Wednesday, May 4, 2010
by Chanel S. Garner

At the hospital, Erica and Jackson bumped into each other, and she was certain that he'd followed her. Erica had arrived to arrange a Fusion donation, and Jackson was visiting a client in traction. He figured that his client could wait, but, placing Erica's hand on his chest, Jack said that he had urgent palpitations. "Maybe this is all I need," he said, leading her into a room.

Frankie wandered into the room to find Jackson and Erica making out. Erica was embarrassed, and Frankie guessed that they'd rather he act as if he hadn't seen them. Frankie strode out, and Erica reminded Jackson that they'd ended things. She asserted that what had just happened couldn't happen again. "Absolutely not," Jackson agreed, and they parted ways.

In Amanda's living room, Janet trained a gun at the entrance as Jake opened on the front door. Amanda slipped around Janet and locked the door before Jake could enter. Brot arrived on the doorstep, and he and Jake heard Amanda and Natalia wrestling with Janet inside the apartment. Jake searched for a spare key, but froze upon hearing gunfire inside the apartment.

Brot and Jake kicked in the door, and Jake saw his wife wrestling Janet for the gun. Jake knocked Amanda out of the way and wrenched the gun from Janet. After they handcuffed Janet, Brot and Jake tended to Natalia, whose arm had been grazed by a bullet.

Janet claimed that she'd just been trying to help, and she still wanted to go to Milan as planned, because she was Amanda's biggest fan. Jake figured out that Janet was Amandafan. Janet went on about how Erica wouldn't properly manage Amanda's career. Amanda yelled that Janet had pushed Babe down the stairs, and Janet had drugged and kidnapped people. As Janet defended her actions, Amanda sobbed, "You killed Daddy, and you put him in a freezer!"

"I thought that we could defrost him and bring him back to life later—you know that!" Janet replied. Amanda hysterically listed more of Janet's crimes, but Janet said that she just wanted to be a part of Amanda's life. Amanda seethed that she didn't want Janet anywhere near the family, and Janet whimpered that she was Amanda's mother.

Brot worried about Natalia's bloody shoulder and bruised head, but Natalia declared that she could take care of herself. Natalia was rearing to get a crack at Janet, but over Natalia's protests, Brot insisted that "supermodel" Natalia would go to the hospital to get checked out.

After Brot and Natalia left, Amanda said that as soon as "the crazy" had started, she should have known it was Janet. Janet asked how Amanda could deny Janet the chance to be with her family. Jake intervened and said that he was aware that Janet had warned Amanda off all men "with the letter J," but he loved Amanda and Trevor. He only wanted the best for them. Janet reasoned that Jake could release her, and they'd all go to Milan together.

Jake said that he couldn't do that, and Janet worried that they'd lock her away. Jake said that they were family, which meant that he would take care of her. Janet asked if he meant it, and he assured her that he did. The police arrived, and he advised them to be gentle with Janet, because she was family. Janet implored Jake to heal her. Erica entered just as the police led Janet away, and Janet proclaimed that Amanda was a big, shining star.

Erica took Amanda and Jake to Fusion to shield them from the press, while Opal babysat Trevor. Erica also invited Jackson to Fusion for legal help. Aside with Jake, a frightful Amanda said that she wanted to quit her job. Jake said that Janet hadn't understood what she was doing, and Amanda couldn't let the incident stop her from going after her dream. Amanda kissed her husband and said that he'd stopped a bad situation from getting worse. She thanked him for saving her and always being there when she needed him.

Erica told Jackson that she'd seen Janet in the flesh, and he suddenly pulled Erica into his arms. He worried that she could have been hurt. She pulled away and said that they'd agreed not to turn to each other. Jackson stated that he could have lost her that day, and if he wanted to hold her, she was going to let him. He pulled her back into his arms, and she smiled.

At the hospital, Jesse demanded that his busy wife allow him to whisk her away, as he'd promised. Angie declined, because she was trying to uncover the reason behind the mystery board meeting. Jesse received a call about a downed officer, and Jesse and Angie found Frankie tending to Natalia's bullet nick in an exam room.

