly wondered. Michael became defensive as he warned her that she had no idea what had happened to him in Pentonville. According to Michael, Kristina had just been a little girl playing dress up, who wanted a man who wasn't interested in her. Kristina argued that Ethan cared for her, but Michael continued to lash out at her by claiming that Ethan felt nothing for Kristina. Michael stormed out of the office. Kristina called out to him, and then started to follow her brother, but she stopped when a wave of dizziness hit her. She leaned on the counter in the restaurant for support, and then rubbed the back of her neck.

. . .

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