Jesse learned that Janet had been admitted to the hospital, and Angie went to check on security. After telling Jesse what had happened, Natalia felt embarrassed to have let Janet lock Natalia in a closet. Jesse told Natalia that she'd done well, and he'd thank Brot for the help. Natalia said that Brot deserved more than that after helping to save her. Jesse offered to do something about Brot's suspension.

Later, Natalia found Brot moping at the park. She presented his badge to him and told him to get out of there, because he'd be late for his shift.

At the casino, Ryan offered to fly to Rio to solve Greenlee's packaging problem, but he had one condition. Greenlee balked at the idea of conditions. He said that he wasn't trying to get her alone in Rio; he just wanted her to absolve Kendall of legal fault in the accident. Greenlee called Ryan crazy, but he reasoned said that Greenlee didn't have to forgive Kendall; Greenlee just had to recant her statement and drop the investigation.

Greenlee refused to give Kendall a free pass to run someone else off the road, but Ryan stated that they both knew that Kendall wasn't guilty of malice. He guessed that he was the real reason that Greenlee wouldn't accept his help. As she left, Greenlee seethed that she could handle her own problems, and he wouldn't save Kendall that time.

Greenlee went to Fusion to find it swarming with cops. Randi filled her in on the crazy things that had happened with Janet, and Greenlee figured that Erica would somehow spin the spotlight from the incident straight onto herself. Greenlee realized that she'd never beat Erica by just standing around and watching.

At the park, David stopped Madison in her tracks when he asked, "How exactly did you get away with murder?" An uneasy Madison claimed that "getting away with murder" was a figure of speech, but David didn't think Randi's mention of victims on the floor was a figure of speech. He said that a secret involving a dead person could detonate her entire life. A tense Madison thanked him for the warning, and smiling, David asked, "What are friends for?"

Madison deduced that David wanted her to throw herself at Ryan. David reasoned that Ryan loved a good project, and Ryan enjoyed riding to the rescue. David was certain that Madison had what it took to make that happen. She doubted that she could be that clever, but David remarked that she could be very clever, when she wanted to be.

Madison went to the casino, and Ryan told her that he hadn't enlightened Greenlee about Madison's employment status, because Madison's time was her own business. He said that Greenlee had consulted him on a business problem, but she'd refused his help. Madison thought it was for the best because Greenlee's husband seemed to be the jealous type.

As Madison worked, David called her to see if she'd considered his proposition. She told him that Ryan wanted nothing to do with her. Greenlee entered the casino, and Madison hustled off the phone and out of sight. Greenlee strode up to Ryan with two airline tickets and announced that they would leave for Rio the next day.

At the mansion, Annie spotted JR and Marissa kissing in the mansion parlor. Annie broke a vase in the doorway and pretended that it was an accident. Marissa took off for class, and Annie expressed how sickening it was to see JR crawling all over Marissa. "Nothing like a little guilt to spice up a marriage," Annie sneered.

Annie spotted real estate pamphlets on a table and asserted that she wasn't leaving. JR said that he was looking at places for his family and for Scott. JR figured that the Chandler mansion wouldn't be the same without Chandlers in it, but she could fill the place with cats. Annie couldn't believe that he'd move out, but he replied that he'd live in a mud hut, if it meant getting away from her. Annie looked disappointed, and JR asked what else she wanted, if not the house. She stared expectantly at him, and he huffed and stormed out of the room.

Marissa arrived home later to find Annie sorting through the pamphlets. Marissa expressed her surprise that Annie was moving. "No, you are," Annie announced. Annie explained that JR said that she could have the house, if she wanted it so badly, but she'd be alone. Marissa was sorry about Annie's misfortune, but encouraged Annie to make a fresh start in a place where she didn't have to battle JR and Colby.

Annie asserted that she had every right to be in the mansion. Marissa agreed, but wondered if Annie really wanted to live around the painful memories. Marissa reasoned that people would talk, and she didn't think Annie wanted people calling her a fool. "You think I'm a fool!" Annie raged. Marissa replied that Annie had misunderstood, but Annie declared that the only fool in the house was Marissa.

JR charged into the room to silence Annie. Rolling her eyes, Annie stated that she'd been getting "screwed over" by the family, but Marissa was too blind to see it. Annie marched out, and JR hugged his wife. He said that some people just didn't want help.

. . .

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